Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just A Reminder About Tonight!!!!!

----I listened to Brandon Baxter and Booger promote the show yesterday on Kiss FM. They are promoting the "Rock & Wrestling" gimmick with Arkansas's Further Down being at the show. I suggest everyone getting that around 5:00 PM as the doors open then for good seats. This is going to be a huge event. I stole this from the Kiss FM site......101-9 Kiss FM & ASWF Wrestling Present “ROCK & WRESTLING: A Benefit Event For Greene County Tech Cheerleader, Whitney Whelchel!”It’s Gonna Be Taking Place This Saturday Night March 17th… At 7PM…

At The BC Lloyd Building On The Fairgrounds In Paragould!

Be There To See: Memphis Wrestling Legend, “Superstar” Bill Dundee Take On Dirty Little Dave…

And Kiss FM’s Own “Double B” Brandon Baxter Will Face Austin Lane In A No Holds Barred Street Fight! We Already Had The Wrestling…

And Now We’ve Added The Rock…

With A Special Live Performance By Arkansas’ Own Further Down! Plus Cheerleaders Unite For One Of Their Own…

As Squads From Arkansas Cheer Company…Cheers Unlimited…And Liberty Cheer & Dance, Perform A Special Routine For Whitney!

Tickets Are Only Going To Be Available At The Door The Night Of The Event. Ticket Prices Are $9 For Ringside Seats, And $7 For Bleacher Seats.

100% Of The Proceeds From Ticket Sales & Concessions Will Go To The Whelchel Family.

It’s “Rock & Wrestling: A Benefit Event For Whitney Whelchel”…

This Saturday Night At 7PM At The BC Lloyd Building On The Fairgrounds In Paragould!

And It’s Brought To You By ASWF Wrestling…Car Today…Hot Wired Car Audio…The Paragould Jaycees...And 101-9 Kiss FM!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

RassleBits: TD, New Daisy, Lifeguards, Hollywood Jimmy, Gunn, TLCW, TGB/Knight and DVDS

----I had technical difficulties yesterday and was unable to post anything. I had the ratings all up and ready to send and it would not post!!!!

----I really hate it that I missed the New Daisy show. Everyone I talked with said it was a great show. Kenny Valiant and All Pro did a great job having a bigger crowd in the New Daisy than any other promotion in a long time. I had two or three people report the “boring” chant that was in the Simone/Ricci match, but something I forgot to mention. It was women that were chanting it and when Ricci/Simone went outside to Beale Street one of the girls got punched or knocked down. LOL

----Dustin Starr has reported on his site that he will be reprising “The Lifeguards” gimmick this Saturday night in Shelbyville, TN. Something he forgot to mention is that the team will be facing “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]. It should be a great match. Starr also mentions the Jamie Dundee shoot and offers a clip. If you guys have not seen the clip, then CLICK HERE.

----I am not sure how many of you that read my site and read the columns over at, but Jimmy, Burcham and Gene Jackson all have some interesting stuff to say this week. Jimmy talks about FOP leaving and how he will miss them. Total shoot there guys. Jimmy and I talked at the ASWF show with the Lane/Baxter angle and Jimmy was very unhappy about the guys retiring. Although Sam Dollar managed the team also, Jimmy was a major part of FOP and he will miss those guys. Good luck to Gene Jackson on his comedy career also.
----I seen these results on and they featured former LAW Champion Tony Gunn and a few other familiar names.

--Mid South Wrestling from Saturday night in Booneville, AR: Mark Johnson & Steve Frost b Krusher Kanine & Johnny Morton, Tom Jones NC Wrong Turn Walker, Shane Rawls b Phil Lawrence, Dexter Hardaway d Eric Rose, Reckage & Romance b Don Bass & Tony Gunn, Gary Gram b Prince Al Farat-DQ, Farat won Battle Royal. Among those there as special guests were Danny Hodge and Tom Jones. Not that Tom Jones, but the 70s area star also known as Mr. Ebony

----A few notes to clear up from the TLCW results: The interview that last so long featured 6 people and was something like this: Craven Moorehead/Hollywood did an angle to help them promote their angle for this coming week, because TLCW has a short roster. DK came out to interrupt with his greatest big fan Eric McMahon [who is actually the Grizz – the Werewolf!!!!!!!] – Flash comes out to challenge DK to hardcore– Seth comes out because he has been doing the hardcore gimmick and then finally Starr came out to set up the main event. Just to clarify the whole DK heel turn here – the storyline is that he has a “brother” [Stan Lee] that is babyface and a friend [Flash] that is face, but they are having problems, so he has not done a complete heel turn. And finally, Oz did turn on Bishop and will manage Jawbreaker Jones. This angle will only be here in TLCW because they will tag everywhere else.

----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and Seth Knight are headed to Central States Wrestling in Lawrence, KS for “St. Patrick’s Day HOMICIDE” this weekend to participate in a Homicide wrestling seminar. Homicide has connections with ROH and TNA and both Knight/Anthony are tailor made for those promotions. Homicide faces Mark Sterling, who has worked LAW shows.

----I had a very good plan of making DVDs. I wanted to make two titles a month, so as of right now I would have been close to having 7 titles in the library. Due to waiting on matches and the big computer crash it has been a very slow process. I have a few more things to fine tune to be able to make the DVD process easier, but starting in April, I hope to release at least two titles and then two every month after that. BTW, I lost tons of photos and the web site database during the last crash. I am going to try to have the front page of the site updated this weekend.

The Ratings Are In!!!

----This week’s show bounced back and was the highest rated show since the 1.27.07 show. It scored an overall 3.3 [55,236 viewers], which is just about average.

----The show opened with a 2.6 [46,170 viewers] to watch Blaylock forming the Clique, Hughes/White squashing Posse, Dundee interview and the Cujo squash. The next quarter had a 10,557 viewer jump scoring 3.4 [56,747 viewers] for the Insane Clown match and the Grizz/Koko clips and angle. The third quarter featured the best rating of 3.9 [64,806 viewers] jumping 8059 viewers to see the Masters/Lawler clips, Derrick King interview and the start of the replay of of the Hogan/Lawler phone call. The 4th quarter dropped 11,585 viewers for rest of the Hogan/Lawler phone call and the Flash/Flex angle scoring a 3.2 [53,221 viewers]. The show finished with 7051 more viewers than it started with.

