Friday, February 23, 2007

Sid on ESPN 730 AM Last night!!

----Vicious was on "Off The Ropes" last night and due to computer problems I was not able to listen, but reader Clinton Boyland sent the following. And, remember, you can also buy tickets for the event right here on the site - CLICK HERE!!

Sid Vicious was interviewed on the Off the Ropes show on ESPN 730AM last night. Very good interview with the hosts doing a great job of plugging the show. They said that they'll be in attendance to participate in the Fans Lumberjack Strap Match.

Sid says that he has been working extra hard to come back from his injury, and is right now in the best shape of his life. He loves working smaller venues because they are more fun and allows him to test the waters. He hopes to get in contact with WWE soon about a possible comeback.
When asked about his favorite guys to work with, he said that Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader were both hard workers and professionals in the ring, Hulk Hogan was fun and easy to work with, and Sting was very professional and never let his ego get in the way.

Sid will be facing "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert in a No-Holds-Barred Match at SEW Promotions' "Dead End" at Capleville Gym on Friday, March 2nd. More details available at <>.

Show I Forgot!!

----Here is a big show that I forgot to mention on the Shows for The Weekend. I talked with Brandon Baxter via e-mail the other night and he said that advance tickets were doing good, so I expect a big crowd for this show.

(870) 886-2711 (ARMORY)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Camp Update

----More guys have been added to the WWE camp to be held in Nashville, TN this weekend. The list includes the following from this area: Alex Krisis, Dustin Starr, Matt Boyce, Christian Jacobs, Jon Michael and Allan Steele. Michael/Jacobs were scheduled to go against "The Naturals" this weekend in Carbondale, IL, but both have decided that this camp is more important. Best wishes to all you guys and I hope to have a report of some kind coming out it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

RassleBits: Observing the Observer, Training Camp and Update on SEW show!!

----I have always been a big Dave Meltzer mark and consider him the #1 guy in wrestling fandom. But, I think it might have lost his mind today --- look at these VERY IMPORTANT items that he listed today --

--Robin Leach's gossip column wrote that Linda & Brooke Hogan were given a new rich blonde hair coloring by "hair colorist to the stars Michael Boychuck" in Las Vegas for their three month stay on the West Coast.

--There is an article on Candice Michelle's diet at She tries to eat healthy. Sometimes she gets urges to eat junk food.

----WTF?? Come on Meltz!! It is enough that I have to put up with Roller Derby and MMA, but Hollywood tidbits. Damn, I go to for that. LOL

----He did have a listing for an Old School tag team tournament that did look interesting and featured a few guys that have worked this area – “Nightmare” [Ted Allen], Brad Thomas and Ricky Morton. I have said this in private conversations, but I want to go on record in saying this – If Brad Thomas doesn’t get a break and get a developmental deal sometime soon, then no one deserves a deal.

--The second annual Old School tag team tournament will be 3/9 and 3/10 in Cordele, GA at the Crisp Middle School. First round pairings are Heartbreak Express vs. Black Market, Kamala II (aka Botswana Beast) & Kim Chee vs. Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas, Dave Holiday & Scotty Riggs vs. Nightmare & Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) and KI Elite vs. Ricky Silver & Q-Ball. 3/9 also has Steve Corino vs. Tully Blanchard for the AWA title and Briscoe Brothers vs. Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens.

----Speaking of developmental deals, Dustin Starr along with Alex Krisis and Matt Boyce from this area will be attending the WWE Camp being held by talent relations man Mike Bucci [Nova – Simon Dean] in Nashville, TN this weekend. Good luck to all three guys and for all you guys in this area that are not going to be there – you suck. Oh yea – Dustin has his favorite TV shows on his site – LOL Damn, who gives a FUCK!!! LOL

----Lots of changes going on for the SEW show. Psycho has been added to work Sniper in a Boot Camp match. Memphis Legend Snowman [you remember him?? Click HERE for pic and bio] has been added to the show. And there is talk with another former WWE tag team champion in the works.

RassleBits: ACW, Gates and Cruzin 4 Pain

----I talked with a few more sources today and Big Indian walked out Saturday night at ACW with the only ref they had, which was a student of his. ACW will start weekly in April and PCWA will start with only one show booked in April. So, Buster told Big Cal not to come if he could not announce every week. Big Cal was even going to just come to watch the show this past weekend and was told he would have to pay. Big Indian pretty much said if Cal can’t come, then I am not welcome. Just because Big Cal was going to miss one show a month, then he couldn’t work the other shows?? If guys at this level can get better dates and have shows of their own, then I think promoters should work with them. [I am saying this from experience – as I made the same mistakes] It will be interesting to see if ACW continues drawing as they have three shows in March and go weekly in April.

----Results were given on shows this weekend, but I wanted to add the gates.

TIWF - $380

$525 for ACW
$310 for TIWF

----I got the following results from Metropolis, IL. I usually don’t post results from that far off, but it did feature some of the regulars in this area, including “Cruzin 4 Pain”.

Rampage Pro Wrestling 2/17/07 Metropolis, IL…Before 50 Fans…Mr. Black b Hex Gauge; Cruzin' 4 Pain b Ricky Murdock & Manotiva Matrica; Matt Riviera b Matt Winters; Mikey Dunn b Yukon Jack; Tasha Simone b Destiny and Jose Guerrero & Tojo Yamamoto Jr. b Don Bass & Nasty Bill (with Jim Casey) via DQ.

Shows for the Weekend 2.22 to 2.24.07

----Thursday Night in Jackson, TN The Palace with Bill Dundee, Kevin White, Jerry Lawler, Reggie B Fine, Flash Flanagan, Derrick King and more.

----Friday night in Newport, AR for WFAC @ 8:00 PM Newport National Guard Armory 2000 Fairground. Scotty Fury, Allan Storm, X-Caliber, Idol Bane, Kid Krazzy, Tommy Wayne and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Austin Lane, and more.

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM –
Fan Nite admission only $3.00 Main Event Bobby The Butcher vs Tank Turner; TIWF hvy weight title Match Dazzlin Dixie vs Lawman Williams;TIWF tag title match Genocide vs the Big Boys; TIWF TV title match Steven Rampage vs AC Havoc;Wildside vs Razor;PK Ripper vs a mystery man and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, “Kountry Homeboyz” [Gunner & Weezy], Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Rob Harlem, Allen Steele.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in New Albany, MS 107 McGill ST [right off the square] with XWO will have "Pure Destruction" [Brody & Cody Hawk],Tommy Knox, Danny B, Psycho, Pappy, Izzy Rotten, Nick Grymes, Bonecrusher, Soultaker, Buzz Harley, 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Stan Lee [if he is not at the casino],Rockin Randy,Motley Cruz, 187,Tasha Simone, Dell Tucker, “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop], Brian Steele, Buckwheat, Tim Alfonzo, Seth Knight, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2, Dustin Starr, Jethro, Derrick King and more.

