Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RassleResults: TLCW 9.01 & 9.08.07 - Results, Friday Night and TLCW Insider

TLCW 9.08.07

Rockin Randy/Tommy Redneck beat “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] for the TLCW tag titles – double color on Randy/Redneck

Triple threat match – The Savior vs Shannon Lee vs Chris Lexx – Savior left them with Lexx winning the bout.

Dustin Starr beat Tim Grind in a Captain’s Match for the main event. TGB helped Starr.

“War Games” Rules Tag Match: Tim Grind/”Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] vs Matt Foley/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/Dustin Starr

The match started with Foley/Starr vs Tim…Derrick King was next..TGB joined Foley/Starr and then Lee evened it up…In the end, TGB sit two chairs with seats facing each other and piledrove Stan with help from Foley/Starr. Lee was took out on stretcher. TGB/Starr/Foley went to do the same to Grind, but Brian Christopher’s music started and Starr ran away. Tim pinned TGB 1,2,3 for the win for his team. That is only the second time that TGB has been pinned in TLCW this year.

TLCW 9.01.07

----Last week had “The Savior” beat Christian Jacobs, which was only the second time these two had ever met in a singles match and the third time they have ever faced each other in the ring in their careers…Foley/Starr vs Tim Grind/Dell Tucker ended with TGB posting Tucker and getting the hot tag to Grind, but then just jumping him with Foley/Starr…The Posse vs Hot Topic ended in a DQ when they the Posse gave the ref their finisher. Since “Hot Topic” was their “bitches”, then the Posse consisted of Simon Reed/Lil Chris/Jerry Weezy/Rocky Randy/TGB for a 2 vs 5 match…Last week had about a 100 in the building, but only about 80 in the building this past weekend.


----Two matches for TLCW’s “Friday Flatliner” will be Rikishi/Brian C vs Foley/Starr and TLCW Title Match: TGB vs Tim Grind. They have a really good deal this weekend because they will be running two shows. If you pay $6 to get into the Friday show, then you will receive a stub and this is worth $2 off the Saturday show. So, you get to see two TLCW shows for only $10.


----I also wanted to note that I talked with a TLCW “insider” this morning and he revealed tons of stuff that they are planning to do by the end of the year. I have to kayfabe - #1 because I have no idea if any of it was true and #2: there are fans of TLCW that read this site and I would not want to ruin the angles. But, let me tell you..LOL The TLCW roster is going to get a big boost in the next few weeks with the addition of three of the best workers in areas and one of the top teams of the area. Also, on 9.22.07 TGB will have a special opponent in the main event that will for sure be a great match.