----The show continues to flip and flop going up and down. The good thing about the Lawler/Masters angle being in the best rated quarter is that it was a good clip along with DK challenging both guys. But, this show was horrible, so if people were returning to see if it had got any better, then they will not return next week.

**Ratings are also posted every week on

Shows for The Weekend 3.16 - 3.17.07

----A really BIG show this Saturday night in Paragould, AR for the ASWF benefit show. I will go on record here to say that it will break the attendance record for the year and will have a huge gate. Memphis Wrestling is venturing into Boliver, TN with some build up, but not much. It will be interesting to see what they draw with Kevin White vs Jerry Lawler on top. I would like to personally say congrats to XOW in New Albany, MS for celebrating their 2cnd Anniversary this Saturday night!! That is a great goal to accomplish for a weekly promotion.

Shows for the Weekend

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Stan Lee, “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon], LAW Title Match: Dustin Starr, The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Seth Knight and more.

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Friday night in Newport, AR for WFAC @ 8:00 PM Newport National Guard Armory 2000 Fairground. Scotty Fury, Allan Storm, X-Caliber, Idol Bane, Kid Krazzy, Tommy Wayne and more.----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with Bobby The Butcher,Tank Turner, Dazzlin Dixie, Lawman Williams; Genocide vs the Big Boys; Steven Rampage,AC Havoc;Wildside, Razor;PK Ripper, Void and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, “Kountry Homeboyz” [Gunner & Weezy], Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Rob Harlem, Allen Steele, Mark Justice, Rob Justice and more.

----Saturday night in Paragould, AR for ASWF and the Whitney Whelchel Benefit The show will be held at the B C Lloyd Building on the Green County Fairgrounds in Paragould, AR Belltime set for 7pm. doors open at 5pm.Tickets Ringside $9 Bleachers $7 but all donations will be greatly appreciated!!! Live music by Further Down during the First Intermission, Main Event: Brandon Baxter vs Austin Lane - In a Paragould Street Fight, Semi-Main Event: *SuperStar* Bill Dundee vs Dirty Little Dave Feature Match ASWF Tag Team Title Match A First Ever Graffiti Match in ASWF: The Posse (Simon Reed & Lil Chris) vs Da Blackout Squad (Bishop & OZ), Single Match: "Fabulous" Chris Rocker vs "Magnificent" Reno Diamond Single Match: Marcus O'Neil vs Ray Ray, Tag Team Match: The Giant Hillbilly & Anton Leveigh vs X-Kaliber & Tommy Wayne, Battle Royal and many more!!!

----Saturday night for Memphis Wrestling in Bolivar, TN with Doink the Clown, Pokerface, Doug Gilbert vs Moondog Cujo, Fire/Flame vs Chris O’Neil/Mystery Partner, Jerry Lawler vs Kevin White and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in XOW in New Albany, MS for their 2 – Year Anniversary Show!! Special surprise guest, you will be shocked when you see who it is. Also a 10-man tables match, the only way a wrestler can be eliminated is to go through a table. PURE DESTRUCTION, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley, Jay Webster, Colton Anderson, Tommy Knox, Cassanova Kidd, "Prime Tyme" Nick Grymes, Soultaker, and more! XOW Wrestling, 105 McGill St. in downtown New Albany, Bell time is 8:00.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with Craven Moorehead, Hollywood, Rockin Randy, Dell Tucker, Brian Steele, Buckwheat,Tim Alfonzo, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2, Derrick King, Tim Grind ,and more.

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9Th And Oak Street’s. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local business’s and community leader’s. Come out to see such star’s as “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr., Casino Kid, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne, Scotty Graham, “the Suicide King” Ray Ray, “The Brazilian Bad Boy” Rozzi, Hillbilly Tiny, Gravedigger, Danger Zone{“Hot Rod’ John Ellison, “Dangerous” Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, Righteous Punishment{ Jack “ Lock-down” Johnson,” Big” Daddy Moose}, Velvet Thunder, Wild Bill, Acid, Venom, and many, many more. Bell time is 8P.M, door’s open at 7:15P.M.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 3.10.07

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Chris Lexx with Goldi-lock.

Dell Tucker won cruiserweight title in gauntlet match beat Randy, Lil'Tim, Erik Hayes and then Tatt2 when Cosmic Cowboy interfered with Tucker unaware.

Jawbreaker vs Bishop ended with Jawbreaker almost turning baby. Jawbreaker and Bishop have been fighting the last couple of weeks with Oz in the middle of them. I was told that Oz turned on Bishop, but could not confirm it.

Derrick King/Flash Flanagan interview segment

"Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] vs "The Posse" [Simon/'Lil Chris] went to a no contest with a double pin with Simon pinning Jacobs and Michael pinning Chris. Face vs Face match.The

Flasher(Flash in Hogan gimmick)/Seth Knight over Derrick King /Dustin Starr in Hardcore match. After the match DK fired Flash... but then came back out and said he had three minutes to beat him w/ Dustin as special referee. Flash clotheslined Dustin,superkicked DK and made Dustin count the three with Dustin’s hand and then Seth made DK kiss Flash's bare ass.

----200 in attendance with a gate close to $1000...Stan Lee did an interview piece talking about what happened last week...I was told the interview segment with DK/Flash went to long and Lee actually had his match scratched when he walked out. ..I stated this before and I will stick to my guns here – I don’t like Derrick King the heel when he is also the booker. I got too many bad reviews about this show and I hardly ever get anything bad said about TLCW…I have got to see Flash doing the Hogan gimmick!!

Benefit This Saturday Night For Whitney Whelchel

----I got the following from ASWF offices yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I will be attending this show and encourage everyone that is near Paragould, AR to come out and help Whitney Whelchel. It is going to be a great night of wrestling action!!