---- Saturday night Batesville, AR at the Old Miller Gym for Main Event Wrestling. Admission is free Crazy Luke Graham Jr. & Gerry "Chubby" Graham Casino Kid, “Righteous Punishment” [Byg Daddy and Jack “Lockdown” Johnson], “Hot Rod” John Ellison, Johnny Harper, and more.

Ratings Are In!!!

----The show this weekend scored a 2.8 [47,009 viewers] with only one more week to promote the big show at Sam’s Town. I have pretty proven though high ratings don’t always equal big attendance figures, but if I was Memphis Wrestling I would feel a lot better if I can at least score a 4.0 this up coming weekend.

----The first quarter scored a 3.0 [49,528 viewers], which included Posse/Dotson vs Too Cool 2/Flash, Sam’s Town promo and Chris Masters interview. The second quarter scored the same 3.0 [49,528 viewers] for Brick vs Giggles, White/Hughes/Fury vs Tatt2/BOS. That quarter ended before the BOS had walked out on Tatt2. The 3rd quarter dropped 7,219 viewers and scored a 2.5 [42,308 viewers] for rest of the 6 man including BOS walking out and the Lawler interview. The 4th quarter finished with a jump of 4,533 viewers with a 2.8 [46,841 viewers]. The show only lost 2,687 viewers from start to finish.

----The rating is still lower than the numbers they were drawing last year. The good thing is that it lost very few viewers from start to finish, so the viewer liked what they were watching. It was not a horrible show and as I said in my report – they did an excellent job promoting the Sam’s Town show.

***Special Note: Sorry about the quick version here without the extra numbers as I had promised here last week. But, due to the computer crash, I lost a ton of my data that I hope to retrieve by next week.


----I am going thru a total upgrade with the new computer and spending money I would have not done if it was not for this site. So, please do me a favor and go to all the site pages with ads and...HIT THEM!! It is well appreciated.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Condolences...

----Phantom mentioned this in his report, but I wanted to send my condolences to friends and families of Awesome.

According to Dave Meltzer, former ECW world champion & former WWE
Hardcore Champion Mike Awesome has passed away at the age of 42. His
real name was Mike Alfonso. According to reports, Awesome was found
dead on Saturday morning in the Tampa Area.In addition to working in the U.S.,
he also worked for FMW in Japan.

He will probably be most remembered as being the regining ECW
champion when he signed with WCW. Tazz was brought in by WWE to take
the title from him, as he jumped to WCW.

Awesome had been working as a realtor at Coldwell Banker in the Tampa
area at the time of his death. Reports indicate that friends arrived
at Awesome's apartment on Saturday evening around 10:30 p.m. to pick
up him up, but he never answered the door. Awesome was found hanging
in his home, and it is believed his death was due to suicide pending
results of the autopsy.

Awesome, who had retired from wrestling in 2006 to spend more time
with his family, is believed to have been diagnosed with diabetes and
had lost weight recently. There is speculation he had been depressed
as a result of all of this which could have led to him taking his own
life, but nothing is definately known at this time pending the
results of the medical examiner's report.

Feature Article: "Subjects That I Wanted To Talk About"


----This story started earlier last week when I had received an e-mail from "Allen Walker" of NBW. In reality the e-mail was not even from him, but it brought up points about NBW. The main point was that Sir Mo as the booker was pushing all the untalented and young talent. That has been a long discussion I have had with various bookers in this area. At what point do you use "bad" wrestlers and at what point do you let the rookies work?? Rule of thumb with rookies has always been 1 year. Two cases that are close to me are two guys that I helped get in the business – Mark Fleming [Mark Justice] and Chuck Gaskins [Rod Dent III].

----I know what some of you are thinking. LOL OMG!! BT helped train people!! LOL I have not always been one to be able to do the moves, but I could tell you how and help with the psychology end of the training. Fleming worked out for 1 year before I would book him on a show. Gaskins about 7 months. The difference was very noticeable. Nothing against Gaskins, but Fleming was tons better with moves and psychology. Chuck was primarily trained to be a manager, but had decided later on he wanted to work. Fleming, at one time, was one of the top guys in this area. For shoot – ask some of the guys that are working TLCW right now that worked Mark during his first two years – they will tell you how good he was. On the other hand, Chuck had a great gimmick [I gave him the name – he created the gimmick] and look. As a manager, you wanted to kick his ass and he fit right into the “InHumane Society” gimmick with his partners Krusher/Tony Diamond. Now was Chuck ever a great worker?? Nah!! He knows that and I am not saying anything here to hurt his feelings. Both guys had their best runs with CCW. [Mark also had a pretty good one with the now defunct Mid South Wrestling] I am not saying this to make you think I was the best booker in the world [because believe me – I was not], but I was able to utilize their talents to their best ability.

----Mark was all around good worker. He could take almost any move and give almost any move. He could talk on the mic and I always had fun working with him. Dent with the “InHumane Society” gimmick proved that people that had a good gimmick could get over without tons of talent. Tony Diamond was a good bumper and Krusher was big, but real slow. They were over for my promotion and Malden, MO’s ICW. I had two totally different guys here – the great worker and the one with a great gimmick. Which one do I use?? I use them both.


----Now back to NBW and Sir Mo’s booking. I got a call from Mo last week after I had sent him a copy of the letter that “Walker” had sent. His first question was - what do I do with the young talent?? Not let them work?? And, as I told him, I had a conversation with another booker in this area that said, yes, you got to use them, but in reality the issue is thinning out the real bad ones and keeping a good crew. Or is it taking what you got and trying to book a show??

----A good wrestler is one that can work anyone. No matter how good or how bad his opponent is, he is out there to make him and will make him look like a million bucks. A good booker is one that also can take anyone and with the correct execution can get them over. The perfect example of a great “old school” booker with this ability was Bill Watts of Mid-South Wrestling. He could take guys with very little talent and get them over. They would sell tickets and pack the houses. I was one of the biggest JYD marks ever, but go back and watch some of his matches. He sucked, but damn he was over. Don’t get me wrong – Watts had some great workers – Eaton, Coundry, Cornette, Dundee, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Brickhouse and Landell, but he also knew how to use the guys that didn’t have talent.


----I give TLCW lots of great press and praise. It is well deserved. But, they have almost fallen into the ROH role in this area. Everyone raves about ROH and how they have the best matches in the United States and such. You know why?? They have the best indy workers in the US. TLCW has the best workers in this area. So, how could you not have a good show?? It goes back to the statement that I have said – get rid of the lower class workers and your show will draw more. Proof in point – TLCW. Now I know almost every booker in this area is going to argue this with me [some of you that are honest with yourself will know I am right], but TLCW has the best working crew from top to bottom than any other promotion in this area. The booking is solid also, which has kept them drawing almost 200 every show. Even though, CWA, ASWF or All Pro might draw as many people as these shows or more, the TLCW hardly has bad matches.


