Saturday, February 17, 2007

Computer issues

I would like to let everyone know that my computer has crashed again. I am in the process of getting it up and running, but it might be a few days before I get caught up on everything. Please be patient, I will return with all the news and results from the weekend ASAP.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shows for The Weekend 2.16 - 2.17.07

----Friday night in Newport, AR for WFAC @ 8:00 PM Newport National Guard Armory 2000 Fairground. Scotty Fury, Allan Storm, X-Caliber, Idol Bane, Kid Krazzy, Tommy Wayne and more.

----Friday night in Brownsville, TN at the New Breed Arena Main Event/TIWF Tag Team Title Match: The Big Boys w/ Ravishing Randy vs. Jawbreaker Jesse Dee/Dazzlin’ Dixie; TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match ;"The Elusive Enigma" PK Ripper vs. Lawman Williams; Tank Turner vs. Bobby “ The Butcherman” Smith, and Wildside, JR Rich, Steven Rampage, Maxx Corbin, Albino Rhino, Void, Razor, Jon Seymour, Hotrod, Psycho, Ravishing Randy, and more...

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Austin Lane, and more.

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR for Arkansas Championship Wrestling with Arnez, Buster Johnson, Loose Cannon, Adrian Banks, Big Indian, “Hambone Express”,Blakster, Deadly Dale and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM for TIWF with Big Boys; TV Title Match; Steven Rampage vs. JR Rich; Cruiserweight Title Match Wildside vs. Overkill; PK Ripper, Lawman Williams, DOC, Maxx Corbin, Albino Rhino, Void, Razor, Jon Seymour, Hotrod, Psycho, Ravishing Randy, and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, “Kountry Homeboyz” [Gunner & Weezy], Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Rob Harlem, Allen Steele.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have Storm, "Pure Destruction"[Brody & Cody Hawk],Thomas Knox, Danny B, Psycho, Brett Michaels, Pappy, Izzy Rotten, Nick Grymes and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Stan Lee [if he is not at the casino],Rockin Randy,Motley Cruz, 187,Tasha Simone, Dell Tucker, Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop], Brian Steele, Buckwheat, Tim Alfonzo, Seth Knight, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2 and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, “Righteous Punishment” [Byg Daddy and Jack “Lockdown” Johnson], “Hot Rod” John Ellison, Johnny Harper, and more.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


----I just got off the phone with SEW promoter Tim Williams. The new main event for the 3.02.07 Memphis show will be Sid Vicious vs "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert. This should get interesting as the show gets closer with whether or not it can draw against the Sam's Town show.

RassletBits: PP, WFAC, Sam's Town, Mickey Ray, LAW, DCWF, Psycho and NBW angle!!!

----For those that ask about “Picture Perfect” V1 [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs], PP was a little under the weather Saturday and stayed home. The team will not return to TLCW until 3.3.07. On 2.17.07 they will be in Cleveland, TN vs “The Now” and on 2.24.07 are in Carbondale, IL vs “The Naturals”.

----It is fun to see the gossip start when a promotion starts up. WFAC rumors spread like crazy this week. Here is a few of them to squash. Crowd was legit in the 70 paid range, even though I was told 30 and 50 paid by some. I was told that half the crowd got up during the show, this is also untrue. Kid Krazzy did quit, but it looks like he is back on board as of yesterday.

----The card I am getting for the Sam’s Town show looks like this: Jethro vs Moondog; Dundee vs White; Lawler vs Chris Masters;Brick vs Hughes;Koko vs The Grizz; Boogeyman in action and a Battle Royal. Tickets are $21 and $26 with Ticketmaster charges.

----Got news that Mickey Ray got hardway with a chair and had to go to the hospital after the CWA show Saturday night. I have even been hearing that might have been Ray’s last match, but it is not true. Ray will continue his final shows with their last show being 3.10.07 @ the new Daisy in Memphis vs “Cruzin 4 Pain”. CWA’s next show is 3.03.07 with Lawler vs. Prichard as the main event; Rocker vs Lane and Posse vs Family of Pain rematch. Some advice to all you guys wanting to “make it”, if you are not on this card, then try to attend it and hand Pritchard a tape.