ASWF Wrestling Benefit Show for Whitney Whelchel

The show will be held at the B C Lloyd Building on the Green County Fairgrounds in Paragould, AR Belltime set for 7pm. doors open at 5pm.
Tickets Ringside $9 Bleachers $7 but all donations will be greatly appreciated

Live music by Further Down during the First Intermission

Card Run Down
Main Event: Brandon Baxter vs Austin Lane - In a Paragould Street Fight
Semi-Main Event: *SuperStar* Bill Dundee vs Dirty Little Dave
Feature Match ASWF Tag Team Title Match A First Ever Graffiti Match
in ASWF: The Posse (Simon Reed & Lil Chris) vs Da Blackout Squad (Bishop & OZ)
Single Match: "Fabulous" Chris Rocker vs "Magnificent" Reno Diamond
Single Match: Marcus O'Neil vs Ray Ray
Tag Team Match: The Giant Hillbilly & Anton Leveigh vs X-Kaliber & Tommy Wayne
Battle Royal

The Cheerleaders will perform, plus much much more.

Card Subject to Change

RassleResults: All Pro Memphis, TN 3.10.07

----Kid Krazzy d. Austin Lane by DQ when Reno Diamond and Brandon Barbwire interfered. Anton Leveigh d. Reno Diamond when Brandon Barbwire & Austin Lane interfered. Justin Smart d. Brandon Barbwire when Austin lane & Reno Diamond interfered. The East Coast Bad Boys (Serpent and C-Money) d. Marcus O'Neil and Trent Shultz. Psycho and Chris Kilgore vs. Pappy vs. Giant Hillbilly -- no contest due to a double pin. Kid Kash, Anton, Justin Smart, and Kid Krazzy d. Austin, Reno and Barbwire. Family of Pain d. Cruz'n 4 Pain. Tasha Simone d. Christie Ricci.

----143 in attendance with a gate of around $1100...Crowd was LOUD! Match ratings are average from several people in attendence. Austin Lane w/Hollywood Jimmy & Princess Naychole wrestled to no contest with Kid Krazzy after outside interference. ****! Innovative & high paced! Great opener! Swear to GOD - got several "That Was Awesome" chants during the match...Reno Diamond/Leveigh also was given [****]...Smart/BobWire [***] Good match with little heat because of first two matches! Had some high spots with the crowd...Kenny Valiant came out and set up 6 man tag for later in the night. But Hollywood said only if he gets a special referee...Bad Boys are OVER! Marcus worked great with Harry! [***]...C4P vs FOP [***1/2]...Great match. Afterwards, FOP called C4P back out and shaked hands...Kenny Valiant came out for the six man tag. Hollywood Jimmy announced the referee as Alki Holic! Kenny announced that he evened the odds and added another wrestler to baby side. KID KASH! [****] for that tag. Lots of innovative spots involving all 7 men! Started as a tag...ended up going into hardcore!...Ricci/Simone in a hardcore match. [**1/2]. Match was good, but crowd was chanting "Boring!" this match would have have better reaction if it had not followed 7 man tag.

----As you can tell I got a few reports and put them together. I am not disputing the STARS for the matches, because I was not there, but if this show had 3 [****] matches and the rest was [***], except for the Simone/Ricci match, and then I WANT A DVD OF THIS SHOW!!! Please someone send it to me!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Arena Report: AWA World-1 South Cordele, GA 3.10.07 Night II

----I would like to thank Larry Goodman for sending Night II of the Old School Tag Team Tournament. Congrats to Brad Thomas!! Apparently from reading this report, he did real well this weekend. Thomas is a future star in this business.

Brad Thomas and Scott Davis [pictured] emerged as the winners of the $10,000 old school tag team tournament at the AWA World-1 South show in Cordele, Georgia Saturday night.

As an overall experience, it may have been the most satisfying show promoter Jody Peterman has ever done. The booking was logical all the way through the weekend and unfolded in such a way as to build on what had gone before. The wrestling on Saturday night never reached the peak level achieved by the Briscoe/Strong/Stevens match from Friday, but everyone raised their games to where it was consistently of a higher caliber.

The sign on I-75 read “Experience the Appeal of Cordele” and for better or worse, this weekend was my chance. On one level, it is the epitome of a nothing happening town of 12,000 mostly working class people, many of them dirt poor. But Cordele also exemplifies the positive aspects of the simple life -- friendly, relaxed, and easy.

One thing Cordele does have going for it is a rich wrestling history in the not too distant past. Ben Masters’ Peach State Wrestling drew some big crowds here back in the early 90s and has a weekly local television. The PSW Cordele City Title was held by Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, Raven, Terry Taylor, Ricky Morton and Flash Funk/Too Cold Scorpio among others.

Peterman ran Cordele for the first time last month. Given the rich resource of wrestling talent at Peterman’s disposal, correctly promoted, Cordele is the kind of town where a local wrestling promotion can still mean something. There has been discussion with WSST, the Cordele station that aired Masters’ show, about weekly television. In a larger market, that probably wouldn’t matter, but if the one and only local TV station got behind the product, it could provide a meaningful boost.

The crowd of 200 at the Crisp County Middle School Gym was a throwback to the kayfabe days – easy pops for the babyfaces and bigtime heat for the heels. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place at the Cordele National Guard Armory, but the military needed the building. The school gym is a much nicer venue, although too large for this size crowd.

Masked Superstar, Jake Roberts, Ricky Landell [to the right on the picture with Rioter Brad on the left]and Glacier were all out at the gimmick table prior to belltime.

Masters informed fans that the concession stand was selling one of rural Georgia’s cultural treasures – and in my opinion, the most vile, inedible food item known to man -- boiled peanuts.

Bo Oates was the referee for the evening. The former GCW booker was making his return to the Georgia wrestling after a long hiatus. I hope he sticks around.

(1) Brad Thomas & Scott Davis beat Nightmare (Ted Allen) & Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) in 15:02 to advance to the finals of the tournament. This was state-of-the art 80s wrestling, and that’s always a good thing in my book. Thomas was put in a position to shine this weekend, and he brought his A game. It’s a common practice to make the “Ricky Morton type babyface” comparison. It’s certainly one I’ve used. Thomas is the real deal, trained by the man himself. Early on, Thomas proved too slick and quick for either of the masked men to handle. Superstar complained that Thomas was oiled up. The heels started to get heat on Thomas, but he did the splits haymaker and went through the legs to take Scott. Superstar and Nightmare got major heat on Scott. Nightmare used a gutwrench suplex. Superstar did a Russian legsweep. Superstar tried to choke him out. Scott had the crowd behind him on a series of spirited comeback attempts. Nightmare and Scott chopped the hell out of each other. Scott countered Nightmare’s piledriver attempt and hot-tagged Thomas. Four-way action ensued. Nightmare tried to load up his mask, just as he had done to win the first round match, but Thomas grabbed the foreign object and clocked him for the 1-2-3. Huge pop for the finish. The losers complained long and loud, but Oates never saw a thing.

