Saturday, June 16, 2007

More on Sal/Lawler - What the company is saying...

----As most would expect today has been a busy day with tons of people calling about the Sal Corrente/Lawler shoot. I got this from a source close to the situation. He says that Corrente was rubbing the whole Memphis crew the wrong way, especially Jerry Lawler. Apparently he came in with promises to various people about having a bunch of money invested in running some shows. When a worker would ask about getting booked on those said shows, then he would just be ignored. One guy said, “He just acted like a big shot, but he wasn’t.” Koko Ware also got some shots in on him during the melee.

----Now with this being the “company’s story” about why Lawler would hit Corrente, then I ask myself – if you didn’t like the guy then why push him to the top?? Why use him in the main event at the last two big shows?? Could you have just told him that you were not going to use him?? In any other business in the world, you would fire the guy, not just sucker punch him. It makes it ok, since it is professional wrestling. Nothing professional about that bro..nothing at all.

Memphis TV Spoilers

----Derrick King/Johnny Dotson brawled…Tim Grind vs Dustin Starr…Mr. Hughes/Lawler got into it...Mr. Hughes wrestled Tatt2 – Lawler made the save…Flex, Koko Ware, Bill Dundee were not on the show…Assassins were not on the shows, but were backstage…Shawn Shultz and Johnny Dotson both wrestled…Starr/Tatt2 vs Tim Grind/Kevin White – Spell come out…”The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris] was there and wrestled…King Cobra was there and wrestled.

----It looks like they are going with some angles coming off of the last night's show. Starr/Grind, Dotson/King [which I have seen WAY TOO MANY TIMES and White/Spell.

----My apologies for the latest of this report as the TV show starts in 2 hours, but my friend that sits in the crowd took the long way home and couldn't remember half of what happened. LOL

CWA Championship Wrestling - June 15, 2007 - Lawrenceburg, TN

Chrisjen Hayme def. Josh Hendrix . . . The Sheik of Araby def. “Impressive” Anthony Wayne . . . Tojo Yamamoto, Jr. def. Jose Guerrero . . . Chris Kilgore def. Danny Morris . . . CWA TV Champion Eric Wayne def. Kid Nikels to retain the title . . . CWA Tag Team Champions Beau James & The Super Destroyer def. The Posse to retain the titles . . . Bill Dundee & Bobby Fulton def. The Singing Cowboys (Don Bass & Big Nasty Bill) . . . Main Event: Buff Bagwell def. Tracey Smothers.

RassleNotes: Crowd was in the 275 range with an approximate gate of $3,025 . . . Crowd was hot all night long . . . Nice pop for Bobby Fulton of the Fantastics . . . Singing Cowboys again “butchered” a country song until Rodney Grimes got involved. It was a 4-on-1 with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Jim Casey, Bass and Big Nasty Bill on Grimes until Dundee and Fulton made the save and challenge for a tag team match later in the night . . . Lots of fun comedy in the Smothers/Bagwell match. Beau James was at ringside with Smothers for the bout . . . CWA returns to Selmer, TN tonight with a 7:30 bell time at the Jaycees Building.

"Sam's Town" Aftermath

----A few things I wanted to clear up from last night’s show. Corrente DID not hit a fan. The fan hit him. I have corrected that in my report. And Bill Dundee was actually working for CWA last night, not anything to do with Jamie Dundee. I removed that from the report.

----And for the record, everyone I have talked to since last night has no idea why Lawler hit Corrente. Some of the boys thought it was actually an angle, until they seen the mark on Corrente’s face. I was also told that even though Maclin was throwing some weak ass looking chair shots, the match overall had very good heat. I will try to keep everyone up to date on the story as it folds out. Sal Corrente is NOT at the TV tapings this morning.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 6.15.07

----Foxxy Hayes over Shannon Lee when Alec Fontez interfered...Rockin' Randy over Slim Pickens when Trendsetter speared Pickens...Tommy Redneck over TL "True Love" Jones...Idol Bane & Scott Graham over "The... Asylum" [Psycho/Arnez] to become the NEW LAW Tag Team Champions... Chris O'Neal, Chris Rocker & Alec Fontez vs "Picture Perfect" [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] & "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony went to a no contest.

----Crowd is continuing to go up with a 50 paid and a gate close to $300 with over 60 people in the building...Make sure to tune in sometime this week for RassleTube - LAW Recap Edition with highlights of this show.

Jerry Lawler Shoots On Sal Corrente!?!?

----The story I am getting is that Jerry Lawler DID hit Sal Corrente. Corrente was headed to the back crossing in front of where Lawler was standing behind a curtain [Lawler and Spellbinder had been standing there watching the main event]. Corrente had got into it with a fan and the fan apparently threw a punch. As he came across the stage, Lawler hit him sending him off his feet. Corrente then ran to another part of the dressing room saying, “Lawler just shot on me!!” He was suppose to go do something else at the end of the show, but told security he was not coming out. He finally came back on the stage and Maclin/him went at it [worked] and then Koko jumped in and threw a few stiff punches. Corrente then had security come in the dressing room with him, so he could get his stuff. Corrente left the dressing room pretty much saying, “Fuck this..” and Maclin was seen chasing him out to talk to him. I plan to follow this story up as soon as I can get some concrete details. But, why the hell would Lawler just slug him??

Friday, June 15, 2007

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling "Sam's Town" Tunica, MS 6.15.07

----Dustin Starr/Tatt2 beat Shawn Shultz/Chris Neil…Spellbinder beat Kevin White by COR, when give ran out of the ring because he was scared of Spell’s magic…Diva Title Match: Jazz beat Miss Passion…JR Title Match: Derrick King vs Johnny Dotson went to a TL Draw…Jerry Lawler/Rocky The Redbird beat Reggie B Fine/Chicken – Hood Mascot…Southern Tag Team Title Match: “Too Cool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] beat Doug Gilbert/Dustin Starr…Jerry Lawler/Renee beat Mr. Hughes by DQ, when Miss Passion interfered…Cage Match: Koko Ware/Corey Maclin beat by forfeit over The Assassins with “Big Cheese” Sal Corrente.

----250 in the crowd with buy one get one free vouchers, gate was around $2844…Gilbert hit Starr with his bat after the match and also beat on Flex's knee. This was setup because Flex is not going to be at the taping tomorrow…Ware/Maclin pulled the mask off one of the Assassins, so the Assassins ran off to lead to the forfeit…The big story after the main event was "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente got into it with a fan. There was some swinging of fists and kicking going on. Then as Sal was leaving to go to the back, Jerry Lawler grabbed him and looked to try to rough him up a bit. It also looked as if Sal was talking with the "Sam's Town" officials after the show…No shows were Austin Lane, Bill Dundee, Rodney Mack and Jimmy Hart.


----I wanted to log in a bit early as I got the first call from Randy Dailey and he says with 40 minutes left before bell time, there are less than 50 paid in the building. I will be back after the first match.

----Well, they piled in with probably around 250 - 300 in the building.

----Dustin Starr/Tatt2 beat Shawn Shultz/Chris Neil - fans got into Starr/Tatt2!!

----Spellbinder beat Kevin White by COR. Spell threw the spider web on White. White ran away because he was scared of Spell's magic.

----Diva Title Match: Jazz beat Miss Passion.

----JR Title Match: Derrick King vs Johnny Dotson wrestled to a draw. After the match, Dotson ask for 5 more minutes, but DK would not get back in the ring.

----Jerry Lawler/Rocky The Redbird beat Chicken from Hood/Reggie B Fine - Lawler piledrived the Chicken and Rocky pinned him.

----Southern Tag Team Champions "Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] beat Doug Gilbert/Dustin Starr. Gilbert hit Starr with his bat after the match and also beat on Flex's knee.

----Three no-shows so far with Austin Lane, Bill Dundee and Rodney Mack was suppose to be in the last bout.