----What is a bad match?? I am a stickler for wrestling psychology. It is something that I believe can be taught and some people think it can only be learned. I think the basics can be taught, but the overall execution is up to the wrestler himself. I, for years, was the kind of guy that just “played it by ear” and actually told my tag teams when to come in and out of heat. I had a start and a finish. My team “Sex & Candy” [Paul “Brutally Sexy” Justice/Christian “Girl Candy” Jacobs] had a fun feud with “Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Tully]. During that series of matches, something just clicked. NBN had a formula of psychology and they could have good matches with anyone. They taught all three of us a lot. This is the simple as it gets – baby face shine, heel heat and hot tag. I started studying matches from all over the world looking at how they did “hope spots” and how the finish would come after a hot tag. [Remember I was mainly a tag team guy] I even watched a video of a Ricky Steamboat seminar that taught me more in that 1 hour than I had been taught the whole time I was in the business. Steamboat spoke of hope spots and “babyface fire”. All these things I still use on this site when describing matches and any GOOD worker in this area will not exactly what I am talking about if I decided to call a match.

----My main point on good match or bad match is this – you must know psychology!!! If you can do all the flips, high dives, double flying pancake pole jumping whatever – it don’t mean shit if you can not tell a story with it. Call me an old timer or whatever, but take a look at either WWE or TNA – not one guy on that entire roster does not know psychology. In reality, you may be able to execute moves better than some of their roster and they are guys on all rosters in this area that can do that, but you got to know the basics. Psychology makes the difference in the crowd sitting on their hands most of the match or being into it all way to the end.


----Now with all that said, let’s take a look at NBW for a moment. From pure drawing standpoint they are in the 80-100 range every week. Their storylines are good and make sense. Something most people do not understand about his promotion is that Mo does not see it taking off and drawing the 200+ range right now. This is a long process that if people can wait, then Mo may be able to take some of this talent and build them into great workers. He is not going to do it overnight and he is not going to do it in 6 months. If he has the backing within a year, people will start seeing the improvement of the show crew. The crowd [in my theory of better workers bring better crowds] will pick up and more of the top tier workers will want to come in and work for NBW. The core crew of TLCW has probably an average of 5 years experience. Aside from Tank, Kilo, Alan Steele and Mo – his crew is very young and some of them [Gunner Thompson/Tim Edwards] have been working forever and still don’t get it. Edwards is better in his execution than Thompson, but both are not at the level of the top four.


----So where does the trouble really start brewing?? The NBW show, although not drawing big crowds, but are bringing in a little money every week has made either some jealous or made some a bit greedy. Dale Walker, who owns the building, or either is the tenant of building has decided he wanted to control the show. I have spoken with the real Allen Walker and even though he was unhappy with the direction of NBW, I don’t believe he was too keen on the idea of taking the show away from Mo. Allen in a headline story, that I was unable to even post because of my computer, jumped ship to TIWF this past weekend. In this realm of small time wrestling, it is big news. Alan’s duties will include helping write TV and booking talent. TIWF is a much like NBW with good storylines and some good talent, but some other guys that don’t need to be in the ring. TIWF has TV though and it is a good opportunity for him. Will he take talent from NBW and use them at TIWF?? AC Havoc has already jumped and I look for a few more. There was talk that Thompson/Edwards may be interested in jumping due to some stuff that happened this past Saturday night, but Walker will not be improving his roster with them.

----Shit started stirring the week that Tank got injured as Tim Edward's wife allegedly told everyone that "if he would learn how to work, then he wouldn't have gotten hurt". Tank responded on the mic with a thank you to the fans for their support during the accident and it turned him babyface. He pretty much said he didn't have to be kin to anyone to get over and he could work circles around Edwards. More shit started this weekend when some kids sprayed Gunner Thompson with silly string. It got in his eye and he got all pissed. The kids apologized, but it did not help matters that Gunner's wife or gf told the kids "You little mother fuckers need to fucking quit spraying that shit at people. You could have fuckin blinded him. You little bastards.". Then her mother in law and Edwards wife told her that .."them little fuckers ain’t worth it girl...come on". The crowd went dead - no one could say a word after that.

----You can say what you want about Mo and NBW, but along with people trying to take over the show, having push people that are family and then incidents like above -- he needs a pat on the back for his effort.


----Another incident this past weekend, which is not at all related to NBW, but gives you idea of how when people start drawing well it might slightly go to their heads. Hey, it happens to the best of us – I have been known to do foolish things like this also. Big Cal, who was doing announcing for Arkansas Championship Wrestling, informed Buster Johnson, booker and I guess one of the owners of ACW, that when Memphis Riverboat wrestling [PCWA] started back in April, the PCWA shows would be his priority, but he would come and help ACW on his nights off. Big Cal is co-owner of PCWA, so what do you expect him to do?? Buster told him to just not come to any of the shows, if he could not announce them all. That is also the reason that a few of the guys either walked out [Big Indian] or did not work the show the other night in Paragould. It will be interesting to see how this all folds out as PCWA had used some of the same crew.

----Hope you enjoyed my long rant about various things; it was subjects that I wanted to talk about.

"Rant of the Week" with "Phantom Lord" Joseph Davis

Greetings conversationalists all across the fruited plain it is I your personal Harvester of Sorrow Phantom Lord and this is all mighty Rant of the Week. As always I am coming to you from my bunker in the urban cesspool that is Brooklyn, New York and as usual I started this column a week ago and then my mood changed so I ended up saying the hell with it. See some people might think it’s pretty easy to do one of these rasslin columns, but let me tell you it is not. If you’re lucky you can whip up a column every week. If your blessed maybe more then that that. But for the most part every week is pushing it especially when wrestling on the whole is very blah.

Wrestlemania is coming up in about a month and a half and honestly not one thing the WWE is doing is making me say I HAVE TO ORDER THIS. At the most it’s nothing I can’t wait a couple months for now that I have WWE 24/7. But wrestling as a whole at least main stream wise is just boring as hell right now. TNA is flushing it self down the tubes with each passing week thanks to Rev. Vince Russo. Now all the blame isn’t on Vinnie Ru’s shoulders…Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel share plenty of the blame along with him. But Russo for the most part is the reason why TNA has sucked ass for the last two months. It’s amazing how a company can be so stupid but TNA proves that stupidity shows no bounds. Now I’ve said before that I’m sure Dixie Carter is a nice person, but Ms. Carter if you ever want TNA to see a profit for the love of God buy Jarrett out and get him out of the company. Because we all know it’s only a matter of time before he books himself back into the top spot.

So as I sit here after watching the Thursday Night battle for supremacy, I can’t help but think it wasn’t much of a battle. For the first time ever RAW and IMPACT were on at the same time and neither show really could hold my attention and as we know that’s the real problem with wrestling today. They try to book it for people like me who have a short attention span and in the end that ends up back firing. I mean it’s not that the quality of the shows that is bad per say, it’s just that I find it hard as hell to maintain focus while watching a lot of the stuff today. It’s funny because I watch the stuff on WWE 24/7 and I’m blown away by the difference. I’ve often said that I don’t know what happened in the last ten years but the quality of say N.W.O. era Nitro and RAW now is light and day. TNA on the other hand has the feel of dying era WCW. Sure it has plenty of awesome moments and matches, but in the end there’s not much that makes you want to sit back and support the company as a fan.

