Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dustin Starr Debuts @ TFW!!

----Dustin Starr made a surprise appearance last night at TFW in Tupelo, MS. Apparently he jumped in during a Neil Taylor vs Chris Kilgore match and shot an angle. Taylor/Starr beat up Kilgore and set up a match for next week with Taylor/Starr vs Kilgore/Mystery Partner. Good to see Starr branching out and he has a lot of potiental with various guys in this promotion – Kilgore, Taylor, Tony Dabbs, Scott Porteau and Chris Styles would all be good foes for Starr. Starr is scheduled for both TLCW and NBW tonight. Word I am getting is that Starr has been pretty much fired from TLCW, but since his originally agreement was to work TLCW tonight, he will show up there first tonight. Starr is scheduled in the main event as special ref at NBW’s “New Blood Eve 2007”.