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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 3.03.07

----Show is opened with Corey Maclin, Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart at Lawler’s home. [In his Coca-Cola room - they even make a joke about the jukebox] They talk about the WWE Hall of Fame and he pretty much tries to smooth over the fact that he is not old, but is in the Hall of Fame. [He will only be 58 this year; right??] They then announce that Hulk Hogan will be on the phone.

----The show then switches to the studio, so it looks like we will have stuff sliced in to the video taped from last Saturday. Reggie B Fine/Mr. Hughes/Bob Fury interview. Fine/Hughes/Fury beat “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon]/Tatt2. They cut this match. Fury is horrible!!! Heat on Simon with hot tag used as a hope spot to Chris. They get the heat on Chris. Pretty much a squash.

----Clip is shown from Monday at Memphis Grizzles game with Corey Maclin. Koko Ware comes out with a title belt?? Grizz sprays silly string on Koko. Corey also interviews Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart at the game to the crowd. This had to help them with their crowd. Grizz gives Hart Grizzlies cap and jersey to try to “bribe” Hart. Koko interview after that looking for Grizz backstage. Then Maclin is interviewing Grizz and Koko chases Grizz away.

----Kevin White comes out as the “New Nature Boy” with a new robe. The robe looked real cheesy. I hate them calling him “Nature Boy”, but love the interviews and the heel Kevin White. Bill Dundee joins Corey during the next match. Johnny Dotson by DQ over White. Dotson comes out of the heat and he does the 10 punches corner spot. The ref makes him get down and then White hits Dotson with a chain. Dundee shows the ref the chain, so he got DQ’ed. A good match. These two guys could have a real good match if they were given more time. Dundee challenged White to a Scallfold match.

----Hulk Hogan is on the phone at Lawler’s house with Corey/Jimmy Hart. Hogan comes off as a heel. He talks about Lawler still showing that clip of Lawler vs him from 25 years ago. Hogan agrees to the match. Lawler signs a contract and Hart is given it to bring it to Hogan to sign. Hogan keeps saying, “it is up to you Corey to make this happen now..” This was a great segment and I guess Hogan’s asking price of $10,000 does not seem to be that much to them now.

----Koko Ware/Pokerface with Rashard interview. Koko says something about Tojo Yamamoto being proud of him. What?? This is horrible. Pokerface was wearing that crazy hat and an unibrow. Koko calls Corey a “negro”. Poker/Koko beat Chris O’Neal/K-Hill – match was real sloppy. Heat on O’Neal with hot tag to K-Hill. Hill looked good on the hot tag. Koko interferes to help Poker pin Hill.

RassleNotes: Fury talked on the interview. He was horrible doing that also. I really hope I don’t have to start asking this every week about “The Posse”, but why kill them with a stiff like Fury??...The Koko/Grizz stuff was funny seeing Koko try to run after Grizz. It was clear that there is no way he could catch him. It was good seeing them get the rub from the Grizzles, but the Grizz vs Koko bout was last night, so the air time to promote that match was wasted. Unless..they plan on a long time program with Grizz vs Koko..LOL Ok, I am sorry. It’s Memphis Wrestling…Can they get this Hogan thing happen?? If so, this will be the biggest gate of the year…Not a great show, but the Hogan announcement made it worth watching.

Photos from SEW Last Night!!

Chris Lexx, Doug Gilbert, FOP with Coach BT, Sid Vicious, Sid Vicious and Brian Tramel with Shuhei Aoki. Photos by Cindy Hawk. Hit the images for full size!!

Arena Report: SEW Memphis, TN 3.2.07

---- Caperville Maniac beat Big Steve with Foxy Red. Big Steve puked after the match. [DUD]

----Crime beat Chris Lexx and Reno Diamond in a Triple Threat Street Fight to win TCW Title. This was crazy and I usually shit all over these kinds of matches, but the crowd was into it and all three guys are good at taking and giving moves. This was easily the most exciting match of the show with tables, chairs and spots everywhere. [***]

----“Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray] with Coach BT beat "High Society" ["God's Gift" Jason Richards/ "Pimp Glorious" Jeremy Killz] with "Pimpin'" Antoin Smooth with Diamond. Match was not bad, but HS needs lots of work. They both are very small, but bumped pretty good. They missed 4 or 5 spots that were called on the fly. I got to bodyslam Richards on the gym floor when he was pitched to me. [**1/2]

----Snowman beat The Showstopper. Snowman has never been a great worker and never will be. Snowman had his crew all around the ring and just beat up when he was pitched out. Snowman wrestled with no shirt, slacks and dress shoes. [DUD]

----The Sniper [Charlie Parks] beat Psycho. Not a bad match, not a good match. Crowd would pop for certain spots, but since Psycho was supposed to be the heel, Parks would not even take any heat. This is my first time seeing Parks and I was not impressed. It was suppose to be a Boot Camp match, but no one used anything. [**]

----Tim Williams beat "Pimpin'" Antoin Smooth in a Fan’s Lumberjack Match - What I seen of this match as far as execution, it was horrible. The crowd was eating it up, because a lot of them were family & friends of Williams. Williams used a big fireball and pinned Smooth to win. [DUD]

----Sid Vicious beat Doug Gilbert by pinning Crime. Gilbert brought out Crime/Chris Lexx to help him beat Vicious, since it was an anything goes match. Crime/Lexx were beat up by Vicious bumping like crazy and making Sid look like a million bucks. Gilbert then called out Vicious’ “brother” Johnny Rotten. Gilbert/Rotten got the heat on Sid, until he made a big comeback with Crime/Lexx jumping back in to help. Lexx took a chokeslam and then Vicious powerbombed Crime for the pin and win. This was the only match that had perfect psychology and the match execution was on the money. I don’t know if everyone remembers this, but Vicious was never a great worker, but he had tons of charisma and had the IT factor. Gilbert did a real good job with him and this was just as good as Sid gets unless he is in the ring with Shawn Michaels. [***]

RassleNotes: 70 people in attendance with a $700 gate…This is an understatement – this was the most unorganized show I have ever been to. Lamarrus Brooks, who was in charge is like 14 years old. He has to be commended even though the show was not great – I have seen worse shows from people that have been doing it for years…I think our match was changed 3 times before deciding on the who vs who…All Pro poster for next week’s show was on our car when we got ready to leave. A great poster!!!...Parks was supposed to be the baby, but he was “hiding” a chain using it. WTF?? Psycho got more cheers than Parks…Sid is in excellent shape. He is ready for another big run and I wonder if Vince would use him??...Crime was excellent in the main event selling for Sid. He was up in the powerbomb and his arms were flying high. Crowd was really into the main event with them surrounding the barriers and popped for the finish…Shuhei Aoki came all the way from Tokyo, Japan to see Vicious wrestle. Apparently he had tried a couple of times to get Sid’s autograph and he no-showed the events in the past…Gilbert was also in good shape – looked to have lost a few pounds since I seen him live…Sid was paid $900, Doug Gilbert $250 and Snowman got $75…Great to see "Pure Destruction" [Brody & Cody Hawk] in the crowd. I know they came to just mark out for me and FOP. LOL…For shoot – thanks a ton to FOP for let me be part of one of their final matches before retirement. Thanks guys!!...Three [DUD] matches –most [DUD]s on one show since the start of the site, but it was their first show...This show was proof that ANYBODY can put on a wrestling show and be part of it without one day of training…DVD will be available ASAP here on the site…May,2007 is return date.

