Monday, December 31, 2007

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.29.07

The show opened with the announcement of a new commissioner of ASWF. The new commissioner was named as Brian Edwards! The crowd erupted with boos! Brian Edwards said that his first order of business was to make an ASWF Tag Team Title Match to begin immediately!

ASWF Tag Team Championship: “American Degenerates” [Morgan Lane/X Kaliber] defeated the “Prime Tyme Playboys” [Zane Richards/Tommy Wayne] by DQ after Mac Daddy attacked the Degenerates and locked X Kaliber inside of the steel cage in one corner of the building. While the three tried to end Morgan Lane's career, Johnny Harper chased them off with a steel chair. Brian Edwards made the match for next week as a six man tag match.

Second match began with Scott Fury stating that he had turned over a new leaf since he ended Acid's career and dropped that weight he was carrying. Scott was then challenged by Nino Loco. Fury defeated Loco by pinfall.

Next up Jamie Jay came out and apologized for the remarks he made towards San Fransisco Treat's lifestyle. Treat then attacked Jamie with the help of Ray Ray. ASWF X Division Champion Chuck Fears [pictured] made the save to set up a tag match later.

Third match saw Seth Sabor pull off the biggest upset of his career by pinning Justin “The Juice” Smart following and inverted swinging neckbreaker.

Next was the "Dance Off" Battle Royal. Several wrestlers, referees, security members, and camera workers were involved and Shakedown played YMCA by the Village People. Shakedown eliminated people in the dance off portion by who did the dance the best. After only four people were left, the match turned into an over the top battle royal. Judgment eliminated Nikki Lane, Shakedown, and referee Brian Stapleton to win the contest.

The next match saw Wild Bill with Demon X defeat Loose Cannon.

In the semi, Chuck Fears and Jamie Jay defeated Ray Ray and San Francisco Treat.

In the main event, ASWF Champion continued his "No Name" challenge by defeating Allen Storm by pinfall to retain his title. Afterwards, Seth Sabor went out to help Allen to the back when he accidentally ran into Austin Lane. Lane then attacked Sabor and slapped him across the face while Sabor was down.

----170+ paid with over 200 in the building and a gate close to $1000…Next week ASWF announced that there will be a two ring battle royal to bring in the new year!