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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 3.10.07

----Show opens with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock interview with Fire/Flame/Lord Humongous. Good interview. Blaylock talks about Jimmy Hart’s First Family and says he has the Hollywood Clique.

----“New Nature Boy” Kevin White/Mr. Hughes interview. White/Hughes vs “The Posse” [Simon/Lil Chris]. This was a total quick squash.

----Bill Dundee interview. Dundee puts over the upcoming Boliver, TN show. Good interview.

----Moondog Cujo totally squashes K-Hill in a Moondog match. Another very quick bout.

----Juan Tastic/Tatt2 beat by DQ Insane Clowns [Bobo/Giggles]. This was horrible. Three matches and all three sucked so far. I was really hoping they had got rid of the Clowns.

----Clip of Grizz vs Koko Ware with Corey Maclin jumping in to help. Grizz beats Ware by COR. This was beyond horrible. The Bee Gee’s song “Stayin Alive” was playing. WTF?? I was thinking to myself - is this real or just a dream?? They then do a pull-apart brawl with Maclin/Ware. Why does Maclin have to be in the middle of every thing?? Ware interview aired next.

----Clip of Masters vs Lawler. Lawler comes out of heat with pulling down the strap. Masters cuts him off and then a ref bump. A fake Derrick King with mummy mask [Pokerface] comes out. Lawler piledrives the mummy. The real DK comes out and hits Lawler with a chain. Masters goes to get the ref, but Lawler ends up pinning Masters. Masters and DK get into a shoving match. Masters puts the Master-Lock on DK.

----King interview and he challenges Masters and Lawler. DK wins a squash over Shane Shaw. Johnny Dotson joined Maclin during commentary as the “Sam’s Town” champion.

----They air clip of the Lawler/Hulk Hogan angle from last week. Lawler signs the contract.

----Flex comes out to say his partner Tim Grind of “Too Cool 2” was taking the day off because of the worms that Boogeyman put in his mouth. Flash Flanagan came out and said he had a partner. He showed Flex his fist and then punched him. Flash hit the mic as he was hitting Flex and it sounded good. Flex vs Flash ended in a DCO and was the best thing on the whole show.

----RassleNotes: Maclin says “near capacity crowd” at Sam’s Town, but in reality there were 700 people in I believe a 1200 arena…I hate to see Posse beat like that. This is a team that is so over at every show they work, but do quick jobs here on Memphis TV…Cujo is over, but he looks horrible…Juan – Tastic was bad…The Grizz actually looked like a werewolf. Koko vs The Werewolf might have sold more tickets LOL…I really thought the show could not get worse, but this new format of squashes was worse…The next “Sam’s Town” show is “Nightmare in Tunica” on Friday April 13th, 2007 at the River Palace Arena…Maclin/Jimmy Hart are doing a promotion with on March 24, 2007 at 11:00 PM…The Hollywood Clique came out during the Flex/Flash brawl, but they did not interfere. They just walked back thru the curtains.

Arena Report: LAW Rector, AR 3.9.07

----LAW’s weekly debut put on their best show last night, since the start of this site. Guess what?? That is what they needed to give it a shot in the arm for a weekly event. I talked with LAW CEO Jeff O’Dell briefly before the show and I ask “Can you draw in Rector on a weekly basis??” and he responded by saying, “We better – I bought this place!!”

----O’Dell invested money into two building which also include 6 apartments. Since I am not too familiar with Rector, AR, the building looked to be located downtown Rector to me. They have store fronts like small businesses [which they probably were at one time], so the exposure looks good. O’Dell was very appreciative and praising of his crew that helped get the building ready for shows. The building had a lot of water damage and it was pretty much re-done with a crew of very dedicated guys and girls that as O’Dell put it, “A lot of people helped for free that wanted to see wrestling succeed here in Rector.”

----I also talked with Kelly Warner a little bit before the show and he informed me their plans were to have a small fitness center next door and to rent the apartments when they get them ready. The best I can find out is that LAW got a hell of deal on this property. I wish the best for them as they have had experience in a weekly show and they know it is a lot harder to make money and such.

