Saturday, May 05, 2007

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 5.04.07 - Jeff O'Dell Turns!!

Show opened with Erik Hayes coming out to “hit on” John Steele. Tim Alfonzo jumped Hayes and their match started. Hayes beat Alfonzo.

Christian Jacobs beat Alex Fonte with a big boot.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony came out to do an interview saying Derrick King, Stan Lee and Flash Flanagan were not there, so he did not have to wrestle. Jeff O’Dell then came to tell him he did have to wrestle and it would be Tommy Redneck. TGB beat Redneck when Redneck was doing the 10 count corner spot out of the heat and TGB powerbombed him and used his feet on the ropes.

“The Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] with Kayte beat by DQ Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy. Tucker/Randy low blowed them for the DQ and then went to get trash can lids to hit them with. Psycho/Arnez no sold them and Tucker/Randy ran back to the dressing room.

Loser Leave Town: LAW Title Match: Dustin Starr retained the belt beating Brian Christopher. Finish had Brian having Starr pinned, but Jeff O’Dell put Starr’s foot on the ropes. Then with Starr pinning Brian, Brian’s foot was the bottom rope, but O’Dell pushed it off with Starr getting the win.

----There were around 80 in the building with a gate close to $480…It was interesting to see O’Dell turning…Brian is leaving as was expected due to the fact that O’Dell could not promise him the money that Kelly Warner was promising him…TGB booked the show except for the main.


RassleResults: Dale Walker Benefit Dyersburg, TN 5.04.07 - Moondogs Cause Trouble!!

----The Moondogs caused quite a stir last night as Tim Edwards followed by Tank walked out on the them during their bout. This subject has been beat to death on this site, but it is good to see two guys to stand up for what is right and tell them to fuck off. Apparently The Moondogs were no selling for Edwards/Tank and the match was turning into the drizzling shits, so they got down from the ring and went to the back. There were a lot of guys in the dressing room that have stated if the Moondogs are on any cards in the future, they will refuse to work them. They are disgracing the name.

----This set of Moondogs are Rex and Mutt. Rex’s real name is Mike Flowers and he was the guy that was in the ring when Spot [Larry Booker] died. Mutt is better known in this area as Dazzlin Dixie. As I quoted Ken Wayne in the Moondog article - “What a shit deal for guys to try and make money off the dead.” Are you guys not talented enough to come up with your own gimmicks?? Do neither one of you have any self respect?? And, damn, I guess the promoters could care less too. I like some of the talent of TIWF, but if their management and booker continues to use these guys, then they will be looked down upon as very poor businessmen. Does the word “shady” mean anything to you guys?? I am sick every time I see the Moondog Cujo on TV. Get a new gimmick guys!!


----Brian Steele defeated Gunner Thompson…P.K. Ripper vs Shannon lee = time limit draw…J. Weezy defeated Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens…Wildside defeated Way Cool…Tank & "Real Deal" Tim Edwards vs The Moondogs went to a no contest…”The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray…Naughty x Nature vs The Missouri Bad Boys = double count out…Chris Rocker, Seth Knight, Simon Reed & Jeremy Moore defeated Cruzin 4 Pain (Motley Cruz, 187, Ron Rage & Big Red) w/ Tasha Simone.

----The show drew in little over a hundred people with probably 150 in the building. They raised $1,200 for Dale Walker. Good job guys!!...8 Man tag was the best match of the night…MBB vs NBN was real good too…Cookie St. James managed the MBB…Loverboy Barry and Jason Reed no showed…Nikki Lace managed the faces in the main event…Hitman managed Tank/Edwards…Big Money Gripp managed Gaylon Ray & The Moondogs.

RRO Tag Team of The Year: "Picture Perfect" On!!

----Congrats again to Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael [John Everett on]. CLICK HERE and go watch the match. Also, please vote for these guys as best match in the WWE poll. After you watch the match, you will see why I have been so high on these guys. They look like they belong in the WWE!!

COL Coverage: The Aftermath - This Morning!!

----Memphis Wrestling TV taping began just a few minutes ago. I have no inside source there and I am only speculating, but I assuming this will be an interesting taping. I am told by tons of the local talent that they will not be attending the taping due to the fact that Corey Maclin is not using them right. I also think there is some resentment from the fact that most of the talent was not used on the Hogan show.

----The big question is if Jerry Lawler will be at the tapings or not?? Corey Maclin attended the Memphis Wrestling show in Henderson, TN last night that featured Jerry Lawler. They were seen being cordial, but it not seem as if they were being “buddy, buddy”. I do know that Lawler was scheduled to wrestle on May 18 for LAW in Rector, but Vince McMahon pulled him from that show. I also think that TLCW were trying to get him for the “Mayhem” show, but he was not able to work the show. On the other hand, I was told “he owns 50% of the company, so he will be there”, but I am not sure that is the case. I hope to have spoilers from the tapings earlier today.

COL Coverage: Official Gate Released!!!

----I was told by an official of the FedEx Forum this past week and the figure I was given was 2200 paid. That would give the show a gate close to $104,500, which can be considered the hugest gate for the incarnation of this version of Memphis Wrestling. Largest gate of Memphis history?? Not sure on that one, but of all the figures I have of the past, this may be the biggest gate ever – money wise. Many shows have drawn from 5,000 to 10,000 people in the old days, but most of those shows had an average ticket price of $4. Memphis Wrestling [Corey Maclin owned 2003 to now] had a 5,000 drawing show on 8.24.04 with Terry Funk & Cory Maclin vs Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Hart, but the gate was in the $50,000 range. The company would have probably done better in the Mid-South Coliseum and with Jerry Lawler headlining. This group had averaged 2,256 in attendance during their Coliseum run [8/03 to 4/05]. The attendance started to fall during the Southaven, MS shows last year, when one of the shows only drew 300 people. Add high ticket prices and ratings decline, this company could not produce huge numbers even with the biggest draw guy in our sport.

----I have been told by more than one person that worked the show that there were at least 4000 people there. The place was heavily papered, because Hogan had told everyone involved that if they had to give tickets away, then do it, because he wanted a big crowd for the VH1 cameras. Also if you take a look at the crowd in the pic above [taken while people were still coming in] you will see about 1500 people. And then, take a look at the crowd when Hogan was in the ring from the video. As was reported, it looks like that a lot of the fans did not come to their seats until the Hogan match.