----LAW starts weekly on March 9, 2007 in Rector, AR with a new building. That show will feature Dustin Starr vs Brian Christopher main event for the LAW Title rematch. There is talk of a wrestling school and health club also opening in conjunction with the promotion. It will be interesting to see if LAW can draw on a weekly basis in Rector.

----The DCWF closing is still making the news. After running my story about the real reason for the closing, I have got a few responses, which let’s me know that there are other reasons for the closing. Apparently the concession stand scored a 96 in the inspection. [I have worked food service in Tennessee and that is a GREAT score!!] The reason for the closing was that Dixie, who was running the show, was having health problems and the doctors pretty much told him to relieve the stress and closing the promotion was his way of doing that.

----I did not receive results from MAW in Trenton, TN, but I do know that Psycho took a bump over the top rope and thought he had broke his foot. He got X-rays on Saturday night and was told it was not broke, but that he had aggravated “spurs” in his feet.

----I was told wrong about the results of the main event at NBW. Rob Harlem did not win the belt as the ref quick counted for Harlem, but he said he did not want to win the belt that way. When Alan Steele jumped him, he put a pillow case over his head and choked him with a bullrope. Damn!! That is some strong shit guys!! I love it!! LOL

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Ratings Are In!!

12 week average = 3.2 [53,267 viewers]

----The ratings were a little better this week and right in the average. I have provided above a new number for everyone to see. It is the 12 week average, so we can see how the current show compares to the last 12 shows. This week’s show finished with 3.3 [55,098 viewers], which is just a little over 1,800 viewers over the average.

----The 1st quarter opened with a big 4.0 [66,750 viewers] for DK/Fine interview, Flash/Grind vs Starr/Tatt2 and the airing of some of the Grizz/Koko angle from last week. The 2cnd quarter then dropped 13,982 viewers scoring a 3.2 [52,768 viewers] for the Grizz cake angle, Grady Watson interview, Jethro vs Dotson with Cujo jumping in. The 3rd quarter featured the White/Hughes/Fury vs Brick/The Posse with 4,162 viewers dropped to score a 2.9 [48,606 viewers]. The 4th quarter, which featured the Derrick King vs Jerry Lawler bout jumped 5,829 viewers scoring a 3.2 [54,435 viewers].

Worst: 1.4 [22,472 viewers] 2.03.07

Best: 5.2 [86,226 viewers] – 11.18.06

----I am also featuring the low and highs of the last 12 weeks, so this show’s high quarter, which was the first quarter, was 19,476 below the highest quarter, but the lowest quarter was 26,134 MORE viewers than the lowest. I always wonder why so many viewers turn off from quarter to quarter. The 13,982 drop may be contributed to the start of the Grizz vs Koko angle that no one cares about. This angle can only have one payoff and that is if someone is that suit as a surprise to Koko. The Kevin White/Dundee angle dropped this week a bit, but they still got to be proud of close to 170,000 people have been watching that angle in the last three week. Lawler also can be happy as his match jump almost 6,000 viewers to see vs DK. Even though their last TV bout lost 22,639 viewers it did score a 4.4 rating [73,575 viewers].

Monday, February 12, 2007

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 2.10.07

----Shannon Lee over Lil' Tim Alfonzo; Bishop beat Chris Lexx; Alex Krisis beat Seth Knight in a Hardcore Match; JR Title Match: Tatt2 over Rockin’ Randy and Matt Boyce in Triple Threat match by dq when “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony knocked Tatt2 off the top rope; Flash Flanagan beat Erik Hayes in a total squash with Flash beating Erik with the kendo stick and in the Main Event: TLCW Title Match: Stan Lee vs Dustin Starr – No Contest.