----Tatt2 beat Dell Tucker in a good opener. This is the best singles bout I have seen Tatt2 work. Tucker is a good solid worker. It had good psychology as Tatt2 took a nasty stomach bump to the floor to set up the heat. Tatt2 came out of the heat hitting Tucker with a BIG MOVE [169] and finished him off with a sunset flip out of the corner. [**]

----Chris O’Neal/Christian Jacobs/Matt Boyce beat Derrick King/Rockin Randy/Erik Hayes in the best tag team bout on the show. A longer than usual face shine as all three babys got put over good. Boyce looks better than the last time I seen him. The WWE camp did him good. Heat was on Boyce and DK was stiff as hell on a lot of spots. A few kicks and chops made me cringe. Hot tag ended up with DK putting Boyce on the top turnbuckle for a suplexplex – Boyce pushed him off and hit a flying press for the pin. [***]

----Tim Alfonzo beat Shannon Lee. It was hard to follow the match before them, so the crowd wasn’t into this match. These two guys are both small and need lots of work. Good solid match though with psychology. Alfonso did a dive outside the ring for the no reason, but it looked like it killed him. Alfonso came out of heat and hit Lee with a Lionsault for the pin. [*]

----Stan Lee beat Flash Flanagan by DQ. Stan got a huge pop coming out. Flash used a mulekick to the nuts to go into the heat. Lee took a closeline out of a hope spot with a bump that made it looked killed him. Flash hit Stan with a chair on the back and the ref DQ’ed him. Flash kept beating on Lee and put his head in the chair. He was going to jump from the middle rope and stomp his head in the chair, but the faces made the save. [***1/4] This was better than the Ripley, TN match I seen early this year.

----LAW Tag Team Title Match: “The Posse” [Simon/Lil Chris] beat “Black Out” Squad to retain the belts. This bout was not as good as the last time in Rector, but the crowd was so crazy for the Posse I am not sure it mattered. The front of the match was real sloppy with double team moves from Posse, but then they quickly went into the heat on Chris. Hot tag to Simon for a hope spot and then heat on Simon. Double heat works well when you got a team over like the Posse. It gets over the heel team, because babys take a beating. The marks believe that the BOS can beat the Posse now, but the Posse were smarter and won. After the hot tag, Bishop cut off Chris, but Simon hit Bishop in the nuts, so Chris rolled him up for the pin. [**]

----Main Event: Loser Leaves Town – LAW Title Match: Dustin Starr beats Brian Christopher to win the title back. As most of you know, Christopher is more psychology than actually wrestling. The crowd was into the match. They ran a few spots with the ref [Kelly Warner] about how fast to count with the ref counting fast for Dustin being pinned and slow for Brian C. Crowd got into it and it was good. Heat started after Starr reversed a throw into the wall and Brian C took an awesome bump into the wall outside the ring. The finish had a ref bump and Brian having Starr pinned. DK & Flash ran out to help Starr. DK held Brian for Flash, but Flash hit DK. Then Starr did the same thing. DK turned face by double stunning both of them and leaving the ring. Brian then had Starr pined again, but Flash hit Brian with something to have Starr get the pin. Flash/Starr started beating up Brian again, but DK made the save. Warner left with the belt as if it was held up. Brian/DK did that stupid dance after the match. The crowd loved it. [**1/2]

----105 in attendance with probably around 80 paid. Gate close to $700…Christian Jacobs is huge!! Jacobs wore orange, O’Neal wore purple and Boyce had purple/orange on. They looked good as a team. O’Neal spent one part of the match just working the arm of his opponent and still getting heat. O’Neal needs a new look and a haircut with Jacobs/Michael tagging as “Picture Perfect” now…To get either Alfonzo or Lee over, they need to have a program of some kind as the crowd really doesn’t care about them yet…Tickets will be $6 starting next week dropping off from $10-$8 [average of $9]. I would have not dropped so much. I would have dropped to $7 and charge $10 for the big shows…Bishop is the second biggest guy on this roster and Oz has such good heel presence for a little guy. His facial expressions and working of the crowd is on…Main event left the crowd guessing on if Starr won the belt and if Brian C has to leave town or not. As of now, the angle will have Starr being the champ and Brian leaving. Starr will feud with DK over the LAW Title. Crowd left happy also with Brian C doing that dance and such…This might get all confusing to people that travel to all the shows, but LAW is not TLCW. LAW will have Flash as a heel feuding with Lee and TLCW has Flash as a baby feuding with DK. DK is a heel in TLCW, but will be a baby here feuding with Starr. Lee is a baby in LAW feuding with Flash and a baby in TLCW feuding with Starr. Did you get that??