I watched Spring Stampede 94 and I was blown away by the quality of the show compared to the product today. It’s only been 12 years but good God it’s painfully clear how much of a nose dive there has been with mainstream wrestling. Back then they built angles. Now you’re lucky if they add your match onto the show at the last minute just to fill in time because we know the guys in the main event don’t have the stamina to go 40 minutes. I mean watching the main event between Flair and Steamboat was something special. While I was watching it I was thinking to myself now if they could build a match like this today all would be well. The story behind it and the pacing of the match were amazing. Sure the WWE and TNA occasionally can build a match with a good story behind it but in the end it almost always ends so predictably that it defeats its purpose.

The product has become to predictable in every sense of the word. I was watching the last couple of PPV’s on WWE 24/7 and I remember talking to my good friend Boss Foxx from LOP and said “People actually pay $40 per PPV for this stuff” and he responded sadly yes. Honestly if the WWE is going to put on PPV’s that are more or less thrown together the week before it airs then they should cut the price in half. Go back to the old In Your House system of cheap ppv’s. Everything doesn’t need to be a huge production. You can easily accomplish a cost effective show with a scaled down set. $40 is just way too much for a ppv and considering how the WWE sometimes runs two ppv’s a month there’s going to be a huge drop off in the numbers.

I’ll admit I got a good laugh when the financial numbers (which are on revealed that the ECW December to Dismember PPV did only 90,000 buys. To put things into perspective that number includes both foreign and domestic numbers. That means ECW barely beat out TNA’s best PPV last year. The reason why the numbers were like that is pretty simple. The show had no direction what so ever and the WWE gave us no real reason to plop down $40 for a ppv other then it probably would be an epic train wreck and even then it’s something you can wait for on DVD or WWE on Demand to watch. This past Sunday we had No Way Out and so far all the feedback I’ve seen on the show is pretty mixed. Either you thought it was a great show or it was downright horrible. To reinforce my they don’t plan ahead theory there were three huge matches added literally the other night on Smackdown.

Chris Benoit & The Hardy’s vs. MNM & MVP, The Cruiserweight open match, and Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy for the ECW Title. Now the Hardy’s and MNM have been having a Midnight Express/Rock N’ Roll Express caliber feud for the last two months. Only problem is every week there’s a news report that Vince has said they aren’t going to team anymore and then they end up team up again in another match. As it is the reason why this feud is so hot is because they threw The Hardy’s and MNM into an impromptu ladder match at the Armageddon PPV to make up for the shitty ECW PPV. Poor Joey Mercury got his face splattered because the ECW ppv sucked so much the WWE figured a spot fest ladder match would make up for it. So the saga continues in the most unlikely feud in the WWE because basically the WWE has MNM and The Hardy’s in the roll of filler material. On the one hand it’s a testament to The Hardy’s and MNM that they are in that go to position. But it’s sad that one of the best feuds in the WWE in a long time came about simply because the WWE produced a horrible PPV and they felt they owed it to the poor bastards who actually paid to see it. Benoit and MVP were thrown into this match for the same reason of they had nothing else to do. You would think they could have had Benoit defend the US Title against MVP but they needed that ten minutes for a diva’s segment later in the show.

It’s a shame because MVP really has stepped up his game in the last couple of months and he’s one of the few I watch Smackdown for. Benoit and MVP probably could have had a nice little title match. But they were in this match and it was a good way to open up the show from what I hear. The second match I bring up is this Cruiserweight open. Basically they took every non-midget cruiserweight they have and threw them into this match. Jimmy Wang Yang had the match won but for some reason they decided to have Chavo Guerrero come out as the last participant and he ended up winning the title thus ruining his chase for the US Title.

I’m glad Chavo won the title an all, but they have been building Gregory Helms up as this great champion and he isn’t even involved in the finish of the match. Its stuff like this that just doesn’t make a lick of sense and that’s what truly infuriates the viewing audience. But I suppose things could be worse. It could end like his last cruiserweight run when they had Jackie Moore be the mystery challenger and win the title for no apparent reason. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Helms wins back the title on the next Smackdown. That seems to be the norm with booked on the fly title changes.

Finally the last match that was thrown on the card was Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy is with out a doubt one of the best guys on Smackdown and he should have won the World title at The Royal Rumble. Having the ECW title defended on a Smackdown ppv for no real reason just reinforces the point that the brand split is a joke. The WWE has three creative teams for the three brands. I find it hard to believe that all three brands can’t be run independent of each other so that we don’t see interbrand matches every other week. But as if that were not enough we the lowly ECW fans have to endure the pain of Bobby Lashley as ECW World Champion.

Shane Douglas…Terry Funk…The Sandman…Raven…BOBBY LASHLEY???

Lashley is a good wrestler. But as I have said before take away the HGH inflated muscles and you are left with a guy who is about as imposing as a box full of puppies. Now if there was someone who embodied everything that was ECW and could make it something special it is Mr. Kennedy. So of course they had a match where once again Lashley was out worked end with Lashley being DQ’ed. I honestly do not know what they see in Lashley. Vince must be delusional if he thinks Lashley is the next big thing. Just because he’s using Brock Lesnar’s entrance doesn’t mean he IS Brock Lesnar. Of course I laugh at the rumors that it will be Lashley vs. Khali at WM 23 as the representatives for Trump and McMahon in the hair vs. hair match. They want to recreate the Hogan/Andre bodyslam and Hogan was going to be in the match even though had he tried to bodyslam Khali it probably would kill him.

This angle is actually getting some thought put into it, but if we’re supposed to be impressed by Bobby Lashley bodyslaming The Great Khali you’re going to have a lot of angry fans at WM 23. If the PPV didn’t cost $50 I probably would order it just to see the reaction for that match alone. It’s not to often you see a train wreck coming from that far away. Of course Vince changes his damn mind every day and according to the sheets the plans for this match have been changed to many times to count so for all we know it might end up Hogan vs. Khali. When I look at this angle I think to myself how is it they have all these people employed for them for the sole purpose of being creative yet 80 percent of the show is more or less put together on the fly.

I understand that the WWE books around the main event or what ever match they have deemed will be the focus of the show. Obviously WM 23 is now going to be about McMahon vs. Trump and who will lose his hair. To me it has the feel of WM 19 where we saw Hogan vs. McMahon. Sure it was a fun match but in the end it was the focus of that match that turned off a lot of people to ordering the show. Now Donald Trump is not an idiot. He’s not going to attach his name to something unless he knows it will be a success and there are enough people who watch The Apprentice or who hate Trump who will order the PPV just to make it worth all the work. What about the rest of the card? Are those matches not worthy of the hype that Trump and McMahon will get? As it is the official main event is Batista vs. The Undertaker for the World title and John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels for the spinner belt. That’s three matches so far. Well four if you count the Money in the Bank which confirmed would start on RAW with the qualifying matches.