----Crowd was in the same 180-200 range with a gate close to $1,000…In the Main Event, Jethro came out and then Derrick King followed with them brawling. Dustin Starr tied up Lee and was going to use a chair on him, when Tim Cummings [TLCW owner] jumped in the ring to stop him and Starr punched him. Cummings then turned into Vince McMahon and said “You’re Fired” to Starr. And, no Starr is not gone from TLCW already – this was an angle. Starr will be back in a few weeks as he has other dates.

Chris Hollywood Makes Another Statement about Cujo Moondog!!

----I received the following a few minutes after the Moondog angle aired on TV.

"I just seen Moondog Cujo on Memphis Wrestling and that was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. He is so fat and out of shape he could not even stand up and what about them overalls. The reason why he had overalls on is because he is to fat to wear anything else. Also I wonder if he could call his spots any louder in the ring. Actually he needs some Rogaine for that bald ass head. That's why there should not be anymore Moondogs cause all their going to do is kill the Moondog name. Because my father took pride in the name and it goes to show that no one can live it up to the name Moondog. To sum it all up - it is Memphis Wrestling and it has been around since the dawn of time. But if they keep on doing shit like that it will not be around much longer. Because all Corey is going to do is kill Memphis Wrestling. " Chris Booker - Son of Spot

Sunday, February 11, 2007

RassleResults: CWA Savannah, TN 2.10.07 - Best Gate of The Year!!!

----Austin Lane won 15 man Battle Royal; Eric Wayne beat Kid Nickels;“Cruzn 4 Pain” [187/Motley Cruz] with Tasha Simone beat "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore;"Primetime" Nick Grymes; Brad Thomas beat Beau James; Dr. Tom Pritchard beat Brad Thomas by DQ in Texas Heavyweight Title match; Ricky Morton beat Bobby Eaton; Reno Diamond beat Chris Rocker & Austin Lane for TV Title when Lane turned on Rocker; “Posse”[Simon/Chris] beat “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray] for CWA Tag Team Titles and in the Main Event: Jerry Lawler/Rodney Grimes beat Brickhouse Brown/Don Bass.

----350 to 400 people in the building. They had special $20 VIP for autograph session. I am guessing at near a $5,200 gate making it the biggest show of the year...The Pritchard/Thomas bout went over 20 minutes and was a real good match…Got some good reviews about the Triple Threat also…Crowd popped HUGE for the Posse win over FOP.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 2.10.07 - Steele turns back heel!!!

----"Real Deal" Tim Edwards beat J-Fed; The Sicilian Kid beat Gryffon X; "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore/Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens beat A.C. Havoc/Loose Cannon;"All That" Alan Steele beat Phoenix X; “Kountry Homeboyz” [J Weezy/G Thompson] beat "Playboy" Tommy Love & A.C. Havoc to retain the tag titles and in the Main Event: Rob Harlem beat Gaylon Ray to become the new NBW High Risk Champion.

----100 paid with 120-130 in the building with a gate @ $500…The show started with Allan Walker calling out Tank and “Team X” [Gryffon/Phoenix]. Walker made “Team X” give the tag team title back and Tank thanked the fans for their support last week. The story on Tank was actually covered in the local Dyersburg paper with mention of our site!!!...After the Main Event, Cannon and Havoc came out and started attacking Rob and Gaylon and then Alan Steele ran out, only to turn on Harlem and started beating on him. “Homeboyz” tried to make the save, but Steele held them off. Alan started choking Rob with a bullrope and the faces made the save. Alan then got on the mic and said everyone fell for it, he said he didn’t care about all the stupid kids. Why turn Steele back so quick?? Maybe because he has no one else to work??....Tank would make a real good babyface right now…During Moore's match, Bigg Money Gripp was the butler, he spit shined Moore's shoes, cleaned the ring off and had a “kick me” sign on him that Moore had put there, which had the crowd kicking him, he tried to cost Moore the match but it didn’t work

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 2.09.07

----Gary The Medic/Hillbilly Nate beat Loose Cannon Hambone #2 [Pedro];Shawn Williams/Thunder vs Ray Ray/Tommy Wayne – DCO;MCW Middleweight Champion Austin Lane defeated Brian Knight;Lightening beat MCW Heavyweight Champion Hambone #1 [Leroy] via DQ; “New East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpant/Sypro beat Morgan Lane/X Kaliber and in the Main Event: Chris Hollywood/Hamhock beat Frankie Tucker/Big Daddy Lafonce.