**Picture taken from ring of floor and chairs of building. I liked the floor.

Friday, March 09, 2007


----I just got a call to let me know that the show tonight is back on. LAW officials would like to apologize to any confusion this might have caused. I hope to see everyone at the show tonight!


----Kelly Warner just moments ago txt'ed some of the workers to inform them that the show was canceled due to a permit or something. I will try to have the full story sometime later today.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


----Sometime yesterday, this site reached 300,000 hits. I just finished looking over a lot of data from my old hard drive and counted all of the hits. This comes at the almost 10 month anniversary of this site. I am hoping for at least 400,000 before the 1 year anniversary on may 13, 2007. Thanks to all of you for making this site one of your bookmarks for viewing every day. Oh yea -- tell more people about the site!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Thompson Finished With WFAC

----I got word earlier this week that Brian Thompson was done as booker of WFAC. I contacted him to respond and here is what he sent.

I have officially finished up as booker of Chris Bryant's WFAC promotion based in Newport. Timing is everything in life and, unfortunately, the chance for me to book the promotion came at an akward time. A new job in a town an hour from my home that is requiring a great deal of my time has taken away from me putting together the best shows for WFAC. Basically, the boys there got a watered down, tired Brian Thompson and for that, I apologize to Bryant and all the guys.

I enjoyed the brief time I was there and hope I am always welcome to be a part of WFAC shows, along with my friend "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. With or without me, WFAC is going to continue and this week looks to be a wild, crazy show with a big Street Fight on the card. So if you are a fan within driving distance, get down to the Newport Armory and check out WFAC. Thanks to all the guys for the tremendous respect you showed me and to Chris for the opportunity. I wish things in my personal life would've worked out a little better, but right now I just need to concentrate on my job in Wynne and do wrestling on an occasional basis.

Take care all.
- Brian Thompson


----I can only expect to get heat from some people in the business for this website. I expect it because it is a dirt sheet and it covers the business for what it is. The funny thing is that I am getting heat from the SEW show, which was this past Friday night, due to my report.

----Have you read the report?? The show was not a good show. The show had three good bouts and 3 DUDs. I have to be honest about shows no matter what my role is with that show. My role that night was only to be the manager of FOP and to report on the show. Management of the company knew I was doing a report and I made it clear that I would do an honest report.

----I got a call from the company telling me that the crew was mad that they did not like the comments. I then was told that Sid was mad because I put his fee in the piece. I was THEN told that the company supported me even though they did not agree with my assessment of the show.

----I finally got word yesterday that I would not be given the footage to produce a DVD of the event. Management feels that since I thought so less of the show, then I should not be part of the production of the DVD. I also feel they think I would make a lot of money off this DVD. Not sure about me making much money, because my “cut” of DVD sales is not very much, but I did feel the promotion could make money because of Sid being on the show. I was also told that I was welcome to come to future shows, but would not be welcome to come to the dressing rooms.

----I would like to wish Tim Williams and Lammarus Brooks the best of luck in the effort to bring a different brand of wrestling to Memphis. My professional association with the company has ended. I will continue to cover the shows on this site and if they present talent that I want to see, then I will attend their shows.

The Ratings Are In!! Ratings Nightmare!

----This week’s show did not do very well. The show did an overall rating of 2.2 [37,104 viewers], which is one of the lowest ratings this show has posted. I will have a full report next week on the rating trend and such when I retrieve all the data from my crashed computer.

----The show opened with a 2.5 [42,140 viewers] for the first quarter featuring Lawler/Corey/Hart at Lawler’s home and the 6 man tag. The second quarter dropped 12,759 viewers scoring only a 1.8 [29,381 viewers] for the clips from the Grizzles game and stopped in the middle of the Dotson vs White match. The 3rd quarter, which featured the finish of the Dotson vs White match and ended just as Hogan was getting on the phone jumped 18,971 viewers for a 2.9 [48,352 viewers]. The 4th quarter scored a 1.7 [28,551 viewers] dropping a whopping 19,801 viewers!! The show finished with 13,589 less viewers than it started with.

