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Arena Report: All Pro Productions Millington, TN 6.22.07

----The show started with an angle where the announcer Kimble Winstead brought out Uncle Felton [manager of the Hillbillies] to say a prayer and for them to play the National Anthem. “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock came out before the anthem started. Felton ended up getting beat up and The Hillbillies made the save to set up a match later in the night.

----John Saxton/Ricky Rocket with Danielle beat “Pure Destruction” [Cody & Brody Hawk] with Hollywood Jimmy. Good opening bout. Perfect psychology. Heat on Rocket with hot tag to Saxton. Crowd was hot for it. Nothing wrong with the match. [**½]

----Danny B Goode/Blade Boudreaux with Lady Vixen beat Sarge O’Reilly/Eric Wayne. Double heat on babys with Good taking the blunt of it. Hot tag to Blade. Good solid match. My first look at Wayne and he is going to be real good. At one point it looked as if Wayne was faster than Goode and was very good at chain wrestling. [**½]

----Pappy/Giant Hillbilly/Candyman beat Max Steele/Joe Cane/Chris Kilgore. Heat on Candyman. Steele is real green, but has a good look. Cane reminds me of Jerry Stubbs and what I seen of him, he is good. Kilgore has always been a solid worker - nothing flashy or fancy. Pappy used the Hillbilly drop for the win. [*½]

----Don Bass, “Gentleman” Jim Casey and “Hollywood” Jimmy came out. Bass’ music played first and then Jerry Lawler’s music played. Jimmy was dressed like Lawler with a cape, crown, prison stripes suit and handcuffs. Jimmy pretended to be Lawler and talked about him being thrown in jail in Tunica for hitting wrestling managers. He made some comment about instead of using Redbird mascot they could use him as a jailbird. The real Lawler then came out and made the challenge for the match with Bass. This was good as any SNL skit where they make fun of news events. Jimmy was priceless here.

----Greg King Jr/Kid Nichols beat Blazing Star/Brett Michaels. Not good, but I guess it was good for rookies. King and Nichols are also from the school of wrestling. Good on their chain wrestling, but this was only good when Michaels was in with them. I have seen lots worse and that has been from veterans.

----Kimala beat Psycho with Kayte. Not good. It was not horrible, but nothing special. Psycho seem to try to get the beat down on Kimala, but he just kept coming back with Psycho getting no heat. Three chops to the head and then Kimala just dropped on Psycho for the pin. [*½]

----Austin Lane with Nikki Lane/Hollywood Jimmy beat Phoenix X in the best match on the show . [that I got to watch] Some of the stuff was sloppy in parts, but these guys work a total different style with high spots with Lane getting heat on X with power moves. X is very small. X had some really stiff chops. X made the comeback and went to the top rope. Lane caught him in midair and it looked like he was hitting him with a power bomb, but ended up coming down with a face buster. It looked real good. [**¾]

----Jerry Lawler beat Don Bass with Hollywood Jimmy/Jim Casey. As I said on commentary, this was very old school with the proof that less is more. This match had the most heat of any of the bouts. Bass did his old “hide the chain” trick - in his tights, in his mouth or under his arm. Nothing special to me with nothing wrong from two old pros that have worked this match probably 100 times or more. Crowd liked it. [*½]

----Kid Kash/Anton Leveigh beat Brandon Barbwire/Doug Gilbert. I did not get to see this match, because I was interviewing Lawler at the time. I talked with three of the guys in match afterwards and everyone thought it felt good. Kash had good comments about Anton.

----There was only about 120 people paid with probably around 140 in the building. Gate was around $1,200...Danielle is nice to look at, but not much at ringside…I did an interview with Ken Wayne after the first match putting over his school...Candyman brings out candy for the fans. It seems to get over, but hell he is giving away candy. LOL If it was Charles Manson and he was giving out candy the marks would take it. He was real sloppy on offense, but took a good beating…It was funny because when Lawler came to the ring the first person he met was me. LOL I brought the microphone to him and then held his crown. ..Not a great show, but good for fans that just like basic wrestling. There was also a good mix of all kinds of talent, so it was good to see some of these guys for the first time.


