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RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 6.08.07 - Attitude Inc./Kings of Wrestling Feud Gets Personal!

---Bless d. LSD...Devon Raynes d. Nick Grymes to retain the TFW Lightheavyweight Title...Chaz d. Hittman by DQ...D.C. d. Chris Chaos...Dirty Sanches & Judas Thorne d. Psychotic Steve & Chop Top the Clown...Attitude Inc. ["Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & "The Future" Chris Styles] d. The Kings of Wrestling ["The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews & "Spectacular" Shawn Reed]...Chris Kilgore d. Testosterone [Fusion & "Extreme" Brett Michaels] in a no-DQ handicap match...Cassanova Kid d. Special Ed to retain his TFW Heavyweight Title...
---The crowd was up this week with 100 people in attendance for a $500 gate...As part of his never ending quest to stay under the weight limit for the lightheavyweight class, Devon Raynes weighed in this week at 145 1/3 pounds, which is about thirty pounds less than last week...Hittman returned to action this week after missing a few shows because of the death of his great uncle...Along those same lines, Josh Holley was out this week due to the death of his grandfather. The kayfabe reason was that Testosterone took him out last week at a "show" in Tennessee...The Attitude Inc./Kings of Wrestling match had lots of heat the crowd riled up more than any match has done at TFW in a long, long time. The finish had Chris Styles giving Anita Paige a piledriver, and Josh Matthews was pinned. Following the match, Shawn Reed was so upset with what Styles had done to Anita that he took out referee Joey Lynn and superkicked ring announcer Hunter Jackson...This was Hunter's first bump in front of a live crowd, and he thought it felt completely different than when you're just playing around in the ring...Commissioner Sammy Hall will be coming to the TFW building a couple of Sunday's from now as it is time for wrestling licenses to be renewed and new ones issued...The GTW report may be up a little late as I had to work tonight and wasn't able to attend the show.

RassleTube: "Best of Memphis Wrestling" 6.02.07

RassleResult: LAW Rector, AR 6.08.07

----Alec Fontez over Zane Justice…Shannon Lee over TL Jones“The Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] with Kayte/Karly over Scotty Graham & Idol Bane…"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Tommy Redneck…Christopher O'Neal & Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens over “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]

----40 paid with a gate of $240, which up from previous weeks. There were about 60 in the crowd…Fontez explained that when he arrived at the building last week someone put a bag over his head and knocked him out and that was why he wasn't there for his tag match last week. Alec said he didn't know who it was for sure but Foxxy Hayes is going to be dealt with…Shannon Lee went over with the Swanton Bomb…The Black Out Squad is scheduled to defend their tag titles next week against The Asylum. …Thomas Graham announced that Tommy Redneck was in the tournament which enraged Golden Boy. Golden Boy then tried to get Tommy to put his spot on the line in there match but Tommy wouldn't do it. Then, Golden Boy said he wouldn't wrestle this match unless Tommy put it on the line and then TGB slapped Tommy and Tommy agreed by hitting Golden Boy. Jeff O'Dell distracted Thomas Graham by telling him that someone was hurt and he had to come to the back when Thomas was gone, TGB faked knee injury which allowed Idol Bane to come out and give "The Ghost of Andy Kaufman" to Tommy Redneck which allowed TGB to get the win. TGB is in the tournament now with 1st round match against Seth Knight…Chris slipped over on Christian Jacobs while Slim Pickens had Trendsetter's leg so he couldn't break up the pin.

Something I missed....

----My apologies for missing a bout in the Countdown to Summer Jam. Here is my rundown of it and I added it to the original piece.

*Fans Strap Match with Jeremy Moore vs Gaylon Ray packed with tons of stips. Jason Reed is the special ref along with the Commish position being up for grabs and the High Risk Title. If they are continuing the feud, then I look for Ray to win and them do some heel stuff. Maybe a Reed turn. These two guys were hid with the main event last time with talent, so it will be interesting to see how good they work alone against each other. I will go with a Ray win and heel commish with a Reed turn.

RassleResults: XOW, Ecru, MS 6-02-07

Chazz d. Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham.

Cassanova Kidd d. Jay Webster.

Pappy d. Izzy Rotten by DQ due to interference by Neil Taylor.

Neil Taylor w/Tony Watts d. Psycho in a first blood match.

XOW Tag Team Champions Pure Destruction [Cody & Brody Hawk] d. 24/7 [Kross & JR Mauler] to retain.

Neil Taylor & Izzy Rotten d. Psycho & Psycho Pappy

Crowd was appros 80 with a gate of $400.00.

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Nashville Bits

----In doing some research on the Nashville scene I was reading on Trent Van Drisse’s message board various things. This is “the” message board when it comes to that area of Tennessee. I found a few news items that I found interesting and funny. We will have at times crossover items presented for both blogs. Here are a couple…

*This came from some results from ATL show on Wednesday night. CLICK HERE to read the complete report, but I loved this!!

7. Chase Stevens & Shane Williams beat Chris Michaels & Shawn Shultz
Wow...I'm cross eyed after this match. There was definite heat between some people in this match, and it was a really weird combination of being stiff, and yet a comedy match at the same time. Before the match Shutlz told Chase he didn't think he could ever find a gayer partner than Andy Douglas, but he managed to do just that by teaming with Shane Williams. Chase took the mic and told a story of when Shawn Shultz showed up wearing jeans and a wife beater, cuz he couldn't afford wrestling gear, begging Bert Prentice to let him wrestle on a show. Chase said one week later Shultz showed up in new gear Bert had purchased for him, and Chase wondered what Shutlz had to do to get that gear....I think the name "Bert" was mentioned 20 times in this match easily. Shane Williams kept walking around the ring and switching corners to tag in. It was kinda funny, but it just got stupid the 10th time he did it. Chase was very stiff with Shultz early, riding him amateur style. Chase mentioned something about UFC, and I wondered what he'd bee watching to wrestle like that. Shutlz seemed to legit not like it. Later on Chase held Michaels up in an inverted Mexican surfboard. Williams is obviously a big Jerry Lawler mark. He has some charisma, not a lot of size though. Chase pinned Shultz after a DVD to win it, but right before that was one of the more confused sequences I've seen in awhile. Wasn't sure where it was going next, or how it was going to end up. Very bizarre match. Post match saw Michaels superkick his partner Shultz. The end of the show saw Shultz take the mic and tell Shane Williams to "Say hello to my ex-girlfriend", which apparently was a shoot, but which one was he talking about? After the show there were several highly pissed off women in the lobby yelling at each other over the comment Shultz made. Hell, if they're hopping from bed to bed they're all idiots anyhow. Perversely entertaining no doubt though. Had me laughing anyhow. Hard show to rate. Thumbs in the middle I guess, bizarro world though. Trent

*An odd post here talking bout Dukesfest and Adventurecon, which featured Jerry Lawler and Bobby Eaton respectively. It makes you wonder how close wrestling marks are to actually comic book/sci-fi geeks?? Don’t mean to offend; I would probably fit in both categories.

