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Feature Article - Awards Aftermath

----As I was starting this site, my perception of it was to do something for the workers and for the fandom of this area. In doing this, I try to not only cover what the matches and workers are doing, but the fandom section seems to have taken off also. I try to cover what is happening on the other sites and message boards and bring it to my visitors. The Yearbook, even though featured the workers and many visited it, it was designed for the fandom of the site. I had my biggest day of hits and spent a lot of time on it. As always with something like this, there comes out a lot of people that disagree with what the voters agreed upon. “Axeman” Randall Lewis and Dustin Starr had there own thoughts on the awards [and they are entitled to them], but I wanted to comment on some of them.

----Axeman pm’ed me at around 9:00 PM on the 1.10.07, which was the last day of voting. His son was trying to vote for him. Why wait this long?? Then, he seems to be upset because only one person per computer could vote. I had covered the reasoning for this on the site. It was designed like that to keep people from cheating. If no one could do this, then it made the playing field level. If there was any cheating done [and when it comes to computers, then there is always a way to hack something], then those that did cheat [if there was and I have no evidence that says that] – you are pathetic.

----Axeman also criticized the fact that I had two categories for wrestlers and tag teams. I think I explained that, but let me say this again. The “damn” categories were based on “In-ring exclusively, basically the MVP so to speak.” Is that not clear?? “Picture Perfect” won Tag Team of the Year, because people felt they were the best tag team, but maybe not the best workers. I am not sure a lot of people can even tell the difference, which is scary that you even try to consider yourself smart about the business. “Family of Pain” and “Cruzin 4 Pain” blurs the worker/wrestler ideology. Both teams are really good at both and that showed with the votes. C4P, even though not winning an award, sandwiched themselves between PP/FOP and garnered the second best tag team rating. Why?? Because they are that good.

----My final stop with Axeman is the rib he did on Loose Cannon, because Cannon won the “Best Columnist”. It actually came off more as sour grapes, than a rib. Nothing against Axeman, as I usually enjoy his columns also, but it is up to the webmaster to correct spelling and such on a site. If Cannon is unreadable, then how is that benefiting your site?? If you have read anything Cannon has written for my site, then you know I do a “touch up” of it. Not that I am perfect or even consider myself a great writer, but I can do some fixes that help Cannon get over his point. Why did Cannon win best columnist?? Truthfully I think it was because of being so consistent with a column week out and week in. No one probably in this area writes more stuff for the net than Cannon.

----Dustin Starr had his own vision of the Top 10 Singles Wrestlers in this area and some have even said that he might be closer than the voting. Starr lives between the real world and this pseudo wrestling world. You really never know if he is working you or telling the truth. Most of the time it is a little of both. The first five guys in the ratings were based on the year end voting. The next five wrestlers were listed by how many nominating votes they got from both the wrestler/performer categories. It is hard for me to judge some of the workers, but I have to take the ratings as gospel, because it is not just one person’s opinion, but there were 33 people on the committee from all over the region. Who do I personally think are the top 10 wrestlers in this area?? Considering the qualifications of working, appearance and throw in a bit of “horizon” [who has the ability to make it] into the mix, then here is my personal Top 10 in no particular order. These are the 10 guys that I would want to see on my shows if I had one.

--Derrick King – He should probably not be included, because he is a given. He was voted as best wrestler, because he is the total package when it comes to being a worker. He has many critics and makes his own bed with lots of it, but his wrestling mind and ability should have landed him a regular job in the WWE.

--Flash Flanagan – Flanagan has been there. He was in developmental and a big star in Puerto Rico. I have no idea why he is not working for the WWE in some capacity. He is one of the true professionals in this area.

--Dustin Starr – Do I consider Starr a great worker?? No, he is a good worker, but has a lot of things that many people on this list do not have – passion. He wants to be a star. He wants to wrestle for WWE and he has done everything he can to make himself that way. His cocky attitude has got him in some heat, but it has also got him enough positive comments that people know he is an asset to their promotion.