----100 in the crowd with a 80 paid with a gate close to $480…They did an angle with “Sexy” Sam Dollar saying he is bringing Dirty Little Dave to take care of LaFonce. Maybe DLD can get a good match out of LaFonce??...Best matches were Lane vs Knight and Williams/Thunder vs Ray/Wayne…X Kaliber was originally scheduled for WFAC, but worked here instead.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 2.10.07

----After brief intro, Derrick King and Reggie B Fine came out talking about the Memphis Wrestling TV Title match later tonight vs Jerry Lawler. Fine says, “I got your back like four flats on a Cadillac.” LOL Only on Memphis Wrestling!!!

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]/Flash Flanagan come out with Southern Tag Team Titles. They try to convince Corey that all three are tag champs, but Maclin says that only Flash/Grind are champions. Grind/Flash beat Tatt2/Dustin Starr. Flash started the heat on Dustin when Flex tripped him. Hot tag to Tatt2. Double fist in the corner spot from the babys. Dustin is flipped over top rope. Tatt2 is trying to do a huracanrana on Grind, but Grind catches him and brings him near the ropes while Flex hits him with the belt. Grind ends it hitting a Liger bomb for the pin. Good match.

----They air the Koko Ware/The Grizz angle from last week. Koko never touches him, but chases him away. They then air angle which they filmed last week with The Grizz celebrating his birthday. Nate comes out and grabs the cake. Nate actually says, “Let show you what happens to a cake on a wrestling show!!” and he tries to throw it in Grizz’s face, but he ducks and Corey gets it.

----Grady Watson interview. Watson says he has someone to help him with Jethro. Jethro comes out and chokes Grady. Jethro vs Johnny Dotson. Watson was ringside, so Jethro went out and got him before a finish. He threw him in the ring and was getting ready to beat him up, when Moondog Cujo [pictured] jumped him with a shovel. Crowd was hot for it, but the Moondog looked horrible. Watson interview with Cujo.

----Kevin White/Mr. Hughes interview. Good interview. Hughes introduces Big Bob Fury. Hughes/White/Fury beat by DQ Brickhouse Brown/”The Posse” [Chris/Simon] . Fury was horrible. Heat on Simon. Hot tag to Lil Chris used as a hope spot as Hughes cuts him off. Hot tag to Brick. Everyone in the ring with White/Chris outside the ring and White was going to piledrive Chris on the concrete like he did Dundee, but Dundee jumped White with a chair. Heels won by DQ.

----Derrick King with Fine interview again. DK is wearing his “Lawler” gimmick tights. Lawler interview. Lawler beat DK to become the first CW 30 Memphis Wrestling TV Champion. Match was total psychology with every time Lawler would try his comeback Fine would interfere again. No big moves just punches and a few backdrops, but a good match. DK pulled own his strap [pictured] at one time and even did the Lawler fist drop, but missed. Lawler finally pulled down his strap and went after Fine outside the ring. Fine was at Corey’s desk running away and DK hit Lawler from behind. Lawler then threw a fireball and DK ran to the ring. Lawler pinned him for the win.

RassleNotes: It still looks like they will turn Flex…Tatt2 punches when coming out of heat do not look legit. His dropkicks looked real good. Tatt2 actually looked smaller today than usual – someone FEED HIM!!!...Why did they do an angle with a cake with The Grizz?? It made no sense because Koko was not involved. Koko jumping The Grizz at a NBA game would be a great stunt…Sam’s Town – The Grizz with Corey Maclin vs Koko Ware, Lawler vs Chris Masters, Boogeyman…Jethro has shaved his head and looks crazy!! Dotson vs Jethro was not that good, but Dotson did a better job in a big guy vs small guy match than Tatt2 did a few weeks back…Hughes is calling himself “Total Protection” Mr. Hughes…Fury was wearing a cap backwards, sunglasses, converse and a pair of shorts that looked like he bought at Wal Mart. Horrible. Corey actually called him “Furry” one time. LOL…A pretty good show this week. Two real good bouts and some horrible stuff in the middle. The good thing about the show was that it was a WRESTLING show – 4 bouts with time given to all four of them.