----This show was a ratings nightmare. The only positive of the whole show was that the Hogan announcement was seen by the most viewers. The show went up and down the whole hour . 2007 has not been a great year for ratings so far. Memphis Wrestling has to start doing good storylines and stick with them to win back viewers. Ownership can not be happy with numbers like this, but it has been written here on the site a million times, that the show is not worth watching. The ratings are proving it now.

----This report is posted also every week on!!

Feature Article: "Behind the Scenes at Southern Extreme"

----I would like to say this is one of the few shows that I really felt uncomfortable doing. It was not even the nerves or anything; it was just by doing this site and then working a show. Well, the two really don’t mix. I know this was a one shot deal just because of Sarge/Mickey, but I do want the readers to know that I have no plans in doing shows, instead of doing this site. I mean I get hell sometimes for just coming back in the dressing room [mainly from Bill Dundee..LOL], but I truly believe you can only do one or the other – do this site or work in the biz. I will stick to doing the site.

----A funny story that most of you will enjoy. Psycho almost got my ass kicked by Sid Vicious. I always like to feel out “stars” before talking to them and such. I always try to be respectful in that if they like to talk, then I will talk, if they would rather talk to others, then that is kewl also. This was something that I was taught in the old days when I was taking photos. Guys like Jerry Lawler pretty much stuck to themselves and I was welcome when only asked and hardly ever took photos of him. I usually had access to talk, but he wasn’t one that wanted to spend time taking photos.

----Sid was talking to everyone that came up to him and seemed to be a pretty nice guy. After Sarge/Mickey had arrived I decided to ease over and sit down next to Sid. I had a 8x10 of Sid with site reader Dan Haynes. Haynes had meet Sid in Memphis one time on Beale Street and had a photo taken with him. He wanted it autographed, so I said sure. I take it out and ask Sid to autograph it. He is nice enough to do it with no problem. I had talked about trying to get shoot interviews with Sid/Snowman when I was coming to the show. So, my good buddy Psycho, says “You going to get a shoot interview for your dirt sheet??” in front of Sid. Well, Vicious starts going totally off. He is saying how he has never read a dirt sheet and never will. Guys that do sheets can’t make a name for themselves, so they make names off others. I am sitting there waiting for someone to rat me out and all I could see was Sid’s big hand just knocking the shit out of me. Psycho looks at Sid and agrees with him about the sheets and I nod my head also. LOL Mickey Ray then comes to the rescue by changing the subject real quick.

----I have met Doug Gilbert a handful of times over the years. He was just tagging along with Eddie the first time I met him. We actually later worked a card for JD McKay together and he said when shaking my hand, “Nice to meet the guy that gives Jerry Lawler so much hell.” I have really never “known” Doug, but one time after a Power Pro Beale Street show he called my house to threaten to stick his baseball bat up my ass due to some personal business that I actually had nothing to do with. Well, sort of..long story. LOL We had later talked on the phone about renting my ring and he was a nice guy. When I shook his hand at the show, I was not sure he remembered me and actually thought he didn’t. I was told later on in the night that Gilbert was asked by Sid, “who is that??” pointing at me and Gilbert said something like, “He used to manage my brother-in-law [Paul Justice] – he ain’t nobody!!” Thanks for putting me over Doug!! So, Psycho tries to get me beat up and Doug says I am nobody to Sid. Don’t think I was over with the big guy; what’ca think??

----Finally, Lamarrus Brooks said something about “Psycho” and Sid said, “What?? Me??” and Psycho said no me. Sid looked at him and then went on with his business. Later on it happened a few more times and you could see Sid seemed to be either disgusted that Psycho was using the name or he was pissed at himself for answering to it every time.

**Sid vs Doug photo by Cindy Hawk

Shows for the Weekend 3.09 to 3.10.07

----Last weekend proved to be the best weekend so far for wrestling in this area posting over $20,000 in gates total of all shows. This weekend looks to be interesting as LAW debuts with a weekly show in Rector, AR and the New Daisy show in Memphis with All Pro. As many of you know, this will be FOP’s final match as a team. The ladies hardcore match with Simone vs Ricci will also be a #1 contender match for the PGWA Title. PGWA people will be on hand and will be filming the match for a DVD release. I will be in Rector tomorrow night. I have plans to be in Memphis also for FOP's last match, but I am not 100% sure I will make that show as of right now.