Memphis Wrestling TV Spoilers!!

----Koko Ware/Pokerface with Rashard vs Chris O’Neal/; Reggie B Fine/Bob Fury/Mr Hughes vs Tatt2/Posse and Kevin White vs Johnny Dotson.

----Not sure about the finishes of the matches. This show was taped last week and I look for them to splice some of the clips into the show. If not, then they will do that next week. I am looking forward to seeing White vs Dotson – could be a good match.

RassleResults: MW "Sam's Town" Tunica, MS 3.2.07

----Johnny Dotson wins Battle Royal to win “Sam’s Town” Title...Moondog Cujo beat Jethro to send him out of town...Kevin White beat Bill Dundee...Brickhouse Brown vs Mr. Hughes...Koko Ware vs The Grizz...Master Lock challenge - guy from crowd..."Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] by DQ Boogeyman/Flash Flanagan....Jerry Lawler beat Chris Masters

----700 in attendance with a gate close to $16,800...The last four in the “Sam’s Town” Title Battle Royal were Dotson/Pokerface/Dustin Starr/Reggie B Fine – last two were Pokerface/Dotson…No heat for Dundee/White...Not sure of the Hughes finish or Ware finish, but after the Ware bout they had a big pull-apart with the whole dressing room coming out for Ware/Corey Maclin. OMG!!! Please do not do this feud again!!!...They had a Masterlock Challenge out of the crowd where some guys submitted to Masters…Boogeyman put worms in Grind’s mouth. Crowd was running up and grabbing the worms from the floor…Finish of main event had a ref bump with a fake Derrick King in the Mummy mask. Lawler grabbed him and piledrived him and then the real DK showed up hitting Lawler with a chain. Masters put his knees on Lawler to pin him with a pose and Lawler hooked his arms for the pin. Crowd went nuts!!...I was told by more than one person that the Lawler vs Masters was the match of the night with great heat and just old time psychology…Not sure who the Fake Derrick King under the mask was, but it was probably either Pokerface or Rude.

RassleResults: WFAC Newport, AR 3.2.07 - Scotty Graham Wins WFAC Title!!

----Cody Daniels over Wild Bill . . . Cody Daniels over Rozzi in an impromptu match after Rozzi came out to challenge Daniels in a post-match interview . . . The Lineman & Ray Ray battled Big Daddy Moose & Lockdown to a double disqualification . . . Little Lucky & Leprechaun over Allan Storm & Cody Thunder (w/Christopher Lee) . . . Zack Hansen & Tommy Wayne over Kid Krazzy & Cash Money . . . Main Event: Scotty Graham over Idol Bane to win the vacant WFAC Title.

----Crowd dropped a little to 55 paid for a gate of $275. The four week average for WFAC has been 59 paid based off weeks of 70, 54, 57 and 55. The first show on 2/9 featuring Bobby Eaton offset the average . . . The Lineman/Ray Ray vs. Moose/Lockdown was an impromptu match. Following the match, a non-sanctioned, fans bring weapons, street fight was booked for next week with the same two teams . . . Although Leprechaun was technically not there, they booked around it by having a box at ringside that "contained" Leprechaun even though Lucky actually worked 2-on-1. Allan Storm "psycho" angle continued with him choking out his tag team partner, this time Thunder . . . Hansen/Wayne vs. Krazzy/Money match was set up earlier in the night as Hansen/Wayne interrupted the announcer's opening, complaining about Kid Krazzy having his "brother" as a referee during the last two weeks.

SEW and Memphis Wrestling 3.2.07 Prelims

----SEW drew about 70 fans with a gate close to $700. I will try to have full results and an Arena Report sometime tomorrow. Prelim reports I got from "Sam's Town" is that the show did around 700 people, which would be a average ticket price of $24 would be a $16,800 gate. That would be the top gate of the year and triple any of the other big gates. I was told the Lawler vs Masters match was very good and I believe Johnny Dotson did win the "Sam's Town" Title.

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Trent Van Drisse Responds To "Bustin Dustin"

Hey Brian, Just to let you know there's certainly no "sour grapes" from me when it comes to Dustin Starr. Not sure if you meant me specifically or not, but I have nothing against the guy, don't know him, only from seeing him wrestling for Prentice a few years ago, and following his many exploits thru your site. I used to enjoy his role in the "Lifeguards" tag team for Prentice, though it always amused me cuz middle Tennessee ain't exactly the beach capitol of the world! lol People had been asking me for info coming out of the Bucci camp, and it's been kinda hard to come by, so I posted what Starr said about it. I love to read about a good rib, but Starr's stuff in that direction simply didn't interest me, it wasn't funny at all. Guys running around donkey punching each other might be highly entertaining to them, but to me it's junior high stuff.

A sort of funny aside here is someone on the west Tennessee scene was giving me good natured shit just for posting that stuff from Starr's site on my board. This person went on to say that Starr has an incredibly massive ego, and was more entertaining as a wrestler when he was smaller, they said now he's pretty dull in the ring. Trent

----The Lifeguard gimmick was a gimmick – they were never announced as living in middle Tennessee were they??

----Something you may not know is that most wrestlers are just 14 year old boys anyway. And, yes, donkey punching is funny to them. Trent saying, “simply didn’t interest me, it wasn’t funny at all” seem to be as if Trent was some uptight Englishman saying that. Can you picture that??

----I will have always agreed with people 100% when it comes to their opinion about Starr having an incredibly massive ego. That he does and it has got him into trouble a few times. But, to say that he was more entertaining a wrestler when he was smaller. Well, hell, that might be true also. What does one have to do to get a break with WWE?? They are told to get bigger and bigger. That is what he has done. As a wrestler, I actually think he is smarter now than he ever has been and I was I actually have watched Starr during his whole career. We worked the same promotion [Rampage] when he first got started and even though he might have been faster when he first started, he is a much better worker now.