----As I had reported in an earlier report, I was told the building and security was in the $75,000 range. Talent without Hulk Hogan was in the $30,000 range – that is with hotel and airfares. You got to believe they spent $20,000 on advertising, so they DID NOT break even. This event can not be considered a success even though it will be #1 in the record books.

Laying Down The LAW

----There was a situation of some sorts coming out of the LAW Keiser, AR show which involved the police. Due to the fact that I don’t want to report hearsay or report anything concrete because no charges have been filed, but I did want to say a few words about it. I have heard the same story by three workers that were in attendance and if it is true and if you were involved [and you know who you were], then you made a stupid mistake. There is a time and place for everything and a high school is not the place. This situation could not only cost you friends, but be very costly to your friends. Should they consider you guys a friend, when you do shit like this?? Hope it all blows over and nothing is done. Please guys, think for a moment before you do something stupid in the future.

----In an event that I am not 100% sure is related to the said event, but Kelly Warner has stepped down from his position with LAW. Warner held the “operations” position and was involved in day to day promoting leading to events. It is not a secret that Warner has been instrumental in getting Brian Christopher to work LAW shows and has helped a few area promoters with Brian. Sources close to Warner have hinted in the last few weeks that since his return to LAW after a two year absence, Warner has been feeling the pressures of the business along with not being able to secure the roster he wants on a weekly basis to Rector, AR. What will this mean for LAW?? It looks like Jeff O’Dell will take full control of the company along with Derrick King being booker.

----LAW was formed October 2002 with Kelly Warner, Brian Thompson and Jeff O’Dell. O’Dell and Thompson were working as announcers for CCW [my promotion] and as MCW folded in June, 2001 Warner also helped CCW with Rector. The trio promoted their first show in August, 2002 in Paragould, AR. Their “crowning moment” was a huge show in January of 2003 in Popular Bluff, MO and went on to have weekly shows in Dyersburg, TN. Brian Thompson exited the promotion in October, 2003 over “creative differences” and Warner left for a few years [a job with the state], O’Dell was in charge with Derrick King as booker. Thompson also left to work as a booking agent for Bobby Eaton. Ken Wayne, who joined the promotion in July, 2003 to help Derrick King with booking, also exited during that time, noting “creative differences”. Their Dyersburg stint finally ended in 2004 because of the building being sold. The promotion settled in doing 3 or 4 shows a year in Rector, AR until the return of Warner. Warner has been very aggressive in trying to get shows in various areas including a rumor of a big show in Jonesboro, AR. A new building was bought in Rector and they began to run weekly shows earlier this year.


----ACW that has been running a weekly show in Paragould, AR has canceled the show for tonight due to ring problems. I am sorry guys, but with you running a regular weekly show shouldn't you have all the kinks worked out for the ring?? Shit happens though and I have been there. Hope this group and get it cleared up and continue their promotion next week.

----Not having a ring is a bad problem, but since earlier this year during the promotion of a big event in Harrisburg, AR, the promoters found out they didn't even have the building booked. The person responsible for this also tried to book a show later in the year with Dustin Starr vs Brian Christopher. He also took tapes from the TLCW "First Big Show of the Year" event and has not returned them yet. This guy's name is Allan Smith and he works as "Big" Al. He is currently worked for ASWF and is pictured on the right with Morgan Lane. I have talked with this guy on the phone and via e-mail about returning the TLCW tapes, but only been lied to about it. If you are in a dressing room or part of the crowd of an event that this guy is involved in -- please inform him that Brian Tramel wants him to send those DAMN tapes to him!! Tell him that it is bad enough that he is liar, but not kewl to be a theif also.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

ANOTHER Show of the Weekend!!!

----MAW teams up with On The Border for a special charity event for St. Jude on the corner of Popular and Perkins. Belltime: 1:30 PM and will continue throughout the afternoon with wrestling and live music during breaks in the matches. Come out and support St. Jude. Wrestlers will probably include Chris Lexx, Reno Diamond, Gabriel Stalker, Jeremy Killz, The Crime, Jason Richards, Big Ace, Dre Black, KC Gold, Scotty C and more.

Show of the Weekend - CWA Selmer, TN Saturday Night!!

----I missed a big show that CWA will be having this weekend. Why does the guy always type all the wrestlers' names in CAPITAL LETTERS?? LOL Well, I stole it from, so be it. If anyone attends this show, please send in results!!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007


----CLICK HERE for the promo video that TLCW has produced for their MAYHEM show. I also forgot to mention this in my report this week, but NBW Champion Alan Steele is scheduled for this event and will be doing some video promos leading up to the big show.

Tickets for the event are $8 and $10 in advance and $10 and $12 at the door.

Shows For The Weekend 5.3 to 5.5.07


----A couple of big shows to watch for this weekend. Thursday night has a big LAW show with Dustin Starr vs Brian Christopher. It should be a good show. Henderson, TN is running a "Relay for Life" benefit and always does a good house with a great job of promoting. It should be a fun show. I have worked in front of that crowd and it is hot. NBW Arena will be the host of a very special benefit for Dale Walker. Walker has been fixture in Dyersburg wrestling for many years. He is also Dustin Starr’s favorite promoter of all time. Three shows for a good cause – hit which one that is closest to you.

----Thursday in Keiser, AR LAWfor the Fire Department at the School gym with bell time 7:30 PM with the first meeting ever of “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris] vs “Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez], Derrick King vs Flash Flanagan, Dustin Starr vs Brian Christopher, Stan Lee and more.

----Friday night at the New Blood Arena for Dale Walker benefit with Missouri Bad Boys,Naughty by Nature,Cruzin for Pain, The East Coast Bad Boys,Dazzlin Dixie,Sgt O’Reilly, Loverboy Barry, Hitman,Flex, Tim Grind,Derrick King, Jason Reed, Simon aka kyrpto Reed,The Immortals,Wildside,Way Cool and more.