----Jerry Lawler/Renee by DQ over Mr. Hughes - Ms Passion jumped Renee.

----Cage Match: Corey Maclin/Koko Ware by forfeit over Assassins, when Maclin/Koko pulled one of the Assassins mask and they ran off.

----Jimmy Hart was a no show in the main event.

----The big story after the main event was "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente got into it with a fan. There was some swinging of fists and kicking going on. Then as Sal was leaving to go to the back, Jerry Lawler grabbed him and looked to try to rough him up a bit. It also looked as if Sal was talking with the "Sam's Town" officials after the show.

----I am going with 250 in the crowd with free tickets and such, the gate was probably around $2,844...Angle with Doug Gilbert injuring Flex was set up because he will not being at taping tomorrow.

Sherri Martel Passes Away...

Sherri Russell aka Sensational Sherri Martel passed away, this morning, at home. She was 49.
No other details are available at the moment. Police are currently as her residence with her husband.
In 1991, while managing Randy Savage, Sherri was the only woman ever to win the Wrestling Observer Manager of the Year award.

The Ratings are In!! Match by Match Coverage Tonight!!

----This week’s show did a good overall 3.3 [55,236 viewers] rating. It was a good wrestling show and hopefully the people that watched it will come back this week. The show peaked in the 3rd quarter with 60,944 viewers and then took a dorp of 6,212 viewers for the 4th quarter. That was the quarter that featured the Corey Maclin/Dad angle. Growth from start to finish was still positive, but it was less than last week, which had a worse rating. They scored a little over 12,000 more viewers than average. Memphis Wrestling should be happy with this rating.

----I will be featuring Match by Match coverage on the site tonight for the “Sam’s Town” Memphis Wrestling show. My “partner in crime” Randy Dailey will be calling in results and crowd estimates. Coverage will start at 7:50 PM.

-Too Cool Two vs. Naughty By Nature - Kevin White and Austin Lane vs. Shawn Schultz and Tatt2

1st Quarter 3.0 [49, 863 viewers]

- Interview w/ Mr. Hughes
- Interview w/ Jerry "The King" Lawler and "Queen" Renee

2cnd Quarter 3.3 [55,404 viewers] [+5541 viewers]

- Dustin Starr and Simon Reed vs. Reggie B. Fine and Derrick King
- Interview w/ Jimmy Hart

3rd Quarter 3.6 [60,944 viewers] [+5540]

- Corey Maclin *attempts* to give his dad a car as a Father's Day gift.

4th Quarter 3.3 [54,732 viewers] [-6212 viewers]

12 Week Average – 2.6 – 43008 viewers
12 Week High – 3.6 = 60,608 viewers – 5.12.07
12 Week Low – 1.6 = 26,862 viewers – 5.05.07
Growth from start to finish – [+4869 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?? “Die Another Day” [final 30 minutes] and News Channel 3 - 8.1[135,319 viewers]

Shows for The Weekend 6.15 to 6.16.07

----The “show” of the weekend would have to be the “Sam’s Town” show tonight in Tunica. It will be interesting to see if Maclin on top draws anything. Tickets are $20 and $15 along with a “free” ticket with everyone bought, if you have a voucher. Another big show is the ASWF show with Lawler vs Austin Lane on top. CWA has a big show also in Selmer, TN featuring Buff Bagwell, Tracey Smothers and all their regular talent.

----TONIGHT!!! for LAW in Rector, AR with …Arnez, Christopher O’Neal, Tommy Redneck, Alec Fontez, Psycho “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Erik Hayes, TL Jones, Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs, Slim Pickens and many more.

----TONIGHT!!! for MCW in Osceola, AR for Sid Vicious/Ron Rage vs Loose Cannon/Johnny Rotten, Hambones, “East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent], and many more.

----TONIGHT!!! for Memphis Wrestling @ “Sam's Town" in Tunicia, MS card : Shawn Shultz/Austin Lane vs Dustin Starr/Tatt2...Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King for the JR Title..Kevin White vs Spellbinder...Rocky The Redbird/Bill Dundee vs Reggie B Fine/From the Hood Mascot...Diva Title Match: Jazz vs Ms Passion...Southern Tag Team Title Match: "Too Cool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] vs Doug Gilbert/Rodney Mack...Handicap Match: Renee/Jerry Lawler vs Mr. Hughes...Main Event: Cage Match - Koko Ware/Corey Maclin/Jimmy Hart vs "the Big Cheese" Sal Corrente/Assassins.

----TONIGHT!!! The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----TONIGHT!!! for CWA Championship Wrestling National Guard Armory Lawrenceburg, TN with Mega Man, "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, and all the top CWA Stars.

----Saturday night for CWA Championship Wrestling Jaycees Building Selmer, TN with Tag Team Return Match: Bill Dundee & Mega Man vs. The Singing Cowboys (w/"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock & "Gentleman" Jim Casey),CWA TV Title Match: (Champion) Eric Wayne vs. Chris Rocker, CWA Tag Team Title Match: (Champions) Beau James & Super Destroyer vs. The Posse, Buff Bagwell, Tracey Smothers, and More!

----Saturday Night ASWF At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6. Payback II with Jerry Lawler vs Austin Lane, ASWF Championship I Quit Match: X-Kaliber vs ACID, Ladies Match: Special Stips – Gerald’s Beard vs Bobby’s Hair – Lady Venom with Gerald vs Jessie Jersey with Bobby, Sarge O’Reilly vs Scotty Graham, Doink the Clown/Lucky vs Justin “the Juice” Smart/Nikki Lane, Reno Diamond/Marcus O’Neil vs Chris Rocker/Chris O’Neil, Bishop vs Morgan Lane and more.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Justin Reed, Hittman, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Jack Irons, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, J Weezy, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Mark Justice, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with This Saturday Night June 2nd in Jackson Tennessee @ the True Force Arena on Gill Street Ron Rage, Way Cool, PK Ripper ,Highrollers, Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, “Black Label Society” [Void and AJ Bradley],The MoonDogs, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00 This is a Live TV Taping for channel 17 in Memphis, TN

----Saturday night in XOW in Ecru, MS for Mark Manson, Jay Webster, Shawn Manson, Max Manson, Izzy Rotten, Neil Taylor, DC, Cody Hawk, Brody Hawk, Colton Anderson Pappy, Psycho and many more!

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street Match: Flash Flanagan,TGB Greg Anthony, Brian Christopher, Stan Lee, Maxx Corbin,Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck,Seth Knight, Rockin' Randy, Erik Hayes, Dell Tucker, "Cruzin 4 Pain" with Tasha Simone, "Rhythm & Blues" and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, Scottie Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "Byg Daddy" Moose, "The Velvet Lover"Cody Thunder, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell Time is 8 P.M, door's open @ 7:15 P.M.

"OC alumni 'grinding' path to top of pro wrestling's heap" by Kenneth Coker

----Below is an article that was posted on and was in the local Union City newspaper. It was mentioned earlier this week on the site. It was written by Messenger sports reporter - Kenneth Coker. Funny how they mention the spelling of "Too Kool 2" - I actually spell it with a C.

OC alumni 'grinding' path to top of pro wrestling's heap

Through the week, Obion County Central High School alumni Michael Owens (class of 1994) and Tim Davidson (class of 1998) are blue collar workers.

Owens is a welder in Missouri on the Mississippi River, while Davidson works nights at the Union City Wonder Bread outlet.

On weekends, however, the pair transforms into the most hated tag team in Memphis Wrestling with Owens taking on the ring name of Flex and Davidson becoming Tim Grind to form Too Kool 2.

Owens, 31, grew up in the Shawtown community and was a member of the OCCHS football squad as an offensive lineman and defensive tackle with aspirations of becoming a bodybuilder.

Meanwhile, Davidson, who is four years Owens' junior, was an all-region quarterback selection and a part of OC's baseball squad that competed in the Spring Fling state championships in 1997.