----I will try to post all the results from the show last night in Millington sometime today. I did have the chance to spend about 30 minutes interviewing Jerry Lawler tonight talking over the whole Sal Corrente situation. Lawler said this was all a big joke, but he felt it was good for business. It has been all over the news and everyone is talking about him and Memphis Wrestling. He thinks there will be an increase in the gate at the next Sam’s Town. He feels the case will not go any further than this first court appearance. He said the video that is shown on the is the ONLY time he hit Sal. He said they have two videos from two different angles and that he only hit Sal one time. Lawler said it was a worked punch and he didn’t hit him to hurt him. He was watching the match when he saw Sal have an altercation with a fan, in which it looked like Sal had hit a fan. Lawler said he just stepped outside the curtain to “payback Sal” for the fan. He said Sal bumped, rolled off the stage and started overrating. Sal may be in trouble if he can not prove that Lawler hit him more than once. Sal has signed affidavits accusing Lawler of all of this, but he must prove it or there might be charges brought against him. I have been told there were photos taken of Sal’s face and Lawler hit him more than once. Lawler said that yes, he did hit Sal, but it was a worked punch and nothing more than that.

----So, after talking with Lawler I can see where even though he said he hit Sal, he will only admit to throwing a worked punch. If photos were taken that night and proof will be shown that he hit Sal more than once, then Sal has a case. If not, and as I said here before, and we can go by just the video of the event, then Lawler is in the clear.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Cheese Responds To Lawler Video

----New videos has been added to the
CLICK HERE and watch these titled videos.

----Lawler accused of assault.
----Big Cheese Responds to Lawler Video

----They mentioned that they have an e-mail from the group of fans that the Big Cheese got into it with. Shannon McQueery stated that his little brother did nudge the Big Cheese and Chesse hit back. Take a look at them.

Video Does Not Tell All of The Story - Sal/Lawler Shoot

----So, everyone has watched the video, including myself, and I was not too impressed with the video. I even thought that if this was all Sal had us to go by, and then Sal is going to have an open and shut case – against him. A few minutes ago I got off the phone with someone that as you probably expected would rather remain anonymous in all of this. His statements to me painted a total different picture than the video.

----“This was a premeditated mugging. I had heard Lawler say, “I am going to break his jaw.” He felt that when the photos of Sal come out in the court, then there will be no question that he hit to get hurt, not as part of the storyline. “If I remember right, he had a bruise forming on his left eye, a gash 3 or 4 inches long on his eye, a cut on his chin and his mouth was swelling up looking like he had a chew.”

----“Also, that is not all of the video. That was just the first shot. I am not sure if this is true, but I was told they were going to throw him off that stage. If they would have, he could have been hurt very bad.”

----It has also been brought up to me a few times - this was not part of the script and Lawler was not scheduled to be part of their match. Court date is August 1, 2007 and papers have still not been served.

for results of the show.
CLICK HERE for the original story.
CLICK HERE for more of the story.
CLICK HERE for the third part.
CLICK HERE for analysis article.
CLICK HERE for charges filed.
CLICK HERE for video clips.
CLICK HERE for Lawler response to

Shows of The Weekend 6.22.07 to 6.23.07

----As many of you have seen on the opening page, this is TRIPLE SHOT WEEKEND with me at three different shows in two days!!! It has been a long time since I have done that. My pick for “show” of the weekend has to go to these two shows – Millington on Friday night and 2:00 PM on Saturday in Ecru, MS. Both are benefit shows and if you want to see of the best talent in this area come to either one of those events – they are packed!! Now, if I was staying close to home and not on the road, then LAW Title Tournament would be my pick. Eight of the top guys in this area competing on the same night. The only weak link of the tournament is Alec Fontez and that is only because he has less experience than the others.

----Friday night for All Pro Productions for a Benefit show in Millington, TN with Jerry "The King" Lawler. "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert,The Manson Brothers,Danny B Good, "The Outlaw" Don Bass,"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock,Kid Kash,Tony Watts, The Candy Man, Eric Wayne, Sargent O'Riley,Blade Boudreaux, Stephen Anthony, Kid Nichols, Mark Justice, Irresistible Danielle, Anton Leveigh, KAMALA THE UGANDAN GIANT, BULL BUCHANAN, Psycho, Brett Michaels,Blue Star, Chris Kilgore, John Saxton, The Hillbillies with Uncle Felton, Austin Lane and many more. I will be there commentating as All Pro will release this as RRO DVD release.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for LAW in Rector, AR with for a One Night Tournament for the LAW Title with first round matches: Alec Fontez vs Tommy Redneck, The Golden Boy vs Seth Knight, Chris O’Neal vs Christian Jacobs and Jon-Michael vsChris Rocker!!!

----FRIDAY NIGHT The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.