----Friday night Henderson, TN with Jerry Lawler, The Spellbinder,Doug Gilbert, “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Max Corbin], Kevin White, Derrick King and many more.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with Stan Lee, “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs], Chris O’Neal, Psycho, Erik Hayes, Flash Flanagan,Rockin Randy, Dustin Starr, The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Seth Knight, and more.

---- Friday night for TFW in Tupelo, MS with "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, The Freakshow [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade], “DOA” [Dirty Sanchez & Orion], Tysin Starr, "The Future" Chris Styles, Jonathon Douglas, "DC" David Cross,Pappy,Izzy Rotten and more.

----Friday night in Ripley, MS with*"Kings of Rock" (Chris Fontaine and Tysin Starr] Omega, Kage w/ Kandi, Cassanova Kidd, Keylo Green w/ Bobby Wylde, Dalton Storm, Slammer, Danny Morris, Nathan Williams, AC Styles, “Prime Time” Nick Grymes, Bonecrusher, Kross, Buzz Harley, Johnny Morton and more.

----Saturday Night ASWF At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, FOP (Sarge & Mickey Ray), Pure Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy, Epidemic (Morgan Lane & Al Smith) , Posse (Simon Reed & Lil Chris) , Blackout Squad (Bishop & Oz), Reno Diamond Chris Rocker ,Scott Graham ,Chuck Daddy ,1Marcus O'Neil ,Acid Burn ,Trent Shultz, Brandon Brabwire ,Anton Leveigh ,Kid Krazzy ,Dirty Lil Dave Announcers Michael Ward, Al Hall ,Brian Edwards and more.

----Saturday night in Olive Branch, MS RSWF with Soultaker, Kross, JR Mauler, Danny B, Justin Rhodes, Cassanova Kidd and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with Bobby The Butcher,Tank Turner, Dazzlin Dixie, Lawman Williams; Missouri Bad Boys, Steven Rampage,AC Havoc;Wildside, Razor;PK Ripper, Void and more.

----Saturday night @ National Guard Armory in Paragould, AR for Arkansas Championship Wrestling with Midnight Cowboy, Buster Johnson, Loose Cannon, Hamhock, Sam Dollar, Cody Daniels, Idol Bane, Deadly Dale, Arnez with Kayte, Bryan Knight, San Francisco Treat, Shakedown, The Hambones, Adrian Stratton and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, J Weezy, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Allen Steele, Mark Justice, Rob Justice, Psycho and more.

----Saturday night in XOW in Ecru, MS for PURE DESTRUCTION, Izzy Rotten, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley, Jay Webster, Colton Anderson, Tommy Knox, Neil Taylor, Hollywood Jimmy and more! XOW Wrestling, Bell time is 8:00.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street – with Craven Moorehead, Hollywood, Rockin Randy, Alex Krisis, Greg Anthony, Seth Knight, Dell Tucker, Brian Steele,Tim Alfonzo, “Jawbreaker” Jones, Tatt2, Derrick King, Tim Grind and more.

---- Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th And Oak Street’s. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, Scottie Graham,The Casino Kid, ,Gravedigger, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, Scotty Graham, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, "The Brazilian Bad Boy" Rozzi, Hillbilly Tiny, Gravedigger, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, Righteous Punishment{ Jack " Lockdown" Johnson," Byg" Daddy Moose}, "Velvet Lover" Cody Thunder, Wild Bill, Acid, Venom, Plowboy Hayes, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, and many, many more. Bell time is 8P.M, doors open at 7:15P.M.


RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.28.07

Opening the show was Pure Adrenaline (Austin Lane & Justin "The Juice" Smart) w/ Hollywood Jimmy & Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy. They came out running their mouths until Aaron Polston came out and told Austin he was defending the ASWF Title “right now” against X-Kaliber
During the match, Aaron return to the ring area and made The Juice and the ladies leave the ring area. Aaron also told Hollywood not to interfere in the match or he would be ban from ASWF
X-Kaliber beat Austin Lane to become the New ASWF Champion.
After the match Hollywood blamed Aaron for the lost and said that Aaron is going to pay.

First Round of the Tag Team Tournament
“Family of Pain” (Sarge O’Reilly & Mickey Ray) beat Blackout Squad (Bishop & Oz)
Pure Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/ Hollywood Jimmy & Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy beat Epidemic (Morgan Lane & Al Smith).

Number one contender’s match - Reno Diamond beat Scottie Graham

ASWF Title Match X-Kaliber beat Chuck Daddy to retain title.

Main Event: Final of the Tag Team Tournament
Hollywood Jimmy’s Hair vs Police Officer John Wayne’s Hair - FOP beat Pure Adrenaline to become 4 Time ASWF Tag Team Champs.

----About 120 paid with close to 200 in the building with a gate of $720…Jimmy was handcuffed to Wayne during the main event. After the match was over they ran a hot angle. Hollywood was unhand cuffed from the Officer. Aaron get the chair in the middle of the ring and Hollywood Jimmy is set in it by Officer John & Aaron bring the Clippers into the ring and is about to cut Hollywood’s Hair. Hollywood throws a huge fire ball into Aaron face burning him, Austin attacks the security guard (Ricky Rowland) and than he attacks Michael Ward who tries to stop Austin. The Juice puts the Officer John in a sleeper hold and put him out then they put him in the chair and cut his hair in the middle of the ring.


RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 4.27.07

----Alec Fontez beat by Rockin' Randy...Stan Lee beat Tommy Redneck...Arnez beat Jesse Samples...Dell Tucker beat Psycho with help from Rockin Randy and Arnez made the save...Stan Lee beat by DQ "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Flash Flanagan when TGB hit Stan w/ a chair. TGB/Flash got heat on stan after the match by giving him the Spike Piledriver.

----Crowd was one of the lowest they have had in the 40 with a gate of $240...Greg Anthony hardway'ed Stan with the chairshot.


The Ratings Are In!!!

----This week’s show did an overall rating of 2.6 [44,323 viewers] with a just below average rating. Did Hulk Hogan equal numbers?? Nah, not much. His quarter scored a 2.9, which was just above average – nothing big. It will be interesting to see if Hulk Hogan will continue to have an impact of some kind in this area due to the fact of him not selling out and ratings not being huge for him.