(2) Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil with Amy Vitale) beat Ki Elite (Jake Slater & Mike Status) in 7:45 to advance to the finals of the tournament. For the second night running, Express proved they are fully capable of elevating their opponents to bigger and better things. No disrespect intended towards Ki Elite. They showed tons more here than they did the previous night. Sean went off on the fan holding a sing that read “Fartbreak Asspress.” Sean said Express respected Elite because neither team cared about the people or the rules. He vowed the match would end with a real winner. Express got heat for bailing out. Sean was deep into his screeching, crybaby routine. He retreated to the corner on his hands and knees and buried his face in Phil’s crotch. Elite maintained control until Vitale slapped Stratus to provide the needed distraction. I’m sure this has been said before, but Vitale has a strong Francine vibe. The match disintegrated into a four-way brawl on the floor. Sean tossed Slater into the third row of the bleachers. Slater came back with low blows and a flying lariat off the bleachers. Davis slammed Slater into the wall. Back inside the ring, Slater tried going to the top, but was upended by Vitale. Sean pinned Slater after a freight train corner splash.

Intermission with Thomas and Ricky Morton doing inring Polaroids. Jake Roberts was back doing autographs and chatting it up with the fans.

(3) In the second chance 4-way elimination match for $5000, Scotty Riggs & Dave Holiday beat Lifeguards (Daron Smythe & Wade Koverly) & The Fabulous Ones (Michael Stevens & Leon McMichaels) and Q-Ball & Ricky Silver in 12:52. Fabs were the only heels. Two scrawny punks desecrating the name of the Fabulous Ones was enough to get heat from me. Their t-shirts read “We’re not gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Riggs and Holiday looked out of place in there with all those green little guys. Riggs had more experience than his six opponents combined. The early part of the match saw everyone picking on little Ricky. Silver was getting pounded on pretty good. Wade pinned Silver after a slice ‘n dice slingshot legdrop at 6:36. Lifeguards tried to finish McMichaels the same way, but his life partner pulled Wade off the apron. Stevens snapped Daron’s throat off the top rope and McMichaels superkicked him for the pin at 8:48. Holiday took a hot tag from Riggs and cleaned house. Fabs were doubling up on Holiday when Lifeguards came to ringside. Lifeguards distracted Fabs by taunting them about their pasty, white bodies being at risk for sunburn. Riggs and Holiday scored simultaneous pins on the Fabs with stereo roll ups. The finish was hokey as hell, but the crowd ate it up.

(4) Brad Thomas & Scott Davis beat Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) to win the $10,000 prize and the trophy belts in 15:27. Sean had a proposition for Scott. Since they were family, Sean told him to ditch Thomas and they would split the money three ways. Scott said that doing the right thing for the people was more important than the money. Thomas’ shoulder blocks were bouncing off Sean in the early going. Sean said it was like hitting a brick wall. Thomas went through the legs and made Sean kiss the canvas with an X factor. That set up the best wrestling of the night, a brother vs. brother confrontation between Scott and Phil. When Scott was cautious about breaking clean, Sean chimed in with “He’s your brother. What the hell’s the matter with you?” They did a spot where Scott had Phil in a bodyscissors, while Phil had Scott’s arms pinned to the mat with a knuckle lock. It doesn’t read like much but this was primal stuff. The crowd got behind Scott. Phil took the shortcut. Phil came up empty on an up-and-over, and Scott gave him an atomic drop. Express isolated Thomas. He took two bumps that sent him all the way to the floor. Thomas leapfrogged one Express and went through the legs of the other to make the hot tag. Scott gave cousin Sean and brother Phil a meeting of the minds. It broke down to furious four way action. Phil got Scott with a rolling reverse cradle. Scott kicked out, sending Phil into Sean. Scott then pinned Phil with a rolling prawn. Nice finish. The crowd popped huge for their babyface winners. Sean went into crybaby mode in the postmatch.

A brief intermission with Thomas and Davis out for autographs.

(5) Jake Roberts & Ricky Morton & Glacier beat Tully Blanchard & Ricky Landell & Nightmare in 14:34. This match also told an entertaining story. My only misgiving was the same as with the Friday night main event; they needed to go longer, especially with the personalities involved. The back story was that Landell had turned on Glacier at the January show, thus turning Glacier back babyface, so Landell wanted no part of Glacier. Also in the mix, was Morton’s unfinished business with Blanchard from the previous night. Landell stalled against Roberts. Glacier tagged in. Landell got in a cheap shot and tagged out. Nightmare and Blanchard started to beat on Glacier, but he managed a tag, leaving Blanchard to be victimized by some awesome babyface chicanery. Blanchard kept making tags that Oates failed to see. While the heels were griping at Oates, the babyfaces would switch without tagging. Blanchard was trapped like rat, and nobody does that role better than Tully. The crowd was totally into it. Blanchard finally escaped the wrath, and the heels got major heat on Glacier. Landell used a spinning toehold. Blanchard did his strut. Blanchard did that hilarious deal where he gets knocked loopy and wobbles into the wrong corner looking for a tag. Roberts took the hot tag. All six men started going at it. Roberts planted Landell with the DDT for pin. An abrupt finish but the right finish.

NOTES: AWA World-1 South’s next show is 3/24 in Savannah at the Alee Shrine Temple headlined by Heartbreak Express vs. Black Market in a barbed wire match. They also have show scheduled on 4/6 at the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton…DVDs of the weekend will be available via the World 1 South website in approximately 3 weeks.
**Credit Brad for pics

RassleResults: XOW New Albany, MS 3.10.07

DC d. Prime Time Nick Grymes.
Justin Rhodes & Omega d. Colton Anderson & Jay Webster.
Brett Michaels d. Izzy Rotten by DQ.
Soultaker d. Tommy Knox.
Pure Destruction d. 24/7 by DQ.
Danny B. Good d. Cassanova Kidd by DQ to retain the XOW title.