--Christian Jacobs – No one has even considered him in the single division, because of him tagging so much. I think I might have been the only promoter to use him as a singles wrestler. Jacobs has all the size, look and ability to make it in the big time. His major weakness is not doing anything alone. He always seems to have to have someone with him to push him to do things. My advice to him would be to cut his hair, lose his teammates and go to as many seminars that the big time guys do – anywhere close.

--Seth Knight – Knight has had his well documented problems on this web site. Knight is tailored made for TNA. I have always seen him as one of the X-Division guys. He knows psychology very well and bumps with the best of them. His attitude might hold him back sometimes, but as a worker he is one of the best in this area.

--Greg Anthony – One of the smartest guys in this area. He is a very strong worker and knows tons about psychology. He would be good in TNA also with his gimmick. He needs to get in shape and send out tapes to everyone. He would stand out at seminars because he is not your typical looking wrestler.

--Motley Cruz – An old vet, but still can go. He never has really had the chance to shine on the big stage. Too bad because he could make me look good in a match. He would do well in WWE as a old timer crazy gimmick – similar to what they did with Terry Funk. Cruz would also be perfect in the part of a trainer or road agent. He has the ability of giving you respect, getting respect and being your friend all in one.

--Austin Lane – I have heard the term “overrated” when it comes to Lane. I find that strange, since everyone did come out to vote him as the best worker in the area. Lane as the passion, the look and the ability to make it in this business. He can do your typical psychology slow match or he could pick it up doing all the flying stuff. Lane would do well in TNA, but might get lost in the shuffle in the WWE. I can say one thing; every time I have ever seen him on a show he has given 110%.

--Alan Steele – I like Steele a lot. I think he is close to the ability of either Flanagan or King, but he is missing something. His “All That” gimmick has run it’s course and he needs a new look. Steele has done real well in all of his appearances in WWE. I think he would make a good character in a HHH storyline as he looks enough like HHH that they could have fun with it. He has more ability than the “Spirit Squad” and they got tons of air time this past year.

Honorable Mentions

--Stan Lee – Great wrestler, great mind and has a look. He has his own personal demons that keep him from succeeding. I think he would excel in any role he was put in, but then I might look around and say, “Where the hell is Stan??” and he would be somewhere playing Poker. When he has his “desire” turned on, then you can not find a better person on your roster. But, when it is not turned on, then the Hambones would be better workers for you.

--Chris Rocker – One the better workers in this area. He is very smart in the ring about when to do it and what to do. At no time does he look like a wrestler either as Mr. America or Rocker and that is his major drawback to actually making it.

--Pokerface – I also consider him one of the best in this area. He is small but would fit perfect in anything he would be asked to do. Who the hell ever thought the “Insane Clowns” gimmick would even get over?? Poker embraced that gimmick and made it work. A true professional.

--Psycho – This guy works over 100 dates a year and is very dedicated. I think he is underrated by the Tennessee boys and should be consider for a spot. He needs to lose a few pounds, but he still can move for a big guy. His gimmick is one of the best in this area with the crazy act and Kayte. Would he have a chance in the WWE or TNA?? Maybe not, but I would include him on my shows.

--Tank – He is underrated and just a huge ass guy. He bumps very well and plays the super big heel good. He knows the psychology of the ring, but at times does not apply it due to the opponents he is given. I think if you threw him in the ring with a very good worker, Tank could have a very good match. That can not be said about a lot of people in this area.

--Alex Krisis – He is one of the most improved guys in the last year. He has a presence that will just scare the hell out of you. His gimmick is great with the scare, the eye and the CLAW!!! The guy is tough also as I have seen him taken a beating and just keep going. If played right, his gimmick and he would be good for either WWE or TNA.

Memphis TV Spoilers - New Tag Team Champions and Kevin White turns!!!!

1st show – Tribute of “Bam Bam” – Bill Dundee came out and then DK came out to say, “Bam Bam is dead just like your career.” Or something similar to that. Not sure if I like that. I will have to wait until it airs; Derrick vs Dundee; Lawler beat Jethro/Nate; Insane Clowns/BO Squad beat Picture Perfect/Posse/Tatt2 and Dustin Starr/Kevin White lost the belts to Tim Grind/Flash Flanagan. White was fooling around and lost the match for them.