----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Justin Reed, Hittman, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Jack Irons, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, J Weezy, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Mark Justice, “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with This Saturday Night June 2nd in Jackson Tennessee @ the True Force Arena on Gill Street Ron Rage, Way Cool, PK Ripper ,Highrollers, Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, “Black Label Society” [Void and AJ Bradley],The MoonDogs, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00 This is a Live TV Taping for channel 17 in Memphis, TN

----Saturday night in XOW in Ecru, MS for Mark Manson, Jay Webster, Shawn Manson, Max Manson, Izzy Rotten, Neil Taylor, DC, Cody Hawk, Brody Hawk, Colton Anderson Pappy, Psycho and many more! I will be here to do play by play with “Axeman” Randall Lewis & Nathan Lee.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street Match: Flash Flanagan,TGB Greg Anthony, Stan Lee, Maxx Corbin,Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck,Seth Knight, Rockin' Randy, Erik Hayes, Dell Tucker, "Rhythm & Blues" and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, Scottie Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "Byg Daddy" Moose, "The Velvet Lover"Cody Thunder, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell Time is 8 P.M, door's open @ 7:15 P.M.

Ken Wayne Responds to Lawler Hitting Sal!!

I just watched the video of Lawler punching that manager. It's bullshit, Lawler didn't sucker punch him at all, it didn't look like Lawler did anything wrong. The guy is a puss. If Lawler was trying to hurt him, he wouldn't have done it with that punch, that was his normal punch, not one intended to hurt him. I have been hit much harder by Lawler many times and never thought a thing of it, hell, IT'S WRESTLING, sometimes it hurts. I am with Lawler on this, it's joke!!! See how shit gets started, it was nothing like I had heard. What a nothing incident!!! Nothing happened out of the norm. Screw the Big Cheese, let's just hope he gets out of the business, the business doesn't need guys like that..

Interview with The Assassin!!

----I thought some of you guys would find this of interest, since it involves the development deals. I have always been under the impression that WWE pays to have house shows - a budget for each show. I think Terry Golden [MCW] was being paid for his shows, because I remember being told it didn't matter how many people he got into the building.

Larry Goodman, of Georgia Wrestling History, has just posted an exclusive interview with Jody Hamilton, owner and promoter of Deep South Wrestling. Hamilton discusses issues regarding the end of the relationship between DSW and World Wrestling Entertainment, as well as his future plans for the promotion.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

"Rant of The Week" by "Phantom Lord" Joseph Davis

Greetings conversationalists all across the fruited plain, it is I your favorite columnist on the entire internet Phantom Lord and this is my Rant of the Week. I’m not really in a good mood right now, but I figure I might as well try to write one of these things because my opinion is just as good as anyone else’s.

I had something else written here, but because part of me cares about YOU the reader I deleted all of it. It’s on my live journal if you’re inclined to read some hilarity about Paris Hilton but right now we got bigger fish to fry daddy.

So let us move along to this wrestling stuff shall we. Following the events of One Night Stand, Vince McMahon went off the deep end on television. On RAW he was taking his anger out on anyone who had a title belt just because he lost his. Crazy Vince oddly enough is probably the best character the WWE has had in years. Then again when you’re in charge it only makes sense the best material is used for yourself. Vince honestly was doing some Emmy worthy acting as he ran the full gambit of emotions as he went off on people. From his git…git…GIT…GIT…GIT bit on RAW to being comatose on ECW to finally bringing poor Ashley to tears (well she tried to cry anyway, it’s a little hard with a plastic face) it was all great stuff.

It makes you wonder where this crazy Vince character is going. Will the McMahon family come back on tv to have the old man committed into a home? Whose life will become a living hell because of Vince and his mental instability? Its questions like this that you know will be asked as this all moves along. At One Night Stand, there was something about a slow moving cancer. There’s a rumor floating around that this angle is leading down to a path where Vince reveals he has cancer. I made the comment on the DVDVR Board that Vince has this thing where he has to out do his old man to the bitter end. I’m sure you’re expecting me to say something about Vince’s morals, but this is Vince we are talking about and quite frankly I’m tired of having to use the wheel of morality to find out what lesson we shall learn from all of this.