Last years Wrestlemania had 11 matches (12 segments if you include the Hall of Famers coming out for a tip of the hat to the crowd). That means there are at least six or seven matches yet to be named for Wrestlemania 23. It’s a given that at least four more matches will be given some sort of build. The other matches and segments will be filler material and I just think that if your going to have people spend $50 dollars on a PPV then you should spend every last waking moment making sure it’s damn well worth said $50.


Vince picked Umaga as his representative so ignore all that Khali/Lashley stuff for the time being. In the mean time once again I have been screwed by the WWE. I really know how Bret Hart feels. I write all this stuff and then they do the opposite of what I wrote. Plus I’m still pissed about Deuce and Domino not winning the tag titles at No Way Out. They easily have the best gimmick going and they let London and Kendrick keep the belts again.


Ah well, moving along I bring you back to your regularly scheduled rant.

TNA is not innocent in any of this either with the King of Booking on the Fly Vince Russo at the helm. TNA as I said has become even more irradict in the last couple of months as everything is rapid fire and nothing really gets a chance to develop. When things do get a chance to develop they’ll almost always have a really stupid stipulation attached to it. The current feud between LAX and Team 3D is a prime example as at the PPV they had a Little Italy Street Fight. That stemmed from the fact that LAX went to a restaurant “owned” by one of The Dudley’s uncles and they beat him up. The Dudley’s ended up losing the street fight and now they’re advertising a belt match between the teams with Steve Schirripa of The Soprano’s as Brother Ray’s cousin. Of course that cameo led to Konnan in his wheelchair saying he’ll bust a cap in the ass of anyone they bring with them. It’s funny because now Bubba is bitching that LAX are stealing their heat.

See now this is the problem. LAX is TNA’s N.W.O. There is no if’s an’s or buts about it. LAX are the heels you want to root for despite the heinous things they do. I myself find it ironic considering my personal stance in illegal immigration, but I just can’t help but to root for Homicide.


But if baffles me as to why TNA doesn’t have LAX as the top heel group in the company right now. They could be doing a lot more with LAX going for the NWA World title rather then the current mess they have. I love Christian Cage and I believe his first run was great even though TNA held him down but this whole Cage with Steiner and Tomko angle reeks of something in WCW. All they are missing is Sid Vicious…well I guess they do have him with Kurt Angle. I mean it’s only a matter of time before Kurt breaks in half on a PPV like Sid’s foot.

I honestly get a headache having to think about TNA’s booking. Basically what it comes down to is they will dedicate a portion to the show to something that makes no sense. Like for some reason Ron Killings now is doing spoof movie videos that are airing on Impact.

I’d love to sit down with Vince Russo and talk to him New Yawker to New Yawker and I would like to ask him if he honestly believes that should be in the show. I mean sometimes with Russo he does good work. Like the angle they have going with Bobby Roode and Eric Young…that’s actually pretty good. It’s a good story and if they work it long enough the pay off of Eirc Young facing Roode for his freedom will be phenomenal.

On the other hand we get stuff like Christy Hemme fighting for equal rights and all that has accomplished is making Kip James think its 1998 again. The last thing we need is more Billy Gunn. If he didn’t get over as a bad ass 10 years ago what makes you think he’ll do it now at the age of 43 with pig tails. You know as it is the only sketch that TNA does that never fails week after week is anything involving Kevin Nash. Who would of guessed Kevin Nash of all people is the only consistent booker in TNA since you know he has creative control over what he does.

Right now one of the big plans is to have Christian along with Steiner, Tomko, and A.J. Styles form a stable and basically the goal of the stable would be to keep the belt on Christian. It might be the headache I have right now but I swear we had something like this in TNA before…Oh yeah IT WAS PLANET JARRETT.

Jeff’s not even in the picture and they still use his gimmick. I guess it’s only a matter of time before Christian comes to the ring with a foam guitar and calls people slapnuts.

Well I do believe I am done for this week. Hopefully with any luck I will be back next week. With Wrestlemania in about a month that should at least provide for some good columns one would hope.

Before I go I want to send my thoughts and prayers out to the family and friends of Mike Awesome.

Mike died at the age of 41 from an apparent suicide by hanging on Saturday. All the facts are not known at the moment but rather then focus on his death I’m thinking back to all those great ECW moments. His battles with Masato Tanaka wowed the hell out of me. I would watch them beat the shit out of each other with steel chairs and get powerbombed over the top rope through a table and I would just sit back in awe. Mike Awesome truly was Awesome in the ring and sadly most ECW fans wished death upon him for the jump to WCW.

Hey as I’ve said myself, when in doubt sell out. WCW might have been a hell hole back then but it was better to be making money rather then killing yourself for none at all.

All I know is Mike is now a name on a very long list of men who died way before their time.

So despite our thoughts on how he died and the reasons behind it all I we can do is just hope is he is as peace from what ever demons he was battling.

On that note until next time take care and remember someone has to give you this information and it DAMN well has got to be me.

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RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 2.17.07

----9 Man Battle Royal For A Shot @ The M.E.W Heavyweight Title- Kid Nickels, Rozzi, Tommy Wayne, Velvet Thunder, Steve-O, Plowboy , Acid, Ray Ray, Venom - Venom went to clothesline Tommy Wayne over the top rope, Tommy Wayne ducked down and Venom went over the top rope allowed Tommy Wayne to win his chance @ a latter time to challenge for the title; 6 Man Tag Team Match - Righteous Punishment/Hillybilly Tiny beat "Danger Zone" {Dave Cox, Hot Rod, Johnny Harper}; Kid Krazzy beat Eric Wayne; Casino Kidd beat Velvet Thunder; MEW Tag Team Title Match: " Crazy "Luke Graham/Scotty Graham beat "The Playboy Club" { "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne/"The Suicide King" Ray Ray} beat " Crazy "Luke Graham and Scotty Graham to retain the titles.

----235 in attendance...Grahams with help of Luke using his Golden Thumb Spike to the throat of Tommy Wayne, behind the ref’s back were able to get the 1, 2, 3, and hold on the M.E.W Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Computer Update!!

----I would like to thank everyone for hanging in there for me to get caught up on results and such. I also did not do all the results in my usual format. Just tried a few other things and posted some as I received to save on time. The computer I am using right now looks like it will do for web surfing, posting on the Blog and e-mail. Any other things like working on DVDs or posting to the main site, well that will just have to wait. I should have a full new system running by Sunday and I will be back in business.

----Just a quick note as I plan on a story tomorrow about some inside stuff that went on over the weekend with NBW and ACW. Typical wrestling bs, but isn't that the reason you read the site?? LOL

RassleBits: NBW Dyersburg,TN 2.17.07 - New Champs Are Crowned!!