2cnd show – Dundee said White was in the wrong for what he did last week.; “Black Out Squad”[Oz/Bishop] vs Dundee/White – White was hot dogging again and never tagged Dundee. White turned on Dundee – Tatt2 came out to make save with White beating him down and then Starr finally made save; ;“Picture Perfect” vs Flash/Grind; Battle Royal with the last two people vs each other next week – Jethro, DK, Starr, Lawler were the last four in the ring, then it ended up with – DK vs Lawler next week.

----As always these are not the complete results, because I just get some of the stuff…Interviews with Grind/Flash saying Flex was in jail and they were real funny. Teasing the Lawler vs Hogan match, but Hart was still on the phone…I really hope they continue the White/Starr angle, but it looks like Dundee got in the middle of it.

Our Condolences......

----Our condolences to friends and family of “Bam Bam” Bigelow. He was a very unique character and I was always a big mark for him. He was a “fat guy” but could really work. I remember Jerry Lawler loving to work him as Bigelow was not a stiff. He would move around and make Lawler look like a monster killer. The tattoos on his head always made me flinch. I took some photos of Bigelow during his run with Memphis Wrestling. I will be posting them sometime Monday afternoon.

Friday, January 19, 2007

SEWP debuts on 3.2.07

March 2, 2007

Southern Extreme Wrestling Promotions presents

Sid Vicious!!!!

Capleville Gym Located on Malone Road off Shelby Drive

Memphis, TN

Bell Time: 7:30 PM

Tickets will be on sale and a full lineup here on the site on January 29, 2007

----I have entered an advertising partnership with this new group. My site is helping sponsor the show with the site being mentioned on all the tickets, posters and such. I will also be releasing a DVD of the show. In exchange, I will be promoting the show here with tickets going on sale on January 29, 2007. I will be there live with an arena report - and believe me guys -- I will pull no punches -- if it sucks, I will tell you.

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Jackson, TN 1.18.07

----Spellbinder beat Alex Krisis; Doug Gilbert beat Stan Lee; Bill Dundee over Derrick King in a non title match; Dustin Starr/Kevin White beat Ramsey Cahill/Derrick King; Jerry Lawler beat Jethro/Nate the Rat. This match was okay, Lawler piledrived Nate for the pin. Nate ran from Lawler the whole match so the finish was good.

----141 in the crowd with a gate close to $1,400…Although kids were allowed in this bar, they still served booze. I thought there was a law against doing that?? If there is not, there should be… Fire & Flame was very late, so they had to come up with a different match. [they were suppose to work White/Starr] - Fire & Flame ran in at the end of the tag match and they set up the return match for next month…Lawler piledrove Nate for the pin. Nate ran from Lawler the whole match so the finish was good….Dundee was unhappy with the crowd and expected a bigger draw. Maybe because it was in a bar on a Thursday night???? They drew as many as the local group - TIWF - draws with double the ticket price.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shows for the Weekend 1.19.07 - 1.20.07

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Derrick King, Austin Lane, Flash Flanagan, and more.

----Friday night in Tupelo, MS for TFW has Tony Dabbs, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk],The Gold Diggers, POPULAR [Shawn Reed/Ryan Williams]with Anita Page, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:00 PM with Psycho [not XOW Psycho] vs Overkill/Raze, PK Ripper vs Dazzlin Dixie, Genocide vs The Foundation, Wildside, JR Rich, Jennifer Justice, Lawman Williams, Phil Dees and more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR with Arkansas Championship Wrestling @ National Guard Armory with Arnez, Buster Johnson, Loose Cannon, Adrian Banks, Big Indian, “Hambone Express”,Blakster, Idol Bane, Deadly Dale and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank vs “Real Deal” Tim Edwards in a Strap Match, Fire/Flame debut vs “Kountry Homeboyz” [Gunner & Weezy], Kilo, Sir Mo, Allen Steele, Dustin Starr, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, Danny B, Psycho, Brett Michaels, Pappy, Izzy Rotten, Nick Grymes and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Stan Lee [if he is not at the casino] ,Simon Reed, Derrick King,Rockin Randy,Tatt2, Motley Cruz, Alex Krisis, Dell Tucker,“Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael],“Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop], Flash Flanagan,Stan Lee, Brian Steele, Buckwheat, ‘Lil Chris, Tim Alfonzo, Seth Knight. “Jawbreaker” Jones and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, “Righteous Punishment” [Byg Daddy and Jack “Lockdown” Johnson], “Hot Rod” John Ellison, Johnny Harper, Matt Boyce and more.