"Tim and I grew up together," Owens said. "We've been friends since I was 10 or so. I never thought we were going to be teamed together in wrestling, though. He was always paired with my brother, Brian, when he started."
Owens began his squared circle career eight years ago and was trained by former World Wrestling Federation star, Sir Mo.

Tim's foray into the profession came much, in part, to his friendship with Owens' brother. "We went to Dyersburg to watch Flex wrestle one night," Davidson recalls. "We'd been working out and the promoter saw us and asked why we didn't wrestle. We started training and eventually I landed on Memphis television and so did Flex."

However, the tandem pairing was not instant.

Once on television for CW 30's "Memphis Wrestling," Tim and Flex were wrestling as singles competitors under an array of gimmicks before being paired as the masked henchmen for former WWF star Brian Christopher.
Christopher, a founding member of the WWF's original "Too Cool" team with Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty and son of Memphis Wrestling's resident royalty Jerry "The King" Lawler, pulled the pair aside one Saturday morning and told them, "You two are gonna get the ball around here pretty soon. Don't fumble it."

"I guess the best thing I can say about that is a few months back we were working with Brian and he said, 'Well, y'all didn't fumble it,'" Owens boasted.

Yet, there was one funny incomplete pass regarding the team. At a Memphis eatery after picking up Rikishi at the airport, Owens and Davidson were approached by fans who presumed them to be the original "Too Cool," telling them, "There's some guys around here now trying to copy you guys, but they aren't as good as you two are."

Other than the mistaken identity fiasco, Too Kool 2 has run for a touchdown, winning the Southern Tag Team titles nine times and wrestling on World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation) programming.

The duo also appeared as the semi-main event of a card featuring Hulk Hogan this past April at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.

Averaging 100 dates per year, the pair still has a raised bar of goals.

"I've had some close calls to making it to the WWE," Owens said. "A lot of times it just comes down to who you know and what they are looking for at the time. It's definitely what I want out of wrestling, but if I were to quit today I wouldn't be disappointed because of what we've accomplished."

Too Kool 2 and the rest of the wrestling gang can be seen on WJKT Jackson 16 locally on Saturday nights at 6 p.m.

Editor's Note: The reason for Flex and Tim spelling their version of the team with a "K" instead of a "C" is because WWE and Vince McMahon owns the "Too Cool" name. They do not own the spelling "Too Kool" for in-ring purposes.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Flavor of the Week" - Lord Humongous


The first Hugo was Mike Stark, then Jeff, Me then Sid since Sid started in 86 and I started in 83 that just seems to make sense don't you think.

Now as far as Motley goes. I have never had heat with him and if I remember correctly and I know I do, He worked for me in 96 for one show in Mississippi and the promoter got so mad at me for booking him because he said he wanted real pro wrestlers and this guy didn't look like or wrestle like one. Now none of this had anything to do with him at all but since everyone in that area seems to think Sid was the first I will just clear all this up. Oh and Motley here is an old saying for you.......It is better to be quiet and be thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Ok this is the last of this. Now as far as what my pay was it was and will always be 125.00. Now who are you to say someone got ripped? If that is what they agreed to then that is them. They can always so NO! He didn't and that is what Isaid was the price. Now he wants to come on your site and low ball the price and I really don't care. But you yourself said the match was good not that your opinion means anything and I really don't care because I haven't seen or heard of you doing in this business but getting facts wrong.

Now as far as what I have done and what I am doing I was selling out Gibson with Tim White while you guys were buying tickets.

And another thing is you have sat there and dogged me without even knowing me hell you didn't even know who I was in the dressing room. I told Mo that when I saw you I said watch this that you didn't even know who I was and I told him see I was right but you can sit there and talk about people without even knowing them.

So you are nothing but a dirt sheet writer that isn't even good enough to get his facts straight.

----I have to agree with Gary on the Hugo history. That is the way I remember and that is the way it has been reported in other places.

----I am not sure your friend that you promoted with knows what a professional wrestler is suppose to be or act like. I know for at least the last 15 years, Motley Cruz has been one of the top workers in this area. He might not be on TV every week or seeking out WWE contacts, but it is hard to find a better worker and professional like Cruz. He also treated me with respect and face to face if we had any problems – nothing I can actually remember. The only thing I have ever heard bad about Motley was his wife Tasha Simone. And, Cruz is a lot like me – we can take bullshit to certain degrees, but Tasha takes none.

----Have you ever bought anything and wished you wouldn’t have bought it?? It was not what it promised to be?? Yes, we all have and if Jeff McDonald did pay you $125 Saturday night, then he is thinking the same thing – I got ripped off!!

----It does not take me “knowing what you look like” to be able to “dog you”??? The last time I actually seen you without a mask was the TBS jobber days and that was at least 20 years ago. And, no we had never worked on a card together – either me as worker, photographer or whatever. What we do have is “friends” in common. I also think I actually talked to you one night on the phone when a bunch of my other “friends” were having fun and gave you the phone. You have worn a FREAKIN mask for 20 years and I had never met you – how was I supposed to know what you looked like?? And, I really don’t know if I have “dogged you”, because I have been more than fair down the line with your matches on Memphis and the match at Summer Jam.

----The only thing you have ever heard about me is that I get my facts wrong?? If that is the ONLY bad thing you have heard about me, well…thanks. I am glad you haven’t talked to my ex-wife. LOL If you are in the business of reporting the news, and I consider my web site that kind of tool, then you are going to make mistakes. I, unlike, some of my fellow writers, print a retraction. If I have posted the wrong gate, name or whatever – I try to correct it. The margin of error in doing this sort of site is large. You got to remember I am covering a business that has been built on a lie. No one in this area has covered this area the way I do – honestly – until I started the site almost over a year ago.

----Finally, as I was getting ready to post this I had a long time friend and someone that has been in the business for years, send this statement – “I wouldn't reprint anything he has to say, it's just him trying to get a little ink for himself...fuck him. Really, I think it hurts your credibility and integrity to post his shit.” And, so I am done with the Humongous story and this dirt sheet writer is putting it to rest.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

RassleResults: XOW, 6-9-07, Ecru, MS

Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham defeated Chaz Stone. Rage & Burcham cheated throughout the match. Shawn Manson defeated Jay Webster.

XOW Owner Tony Watts then came out of the back with Neil taylor and gave the TV Championship to Taylor. Axman ordered Neil to defend the belt later against an opponent of his choosing.

Brody Hawk & Thomas Knox defeated Kross & Cassanova Kid w/Tony Watts by DQ.

Izzy Rotten defeated XOW Champion Pappy by DQ. Pappy retains his belt.

Semi-main event: Kross, Shawn Manson, Brian SoFine, & Tony Watts vs. Brody Hawk, Mark Manson, & Tommy Knox. The match got out of control and was finally won by Brody, Mark Manson, & Tommy Knox by DQ. Manson then turned on his partners, they beat down Brody & Tommy.

Tony Watts got on the mic and talked about “madness & mayhem” he is going to bring down on XOW.

The main event was TV Champion Neil Taylor w/Tony Watts vs. Psycho for the belt. It was a wild match, but the referee managed to keep control until Izzy Rotten ran in to help Neil. He knocked the referee unconscious. Izzy, Taylor, & Watts gave Psycho a beating. Pappy came out to help but got a beating also. Izzy stole Psycho’s doll, Kayte, and threatened to cut her head off, and took the doll with him when they went to the back.

Tony Watts got on the mic and bragged some more about “madness & mayhem.”

No XOW show this Saturday, but XOW returns the next Saturday, June 23, with the benefit show at 2:00 and the regularly scheduled XOW show at 8:00 that night.

Crowd was around 65 with a gate of $325.00.