----Finally, I also seen that “East Coast Bad Boys” and “Picture Perfect” are both double booked Saturday night. Both are scheduled to be in Dyersburg. ECBB are also on the NWA Top Rope show and PP is on the Springfield, TN show. I am almost 100% sure PP will be in Dyersburg. I can not tell you about ECBB.

Site News!!!

----After taking a look at Google Video that LAW used last week, I have decided to go with trying to resurrect RassleTube with clips of Memphis Wrestling. The plan is to air my “best of” type show with clips either on Friday or Saturday following the actual air date of the show.

----I will be launching the Nashville Blog dedicated to wrestling in the Nashville area either this coming Thursday or Friday. I am lining up a staff, as I do not consider myself as familiar with the Nashville guys, and they will be presenting a weekly “Shows of The Weekend” and stories, result and gossip from that area of Tennessee. Bert Prentice is also promising a new TV show in July that could be the center point of the blog, similar to what Memphis Wrestling does for the site now. The Nashville blog will accessible via my regular blog in the LINKS section.

Countdown to NBW Summer Jam 2007

----Are we looking at another record crowd for NBW?? Their last big show drew 316 paid, so it will be interesting if they can match that or best it. Mike Bucci is the “attraction” this time in their ads [Rikishi was featured last time], so will he be able to draw the same numbers?? Bucci is still featured in all advertisement and him not being there will not be acknowledge until you get to the door to buy your tickets. I look for a 200 range crowd with no GREAT matches, but all the matches should be solid. I am looking forward to the show.

*The East Coast Bad Boys (Serpent & C-Money) vs Team X (Gryffon & Phoenix). This could be a great match or just a total clusterfuck. Serpent is a good worker that knows how to work, but the other three guys are green as grass. If slowed down a bit to pick the right high spots this could be real good.

*Chris "Fabulous" Rocker vs Alex Krisis. This could be real good. Rocker has never disappointed me on big show matches and Krisis has been improving by bounds. I look for them to put Rocker over here.

*NBW Hardcore Champion The Sicilian Kid defends his title in a "Hardcore Battle Royal" which will include "Real Deal" Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens, Crazy Train, Lil' Tim Alfonzo, Buckwheat, J.Weezy, "Playboy" Tommy Love, Loose Cannon and more. Not sure how this will turn out, but I am not a big fan of battle royals. Gunner/Edwards put out last time in a match with Psycho and look like the guys that could save this. The rest of the guys are green [and there is Cannon..LOL] and will probably just take a beating. Kid is over [and I don’t know why and I have heard his pops] and probably will continue being champ.

*Fans Strap Match with Jeremy Moore vs Gaylon Ray packed with tons of stips. Jason Reed is the special ref along with the Commish position being up for grabs and the High Risk Title. If they are continuing the feud, then I look for Ray to win and them do some heel stuff. Maybe a Reed turn. These two guys were hid with the main event last time with talent, so it will be interesting to see how good they work alone against each other. I will go with a Ray win and heel commish with a Reed turn.

*Tank vs Lord Humongous. It has been a long time since I have seen Huey work live, but he has a good opponent. If he works real stiff and makes the crowd “feel” the hits, then it will get over. I believe Tank is bigger than Huey now and is much faster. Could be good – could be bad. Tank goes over as Huey is just there to feed to him.

*NBW Tag-Team Title Match (champions) Ca$hFlow ("The Enforcer" Mark Justice & "Mr. EGO" Kilo) vs Too Cool 2. These two teams are both from almost two different schools of thought. You have the solid, not so flashy workers in Kilo/Justice and then you got all the flash with TC2. Flex is solid and I have seen Grind have great matches. This could steal the show with this match or it could just fall flat. I will go with Kilo/Mark winning by DQ.

*“Picture Perfect” and "All That" Allen Steele vs Sir Mo. Unfortunately, I was told the storyline idea [Mo told me talking on a cell phone while signing autographs - such a mark; huh?? LOL] when Bucci was planning to come in. I can almost believe it has changed, but really can not see where it is going. So, I am just guessing here. PP over Steele/Mo with Steele screwing Mo, then a single match with Mo beating Steele, since Steele is headed out. Tag match could be real good with PP in the ring with Steele. Steele/Mo will be good as they have worked each other a lot.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 6.02.07

----Azreal won a 5 way battle with Punisher, Nigerian Nightmare, Billy Jo Dream and Overkill…Lawman Williams beat “Ravishing” Randy to make him wear bra & panties…Hardknoxs Hooligan beat Danny B Good…Moondogs beat “Black Label Society” [Void/AJ Bradley] to win TIWF tag team titles…Steven Rampage vs Big Bad Bob to no contest…PK Ripper/Way Cool/Ron Rage beat “The Highrollers” [Wyked/Storms/Tiny]

----98 paid with a $498 gate.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 6.02.07

Mark Tipton started the show bringing out Commish Ricky Hayes to put over TV Show.

Tommy Redneck beat Alec Fontez using a chain that Rick The Stick gave him. Rick threw the chain in and Redneck was not going use it, but then used it.

”Rockin” Randy beat Chris Lexx with a superkick.

”Rhythm & Blues” [Matt Foley/Ike Tucker this week – because R&B needs some rock’n’roll every once in a while..LOL] beat Lil Chris, when Simon Reed did not show up for the match. Foley/Tucker kept beating up Chris after the match and finally Reed come out to make the save. Reed/Chris started pushing each other after the match to further their storyline of splitting up the team…or did they?? LOL “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] came out to tell them they needed to quick bickering and be the great team they are. “Posse” told them to stay out of their business. So, it looks like they are turning the “Posse” heel, instead of splitting them up.

“Hot Topic” [DK/Lee] beat “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino]/Dustin Starr by DQ when Starr used a chair. It was suppose to be a 6-man tag, but Starr had a lawyer to rule that O’Neal could not compete because of his “Loser Leave Town” clause. O’Neal ended up coming out at the end to brawl with Starr.

Flash Flanagan beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony in a non-title match. TGB said he would fight anyone and then Flash took up the challenge. Flash beat him thinking he won the belt, but then TGB said it was not a title match.