I had gotten up to this point on Sunday night and I figured I might as well wait till the draft is over. I was gonna do a little write up on who got picked, but a hundred other people on the internet probably did that anyway and who cares about a silly little thing like a roster split when God has handed me an angle for the ages.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It wasn't like it was friggin' Cobain! It was just a little suicidal gesture, that's all

Well at the moment we don’t know if this was suicide or if someone wanted to kill him. What I do know is this. The WWE had the balls to give us the ending David Chase and The Soprano’s didn’t. When Vince showed up being all subdued I figured he was on some drug for the night. I was hoping we’d see a segment with his family where they said they did it for his own good, but that was not to be. It was interesting seeing Vince in a walking coma. I’m sure we’ve all have had days like that thanks to some pill we were taking. Last week with Vince off his rocker you didn’t know what to expect. Who would he snap at next? When the story is advanced further I’m sure we’ll get the sub plot that Linda got him on something and poor Vince was too drugged up to notice what was going on around him. Before he made it to the limo I figured he would snap at those two guys sitting by the door because it looked like they were toking up.

There are so many ways that one could go with this angle. The big one is obviously a new version of who ran over Stone Cold. Replace it with Who Blew up Vince. Vince obviously has a lot of enemies so the list will be a long one. You heard Dusty and others talking about all the people he put out of business. There are plenty of people who have wanted Vince dead for years so like I said this could be a fun summer.

You would think I would be all morally outraged at this. Honestly I’m not outraged at all from this. Sure I could be behind my bully pulpit right now railing against Vince for twisting the knife a little deeper into the corpse of pro wrestling, but I honestly I don’t care. I thought at the most we would see Vince go back into the office and then hear a pop and someone run in and scream and that would be the end of the show. When he got into the limo I was thinking to myself “it be funny if it blew up” and then BOOOM. I always knew I have psychic tendencies, but I have to admit that was pretty damn cool. It’s funny how people are taking sides on this angle. You’re either in the boat that “IT’S THE GREATEST THING EVER” or “JESUS CHRIST IS THIS WHAT WRESTLING IS COMING TO”.

Me personally I’m in a little bit of column A and column B. On the one hand I’m smart enough to realize that this might make some interesting summer television. But on the other…they faked a death. Of course I believed when Brian Pillman died it was all an angle for him to get the upper hand on Goldust since they were in the middle of this huge feud when he died. When Owen Hart died, I saw the pics from ringside and thought “Oh they could have easily dropped a dummy from the rafters and switch it around when no one was looking”. Finally when Eddie Guerrero died, with the way they were using his death I figured Eddie had to be alive. Eddie’s taking a long vacation right now and when he comes back he’s gonna have the biggest grin on his face” Hey holmes remember when they found me dead…well I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIED”

On a side note it’s scary how much Hector Guerrero looks like Eddie. And seeing him talk on Impact last night I was like “I knew it…Eddie did fake his death”. If you didn’t see Impact, watch it on Saturday and you’ll see what I mean.

But as for this whole Vince thing, I found it funny how many people IM’ed me last Monday night asking if it was for real. Add to that the fact the WWE doing some old school kayfabing and I would venture to guess there probably is a good percentage of the crowd who honestly believe Vince dun got blowed up. It’s also funny how people are coming out of the wood work to say how reprehensive this whole thing is. Odds are I would have been like that, but now it’s like who gives a shit.

The funniest thing at least to me is all the news reports about how the WWE is banking on this to get ratings up to get USA off their back. While watching RAW earlier, Phantom Classic turned to me and said “you know the problem is they talk to much”. I responded well what would expect them to have on a wrestling show? He said maybe wrestling.

Wrestling on a wrestling show? Oh that’s a good one. I mean if wrestling by itself was the draw then Vince’s limo wouldn’t have been blown up. I know a few of you are gonna be like “Umm Phantom aren’t you the one who always says there should be more wrestling”.

Yes there should be more wrestling. But when the best you have is Bobby Lashley who should be doing voice over work for Disney on Mickey Mouse cartoons and a poorly thrown together 5 man match then I can totally understand why Vince’s limo got blown up. But it doesn’t matter what the WWE does because they lack a thing called commitment. Instead of sticking with something if it doesn’t work they say fuck it and end it early.

The reports coming from The Observer and elsewhere are if the ratings do not improve then they will simply rush through the angle and end it quickly. See this is why the WWE will never get it. If anyone from the WWE is reading this, you have my contact information. I’ll gladly tell you in great detail what is wrong with the programs and how to fix it. It will cost you, but I can do it.

While watching ECW I saw a big problem right off the bat.