RassleResults: GTW West Point, MS 6.09.07

---OMEGA d. Jake Prentiss...Dirty Sanchez d. Chris Chaos and LSD in a 3-Way...The Assassin & Josh Matthews w/ Anita Paige d. Chris Styles & Devon Raines...Justin Reed w/ T'Byrd d. Nick Grymes to retain his GTW Title...Nick Grymes won a battle royal to become the #1 contender to the GTW Title

---Attendance was 35 with a gate of $175. It keeps dropping every week...At the beginning of the show, Chris Styles attacked a "fan", and continued to interfere in matches throughout the night. He was "suspended" for a week for his actions...This is just a kayfabe reason for his not being there. He's actually working two shows for Kenny Valiant on Saturday...The Family of Pain was supposed to come in on the 23rd, but some reason, that's not happening any more. Instead, Chris Styles and Shawn Reed will be working a No-DQ barbed wire match...People are starting to complain about the booking as it seems to serve no purpose other than to put the booker himself over the entire show. They are becoming fed up with his being involved in every match and angle...More later.

---Credit goes to Hollywood Jimmy board for result and credit.

RassleBits: TC2, Wrong gates, Memphis Wrestling Snafu, Rassletube, More from Huey and Humongous History??

----In today's Union City Messenger, there is a feature on Page 14 about Tim Davidson and Michael Owens, better known to wrestling fans as Tim Grind and Flex aka “Too Cool 2”. I think Grind actually worked as Tim Davidson at one time on Memphis TV?? But, I have never known Flex to work under his real name?? I do remember Flex Bagwell..LOL

----Two gates I got wrong. Lamarrus Brooks [the 14 year old booker] of SEW wrote to say there was 40 paid and about 60 in the crowd for a $400 gate. I have corrected it in the original piece. And, MCW had 135 paid with a gate of $945 and around 150 in the building. I corrected that also. Good gate, but I am being told they were still disappointed, because it was Sid. It takes the right combo of posters, radio and TV ads to make stuff like this work. I bet Sid at TLCW would draw over 400.

----Speaking of doing the right TV advertising. Many of the area promoters know you can buy local spots during RAW and they use that to help boost their crowds for local BIG shows. A reader sent this about watching RAW in the Memphis market – “While watching Raw, they showed commercials for Memphis Wrestling but instead of this Friday event they advertised the Memorial Day weekend"Schools Out" event. Was the only thing funny about Raw though.” Good job guys!!

----I am glad everyone enjoyed the “best of” Memphis. I am also enjoying the LAW clips. And I say this AGAIN – all you guys need to get someone to produce one of these every week for your promotion. New edition of RassleTube will be sometime up on Friday or Saturday with clips from last week's Memphis – which will be about 90% of the show because it had some good wrestling. A note on last week’s RassleTube with the Memphis clips. The interview that I actually laugh about when Assassin I had mustard in his eye. Well, for shoot, they had to wash his eye out and it was burning real bad.

----Finally we got the below from Gary Nations. $125?? WTF?? Now, I am not saying that driving 8 hours is not worth $125, because of gas and such. But, all my sources have said it was $50 and then Jeff gave him an extra $25. And, if they paid him $125 for his wrestling match, then they got ripped off. The only guys that even closely deserved that kind of money on that show were the kids that Tim Edwards beat the hell out of. And, hell, maybe they didn’t deserve that either, because they knew what they were getting themselves into.


You know this is getting old but no I was paid 125.00 because that is what we agreed to on the phone. He wanted to only pay me 50.00 and I said that wasn't about to happen.

Now as far as Mark Justice and Just Joe I don't know them and have never met them before that night but since they have a case of the smart ass.......and you can quote me, Guys I have worked for WCW,WWF,South Africa, going to Mexico and all over the world. What have you done??

----I also spoke with Motley Cruz last night and he called to say that Sid Vicious was the first Humongous?? He thinks Sid was the first, then Jeff Van Camp and then Mike Stark. And, then Sid went back to the gimmick?? I can’t get this confirmed by anyone else?? All the internet stuff and what I can remember was that Stark was the first one?? Cruz also said, “Say this – you can say it is from me – Nations can’t work a shit anyway.”

RassleTube: LAW Recap 6.08.07

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anton Gets Rave Reviews!!

----I got this e-mailed to me today. I try to keep a tab on my favorite "spot monkey." LOL Congrats -- he has got some good reviews from his Wrestle Birmingham stuff. This was Saturday night in Graysville, AL

1st Match Tag Team Action"Wildthing" (Crybaby) Will Owens & Brandon Barbwire .vs. Joe Hogan & Anton Levighwinners: Joe hogan & Anton LevighConclusion: tied with Match of the night in my book. Levigh is a major force to be reconed with in WB. I had a sign that said Levigh is the future. And I honestly believe that this man could be the X-champ in TNA. I also had a crybaby sign. I try to give Owens as much heat as possible. So it will be easier to get across with the fans. I actually love the charchter. Hogan & Barbwire were just there. The only thing Hogan really did to impress me was the DVD.Rating: 8 1/2 *'s of 10

----Later on in the results, he had this to say...

Overall: Good show with 2 matches that were below level. I think Anton should get a huge push.

**Credit Caleb Acker

Derrick King Added To The List!!

----I got word LATE last night that Derrick King will be joining “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael], Alex Krisis and Matt Boyce for the WWE for TV tapings on July 9th in Lafayette, LA for RAW and July 10th for WWF Smackdown tapings in New Orleans, LA. Congrats DK!! I hope someone gets a deal!!!

----Photo credit:

Sid In Osceola, AR for MCW 6.08.07

----Sid Vicious did come to Osceola, AR Friday night for the MCW show. He worked with Ron Rage [who he trained] as his partner vs Loose Cannon, Biscuit [one of Team X] and Stretch Cunningham and The Pimp. Cannon never got touched as he is doing a “chicken shit” heel gimmick. The other young guys took powerbombs and chokeslams. I was told Sid was real nice with all the guys and seem to have a good time.

----There were about 135 paid with a gate close to $935 with over 150 people in the building…Other results had Derrick King/Gaylon Ray over Tiny Tim/Biscuit…”East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent] beat The Hambones in a Street Fight to win the MCW Tag Team Titles…This coming Friday night Sid returns tagging with Ron again with Ron/Sid vs Cannon/Johnny Rotten. There is talk of bringing Doug Gilbert in also.

RassleResults: SEW Memphis, TN 6.08.07

Shortly before the show started, it was announced that Reno Diamond had been injured in an attack by the 201 Boyz earlier in the week. SEW Heavyweight Champion The Crime made his way to the announce table and said that since he had no opponent for the evening, he should get the night off. General Manager Tim Williams announced that the Last Man Standing match for the SEW Championship would still take place, and that he would find an opponent for Crime.

Capleville Maniac def. Soultaker and Leatherface in a Monster's Ball match, when Soultaker shoved Leatherface into a rollup by Maniac.

In a special attraction match, Malik was ordered by the GM to face a mystery opponent. Malik def. mystery opponent Tatt2 by DQ when Tatt2 was caught by ref holding Malik's chain.

Sniper def. Precious and Simba in a bloody Falls Count Anywhere match.

"Pimpin'" Antoin Smooth approached the announce table with "God's Gift" Jason Richards and the Extreme Posse, Kingpin and Big D. Smooth called out the Moondogs, but said that they will not be taking on High Society. He says that he paid the Snowman for the Posse's services, and they will be fighting the Moondogs.

"Showstopper" James Cantrell def. Jake the Jackhammer in a Country Strap Match.

The Crime def. mystery opponent Danny B. Good in a Last Man Standing match to retain the SEW Championship. Danny B. was unable to answer the ten count after being knocked out with the title belt by Jason Richards. After being joined at ringside by Richards and Smooth, Crime announced that we were "witnessing the Movement.