“Get My Point?” by Randy Cresswell

Hello all, this is Randy Cresswell or as everyone has known me as for the past 6 years, “The Suit” Scotty C©, and it is time for a new column and new perspective on WWE, TNA, and even the Mid-South area as well. I want to make a quick note though that I am proud of the comments BG James made as I was told and read for myself that, even though VKM does not like DX or McMahon, he took the time to say something along the lines of, “That he hates to see a man down and hopes a quick recovery.” Rather what VKM was doing was fun amongst friends in two promotions or just hatred between all of them, those are still great comments to make live on PPV about a competition’s talent. Kudos.

The debut of Monty Brown on WWEcw was…entertaining at least…especially since it was against another former TNA star in Cassidy Riley with Mike Posey, former TNA Referee, calling the match. It wasn’t IMPACT or even the old two hour PPVs, we had a classic TNA Xxplosion match on ECW…wow.

Someone once told me that imitation is the best form of flattery, I guess that is true. That is defiantly the best way to look at it.

Speaking on imitations, what a Wrestlemania possibility in Hogan Vs Khali to make you think Wrestlemania 3 with Hogan and Andre! Does it? NO, it does not; all Hogan and Khali make me think is what part of the PPV I will make sure I miss. I will say this though, Hardys Vs MNM at Wrestlemania over some Tag Team Titles, you could even add current champs Kendrick and Londan into the fray and it have it be a classic TLC three way contest, I’m sure that would be awesome to see.

Over on the Midsouth board, seems everyone is getting TV these days. Which is odd because for some of the promotions, they all work with each other or use the same talent anyways, so what is the use. What is even sadder, which someone made this a point on the board, that Nashville has talent spread across, but it seems more promotions equals less of a chance for true talent to shine while it leaves opportunity for people who shouldn’t be in there the chance to be in a ring and stink it up horribly. It is even worse when you see that type of talent sitting in the stands of these local shows. Going to a WWE event is one thing, most of the people who are in the business or “try” to be in it, may never get any closer to WWE LIVE than buying a ticket and watching the show. I have heard a whole lot of people rib people over seeing them on TV at a WWE show, but for some…that is as close as you can get.

Over in the Memphis area, there seems to be only two steady running promotions; that being Memphis Wrestling and MAW. Memphis Wrestling looks to be finally running an event, though in Jackson, TN. I could see people in Memphis making the 45 minute trip if they really wanted to see it. MAW on the other hand is running again on January 28th at the New Daisy Theater. Raven will be there once again in a Heavyweight Title match. I’ll be at the MAW event as normal and hopefully we will see how the night goes. I’ll have an extremely busy night because after MAW, I get to go to Murphy’s for my brother and cousin’s bands set. They shall rock hard.

Back to Wrestling, I am glad to know that some of the people I have talked to lately have been on board with what I am doing here lately in Memphis with the wrestling programs I am apart of and about to be apart of. I won’t go into a certain name, but someone I talked to on the ole MySpace gave me great advice yesterday and has always given me great advice and I just want to thank that person for everything they have done for me from when I started in this business to now. Thank You.

See you next time with another “Get My Point?”.

TONIGHT in Jackson, TN!!!

----I wanted to give everyone this plug early in the morning, so if anyone wanted to attend this is the details I have. Rest of the "Shows of the Weekend" will be up later today.

----TONIGHT!! Memphis Wrestling @ The Palace in Jackson, TN @ 8:00pm with

Derrick King defends the JR Title against Bill Dundee;Southern Tag Team Titles Match: Kevin White/Dustin Starr vs Fire/Flame; Jethro & Nate The Rat vs. The King Jerry Lawler;
Spellbinder;”Dangerous” Doug Gilbert; “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael] and more.