----There were only 94 paid with a gate of $565 with close to 120 in the building. This was one of the lowest crowds of recent memory of this group…Apparently DK/Lee come back on Corbin/Rhino after they got beat down, which pissed off Starr. Starr/DK had words, but all is good…I am so proud that this group has the brains to honor a “Loser Leave Town” clause. This has been a very good smart angle. O’Neal will not be back for another two weeks waiting out the “lawyer’s “decision.”

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The Casino Site is Up and Running!!

----Go to the HOME page and click on the casino link and it will take you to the site. Play!!! Win!!

Shows for the Weekend 6.08 to 6.09.07


----Show for the weekend is the NBW “Summer Jam 2007” show featuring talent from all over the area. They had a great big show last time and it looks like a good card this time. It will be interesting to see if GTA tries to top their 60 minute match. Sid Vicious is going to be Osceola tomorrow night. And, finally ASWF will run angles for the big show next weekend.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with …Arnez, Christopher O’Neal, Tommy Redneck, Alec Fontez, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Erik Hayes, TL Jones, Foxxy Hayes and many more.

----Friday night for MCW in Osceola, AR for Sid Vicious, Hambones vs “East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent], Loose Cannon and many more.

----Friday night The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Friday night for SEW "THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!" - Reno Diamond will challenge SEW Heavyweight Champion The Crime in a Last Man Standing Match, tag team originators of hardcore The Moondogs face High Society in a Losers Eat Dog Food tag match, and the twisted Monster's Ball Match will debut in Memphis! Also in action will be Chris Lexx, Danny B. Good, Leatherface, Gabriel Stalker, Capleville Maniac and much more, plus a new U.S. Champion will be decided in a 20-Man Extreme Rules Battle Royal!All this and more will take place at the Capleville Gym, located on Malone Road off East Shelby Drive (at the corner behind the old Capleville School). Doors open at 7:00pm, and belltime is 7:30.

----Saturday Night ASWF At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, FOP (Sarge & Mickey Ray), Pure Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy, Epidemic (Morgan Lane & Al Smith) , Blackout Squad (Bishop & Oz), Reno Diamond Chris Rocker ,Scott Graham ,Chuck Daddy ,1Marcus O'Neil ,Acid Burn ,Trent Shultz, Brandon Brabwire ,Anton Leveigh ,Kid Krazzy ,Dirty Lil Dave Announcers Michael Ward, Al Hall ,Brian Edwards and more.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Justin Reed, Hittman, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Jack Irons, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM The East Coast Bad Boys(Spyro & C-Money) vs Team X (Gryffon & Phoenix), Chris "Fabulous" Rocker vs Alex Krisis, NBW Hardcore Champion The Sicilian Kid defends his title in a "Hardcore Battle Royal" which will include "Real Deal" Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens, Crazy Train, Lil' Tim Alfonzo, Buckwheat, J.Weezy, "Playboy" Tommy Love, Loose Cannon and more, Tank vs Lord Humongous, NBW Tag-Team Title Match (champions) Ca$hFlow ("The Enforcer" Mark Justice & "Mr. EGO" Kilo) vs Too Cool 2, "Fans Participation Strap Match" "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray, "All That" Allen Steele vs Sir Mo. Also scheduled to appear are Picture Perfect.Tickets are $8 in advance and may be purchased at The Jukebox Cafe' in Dyersburg, TN or $10 the night of the event.Bell Time is 8:00 with doors opening at 6:15 First come first serve seating so get there early.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with This Saturday Night June 2nd in Jackson Tennessee @ the True Force Arena on Gill Street Ron Rage, Way Cool, PK Ripper ,Highrollers, Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, “Black Label Society” [Void and AJ Bradley],The MoonDogs, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00 This is a Live TV Taping for channel 17 in Memphis, TN

----Saturday night in Savannah, TN for CWA with Bill Dundee, Doug Gilbert, Jimmy Blaylock, “The Singing Cowboys” [Don Bass/Brian Steele], “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed], Chris O’Neal, Flame, Beau James, Super Destroyer, Mega Man and many more.

----Saturday night in XOW in Ecru, MS for Mark Manson, Jay Webster, Shawn Manson, Max Manson, Izzy Rotten, Neil Taylor, DC, Cody Hawk, Brody Hawk, Colton Anderson Pappy, Psycho and many more!

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street Match: Flash Flanagan,TGB Greg Anthony,Foxxy Hayes, Stan Lee, Chris O'Neal, Maxx Corbin,Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck,Seth Knight, Rockin' Randy, Erik Hayes, Dell Tucker, "Cruzin 4 Pain" with Tasha Simone, "Rhythm & Blues" and much more!!!

---- Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th And Oak Street’s. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, Scottie Graham,The Casino Kid, ,Gravedigger, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, Scotty Graham, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, "The Brazilian Bad Boy" Rozzi, Hillbilly Tiny, Gravedigger, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, Righteous Punishment{ Jack " Lockdown" Johnson," Byg" Daddy Moose}, "Velvet Lover" Cody Thunder, Wild Bill, Acid, Venom, Plowboy Hayes, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, and many, many more. Bell time is 8P.M, doors open at 7:15P.M.


Why do I keep thinking about PP??

----I have written the last few days about the TLCW/Picture Perfect split and spent probably more time than I needed thinking about it. TLCW is in the process of launching their biggest project to date – a weekly cable access TV show. The show is going to be a full time job for Derrick King and his booking committee. If you look at it from TLCW’s POV, then they have to plan their TV show around the current roster and knowing their talent are going to be there week in and week out. But, even though I do want to see WHY they may want to do that, I do still think I would use PP.

----I have also been told by more than one person that they feel PP will not stay long at NBW, because of the friendship that exists with Jon Michael/Derrick King. “He [Jon] eats lunch every day at Derrick’s house!!” said one source. So, I see this more of an “I can throw a rock better than you” type of thing, where you see Michael maybe doing this move for a bit of spite.

----“They will be back!!” another source said. And that is a good point, how long will PP work at NBW?? Who will they work?? If they are babyfaces, then they will have good opponents in Kilo/Mark Justice. Christian Jacobs has experience working both guys and actually helped train Justice a bit. If they are heels, who do they work?? Team X is real small and PP would look like giants against them. Tank is a big guy, but he would need a partner that moves at his speed. [ala “Genocide”]. Maybe Mo?? I don’t know!! I am being armchair booker again.

----The final factor to figure in all of this is the fact that Christian Jacobs seems to want to focus more on the Nashville area and Jon Michael wants stay in this area. I believe both are personal reasons. I believe NBW would use Jon Michael as a singles if Jacobs decided to stay in Nashville.

