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Riot Responds to TVD!!!

----First, on the subject is two letters that I wanted to print.

CLICK HERE for the first one
and CLICK HERE for the second one.

CLICK HERE for the original letter written by Trent.

Both letters make great points. Then, you can take a look at what I have to say about it.

Tramel on Drisse on Boyce

----I would like to thank everyone that either called or sent an e-mail about this subject. A lot of the boys decided it was just better to kayfabe and not have anything posted by them, but not one of them thought Drisse was in the right in what he posted. One the local guys said, “Trent seems like he is someone that wanted to make it in wrestling, but never got the opportunity, so he is just jealous.” I never felt like that until the last few times that some of the local West Tennessee guys got some breaks and then it just seems Trent is listening to the Nashville guys, which at times seems like we have a Nashville/Memphis type “hater’s club”.

----The main point I want to make is that when someone is successful, it seems that there are 20 people in line to hate on him. Maybe if all the guys got together and supported each other, then the groups would be more successful, instead of worrying about who “deserved” it or not. Be happy that Matt Boyce got that spot and go with it. I, myself, was never successful in the wrestling business. I was not at all a good wrestler and maybe an “ok” manager. When I see a guy from this area get a break or an opportunity, then I do not hate on them. It is as if I am “living thru them”, because as I have said to my close friends in this business – I never could make it, I just hope you guys do.

----As far as Bert Prentice taking a “liking” to Boyce and Boyce being the “flavor of the week”. In other words, Bert thinks Boyce is hot and wants to get into his pants. Is Prentice and Boyce having a relationship?? That is totally not my business unless they call me and want me to report it. There have been tons of the guys that promoters get “crushes” on and get the major push. Those crushes are not always homosexual either – it is just something you see in another guy that makes you want to push him. Is Bert “gay” for Boyce and that is why he got to go to Smackdown?? Hell, I don’t know and honestly I have heard for years that Prentice was gay, but who gives a fuck??

----Would all of this still be a big subject if the roles were reversed?? What if a promoter wanted to promote a girl because she was had big boobs and a great body?? What if that girl got to go to Smackdown because he wanted to get into her pants?? Would we be saying anything about how perverse that was?? We would probably be saying, “I bet he is fucking her” behind their back and not thinking anything bad about it. Damn, that happens every day in this business.

----As for me skipping the business part of the camp. Well, I guess I did miss reporting that. I had talked about it a few times, but never posted anything. The best I can tell and this is just guessing – probably around $6,000 was collected that weekend from 30 guys. Not sure how Prentice/Bucci split the money, but both cleared some dough that weekend. Is that a bad thing?? No, not at all. For the boys that went to the camp and got called “marks”, then tell everyone to “fuck off”. This is an opportunity to be seen by a WWE guy. The least coming out of it from the crew that was looked at is that probably 3 to 4 of them will be seen on WWE TV this year and their investment will be worth it. For those that did not get a “look” and attended the camp, then you need to work harder.

----After saying that, then it makes you think that jealousy is part of the whole thing with Boyce. The guys that were the “stars” of the camp were guys from the West Tennessee area. Even though Boyce may be the least talented of the Memphis guys, he has worked hard to get where he is. This kid has been working less than one year and I would say he has a bright future. A lot of guys with his experience know nothing about psychology or don’t even have the balls to attend a camp.

**Trent Van Drisse's message board can be view by CLICKING HERE.

Memphis Spoilers For Tonight!!

----Memphis Wrestling only taped one show leading up to the "Sam's Town" Friday the 13th show. They did lots in promoting that show and the Lawler vs Hogan match. Lord Humongous got involved in the White/Starr bout and Tatt2/Flash got involved in the King vs Dotson bout.

----Kevin White vs Dustin Starr…Derrick King vs Johnny Dotson…”Too Cool 2” vs "Blackout Squad" [Oz/Bishop]…Cujo vs “Insane Clowns”…Hulk Hogan interview…Jazz choked Grady Watson during interview segement…Hogan vs Lawler has now been announced for the Fed Ex Forum, but no date for ticket sales.

The Ratings Are In!!!

----I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this out, but there really isn’t much to get excited about. This week’s show did an overall rating of 2.8 [47,009 viewers].

