Monday, December 24, 2007

Brandon Baxter No Agreement with RWA!!

----I had the chance to briefly talk with Brandon Baxter yesterday. He stated that no agreement has been made with the new Jonesboro, AR promotion Royal Wrestling Alliance. Baxter is open for discussions, but due to his busy schedule at the radio stations I am not sure how likely it is that Baxter ends up with RWA. Baxter is also not interested in being the announcer of the show, because he and I also feel it would be more beneficial for this promotion to use him in a working role.

----I am not trying to stay pessimistic here, but this promotion’s key to getting off the ground is Brandon Baxter. Would they be able to be successful without him? Maybe or maybe not? My gut feeling on this is no. No one, except WWE, has been able to draw crowds in Jonesboro going all the way back to the Power Pro days without Baxter. And all and all, it will be much easier if you do have a guy like Baxter on your team.

----I will continue my coverage of this new promotion up to the debut show that I plan to attend. I was also sent the “Grand Opening” card for the debut – 01.19.07 with Cameron Cage/? Vs San Francisco Treat/Loose Cannon, Jazz vs Passion, “Atomic Dogg” Ali Stevens vs Brian Christopher, Rodney Mack vs Heidenreih, Jerry Lawler vs Reno Diamond and more.