There should have been a body in the car, but there wasn’t. So now we the viewer have to suffer through a 3 hour fucking memorial service next week with Princess Stephanie in her shrill voice vowing revenge. I’ve seen enough soap opera’s to know how this is going to end. There’s so many ways they could have gone with this but in the end the WWE will go with something retarded like they always do because they lack the commitment to go all out in an angle.

On Days of Our Lives you think Stefano Dimira would come back after a couple of weeks after setting up a huge bomb or something to frame John Black or one of The Brady’s? No he would be long gone and milk it for all it’s worth. That’s what should be done here but like I said the WWE doesn’t have the commitment to angle like that. It’s said this is going to be a Who show JR type deal. Well to do a cliffhanger like that and then to end it a few weeks later would be stupid to say the least.

So far the suspects have been pretty laughable to say the least. Mick Foley, Bobby Lashley, Cryme Tyme, The Coach, Paul London, and John Cena.

The Limo Driver is in there to and well just look at the guy.

Now if this “federal investigator” was any kind of real cop, they would be grilling the limo driver. The story that he went to go make a call is has so many holes in it that’s practically Swiss cheese. I mean it’s obvious who ever did this paid him to leave the Limo. God knows he probably could have used the money because of that hideous rug on his head.

See at least I see all the humor in this. As I mentioned in the column earlier a lot of people have come out of the wood work to denounce this angle. Wade Keller from the PW Torch wrote a write up about how disgusted he was with this whole thing while watching RAW.

It’s a pretty good write up and I know it echoes the feelings of many people including me. But as I said I see the humor in this. Yes it’s disgusting that they had Vickie Guerrero mourn the fake death of Vince, but Vickie’s been going along with a lot of stuff in the WWE BECAUSE SHE HAS THREE KIDS TO RAISE. It’s funny how personal morals and the need to survive cancel each other out. Oh sure one can be offended by all this, but if you happened to be employed by the WWE what are you gonna do? Raise your voice in decent and end up in the doghouse? We all know how petty people in the WWE are. It’s because of the pettiness and personal jealousy that Paul Heyman is at home collecting a check to do nothing because Stephanie and others would rather have him gone then have him working with them.

I’m sure everyone Wade mentions as going along with this have deep problems with this whole thing. But in the end they all have bills to pay and aren’t about to get black balled just because something that Vince thinks is great is stupid.

If you really want to blame someone, blame that chick from USA Bonnie Hammer. According to all the reports she’s the one on the WWE’s case to boost ratings. Even though the WWE’s ratings are no where near where they were back in the good old days of the Monday Night Wars, they still are one of the top rated shows on cable and I’m pretty sure Monday Night RAW dwarfs pretty much all the other stuff on USA (well except for Monk and the SVU reruns). But it’s not good enough for her and the people at NBC. Everything needs to be BIGGER so we’re getting that Jackass stuff during summer because of her.

The funny thing is if the WWE didn’t drive away all the old WCW fans back in 2001 by completely burying WCW after they bought it they wouldn’t be in this situation. There’s at least two full ratings points worth of people out there who do not watch anymore. You would think TNA could have cashed in on that void in the market but TNA shoots itself in the foot and takes five steps back every time it makes a good call.

I ordered TNA Slammeversery the other night and I thought there were a few good stand out matches. Robert Roode vs. Eric Young was by far the match of the night. Eric Young can make some serious money for TNA so they really need to start pushing this guy and not just as the goofy paranoid comic relief. Jersey All Pro fans rejoiced as their favorite son Jay Lethal won the X Division title. Black Machismo is a gimmick that they could print money with. He’s by far one of the most over guys on the show so it’s great that they finally gave him the title (of course if you read the spoilers for Impact you can feel my distain as I’m typing this).

Phantom Classic and I also watched for one reason and one reason only and that’s Mr. Bob Backlund. We were there the night he lost to Nash at the Garden (there really were 29,000 that night and The Garden doesn’t even hold that many people) so we’ve seen the evolution of Bob Backlund’s decent into madness. He took on Alex Shelley who is by far one of my favorite wrestlers in TNA. I was demanding a 15 minutes from them…we got 5 but it was five good minutes. Backlund was in great shape and if TNA were smart they better give him a good run. They had Nash turn on Lethal and attack Backlund along with Sabin and Shelley so it looks like Bobby is gonna get the rematch he was screwed out of in 1994-95.

This could be pretty big for TNA as there are a lot of old school fans who will tune in just for Bob Backlund. Bob deserves a good last run and a match building to him getting revenge against Nash for the eight second loss would be great.