----All and all, I do consider this a good fit for everyone involved. TLCW does not have to worry and NBW will get fresh talent on days that PP is available whether it be just Michael or both.

The Ratings Are In!!

----Well I have changed the format AGAIN on giving the ratings. LOL I think you guys don’t want to read over the complete TV report again, so this will just give you highlights of what was in that quarter. And, I have added a number that I thought would interest those that don’t think people watch TV that late at night – What was Memphis watching??

----This week’s show scored just a bit better than last week’s show, but the show continues to stay in the below average category [a little over 11,000 less viewers]. They did gain more viewers than last week, which is a plus. Did the SNME hurt them?? Probably just a bit, but it only score 2.5 [42,308 viewers] in the Memphis area. Both shows added viewers in the quarters that they competed against each other, so no one was turning off one show to watch other one. The highest rated quarter was the 4th quarter and he did have the best wrestling in it. Memphis was watching the news for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of CSI Miami.

Highlights and Quarter Ratings

-Rocky The Redbird is introduced.
- Kevin White & Derrick King vs. Johnny Dotson & Dustin Starr

1st Quarter 1.5 [25,519 viewers]

- Chris Deal vs. Reggie B. Fine
- Clips of Cory Maclin/Koko B. Ware/Jimmy Hart vs. The Assassins & Sal Corrente at Sam's Town
- Interview w/ Sal & The Assassins

2cnd Quarter – 2.1 [34,417 viewers]

- Mr. Hughes vs. Cameron Valentine
- Jerry Lawler montage
- Jimmy Hart on the Phone
- Interview w/ Koko B. Ware and Corey Maclin's Dad

3rd Quarter – 2.2 [37,272 viewers]

- Tattoo & Shawn Schultz vs. Too Cool Two
- Clip of Jerry Lawler vs. Mr. Hughes from Sam's Town
- Interview w/ Jerry Lawler and Queen Renee

4th Quarter – 2.5 [42,308 viewers]

12 Week Average – 2.6 – 43427 viewers
12 Week High – 3.6 = 60,608 viewers – 5.12.07
12 Week Low – 1.6 = 26,862 viewers – 5.05.07
Growth from start to finish – [+7387 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?? - WREG CBS News Channel 3/CSI Miami 9.2 [153,955 viewers]

RassleBits - Dale Gagner

----Gagner, who at times refers to himself as Gagne, is having a fun time now with the WWE who own the rights to AWA name. But, Gagner says he owns the rights, so it should be interesting to see how that ends. And the other bit is hilarious!! Lawler was not defending the belt!!! He put it up to get a shot at Mr. Hughes as he would say his hair, not at one time saying he was defending the title as champion or anything.

- Dale Gagner, the AWA promoter being sued by WWE for trademark infringement, claims he has been using the AWA name since 1996, and that WWE was aware of it. In fact, Gagner also claims that WWE sent him talent for his AWA shows in 1999.

- Speaking of Gagner, he did send a cease-and-desist letter to Memphis Wrestling since Jerry Lawler was putting up the AWA World title against Mr. Hughes.


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M.E.W.A Result's For 06-02-2007

1st Match
Chris Stryker got the win over Eric Wayne in 8:25 with a pin fall. After the match was over Eric Wayne attacked Chris Stryker after him after the match and gave him a German Suplex.

2nd Match
M.E.W.A. Light Heavy Weight Title Match
“The Suicide King” Ray Ray beat Kid Nickels in a time of 11:23 with a Frog Splash to retain his M.E.W.A. Light Heavy Weight Title. The angle is that “The Suicide King” Ray Ray is not happy with his partner “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne due to the fact he didn’t show up for the show and Tommy thinking he is a much better wrestler that Ray Ray, also there has been talk that Ray Ray and Johnny Hawk have had meeting with Ray wanting to defend his M.E.W.A. Light Heavy Weight Title @ the July 7th anniversary show against Tommy Wayne in a Ladder Match foe the title.

3rd Match
Danger Zone {“Hot Rod” John Ellison and “Dangerous” Dave Cox} continued there winning way as they beat the team of “The Velvet Lover” Cody Thunder and “The Southern Submission Mission” Wild Bill in a time of 15:26 with a pin fall. One time Dave Cox was able to break wild Bill’s Southern Dream Submission move in the match.

Commissioner Johnny Hawk came to the ring to announce that the M.E.W.A. Heavy Weight Title had been vacated due to the champion Tiny is retiring to due to knee injuries. Scottie Graham came out from the back and grabbed the title and went into the ring and begin to yell @ the fan’s that M.E.W.A had went down hill since he had been gone wrestling some of the greats in the business. Casino Kid then came to ring and a fight stated and Casino went to clothes-lion Scottie and Scottie ducked under it and then hit him with the championship title, Scottie then beat Casino down. Scottie then left the building with the M. E.W .A HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE in his hand’s. Commissioner Johnny Hawk then decide that @ the July 7th anniversary show that it would be a STRAP FOR A STRAP MATCH between Casino Kid and Scottie Graham for the M.E.W.A. Heavy Weight Title were the fan’s bring the straps.

Semi-Main Event
While Casino Kid was still in the ring demanded that he was given a match and to everyone’s surprise Scottie’s Father “Crazy” Luke Graham came to the ring, but Casino Kid was able to scored the win over “Crazy” Luke Graham in time of 15:57 with a pin fall even with “Crazy” Luke Graham trying to use a chain hiding it in his mouth, trunks and arm pits.

Main Event
Loser Leave Town Match

“Byg Daddy” Moose was able to run Jack”Lockdown” Johnson out of M.E.W.A once and for all in a time of only 5:51. After Moose got his hand raised in victory by Special Guest Ref.Commissoner Johnny Hawk, one of the biggest pops of the night came when both men did a HUGE Suplex off the 2nd and top rope, the ring moved people said, the fans were so loud that no know could even heard the “Byg Daddy” Moose music playing as they all chanted “GOODBYE” to Jack” Lockdown” Johnson, Moose ripped the mask of Lockdown to reveal his true identity to everyone.

The Building was packed with 256 in attendance.

Feature Article: Shooting On Creasy by Mike Needham

----Mike Needham, better known in this area as Michael Johns sent the following along. It is not like I am trying to beat a dead horse on the Creasy subject, but when he keeps trying to promote, it is stuff like this that will show the visitors why I dislike Creasy so much.
Shooting on Creasy
After reading your "Fuck You" to Stephen Creasy a while back, I thought I'd write and add my thoughts....