Shows for the Weekend

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Stan Lee, “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon], LAW Title Match: Dustin Starr vs Brian Christopher and more.

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Friday night in Newport, AR for WFAC @ 8:00 PM Newport National Guard Armory 2000 Fairground. Scotty Fury, Allan Storm, X-Caliber, Idol Bane, Kid Krazzy, Tommy Wayne and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, and more.

----Saturday night @ New Daisy Theater on Beale Street Memphis, TN with Extreme All Pro Wrestling with Mr X vs Justin Smart, Kid Krazzy vs Austin Lane, Brandon Barbwire vs Trent Shults, Anton Leveigh vs Phoenix X, Psycho vs Mad Dog, Hardcore Tag Match: Giant Hillbilly/Pappy vs JD McKay/Chris Kilgore, Women’s Hardcore Match: Christie Ricci vs Tasha Simone and Main Event: “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O’Reilly] vs “Cruzin 4 Pain” [187/Motley Cruz].

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM and Brownsville, TN for TIWF DOUBLE SHOT with Bobby The Butcher,Tank Turner, Dazzlin Dixie, Lawman Williams; Genocide vs the Big Boys; Steven Rampage,AC Havoc;Wildside, Razor;PK Ripper, Void and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, “Kountry Homeboyz” [Gunner & Weezy], Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Rob Harlem, Allen Steele, Mark Justice, Rob Justice and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in XOW in New Albany are THE MANSON BROTHERS, PURE DESTRUCTION, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley, Jay Webster, Colton Anderson, Tommy Knox, Cassanova Kidd, "Prime Tyme" Nick Grymes, Soultaker, and more! XOW Wrestling, 105 McGill St. in downtown New Albany, Bell time is 8:00.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Stan Lee [if he is not at the casino],Rockin Randy, Tucker, “Black Out Squad” [Oz/Bishop], Brian Steele, Buckwheat, Matt Boyce, Tim Alfonzo, Seth Knight, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2, Dustin Starr, Derrick King, Tim Grind ,Flash Flanagan , “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] and more!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9Th And Oak Street’s. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local business’s and community leader’s. Come out to see such star’s as “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr., Casino Kid, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne, Scotty Graham, “the Suicide King” Ray Ray, “The Brazilian Bad Boy” Rozzi, Hillbilly Tiny, Gravedigger, Danger Zone{“Hot Rod’ John Ellison, “Dangerous” Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, Righteous Punishment{ Jack “ Lock-down” Johnson,” Big” Daddy Moose}, Velvet Thunder, Wild Bill, Acid, Venom, and many, many more. Bell time is 8P.M, door’s open at 7:15P.M.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


----I would like to apologize for taking so long to post some of the results. Some of it was my fault and then some of them I just got. I have a big day planned for the site tomorrow as I am looking at posting the following…

*Feature Article “Behind the Scenes at Southern Extreme”
*Shows of The Weekend featuring LAW weekly debut and All Pro in Memphis!!!
*Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings – Not a Good Week!!
*Another bit about the backlash I have felt from the SEW review.

--Photo of Snowman by Cindy Hawk

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 3.3.07

----"Wildcard" Chris Graham beat Slim "the bulldog" Pickens...Kilo beat NBW High Risk Champion Phoenix X in a non-title match…Gaylon Ray beat Rob Justice…5-way match- Gryffon x vs. Tommy Love vs. the Kid vs J Weezy vs Graham went to a no contest when Kilo/Mark Justice/Big Red interfered, tank made the save…Tank beat J-Fed…Mark Justice beat "The Real Deal" Tim Edward…Main Event- NBW Heavyweight Champion "The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore beat Kilo by DQ.