----This Memphis Wrestling TV report is also posted every week on,, , Yahoo Mempho Group,,,

, Pro Wrestling Resource and

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 2.10.07

----Velvet Thunder beat Stryker; “The Playboy Club” [Tommy Wayne/Ray Ray] beat Wild Bill/Acid; Plowboy Hays/The Rasslin Rodeo Clowns beat “Danger Zone” [Hotrod John Ellison/Dave Cox/Johnny Harper);Gravedigger beat Venom to retain the MEW Heavyweight title and in the Main Event: Luke and Scotty Graham beat “Righteous Punishment” [Jack “Lockdown” Johnson/Byg Daddy Moose] to win the MEW Tag Team Titles with special guest referee Rozzi

----222 in the stands…Rozzi [pictured]turned heel by helping the Grahams win their match with a quick count over RP. RP held the belts for one week…Rasslin Rodeo Clowns?? WTF?? Please tell me this is a rib!?! It would make me so happy if they had a law against all Clown/Hillybilly gimmicks.

RassleFULLResults: WFCA Newport, AR 2.09.07 - Bobby Eaton Wins Cup!!

----Since this is the first show of this group in a long time and I have a full time reporter for the show, I decided to run a full results report.

After a three month layoff, WFAC Wrestling returned on Friday, Feb. 9th, with a card at the Newport, AR National Guard Armory.

The night was centered around the "Sharon Burnside Memorial Cup Tournament," held in honor of late WFAC co-owner Sharon Burnside. The winner of the tournament would not only hold the distinction of being the first annual winner, but would also be named No. 1 contender to the vacant WFAC title.

At the start of the show, Burnside's son Chris "Lineman" Bryant came out to the announcer's table to address the fans, thank them and let them know that WFAC is back.

In round one of the tournament, Cody Daniels defeated Kid Krazzy.

WFAC Executive Director Brian Thompson interviewed Allan Storm, who received a bye into the second round of the tournament based on his standing in WFAC history. Brian asked Allan two questions, but he remained silent until a demonic song came on, at which time Allan went nuts until the song stopped playing.

In round one of the tournament, Idol Bane defeated Wild Bill. Bane's shoulder was posted mid-way through the match and Bill took advantage. Bane rolled bill up for a three count after Bill got into an argument with the referee.
Brian Thompson introduced the second man to receive a bye into round two of the tournament - Scott Fury. Fury came out and told the crowd that Scott Fury is no more and that he is Scotty Graham, allegedly a descendent of the legendary Graham wrestling family.

In a semi-final tournament match, Idol Bane still injured from the previous match defeated Allan Storm. Storm had Idol in a submission and Idol tapped the mat trying to reach the ropes. On the third tap he reached the ropes. The referee told Storm to break the hold. Storm, hearing the taps, thought he won the match. The referee said "no." Storm pushed the ref, who pushed Storm into an Idol Bane roll up for the win.

About 8 minutes into a 10 minute intermission, a commotion was heard coming from the lockerroom and suddenly Cody Daniels and Cujo came through the curtain brawling. It took two referees and several security guards to get the two into the lockerroom.

In the second semi-final match of the tournament, Scotty Graham defeated Cody Daniels by countout. Daniels was on his way to the ring when Cujo attacked him and they brawled to the back again. At first, the referee disqualified Graham and awarded the match to Daniels. Graham disputed the result and came to the announcer's table. He threatened to sue WFAC and said that since the referee never signaled for the bell to start the match, the result was unofficial. Thompson said that technically Graham was right. Graham them said that the referee could not start the match and if Daniels doesn't answer the ten count, he wins by countout, which is what happened.