Johnny Dotson Rumors

----Rumors are that the first "Sam Town" champion will be Johnny Dotson tonight. I hope to have full results from "Sam's Town" posted late tonight or early in the morning. I am also being told -- and I have heard this from more than one person -- Dotson will have a WWE developmental deal if he can gain 10 pounds; WTF?? I know stranger things have happened, but the best I can tell from my sources that is all BS.

Guest RassleBit with Mark Bravura - "I'm Sure You will Call Bullshit..But"

----Mark Bravura, who many have loved reading the WWE script writer story about, sent the following newsbit and his thoughts on it. Volzer should return next weekend some time with the next part of his script writing story. BTW, the idea below will be fantastic for all the guys. There will be more places to work and more developmental deals!!!

I've been telling people for literally YEARS that my absolute dream job would be to move to Austrailia and start a national wrestling promotion. It's a big enough country with huge population centers. It's extremely media savvy and has great production people. Plus it has a history of success as a wrestling market. Note the WWE tours, WCW tours, even the World Wrestling All-Stars tours did well, plus the Jim Barnett promotion that was the best in the world before Austrailian laws changed and Barnett could no longer run the company. The also have a tremendous digital infrastructure that would broadcasting a total breeze.

Anyway, while I was interviewing with the WWE I told literally everyone I talked to about this because they all asked me what my dream job was, thinking I'd say Head Writer or whatever, every time I told them if I could do anything I'd move to Austrailia and start a national wrestling company and then went into my whole plan about it. I even told Stephanie about it and she acted all interested and then said, "That be a great idea as long as you don't hurt our business." So I said, "Well you guys could help fund it."

Look what the hell they announced today. Those bastards. They better offer me a damn job now.

'The new CFO of WWE, Michael Selick, revealed in Financial Week that the company is exploring the possibility of establishing separate WWE promotions running full-time in separate international markets. If everything went ahead it would go so far as to include separate TV tapings and storylines for each region, turning WWE from an overseas novelty into a local promotion.

Things are still in the preliminary stages but Vince McMahon has discussed it in detail with Stephanie, John Laurinaitis and others in the inner circle. The territories mentioned include a 'Pacific' region covering Japan, South Korea, China and Australia, a 'Hispanic' territory for Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America, and a European territory, with perhaps a Russian one at a later date. Meanwhile, in the USA, there would be two touring brands, most likely Raw and ECW, with Smackdown becoming the Hispanic brand as it is already well established in the market. Big pay increases would be given to senior agents and creative team members to move themselves and their families overseas, with potential performance bonuses depending on how well business goes. It would start off with a TV executive producer with experience of the region working closely with one agent and one writer who would be running the territory. There would also be a crew of wrestlers, who would also be expected to move their families overseas. Paul Heyman's name has actually been mentioned in connection to the Pacific region.

Shane McMahon, along with Selick, is working on a business plan for the venture, which remains in its formative stages. Potential drawbacks include the cost of producing WWE calibre shows, around $500,000 per week, and how TV stations in areas like Mexico would respond to the price. There is also the danger of international markets already beginning to get overexposed. Recent Japanese tours have not performed particularly well, there were concerns over the number of Australian tours, while advances for the next batch of Mexican dates have been well below expectations. Also, though WWE can get away with charging high prices for their shows at the moment as it is a novelty, doing so repeatedly would not help when taking on promotions like CMLL or AAA.

If it did come to pass then a lot of new wrestlers would of course be hired, as there would be a minimum of five brands. They are looking at promoting each market using both established WWE stars and top babyfaces based on ethnic backgrounds. Carlito, Mistico and Mysterio would be assigned to the Hispanic brand as top stars, they would look for a top Asian and Australian babyface, and guys like Regal, Finlay, Harry Smith and Paul Burchill could be assigned major roles in Europe. They would also likely raid the local markets in Japan and Mexico, whilst bringing back more of the '80s and '90s stars to make up the numbers. The only sure thing about the creative team members is that neither Stephanie McMahon nor Brian Gerwitz would work internationally. Gerwitz would likely become the chief writer of the USA brands, while Stephanie would hire more TV writers with Hollywood experience. Word is that the interntaionaly territories would be handled by Shane, with Vince concentrating on domestic business, though many have suggested that Vince's personality means he would want to be involved everywhere anyway.

Area Shows Getting Press

----Snowman, who is scheduled to be at SEW event tonight, was on 720 ESPN “Off The Ropes” last night. I missed it, but I am going to try to get a copy of it. Corey Maclin, Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart were on FOX 13 this morning live talking about “Sam’s Town” show on the “Good Morning Memphis” show. SEW also got mentioned later with a video of Sid Vicious playing in the background. I just talked with Tim Williams of SEW and he is excited about tonight. Hope to see a big crowd for the show. If you are a reader of the site, then make sure you come up and say “Hi”!!

RassleBits: Poll, DK heel turn, Bustin on Dustin, Posse and Jackson Results

----POLL IS CLOSED – As of right now, no more votes will count. SEW winning with 58.14% over Memphis Wrestling @ 41.86%. I will really have no idea what this means at the box office, and it was not a huge win – less than 17%. The strange thing is that we had such a good turnout for voting on the awards, but only about .03% of all visitors in the last 2 days voted.

----For those that seen the first story about the DK finish turning heel, well it was incorrect. I corrected it. I also was told that DK did not try to kayfabe anyone that he was turning, but it was something they decided to do due to the fact that DK had no one to work. I don’t know anything for sure, but it looks like DK/Grind vs Flash/Brian Christopher, Stan Lee vs Dustin Starr and the return of “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] in Ripley Saturday night.

----Bustin on Dustin: It seems Dustin Starr’s story about the WWE camp trip was not as well received over at the Trent Van Drisse Message board. It read like sour grapes to me. It is strange how people even in the business don’t even get that Starr’s site is a work!! He does it for fun and it gets him over no matter how you see it.

----“The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] auditioned for “Who Wants to Be A Superhero” on Sunday afternoon in St. Louis, MO. This show is reality show that airs on Sci-Fi Network. CLICK HERE to take a look at the web site. Good luck to the guys – hope they get picked!!

