Friday, September 14, 2007

Site News!!

----I have a few things going on right now in my “real life” and I am trying to maximize my time. I also don’t want it to hurt the site. I am going to come to a point that I don’t have the time to post 24/7. I’m in the process of working on a few more web projects not related to wrestling. I also need to spend some time getting some new wrestling DVD done.

----I have talked this over with many of the readers. It seems it doesn’t matter if I post 12 or 4 posts a day, I am getting the same number of hits. My core has been established. I have been posting tons of stuff from various sites and commenting, because I enjoy doing that and it seems that people like reading what I got to say about wrestling. It is very time consuming though. I have decided to maybe stick with this area on posting news, results and stuff again. My contributors can post what they want. You can also see all the top wrestling stories courtesy of right here in the site. You may read everything that is going on in wrestling – this area and the world – by visiting my site. I will also probably refrain from commenting on every world news item unless there is something MAJOR I want to post or talk about. I will be writing a column “Coach’s Corner” to be posted on Saturday, Monday and Thursday of every week. I will be giving you my insight on the area news along with world news.

----Ok, let’s look at a few of the changes on the right side of the page. The first sets of items are the Top 10 Top Stories from the wrestling world. The last 15 posts from RRO are posted. It gives everyone an opportunity to see the latest things posted without them disappearing. Below you will see a new ARCHIVES section that will give you all the stories ever posted on this site by the month. In the show of no heat, no competition, no bs – I have added a feed of the latest news from the Wrestling News Center. Jimmy and his crew sometimes post stuff that I do not post and you might think is interesting.