I can't remember when I first met Creasy, but he had heat with me from Day one, with that "Crown Prince" shit. I consider that a direct slap in the face of Lawler, and extremely unoriginal. A few years back, there was an ad on MSWA's website for a booker. I'd rather book than eat, so I applied. I was contacted by Creasy, who was fixing to fire Nathan Lee from booking, and asked to come to Selmer and see what I thought. I stated rounding up the troops, first being Rick Marx, as assistant booker, and he and I headed to Selmer. This was, after 3 months of the show being postponed....First red flag.

After arriving, I meet his financial backer, and am interviewed by him. I also find out I'm in competition with Big Jim Business. I get a head Count of the (lack of a) crowd, and meet the talent I didn't know, and watch his show. Ho-hum. The last words I said that night to the office of CCW was "I'll double your crowd in two months."
Creasy called in a few weeks. Lee had quit before they fired him. The job was mine. I got Breaker Dane, put Mike Kelly & Mike Todd together as a tag team, and got Sugar Shane secured. These were my "Clique", my "Horsemen". Everybody else was there. We first argued over the name. Chaotic is too close to Extreme to me. No offense to BT, but the name implies hardcore,which implies, if following the ECW pattern all the way, a whole show of chaos, and I wasn't for that. It has it's place, in blow offs, but that's where it needs to stay.
At the first show, the introduction, if you will, I did my usual having my "boys" run in and trash every match. It went smoothly. I hit Creasy up to run twice a month in Selmer. He wants to do towns so far from Selmer, its not feasible. Second red flag.
Second show. Oh, Shit! I'm supposed to have double the crowd from November's show where I was interviewed! We had triple that number, and 4 more besides that. I set up for a CCW Title match between Breaker Dane and Sugar Shane. We're all having fun. My guys, Nathan, Rotten, Raynes, Damien Rage....

In two weeks, Creasy calls. Manny Fernandez has been added to the nextshow. Third red flag. "For what"? Wasn't planned. No set up. How does he draw like that? He didn't! Like alot for the older guys, he don't look like "The Raging Bull" anymore. Longtime, hardcore fans, students remembered him, but the "Steve Austin fans" (those that started watching when Austin got over, which is most of the crowd) had no clue. He talked all carny in the back, which got annoying, and sold not one gimmick. Nothing against Manny. I know he's great, and, properly planned, he'd gotten alot better response. Crowd dropped.

Third show. Postponed. Third red flag.

Rescheduled show. Postponed again. Fourth red flag.

2nd rescheduled show. Postponed again. CCW's done.

I go back to MSWA after this, and start a spot with LAW/Dyersburg. MSWA loses the Gibson building. I focus on helping DK, and working on my own projects. After the LAW split, Derrick began using my name/idea of simply "Championship Wrestling".

Creasy starts back up. I retake the booking position, co-booking with Kilo, with guys like Todd, Kelly, Kilo and adding new pals Rocker, Derrick King,Big Steve, Seth Knight, TGB, C4P, Christie Ricci & Nikki Lace. 7 people in Lexington. NO posters out. Horrible. He tried to stiff the ring guys, which was rented because "his wasn't done yet". He was forced to pay the ones he paid. Next show, he had Buff & Smothers coming. Again....why?

Next show, postponed indefinitely.

About a year later, he starts up again. Has a show with The King in Parsons. I meet with Lawler in Jackson on his way to take care of somebusiness of our own. He asks about Parsons. I told him he would cancel the next show he was on and to get his money up front (I find out just 2 weeks ago, he wanted to negotiate with Lawler on the p.o. after he got Hell of a crowd. From 28 last time to 300 this time.

Next show scheduled? You guessed it! Cancelled!

This guy is a goof, and I reiterate BT's sentiments..... FUCK YOU!
**More on Steve Creasy CLICK HERE!!

SEW Press Release

----SEW sent the following e-mail this morning...

This Friday, June 8th, Southern Extreme Wrestling Promotions continues its mission to put Memphis back on the wrestling map. The promotion that brought you the return of Sid Vicious comes back again for an event that can only be described with the words, "THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!" In an event that will redefine Extreme, Reno Diamond will challenge SEW Heavyweight Champion The Crime in a Last Man Standing Match, tag team originators of hardcore The Moondogs face High Society in a Losers Eat Dog Food tag match, and the twisted Monster's Ball Match will debut in Memphis! Also in action will be Chris Lexx, Danny B. Good, Leatherface, Gabriel Stalker, Capleville Maniac and much more, plus a new U.S. Champion will be decided in a 20-Man Extreme Rules Battle Royal!All this and more will take place at the Capleville Gym, located on Malone Road off East Shelby Drive (at the corner behind the old Capleville School). Doors open at 7:00pm, and belltime is 7:30. All tickets are just $10, and kids 5 and under get in free! Directions are available on the official SEW Promotions website,, or our MySpace page at, or you can email us at for more information. Come check out your favorite SEW stars and support Mid-South wrestling!


----“Picture Perfect [Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs] are now officially gone from TLCW, and have defected to New Blood Wrestling!! Just thought I would let everyone know that I got word this morning that the team does not work for TLCW anymore and will be working full time with NBW. It should be a good change for not only them, but also NBW will have the RRO Tag Team of The Year working for them. I was told that NBW has told the team that they will work with their schedule and actually use them and let them wrestle when they are there. All and all it looks like a good partnership and I think it will raise a few eyebrows. No word on what PP’s role will be this coming Saturday night – heel or baby – but it should get interesting as PP has lots of fans in this area.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This Saturday NBW puts on another big atmosphere type show when they present
Sir Mo's Return to the WWE Tour

Here is the lineup so far........

The East Coast Bad Boys(Spyro & C-Money) vs Team X (Gryffon & Phoenix)

Chris "Fabulous" Rocker vs Alex Krisis

NBW Hardcore Champion The Sicilian Kid defends his title in a "Hardcore Battle Royal" which will include "Real Deal" Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens, Crazy Train, Lil' Tim Alfonzo, Buckwheat, J.Weezy, "Playboy" Tommy Love, Loose Cannon and more.

Tank vs Lord Humongous

NBW Tag-Team Title Match
(champions) Ca$hFlow ("The Enforcer" Mark Justice & "Mr. EGO" Kilo) vs Too Cool 2

"Fans Participation Strap Match"
"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray

"All That" Allen Steele vs Sir Mo

Also scheduled to appear are Picture Perfect.
Tickets are $8 in advance and may be purchased at The Jukebox Cafe' in Dyersburg, TN or $10 the night of the event.
Bell Time is 8:00 with doors opening at 6:15
First come first serve seating so get there early.