----80 paid with gate close to $400 with over 100 in the building…Main event had Kilo hit Jeremy with a chain, stuck the chain under his arm and got the 3 count, then in celebration of winning the title raised his arms and the chain fell out and the ref reversed the decision…Crowd was very hot for the Main Event, especially for the finish, screaming at the ref when Kilo pulled out the chain, and then going nuts when the ref reversed the decision…Great to see Rob Justice and Mark Justice working here!! Is there a RIOT SQUAD reunion in the works??

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 3.3.07

----Rozzi beat Hillbilly Tiny..."Righteous Punishment" [Jack "Lock down" Johnson/Byg Daddy Moose] beat "Danger Zone" [Johnny Harper/Dave Cox]...Wild Bill pinned Velvet Thunder...MEW Light Heavy Weight Title Match "Hot Rod" John Ellison retained the MEW Light Heavyweight Title over Scotty Graham...MAIN EVENT: Gravedigger/Widow Maker beat "The Playboy Club" [Mr. Playboy Tommy Wayne/"The Suicide King" Ray Ray]

----279 in attendance...After Gravedigger and Widow Maker won the match they gave the "Playboy Club" a double Tombstone piledriver on steel chairs with TPC doing a stretcher job...The ref. Reno then suspended the team of Gravedigger and Widow Maker for 1 week for there actions.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 3.3.07 - Steriod Tests Come Back!!

----Steven Rampage beat AC Havoc to win the TV Title ( Afterwards Jon Seymour stripped him of the title- Title Held Up)...Weasel beat Void ...Wildside beat Razor to win the cruiserweight Title... "Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] beat The Big Boys to win the Tag Team Titles...PK Ripper beat AJ Bradley by DQ ... MAIN EVENT: TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match Lawman Williams beat Dazzlin’ Dixie to win the title.

----54 in attendance with a gate close to $200…As mention on the site Monday, a lot of drama behind the scenes for this show. Apparently the tag belts were scheduled to change hands to end the long program with Genocide/Big Boys, but when G-Cide got to the arena, the plan had been changed. Big Boys were taking some time off, so it would be correct in having G-Cide, who are staying, to win the belts. After some discussion, Cide won the belts…Some of the guys were told that this promotion is just for fun and they don’t have to follow storylines?? It is weird how they almost pick and choice which storylines to follow??…PK Ripper has not did a job here in over a year…I was also told that Allen Walker is experiencing some resistance in script writing. One guy wants to do this and another one wants to do this and then all of his scripts get changed…Jennifer Justice turned on Lawman. Why put the belt back on Lawman so soon??...AJ Bradley was asked to change his name and make it more “dark”??? WTF?? LOL…One source said this segment was over and another said it died. I do know when I was at the show, there was no heat for Jon Seymour, even though I liked the steroid angle. But, the tests came back and here is what was found – this stuff is funny.

Former Commisioner Ravishing Randy – Tested positive for high saturation levels of Old Spice and Tinactin which is an athlete’s foot spray and also high levels of Viagra. But, no steroids found.( Great stuff this was funny.)

Lawman Williams_ Negative of everything he was congratulated as being a great example of the TIWF.

The Big Boys- Tested positive for high cholesterol. Jon only recommended seeing a nutritionist.( Not a big pop on this one)

Rodney” Hotrod” Howard- Tested negative.

Maxx Corbin- Tested Negative.

Wildside- Tested positive for Haldol – for mood swings and irrational behavior and Ritalin.( Wildside acted irrational and was acting mad and then ok the entire time which made this even more funny. Crowd loved it.)

Albino Rhino- Tested Negative.

Steven Rampage- tested positive for high levels of Rogaine saturation,( This got the biggest pop of all) High Levels of Estrogen, and he did test positive for steroids… and if that wasn’t bad enough the test also revealed he was pregnant!!!

Everyone thought that was the end… but then Jon beckons Phil Dees to hand him the last result…

Phil Dees- tested positive for: Haldol, Paxil Lithium etc. etc.( About 20 medications!)

Jon then states that since Phil isn’t actually on the payroll that he can’t suspend him. But, then he turns to Steven Rampage and Strips him of the TV Title that he just won and in addition fines him $250 and then suspends him for a month!!!!