----It took me right at a week to receive these results, but it probably had to do with some of the my computer problems. But, I did want to share them with you. There was about 100 in the building, so close to a $700 gate…Shane Williams beat Bully Douglas; Doug Gilbert beat Chris O’Neal; Flash Flanagan beat Reggie B Fine; Kevin White beat Bill Dundee and in the Main Event: Jerry Lawler beat Derrick King…Apparently Bert Prentice was around and brought in a few of the Nashville guys…K-Hill and Tatt2 were backstage, but not used for the show…I was told the O’Neal vs Gilbert match was good…Next Jackson show is March 23, 2007

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Shows for the Weekend 3.02.07 - 3.03.07

----I think this is the biggest weekend of wrestling so far in 2007. Taylor vs Doink, Lawler vs Masters, Sid Vicious vs Doug Gilbert, Buff Bagwell in TFW, Big CWA show with Lawler/Ken Wayne/Bobby Eaton/Tom Pritchard and TLCW featuring Brian Christopher. If you are a fan in this area this weekend and can’t find a show that fits your tastes, well you are not looking.

----Friday Night for WTWA in Dyersburg, TN with Chris Rocker, Picture Perfect, Seth Knight, Brian Steele, The Southern Hillbillys, Nikki Lace, TJ Money, “The Posse” and the Main Event is Doink The Clown vs Neil Taylor.

----Friday night for Memphis Wrestling’s debut at “Sam’s Town” in Tunica, MS with Bill Dundee vs Kevin White, 10 Man Battle Royal to determine first “Sam’s Town” Title, “2 Cool Too” [Flex/Tim Grind] vs Boogeyman/Flash Flanagan, Loser Leaves Memphis Wrestling: Horseshoe on a Pole Match: Moondog Cujo vs Jethro, Brickhouse Brown vs Mr. Hughes and the Main Event: Jerry Lawler vs Chris Masters.

----Friday night in Memphis, TN for the Southern Extreme Wrestling Capleville Gym with Reno Diamond/Big Ace vs “201 Boys” [Chris Lexx/Crime], Fans Lumberjack Strap Match, “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray] with Coach BT vs “High Society” ["God's Gift" Jason Richards/ "Pimp Glorious" Jeremy Killz] with "Pimpin'" Antoin Smooth, Boot Camp Match: Sniper vs Psycho and the Main Event: Anything Goes: Doug Gilbert vs Sid Vicious!!

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with BUFF BAGWELL, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Friday night in Newport, AR for WFAC @ 8:00 PM Newport National Guard Armory 2000 Fairground. Scotty Fury, Allan Storm, X-Caliber, Idol Bane, Kid Krazzy, Tommy Wayne and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, Austin Lane, and more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR for Arkansas Championship Wrestling with Arnez, Buster Johnson, Loose Cannon, Adrian Strattan, “Hambone Express”,Blakster, Deadly Dale and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM – Bobby The Butcher,Tank Turner, Dazzlin Dixie, Lawman Williams; Genocide vs the Big Boys; Steven Rampage,AC Havoc;Wildside, Razor;PK Ripper, Void and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, “Kountry Homeboyz” [Gunner & Weezy], Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Rob Harlem, Allen Steele.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in XOW in New Albany are FAMILY OF PAIN, THE MANSON BROTHERS, PURE DESTRUCTION, Izzy Rotten, Psycho, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley, Jay Webster, Colton Anderson, Tommy Knox, Cassanova Kidd, "Prime Tyme" Nick Grymes, Soultaker, and more! XOW Wrestling, 105 McGill St. in downtown New Albany, Bell time is 8:00.

----Saturday Night in Selmer, TN for CWA “March Mayhem” with Jerry Lawler, Tom Pritchard, Brickhouse Brown, Bobby Eaton, Ken Wayne, Brad Thomas, The Posse, Hollywood Jimmy, Beau James, Reno Diamond, Chris Rocker, Austin Lane, “Cruzin 4 Pain”, Tasha Simone and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Stan Lee [if he is not at the casino],Rockin Randy, Tucker, “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop], Brian Steele, Buckwheat, Matt Boyce, Tim Alfonzo, Seth Knight, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2, Dustin Starr, Derrick King/Tim Grind vs Brian Christopher/Flash Flanagan , “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] Return!! and more!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9Th And Oak Street’s. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local business’s and community leader’s. Come out to see such star’s as “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr., Casino Kid, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne, Scotty Graham, “the Suicide King” Ray Ray, “The Brazilian Bad Boy” Rozzi, Hillbilly Tiny, Gravedigger, Danger Zone{“Hot Rod’ John Ellison, “Dangerous” Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, Righteous Punishment{ Jack “ Lock-down” Johnson,” Big” Daddy Moose}, Velvet Thunder, Wild Bill, Acid, Venom, and many, many more. Bell time is 8P.M, door’s open at 7:15P.M.


----Karaoke tonight!! Only $1 addmission to Karaoke with TLCW wrestlers. It will also get you $1 off your ticket on Saturday night. Starts at 7:00 PM at 207 Washington Street in Ripley, TN.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rating Are In!!

----Not sure if this is the kind of rating that Memphis Wrestling wanted to build toward the big show. This week scored only a 2.6 [43,987 viewers] overall. If the Sam's Town show draws bad, then this number will be blamed for it. If the show does good, then Corey and company will believe that the night time slot is still doing great for them.

----The first quarter scored a 2.3 [39,118 viewers] for Fine interview, DK interview, Lawler interview, Chris Masters interview and then cut off in the middle of the 6 man tag. The finish of the 6 man tag along,Cujo/Grady chancing off Blaylock/Jethro, Dundee interview and stopped during the Jimmy Hart interview. That quarter dropped 3,357 viewers scoring a 2.1 [35,761 viewers]. The 3rd quarter scored a 3.0 [50,199 viewers] jumping 14,438 viewers for rest Hart interview, Koko jumping the Grizz and the Flash turn angle. The 4th quarter pretty much stayed the same with 3.0 [50,703 viewers] for the tag team match and more promos about Sam’s Town. The show finished with 11,585 viewers than it started with.

----A good thing about the rating is that the last half of the show pretty much stayed the same with strong sell for Sam’s Town. It also featured the best match of the show – the tag team match.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

POLL: SEW?? Memphis Wrestling??

----I have reported about both the debut of SEW in Memphis, TN and the Memphis Wrestling debut at "Sam’s Town” on this site. Both shows will be this coming Friday night 3.2.07. Which show will draw more fans?? Which show will make more money?? The SEW show has $10 tickets and the average MW ticket is $24, so if the SEW show draws more, it still might draw less money. So, I am asking - which show would you attend/attending?? This is a very important show for both promotions. A debut show for both with SEW bringing in Sid Vicious and “Sam’s Town” being the first major arena show that Memphis Wrestling has promoted since they went to the night time spot. Poll will close sometime Thursday afternoon or night.

