Monday, November 12, 2007

"Coach's Corner" by Brian Tramel

----I am cheating a bit today. I had a lot of stuff I wanted to comment on and just didn’t want it to come out as a rambling. So, I took the easy road and did a “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down.” LMK what you think??

----THUMBS UP: Sal Corrente for his comments about Giant Baba. Baba was a wrestling genius, who when it was time to step down he did something that many wrestler never do – he stepped down. Baba became a comedy figure of his promotion and it did bother him a bit – he was making tons of money at the top with other guys. Baba dying and Antonio Inoki’s ego killed Japanese wrestling.

----THUMBS DOWN: Memphis Wrestling and Corey Maclin for producing a commercial and not including any talent.

----THUMPS UP: XOW for drawing such a big crowd this week. They went into Savannah with a big ticket price. They proved with the right promotion and the right matches that fans will come out to see the product and pay good money.

----THUMBS DOWN: To wrestlers for their embellishment of stories to make it look like they are a bad ass and try to make their friends look like pussies. This was all because one worker was pissed that some guy was looking in his friend’s car, so he started a fight. His friend did help when it became more than one person on him, but for some reason it was not quick enough. Which one would you have done – help when needed or jump in to start an even bigger fight?? At any point during this incident one of these guys could have been shot from the crowd – how does fighting someone over something stupid make you look good?? I am having a hard time believing that Brody Hawk is the bad ass and Psycho is a pussy.

----THUMBS UP: Christian for showing the wrestling world that putting over people only helps the show. Kaz beat Christian last night proving Christian has got to be one of most unselfish and smartest wrestlers in the biz. And his TNA DVD release [available at the] is damn good also.

----THUMBS DOWN: Ok, so you ride from Dyersburg, TN to Rector, AR and were supposed to ride back; right?? You decide to ride back with someone else. Your payoff was a measly $6 for the night and you wanted the money?? Why not help in the gas that got you from point A to point B. Gas is close to $3 a gallon!! Instead we have J. Weezy going to NBW telling everyone DK stiffed him on a payoff, so he is working NBW now. At what point do the promotions stop letting people do crap like this and not let them work for either promotion??

----THUMBS UP: ASWF for their continuous hard work in bringing in new people. There is no other promotion in this area that brings in so much talent to work their shows. Jerry Lynn, Ali Stevens, Rodney Mack and Jazz to just mention a few of them being slated for this month.

----THUMBS DOWN: Kamala JR..OMG..what can I say?? Gene and I have made comments about people that steal gimmicks and this is a huge thief. The last time I seen Kamala walking out of a ASWF dressing room, he said he would never work their again. So, what do they do?? Hire the next best thing – his son..LOL Come on guys!! Shame on you!!!

----THUMBS UP: Memphis Wrestling/LAW/TLCW/MAW for the big 4 day event “Thanksgiving Throwdown” during Thanksgiving Weekend. I will have more news about all the shows and talent that will appear, but it looks like they at least have some working arrangement with all four promotions trying to promote something big for Thanksgiving weekend. A big “High Five” to Derrick King for his work on this – if he would have not been involved this would have never happened.

----THUMBS DOWN: To the other guys that try to do “news” sites. They don’t do retractions and seem to believe anything they are told. And, damn, they say “imitation” is the greatest form of flattery, but when the hell are you guys going to stop copying EVERYTHING this site does???

----THUMBS UP: To all the workers that come to the shows sober and try not to get in trouble with the law.

-----THUMBS DOWN: To all the workers that come to the show either drinking or high. I have said this a million times, but there is a TIME AND PLACE for that sort of stuff. If you want to get drunk and high – that is you – just don’t do it to harm other people.