----And finally, I noticed this in the report I was sent. Just read the results from the tag match. Do you think that maybe Corbin/Rhino have heat?? LOL

Feature Match 4th match
The feature match saw TIWF Tag Team Champions The Big Boys defend their titles against Genocide ( Albino Rhino & Maxx Corbin) Early on in the match the Big Boys isolated Corbin from getting many tags. This was a brawl for all basically. The Big Boys looked really good during this match. Genocide got lots of small pops but I could swear people were also cheering for the Big Boys! Rhino looked flat in some execution. Corbin looked more crisp. Big Boy Bob took some stellar moves I’ve never seen him take before. But in the end Genoicide new tag team champions(*)

It's Official!! "Picture Perfect" Slated for WWE Dark Match!

----I am happy to announce that Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael are slated for a dark match on April 30, 2007 in Nashville, TN at the RAW tapings. This was confirmed Monday afternoon as they spoke with a WWE official. It is also possible that they will be sent to Birmingham, AL the next night for the SMACKDOWN tapings. Congrats guys!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 3.03.07

----TLCW Tag Team Title Match: Tim Grind/DK beat "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] to win the belts...Seth Knight won an elimination rumble type match to become #1 contender for Hardcore Title......Alex Krisis beat Matt Boyce...Tatt2/Dell Tucker beat "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony/Brian Steele and TLCW Title vs Lawyer's Hair: Stan Lee beat Dustin Starr and the Main Event: TLCW Tag Team Title Match: Derrick King/TimGrind beat by DQ Brian Christopher/Flash Flanagan.

----250 in attendance with a $1,500 gate...PP lost the belts mainly because they are not sure how many Saturdays they will be in Ripley...Doink [Dusty Wolfe] was in the Hardcore elimination match...After Knight won the match, Krisis came out and jumped him. Knight kept getting up as Krisis beat him up and Krisis would go back in the ring and beat on him more...Tatt2 used his own guitar to hit Brian Steele this time. It is pictured with art work done by Tatt2...I was told the main event went close to a hour including pre/post match antics. Finish was hot. Grind hit DK with the kendo because Flash moved,then they went for it again and Flash moved again and Tim nailed DK once more. Stan Lee came out pissed that he hit DK. They started pushing each other - Flash & Stan - while they were arguing dk got pinned. Flash/Brian C had won the belts but DK said they had cheated and hit him with the kendo stick. Ref ended up asking Stan what the truth was - who really used the kendo stick?? Stan said he couldn’t lie - that Flash used it. They got dq'ed and DK/Grind kept the titles. I loved that finish -- it is making it look like Lee is turning also...Side note on the Lee/DK angle - earlier in the night DK said he had Stan's back - when Stan got beat down after his match DK and the other faces came in for the save, DK stopped and the other faces ran in the ring and got hit by Dustin,then DK came in and ran Dustin off and helped Stan up...Starr's attorney Marcus Cochran got his hair cut when Starr lost. It looked horrible, so Dustin shaved a “5” in it. Go to for pics. It looks funny. Starr also has comments about Trent Van Drisse on there.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Still Testing....

----Just wanted everyone to know that I am still testing the new computer and trying to get everything up and running. I will have updates tomorrow with results from TLCW and TIWF. TLCW drew a big crowd of around 250 and TIWF is about to explode with controversy!!!

RassleResults: XOW New Albany, MS 3.3.07

Tommy Knox d. Cassanova Kidd.
Buzz Harley d. DC.
The Manson Brothers d. Pappy & Jay Webster.
"Pure Destruction" [Cody & Brody Hawk] & "Family of Pain" [Sarge O'Reilly& Mickey Ray] [picture by Cindy] d. Kross/JR Mauler/Izzy Rotten/Cassanova Kidd taking the XOW name after SGWA attack last week.
Soultaker d. Psycho in Loser Leave Town Match
Danny B. Good d. Izzy Rotten to win the XOW Titile

----Attendance was around 60 with a gate of $300...Psycho is gone from XOW for almost three months. He will be doing the upcoming All Pro show this week and also look for him in NBW. Fans were in total shock to see him lose and some of them were even crying...FOP also finish up at All Pro show in Memphis slated to be their last match as a team because they are both retiring...Cassanova Kidd ran in after Good won the title and challenged him for the belt.