[Jimmy Hart and Corey Maclin are outside in chairs at FedEx Forum at night after the big show. Maclin/Hart pull someone off the street that is selling roses. Maclin buys them for Hart. The guy says $20, but Maclin gives him $10. Maclin couldn't quit laughing. It was funny.Hart/Maclin are on Beale Street in Memphis talking to drunks and then Maclin talks to a horse named Barney. "Opening the Vault" with Jimmy Hart interview. He is surrounded by Dennis Coundry, Norvell Austin and the Assassin [Don Bass]. "First Family" had just turned on Bobby Eaton. Coundry/Austin were two of the founding members of "Midnight Express" and both were damn good on the mic. The Assassins/Norvell Austin vs Jim Jameson/Bobby Fulton/Robert Crow - total squash.]

1st quarter – 2.7 = 44,995 viewers

[Abdullah The Butcher vs Al "The Dog" Greene clips. Abby had a manager, but he was never acknowledged?? Who was it?? Lots of blood as they fought all around ringside inside the barriers.]

2cnd - 2.4 = 40,294 viewers [-4701 viewers]

[The Assassins with "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente Bubba The Love Sponge/Brutus Beefcake - Bubba was bad [but I have seen worst “veteran” wrestlers], but the crowd popped huge for him. Bubba did a splash from the second rope. Beefcake cut Sal's hair after the match. Beefcake was looking his age, but his body is in great shape."Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] vs Kid Kash/Ricky Morton. Into the heat with Flex/Grind on Kash. The hot tag spot was messed up when Kash came out of double clothesline. It looked like Kash tried to double DDT them, but then got backdropped. It looked like it almost killed Kash. Hot tag to Morton with Grind/Flex selling like crazy. Double dropkick on Flex for the pin.]

3rd quarter 2.6 = 43,316 viewers [+3022 viewers]

[Hulk Hogan vs Paul Wight clips aired. Match clip starts with Wight putting Hogan into a bearhug at about the 10 minutes into the 15 minute match. Both Wight and Hogan looked in great shape. Well, Hogan did with his upper body, but you can tell his knees kill him. This was typical Hogan match, as I have seen the complete bout. This was not a mat classic, but the fans go into it. It would have been a huge reaction at Wrestlemania when Hogan did the slam on Wight.]

4th Quarter - 2.9 = 49,024 viewers [+5703 viewers]

12 Week Average – 2.8 = 46,718 viewers
12 Week High – 3.6 = 60,273 viewers
12 Week Low – 1.8 = 30,220 viewers

Growth from start to finish – [+4023 viewers]


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 4.27.07

---- Mark Mayhem defeated Little Stevie Davis…Bless defeated Psykottik…Chris Chaos defeated David Cross by using a chain…Cassanova Kid won a three-way match over Chazz & Hitman to become #1 contender for the TFW championship… Josh Matthews & Referee Joey Lynn defeated Chris Styles & Referee Andy Camps (best match of the night)…TFW Tag Team Champions “The Freakshow” [Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade]defeated The Interns by DQ to retain (crappy match).

----110 in the crowd with a gate of $550…In an angle they announced the new owner of TFW. Are you ready for this one?? Special ED!!! LOL I love that!!

RassleResults: XOW Ecru, MS 4.28.07

----Shawn Manson over Jay Webster…Max Manson over Colton Anderson…Brody Hawk vs. David Cross ended in a no contest when The Manson Brothers attacked both men…The Manson Brothers over Colton Anderson & Jay Webster… XOW Champion Pappy over Neil Taylor by DQ to retain. Pappy was also winner of a Royal Rumble match.

----68 paid with a gate close to $340… If it sounds to you like the Manson Brothers were involved in every match, they were. XOW was short of workers. The departure of all the guys who went to RSWF in Olive Branch, MS is still being felt in a major way. Plus there were several no shows.


"Rant of The Week" by "Phantom Lord" Joseph Davis

Greetings and salutations interweb dwellers as it’s once again time to dive into the world of that fake fighting stuff that we love oh so much. I am Phantom Lord and this is my Rant of the Week. Spring time is upon us and the weather here in New York has been pretty nice unlike the rest of the country. Sure we survived the big Nor Easter last week, but still the Midwest is getting the hell kicked out of it with tornados, wind, hail, and rain. Of course I hear it’s a lot worse in Europe as they are in the middle of a huge drought. Well all I know is if the warm weather we just had was any indication, it’s gonna be a miserable muggy summer here in the states and around the rest of the world.

On the plus side at least things aren’t so bad in the world of wrestling (well in the WWE anyway). A day I thought that would never come has come and that’s the fact that John Cena actually is worthy of praise. His match with Shawn Michaels the last week on RAW was as classic as it gets. Cena got a lot of crap from me and others on the internet for his lame character and his stale move set, but on RAW he finally broke through to honest to God main event caliber wrestler. Cena was always able to have an above average match, but on RAW he went a damn hour and made it look good. Plenty of guys can go an hour. But usually it comes down to one of two things. Those who can carry the load…and those who need to be carried. Now with Cena’s limited wrestling you would have thought Shawn Michaels would have had to do some heavy duty lifting but by the end of the match I’d say both men were equally great in the match. Michaels with his over the top selling of his bad back and Cena doing everything he can to beat Michaels.

I know some of you might be thinking I’ve done a 180, but rest assured I haven’t. I still hate John Cena’s character with a passion. The whole wanna be Marine and over the top baby face act is lame and I still believe along with a lot of other fans that they should have turned him heel a long time ago. Just listening to the crowds in Europe from the past two weeks on RAW it’s clear the rest of the world does not like him. Of course that might have something to do with the whole Jarhead thing because we’re not too well liked around the rest of the world for some reason.

But as a wrestler, John Cena sold me on last week on RAW. I’ve seen him have damn good brawls and up until Monday I was sick of his formula style of wrestling which was get beat on only to come back and hit the moves of doom for the win. This match had a really good story behind it which is rare in the WWE. Shawn Michaels usually doesn’t work his ass off unless it suits his own needs. It was a welcome surprise to see Michaels go all out in this match. It would have made sense to do the rematch on the PPV, but after seeing this match it’s pretty damn clear they didn’t want HBK/Cena stealing the show again like they did at Wrestlemania 23.