75 in attendance with a gate of around $375

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 3.9.07

Pappy d. Jay Webster.
Psykottik Steve d. Mr. Bo Jangles.
Mark Mayhem d. Tysin Starr.
JR Mauler d. Josh Matthews.
Chris Styles d. DC.
The Freakshow d. Vega the Dragon & Little Steve Davis.
Izzy Rotten d. Hitman by DQ to retain the TFW Championship.

100 in attendance with a gate of around $500

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 3.10.07 - Eric Wayne Wins His First Title!!

Byg daddy Moose beat Venom
Jack "Lockdown" Johnson by DQ Kid Nickels
Velvet Thunder beat Wild Bill
"The Hillbillies" { Hillbilly Tiny & Plowboy Hayes} beat "Danger Zone" {Dave Cox & Johnny Harper }

MEW Light Heavy Weight Title Match with a 60 Minute Time Limit
Eric Wayne [pictured with belt] beats "Hot Rod" John Ellison to win his first title!!

Main Event-
The Playboy Club { Mr. Playboy Tommy Wayne & "The Suicide King" Ray Ray }
The Grahams { "Crazy" Luke Graham & Scotty Graham }
In a long time of 20:12The Playboy Club beat The Grahams which will put them in line for The Grahams Titles.
The crowd was great again this week with 251 in attendance.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

RassleResults: TIWF DOUBLE SHOT Jackson, TN/Brownsville, TN 3.10.07

Jackson, TN
Cruiserweight Title Match
Wildside © def. Razor to retain the title
Jennifer Justice def. Boogeyman
The High Rollers def. The DOC
Duke vs. Madman Ruled a No Contest
AJ Bradley Def. PK Ripper by Countout
Dazzlin’ Dixie wrestled Intern to a No Contest

----59 in attendance with a gate close to $300...Way Cool, who use to tag with Wildside, came out to try to get Wildside to forget about Ravishing Randy, but Wildside turned on Way Cool. Both of these guys were never great in the ring, but have always been good at angles and mic work...Moondog Rex [yes they are now using one of the Moondogs - he was in the ring with Larry Booker the night he died] helped Boogeyman Scream in his match and ran off Jennifer Justice and Dazzlin Dixie...Rex was special ref in the Main Event. Dixie beat the hell out of the Intern and him/Rex brawled also.

Brownsville, TN
Genocide def. Haywood Hustler & Trailer Trash
JR Rich & AC Havoc def. Wildman Outlaw and The Boogeyman
Wildside def. Johnny Thunder
Steven Rampage def. Weasel in a falls count anywhere match
Tank Turner def. Bobby " the Butcherman" Smith by DQ
Hardcore Rules Match
Lawman Williams & Jawbreaker Jesse Dee def. Bodacious Brent & Blonde Bomber

----158 in attendance with a gate close to $775...Ravishing Randy opened the show with an angle that set up the main event...Rampage vs Weasel was said to have been best bout of the night. Weasel put Rampage's head in the toliet at one point...The ring broke down 4 times during the night.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 3.10.07

----J.Weezy def. Gunner Thompson after Bigg Money Gripp came out and slipped weezy the brass knuckles...Gaylon Ray def. Pheonix X to become the new NBW High Risk Champion after Kilo blasted Phoenix with a chair then Gaylon drop kicked the chair into Kilo and covered Phoenix…The Sicilian Kid/Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens def. "Playboy" Tommy Love/Tank to become the new NBW Tag Team Champions "All That" Alan Steele/Kilo def. Rob Harlem /Jeremy Moore and in the Main Event, "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards won a Hardcore invitational match by pinning Big Red at the last, the match included, Big Red, Tim Edwards, Mark Justice, Weezy, Gunner, Gryffon X, Bonecrusher, Buckwheat and a few others.

----100 in the building with 85 paid and gate around $420…Show opened w/ Kilo coming to the ring saying that he has friends in the back that no one would believe and then he left, after this, “The Kountry Homeboyz” made their way to the ring, Gunner was saying that they deserved a tag team title re-match, then Weezy took the mic, Weezy said that Gunner was never there for them to get any kind of a re-match and then he blasted Gunner out of nowhere to turn Gunner baby.. The finish of the tag team title change had Tommy was wanting to use a chain and Tank was trying to stop him and Tommy got rolled up for the 3, after Tank left the ring, Kilo and Alan Steele came out and beat down Kid and Slim. Tank saved and they tried to attack him only to be thrown off, then all of the heels came out and started beating everyone in the ring, faces came out to a huge brawl, crowd was nuts for this…Finish of tag team match had Jeremy in the ring w/ kilo and Mo and Alan on the floor. Jeremy was giving Kilo a ten punch in the corner and then a ref bump. Jeremy ducked a clothesline and hit the Ace Crusher and made the cover, but the ref was down, while Mo was on the outside he threw Alan into the ring post and Tank came to check on Mo and then threw him into the ring post. Tank then got in the ring and gave Jeremy the detonator - then Alan gave Jeremy a swinging side slam and pinned him.

Jerry Lawler Interview

----I got this online and found it interesting.

Today's guest is WWE's co-host for Monday Night Raw and 2007 inductee into WWE's Hall of Fame. Of course, it's the one and only Jerry The King Lawler. Guttman says that he set up the interview with Jerry directly and not WWE, so there's no subject off limits. Aside from what you'll hear on the show today, Lawler's interview was over an hour on and features talk of Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon - the heel, Vince McMahon - the announcer, Lawler's lawsuit against the WWF, Lou Thesz, Ultimate Warrior, The Cleveland Indians, Hulk Hogan's Memphis confusion, and so much more. James tells listeners to stick around after the interview for exclusive clips from The King's uncut interview. With that, he cues up today's interview with Jerry.James Guttman starts thing off by introducing Jerry Lawler.

The King starts it off with a question:"Did you say Radio Free Insanity or Insanity Free Radio? Which is it? I was going to try to make an insanity free interview here today. That usually doesn't happen with me, ya know?"