----Show started off with Rob Harlem in the ring to talk with the fans about the attack on him by Allen Steele last week. He said that he is not 100% but he will give Gaylon Ray a rematch this week for the High Risk Title. He then begins to tell everyone about the Allen Walker situation and that he is no longer with the company and we all wish him a Good Ridance

----5-Way with the winner recieving a High Risk Title shot at March Mayhem.......The Sicilian Kid defeated "Playboy" Tommy Love, J.Weezy Waldo, Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens & Gryffon X......they did a "tower of doom" was awesome; "Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated J-Fed [aka Jamie Lee] with "Redrum";

----Rob Harlem vs. Gaylon Ray---match never happens because Kilo jumps Rob on the way to the ring and beats him down....Kilo then gets the mic and tells Rob that every week he has been listening to him try and talk like he is white, and even dress like he is aint white....but since you want to be something your not .....i will help you out......Kilo then went to the concession stand and got a bag of flour and dumped it on Robs head Kilo gave rob 2 shots to the head with the belt and busted him open - Jeremy Moore came in for the save but was jumped from behind by Kilo....Gaylon Ray then helped out and ran Kilo off.......Kio challenged Jeremy to a match later on

----Tank & "Playboy" Tommy Love defeated "The Kountry Homeboyz" [J. Weezy/G.Thompson] to become the new NBW Tag Team Champions after Tank hit Weezy Waldo with his "Detonator" (double underhook piledriver) - Tank is working babyface now and they are running a gimmick were he is trying get Tommy to stop cheating.

----Joe Borders....NBW Announcer is appointed new NBW Commissioner and he says that after checking on Rob Harlem...he is in no shape to wrestle tonight and that Rob said that if he couldnt defend the title then he would forfeit it.....Joe made a match between Gaylon Ray and Phoenix X for the high Risk Title. Phoenix X defeated Gaylon Ray to become the new Hight Risk Champion.....after referee Barry came out and distracted the original ref a few times....a lot of false finishes.....switching in and out by team they look identical)....Joe fired Barry from being a referee.

----"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated "Southern Outlaw" Kio to become the new NBW Heavyweight champion - after the match Kilo superkicked Jeremy twice and then got the mic and told Jeremy that since he wanted to hang out with people like Rob Harlem then he would treat him like them kind of people....Kilo then rubbed black shoe polish all over jeremy's face....Then went for a hangmans noose to hang moore but the locker room emptied.

----Crowd was in the 80 range with a gate close to $400...Angles like the one that Kilo did with Harlem/Moore are going to be controversary. Like them or not, they usually help the gates. I like it as I like hardcore type angles like this that bring out real issues...Tank being a babyface is good and his gimmick with Love sounds fun...I was totally surprised to see Moore win the belt. Not sure I would have put the belt on him so quick, but it probably has something to do with the storyline in the longrun...This group will be bringing Rikishi on 4.14.07 for "Spring Break-Out 2007".

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 2.17.07

----"Rockin" Randy/Brian Steele beat Tim Alfonzo/Matt Boyce; 'Lil Chris beat Seth Knight in a hardcore match; Simon Reed beat "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony - Special ref Dell Tucker; "The Blackout Squad" [Oz/Bishop]/Jawbreaker Jones beat Chris Lexx in a Handicap Match; Tim Grind beat Tatt2 and in the Main Event: Stan Lee vs Jethro - No Contest.

----Crowd was the usual 175-200 range with a gate close to $1,000...Tucker would not count for TGB, so Reed beat him. Sounds like a heel ref, but he is not counting for the baby. LOL...Lexx had to fight BOS/Jones alone, because "Cruzin 4 Pain" did not show up. Not sure if this is part of an angle or they no-showed...Jethro/Brian Steele/Starr beat up Lee/Derrick King to get the NC in the main event-Tatt2 also jump in and Steele hit with his guitar..Starr also had a lawyer and his "case" is under review by Tim Cummings.

RassleTalk: Mark Bravura "Confessions of a Script Writer" Part III

So where were we? I had just landed in LA for the American Film Market and got the call from the WWE that they wanted to bring me in for an interview before I started my new job in like ten days. In the meantime, I was scheduled to be in LA for a week representing our films, fly back to Memphis, pack up my stuff, and drive back to DC.

I called up the WWE and talked with the HR person to whom I'd been talking. She and I figure out when I can come up there for my interview. I was scheduled to get back to Memphis on the Monday night, pack up my stuff on Tuesday, drive back to DC on Wednesday, Thursday I would be flying up to Stamford to interview with them Thursday and Friday, fly back to DC on Saturday and start my new job on Monday. Damn.

Anyway, I spend the week in LA. Negotiating, selling, hobnobbing, going to see movies, schmoozing, hanging out, ect. It was like movie spring break. You bullshit with people all day and drink all night. A damn good time. I headed back to Memphis on Monday and immediately started packing. I picked up the Uhaul the next day and packed everything up. I basically didn't sleep at all that night. Got up the next morning for the 12 hour drive to DC. I stopped in Nashville to try and talk to TNA. I figured why not play both sides against each other. I ended up talking briefly with Bill Banks or Behrens I can never remember who is who. Then headed back out on the road. I got to DC and immediately unpacked the Uhaul and packed up my suitcase to go up to Stamford.

The next morning I flew out of DC at like 6 am and got up to Stamford where I got picked up by Vince and Linda's driver. The entire time in Stamford was class all the way. The driver was really nice. He was telling all kinds of stories about how he got the job, who he's driven around, all kinds of stories about the business, his wife, just a great guy. In the back they had pre-release magazines included one for Bret Hart's DVD so of course I marked out. The car dropped me off at the hotel and was scheduled to pick me up for my first interview later. I checked in and got in a workout at the gym, took a shower, put on my suit and got picked up.

The driver drove me over to Titan Tower. I wish I could say I was awestruck, but really it's not all that impressive. Just an office building. Inside is awesome. HUGE posters everywhere. Incredible paintings and murals on the wall. I went in and met with the head of HR again. She asked a lot of the same questions about how I would fit in. Who I like on the roster who I would like to work with ect. Then she moved on to the bigger stuff. She asked, "If you were put in charge of the writing team today what's the first thing you would change?" I didn't hesitate for a moment. "I'd get rid of all the owners, general managers, co-general managers, sheriffs, and all that stuff." I told her about how I thought it was played out. How it was great for awhile, but it's gotten old and nobody cares and it's a negative. I explained how whenever I talked to a regular wrestling fan they all said the same thing, "What the hell is a co-general manager?" Her response, "Don't you think you need someone in charge of all the chaos? Everything that's going on." I said, "No. That's the point. Less chaos. If everything is chaotic then nothing is chaotic. You have a governing body. A championship committee, but you don't have an evil dictator pulling the strings. It's played out. No one cares about it anymore." I could tell immediately that that didn't get over. We talked some more then she set me up to go over to my second interview over at the TV studio. I waited around at Titan Tower for awhile then a car came to take me over to the TV Studio.