West Tennessee Gets A New Promotion!!

----There is a new wrestling company starting in west Tennessee. Starting next Wednesday night [6.13.07] in Tiptonville, TN, at the National Guard Armory, COWF (Champions of Wrestling Federation) will start running weekly shows. The promoters name is Ricky Hutchison. He used to work under the name "RiverRat" for a while, but has now focusing his time on running. I was told that Tank will be helping with the booking and getting talent. He has also already secured a tv spot on the local Union City station which will start after a few shows are in the bag. He will be using some NBW talent such as Tank, as well as Kilo, Gaylon Ray, "Playboy" Tommy Love, and others.

NBW Commercial for "Summer Jam 2007"

Please note that Mike Bucci will not be at the show!! But, I will be there!!!

TLCW TV Commercial!!

RassleTube - LAW Recap of 6.01.07

I thought this was great!! All area promotions need to do something like this -- it will help get your promotions over and get people to the matches.

TLCW Responds!!

----Just moments after the TLCW feature was read, I got word on why Picture Perfect was not used. Apparently they were only expecting Jon Michael to show, but CJ showed up with him. They had one guy for him to work and all & all it was a screwed up deal. This promotion is also getting ready to air their first TV show, which starts in a couple of weeks. I will try my best to get full details on that in days to come. I will in advance be looking for a TLCW TV Reporter to give weekly reports. All that said and done – I still don’t feel not using PP was right, but with all factors figured in, I see why DK may have made the decisions he made. Other that or DK just hates them. LOL

Site News - New Poll!!

----I would like to let everyone know you will be seeing some changes in the next few days on the site. Some of them started this past weekend as I added “reporters” to the site. This will eliminate the middle man, as my reporters will be able to post the results, instead of sending them to me first. This will give me more free time to contribute with articles, working on DVDs and other things.

----I am in the process through an online casino sponsor to start my own online casino. Hopefully this will help pay the bills and for all the time spent on this site. The opening page will be changing within a few days as you will be able to link to either or on the front page. Nothing will change on the site, except you will probably see most of the ads promoting my site. Please, if you are a gambler and like to play online – visit my site!!! If you win money, then I win money!!

I have also been thinking of adding more affiliates on the front page and one in particular interested me. Would you be offended if I decide to offer adult product web page on the front page of the site?? Porn and gambling sells brother!! LOL The banner would not have any nudity, just a link to go to the site, which would then have age banners and such. So, that is why I am putting up the survey. Vote and let me know!!


"Picture Perfect" - Heat Magnets???

----If I decided to sign on with the WWE and be a script writer for them, would you guys hate me?? Would I have “heat”?? If I decided to just do a “tryout” of sorts and when I got back, then you would decide to not read my site EVER again?? I really hope not, but it seems some of the area workers are getting some undeserved “heat”.

----Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael, known as “Picture Perfect” performed on WWE Heat a few weeks back. It was a great experience for them and they deserved it. These guys have paid their dues. They want it and I hope some day they get to chance to work for the WWE on a regular basis. Shouldn’t the workers in the area be happy for them?? Funny thing is it seems like a handful of guys are happy for them and rest of them are just pissing on them.

----Both guys showed up at TLCW last Saturday night with Jon Michael being promised to be used. Jacobs showed up with him. Michael was scheduled to wrestle Tatt2 and probably was going to put him over. I don’t think Michael would have had any problem doing this. They tried to set up a 3 to 4 week program at TLCW, but was pretty much told because they can’t stay there all the time, then they could not use them. WTF?? They are labeled “not reliable” from a promotion that they help build from the floor up.

----I do at times question Derrick King’s booking, but all in all, I consider him a good booker. DK and his booking team won the RRO Booker of the Year Award and Promotion of the Year in our awards. So, he is doing something right. Hell, he would be my first choice as booker for Memphis Wrestling. But, his thought process here was not good. Instead of saying, “You are a bad booker” for this, I want to give you what I would have done.

----If they are going to work 3 to 4 week programs here and then go off to do Nashville or WWE shots, then this team needs to be tweeners and it has been set up perfect for them.

3 Week Program

***1st week: Interview with Jacobs/Michael do an interview with Genocide/Starr. They tell Starr he can go to hell for still calling his team the “Perfect Showcase” and in the process they also tell the fans to not cheer them. PP says they want a shot at the tag team titles, but the commish says no. Since they are not here every week, then they get nothing handed to them. [shooting a bit] PP says they will beat any team they want to bring at them for a title shot. Tatt2/Chris Lexx come out to say they are not a regular tag team, but they want a match at PP for a tag team title shot.

***2cnd week: PP beat Lexx/Tatt2 for a title shot. But, after the match Lexx/Tatt2 ask PP for one more chance next week. PP they will, but only if Lexx/Tatt2 put up something. PP talks it over and says they will do it ONLY if Lexx/Tatt2 agree that if they lose, they will get a “PP” tattoo on their foreheads. A real tattoo!!! Jon Michael says, “So everyone will call you a PP head” and laughs. Lexx/Tatt2 talk it over and say the title shot is important, they will do it.

***3rd week: Lexx/Tatt2 lose the match, when PP screws them with a chair shot or something. They get them set up for the tattoo, when out comes Dustin Starr. He states he hates to do anything to make the fans happy, but being the true asshole he is – he stooges on PP and ref restarts the bout. Lexx/Tatt2 get the quick win and big pop!!

----So what have you done?? Well, you put Lexx/Tatt2 over two of the biggest guys there. Even though both are over, they will be over more. PP can come back either to wrestle those two guys or even have something with Starr/Genocide. You can ALWAYS use PP for big events if they are free to wrestle, as it will make them seem look special.

----So, for all my haters out there, I know I am not claiming to be the greatest booker or anything with the above storyline. But, wouldn’t you want to use two guys that just got WWE exposure on your shows?? BTW, “Picture Perfect” will be appearing at “Summer Jam 2007” this Saturday night at NBW in Dyersburg, TN. I guess someone decided to use them.

Monday, June 04, 2007

RassleNews: Update on MS guys working CHIKARA Pro...

---Just thought I'd pass along an update about the guys from the area who are going up to work for Mike Quackenbush and CHIKARA Pro at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Making the trip will be Chris Styles, Shawn Reed, Justin Reed, Josh Matthews, Anita Page, and Hunter Montgomery Jackson. Styles and the Reed Brothers will be working the show, and Anita will probably be their manager. Josh was supposed to work, but he is too young to work in Pennsylvania, so he was replaced with Justin Reed. The guys haven't decided what gimmick they're going to use, but its definately going to be something involving the South being better than the Yankees in Philly. The show is called "Maximum Overdraft" and will take place at 3:30 P.M. It will later be released nationally through Smart Mark Video.