" The Moondogs (Rex & Mutt) w/GM Tim Williams def. the Extreme Posse (Kingpin & Big D) w/"Pimpin'" Antoin Smooth in a Losers Eat Dog Food match. As the Posse was being beaten inside and outside the ring, GM Williams attacked Smooth, and at one point locked on an Ankle Lock. After the match, the Moondogs forced dog food down the throats of the Posse, but Smooth attacked the GM again from behind before running to the back.

Precious and Simba came out to attack the Moondogs, and the ring filled for the 20-Man Extreme Rules Battle Royal. While referee Tommy Lane tried to enforce the standard over-the-top-rope rule, the brawl took place all over the gym and even saw some wrestlers fighting in the stands and in the parking lot. In the end, Malik came out on top and was declared the new SEW U.S. Champion.

----I am not getting an "official" gate or count on the crowd. I was told it was in the 60 range with about 40 paid. So, you are looking at a gate around $400.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 6.09.07

----Prince Abdul Mbouto defeated Azreal to become new TIWF TV champion…The Punisher Dre Black defeated Lawman Williams…Wildman defeated Boogieman Scream…Danny B Good defeated Wildside…”Highrollers” [Wyked/Storm] defeated”Black Label Society” [Void& AJ Bradley] and the Moondogs in a three way tag match - Highrollers new tiwf tag champion…Steven Rampage vs Waycool vs PK Ripper vs The Bob - Rampage won to become the new TIWF heavyweight champion,,,,

----75 paid 116 in crowd and gate of $375…This Friday night - Jimmy Star benefit in Jackson at the TIWF True Force Arena.

Monday, June 11, 2007

XOW Benefit Show June 23 in Ecru, MS

XOW is having a benefit show and auction for Cynthia Jones Saturday afternoon, June 23, at the XOW arena on Hwy. 15 in Ecru, MS. Cynthia is 25 year old cancer patient with a one year old little boy, and this is her third battle with cancer. All proceeds from this benefit show will go towards her medical bills. The fun begins at 2:00 with wrestling. Following wrestling there will be a dunking booth, an auction, face painting, and more! Admission is $5.00. This will not only get you into the benefit show, it will also get you into the regular XOW show at 8:00 that night. You get two shows for the price of one. Scheduled to appear on this HUGE show are:
Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk)
Tommy Knox
The Pink Flamingos (Ryan & Brian SoFine)
Andy 2Dandy
“Extreme” Brett Michaels
Colton Anderson
“The Future” Chris Styles
The Freakshow (Chop Top the Clown & Vinnie the Blade)
Izzy Rotten
Sammy Hall
“Southern Thunder” Chris Kilgore
“Bad Attitude” Tony Dabbs
Neil “The Real Deal” Taylor
Jay Webster
“DC” David Cross
“The Studd” Scott Porteau
Derrick King
Mark “The Tank” Manson
“Sadistic” Shawn Manson
“Prime Time” Nick Grymes
Family of Pain (Sarge & Mickey Ray)
Danny B. Good
Marcus O’Neil
Chris Rocker
Cassanova Kid
24/7 (JR Mauler & Kross)
Ravishing Ray Ray
Loose Cannon
San Francisco Treat
Tony “The Weasel” Watts
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock
Coach BT
Uncle Festus
Don’t miss this great show! It’s for a worthy cause, and it will be a lot of fun! Two shows for the price of one! Be there!

Local Guys Slated for RAW and Smackdown!!

Congrats!! “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael], Alex Krisis [pic below] and Matt Boyce are headed to the WWE for TV tapings on July 9th in Lafayette, LA for RAW and July 10th for WWF Smackdown tapings in New Orleans, LA. Keep up the good work guys!! I hope someone gets a deal out of it!!

Summer Jam Aftermath - More about Huey!!

----Here are two letters that I got in response to the Humongous letter I printed yesterday. I had to give NBW workers the opportunity, since Huey told his side of the story. It was good to see that Mark Justice took all of it stride.

First of all he may have been in this business of ours for many years but to be honest he did nothing to impress me or any of the fans of NBW. I will tell you something else that bothers me he wants to run his mouth about our young boys and he had to steal his gimmick from Big Sid. And as far as his money being short that is a lie Jeff gave him what they had agreed on and he wanted to cry about their agreement so yes Jeff gave him an extra 25 dollars and in my opinion if he would have given him 10 dollars he would have still have been paid too much. When he wants to talk about our young boys have not been trained then he is also talking about Mo because he was our trainer until last night. I also need to say that 9 out of 10 of our young boys can work circles around him. He said they did not know how to get heat or work the crowd he was supposed to be a heel and he got no heat what so ever. So before he runs his mouth he needs to look in the mirror.

“Just Joe” [Joe Borders]

The only thing I have to say about what HUGO ( Gary Nations ) had to say about NBW talent is I must have been running late and didn’t know it.......... if I had known he was going to be showing his WWE contract to all the guys that shouldn’t be near a wrestling ring HELL I might have tried to get there a little earlier. LOL But then again opinions are sometimes HUMONGOUS and every one has one. LOL

Mark Justice

----Now what happened?? I have talked with Jeff McDonald and others from NBW. Either there was a misunderstanding on pay or someone was trying to get the best of another. I have had no business dealings with Huey, even though I have seen him; known of him and we both have mutual friends in the business that span almost 15 years. McDonald and Jeremy Moore [the current booker] have a good record for paying guys. The best I can tell that no one has got “short” and if someone is promised a certain amount, then they get it. No matter what the door would happen to be that night.

----The story that I got from McDonald is that Nations accept their offer of $50 to come work along supposedly bringing another worker with him. McDonald gave him the $50, even though nobody came with him, and then Nations told him that he was “short” and that their deal was $75. McDonald did not agree, but to keep himself in good graces with wrestling in general, he gave him the extra $25.

----I can NOT come on here and say which one of the guys here is a liar. I don’t know. Here are the facts though

-Gary got his money.
-Jeff paid him $75.
-Gary drove 8 hours to get to the show.
-Jeff has had a good record paying the guys what he promised.

----I really think there was a misunderstanding somewhere and now it is turned into “heat”. All in all we know Huey will not be welcomed back to NBW.

----I also got the following letter from Humongous. Apparently Jeff was pissed at what was printed here and he gave him a call.


Ok I knew that I would get heat about this but now Jeff is calling me and threaten me so now here is the shoot and I want you to print this.

I have been in this business for over 20 years and I have wrestled everyone from Sting-Flair and have made money all over the world. Now about NBW and they shouldn't even be worth the time I take to type thisbut I will anyway. And as I said I had hoped this would be taken in the right way but again I can see that the marks that are now in control of this business still don't get it. So Ill explain it to you. Just because your sister owns the building that real pro wrestling used to be at doesn't mean that you know how to run it. Also you don't put a kid yes a child in charge of booking because this child has done nothing but watch it on TV.

I sat there last night and watched mass confusion from you about what to do. Mo tried his damnest to explain it to you and you never got it. Now for you to call me and say that you didn't try and short me on my money you know I could have thought it was a misunderstanding on your part but for you to threaten me and tell me that you didn't try and do that well pal we have a problem.

I have traveled the world and work superstar after superstar while the whole time you have paid people to hang out with. So before you call a real worker like you did you should learn the business first.

----Just a few things that I want to add on things that everyone said that I wanted to give my opinion on.

----First, let’s clear up the gimmick. Lord Humongous gimmick was actually “stolen” from the Mad Max movie. His original debut was in 1984 when Jimmy Hart brought him in to get rid of Jerry Lawler. Mike Stark [who is the strength coach for the University of Memphis football team] was the first guy to do the gimmick. I am not sure if this was Stark or Lawler’s idea, but Lawler has always been a big movie mark and added stuff like that to his booking. Jeff Van Camp was the second Humongous and he worked in Continental and Mid-South for Bill Watts. Gary Nations became Lord Humongous in 1984 and has worked everywhere on and off doing the gimmick. Sid Vicious was actually the 4th Humongous and Paul Heyman managed him doing the gimmick. The gimmick has been done by others including Bull Buchanan.