I waited there for the lady I was meeting with to finish some stuff up. While I was sitting there Jonathan Coachman came down from the studio. I guess he was recording voiceovers or something. He said hey and talked for a minute. He seemed like a good guy. After he left I heard a commotion on the stairs by where I was sitting. I ran over to see what it was. There on the landing was a couple of bags and Matt Hardy. Higher up the stairs was Ashley. Apparently Matt missed a step. I helped him up while Ashley rushed down the stairs. Let's just say I think he did a good job replacing Lita. He said thanks and again seemed like a good guy. He left the building and joked with the receptionist about his fall. When he left she told me that on the way in he had Ashley carrying all the bags and she had made fun of him so he tried to carry all the bags back out. Apparently, he was doing a photo-shoot or something.

After awhile the lady I was supposed to meet with came down. She was in some production meeting. Batista had torn his lat that week so they were scrambling to come up with a plan. She didn't tell me that, but I'd already read about it. This lady was very nice. She asked me a lot of the same stuff, but got more into my scripts and experience. She showed me around the tv studio. It was badass. Just awesome. We finished our interview and they had a car bring me back to the hotel.

The next day I got up and worked out and got a haircut. The car picked me up at 2 and took me over to Titan Tower. They told me to bring something to do since most likely I'd be waiting awhile. They gave me a brief tour of the Tower then took me to a conference room. There were a bunch of dvds and a tv if I got bored. I ended up working on a script that me and my friend had been showing around at the Film Market. Finally at almost five o'clock they told me they were ready for me. They took me upstairs to Stephanie's receptionist's office. I was told they were finishing up and would be out in a moment. As I sat there I noticed a half open box nearby. I had to open it up. Inside were the Bret Hart DVDs that were coming out a month or so later. Not stealing one was the hardest thing I ever did.

After a few minutes the door opened and out comes Linda McMahon. She said a few things back over her shoulder into the office. Then she turned around and saw me, "Hello. You must be the writer Stephanie is interviewing. I've heard good things." She was so nice. She asked about my trip, the hotel, where I was fun. Such a nice lady. Very friendly and motherly. Great lady.

After about five minutes, Shane comes out. That cocky obnoxious face he makes is not a work. It was plastered all over his face, "Alright Mom, we don't want Stephanie stuck here all night." He stuck his hand out to me, "Shane McMahon." I introduced myself and the whole time he was sizing me up the way a guy looks at another guy when he's trying to figure out if he can kick his ass. He came off like a total duchebag. We said a few things then he started to walk off. I said, "Nice meeting you." He barely looked back. Linda shook my hand again and said good luck, thanks for coming up, and nice meeting you. I sat back down and only a few minutes later Stephanie came out of the door of her office. "Sorry to be so late come on in."

Next time: My meeting with Stephanie and the call I wasn't supposed to hear.

RassleResults: XOW New Albany, MS 2.17.07

The Freakshow d. Nick Grimes & Cassanova Kid.
Kross d. Cody Hawk.
The Freakshow d. The Manson Brothers by DQ.
Tommy Knox d. Buzz Harley.
Danny B. Good d. Cassanova Kid.
Soultaker, Bonecrusher, Izzy Rottem, & Kross vs. Brody Hawk, Psycho, Pappy, & Jay Webster ended in a double DQ.

----Crowd was way down with about 50 and a gate of around $250

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 2.17.07

Jay Webster d. Chris Stevens.
Josh Matthews & Mark Mayhem d. Vega the Dragon & LSD.
Tony Dabbs d. Chris Styles.
Disciples of Anarchy (Dirty Sanchez & Orion) d. The Freakshow (Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade).
Izzy Rotten won a three way match by d. Mason & Psykottik.

Crowd was about 125 with a gate close to $600.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I am online...but not sure how long..LOL

----Just wanted to let everyone know that I am online again finally. Not sure how long it will last, because I have used spare parts from various computers in my shop and have it online. I had thought at first that it was another hard drive crash, but it looks like the motherboard and everything is gone. It will be the weekend before I build a new one, so there will be no pictures and such for the posts, but I will be able to keep everything updated [I hope] from this point on. Thanks to my friend for posting the items he posted earlier today and yesterday.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report - 2/17/07

----Show opened with a "Too Cool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] with Flash Flanagan interview. Grind/Flash promised Flex that they would be giving him a belt next week, so he would feel like a part of the Southern Tag Team Champions. Flex/Grind/Flash beat "The Posse" [Chris/Simon]/Johnny Dotson. A pretty good bout. Heat was on Simon. Dotson got hot tag, but Chris jumped from the top rope with a flying press. Chris had Flash pinned, but Grind hit Chris with one of the belts and then Flash pinned Chris.
----The complete card for Memphis Wrestling's Sam's Town River Palace Arena show was announced - 10-Man Battle Royal - Winner is "Sam's Town Champion", Horseshoe on a Pole Match: Jethro vs Cujo, Bill Dundee vs Kevin White, Grizzle's Mascot "The Grizz" with Corey Maclin vs Koko Ware, Mr. Hughes vs Brickhouse Brown, "Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] vs Boogeyman/Mystery Partner and in the Main Event: TV Title Match: Jerry Lawler vs Chris Masters.
----Chris Masters intervew aired next. Not good, but it was a nice touch to see him talking about Memphis Wrestling. This was always a good selling point in the old days when guys would send in interviews for the big shows. It made them look more important, since they were not at the live show.
----Brickhouse Brown beat "Insane Clown" Giggles. This was pretty much a squash, but Brick looked real good here. After Brick pinned him with a Russian Legsweep, Mr. Hughes jumped in and beat up Brick. No one made the save for him.
----Kevin White/Hughes/Bob Fury beat by DQ Tatt2/"The Black Out Squad" [Oz/Bishop], when Brick jumped Hughes. BOS walked out with Rashard on Tatt2 and Tatt2 took a good beating. Hughes looked good here and because Tatt2 is so small it even made him look bigger. White is so good as a cocky 70s type heel. Brick jumped Hughes, who wouldn't pin Tatt2, then Dundee came out and everyone brawled. Good setup for the big show.
----Lawler sent in a video interview. He was joined by Mick Foley. They did a real good job getting over Memphis and the big show. Lawler said that Vince had a heart condition -- no heart. Good segment.
----Jethro beat Dustin Starr with Grady Watson by DQ when Cujo jumped in. Watson came out with Starr which was so funny. These two guys have a big time styles clash. LOL I bet Starr loved his new manager. Starr probably had one of the best bouts I have seen Jethro work so far. Jethro pulled Grady into the ring and then Cujo jumped in with a shovel. The crowd was hot for Cujo.
----The show eneded with a Sam's Town promo and a Boogeyman promo.