---In exchange for these guys coming to PA, Quackenbush and many of his CHIKARA wrestlers will be heading down to work a weekend in Mississippi for the TFW and GTW promotions. Because of their hectic schedule, this will probably not happen until late 2007/early 2008.

---For anyone not familiar with CHIKARA Pro, they are one of the top independent promotions in the country and run shows that are quite different than anywhere else. The promotion is modeled a lot after Mexican lucha libre promotions with a little English wrestling thrown in. At the same time, a lot of comparisons are made to the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan. Mike Quackenbush has wrestled for 16 years and is considered an innovator of the type of style seen in the top independent promotions today. He recently debuted in Ring of Honor and is now a regular with them. Other known wrestlers who appear frequently for CHIKARA include: Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Delirious, Hallowicked, Gran Icarus, and Jigsaw. As far as area workers are concerned, Chrisjen Hayme from the Full Throttle Wrestling promotion in Elkmont, AL will be making his debut there this month as part of their "Young Lions Cup V" tournament.

---As you can tell, this is a really big deal for the workers, promotions, and fans in the area. The workers get exposure unlike anything they've had before. The promotions and fans will be seeing workers here working a style unlike anything they've seen before, unless they just happen to watch Ring of Honor or CHIKARA Pro on a regular basis. Keep checking the site for more details in the future.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 6.01.07

Idol Bane over Tim Alfonso
Scott Graham over Arnez
Psycho over Scott Graham
TGB/Foxxy Hayes over Tommy Redneck
Christian Jacobs over Chris O'Neal

----25 paid with a $125 gate...John Steele said that Trendsetter had to the end of the night, to return the LAW title, TGB came out and demanded that John announce him the title tourney but John told him that he wasn't but if he won his tag match later he would be…Idol Bane won with the cradle piledriver that he calls "The Ghost of Andy Kaufman". I love that!!!...John Steele said that we were half way through the show and no Jon Michael but just then Christian Jacobs came through the front door and said Trendsetter would bring back the LAW title next week if he could be guaranteed in writing a spot in LAW title Tourny June 22nd, Chris O'Neal came out and set up for Picture Perfect vs Picture Perfect…After intermission Scott Graham came out w/ black trash bag and said he took care of Arnez and people don't know it but he took care of Psycho already too and he pulled Psycho's doll Kayte out and then Psycho's music hit…Tommy Redneck came out w/ No partner and John Steele accused Foxxy and TGB of getting rid of Alec Fontez, Foxxy got the pin after TGB hit Redneck with the make-up bag. John Steele pointed out that Foxxy got the pin, not TGB. So he is still not in the tourny!

RassleChat with Alex Krisis

----I had the privilege of talking with Alex Krisis via e-mail last week and wanted to share a short interview for those wondering what’s up with Alex??

So what’s up with you and TLCW??

I've more or less put TLCW on hiatus as other options have come my way.

What kind of options??

First a little history that I'm sure u don't know about as I've told only a few people. You already know about my matches with Jake Roberts and Rick Steiner in Arkansas. I also wrestled Lance Hoyt twice in Cleveland,TN. While you know about the two WWE camps I attended I was also invited to participate in the OVW school for the weekend, which was 4 hours of nonstop training Friday night and another 4 hours Saturday afternoon, it killed me but I learned more in those two days from Rip Rogers then two years anywhere else.

Great news Alex!! I hope that works out for you. 4 freakin hours?? And so, where can we catch some of your matches now??

Now for my present and future, I've mostly been wrestling in Nashville for Bert Prentice, who gave me my first break on the old Nashville TV shows a few years back, so I've always stayed loyal to him when he needed me. I don't know if you've heard rumors but there is something big in the works this time around. Check out for updates since u never seem to care to write about it.

Well, full coverage of the Nashville scene is in the works Alex. I will be lining up some reporters for that area very soon.

Anything else you got in the works??

Also I'm heading to Texas this weekend [this past weekend 6.2.07] for PCW. I'm taking on the giant “Angel of Death” Colossus for their TV title, check out for more details. Their TV setup is awesome! Finally I might have some even bigger news in the near future, I'll keep u updated when I feel the time is right.

----Alex Krisis is scheduled to be on the “Summer Jam 2007” show for NBW this Saturday night in Dyersburg, TN. I will also be there with all my current DVD releases!! There is a GIF on the PCW home page that shows Alex and his opponent. It also shows a worker named “Action Jackson” that I rode to a few towns with “back in the day.”

Photos of Smashed Car!!

----Next week on the Memphis TV show, Corey Maclin gives his dad a car for "Father's Day" and the Assassins jump him and smash the car. Here are couple of photos sent in.

Credit: Clinton Boyland

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Simon Reed defeated "Playboy" Tommy Love

Phoenix X defeated Biscuit

"The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Crazy Train

C4P (Motley Cruz & 187) w/ Tasha Simone defeated Ca$hFlow ("The Enforcer" Mark Justice & "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray)

Tasha Simone defeated Rebecca Raze

"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated "Mr. EGO" Kilo to become the new NBW High Risk Champion

Kishi & "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher defeated Too Cool 2

125 paying with a gate of around $1375. Crowd was good and hot all night especially for the main event. Too Cool 2 came out to a huge ovation since its their hometown, but was quickly turned on when Kishi & Christopher came out.

RassleResults: GTW West Point, MS 6.02.07 - Chris Styles/Justin Reed & the Kings of Wrestling Wrestle Sixty Minutes!

---Justin Reed d. Nick Grymes after outside interference to retain his GTW Heavyweight Title...Anita Page & Shawn Reed d. Chris Styles by DQ...Josh Matthews d. Judas Thorn by DQ...Nick Grymes d. LSD...Chris Styles & Justin Reed vs. The Kings of Wrestling [Shawn Reed & Josh Matthews] - Match ended when the sixty minute time limit expired and referee Joey Lynn ruled the match a draw...

---Show looked to have drawn around 40 people for a $200 gate...Promoter Dudley Williams got out of the hospital earlier in the week and was back at the show Saturday night wearing a neck brace. He is one lucky man to be alive right now...Anita Page impressed a lot of people when she worked Chris as few people had seen her wrestle before and she was over huge by the end of the show...The main event went all over the arena and even to the outside. All four men put on a hell of show, including fighting on top of the dressing room and keeping the crowd into for the whole hour. Chris Styles and Shawn Reed both suffered concussions during the match, so even more props goes to them...An area worker named Lady Reb was at this show and has been coming to previous shows as well. In past weeks, she has been running her mouth about everybody as she is apparently ticked about not being booked on the show. Anyway, on Saturday night, I believe everyone had enough of her bossing everyone around as she was finally told to shut up and stop touching the wrestlers or she will get punched in the face...All around fun show and hopefully more people will start coming as commercials are fixing to start running on the CBS affiliate WCBI out of Columbus, MS

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 6.02.07 - Kilo is the new Champ!!