----I do agree that the guys he mentioned in his first letter are the “cream of the crop” in this area. I also think guys like Kilo, Mark Justice and Tank are all good workers. NBW also has four young guys that I really like and think have a future – Jeremy Moore, Gaylon Ray, J Weezy and Slim Pickens. Should they be in the main event and booking the shows?? No way! A lot of the older workers are going to have the same opinion as me and Gary when it comes to having a kid book the show. The only way this is going to get better is that in time Moore books a great show that draws well with the talent he has got.

----Finally, the last thing I want to point out is that even though this was not a good show, there was actually direction and build up that Nations could not see by just walking in for one night. Reed had been established as a heel, Strap match had been book for weeks, Big Money Gripp was bringing in someone to take care of Tank [Huey] and the MO/Alan Steele angle has a team had been book for weeks also. It might have looked like chaos in the back and sometimes it does, but some of this stuff was thought out in advance and got to give them credit for that.

Site News!! Thanks!!!

Thanks to everyone for reading. We had a real good “hits” day yesterday scoring the second best hits I have had in the last 40 days and “top 10” day going back to the end of April during our Hogan coverage. I also had over 500 first time visitors hit the site yesterday!! Welcome to this madness!!! Thanks to everyone again!!!!

RassleResults: Valiant Arena ASWF June 9, 2007

Crowd was down everyone waiting on the June 16th show with Jerry Lawler.53 paid with a gate of $318 with about 75 total...but they saw some great action.

Opening Match: Marcus O'Neil def Rozzi and the Brazilian Bad Boy is still winless in ASWF.
2nd. Match: Morgan Lane wins two pinfalls over Bishop with some outside help from Marcus O'Neil
3rd. Match: Laprechauns (Lethal & Little Lucky) lose a preview of Payback II match but the Juice & Nikki Lane had a little help from Austin Lane.

Promoter Aaron Polston then made the Match with Both Leprechauns & Doink the Clown a Handicap match for the 16th show and Nikki Lane was banned from ringside during the Main Event at Payback II on the 16th.

Semi-Main Event: Austin Lane took on Reno Diamond for this match of 35 minutes and covered all of the Arena floor...Austin started off by laying down and told Reno to pin him as he wanted to be fresh and ready for Lawler next week but Reno stomps on his face, then Austin leaves the ring area and the referee Biscuit made a 10 count making Reno the winner...but Promoter Aaron Polston comes out and re-starts the match NO Count Outs...Austin is furious, he then gets a DQ...and Aaron meets Austin at the entrance way and said NO the match continue...then Bishop comes out and stands at ringside and cheers Austin...and after all this...Bishop takes it upon himself to get involved in the match...Austin finally gets the pinfall and the win and told the crowd "this is whats going to happen to Jerry "The King" Lawler on June 16th."

Main Event: Tag Team Action:
X-Kaliber & Sarge vs Acid & Scottie Graham
Great match Acid put X in the Torture Rack and X submits while Sarge and Scottie are fighting on the floor...Sarge now wants a Fans Strap match at Payback II which Aaron grants.

The Stage is set for Payback II 2007 in Tuckerman Sat June 16th.
Don't miss it. Belltime 7pm but come early because it is first come first served seating!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Arena Report: "Summer Jam 2007" NBW Dyersburg, TN 6.09.07

----“Team X” [Gryffon/Phoenix] beat “East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent] after a ref bump with Phoenix [I think] pining C-Money. They did some kewl arm drags spots in the beginning, but didn’t do much after that. Heat was on Serpent with C-Money getting hot tag. “Team X” are just so small it is hard to take them serious. [*1/2]

----Alan Steele come out to do an interview. Steele was scheduled to work Mo, so the crowd was giving him hell, but actually popped for him when he walked out. “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] came out to a big pop. Steele asked them if they were lost; because they were suppose to be at the promotion down the road. [TLCW] PP put down Mo and then Steele. They ended up setting up a match with PP vs Steele/Mystery Partner later in the night.

----I got to make a quick note before the next match. Jason Reed had already turned, not as I had reported in the “Countdown.” The storyline was that Reed was brought in by the Commish Jimmy Tidwell, but turned on Jeremy Moore, which set up all the stips for the main event.

----Slim “Bulldog” Pickens beat “Superman” Jason Reed. Not a good match. Too much talking on the mic and too much stalling. But, in reality the match was set up to just help get Reed over as a heel and help them sell straps for the main event. Moore came out and Pickens pinned Reed with a roll up from behind. At one point in the bout, Reed got the mic and said he had to pee. He went to the bathroom with the ref and mic. It was a hilarious spot. [DUD]

----Alex Krisis beat Seth Knight by submission with the CLAW!!! Nothing great about the match and nothing wrong with it. Both guys worked hard. Krisis looks better now than he ever has looked. The crowd really didn’t know how to react to Knight losing by submission. This was the first time they have seen Krisis doing that finisher. [**]

----Alan Steele/Rob Harlem beat “Picture Perfect”. Steele came out to announce he had been on the phone and got himself a partner. Mo came out to a big pop!! The crowd loves him here. The crowd was up for the start, but then just died when Mo went into a resthold. Good psychology – nothing wrong with the match. Steele slapped Michael hard once on the chest and you could tell Michael was not expecting it. Heat on Steele with Mo finally getting enough [never tagging] and jumping in. Mo ended up on the ring apron with CJ, when CJ’s try for a suplex on Mo backfired. Michael ran into them sending them both to the floor with Steele rolling him up for the win. After the match, Mo announced that he would be leaving for South Carolina tomorrow and this was his last night in Dyersburg. PP ended up shaking his hand and hugging him. They came off as babys in the end. [**1/2]

----Tank by DQ over Lord Humongous. This was all psychology with Huey heeling and Tank taking a beating. Tank bodyslammed Huey early. Huey dropkicked Tank in the face – and that is not easy considering the size of both guys. Huey is bigger than he looks on TV. Huey started using the hockey mask and Tank bladed. Real good juice. Crowd was not into it as much as I expected. Ref bump with ending with interference, but ref caught him and DQ’ed him. Krisis came down and put the Claw on Tank and they left him lying. [**]

----Tim Edwards comes out to say he wants a title shot. Commish Tidwell says got one. At this point, the Hardcore Elimination Match starts for the title shot. Edwards was asking for a NBW Title shot, but the storyline was that Tidwell just pissed him off by putting him in the hardcore match. At the front of the match, I was thinking “blah blah blah” when Edwards was talking, but match came off with you either believed Edwards could whip all those guys in the ring alone or you were a dumbass. Can you say STIFF?? Edwards’ punches a few times made me cringe!! The match featured all the young guys – Tim Alfonzo/Chief Crazy Train/Sicilian Kid/Buckwheat along with Gunner Thompson, Tommy Love and Edwards. I saw all the young guys in the dressing room after the bout and they looked like they had been in a train wreck. Kid had me cracking up as it looked as if he was smiling every time Edwards hit him. Buckwheat was the first to be eliminated and I think Edwards killed him. Finish had Edwards pinning Alfonzo after sending him thru a table. After match, Edwards put the Hardcore Belt in the trash and Kid ended up leaving with it, so I guess he is still the champ. Trash wrestling at its best!! [***] – one star for just the shoot part of this bout.