----The show started with a 2.4 [40,126 viewers] rating for the first quarter which featured Corey with Lance, “Too Cool 2” interview, “Too Cool 2” vs Flash/O’Neal, Haas & Shelton interview and the start of the Lawler/Hogan announcement. The Lawler interview about the Hogan match, DK interview and the intro of the teams in the tag match scored 2.7 [45,162 viewers] in the second quarter. That quarter jumped 5036 viewers. The tag match, Hollywood Jimmy interview, Jazz/Corey, Moondogs and The Grizz were in the 3rd Quarter which scored a 3.0 [49,695 viewers]. That quarter jumped 4533 viewers for that quarter. The show continue to climb 3,526 more viewers with a 3.2 [53,221 viewers] rating for the finish of the show which featured White/Hughes interview and match.

----The good thing about this week is that the show climbed from start to finish with 13,095 more viewers than they started with. The funny thing is that the first two quarter featuring a good tag match and the Lawler/Hogan announcement, but scored less than the last two quarters, which featured nothing. I plan a look at the first quarter of 2007 rating sometime early this week.

**This report is posted every week on and

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WFAC Closed Until Further Notice!!

Okay, it seems like everything was going good, but we have come across another speed bump, only this one could not be helped and nothing I or anyone at WFAC has control over. The National Guard here in Newport has been put on immobilization. No events can take place at the armory. They got their orders as of 10 this morning. So, as of right now, WFAC will currently not have a show until a building is available or otherwise. I apologize to all the fans and workers who have supported us this far on yet another comeback. But once again, I am not giving up hope. We will be back, hopefully very very soon. I will keep everyone up to date on all situations.

The Lineman

WTWA is canceled!!

----WTWA show has been canceled tonight due to the Guard [the show was going to be at the National Guard Armory] being shipped to Iraq tonight. The wrestlers were being told some kind of emergency is what they was told called up by the president and he wants all active troops deployed tonight.

Shows For The Weekend: 4.6 to 4.7.07

----There really isn't any "must see" shows this weekend. ASWF is having their weekly debut, which I would pick as "show of the weekend". LAW and TLCW are both running the "The Perfect Showcase" angle with Dustin Starr/"Picture Perfect" in it's second week. Both shows ended last week with the turn, so it will be interesting to see what the reaction to "Picture Perfect" will be in those towns. Finally, I am highly interested in what TNA draws in Corinth, MS.

----Friday night for WTWA in Dyersburg, TN with Chris Rocker, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Brian Steele, An Appearance by The DeadMan and more

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Stan Lee, “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon],Psycho, Erik Hayes, Rockin Randy, Dustin Starr, "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]
and more.

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Friday night in Newport, AR for WFAC @ 8:00 PM Newport National Guard Armory 2000 Fairground. Scotty Graham, Allan Storm, X-Caliber, Idol Bane, Kid Krazzy, Tommy Wayne and more.

----Friday night in Osceola, AR for MCW includes The Hambones, Loose Cannon, Chris Hollywood, Big Daddy LaFonce, and more.

----Saturday night for ASWF in Tuckerman, AR with bell time at 7:00 PM with all seats $7 with Dirty Little Dave, Austin Lane, Reno Diamond, “The Posse” [Simon/Lil Chris], “Blackout Squad” [Oz/Bishop], X-Kaliber, Justin “The Juice” Smart, Jamie Jay, Kidd Krazy, Morgan Lane, Hollywood Jimmy and more.

----Saturday night for TNA @The Crossroads Arena, in Corinth, MS with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, Abyss, “The War Machine” Rhino, X Division Champion Chris Sabin, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Team 3D, Sonjay Dutt, The Naturals, “Wildcat” Chris Harris,“Cowboy” James Storm and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with Bobby The Butcher,Tank Turner, Dazzlin Dixie, Lawman Williams; Genocide vs the Big Boys; Steven Rampage,AC Havoc;Wildside, Razor;PK Ripper, Void and more.

----Saturday night @ National Guard Armory in Paragould, AR for Arkansas Championship Wrestling with Midnight Cowboy, Buster Johnson, Loose Cannon, Hamhock, Sam Dollar, Cody Daniels, Idol Bane, Deadly Dale, Arnez with Kayte, Bryan Knight, San Francisco Treat, Shakedown, The Hambones, Adrian Stratton and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN – Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, J Weezy, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Rob Harlem, Allen Steele, Mark Justice, Rob Justice, Psycho and more.