----Over the Top Rope Battle Royal with the last 2 in the ring going to the Main Event for the vacated NBW Heavyweight Title. Last 2 were Chris Rocker & Kilo…"Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated Gunner Thompson…Team X defeated J.Weezy & Lil' Tim Alfonzo…Tank defeated Crazy Train…NBW Tag-Team Champions Ca$hFlow ("Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray & "The Enforcer" Mark Justice) defeated NBW Hardcore Champion The Sicilian Kid & Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens…"Mr. Ego" Kilo defeated "Fabulous" Chris Rocker & Pokerface to become the new NBW Heavyweight Champion.

-----80 paid with 100 in the crowd and a gate close to $400…Pokerface came out right before the main event started and challenged both Rocker & Kilo, claiming he was robbed of his shot. He said that he was supposed to be in the battle royal but failed to make it because he got lost on the way to the arena because of the backwoods country ass… Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray had a contract signing for their "Fans Participation Strap Match" set for next week at Summer Jam 07… Also announced for that show has been Ca$hFlow putting up their tag-team titles against Too Cool 2… Bigg Money Gripp came out before Tank's match and told him that he has a surprise for him next week. He told Tank that he had seen enough of him beating up on all the little people in NBW, especially his guys, so he promised that Tank would taste his own blood at Summer Jam at the hands of Lord Humongous… Allen Steele wasnt there. He sent word that he was o going to be there this week but was going to be there next week for Summer Jam '07 to work Mo. Allen is taking several months off because he has some upcoming gigs with WWE. At least that’s the reason NBW was given.

RassleResults: MCW Luxora, AR 6.02.07

The show started with sexy sam dollar coming out with the MCW tag team champions the Hambones [Pedro and Leroy]. Sexy ran down the Luxora crowd calling them inbreds,white trash, etc.. He even made a comment that most people thought he had dropped the N-bomb but he did not. He then started to run down local state trooper Freddy Ware - Mr. ware appeared and sam and the bones left.

Frankie Tucker and Big Hillbilly Nate beat Bimp and TW Justice…Thunder beat the Luchadore…Chris Hollywood beat Mr. Excitement…”East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent] beat Loose Cannon/San Francisco by DQ when the Hambones interfered setting up ECBB vs Hambones next Friday in Osceola…Big Daddy LaFonce/”Tojo” Herman Williams beat The Hambones in a Lumberjack Strap match with all females around the ring.

----Great crowd for Luxora, AR for MCW with 212 in attendance $850 gate. They sold 97 advance tickets at $5.00, and charged 7 and 6 bucks at the door…Leroy of the Hambones really took some licks from the ladies. Sam took quite a few licks to as he was ran from the ring by the lumberjacks and was caught by Trooper Ware trying to sneak back to the ring area, Trooper Ware held Sam as three of Tojos’ sisters wore him out…Sid Vicious will be in Osceola this coming Friday night for MCW!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.02.07

----Rocky The Redbird opens the show with Corey Maclin. Redbird is from Memphis Redbirds to promote the June 15, 2007. Buy one get one free ticket from their sponsors. You have to pick up one of the vouchers from a local car lot. Father's Day wrestling promotion.

----Kevin White/Derrick King interview. White says he does not want to wrestle the Spellbinder. Spellbinder's music starts and DK tries to hide under White's robe. Funny. White/King beat Dustin Starr/Johnny Dotson. Heat on Starr with hot tag from Dotson. Dotson went to the floor with DK. White used a chain on Starr for the win. After they win, Spellbinder's music plays again and DK/White go hide behind the curtain. Good, but too short. Crowd was hot for Starr and Dotson.

----Reggie B Fine interview. Fine/Mascot vs Bill Dundee/Rocky The Redbird for “Sam's Town”. This was horrible. Reggie said he was going to have a mascot from the hood. Reggie B Fine beat Chris Neil. Fine was horrible in the match. Neil looked good. My first time to see him. Redbird came out to try to distract Fine, so Neil could pin him. Fine used a chain to beat Neil.

----The Assassins with "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente vs Corey Maclin/Koko Ware with Jimmy Hart from Sam's Town clip. Hart chases Corrente away. The match was all over the place. It looked entertaining. Assassins with Corrente video interview from “Sam’s Town”. Assassin I says he had mustard sprayed in his eye, so he can't see. The dreaded evil mustard!! LOL I loved that!! A rep from "Sam's Town" comes out for them to sign a Cage match contract.

----Mr. Hughes interview. He tried to call Renee "nappy headed hoe", but Corey would not let him. Hughes beat Cameron Valentine. An old Lawler video aired.

----Maclin shows these matches for the “Sam's Town” June 15 lineup - Diva Title Match: Jazz vs Ms Passion, Mr. Hughes vs Renee/Jerry Lawler and Cage Match: Koko Ware/Corey Maclin/Jimmy Hart vs Assassins/Sal Corrente. 4 more bouts will be added next week. Jimmy Hart is on the phone. Koko Ware brings out Corey's dad. Corey says he has a gift for his dad next weekend. This was bad!!

----"Too Cool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] interview. They did a rap and it was hilarious. TC2 beat Tatt2/Shawn Shultz. Heat on Shultz. Flex threw him over the top rope to the concrete. Flex pinned Tatt2 with help from Grind after hot tag.

----"Sam's Town" clip of Hughes vs Jerry Lawler. Lawler throws fire for DQ. Lawler piledrives Hughes. Hughes says he is sorry to Renee. Hughes then does a nut shot and then slugs Renee. Lawler/Renee video interview. Lawler was good, Renee was not.

----Notes: Why spend so much time to get a Redbird over, instead of some of the talent??...They need to continue to team White/DK and add some more guys for a good heel group..I think Corrente cut his hair for the show to get over the fact that he had lost his hair last time -- it looked like it was growing too quick...Why do they continue and not learn from their mistakes?? Corey Maclin is not a draw!! I have nothing against The Assassins/Corrente and they are getting put in the main event program, but why is the main event program vs Koko Ware/Maclin??...Not a good show. Highlights was the DK/White interview with them hiding and the TC2 tag match.