----The Palace is located directly behind Logan's and O’Charleys. On interstate 40 exit 80a. Come off the ramp, turn left at the first light,The Palace will be on the right.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clip from TLCW 1.06.07 show!!! - HIT SOME ADS!!!

----Here is a short clip of the best match on the TLCW 1.06.07 show - "Picture Perfect" [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] vs "Black Out Squad" [Oz/Bishop]. The clip is not perfect, but try to look at all the people in that little building!! Listen to the crowd - they were really loud for this match.

RassleBits: Sarge, Devon, Dustin, RassleChronicle and 10 Years ago in Memphis Wrestling!!!

----Sarge O’Riley is doing well. He was in surgery yesterday for 3 hours. He said he was feeling lots better. Good news bro!!

----Devon Raynes [pictured] reported yesterday that he is pregnant and an expecting his second child. Congrats Devon!! Crap, sorry about that – BB is pregnant and THEY are expecting their second child..LOL

----Dustin Starr was nice enough to plug our year end Top 10 Wrestlers on his web site and give his own opinion. I want everyone to get a chance to read Dustin’s ego..I mean site…and I plan to come up with my own Top 10 sometime this week.

----RassleChronicle is a look at wrestling 10 years featuring the RAW/Nitro reports. I also including Herb Kuntz tidbits from that week.

----This week's Memphis Wrestling 10 Years ago is very interesting. It features current workers Sir Mo and Flash Flanagan.

USWA: The booking committee now consisted of Bill Dundee, Randy Hales and Brian Christopher…… Steven Dunn & Flash Flanagan regained the USWA tag team titles, defeating Sir Mo & Mike Samples on January 9th…. The highlight of the Saturday morning tv show on January 11th saw Sir Mo tease a face turn, saying he was tired of being a member of the Nation of Domination already. He called out Mabel and wanted to make up with him, and reform the old Men on a Mission tag team. Mabel came out and the rest of the NOD jumped him, including Mo. The NOD then gave Sir Mo a new ring name of ‘Sir Mohammad’, and he remarked he was giving Mabel a new ring name – ‘Big Dumb Mabel’. I’m not making this up by the way.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Ratings Are In!!!

----This show was a bit higher than last week, but Memphis Wrestling has opened the year 2007 with two below average ratings. Saturday’s show scored an overall rating of 2.9 [47,441 viewers].

----1st Quarter opened with a 2.7 [44,445 viewers] starting with Reggie B Fine comments and ending with “Too Cool 2” vs “Picture Perfect” bout. The show had very little movement up and down this week. The second quarter had 3,329 more viewers scoring 2.9 [47,774 viewers] for the Nate vs Watson BS and ending with Jimmy Hart phone interview. 3rd quarter had Dundee interview, “Opening the Vault” and King/Fine vs Tatt2/Dotson in the ring. That quarter scored 2.8 with only 1,332 viewers less. The last quarter started with rest of the tag match and the White/Starr vs Fire/Flame bout. That quarter jumped to 3.1 [51,1103 viewers] and 4661 more viewers. The start to finish number was 6,658 more people turned it while the show was airing.

----As said, this show didn’t move up and down much and ended with positive viewers. I do know the show could survive at this number, but might be more pressure on them to score at this level. If the ratings don’t get better by the end of the month, then Maclin needs to start looking at adding new people to his roster. Not only do we have Lawler, who has been on Memphis Wrestling, but some of the other guys have been there for a while also. It also has to go back to them just cutting off angles and not saying anything about them – this year started with them not even mentioning the Brickhouse Brown angle. Oh yea and get non-wrestlers like Nate the Rat and Grady Watson OUT OF THE RING!!!

RassleResults: JWS Jumpertown, MS 1.13.07

----Tysin Star beat Slammer;Chris Stevens beat Devon Raynes; Thunderbird / Indian Joe w/Dustin Storm/Kandi beat Damion Rage /Kage;Ricky Flame beat Xecutioner AX; JJ Fuller beat Chris Stevens to retain the JWS Title; Kelo Green/Chazz beat Cyru/Jerry Southern and Main Event: JWS Tag Team Title Match: Hitman/Chris Styles [pictured] retained the belts over Mark Mayhem/Josh Matthews.