Speaking of Backlash, this Sunday starts a new system for the WWE where all the brands will be represented on the PPV. Vinnie Mac and company feel that since the buyrates go up on the big four ppv’s that we must want to see everyone on the shows. As usual it’s backward thinking by the WWE. The reason why the big four PPV’s do well is because IT’S THE BIG FOUR PPV’S. The core audience grew up watching The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and The Survivor Series. Everything else is filler any way you look at it.

But with the price of PPV’s at $40 a pop the WWE figures they should at least give us something worth the price of ordering. Well at least they have that much figured out. Only problem is what they are giving us. A big angle for the Backlash PPV is Bobby Lashley vs. Vince, Shane, and Umaga in a 3 on 1 Handicap match for the ECW Title. It seems that they will not give up on making Bobby Lashley the third big star of the company. Right now the pecking order is John Cena and The Undertaker. The WWE thinks they can put Lashley who is unproven as a draw in that spot.

As much as people bust on Cena and The Undertaker they are proven draws in the sense they bring in a lot of money with merchandising. Attendance figures are a wonky issue at best. But the real money is in merchandising and John Cena is at the top of the mountain in that regard. Bobby Lashley doesn’t draw money in any shape or form. Perhaps if they gave him some character when he first arrived he would be on his way, but he is as bland as it gets and why he was picked for this feud with McMahon I’ll never know. It is funny though considering how hard the WWE tries. Right now LASHLEY has a lot of Brock Lesnar’s mannerisms. When Brock was there you thought he was going to fuck someone up. Lashley on the other hand looks about as imposing a kitten. I mean how you can not laugh when he gets all bug eyed and tries to be The Incredible Hulk is beyond me.

UMAGA…Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.


Some where Shane Douglas is saying to himself thank God it’s not Flair
but he’s still screaming DICK DICK DICK DICK DICK

So as if you haven’t heard by now, Vince McMahon is now the ECW World Champion. Usually when you get bad news it’s a shock to your system. You go numb and then there’s the denial and agony. Well I’m skipping over all that and moving right to acceptance. Vince has a huge ego and you knew the moment ECW came back one day he would put the title on himself because after all this is his grand vision. So the fact that Vince is now ECW World Champion doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is the fact that like so many things before, they will with out a doubt screw this up.

The way I figure it they can go one of two ways. The most logical way is for them to turn the heat up to about a million and people tune in to see if Vince can survive another week as champion. Of course we know Vince isn’t going to wrestle every single week. He’ll have his lackeys and toadies wrestle for him but we won’t see Vince wrestle every week. They could have an original go through the gauntlet to earn the shot at Vince but you know they’ll just get screwed over anyway since that style of booking seems to of worked for them for the last ten years.

The way they will probably end up going is Vince defeats all the originals only for us to get our hopes up that RVD will win only for him to lose. See that’s the reason why they moved One Night Stand out of New York. It had nothing to do with Stephanie thinking Paul Heyman would sabotage the show. It’s because if they booked Vince vs. RVD in front of that crowd there really would be a riot. Normally if you can get a crowd to riot you know your doing your job as a heel. But the riot in this case would probably be one to cause congressional hearings. Of course them moving the show to Florida for that reason would mean Vince winning the title was the plan all along and if we know anything about the WWE, they just don’t plan things out that far in advance (well at least for the C Show).

Personally if I had a choice I’d book Tommy Dreamer into a feud with Vince. It would be a rather simple feud to book as Tommy represents the heart and soul of ECW and Vince is the heartless monster who wants to destroy it. Tommy is one of those rare guys in wrestling who draw you into a match on an emotional level. Tommy can take a hell of a beating and you get pulled in hoping that Tommy can overcome the odds and win. Tommy is the classic baby face and he does his job to a tee. Besides it makes sense from a political standpoint in the WWE because Tommy has an office job and unlike RVD, Tommy knows his corporate role.

The rumors right now are that RVD turned down the WWE’s latest offer for a contract so that means unless the WWE suddenly decides to give him what ever he wants, RVD will be gone by the summer. Of course you know TNA fans are frothing at the bits at the prospect of RVD in TNA. I’ll save you all the trouble of getting your hopes up.

They fucked up getting Kurt Angle. What do you think they will do if RVD goes to TNA.

If not Tommy it would be fun to see The Sandman get a push but there’s a slim chance of that happening since all the rumors are he and Sabu are on borrowed time anyway in the WWE. So it makes sense to give this spot to Tommy. Of all the guys from ECW/WCW, Tommy Dreamer is the one guy who deserves that big pay day and moment in the sun.

Speaking of someone who does NOT deserve a moment in the sun, we come to the IWC’s favorite big man, The Great Khali. On RAW they did a little angle where someone took out HBK, Edge, and Orton. Cena came out at the end of the night and after a minute of build up Khali lumbered down to the ring. To Cena’s credit (thought I’d never say that) he gave Khali a hell of a fight. But the big loaf doesn’t bump for anyone. I mean Andre The Giant bumped for people. All Khali does is just stand there and shrug people off. It was a testament to John Cena’s strength when he got him up for the FU. As immobile as Khali is, even a simple move like a fireman’s carry which the FU is can be monumental. Cena ended up dead lifting him onto his back which was amazing and I had to admit I almost marked out simply because I hate Khali that much. In the end Khali laid out Cena with that I PICK YOU UP AND THEN DROP YOU slam. That made me and Phantom Classic cringe as there’s nothing fun about being dumped like that from about 9 feet up in the air.

It boggles my mind and the mind of anyone who watches the WWE as to why they keep pushing this loaf. Khali much like Mark Henry is a black hole of heat. He sucks the life out of the crowd and that is not a good thing especially if you are even thinking about something as suicidal as a title run for Khali. Khali will never draw as a champion. Even him holding the title as a transitional champion would do harm beyond belief. I hope the WWE doesn’t do anything drastic but after Sunday with Vince winning the ECW title the term never say never in this business really is a scary thought.