SEW or Sam\'s Town??
Which show would you attend??
SEW - Doug vs Sid Vicious
Sam\'s Town with Chris Masters
View Result
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The Other Side of The Story - Jerry Lawler

----I had posted that Lawler's match was a letdown the other night at the show. I also in my originally report being given a [***1/2] for his bout with Dirty Little Dave. I had a fan write the following below and it does seem that Lawler may have went beyond the call of duty. I have been told that Lawler is very excitied about being in the WWE Hall of Fame and he may be mellowing out a bit.

As far as Lawler being a let down, I just don’t see how that’s possible. He appeared on the show twice. He spent the entire intermission at his table selling gimmicks and talking to people. He and Dave had a classic “Lawler-style” match that the crowd ate up. And after the show I personally witnessed him stand by the front door and talk to everyone that walked by. He was at the front door until everyone was gone! The only people that were left were the ring crew, some of the talent, and the guys with the Armory. I was more than impressed with how much he made himself available to the people. A lot of guys would just go to the table to collect the gimmick money, and then bail.

I just know how happy he was to be at the show. He was thrilled with the turnout, and he really did do an exceptional job with the people! A lot of guys in his position, and even in positions much less important, wouldn’t do what he did. I have friends that were leaving, and he actually stopped them to talk! Guys like Lawler get a lot of shit, and people normally don’t go out of there way to talk about the good things people at his level do.

He wanted to make sure everyone left happy, regardless of whether they bought something from him or not! I heard lots of people say, “man, Lawler’s such a nice guy!” When Lawler was interviewed by Brandon Baxter on KISS FM last week, he said that if people wanted to meet “the King,” they’d have the chance…and after seeing how well he handled the situation, I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed!

Brian Christopher in Ripley, TN this Weekend

----Brian Christopher is slated to be in the Main Event at TLCW this coming Saturday night. The angle that seen Derrick King turn heel Saturday night had Flash setting up his "tree of woe" spot on Grind with the ref looking at Matt Foley, DK knocked Flash off the top turnbuckle. He then superkicked him and put Grind on top of him. Main Event will have Brian C/Flash vs DK/Grind. Not certain why the turn came so quickly and out of nowhere. King, working in Dyersburg at LAW, as a heel was part of the downfall of that promotion. He went a little overboard at times, but maybe with Flash still helping with booking, then it will help keep him under control. Didn’t they just do an angle a few weeks back with Dustin leaving DK bleeding?? Starr, I am assuming, will continue his feud vs Stan Lee.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Final Figures from ASWF - Gate Remains $5,000

----I had a few letters about the attendance of the show Saturday night with most people saying there were more than 500 people in the building. I had one guy say there were only around 300. Well there was at least 500 paid, because of the deal that Aaron Polston had with the radio station for all the ads and work. He split with them was right on the money and he would have not split money for 500 if there were only 300 people in the building. I was also told the best match on the card was the Posse match however Bandon Baxter and Austin Lane put on a great match as well - they spilled out into the crowd and got onto some tables and really worked the crowd well. The biggest let down was the Lawler match. Brandon Baxter got a bigger pop than Lawler did.

500 tickets where sold 492 stubs were turned in
18 free passes turned in
4 Clear Channel passes
125 children - 5 & under are free
80 wrestlers family [damn that is more than most of crowds for other shows this weekend!!!]
20 support staff

747 total

Gate is still the same $5,000 - best gate in ASWF history.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 2.24.07 - Mark Justice Returns To Wrestling

----Kilo beat Gryffon X; "Real Deal" Tim Edwards beat Bonecrusher; Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens beat Loose Cannon; NBW High Risk Title: Phoenix X beat "Risk Taker" Gaylon Ray; Tommy Love/Tank lost by DQ, but retained the NBW Tag Team Titles over "Kountry Homeboyz" [J.Weezy/G.Thompson] and in the Main Event: NBW Title Match: "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore [pictured]beat "Sexy" Mark Justice.

----Crowd was around 60 with a gate of $300...Kilo came out at the first of the show and put a dirty baby diaper and smeared it in The Sicilian Kid face, who was special announcer...Barry the ref become the new manager of "Team X"...After Pickens beat Cannon, Kilo came out and force feed Pickens dog food, since he wants to be a "Bulldog"...Tank got caught with a chain that he took from Love and was DQ'ed - they are doing a gimmick where Tank is a face and Love is a heel...Good to see Justice back wrestling. The finish of the Justice/Moore match was given to me as such, and if the execution was good, this was a great finish - “The end of this match saw Justice go for his "Sex Appeal" sitdown slam but Moore wiggled his way out of it at the last second. As Justice turned around, Moore went for his "Ace Crusher" but Justice threw him off without hesitation. Justice sent Moore into the corner and went for a shoulder tackle, but Moore moved out of the way and caught Justice with a schoolboy for 2. Justice cut Moore right back off and went for a backdrop but Moore reversed it into a backslide and almost got the 3 count before Justice kicked out. This was the same move that Moore used to defeat Kilo with last week for the title. When Moore got up Justice hit him with a clothesline that knocked the champ back down. Justice went for the "Sex Appeal" again this time Moore slid down Justice's back and when he turned around Moore caught him with the "Ace Crusher" and got the win to retain his title.”...After the match Kilo jumped Moore and Moore bladed. Kilo then beat up most of the faces as they are putting him over big as a heel.

WWE Camp

----I was going to run a few things about how good the guys did and such, but Dustin Starr was at the camp and did a very good job going over the camp. CLICK HERE

RassleResults: XOW New Albany, MS 2.24.07

----Tommy Knox defeated Nick Grimes; D.C. (DAVID CROSS) beat the Casanova Kid; Buzz Harley and XOW champ Izzy Rotten defeated the ABA's Colton Anderson and Jay Webster; "24/7" [JR Mauler/Kross] beat Pure Destruction's Body Hawk by DQ - Cody Hawk made the save clearing out "24/7", which caused the DQ ; XOW Tag Team Title Match: "24/7" beat Choptop the clown & D.C. to retain the belts; After having his suspension lifted, Pure Destruction's Cody Hawk beat Bonecrusher from "The New Threat" and in the Main Event: XOW TV Title Match: Soultaker beat Psycho [pictured]for the belt giving SGWA complete control of all XOW titles.