----Crowd was around 54 with gate in the $250 range…It looks this group also drew a little more last week than I report. It was around 136 for Buff Bagwell…Kaleb Kastle is headed in this coming Saturday night.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Share the Dream - Live the Reality

RassleBits: Yearbook, Sarge, Record Set and Ratings!!!

----Thanks to everyone for their nice comments about the Yearbook. I have probably forgotten some important stuff. As I plan to add a few more tidbits, but I worked from my site – which only started in May and lots of stuff from the Mempho Wrestling Yahoo group for rest of the year. I have put Alan Steele in the top 10 ranking where he belonged from his nominations. If you feel there is something that should be added to Yearbook, then just drop me a line. Next year will be a lot better because I plan to write stuff after every month.

----Sarge O’Riley will be having surgery tomorrow. It is a routine surgery for some stomach problems he has been having. I would like to say Good Luck and ask everyone to say a prayer for him tomorrow. This is the first time he has ever had a major surgery - our thoughts are with you tomorrow bro!!!

----I had a record number of hits yesterday!!! It was almost double the record I set on January 1st. Thank you for making a stop to this site part of your ever day internet routine!! The strange thing about that many hits is that I didn’t get a lot of the visitors hitting ads!!! Come on guys – give me some love!!! Hit some ads!!!

----Ratings delayed because of the holiday. I will have them up tomorrow afternoon.

RassleResults: XOW New Albany, MS 1.13.07

----Jay Webster w/ Pappy/Colton Anderson beat Little Steve Davis;“The Freak Show” [Vinnie The Blade and Chop] beat Cassanova Kidd/”Prime Time” Nick Grymes to retain the XOW Tag Team Titles; Psycho beat Buzz Harley to retain the XOW TV title; Danny B. Goode [pic below]beat Izzy Rotten to retain the XOW Heavyweight Title; Cassanova Kidd/Nick Grymes beat Pappy and Colton Anderson w/ Jay Webster;Justin Rhodes/Bonecrusher beat “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk] in a First Blood Match “24/7” [Kross/JR Mauler] vs. Brett Michaels/Thomas Knox

----80 people with a gate close to $400…Izzy Rotten vs Danny B was said to have been good and probably the best bout Izzy has ever had… In the first blood bout after a ref bump, Justin got busted open. He then left the ring, got ketchup and sprayed it on Cody’s face, and Justin wiped the blood off his face. Ref then saw the ketchup on Cody’s face giving the bout to Rhodes/Bonecrusher – love that finish!!...The SGWA vs XOW continues and even though they are only drawing 80, this is almost double what they been drawing.

RassleResults: CWA Selmer, TN 1.13.07

----Brandon Barbwire beat Anton Leveigh;"Cruz'n 4 Pain" [Motley Cruz/187 w/Tasha Simone] beat J.J. Fuller/"New Flavor" Edrick Hines;"Outlaw" Don Bass w/"Gentleman" Jim Casey/Destiny beat "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore; CWA Tag Champs "The Family of Pain" [Mickey Ray and Sarge O'Riley] w/"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock beat Chris O'Neal/Justin "The Juice" Smart by reverse decision DQ to retain ;"Mega Man" Rodney Grimes and Jimmy Blaylock - No Contest ;"The 201 Boys" [Chris Lexx /The Crime] beat "The Diamond Deck" ("The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Big Ace/"The Magnificent" Reno Diamond]; "The Fabulous" Chris Rocker beat Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Miss New York by pinfall to retain the CWA TV Title; "The Posse" [Simon Reed and Lil' Chris]beat "The Treat Connection" [Loose Cannon and San Francisco Treat] and in the Main Event: Jerry "The King" Lawler w/Queen Renee beat CWA Heavyweight Champ Brickhouse Brown w/Jimmy Blaylock by DQ after interference from Don Bass.