Before I go I have to commend the WWE for the Edge/Orton match on RAW. That’s two weeks in a row we’ve gotten amazing matches. Someone on DVDVR wondered if the entire writing team got sacked because surely they couldn’t come up with anything this good. We also got Carlito turning heel on Ric Flair and all I can say to that is thank God. Carlito is a damn good wrestler when he’s motivated and now that he’ll be back to being a bad guy I would imagine he’s going to be motivated. It was fun though to see Flair thwart Carlito’s attempt at a beat down. I’m looking forward to this feud as it’s a continuation of their feud over the Intercontinental title (of course we’re not supposed to remember that far back). A rumor floating around is this will lead to a Loser leaves Town match and Flair will get his chance to go to Smackdown.

Flair knows he’s only got so much left in the tank so why not get one last Flair for the Gold. I mean its better its Big Gold and not that damn spinner belt. But as long as I don’t ever have to see Ric Flair in barbwire and thumbtacks I’ll be happy. As great as Hardcore Flair was…Flair doesn’t need to splatter himself like that.

Well that’s it for this week. I hope and plan to have a column next week. I’ve been re-energized lately and there’s a good reason for that. The PWA (Psychotic Wrestling Alliance) has left my old stomping ground at Lords of Pain meaning I get to come back. Long story short while a lot of the core roster has come back, we much like ECW can use some new blood. So if you do that e-fed rp stuff come join us at We are looking for ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY. So please no sign up’s for anyone in the WWE, TNA, or any other well known company. It’s a good company plus for those of you who have wanted to see me put my money where my mouth is when it comes to fantasy booking, you now get your chance. So yeah sign up on the board and join the roster because like I said we’re looking for new blood.

On that note I’m done for this week and until next time take care and remember someone has to give you this information and it DAMN well has to be me.

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"Picture Perfect" Update

----I got an eyewitness report last night that the Highlanders vs PP match last night went pretty good. I was told that it looked a little botchy on one move with Christian Jacobs, as it looked as if he slipped. All in all they had a good showing and before a bunch of rumors gets started - they WERE NOT offered a contract yet. Alan Steele was not used, but was backstage all night.

Monday, April 30, 2007

"Picture Perfect" to wrestle Highlanders!!

----RRO Tag Team of The Year - "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] are scheduled to work "The Highlanders" [Robbie and Rory MacAlister] tonight for "Heat". The word I am getting is that Alan Steele was scheduled to work Viscera, but that match may have been scratched. They also may be used as extras for RAW. Congrats to all three of you!! Good job guys!!

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 4.28.07

Alec Fontez beat K-Hill.

Up next was the Golden Circle. TGB said there was a big annoucement to be made, and he called out Tim Cummings. Cummings introduced the new TLCW commisioner Ricky Hayes. Hayes told TGB that he had a big match to announce for Mayhem. TGB told Hayes he would guess. His first guess was TGB versus Buckwheat. Hayes told him no. His next guess was TGB versus Shannon Lee. Hayes said no and gave TGB one more guess. His last guess was TGB versus two security guards and a midget, which got laughs from the crowd, and Hayes said no. Hayes then got on the mic and said at Mayhem TGB would face "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher, which made TGB mad.

Chris Lexx Beat Rude by DQ - Lexx won after Blaylock and Pokerface got involved. They put Lexx's arm in a chair 6 times and tried to break it. They run his arm into the ringpost. They said Naughty By Nature was taking over. Hot Topic and other guys ran out and chased NXN off. Chris Lexx was carried out of the ring to the hospital.

Cruiserweight Title Match - Dell Tucker/Tatt2 ended in a draw when the referee counted both men's shoulders down for a three count. Comm. Hayes came out and said since the past two weeks there has been no clear winner he was holding the title up, and next week they would fight, and there must be a winner.

The Filthy Freaks (Tim Grind, Matt Foley, & Hollywood) came out. They talked about killing Flashamania tonight once and for all. Comm. Hayes came down and said that tonight Grind would meet Flash in a fans strap match.

Seth Knight came out and asked Rockin' Randy to come down and bring his belt that he stole last week with him. Randy came down, and teased getting in the ring, but walked back up the ramp. Tommy Redneck came out and stopped him from going backstage. Comm. Hayes came out and said since all three men wanted to be TLCW Hardcore Champion, at Mayhem they would meet in a triple threat TLC match for the hardcore title. He then said they was also gonna have a little preview tonight.

Seth Knight v.s. Rockin' Randy v.s. Tommy Redneck
The match ended in a no contest after Redneck dived off a ladder onto Knight and Randy. All three men were counted out.

Shannon Lee beat Foxy Hayes
Foxy Hayes laid down and let Shannon pin him. Sweetcheeks then gave Shannon a present, which was a new pair of black and orange tights.

Rhythm & Blues announced they would be putting on a concert at Mayhem, as well as wrestling Crusin' 4 Pain for the TLCW World Tag Team Championship. They then called out any team from the back to fight them for a test match, and the Posse came out.

Rhythm & Blues ( Cosmic Cowboy Brian Steele & The Blues Man Ike Tucker) beat the Posse - R&B beat the posse after Rick Marx distracted the referee, and the Cosmic Cowboy hit Lil' Chris in the throat with his guitar, and then they gave him the "CHARTBUSTER".

Hot Topic ( Derrick King & Stan Lee) v.s. Dustin Starr & Alex Krisis
It was supposed to be Hot Topic v.s. Picture Perfect, but Starr came out and said he gave them the night off. So he called out Krisis to be his partner. The match ended in a no contest after Genocide ( Maxx Corbin & Albino Rhino) got involved. They tied D.K. in the ropes, and focused their attention on Lee. Genocide gave Lee a H-Bomb ( the Harris Bros. old finishing manuver.] They teased Chris O'Neal's music, but he never came out. Afterwards D.K. got on the mic and said even if Stan Lee wasn't here next week he would fight all of them.

Commisioner Hayes came out and said next week someway we would hear from "All That" Alan Steele regarding Mayhem.