----Saturday night in Jumpertown, MS for JWS with Chris Styles, Little Stevie Davis, Homeless Joe, Mario, Devon Raynes, Dalton Storm, Kage, Cyrus, Chaz, and more.

----Saturday night in XOW in New Albany, MS for PURE DESTRUCTION, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley, Jay Webster, Colton Anderson, Tommy Knox, Cassanova Kidd, "Prime Tyme" Nick Grymes, Soultaker, Neil Taylor, Hollywood Jimmy and more! XOW Wrestling, 105 McGill St. in downtown New Albany, Bell time is 8:00.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with Craven Moorehead, Hollywood, Rockin Randy, Dustin Starr, Matt Boyce, Alex Krisis, Greg Anthony, Seth Knight, Dell Tucker, Brian Steele, Buckwheat,Tim Alfonzo, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2, Derrick King, Tim Grind “Picture Perfect”, and more.

---- Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th And Oak Street’s. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, Scottie Graham,The Casino Kid, ,Gravedigger, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, Scotty Graham, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, "The Brazilian Bad Boy" Rozzi, Hillbilly Tiny, Gravedigger, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, Righteous Punishment{ Jack " Lockdown" Johnson," Byg" Daddy Moose}, "Velvet Lover" Cody Thunder, Wild Bill, Acid, Venom, Plowboy Hayes, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, and many, many more. Bell time is 8P.M, doors open at 7:15P.M.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

RassleResults: All Pro Batesville, MS 4.01.07

Chris Styles vs Anton Leveigh – 15 minute draw
Justin “The Juice” Smart by DQ Tony Dabbs
Trent Shultz by DQ Brandon Barbwire
Giant Hillbilly/Pappy with Uncle Felton beat Chris Kilgore/Cody Mantell
Uncle Felton beat in a Triple Triple - Joey Lynn/T-Byrd - setup for a triple threat next time - Jimmy Blaylock/Lynn/T-Bryd
Leveigh/Smart/Shultz beat Barbwire/Dabbs/Styles
John Saxon beat Reno Diamond – face vs face match
“Cruzin 4 Pain” [Motley Cruz/187] with Tasha Simone beat Psycho/Neil Taylor

----200 in the crowd…Saturday April 28, 2007 – Free Show – Senatobia, MS at 12:00 NOON Huey white Chevrolet—Hwy 51 – Outside!! Rain or Shine.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

RassleBits: ASWF, RassleTube and TNA

----ASWF starts this coming weekend in Tuckerman, AR at the new Jimmy Valiant Arena for a weekly show. I am not sure of the full lineup and I will try to post something in the “Shows of the Weekend”. I wanted to note that I am being told this is a good building that seats about 300 people and I have heard tons of names involved including Austin Lane, Reno Diamond, Chris Rocker and bunch more. I also was told about a few of their gimmick matches such as a combo King of the Mountain/Ultimate X match. It should be a fun show.

----A couple of videos that I thought I would pass along. One is a NBW promo video that is real good. The other one is of Gene Jackson, who is doing some comedy stuff now. He is pretty good at it too. For those wondering why I have not updated RassleTube lately?? It is because some of the software that I use to use with my old computer will not work with Vista, which is installed on my new computer.

----One of my visitors has an extra ticket for this weekend’s TNA show in Corinth, MS. Contact him via myspace --

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 3.31.07

Jeremy Moore Interview about his losing streak he said it’s all business tonight.

Gunner Over Big Red (Psycho interfered causing Red the Match)

“Team X” [Phoenix/Gryffon]Over Slim Pickens & The Kid to win the NBW Tag Titles

“Real Deal” Tim Edwards over Psycho ( Big Red Interfered stealing Kayte then bringing her back to the ring with a hangman’s noose around her neck) Big Red/Psycho fought for a while and didn't get the crowd response they wanted so they stop and went to the dressing room and grabbed the Kid & Slim - carried them to the ring And beat them up - Jeremy Moore & Gaylon Ray made the save.

J Weezy Over Jeremy Moore

Kilo Over Gaylon Ray to win the High Risk title

----75 paying with a gate close to $375 with about 85 to 90 in the building

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Trent Van Drisse - Letter about Matt Boyce

----I really have tons to say after reading this letter, but want to give all the readers of this site the opportunity to read this and send in any comments - for or against. I should have a followup posted by the weekend.