Guttman tells Lawler that they encourage insanity on the show. He says it's the way that people are able to watch a lot of the wrestling shows out there. JG begins by congratulating Jerry on his induction into this year's Hall of Fame. The King says it's a great thing to be honored by your peers, however he has mixed emotions. For starters, Lawler says that when he first got the call from WWE, he was stunned. When asked how he felt, he said that he felt old. The voice on the other end said, "Well you are old, damnit. So get over it." They laughed and Jerry explained that he looks at the Hall of Fame as a place to go after your career's over like in Football or Baseball. He was assured that WWE was different and a way to acknowledge things he already accomplished.

Jerry Lawler goes on to say that he's a lifelong Cleveland fan. In a stroke of Murphy's Law, the Cleveland Indians will be playing their first game in franchise history in Memphis…on the same night as the Hall of Fame. Jerry already spoke to Travis Hafner about having some of the guys from the team over his house, but "not this year, I'm going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame." Lawler says he asked WWE if they could induct him via satellite from the game, but "that didn't go over well. So I guess I'll be in Detroit."

James laughs and says that life is always like that. You're free so many days, but the one day that something's going on, you have a bunch to do. Lawler agrees, but let's out a frustrated sigh. Guttman tells him to look a the bright side - at least he got to see the XFL's Memphis Maniacs. The King again agrees and says he got to call many of their games. James also says that at least he's not missing the Indians for something lame. "At least it's the Hall of Fame." King says, "It's for a good cause, as they say."

Guttman brings up how it seems overdue that Jerry's inducted into the Hall. He asks if there was ever discussion before this year about it. Lawler says no and calls it a surprise. He realizes that most of his career took place in Memphis and Mid-South before WWE went worldwide with cable. So a lot of fans nationwide aren't familiar with him. They first they heard of him was in his feud with Andy Kaufman. Then in 1988, he beat Curt Hennig for the AWA title. But a lot of his achievements took place outside WWE, so many fans nationwide didn't know his career. Jerry didn't expect too much of his wrestling career to be honored by WWE, but that's the cool thing about the Hall of Fame. They honor non-WWE careers too.

JG references Nick Bockwinkel's induction as a showing that it's not WWE-centric. Lawler brings up WWE 24/7 and how fans around the world can see stars they hadn't seen before. Now that World Wrestling Entertainment owns so many tape libraries, they can show it to the fans on 24/7. He says it's only right that WWE honors guys outside the company like Bockwinkel.

"That guy…I mean, you know, I wrestled him 100 times and he's literally one of the best wrestlers that I've ever been in the ring with. He's just phenomenal."

James says that Nick was the second guest they had on the show and he was just in awe of all he had done. Guttman brings up how in the 80s, a wrestler would leave WWF and never be mentioned again. Nowadays, they're still mentioned and even put on 24/7, which allows kids to see the stars they missed the first time. Lawler says it's a good thing on all the levels. Young wrestlers or wrestler-hopefuls can learn so much from the guys who came before them. The King explains that people ask him all the time how he learned to wrestle. The truth is, he learned by watching. Jerry feels that 24/7 can be a great learning tool for people wanting to get in the business and great entertainment for fans.

Guttman brings up TNA and asks the King if, even with his schedule, he gets a chance to see it.

"Honestly, I do not get to see it. I think in all the time in existence, I saw part of one show and I know a lot of people will say 'oh yeah, that's not true,' But it really is true. I just don't…like you said, so many things going on, that I just don't get the opportunity to watch it. I mean, you know, like whenever it's on, I'm usually doing something more important like sorting my socks, checking my teeth for plaque, or renewing my subscription to People magazine. All of these things come up that just feel like they're more important than watching TNA, so I don't get a chance to see it."

JG laughs and says that there's nothing more to really say about it. The reason he brought up TNA is because the announcers get critiqued for overselling at times. Guttman says that's one thing that J.R. and the King don't do on Raw. They seem natural instead of like they're promoting. He asks if they ever encountered a guy that they thought would be impossible to get over. Lawler answers that it's happened a lot before and most of those guys are gone now. It still happens to this day.

The King explains:"That's your job. If you are able to do that, then that's what makes you good at your job. That's what makes you the guy on the A Show rather than working at TNA or something."He credits Jim Ross and his passion for being able to do that. He says they sat through some matches that they were hopefully able to help. Whether they described talent to be more impressive than they are or made a match more exciting, they do what they can. However, Jerry knows that WWE fans are smart and no matter what he and the King say, fans pick up on the guys that aren't ready.

Guttman asks about Jerry's light-hearted nature in today's WWE. Before he arrived, he was involved in some violent angles like Eddie Gilbert hitting him with a car. James asks if Lawler enjoys playing the hardcore King wrestler or the happy "Puppies" announcer more. Lawler says it may surprise many people, but he enjoys the wrestling aspect of his career more than commentary. He has fun with announcing, but didn't get into the business because he was a commentary fan. He got into it because he wanted to be a wrestler. The announcing began when Randy Savage jumped ship and went to WCW. Next thing he knows, he's being asked to go on Raw and do commentary. Jerry never intended to do it. He got into the business to be a wrestler and that's what he does to this day.

"If I were just…my career finally evolved into doing nothing but commentary, I don't know if I would hang around that long. I still look at myself as a wrestler more so than a commentator."

James says that Lawler still gets to do that on Raw too and brings up his matches against Chris Master recently. Jerry says that they're great like that at WWE and they've discussed that if he wanted to, he could go on the road with the guys. However, Lawler doesn't want to do that either. He takes his crown off to the roster for their grueling schedule. He runs down the schedule of a star on the road and explains he's not looking to do that. He's working a few matches with WWE, does commentary, and wrestles a few nights a week in Memphis. The King says that's fine with him.

Guttman closes the interview by giving Lawler a chance to speak to the fans that are "chomping at the bit" to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame. King laughs and tells them not to get their hopes up. He's noticed that the acceptance speeches are getting long-winded in the last few years. Jerry brings up Billy Graham and says that he loves him, but his HOF speech has become a running joke.

"He started talking about the fact that, I guess a young lady got a car crash and he received one of her organs in a transplant and without that he probably wouldn't be alive today. He went on from that to talk about his wrestling career and all this sort of stuff and by the time Superstar Graham, before he was through, I was starting to wish that young lady had been a better driver."