RassleNotes: If they continue the storyline with Flex, then we should see him turn in a few weeks. I look for the belt to be a toy belt or something...Dotson did some stuff like a double closeline and such on guys that are three times his size. When everyone was selling for his hot tag, it just did not look real. Dotson needs to be in a feud with a guy his size and work guys
his size....It is funny how they are NOT giving ticket prices. The first 200 kids that come in the door - ages under 16 will be get a FREE Memphis Grizzles t-shirt...Corey referred to both Jethro and Cujo as hillbillies, so that is why they have the Horseshoe on a pole match. WTF?? Boogeyman's partner will probably be Brian Christopher. Notice how Maclin has to put himself in something on every card!!...Why is there going to be another champ?? Sam's Town champ?? Why wasn't Lawler's title the Southern Title, instead of TV Title?? Why would he defend the TV Title at Sam's Town?? It is a TV TITLE!!...Mr. Hughes has done a real good job here so far...At some point in the show Maclin left and went to Sam's Town for an autograph signing. But, it was not noticeable if you did not know...They did a real good job promoting the Sam's Town show -- a bunch of commericals and Maclin did a good job getting over every match that was on the show...Fury is beyond horrible!! He is not ready for TV...Cujo is horrible, but he is over. Over why?? Because he is doing the Moondog gimmick and can't get a new gimmick!!...No Derrick King this week. He was probably selling the fireball, but they didn't even mention it.

TIWF Results - 2/17/07 - Jackson, TN

Razor over Wildside to win the TIWF Cruiserweight Title . . . Weasel over Mr. Vega$ by countout . . . AC Havoc over "The Main Event" Steven Rampage to win the TIWF TV Title . . .
Void and PK Ripper went to a no contest . . . Lawman Williams over Gravedigger to retain the TIWF Regional Title . . . Main Event: Genocide and the Big Boys battled to a no contest in a TIWF Tag Team Title match.

RassleNotes: 62 people were in attendance. Biggest pops were for Razor winning the cruiserweight title, Let’s go Maxx chants in the Main event, AC Havoc winning the TV Title and Lawman Williams putting Gravedigger through a door. Most heat: Wildside. Anytime he was out there the chants started, Steven Rampage and Ravishing Randy in the TV Title Match, Void in the match versus PK Ripper, and The Big Boys and Steven Rampage in the Main Event.

WFAC Results - Newport, AR - 2/16/07

The Leprechaun over Christopher Lee . . . Deadly Dale over "The Lover" Cody Thunder . . . Tommy Wayne and Kid Krazzy went to a 15 minute broadway . . . Little Lucky over Allan Storm by DQ . . . Main Event Tag Team Stipulations Match: Scotty Graham and Cujo over Idol Bane and Cody Daniels.

RassleNotes: Crowd was down to 54 paid for a gate of $270 . . . Show overall ran more smoothly with a better sound system . . . Tommy Wayne came out to big babyface pop, only to turn on crowd and WFAC owner Chris "Lineman" Bryant who brought him out. Kid Krazzy came out and accepted challenge for later in the night. Rematch for next week was announced with an additional five mintues on the time limit . . . Allan Storm crazy angle continued as he went nuts when the music hit and choked out Lucky leading to DQ. Leprechaun came out and scared Allan off . . . Graham remains No. 1 contender to WFAC title with win and no No. 2 contender was determined. He hit Idol Bane with an object in the throat after a ref bump and put the gimmick on Idol and faked getting hit to get Bane DQ'd. Brian Thompson promised that next week there would be a No. 2 contender decided.

TIWF Results - 2/16/07 - Brownsville, TN

Boogeyman Scream over Hollywood Hustler . . . JR Rich over Mr. Vega$ by DQ . . . AC Havoc over Cruiserweight Champion Ravishing by DQ; Randy retains title . . . Lawman Williams over PK Ripper to win the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title . . . Bobby "The Butcherman" Smith over Tank Turner by DQ . . . Main Event: Genocide (Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin) over The Big Boys and Steven Rampage.

RassleNotes: TIWF had 78 in attendance for this card. In the main, they continued the "sample" angle. The match started out with a “ Dance” contest between Weasel and Rampage that ended up in Rampage getting beat down. Wildside constantly kept things going on the outside and inside the ring the action saw Weasel getting beat down and held back from a much needed tag. Finally, Weasel gets the tag and it all breaks down. Wildside hands Rampage “ The Sample” and the Brownsville Crowd popped big when Rampage turned around to see Weasel who knocked “ The Sample” in Rampage’s eyes. Rampage blinded as he screamed out accidentally put the Labotomy Driver on Big Boy Bob and the rest is history. Winners despite the sample…lol… Genocide and Weasel. Biggest pops went to Rampage getting urine sample thrown in his face,
AC Havoc and his numerous comebacks and Lawman Williams winning the title. Most heat:
Wildside. Anytime he was out there the chants started, The Entire Foundation during an interview with Jon Seymour, The Big Boys and Steven Rampage in the Main Event.

Arkansas Championship Wrestling - Paragould, AR - 2/17/2007

Heavyweight title match: S.F. Treat over Cannon (with Sexy Sam Dollar) to win the Arkansas Championship Wrestling Title . . . After the match Cannon gets on the mic and demands a rematch later that night and will do anything to get rematch. Treat gets on mic and says he well grant the rematch under one stip - Cannon has to kiss Treat's ass. Cannon says no, but has a better idea and asks Treat why not let Sam kiss his ass instead. Treat then says he's even got a better idea and asks the crowd why not both of them to kiss his ass. Cannon and Sam has no choice and they accept the conditions and storm off? . . . Adrian Banks over Shakedown . . . Arnez and Katie (with Bate Masterson) over Bryan Knight . . . Intermission: Kiss my butt segment - Cannon & Sam come out then Treat comes out and gets on the mic and tells them to get on their knees in the ring and kiss his ass or there well be no rematch. So Treat gets in the ring and tells them that they're not going to see the pleasure of their lips on his bootie luscious and demand they close their eyes and when he counts to three and they have to pucker up and kiss his ass at the same time. 1-2-3 and Treat moves out of the way. Cannon & Sam lock lips together and - much to their horror - they realize they have been duped by Treat and storm back to the dressing room. Treat says on the mic, it is not what exactly he wanted but that would do a rematch set later that night! . . . Number 1 Contender Match for a shot at the Tag Titles later that night: Tim & Zack Hanson over the Hambone Express (with Sexy Sam Dollar) . . . Arkansas Championship Heavyweight Title Rematch: Cannon over S.F. Treat with help from Sexy Sam Dollar to win the title . . . Main Event: Tag Team Title Match - Deadly Dale and Idol Bane (with Bate Masterson) over Tim and Zack Hanson

RassleNotes: Crowd was around 75 plus. Down from last show again no advertisement also even the banner wasn't even put up due to it being real windy. It was also expected to have a down show, still not bad - at least there's a following. No-shows? No Menace. Also Blakester because supposedly he had to work. Big Indian was there, but left - no reason given as to why!!! Hamhock originally had a Next Division Title match with Big Indian, but due to him leaving Hamhock was awarded the title by forfeit during an intermission interview. Kiss between Cannon and Sam was over major with the crowd. Treat continues to be over big really well with the crowd. Tim Hanson is the son of Phil Hanson, who used to promote Batesville, Arkansas wrestling back in its heyday. Morgan Lane was in the crowd, but did not work. Next show is March 3 and there well be 3 shows total run in month of March. After that, starting in April, its every Saturday night from then on. Cody Daniels joined Bate Masterson's group. Now there is DeadlyDale, Idol Bane & Cody Daniels.


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