RassleResults: CWA Selmer, TN 3.03.07

"C4P" [Motley Cruz/187] w/Tasha Simone d. Taylor Marx/Kaleb Kastle.
Brad Thomas d. Beau James w/Hollywood.
Reno Diamond d. Anton Leveigh.
Chris Rocker and Austin Lane w/Hollywood went to a DCO
Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels w/Ken Wayne d. Bobby Eaton/Brickhouse Brown w/Hollywood Jimmy
"The Posse" [Chris/Simon] d. "The Blackout Squad" [Oz/Bishop] w/Hollywood Jimmy
Texas Heavyweight Champion Dr. Tom Prichard w/Beau James d. Jerry Lawler.

----I was told a crowd of around 250, so we are looking at a $2,500 gate...Eric Wayne pinned Bobby Eaton and they did an angle where Ken Wayne came out after the match to set up Dillion Eaton [Bobby's son] with Bobby Eaton vs Eric Wayne with Ken Wayne on the next show...They ran an angle to explain FOP not being at the show. Hollywood was talking to FOP on the phone and Rodney Grimes pretty told Hollywood to either get FOP there or find him another team or he had to wrestle. Hollywood brought out The Black Out Squad.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 3.02.07 - Standing Room Only!

DC d. Tysin Starr.
Cassanova Kidd won a 3-way dance over Mark Mayhem & Psykottik Steve.
Josh Matthews & Hitman d. Little Steve Davis & Vega.
Jay Webster d. Pappy.
The Freakshow d. DOA to win TFW tag titles.
Izzy Rottend. Kross.
Buff Bagwell/Tony Dabbs d. Chris Styles & Mason.

----I have been told there were around 210 people in the building. That is a gate of $2100...It was standing room only. Outstanding show.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Computer Update

----I would like to give everyone a quick update on the site and my computer. I actually bought a new system today after getting two shipment of bad parts. I will post the site when I get my refund back. LOL I am currently installing all my programs, pics and such on the new computer. I should have the home site page updated within in the next few days removing the SEW advertisement and such. Thanks to everyone for reading!!

RassleResults: WTWA Dyersburg, TN 3.2.07

----AC Havoc & Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens went to a no contest when "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and interfered and cut a promo that Neil Taylor had called him to take care of Doink...Dazzlin' Dixie beat "Pretty Boy" James...Southern Hillbillies over Ac Havoc/The Knockout Kid...Seth Knight/Chris Rocker/Brian Steele/TJ Money over Lil'Tim/Erik Hayes/Dell Tucker/Shannon Lee with Quadruple Noggin Knocker with Quadtudple Roll-up...The Posse [Simon/Chris/Jason) over Black Out Squad & Rockin' Randy and in the Main Event: Doink The Clown [Dusty Wolfe]over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony when Doink reversed bodyslam into small package.

----Crowd was around 50 with a gate close to $350...This looked like a pretty good show with mix of talent from TLCW, TIWF and NBW.

RassleResults: ACW Paragould, AR - Show is Sold Out with New Tag Team Champs!!!

----“Prime Time Player” Zane Richards beat Cody Daniels…Shakedown beat Adrian Stratton…Next Division Title Match: Hamhock with Sexy Sam Dollar beat The Enforcer…Bryan Knight beat Arnez with Kayte/Bate Masterson…Non Title Match – Winner Must Win With Stink Face Move: San Francisco Treat beat Loose Cannon…Main Event: Tag Team Turmoil Match for the Arkansas Championship Wrestling Tag Titles - Midnight Cowboy/Buster Johnson beat Hambone Express & DeadlyDale /Idol Bane /w/ Bate Masterson to win the titles.

----140 people in the crowd with a gate close to $900. Advertising was done for the show this time and it doubled the crowd from last time. Apparently they also had high school basketball tournaments in Paragould last night…SF Treat is way over here as a face. Huge pop for that stink face he gave Cannon. That really sounds perverse…Morgan Lane starts full time for ACW on 3.17.07…Dollar co-announced with Buster Johnson…Enforcer is Deadly Dale’s Dad…No shows were Tim & Zack Hanson and Blakster. Tim Hanson had to work and this was Blakster’s 3rd time to no show, so he is done with ACW…This was also Bate Masterson’s [Biscuit] last show with ACW. He is venturing out to other shows and told ACW he was offered more money.