----There was only about 40 people in attendance with gate of around $200. There were storms everywhere in this area Saturday and I think everyone was lucky to get the fans they did get.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 2.24.07

----Cassanova Kidd overTysin Starr; Mark Mayhem vs. Jay Webster went to a time limit draw; DOA over DC” & Josh Matthews; Bonecrusher won a three-way match over Psykottik & Pappy; Vega & LSD over The Freakshow and in the Main Event: Tony Dabbs over Mason & Chris Styles w/T-Byrd (handicap match).

----Crowd was around 125 with around a $625 gate.

A quick note...

----I was all "wrestled out" yesterday with logging in about 6 hours on the site. So, later today I will post TFW results, XOW results and NBW results [featured the return of Mark Justice]. I also hope to have more on the WWE camp before the end of the day and I have more on the ASWF attendance figure.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

RassleResults: WFAC Newport, AR 2.23.07

----No. 2 contender's tournament Match One: Idol Bane over Big Daddy Moose by DQ when Scotty Graham jumped on Bane in front of the referee . . . No. 2 contender's tournament match two: Cody Thunder over Cody Daniels by pin. Scotty Graham distracted Daniels, allowing Thunder to get the roll up . . . The Leprechaun and Little Lucky over Allan Storm and Christopher Lee . . . Scotty Graham over Deadly Dale by DQ in an impromptu match . . . Rozzi over Wild Bill . . . No. 2 contender's tournament final: Idol Bane over Cody Thunder . . Main Event: Kid Krazzy over Zack Hansen.

----Crowd was up slightly to 57paid, up from 54 paid the week before, but still down from the 70 paid when the promotion re-started on 2/9. Gate for this past week was $285...Tommy Wayne was scheduled to work Krazzy in a 20 minute time limit match after the two went to a 15 minute broadway the week before. Hansen came out to Wayne's music with a cell phone "talking" to Wayne and saying that Wayne was booked in another town - in match with Krazzy's girlfriend!... Allan Storm "crazy" angle continued this week with Storm choking out his own partner Christopher Lee when the "crazy" music hit. Storm was still selling the "scared of Leprechaun" bit. Crowd liked the comedy...Next week, promotion will crown a new WFAC Champion with Idol Bane and Scotty Graham going for the belt.


----I just got word from Aaron Polston that the ASWF did sellout, but total ticket sales look to be around 500 with 14 freebies. So the gate was around $5,000, which was still a very good show. Biggest gate in ASWF history. This also put them second in the gates as CWA did a $5,200 gate. Would be interesting to see official figures on that one to see who is really in 1st Place. I also corrected the gate in the original story.

Will The Real Coach BT Please Stand up...

----Let me fill you in on the story about a manager that worked this area. He wore a football jersey with 03 on it, blew a whistle, wore baggy shorts, tennis shoes and hit people in the head with a clipboard. He made a bunch of mistakes listening to the promoters in this area, especially guys like Michael Anthony from MSWA. He was sent out with almost 95% of all the heels on the roster and he was involved in almost every angle. He was voted “Manager of the Year” two years in a row for shoot mainly because there was no one else that the fans could remember, because he came out to every match.

----As some of his teams got to become good workers, then he ventured to other promotions where the bookers were smart enough to only use him with one team or one man like WOWF, DCW, LAW and IWF. He learned when to blow the whistle and not to over do it like he had the first few years.

----Also in reality, no one really knew how the hell his gimmick even fit the criteria of what he was supposed to be accomplishing. He later changed it and wore a shirt, tie and pants and looked more the part.

----As most of you know, his name was Coach BT and I am talking about myself. Why?? Because I went to the TIWF show last night and to my surprise Ravishing Randy was wearing baggy pants, blew a whistle, tennis shoes and a freakin 03 on a jersey. It was almost a total rip-off of what I use to do. Now, let me say this – I was never a big deal. Never thought I was, but damn can you not come up with a different look?? He carried a hubcub around his neck like a necklace [instead of carry a clipboard] and it was a total rip-off of PG13.

----Am I just making a big deal out of something that I shouldn’t?? I mean I was not the first Coach and will not be the last. I actually stole the idea from John Tolos, who was Curt Hennig’s “coach” at one time. My gimmick was so bizarre if you add into the fact that I wore a dewrag or skull cap. My only explanation of the creation I came up with was that Coach BT would have been a good character on “South Park” as Cartman’s uncle.

----Although I may seem a little pissy about this, it is funny to see that guys that have been in the business as long as Ravishing Randy still makes the same old mistakes as I did – he is with 95% of the heels, involved in 95% of the angles and he blew the whistle too much taking heat from the matches.

----BTW, the real Coach BT will be working this Friday night for the first time in years. Come out and see me manage “Family of Pain” in one of their last matches as a team!!

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 2.24.07 - DERRICK KING TURNS HEEL!!!

----Seth Knight cut a promo about how last week against Lil' Chris he had the chance to "go hardcore" but he didn't take the opportunity and it cost him the match... Shannon Lee interrupts – Hardcore Match: Seth Knight beat Shannon Lee [Erik Hayes interfered but Seth fought him off and got the win but after the match Shannon and Erik beat down Seth.]…Golden Circle w/ Dell Tucker - TGB says that after last week Tucker got TGB’s attention and this week his going to give Tucker a Golden Opportunity! TGB says he can beat Tucker in 10 mins or less. Tucker beat "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by lasting the 10 min time limit…Bishop/Jawbreaker Jones w/OZ beat Tatt2/Chris Lexx when "The Cosmic Cowboy" Brian Steele hit Tatt2 with guitar…Elimination Style: Stan Lee/Derrick King/Flash Flanagan vs Tim Grind/Erik Hayes/Buckwheat/”Rockin” Randy – Not sure of the winner or finish of this match, but the big news is that Derrick King turned heel.

----Crowd was in the 175 range with a gate close to $1000 again this week…If someone knows the complete finishes and angle at the end of the show with DK turning, please e-mail me. It will be interesting to see if he can actually turn the fans vs him in Ripley…A very slim crew as lots of guys were at the WWE Camp.

RassleResults: ASWF Walnut Ridge, AR 2.24.07 - Biggest Gate in ASWF History!!!

----I still don't have complete detailed results or comfirmed gate, but I wanted to post what I have so far.

----Giant Hillbilly beat Hollywood Jimmy via DQ; Brandon Barbwire/Anton Leveigh/Trent Shultz beat X Kaliber/The Juice/Phoenix X; "The Posse" [Chris/Simon] beat "Family Of Pain" [Sarge O'Reilly/Mickey Ray] in a loser leaves ASWF match; Chris Rocker beat John Saxon w/Irresistable Danielle; Austin Lane w/Nikki Lane/Hollywood Jimmy beat Brandon Baxter and in the Main Event: Jerry "The King" Lawler beat Dirty Little Dave.