----NBW Tag Team Title Match: Kilo/Mark Justice beat J.Weezy/Flex. Flex came out to say that his “Too Cool 2” partner was not there tonight, but he would fight them both. Weezy walked out and got a pop. Weezy tagged with him and took all the heat. First part of the match was a little sloppy with Justice taking a hiptoss that looked off. Kilo/Justice settled in real good during the heat doing double team moves and looking like a tag team. Some real stiff chops and kicks, as Weezy sucked it up and took it. Hot tag to Flex and crowd was real flat for it. Not a big reaction as you would expect. Flex got shitcanned and Justice pinned Weezy for the win. Best pure wrestling match on the show for psychology and work. Mic work after the match came off as a shoot with Flex saying him/Grind made Dyersburg and Kilo taking exception to that. [**3/4]

----Jeremy Moore beat Gaylon Ray in a Fans Lumberjack Strap Match. They sold straps during intermission. Moore’s High Risk belt was on the line. Jason Reed was the special ref. If Moore won, the Commissionership would stay with Tidwell, if not – Reed would be the Commish. A creative finish with Moore hitting the RKO on both Ray and Reed – Moore pinned Ray and took Reed’s hand [who was selling the RKO] and slapped 1-2-3. Tidwell ended up turning anyway, so Tidwell will be a heel commish in weeks to come. This was not a good match – very little psychology and Ray/Moore are not ready to be in a main event match alone. With that said, the scary thing is that they are both over. Crowd was nuts for this bout from start to finish. Kilo/Mark Justice came out and after the bout and all the heels beat up on Moore including a stuff piledriver. Big Money Gripp [Jeff McDonald Moore’s real life dad] came out and told them to stop. Gripp will be completely turning in a few weeks. The heels came back out with almost everyone gone and continue to beat up Moore, which I thought was overkill. Moore looks like he could be beat up by anyone, so why did it take that many heels to beat him up?? [**] – one for the match – one for the heat.

What is a strap match for?? It is designed so the HEEL gets whipped. The ring is usually surrounded by babyfaces and sometimes there will be heels out there to whip the baby, but overall it is designed to keep the wrestlers in the ring and let the heel get his ass whipped. A fans lumberjack strap match would then be designed so the marks can whip on the heels. There were some heel fans that got straps last night, but then there were two wives of the two heel wrestlers that got straps. Along with them chanting for their husbands during their bout, then also participating in NOT whipping Gaylon when he got thrown out and Auburn Thunder even ran around the ring to whip Moore once - it almost ruin the flow of the match. I do know the ladies know better and it was not part of an angle with Thunder or anything. Go with the flow ladies – heels can’t get over in small promotions like this, unless they are heels!! I know you love your husbands, but give them hell once a week – at the show, not at home. LOL Even my kids use to give me hell when I was heel.

----NOTES: There were around 122 paid with a gate around $1,100. There were probably about 140 people in the building. Not what they were expecting, but the group probably made more money on this show than they did on the Rikishi show…The building was just so hot and stuffy even with an AC going…ECBB/Team X were both over with the crowd…Jon Michael called PP “WWE Superstars” and Steele came back with “You guys were on the internet, you didn’t even make TV!!”, which was funny…Pickens is one of the better of the young guys. He is real green, but has tons of potential…Commercials and ads were still up for Simon Dean [Mike Bucci]. A sign was posted at the door that Bucci would not be there, but PP would be there. That was funny. In reality though, probably more people in that area knew who PP were than who Mike Bucci is. And unless, you are a hardcore fan, then Simon Dean has been off TV for a long time. All in all, he didn’t help them draw dime…Jason Reed is one of the most talented guys in this area – as for booking and working – but I think he might have had too much to drink last night. LOL…Excessive with Kilo have the NBW singles title and half of the tag straps...Nothing on the card felt “special” like the last big show. Maybe the heat for the main event and that was it. The company as a whole was not happy with the show either.

FINAL NOTE: I wanted to go ahead and post this. I have some things to say about the Humongous letter and have had comments already from NBW. I will try to post them sometime early tomorrow.

CWA Wrestling - June 9, 2007 - Savannah, TN

Rodney Grimes' CWA promotion returned to Savannah, TN on Saturday, June 9th with a solid show. Below are the results from the evening's matches.

Gypsy Joe def. J. J. Fuller; Tojo, Jr. (with “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock) def. Jose Guerrero; Chris O’Neal def. Flame; Eric Wayne def. Kid Nickels to win the vacant CWA Television Title; Chris Kilgore & Wayne Adkins def. The Nightmare & Tony Dabbs; Doug Gilbert def. Big Nasty Bill by DQ; Beau James & The Super Destroyer def. The Posse to win the CWA Tag Team Title; (Main Event) Bill Dundee & Mega Man def. The Singing Cowboys (Don Bass & Big Nasty Bill) by countout.

RassleNotes: Crowd was in the 175 range with a gate close to $1,750. Several young fans in attendance were dressed up like the Posse. Show had a good, “old school,” feel to it. Eric Wayne was originally scheduled to face Chris Rocker for the TV Title, but Rocker was not in Savannah. The referee was going to award the belt to Eric, but his father Ken Wayne suggested that the title be decided in an actual match, thus the bout with Kid Nickels. The Singing Cowboys did an angle where they “sang” a song recorded by local radio personality Ray Austin. Austin came out and was eventually attacked until Dundee, Grady Watson and Mega Man made the save. Austin later served as guest referee in the main event. CWA will run a show Friday night at the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceburg, TN and will return to Selmer, TN Saturday night at the Jaycees Bfor “Super Clash II” featuring Buff Bagwell, Tracey Smothers, as well as a return tag match with the Singing Cowboys against Bill Dundee & Mega Man, a CWA TV Title match pitting new champion Eric Wayne against challenger Chris Rocker, a return Tag Team title match with Beau James & Super Destroyer defending against the Posse and all the other top CWA stars.

"My Trip To NBW" by Lord Humongous Gary Nations

----I got this letter e-mailed to me this morning and wanted to share it with the visitors. Whatever you might think of Nations, he has been up and down the roads for many years. He spent one night in the dressing room and picked out the problems. I will be posting the full Arena Report later today or early tomorrow morning.

"My Trip To NBW"

Now I want to say this with the hope it is taken the right way.

Last night I was shocked,amazed and very disappointed in this group in Dyersburg, Tn. I sat in that locker room and couldn't believe what I heard and saw. None of those guys other than Mo, Alan Steele, Picture Perfect,Alex And Flex needed to be anywhere around a wrestling ring. None of those other guys are trained or even had gear. None knew anything about working the crowd to draw heat to the heel or sympathy for the baby.

That my friends is called working. There was no build up for any of the matches by the kid who is supposed to be the booker so nothing and I mean nothing made sense. Now I have been around and working in this business and yes guys it is a business as Jeff McDonald found out when he shorted my money but we fixed that real soon.

Now back to my train of thought, you have to have a great heel to make a good baby but you also have to have a baby that the people care about and my friends NBW doesn't have that. When I hit Tank the people wanted me to do it again and again that means he isn't over there. So here is what NBW needs to do is get a guy that isn't working on the show that knows about booking and get him to book. Make angles and give the people a reason to come. They have none. Stop having shows just to makeyourself a star and have shows that will draw money again they have none. Start pushing your babies as babies. Heels as heels cut the hardcore crap out because as you seen that didn't draw money, Ask PaulE and he will tell you that in a city of 2 million he drew 2000 and most were freebies. So they went out of business.

And also stop shorting the money on people that drive 8 hours for your show.

M.E.W.A Result's For 06-09-2007

Before the action got started “The Suicide King” Ray Ray came out to the announce table and got on the mic. Saying how ONLY he cared about the “The Playboy Club” since “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne had been a no show for the two weeks. Since the “The Playboy Club” had won the M.E.W.A Tag Team Titles they had been unable to defend there titles.

Opening match was “The Suicide King” Ray Ray successfully defending his M.E.W.A Light Heavy Weight Title over “Hot Rod” John Ellison. These two men worked for 14:50 with a lot of high-flying action all the way through the match.

2nd match was “The Velvet Lover” Cody Thunder beating the “The Southern Submission Machine” Wild Bill. “The Velvet Lover” made short work of Wild bill in 6:13 with a Flapjack Power Bomb.