Hey Brian, what did I say exactly that was bullshit? After you called it bullshit, you basically went thru and confirmed what I said. I don't know Matt Boyce, couldn't pick him out of a crowd. The part about him being a young green kid and the feeling was he didn't deserve to be at the Smackdown taping, that came directly from someone who was there last Tuesday. That was their impression of him.

How is it bad you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. I was told by another very reliable source that Bert Prentice is "totally in love" with this Boyce kid, and I don't mean as a wrestler either! The only reason Boyce was at the Smackdown tapings was cuz Bert has the hots for him! It's the old casting couch, whatever you want to call it. I'm not saying or suggesting Boyce has done anything with Bert, but Bert has a crush on him. That's why he's on the "list" currently, soon as this passes, he'll be off of it. This has zero to do with "working hard", unless.....Ahh never mind This has happened so many times before it isn't even funny, and to me it's just creepy as Hell. Bert's had so many young guys he's taken a "fancy" to as "flavors of the month", as it's called around here in Nashville, that he could open his own chain of Baskin Robbins'! What I'm saying is I just hope Boyce doesn't think he's the first, or will be the last. It's the same exact pattern over and over and over and over. I could care less if Boyce is straight or gay, it's none of my business, but if it was me, as a straight guy, if I knew I was getting bookings like that cuz some gay guy wanted me, well I'd be running in the other direction and damned fast. But, I've seen this happen time and time again in wrestling too, otherwise straight guys being flirty with gay wrestling promoters for a push, or money, or whatever they're trying to get from them. It's seedy and unsavory business all the way around for sure.

Far as the camp thing goes, I just think people need to be honest about what it was, and what it wasn't. What it mainly was was a money making opportunity for Prentice and Bucci. That was the point of it. It must have done well for them cuz their doing another one in Nashville the end of April. Now that being said, can someone attending a camp like that gain a benefit from it? Of course, they can learn, and be seen, and if they get a booking out of it, like the Smackdown tapings, then the camp pays for itself, and they got to make some contacts. That's all well and good, but the real purpose should never be lost sight of, that it's there for Bucci and Bert to get a payday. That is what you seem to be wanting to sweep under the rug, not sure why. Several workers in this area think that anyone who paid money to attend that camp is just a mark. Now, are those people just jealous and wrong, or do they have something of a point? Another point is Bucci's position at OVW is said to be on thin ice, so it may not help them anyhow, but I totally understand about following a dream and taking a shot, but it needs to be the right shot. You can print this on your site if you wish.

Trent Van Drisse - Mid-Southern Message Board

Sunday, April 01, 2007

RassleBit: WWE Hall of Fame

“If you are young and want to get in this industry, go get yourself a tape of Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat!!” Dusty Rhodes

----I thought the clips of the WWE Hall of Fame were pretty good last night, but that statement from Dusty was the best. I was disappointed in the Lawler comments and such, but very impressed with the other ones. My favorite was Dusty. Cody Runnels was fantastic in this presentation of his dad. This kid has “IT” with the mic and I plan to check out some OVW to see how good of a worker he is.

----A reminder here as there will be 13 hours of WM 23 coverage with the RasslinRiot Wrestlemania Portal. Ok, yea I know it is a gimmick to get you to another site that is actually covering this event. LOL But, this is the best coverage I can find on the net of the event. They are going to have tons of guys on here from Dave Meltzer to Scott Hudson to D-LO Brown to Lance Storm.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 3.31.07

----Corey Maclin is joined again this week with Lance Russell. Maclin says they will announce the date of the Hulk Hogan vs Jerry Lawler show.

----“Too Cool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind] interview about defending the titles vs Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin. Flex/Grind beat Chris O’Neal/Flash Flanagan. Heat on O’Neal with hot tag to Flash. Not as good as last week, but a good bout. Grind hit with a chain O’Neal for the win.

----Haas/Shelton video aired of them talking about going against Flex/Grind.

----“Clash of Legends” Jerry Lawler vs Hulk Hogan promoted with Jerry Lawler interview sitting down behind the announcer’s desk. This was filmed either before the show last week or during this week. Lawler tells a good story and did a real good job going over the upcoming match. Video is shown of Hogan challenging Lawler from “Sam’s Town” back a few months ago. A total build up for the show. The date of April 27, 2007 was announced for Mid-South Coliseum of Lawler vs Hogan.