----I am getting a figure of 500 paid with a house of $5,000...Solid card up and down! Second match was better this time. Not **** but probably worth **1/2...Posse & FOP should be ***1/2. Rocker & Saxon should be ***. I was told that Lane vs Baxter tore the house down, but wasn't given a rating... DLD & King ***1/2.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 2.24.07

----Corey Maclin opens with Reggie B Fine coming out. Fine was mad because Derrick King got burned.

----Fine is still out with Maclin. They show the angle where Lawler burned DK. DK then comes out with a mummy mask, because he was burned so badly. DK is promising that Jerry Lawler will pay for burning him. Lawler comes out and runs King/Fine off with a chair. Lawler then does a promo talking about Chris Masters at Sam’s Town this coming Friday night. Masters will have a $10,000 Challenge from a fan in the crowd. Good way to promote him and get the marks out. Another video interview from Chris Masters. Good interview. Lawler then pretty much promises to burn Masters.

----Jethro/Mr. Hughes/Kevin White beat “The Posse” [Chris/Simon]/Tatt2. Total squash with all the heat on Tatt2 with Posse not even getting in the ring. Hughes finished Tatt2 off with a chokeslam and pinned him. After the match the heels jumped the babys and Bill Dundee and Cujo Moondog with Grady Watson made the save.

----Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock with Jethro came out. Blaylock is now managing Jethro. Jethro says “Loser Leaves Memphis” Match has an added stip with Jethro vs Cujo. Cujo runs off Jethro with shovel. If I understood the stip right, it also includes Grady Watson leaving town.

----Dundee comes out and does an interview then talking about Kevin White. Corey was calling White, “The New Nature Boy”. OMG!!! That is bullshit!! I love the new heel White, but please do not call him that!!

----Jimmy Hart was on the phone saying something about him/Corey/Grizz going to a game later this week with Grizzles vs Jazz, so they will probably work an angle there. Koko Ware comes out and says Hart is on his side. Corey brings up an angle from long time ago with Lawler/San Diego Chicken vs Jesse Ventura/Jimmy Hart. Grizz came out with two girls from Grizzles dance club. Koko jumps the Grizz and beats the hell out of him. I loved that. Corey makes the save with a trashcan. Grizz then tells Corey he wants an “Anything Goes” Match vs Koko Friday night. It was fun watching Koko beat up Grizz, but Corey making the save was horrible. How can a heel be afraid of an announcer?

----“Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex]/Flash Flanagan come out to present Flex with a belt, so he can be part of the Southern Tag Team champions. Grind takes Flash’s belt and gives it to Flex. Grind then says he has Flash’s belt backstage. He goes and brings out a toy belt. Flash gets mad and hits Flex. They beat up Flash in the ring. This was exactly where I thought this angle was going, but I thought they were going to turn Flex instead of Flash. Good swerve.

----They air a Smackdown match with Boogeyman vs The Miz bout. Flash comes out to announce he will be Boogeyman’s Mystery partner Friday night vs “Too Cool 2”.

----Chris O’Neal/Johnny Dotson beat Fire/Flame by COR when Dotson pulled Fire’s mask off [I think it was him]. Heat on O’Neal with hot tag from Dotson. Dotson pulled the mask off and Fire/Flame ran out. Good quick bout.

----Old Masters video aired after Corey went over the card for Sam’s Town again.

----Lawler comes out for another promo about Masters and Sam’s Town. He puts over the show again. Good job from Corey and Lawler promoting the show.

RassleNotes: Hughes did a dropkick to Tatt2 for the second week in a row. As I said last week, Hughes has looked real good here…Same matches we listed last week, but special ref for The Grizz vs Koko Ware is Jimmy Hart…They have a Sam’s Town Special Thursday night 11:05 PM…Corey announced an internet winner for a package deal. How did they win online when their site isn’t even working??...If you buy a Sam’s Town ticket you can get a VIP ticket for NBA game with Memphis Grizzles vs Detroit Pistons for $15 for the next night…Loser Leaves Memphis for Jethro vs Cujo?? Maybe they are getting rid of Cujo very quickly!! I hope…Flash is so good on the mic. He will do well as a baby. He gets the rub right after turning face, so it will be good for him…Dotson gets the hot tag again. He should have taken the heat…Still no mention of the $21 and $26 ticket prices. SEW runs a show in Memphis on the same night with Sid Vicious vs Doug Gilbert main event for only $10. It will be interesting to see if they draw anyone…This show pretty much sucked.

Arena Report: TIWF Jackson, TN 2.24.07

----The show started out with an interview from Dazzlin Dixie with Ravishing Randy. Dixie turned on Lawman Williams last week. Dixie challenged Williams and Williams accepted for later on in the night.

----“The American Sensation” Weasel beat “Nigerian Prince” Abdul MaButa. There was very little psychology here. For example, Weasel went into a resthold after coming out heat. Weasel was a step ahead most of the time with MaButa. Weasel won with an axe kick. Weasel has tons of charisma – something that can’t be taught and his execution is a little sloppy, but it will get better with time. [*]

----Wildside/Jon Seymour/Ravishing Randy came out to say that Wildside would fight anyone tonight. Seymour was making fun of Wildside when Wildside was not looking. Wildside is good on the mic. Seymour is the former Commish. They did a voting gimmick where “Ravishing” Randy won and is the new heel Commish. Seymour was then given the head custodian job.

----PK Ripper vs Madman was declared NO CONTEST. Match was pretty much a squash with Ripper dominating Madman with move after move. PK has some potential. He is real small, but does a lot of good moves. Void came out for the finish of the match and “The Watcher” appeared. Ripper/Void went face to face and then he pointed to The Watcher. Void started beating up Madman. They set up a table in between chairs, poured thumb tacks on the table and double Rock Bottom’ed Madman on the table. Weasel came out to make the save and I think [they never said on the mic what it was], but it looked like Weasel stabbed Void in the head with a box cutter. Void bled and PK/him left with Watcher. Great thing for a babyface to do – stab someone in the head with a box cutter. WTF?? [*] for the match; [***] for double Rock Bottom and angle.