James bursts into laughter and King says he just wants to make sure people aren't wishing he's somewhere pushing up daisies during his speech. He then thanks the fans for all they do and says that without them, the wrestlers and companies would be nothing. He says they need to acknowledge the fans and thank them every chance they get.

After the interview, James plays some quotes from Lawler's uncut interview including:

"I think if you were to have J.R. in an interview, he'd say "Oh yeah, I get along great with Paul Heyman," and Paul Heyman would probably say the same thing about J.R., but I think somewhere deep down inside I think there was a little bit of animosity. That sort of stuff you can't hide."

"I had even had a lawsuit against Vince."

"Every time I ever see the Hulk, he'll ask "Did you show the match of you beating me up again this week, brother?" I think somewhere in his mind, he thinks that I show the video of that match that we had 20 something years ago every single week on our Memphis TV."

"Let me just ask you this, when you heard I was going to be inducted did any person's name jump out at you as this person should induct Jerry Lawler?"

"Burger King paid me $5000 to do that that night. I became a huge Burger King fan after that."

Remember, Jerry Lawler's full 62 minute interview is just one of over 60 available on right now. Jerry talks about Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon, TNA, Paul Heyman, commentary vs. wrestling, Hall of Fame, Jim Ross, Monday Night Raw, Prime Time Wrestling, Memphis, and so much more. Also on, you can hear over 60 exclusive interviews with wrestling’s top names including Kevin Nash, DDP, Bobby Heenan, Ted DiBiase, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, Sylvester Terkay, The Iron Sheik, Rhino, Earl Hebner, Ivory, The Steiner Brothers, Nidia, Christy Hemme, Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, Vince Russo and dozens of others. Plus audio shows from Lisa "Ivory" Moretti, D-Lo Brown, Kevin Kelly, Orlando Jordan, and Dr. Tom Prichard.JG’s Radio Free Insanity is always free and always on the air each weekend at, with extended interviews and show archives available on James Guttman’s book, World Wrestling Insanity, is available at or wherever books are sold.


Arena Report: AWA World -1 South Cordele, GA 3.9.07

----As many of you know, I try to cover this area and hardly venture out of a 3 hour radius, but I had mentioned this tournament in a post and it did feature some of the legends of Memphis and the area. Thanks to Larry Goodman. I should have last's night show posted later today or tomorrow.

Here’s what went down at night one of AWA World-1 South’s old school $10,000 tag team tournament in Cordele, Georgia at the Crisp County Middle School.

Ring announcer and former long-time Peach State promoter Ben Masters opened the show with updates to the card. The Peterman Axiom – anything that can go wrong will go wrong - held true once again. Masters informed the crowd that the main event had been switched to a triple threat match because Mark Briscoe was out due to illness. In addition, Botswana Beast (Kimala II) was out of the tag team tournament with an injury and was being replaced by Prince Murphy.

Promoter Jody Peterman’s misfortunes got off to an early start this time. A week ago, Steve Corino cancelled his scheduled back-to-back title matches with Tully Blanchard for the AWA World 1 Heavyweight Championship due to transportation issues. Scott Davis was then slotted as Blanchard’s opponent for night one with Jake Roberts being brought in as Blanchard’s opponent for the second night.

But there was a silver lining in Masters’ announcements -- Ricky Morton was stepping out of the tag team tournament to replace Davis as Blanchard’s opponent for tonight.

Francisco Ciatso stormed into the ring. Ciatso said he didn’t drive 3 hours from Savannah to sit in the back like a mark, so he was going to grab some kid by the neck to be his partner in the tournament.

(1) Chasyn Rance beat Johnny Rodriguez to retain the AWA World 1 Light Heavyweight Title in 4:52. Rance has a couple of things in common with Salvatore Rinauro besides his *cough* Italian heritage. Besides being solid in the ring, they usually add some interesting twists to the way they put together a match. J-Rod was trained by Jerry Oates in Columbus. He’s come a long way from his early GCW matches. Rance did the bump and bail routine. Rance used a cheap shot to gain the advantage but ended up begging for mercy. Rance came up empty on an up-and-over, and Rodriguez hit a Russian legsweep for a two count. Rance tried to dump Rodriguez to the floor. Rodriguez managed to land on the apron and went to punch Rance. Ref Billy Dalton blocked it. Rance kneed Rodriguez in the gut and brought him into the ring with a spike piledriver for the 1-2-3.

(2) First round tournament match: Ki Elite (Mike Stratus & Jake Slater) beat Ricky Silver & Q-Ball in 8:17. Silver and Q-Ball were ridiculously over as the improbable looking hometown heroes. Ki Elite are from GIWA. There were a lot of spots that that showed a lot of light. Q-Ball took the heat. The scary woman in the first row went nuts when Ki Elite switched without tagging. Ki Elite pinned Silver with a combo move.

(3) First round tournament match: Scott Davis & Brad Thomas beat Kim Chee (Francisco Ciatso) & Prince Murphy in 4:56. I guess the fans were supposed to know that Chee was Ciatso. Three of these guys had a good match. Murphy was the weak link. It didn’t help that he looked more like a janitor than a prince. Chee was making these hilarious gurgling noises and teasing a claw hold. Thomas got a pop for a springboard flying bodypress. Thomas did a James Brown splits haymaker for a near fall. Finish saw Murphy holding Thomas in a full nelson so Chee could nail him. Thomas escaped and Chee hit Murphy instead. Tried to anyway. Thomas pinned Murphy with a forward rolling cradle.

(4) First round tournament match: Superstar & Nightmare beat Dave Holiday & Scotty Riggs in 9:28. Riggs has put on a lot of weight since his ECW days, and it’s really cut down on his mobility. Riggs reacted when a fan gave a shout out to Scot Studd. Lots of armbars. The masked men took short cuts with hair pulls and eye gouges. Riggs took heat. Superstar threw some nice punches. Nightmare telegraphed a backdrop and Riggs made him pay for it. Holiday got the tag. He mounted the ropes and was giving Superstar the 10 punches when Nightmare climbed up and headbutted him with the loaded mask. Superstar pinned Holiday. The timing of the finish was awkward. It looked like Riggs was late getting in position to distract the ref.