Fans Strap Match - Tim Grind beat Flash Flanagan
The match started by referee Tavian Hart sending Foley and Hollywood to the back. Flash controled most of match, and kept on throwing Grind out and the fans beat him. He actually had a striped back after the match. Flash also pulled Grind's pants down, and revealed he was wearing a thong. He jumped out, and the fans striped his legs. Grind threw Flash out and the fans just helped him up, and threw him back into the ring, except one fan who hit Flash across the back with her belt. Foley ran down, and tried to interfere, but Flash threw him out and the fans whooped him. Finish had Flash distracted by Foley and Grind hit Flash with a coke can and pinned him. Afterwards, Flash was upset about all the interference in his matches with Grind. Comm. Hayes came down and told flash at Mayhem he wouldn't have to worry about anyone getting involved, because for the first time in TLCW history Flash would meet Grind inside a steel cage.

----130 paid with a gate of $780 with between 160-180 in crowd. They finally are building up "May Mayhem", which is their next big show. The actual show starts at 2:30 in the afternoon with a dunking tank, a pie in the eye game, a kissing booth, and much more. I think the wrestling will start about 7:00. Tickets are $8 and $10 in advance, and $10 and $12 the day of the show....Steel Cage Match: Grind vs Flash already signed and TGB vs Brian Christopher …They were playing Chris O'Neal's music, so I assuming he is on the show...There is a crazy little back story to the signing of the TGB vs Christopher match. Apparently after a Memphis Wrestling TV taping [about 2 years ago], Christopher gave TGB hell, when they ask him to work a house show for them and TGB refused because he was already booked in Dyersburg, TN. Christopher was even to the point of kicking TGB out of the studio and pushing on him. Good to see them working together…Speaking of TGB, he is doing a “best of best” gimmick here. Since TLCW is the best promotion and he is the champion of the best promotion, then he is the “best of the best”. Thought that was pretty kewl.


Sunday, April 29, 2007


----The half a million mark was reached sometime yesterday. I would like to thank everyone involved in one way or another with this site. If you send in results or just call to bs – then thank you!! Thanks to all the other major media sites that have welcomed me to the clique and have sent visitors to my site.

----When I first started this site in May of last year, I really never knew it would even come close to this kind of reception. There were some rough times with promoters and workers, but that will always happen when you are dealing with a dirt sheet. But, all in all, the promotions have been fantastic to me with full backstage access. My goal was small when I first started it. I thought 3,000 to 5,000 hits a month would be great. That would give me 60,000 a year and maybe hover 100,000 some years, if something hot happened in this area. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have the day I had Friday with visitors.

----This Hulk Hogan story had picked up my visitors to the site by about 20 to 30%. My daily average was up and I was looking forward to covering the event on the site. The day of the event, the site was hot. I was getting over average numbers and going into the show was almost at 4400 hits. I never checked the hits during the show. After posting all the results, I went to look at the hits. There were over 13,000 visitors to the site during the coverage of the show. I was flabbergasted. I finished with almost 18,000 visitors for Friday in a record number of hits that I will be surprised will ever be matched. Thanks again to everyone for their help and support.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 4.28.07

----Wildside and Ravishing Randy opened the show announcing their group “The Foundation” was gone and they have formed “The Empire”…Three Way Dance for TV title: Razor beat Twizted & Weasel…Brianna Starr beat Jennifer Justice…Moondogs[Rex/Mutt] with Jimmy Starr beat AC Havoc, Azreal and Wildman in what was suppose to be a 4-way, but Mutt showed up…TIWF Tag Team Title Match: Steve Rampage/Big Bob beat The Highrollers, when Lawman helped Rampage win. Jimmy Starr and Moondogs beat up everyone after the match…TIWF Cruiserweight Title: Wildside beat PK Ripper & Way Cool in a triple threat…TIWF Title Match: Big Boy Bob with Ravishing Randy [who has bought the contract of Bob from Allen Walker] vs Lawman Williams ended in DCO…Main Event: “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Void] beat “Missouri Bad Boys” [Renegade/Mark Southern] with AJ’s hair vs 5 Minutes with Allen Walker.

----There were 128 people in the crowd with a paid of 89 and gate of $500. Good gate for this group. I bet that building was packed…They ran a night long angle where MBB claimed that Allen Walker had been attacked by BLS in the parking lot and was sent to the hospital. Walker finally made it to the building in the finish of the main with bandages all over him. BLS got their 5 minutes with him and was beating him up, when the real Walker stepped out of the curtain. MBB/Walker beat up BLS and handcuffed AJ to the ropes and started to cut his hair. They get some of it off before Void and new BLS member Robbie Douglas makes the save. Not sure who Douglas is, but was told he looked good. This angle is an version of the old Kaufman burn angle and it was actually used by Derrick King during the Lawler/Masters match at Sam’s Town…Not sure who Mutt is either, but I guess I should know Jimmy Starr; right??


RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 4.28.07

New NBW commissioner Jimmy Tidwell came out and announced that he was the man that was going to bring some order back to NBW. Tidwell called all the wrestlers out to the ring, where he told them what was going on. His first act of suty was to determine a #1 contender for Allen Steele's NBW Heavyweight Title. By way of a "Royal Rumble" type match with 2 men starting off and another man joining them every minute. Everyone drew #'s and was sent back to the locker room. When it came time for Gaylon Ray to draw his #, Tidwell told him that he already had his # picked out for him. Since he wanted to stick his nose in the main event last week, he was going to be the first one out in the main event this week. Tidwell gave Gaylon #1 and send him on his way and the show officially starts.

"Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated Stumaga w/ Bigg Money Gripp after hitting his "Redrum"

Gunner Thompson defeated Psycho in a Hardcore title match to become the new champion after tossing Kayte over Pyscho's head. Psycho caught Kayte and had his back towards Gunner who blasted Psycho with a sign and got the pin.

“Team X” [Gryffon/Phoenix] defeated Ca$hFlow ("The Enforcer" Mark Justice & Gaylon Ray) to retain the NBW tag-Team Titles. Jeremy Moore was the special referee for this match. Justice and Gryffon X were fighting out on the floor. Moore was trying to keep his attention on the action outside the ring and inside the ring as well. Stumaga came out and went for the "D-Burg Spike" on Phoenix X but he ducked out of the way and Stumaga nailed Gaylon instead. Moore threw Stumaga out and made the fast count on Gaylon so Team X would win

"Mr. Ego" Kilo defeated J. Weezy after a rollup with his feet on the ropes.
Kilo retained the NBW High Risk Title in what was by far the best match of the night. Lots of false finishes. Lots of reversals. Croud really ate it up.