----AC Havoc beat Steven Rampage in the best match of the night. Rampage came out with Ravishing Randy and Jon Seymour. Seymour accidentally knocked Rampage’s sample into his face, which didn’t get a pop. [probably because he has done it too many times] Rampage went to the bathroom to get another sample and then AC Havoc came out. TV Title on the line with Seymour putting Havoc’s foot on the ropes to stop the pin and then Havoc got the AC Crusher [RKO] on Rampage for the win. Neither guys are great workers, but Rampage has good execution and is real good on the mic. Havoc has lots of charisma also, but very little psychology in the match made for the crowd sitting on their hands not being into the match. [**]

----TIWF Tag Team Title Match: "Genocide" [Maxx Corin/Albino Rhino] beat by DQ “Big Boys” [Bob/Leroy] with Ravishing Randy. They handcuffed Rhino to the corner and shitcanned Corbin. They got DQ'ed for handcuffing Rhino and then Corbin jumped in with a chair to clear the ring. There was very little psychology here with no hot tag spot, no hope spots and just some sloppy work at times. Corbin/Rhino are over and have tons of potential. They are both big guys and work like they are 180 lbs. I would give the edge to Corbin as a worker, but both of these guys together have a good look. They are babys here, but could be heels also with a good manager – would be an excellent team to feud with “The Posse” in CWA, ASWF and All Pro. They need to work some of the TLCW guys for psychology and these guys could easily be great workers. [**]

----Dazzlin Dixie beat Lawman Williams to win the TIWF Title. Not much of a match as I could not judge Lawman’s offense, because it was mainly Dixie just beating the hell out of him. Dixie took a nasty bump on table and his back had a big whelp on it. Lawman backdropped him to the table that was propped up against the ring apron. Dixie pretty much just took the bump to the floor first and then broke the table. Sick thud. Dixie hit Lawman with Randy’s hubcap and pinned him for the win. [**] – for the table bump.

----KC Gold came out with two of his assistants [that look to be 14] and told Randy/Wildside that he would be in Tank Turner’s corner tonight. Gold is smooth on the mic and would make a really good heel manager for one of the bigger groups. What about Gold with “Genocide”??..LOL

----Tank Turner beat Wildside when Turner hit Wildside with something that Gold gave him. Randy and Wildside tried to jump Turner after the bout, but Gold threw fire on Randy. Good solid bout and the only match that even came close to having psychology. Wildside has never done anything special, but is a very solid worker. Wildside also is good with his interaction with the crowd and such. Turner is old, but bumped ok. [**]

RassleNotes: I counted close to 70 people in the building and with $3 fan night, then that is a $210 gate. Good turnout considering it was storming when we got the building and rained the whole day in Jackson…They had a 10 Bell Salute to Mike Awesome with all the guys – heels and babys coming out around the ring…Ben Estes was in the crowd and, well, he was Ben…AJ Bradley was backstage and in the crowd. Good to see him – wished he would have worked…I had a long talk with Dazzlin Dixie before the show and for the bad info I got on the closing of DCWF, well Dixie said he would fax me proof of his food license and inspection. Dixie has nothing to hide…This group has a great sound system and lights show for the guys to walk out of the dressing room down a small ramp. The building actually reminded me of a mini version of the Ripley building. I can not see it fitting anymore than 125 people. The music was good and clear, but very loud for such a small building and the building was hot as HADES!!!...Rodney Howard is a good announcer, but cracks me up when he goes to announce the participants of the matches. He goes into a “Buffer” voice, but in reality his normal voice is better… Void, even though he did not even work, is the best worker on this show…Seymour is suppose to have all the results of the steroid testing next week. Take a look at this crew and you can tell no one is on steroids and that is what makes it funny…As you can see by the match ratings, nothing was real good. The guys do not know psychology or use very little. The crowd is into entrances and finishes. If you use psychology, then they are into everything. Allen Walker has a tough job with this crew, but it would help if they knew how to come in and out of heat & such…TIWF crew and management were first class. Thanks for a good time.

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 2.24.07

----"The Brazilian Bad Boy" Rozzi beat Big Daddy Moose ;"Danger Zone" members "Hot Rod" John Ellison/"Dangerous" Dave Cox beat Wild Bill/Acid.; Hillbilly Tiny beat Venom; " Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne beat Scotty Graham; Steve-O beat Gravedigger by DQ - GD hit Streve-O with 4 chokeslams and then hit him with the MEW Title for the DQ - The Playboy Boy Club came to the aide of Steve-O, chasing Gravedigger out of the ring and in the Main Event: The General Manager made a match between Gravedigger and "The Suicide King" Ray Ray in a NON-TITLE MATCH Ray Ray by DQ.

---245 people in attendance....During the main, Ray Ray got a switch handed choke slam from Gravedigger, in which he received a concussion. [not sure if legit or a work??]Gravedigger then got his MEW TITLE, and he then gave Ray Ray a Tombstone Pile Driver on the title. The ref. Then called for the bell and gave Gravedigger a D.Q allowing Ray Ray to win. Ray Ray was laying motionless in the ring and his partner Tommy Wayne can in and chased Gravedigger out of the ring again.

10 Years Ago in Memphis Wrestling and Lawler Tidbit!!

----I posted this before I forgot it. The comment about Lawler breaking Heyman's jaw is for shoot. I was there the night he did it.

USWA: On the weekend tv, Dutch Mantell returned as a babyface, and provided color commentary on the show with Lance Russell…... Memphis crowds continued to pick up, as the switch to weekend afternoon shows had been successful. Crowds had risen from 300 to 1,200.

There was real heat between Lawler and Heyman, stemming from their phone confrontation on the February 17th Raw, when Heyman made remarks about Lawler’s legal problems with an underage girl a few years earlier, and Lawler hit back with remarks about breaking Heyman’s jaw in a Memphis angle back in 1987……..


RassleBits: TIWF, WWE Camp and Big House for ASWF!!

----I attended a TIWF show in Jackson, TN tonight and I will be running late with the Memphis Wrestling TV report. I will have full Arena Report also sometime tomorrow.

----I got word that the WWE camp went very well for most of the area guys. I will try to have a more detailed story tomorrow, but I know that Alex Krisis, Alan Steele, Dustin Starr, Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael all got great reviews. I am being told you should see Jacobs/Michael on some WWE shows to work some squash matches. Great news guys!! I am glad you all did well.

----Another story for tomorrow – it looks like I missed a big one in Walnut Ridge, AR for ASWF. I hope to have official numbers tomorrow, but with the top matches being Austin Lane vs Brandon Baxter and Jerry Lawler vs Dirty Little Dave that may have done close to a $7,000 house!! As I have said in the past, I can and everyone else can say what they want about Lawler, but he stills draws. Brandon Baxter and KISS FM are also a very strong promoter of these shows.