----Crowd was around 225 with a gate close $2250. I was told it was a good show… Not sure what “by reverse decision DQ to retain” means. LOL O’Neal was suppose to wrestle with Christian Jacobs as “Picture Perfect”, but Jacobs no- shows and was @ TLCW. O’Neal gets a partner in Smart and I think they win, but they can not win the belts because the gimmick is that FOP were suppose to be wrestling PP. Get it??...Chris Rocker was awarded the CWA TV Title by forfeit since Mr. Wrestling III wasn't at the show. Neil Taylor immediately challenged him to a match. I think Miss New York [Joni – Lawler’s ex-girlfriend]. Renee and she were seen talking to each other, which probably made Jerry feel a little uncomfortable…Next show is "Night of the Legends" on February 10th in Savannah, TN at the fairgrounds. Already signed: Ricky Morton v. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton; Jerry Lawler and Rodney Grimes v. Don Bass and Brickhouse Brown and Dr. Tom Prichard will be on the card.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 1.13.07 - New Tag Champs!!

----“Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] beat The Holligan in a handicap match; PK Ripper vs Lawman Williams – no contest; Overkill beat Razor; TIWF Tag Team Title Match: The Big Boys beat “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] to win the tag team titles with help from special ref Steven Rampage and Main Event: TIWF Heavyweight Title vs Cruiserweight Title: PK Ripper by DQ over Wildside – no title change – Big Boys interfere.

----147 in the crowd with a gate close to $735…I like the idea of putting Title vs Title. I really am against so many belts in one small group. Unified Champion would be good for a small group – all single champs – one title…I wonder if the Memphis Wrestling show in Jackson will have any effect on this group’s attendance??

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 1.13.07

----Reggie B Fine comes out and says he was doing something in the bathroom with the Cleveland Browns. LOL Corey Maclin goes to break. They come back from break and he says he has been in the bathroom with the WWE Divas book.

----Clip of “Too Cool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind] fighting it out from last week. Flex/Tim Grind settles their differences and hug. These guys are funny. “Too Cool 2” beat “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Chris O’Neal]. Heat on Michael with hot tag to O’Neal. TC2 shitcanned Michael and did their RKO Driver double team finisher on O’Neal for the win. Crowd was cheering for both teams – probably TC2 more. This was a real good match.

----Grady Watson beat Nate the Rat by DQ when Jethro jumps in choking and beating up Watson. Jerry Lawler made the save. No heat for this bout or angle. Lawler interview with no heat. Lawler challenges Jethro/Nate the Rat to a handicap match for this Thursday in Jackson, TN at the Palace in Jackson, TN.

----Jimmy Hart on phone making the big announcement. Hart talks about doing a contest for Wrestlemania. Hart finally says he is not going to tell the announcement this week. Hart says he will be there LIVE for next week’s show. The crowd groaned.

----Bill Dundee comes out to promote the Jackson show challenging Derrick King. They did a good job promoting the show.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance Russell. Russell talks about tag teams. “Rock N Roll Express” [Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson] old video airs.

----Derrick King/Reggie B Fine interview. Fine/King beat Tatt2/Johnny Dotson. Crowd chants “Derrick sucks!!” Tatt2 was really over with the crowd. No psychology with King/Fine giving Tatt2/Dotson everything. Finish had Dotson jump in for no reason and Fine threw him out. Tatt2 hit a springboard from the top rope and DK hit him with a superkick in mid air. It looked good.

----Dustin Starr/Kevin White interview. Starr says something about the fireball angle that the promotion forgot about. Nate the Rat interview as he says he is bringing Doug Gilbert in for the Jackson show. Southern Tag Team Title Match: Starr/White beat Fire/Flame with Nate the Rat. This was a very short match and may have even been edited.

----RassleNotes: In the first 5 minutes Reggie B Fine talking about defecating and masturbating. For some reason, it is fun with Fine does it…Jon Michael is called “Chris Michaels” first and then calls him by his name…This announcement better be Hogan, but I am sure it is not…Call 901-794-0555 and get a Memphis show in your area. Well, only in the Memphis area…DK tag match was one of the worst matches I have ever seen DK in. Superkick looked real good, but that was the only thing…Since Dotson is supposed to be feuding with DK, why is he not working him in Jackson??...They did not have time to actually air much in the final match. Why not just do an angle to help set up White/Starr vs Fire/Flame in Jackson??...Not a great show, but not horrible. First match was real good, but rest of it was just there. No one cares about Grady Watson – the crowd was so dead when they did that angle…Jethro needs a new name – not “Hillbilly Assassin”. This guy if used right could make a killer heel – not against Lawler, because he has to sell his punches and such. They need to feed him with small babys for a couple of weeks, and then bring in a big size baby to work him.