----Derrick King interview with the Fantasio mask. King states he has seen this mask everywhere he goes. The mask then shoots fire and King is shocked.

---- Johnny Dotson/Tatt2 by DQ over “Insane Clowns” [Bobo/Giggles] with Rashard. Rashard used the clown bucket to get the DQ. Heat on Tatt2 with hot tag to Dotson. It looked like the bout was actually cut in post production.

----“Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock with “Hollywood Clique” interview with Chuckie, Fire and Flame. Kimala video is show along with a Boogeyman video. Blaylock was funny here.

----Another interview with Jazz and Corey Maclin. Jazz/Rodney Mack will be facing “The Moondogs” [Fifi/Cujo]. Maclin was horrible here.

----“Moondogs” [Fifi/Cujo] with Grady Watson interview. Maclin and Watson call Jazz and Rodney Mack WWE superstars. How long have they been gone??

----The Grizz [NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies mascot] video then airs next. Koko Ware video interview talking about the Grizz vs Koko Ware bout on April 13, 2007. Not good.

----“New Nature Boy” Kevin White/Mr. Hughes interview. White continues to say that Bill Dundee is scared of him. White/Hughes/Fire/Flame beat K-Hill/”the Posse”/Shane Shaw. Hughes ends it with a slam in a squash.

RassleNotes: Corey Maclin is still calling O’Neal “part of the tag team Picture Perfect”…Announced as Derrick King vs Flash Flanagan on the “Sam’s Town” show, so it looks like they will stretch out the King/Fantasio angle…Maclin pushed the WWE’s Hall of Fame being on USA Network right after the show…Nothing good on the show, but the announcement of Lawler vs Hogan. It is hard sell for them to promote the show on the 13th and then again for a show on the 27th.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 3.31.07 - New TLCW Champion!!

K Hill over Shannon Lee with his feet on the ropes

Bishop over "Rockin" Randy by DQ when Jawbreaker interfered

Tatt2/Chris Lexx over Derrick King/Tim Grind by DQ - Hollywood was handcuffed to a Ripley police officer when DK went to get a chair and he wouldn't let DK have it. Hollywood then through powder in the cops eyes - got the key and uncuffed himself. DK used the chair and got the 1,2,3. When the cop got up, he told the ref about the powder and the chair and the ref reversed the decision.

Dell Tucker/Seth Knight over Erik Hayes/Rude.
Dustin Starr over Matt Boyce
"The Posse" [Simon/Lil Chris] debuted a new look of all green with plaid shorts beat "Genocide" [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino].
Flash Flanagan beat Alex Krisis with Matt Foley. Foley got put through the barbed wire plywood and it cut his back pretty good. After the match Foley, Krisis, DK, and Grind jumped Flash with a barbed wire baseball bat an Flash juiced. They tried to make Flash kiss Derrick on the ass but he bit his ass instead. That was a funny spot. Flash is still doing his Flasher Flashamania gimmick and its over huge. Derrick said he would kill Flashamania and asked him "whatcha gonna do when Derrick King runs wild on you brother".
“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony over Stan Lee to win TLCW Title -Ref bump, Stan hit frog splash and had TGB beat in middle of the ring. Dustin Starr came out and beat down Stan and Dustin/TGB double teamed him when “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] came out and made the save. They helped Stan back up and when it looked like TGB was going to re-enter the ring, CJ turned Stan around kicked him in the gut and Picture Perfect gave him their Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo. They then threw the ref back in... 1,2,3. TGB Celebrated then shook Dustin/Picture Perfects hands and left. “The Perfect Showcase” as they [Jacobs/Starr/Michael] are calling themselves beat up Stan and the refs
and then left Shannon Lee,Matt Boyce, Tatt2, Tucker laying.
----The crowd was closer to 200 this week in the building with a gate close to $1100...TGB took a long road back to being main event TLCW. From his time of leaving to go book NBW to his comeback starting from the the opening bout to now back in the main event status. Lee had been champion since 1.06.07..."Picture Perfect" turn here will be huge!! These guys were huge over as babys.

RassleResults: MEW Batesville, AR 3.31.07

2nd round MEW Title Tournament

“Dangerous” Dave Cox beat “Byg Daddy” Moose
Plowboy Hayes by DQ over Kid Nickels
“The Southern Submission Machine” Wild Bill by pin fall over “The Brazilian Bad Boy” Rozzi – Shouldn’t he win by Submission???
“Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne beat Scotty Graham.