Special guest "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton was introduced. He thanked the fans for coming and talked about how he was a good friend of "Momma Sharon." He challenged anybody in WFAC at any time. Thompson put over the fact that Eaton has one of the "best right punches in wrestling history."

Prior to the tournament final and Main Event, three WFAC dignitaries were introduced as Deadly Dale, Little Lucky and Cujo came to the ringside area. They were to serve as judges in the case of a time limit draw.

In the tournament final, Scotty Graham defeated Idol Bane to win the event. Toward the end of the match, Cujo sucker punched Deadly Dale and Lucky, who then were escorted to the back by security. During the commotion, Cujo attacked Bane and then Graham hit him with a thumb to the throat (similar to Umaga's finish). The referee was distracted by all of the chaos, not seeing the outside interference.

Bobby Eaton came out to congratulate Graham. Graham dissed Eaton and said he wished it could've been Bobby. Eaton went to the ring and said, "Le'ts go!" Thompson made the match and put the tournament title on the line. Cujo distracted Eaton, giving Graham an edge. Graham worked Eaton's leg for the entire time. Eaton was able to pull himself up and deliver three big knockout right handed punches and get the win. After the match, Cujo jumped Eaton and it was a 2-on-1 attack on Eaton until Idol Bane and Cody Daniels made the save. Daniels and Cujo ended up brawling to the back.

Graham ended up talking trash on the mic saying it didn't matter about Bobby getting the win, since he may have lost the cup but not his spot as No. 1 contender. Thompson stopped him and said there will be law and order in WFAC. He said since Graham and Cujo liked to do things in "two's" there will be a tag team match next week. It will be Scotty Graham and Cujo vs. Idol Bane and Cody Daniels. Since there's not a No. 2 contender, if Bane or Daniels get the fall on Graham they become the No. 2 contender. Then he added a little swerve that if Cujo pins either Bane or Daniels, he'll get the spot and Graham will have to face his cohort for the WFAC title!

RassleNotes: Crowd was 70 paid with about 90-95 in the building for a gate of $350 . . . Teco Murdoch provided the ring to WFAC after a last minute cancellation . . . show started a little late at 8:15 p.m., but was over around 10:20 p.m. for a two-hour show . . . The promotion plans to run the building every Friday night. The only time they won't run is when the National Guard has a drill weekend, usually once per month...The Cujo here is NOT the same guy as in Memphis and he does not do a Moondog gimmick...This show was booked by Brian Thompson and looks like this group could be fun. Loved the idea of Eaton winning the Cup, but Graham still gets to keep his heat as #1 contender.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 2.10.07

----TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match: PK Ripper Beat Dazzlin’ Dixie by DQ to retain the title; “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] beat “Death On Command”; Jennifer Justice beat The Boogeyman; Cruiserweight Title Match: Razor beat Wildside by DQ Wildside retains his title; Void beat Steven Rampage in a non Title match and Main Event: “Dixie Justice” [Lawman Williams/Dazzlin’ Dixie] beat “The Big Boys” [Bob and Leory] in a Non Title Match by DQ

----68 paid with a gate close to $340…Show started with KC Gold joining Hotrod to announce…Jon Seymour is involved in an angle where they made him head custodian [he was commish], but he is trying to tell everyone about the voting for Commish was a fraud, but he is interrupted by “The Foundation” [heel group] with Ravishing Randy. Jon ends up getting the Lobotomy Driver from Steve Rampage…Randy refused to give “Genocide” a tag team title shot, but they then pretty much squashed “DOC” [who is this??]…Seymour came out later to say that next week they will have evidence of the commish fraud – he should have never came out after that driver on him…The TV title match was the best on the show and during the ending the lights went out and “The Watcher” came out. Since I have not been following storylines here very long, I know idea who this is…Rampage was the special ref in the main. Jennifer Justice was in the corner of “Dixie Justice”, but that team didn’t last long as Dixie turned on Lawman. Dixie would not join Randy though…This group has some fun storylines and follow them tons better than some groups in the area – especially Memphis Wrestling.