Saturday, September 01, 2007

Steroid Updates!!!

----I enjoyed a break today from the wrestling world and was gone from the computer for about 10 hours at a pool party today. Guess what the main topic of conversation with the guys was?? This is a group of guys that have never been anything but fans of the business. Along with Wade Wilson, since we had three big time Cowboys fans [me included], steroids and wrestling was the main topic. Meltzer makes a good point below - the reason why some guys were not suspended is because this is only suspensions handed down for Signature Pharmacy.

Dave Meltzer reported the following today...

--On the suspension front, a press release sent out yesterday by WWE for tonight's Raw house show in Terre Haute has pulled Umaga and Mr. Kennedy off the show according to the latest info in radio ads. Main matches are John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito and Cryme Tyme vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. If this is correct, then Randy Orton was not suspended, and there are company wrestlers who are of the belief Orton wasn't suspended, but this seems like an indication that's the case.

--RAW Main Events to be taped tomorrow - HHH vs. Carlito and Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy for the IC title.

--All the suspended wrestlers were flown the last few days into Stamford for a meeting with Vince McMahon. After saying two more would be suspended yesterday on Thursday night's Greta Von Sustren, Jerry McDevitt confirmed to Newsday in an article at as saying there was one more suspension (making 11 total) and there would be no others. It is believed the final suspension was a wrestler who somehow missed his flight, which didn't exactly leave the office happy.

--The only firing was Mike Bucci. The identity of the 60 day suspension will likely be clear in a few days.

--For the frequent questions about how can so-and-so not be on the list of guys suspended. None of these suspensions have anything to do with drug testing. They are simply wrestlers who purchased steroids (or in two cases Growth Hormone) from one specific pharmacy through the Internet. Many wrestlers continued to receive steroids through their home doctor, or from other wrestlers who have a source. People asking why, say, Bobby Lashley wasn't listed, it's because he was not a customer from this pharmacy. Asking why no women were listed is because the women obviously had different sources or were clean. It is also openly talked about that the rich guys are taking things you can't detect in a test, and make sure to not leave a paper trail. The key guys if they are using go to great lengths not to be caught because they are the key guys. A guy making $150,000 a year doesn't have the ability to pay for designer drugs, nor have assistants on payroll to make sure nobody can trace things (similar to Barry Bonds, whose purchases have never been able to be proven).