As the 3rd. match of the night was ready to get underway “Byg Daddy” Moose came out and proclaimed since he had ran Lockdown out of M.E.W.A that he had his eye on gold now and gave an open challenge to anyone in the back. “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. himself came to the ring to shut him up. “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. beat Moose in 8:36 with a “Golden Graham Spike”

The SEMI-MAIN EVENT of the night was for the M.E.W.A Tag Team Titles. The match got started like normal for the "Playboy Club", but soon after the match started Ray Ray was not in the corner for Tommy to make and tag, which left Tommy to take the heat from Danger Zone {“Hot Rod” John Ellison and “Dangerous” Dave Cox}.One time Tommy was able to tag Ray Ray in but Ray Ray only did a drop kick and then tagged Tommy on the back for him to get back into the match. Tommy was able to hold for 16:07 but Danger Zone was able to score the win and become the NEW M.E.W.A Tag Team Champions with a little help from Ray Ray when he accidentally tripped and pulled down the top rope and Tommy went flying over. After seeing what happened Ray Ray rolled Tommy back into the ring, and Danger Zone did their Russian Leg Sweep with a Super Kick for the win.
After the match Ray Ray got into the ring and yelled at Tommy as he was lying there “I Don’t Need You”!!!

The MAIN EVENT of the night was a family reunion of sorts when Gerry “Chubby” Graham made his return to the ring after being on medical leave for the last few months. Chubby was heeling as soon asa he came out yelling at the fans {You Didn’t Miss Me, Send Me A Card, Call, Anything, You Ungrateful}. He awaited he opponent, the music started and the crowd when “WILD” as the great Casino Kid came down the ramp. Chubby’s cousin “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. came to the ring. Chubby and Luke both teamed up on Casino injuring his left arm as an angle for part of the anniversary show. On July 7th Casino Kid and Luke’s son Scottie Graham will fight in a Strap for Strap match at the 1 year anniversary show. The Grahams wanted to "hurt" Casino to make sure that Scottie is the winner of the Strap for Strap so there will be gold in the Graham family again. Casino Kid was named the winner by a DQ with the interference of Luke.

Even with the weather hot outside - 226 filled the seats tonight.

As it was reported last week the Tiny was being forced to retire due to knee injuries. Tiny or Hillbilly Tiny as many knew him by had wrestled all over the south and devoted almost 20 year’s of his life to wrestling. Regardless if you loved or hated him you had to be amazed by a man 6’4,400 plus pounds that could wrestle for 10-15 minutes. Wrestlers would dread getting into the ring with him knowing that he could “CHOP” like you were being with a baseball bat. Few men that size could do the Bolder Roll, Clothesline, and Drop Kick. We at M.E.W.A would like to wish Tiny all the best in the future, you will be missed in the ring, A TRUE INDIE LEGEND!!!

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 6.09.07

Shannon Lee over Alec Fontez with the cradle shock.

“Rockin” Randy over Dell Tucker with superkick.

“5-Starr Showcase” Dustin Starr brags about getting rid of Chris O’Neal. Matt Foley comes out with wine and celebrated only to interrupted by Tatt2 to set up a match Dustin vs Tatt2 for later.

Tommy Redneck over Chris Lexx with tag title belt from Brian Steele.

“Rockin” Randy over Shawn Williams with superkick - Randy beats two guys in one night.

Dustin Starr over Tatt2 with the Starrstruck ["Side effect"].

“Hot Topic” [DK/Stan Lee] over “East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent] After the match Foley/”Genocide”[Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin]/Starr attacked DK/Lee. Tatt2 tries to make the save. DK juices after being piledrived on a chair - Timmy Cummings [owner] comes out and they bust him open.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Flash Flanagan by DQ. Finish had a ref bump Flash ducked the chain hit the flatliner - out comes second ref 1 2 3 - new champ - other ref wakes up sees the chain to reverse the decision - TGB wins by DQ.

----$600 gate with about 100 paid and about 120 in the building. This group has settled in doing “normal” business right now and can be expect with summer here. People get out doing other things and don’t want to be in a wrestling building. Something for everyone to think about when it comes to lengths of shows during this time of year. If you want to keep your crowd, hit them with some good stuff – 2 ½ hour shows at the max…ECBB did double duty doing the first match at NBW Summer Jam 2007 and then here…TGB/Flash finish was well known in the Crockett NWA days as a “Dusty finish.” It was also used many times with world champions coming into territories to put over the local guy, but leave with the belt.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.09.07

----Corey Maclin kicks off the show talking about "Sam's Town". "Too Cool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] come out for an interview. Maclin tells them their match defending their titles vs mystery team. TC2 beat "Naughty By Nature" [Rude/Pokerface] in a real good bout. Heat on Poker after a super bump over the top. Hot tag on Rude with Rude doing a TKO on Flex. Finish had Grind use the belt on Rude to help Flex pin him. Another candidate for TV match of the year.

----Tatt2/Shawn Shultz beat by COR Kevin White/Austin Lane with Hollywood Jimmy when the Spellbinder's music started to play and the lights went out. Lane/White/Hollywood ran off. Good match for the time it lasted with Tatt2's shine – he was looking real good. I would love to see these 4 guys with 15 minutes. Spell came out with a cane with a skeleton head on it that had fire shoot out of it.

----Mr. Hughes interview. Hughes calls Renee a cow and tramp.

----"Sam's Town" card June 15, 2007 : Shawn Shultz/Austin Lane vs Dustin Starr/Tatt2...Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King for the JR Title..Kevin White vs Spellbinder...Rocky The Redbird/Bill Dundee vs Reggie B Fine/From the Hood Mascot...Diva Title Match: Jazz vs Ms Passion...Southern Tag Team Title Match: "Too Cool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] vs Doug Gilbert/Rodney Mack...Handicap Match: Renee/Jerry Lawler vs Mr. Hughes...Main Event: Cage Match - Koko Ware/Corey Maclin/Jimmy Hart vs "the Big Cheese" Sal Corrente/Assassins.

----Jerry Lawler/Renee video interview. Lawler was wearing a Superman shirt. Good interview.

----Reggie B Fine interview with Rashard Devon and Derrick King. Fine calls Rashard "Manager of the Year"!! DK says he beat all the Dotson including "Mama Dotson". LOL Fine/DK beat Simon Reed/Dustin Starr. Heat on Starr with hot tag to Reed. Fine backdrops Starr over the top turnbuckle and DK superkicks Reed for the win. Fine/DK argues about who is going to pin Reed, and then they both pin him. Another good match.
----Jimmy Hart interview at XWF headquarters. LOL When was the last time that XWF actually had a show??

----Corey calls out his father to give him a "Father's Day" present. Corey gives his dad a car. The Assassins jump Corey and Dad. Koko Ware comes to help. Sal joins them in beating up Ware/Corey/Dad. This was good in parts and bad in others. Assassins tore Dad's shirt. Dad did not sell good. At one point Dad was punching one of the Assassins, which was hilarious. Assassin attempt to hit Corey wth a bat, but hit the windshield of Dad's car. And then he just continues to beat up the car until Corey made the save for the car. Corey, Dad and Koko interview finished the show. Interview was good and I even liked Koko here.

----Notes: Rude/Pokerface have been working here as "Insane Clowns" and I am praying they are done with that gimmick. They looked great and Rude had a "go Poker go" chant going good...What about a Memphis "Clique" with DK/White/Lane with Hollywood and feud with them Starr/Shultz/Dotson. But, since I said that they will never do it. LOL...They have special that airs on Thursday at 10:00 PM...They are running a buy one ticket and get one free deal if you pick up a voucher at a local car lot...BTW, Rashard was voted "Manager of the Year" on this site!! Thanks guys!!...This was one of the better shows of the year for the wrestling. Three good bouts. Angle at the end was good. I have said this before - most of the Maclin angles are good, but wouldn't they be better if you were actually pushing wrestlers in the lead babyface role??...Corey and company did a great job promoting the “Sam Town” show.