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RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 1.13.07 - DUSTIN STARR DEBUTS IN NBW!!!

----The show opened with Mo talking in the ring, he was thanking the fans for coming out and supporting the show and said he had to get a couple of things off his chest, only to be interrupted by Dustin "Five" Starr. Starr said that he had a bone to pick with Mo about everything he had been saying on the internet [] about Starr. Mo said he would find someone to wrestle Starr tonight – it would not be him, but one of his “friends”

----“Team X” [Gryffon/Phoenix] beat The Kid/Tim Edwards & Tank/Playboy Tommy Love in a 3-way tag match, winner advancing to the finals in NBW tag team tournament;Slim Pickens beat Gaylon Ray to become the new NBW High Risk Champion Jeremy “The Kountry Homeboyz” [G. Thompson Waldo/J.Weezy Waldo] beat “The Cowboys” [Ricky Murdoch/Bill Nasty] to advance in the tag tournament; "All That" Alan Steele beat Dustin "Five" Starr by DQ when Dustin gave Alan a low blow; Jeremy Moore beat Pheonix X w/ the Ace Crusher ( RKO ) and in the Main Event: Kilo beat Tank in a return match to keep the NBW Championship.

----90 paid with a $450 gate with over 100 in the crowd…Slim Pickens won the title after Ronnie the ref nailed Gaylon with brass knuckles…Bigg Money Gripp came out with “Team X” and said that Jeremy Moore had stolen his money and that he hired these guys to take him out – a lot of switching in and out from “Team X” here, they both got RKO's, post match saw Bigg Money Gripp attacked Moore and left him laying…The crowd was pretty hot for the last three matches – Steele/Starr had a lot more heat than expected. Steele has been a heel here, but the marks hated Starr…”Cowboys” match was horrible -- does that surprise you??


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RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 1.13.07

----Tatt2 beat Johnny Dotson with frogsplash and “Rockin” Randy tried to interfere; Seth Knight beat Alex Krisis with a roll up; “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop] beat Shannon Lee/Dell Tucker; “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] beat “Rockin” Randy/Eric Hayes; “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony with Matt Foley vs Tim Grind with Tim Cummings– no contest and in the Main Event: Flash Flanagan beat Derrick King.

---- Crowd was in the 175 range with a gate around $875…Jawbreaker Jones came out with “Black Out Squad” then a video aired “Cruzin 4 Pain”[Tasha Simone/187/Motley Cruz] saying they will whip their asses for interfering in their match. Simone threaten Rashard also…TGB put a guy out the crowd in the “Goldi-lock” and Tim Grind made the save for him…Jethro interfered in the main event. DK did two superkicks on him, but it just rocked Jethro – Jethro then kicked DK in the stomach and powerbomb him, so Flash could get the pin…There was no mention of either Dustin Starr or Chris O’Neal. Some of the boys were looking for a shoot on Starr, but nothing was said. I bet some of the fans are wondering WTF??

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 1.13.07

----“Righteous Punishment” [Jack Lockdown Johnson/Big Daddy Moose] beat Velvet Thunder and Kid Krazzy[photo to the right]; MEW Cruiserweight Title: “Hot Rod” John Ellison beat Rozzi & Idol Bane in a triple threat; Johnny Harper with Dave Cox /John Ellison beat Plowboy Hays; Casino Kid beat Cujo; Scotty Graham and Matt Boyce with Fabulous Luke Graham Jr retain MEW Tag Team Titles beating “The Playboy Club” [Tommy Wayne/Ray Ray ] and in the Main Event: “Dangerous” Dave Cox beat “The Real Deal” Adrianne Steel to retain the MEW Title.

----289 in the crowd…Boyce backdropped Ray Ray on the ramp...I am being told not a lot of money to be made here [since they let everyone in for free], but the guys love working the show because of all of the marks.