Tank wins the Battle Royal to determine #1 contender for NBW heavyweight Title. The last 3 in was Kilo, Mark justice and Tank. The heels worked over Tank’s leg and was trying to throw him out. Kilo held Tank while Mark got a running start. Tank elbowed Kilo and backdropped Mark over the top. Tank and Kilo worked a good 3 to 4 minutes after that. Tank went for a splash on Kilo, he moved and Tank cleared the top rope while in the air. Kilo jumped over the top after Tank. Both fought on the apron, then Kilo ran towards Tank and got backdropped out of the ring for the Tank win.

----About 80 in the crowd with a gate close to $480. Crowd still not up since the Rikishi show…Next week is Psycho’s last week with the company as he will be finishing up his agreed upon stint…Next week it will be Allen Steele defending against Tank, which should be real good…Battle Royal finish sounded fun. I would have loved to see Tank’s big ass flying over that turnbuckle. LOL


COL COVERAGE: Tons of Backstage Stuff

----There is a nice piece on about the Clash. The writer also says about 6,000 fans, so hopefully by tomorrow night I will have official figures. for tons of stuff including another live report. Click on the link above and get the story.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 4.28.07

----Jimmy Hart and Corey Maclin are outside in chairs at FedEx Forum at night after the big show. Maclin/Hart pull someone off the street that is selling roses. Maclin buys them for Hart. The guy says $20, but Maclin gives him $10. Maclin couldn't quit laughing. It was funny.

----Hart/Maclin are on Beale Street in Memphis talking to drunks and then Maclin talks to a horse named Barney.

----"Opening the Vault" with Jimmy Hart interview. He is surrounded by Dennis Coundry, Norvell Austin and the Assassin [Don Bass]. "First Family" had just turned on Bobby Eaton. Coundry/Austin were two of the founding members of "Midnight Express" and both were damn good on the mic. The Assassins/Norvell Austin vs Jim Jameson/Bobby Fulton/Robert Crow - total squash.


----Abdullah The Butcher vs Al "The Dog" Greene clips. Abby had a manager, but he was never acknowledged?? Who was it?? Lots of blood as they fought all around ringside inside the barriers.

----The Assassins with "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente Bubba The Love Sponge/Brutus Beefcake - Bubba was bad [but I have seen worst “veteran” wrestlers], but the crowd popped huge for him. Bubba did a splash from the second rope. Beefcake cut Sal's hair after the match. Beefcake was looking his age, but his body is in great shape.

----"Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] vs Kid Kash/Ricky Morton. Into the heat with Flex/Grind on Kash. The hot tag spot was messed up when Kash came out of double clothesline. It looked like Kash tried to double DDT them, but then got backdropped. It looked like it almost killed Kash. Hot tag to Morton with Grind/Flex selling like crazy. Double dropkick on Flex for the pin.

----Hulk Hogan vs Paul Wight clips aired. Match clip starts with Wight putting Hogan into a bearhug at about the 10 minutes into the 15 minute match. Both Wight and Hogan looked in great shape. Well, Hogan did with his upper body, but you can tell his knees kill him. This was typical Hogan match, as I have seen the complete bout. This was not a mat classic, but the fans go into it. It would have been a huge reaction at Wrestlemania when Hogan did the slam on Wight.

----I enjoyed this show because it would good for them to show clips of a show that isn’t even 24 hours old when this show aired. I usually don’t like Maclin/Hart doing goofy stuff, but them on Beale Street was fun…The “Opening the Vault” piece was good also. …It will be interesting to see if these clips will equal rating numbers. The clips were from a camera that was far off, but I noticed there were up close cams, so that will probably be for their DVD release.


RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR 4.28.07

Righteous Punishment {"Byg Daddy" Moose and Jack " Lockdown" Johnson } over "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill and Eric Wayne in 10:57 with "Righteous Judgment"

Kid Nickols over Matt Justice in a rematch in 9:38 by Pin Fall.

MEWA HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE MATCH "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne over Johnny Harper in 15:36 by a Pin Fall. This was "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne very first title defense.

"The Suicide King" Ray Ray VS. Tiny in a Non-MEWA LIGHT HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE MATCH. The was called a no contest after 16:07 after Tiny left Ray Ray and Tommy Wayne laying in the ring.

Main Event MEWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH Casino Kid and "The Velvet Lover" Cody Thunder over Danger Zone {"Hot Rod" John Ellison and "Dangerous" Dave Cox } in 21:35 to retain the belts.

Another great week with 258 in the crowd this week.


RassleResults: Arkansas Championship Wrestling Paragould, AR 4.28.07

----Deadly Dale beat Sgt Shakedown with Sexy Sam Dollar…Cody Daniels beat Bryan Knight….Adrian Stratton beat Idol Bane….Midnight Cowboy/Bryan Knight beat Hambone Express with Sam Dollar…San Francisco Treat with Rottn Randy beat Hamhock with Sam Dollar…3 Way For ACW Title: Loose Cannon beat Arenz with Kayte and Buster Johnson.

----Crowd went up from last week’s 30 to 80. Gate was around $560…I was told the crowd was hot and SF Treat continues to be over as a face…I was looking for a title change in the main, but Cannon continues to hold the belt…Loose Caboose [May 19th yearly event] was heavily plugged during the event.


COL Coverage: Hogan vs Wight video posted and Another Report


----A video of the complete Hulk Hogan vs Paul Wight match has been posted on Google video. CLICK HERE to watch it. My advice is to watch it quickly before it gets pulled. LOL And, before Memphis Wrestling and company decide to contact me - I DID NOT POST THIS - I am only sharing information.


----There is another report of the show posted on Trent Van Drisse board from Tommy Stewart. Stewart was also guessing at about 6,000 in the building. I also got an e-mail earlier today that stated that official figures will not be released until Monday and I am still being told I will be getting them. I do not agree with him saying "Too Cool 2" sucks. They may have missed a few moves, but they are a good team. And, he states Brian Christopher vs Buff Bagwell was the best match. I have been told that by everyone that attended the show. Christopher has been getting good reviews everywhere lately with a good attitude and working hard. That can be said about Bagwell also.