The following are moving to the 3rd round:
Dangerous” Dave Cox , Plowboy Hayes, “The Southern Submission Machine” Wild Bill, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne .

MEW Light Heavy Weight Title Match
“The Suicide King” Ray Ray beat Eric Wayne to become the new champion!!

Main Event-
Casino Kid and “The Velvet Lover” Cody Thunder
retained the MEW Tag Team Titles beating Danger Zone {“Hot Rod” John Ellison & Johnny Harper} in a match that went close to 20 minutes.

The crowd had 266 in the stands

RassleResults: Arkansas Championship Wrestling Paragould, AR 3.31.07

Adrian Stratton Banks beat Shakedown by DQ
Cody Daniels beat Mask Menace
Idol Bane beat The Enforcer
Arnez with Kayte v.s Bryan Knight - DDQ
Main Event Battle Royal
Winner to Get Shot at Tag Team Titles Next Week
The Hambones Win

----They had a match on 3rd scheduled as Loose Cannon with Sam Dollar vs San Francisco Treat. The match actually never happened as they turned it into a big angle. Cannon came out and said someone had stolen his belt and accused SFT. SFT came out saying he did not steal the belt, but he had a plastic bag with something in it. He said he would give that to Cannon and Dollar, if Dollar would take a stinkface, since he escaped last time from it. The fans then FOR SHOOT picked someone for Sam to take the stinkface from and apparently this guy was the dirtiest ass man in the crowd. Dollar took the stinkface and Cannon grabbed the bag. Cannon opened it to find a kid’s title belt. Cannon and Dollar then jumped SFT, then Dollar went to the back to get SFT’s bag. Cannon pulled out a bra, a pair of panties and a nightgown, but no belt. Hellraiser finally made the save for SFT. If this was anywhere near what I just typed in execution, then that was a fun angle. And why would Dollar let some guy in the crowd put his ass in his face?? My god Dollar must love this business!!

----Crowd was around 85 paid with a gate close to $600…Arkansas Athletic Commissioner was on hand and show is 100% legal now…The mark that gave Dollar the stinkface got the biggest pop of the night…Treat continues to get over as a face. Crazy shit!!...Zack Hanson was backstage, but did not work.

RassleResults: XOW New Albany, MS 3.31.07

Cassanova Kid d. DC.
Pure Destruction d. The Manson Brothers.
Izzy Rotten, Buzz Harley, & Bonecrusher d. Colton Anderson, Pappy, & Jay Webster.
Tommy Knox over Soultaker by DQ when 24/7 interfered.
Pure Destruction d. 24/7 by DQ when the Manson Brothers interfered. TFW Champion Danny B. Good d. Neil " Taylor w/Jimmy Blaylock.

----Crowd was in the 60 range with a gate close to $300...This group is moving to a new town a building next Saturday night. They will be in Ecru, MS, which is about a 15 minute drive from New Albany, so they should not lose any fans. Apparently the owner of the building in New Albany wanted to raise the rent and the promotion said "see ya". I am being told the new building is better and will fit more people.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 3.31.07

DC d. Dirty Sanchez.
Pappy d. Jay Webster.
Cassanova Kid d. Chris Kilgore.
The Freakshow d. Mark Mayhem & Hitman.
The Kings of Wrestling d. S.W.A.T.
LSD d. Tony Dabbs to get a shot at the TFW belt next week. Dabbs is claiming to be the TFW Champion, having stolen the belt from Izzy Rotten last week.

----There was about 100 in the crowd with a gate close to $500...Who the hell are "The Kings of Wrestling"???


----As everyone knows [if you read this site], I am not a big fan of the WWE. I think all the local guys should strive to be there, but my vision of what wrestling is and what Vince gives to everyone is two different things. The promotion of WM23, as usual with any WM, has been great. But, along with being a cheap ass and be able to get the results directly online, I usually do not watch PPVs. Last night I was searching the net and knowing there are more people like me that want live coverage of the event without paying for it and not going anywhere to watch it. CLICK HERE to take you to the home page of the site and then it will take you to the official RassleRiot Portal for Wrestlemania 23!!! Coverage starts at 10:00 AM!!!