(5) First round tournament match: Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis with Amy Vitale) beat the Lifeguards (Daron & Wayne) in 12:57. Sean’s sunglasses are the bomb. Sean said Express should receive the ten grand right then and there, because they were a lock to win the tournament. Lifeguard Daron said that money could buy Sean a lot of buffets at Golden Corral. Lifeguards lead the crowd in a chant of “Shamu.” Lifeguards are the D1PW (Florida) tag champs. They’ve got balls doing that gimmick with those physiques. Lifeguard totally dominated due to a hilarious sequence of miscues by the Express. Lifeguards hit stereo topes on Express and posted Sean with a double team whip. Sean took a seat, make that several seats, in the first row. Phil accidentally hit Sean. Sean screeched at Phil. Lifeguards took over on Phil. Wade distracted Sean and there was nobody for Phil to tag. After a good 10 minutes of fun times, Sean got serious with a Michinoku driver, a massive elbow drop and a short arm clothesline on Wade. Little Wade tried a sunset flip. Sean went for the sitdown squash and busted his rump. Then he missed a splash. It disintegrated into a four-way brawl on the outside. While ref Billy Dalton was busy elsewhere, Vitale hit Daron with a foreign object and Sean pinned him. The crowd was highly entertained by this match, which is great tribute to the Express.

Intermission. In ring Polaroids with Ricky Morton.

(6) Glacier pinned Chad “Big Bank” Barfield in a lumberjack match at 6:20. Barfield did mic work that was funny and it got a ton of heat. His trunks read “Poverty Sun.” Barfield instinctively knows how to bring out the people’s hate. Barfield never saw Glacier coming, because he was too busy jawing at the crowd. Glacier tossed Barfield out to the babyface lumberjacks. They threw him back in. Barfield begged and offered to shake hands. Barfield took a flying bump on Glacier’s punch. The heel lumberjacks pulled Glacier out and gave him a beating. Barfield hit a middle rope double ax and slapped hands with the heel lumberjacks. But there was nobody home for Barfield’s fist drop. Glacier pinned Barfield with a superkick that was a love tap at best. Ki Elite attacked Glacier to spark a brawl between the lumberjacks. The babyfaces prevailed. Decent for what it was. Barfield got his ass kicked and that’s all that mattered.

(7) Ricky Morton beat Tully Blanchard via DQ in 8 minutes. Blanchard claimed his contract was with Steve Corino not Morton and Roberts. He accused Peterman of some shady lawyer tactics. Blanchard decided that he needed a warm up match and Morton had one more butt kicking coming. Morton said he was no spring chicken but neither was Blanchard. Morton said the stepping stone thing wasn’t happening. Morton said Blanchard was the real snake in the grass. Blanchard punched Morton on the break. But Morton rolled out from under a Blanchard elbow drop and punched him in the head. Blanchard took a TO. Blanchard caught Morton with an arm drag and strutted. Morton got up selling his back. Blanchard decked Morton with a shoulder block and dropped an elbow for two. But Morton maneuvered Blanchard onto his back with a hammerlock, and Blanchard grabbed the ropes to force a break. Morton reversed an arm wringer and took Blanchard down into another pinning predicament. Blanchard attacked the weak point, Morton’s lower back. Ricky mounted Tully and pounded him. Ref Diamond Dave got bumped. Morton reversed Blanchard’s vertical suplex but no ref to count. Nightmare tried to interfere, but Morton cut him off. Blanchard capitalized with a knee to Morton’s back. Blanchard put Morton in the figure four leglock. Some of the lower level babyfaces tried to help Morton, but Nightmare tossed them out like garbage. It took the mighty Glacier to drive off Nightmare and Blanchard.

Blanchard and Morton did some fine mic work to set up the main event for Saturday night. Morton called out Peterman and said he wanted a tag match to give the people something extra. “Just like years ago, I got the Four Horseman swingin’, brother.” Blanchard whined about the contract. Peterman said the contract stipulated that he could put Blanchard against anybody he wanted to. Peterman made it a six-man tag: Morton & Glacier & Roberts against Blanchard & Nightmare & whoever they could find. Morton said the true snake was going to meet the true snake man. “You may think you’re the cock of the walk, but there’s some new roosters in the hen house.” Blanchard said Morton was giving him flashbacks. He said the Horseman never backed down, and he wanted the building filled with eye witnesses to the wrath that was going to befall Morton and his partners.

(8) Jay Briscoe beat Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens in a triple threat match when Briscoe pinned Stevens with the J Driller (10:54). 3 ways can be tricky business, but for pure technical execution, this was the best indie match I’ve seen in Georgia in forever. Briscoe and Strong were outstanding and Steven hung right with them. My only complaint is that they didn’t go longer. Strong and Stevens went heel and doubled up on Briscoe. But as usual, once they had Briscoe worn down, the heels started breaking up each other’s pin attempts. One of the things that made this work was the great fire Briscoe showed on his Superman comebacks. Briscoe hit a killer double lariat, then a picture perfect flip dive where he took out both heels and landed on his feet. Then a frogsplash on Strong for a near fall. They did a three-way spot where Stevens gave Strong a middle rope back suplex while Strong superplexed Briscoe. The near falls down the stretch were terrific. Briscoe superkicked Stevens and hit a DVD on Strong for a near fall. Stevens scored a near fall with a TKO on Briscoe. Stevens had Briscoe up for a running powerslam when Strong cut him off with a stiff kick in the mush. Strong did the fireman’s carry into a double knee gutbuster on Stevens for a near fall. Strong hit a Tiger Driver on Briscoe and Stevens made the save. Stevens hit a push up powerslam on Strong and Briscoe saved. Briscoe gave Stevens an Ace crusher and smoked Strong with a lariat to set up the finish on Stevens.
Just a great way to end the show.

NOTES: Second night AWA World 1 South returns to the Crisp County Middle School with the semifinals and finals of the tag team tournament, Roberts & Morton & Glacier vs. Blanchard & Nightmare & ?, Ricky Landell defends the World 1 South Heavyweight Title against Glacier, and the first rounds losers get a chance to redeem themselves in a $5000 2nd chance 4 way elimination tag match…Briscoes, Stevens and Strong are all in the 8 man tournament to crown the first FIP Heritage Champion tonight in Crystal River, Fl. Rance is also booked for the FIP show…Attendance was 130…Black Market canceled out of the tournament due to injury and were replace by Lifeguards.