Of course once again if you read the Impact spoilers you know TNA doesn’t have a damn clue about good matches. What the hell are they thinking with that main event at Victory Road? Just because Russo is there doesn’t mean you have to rehash every since match he ever put together.

See TNA came to their senses and finally put the gold on Kurt Angle. Angle hasn’t died yet so I guess that was seen as a sign that he was ready to be World champion again. But before this Sunday night at the PPV, those were a rough nine months. Kurt Angle can give Bob Backlund a run for his money when it comes to being insane. Kurt’s still trying to do a MMA match and he claimed in an recent interview that he knows a technique that can make Chuck Liddel and Tito Ortiz tap out that they have no idea about.

Well if there’s one good thing that happened at this PPV it’s that my fear of Jeff Jarrett becoming World Champion did not come to pass. They aired a real tear jerker before the King of the Mountain match with Jeff talking about his wife’s death. I had this fear that Jarrett was going to use this as a sympathy angle to come back and win the gold. Well the people of Nashville bought it hook line and sinker with everyone chanting JARRETT, JARRETT and people crying in the crowd. Right now it’s the whole “I’m not ready to come back deal”. But when he does come back rest assured he’ll be winning the gold. Jarrett is the Jerry Lawler of TNA and TNA is Memphis and in TNA Jarrett goes over EVERYBODY.

Ah well I think I’m done for this week. This column took over a week to finish so I can’t be accused of just writing something with out thinking about it. It’s like I said, I could be playing the moral card with Vince by why bother. I have high enough blood pressure as it is, I don’t need to blow a gasket over something this dumb.

On a side note, I have jumped into the online radio show world full time as I am now a new host on The Wrestling Burnout. I host the show under my shoot name of Joe Davis along with Jay “The Thriller” Miller. Jay can be a real prick, but he’s a cool guy and we have a pretty good thing going here. In the last two weeks I got to interview Dr. Death Steve Williams and Tank Tolland. On Wednesday June 20th the guest will be none other than Luscious Johnny Valliant. It’s gonna be a good show and it starts at 8PM Eastern on The Wrestling Burnout

Also I promised a guy I know that I’d post a link to this book a friend of his wrote. whacked Out wrestling: Memorial - A tale of Headlocks, Hurricanranas, and High School (Paperback) by Thomas Greene

My copy of the book had better be in the mail.

On that note I am done for this week. I’m sure this Vince McMahon angle we take more twists and turns. One rumor has it that it will all lead to The Great American Bash. It’s funny 20 years ago we had War Games. 10 years ago we had the N.W.O. Now we have who blew up the limo. It’s amazing how things change.

Well until next time, remember someone has to give you this information and it DAMN well has to be me.

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LAW 8-Man Tournament For The Title Tomorrow Night!!

----I got this from LAW today. It is write up about the whole LAW storylines building up to the LAW Tournament tomorrow night. This was written like you would see it in an old PWI or something, but I liked it and it does go over the tournament and storylines very well. I was going to do an analysis of the show, but unfortunately someone spilled the beans and I know the winner of the tournament. So here goes….

Here is how it all started. Jeff O'Dell figured that he would get himself involved seeing that he has been so wrapped up in this company since it began. Being that the Heavyweight Championship was stripped for an uncertain time, Jeff O'Dell's hand pick was none other than “the Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. The championship committee then announced that there would be a tournament for the title and Golden Boy figured he was automatically in the tournament only to find out that he would have to earn his spot in the tournament, and that being that he had to defeat Chris O’Neal! By the end of the night, it seemed that The Golden Boy had pulled off another one when an old seemingly "friend" came to help! He took out Chris O’Neal with a spear, and when all was up, and then he took down TGB as well! He then shoved board member John Steele down and took the title and walked away as the Stolen Champion! Jon Michael then stated he would not give the title back until he had written proof guarantee that he had a spot in the tournament! The board granted him that wish! Since then he has been the freshest man in the tournament, waving himself through tag matches and basically trying to injure every competitor that he wrestles so that he will have the upper hand!

This brings us to Christian Jacobs. Naturally CJ being JM's big Brother and his partner, he would take up for JM and make sure everything was enforced the way it should be! The committee then saw fit that since he's stuck his nose in all of this against Chris that he would get a match in the first round against Chris O’Neal! Old Friends, better enemies!

Speaking of friends, now Alec Fontez and Tommy Redneck are in the tournament, only problem is, they are wrestling each other in the first round! Always looking out for one another from the attacks from the likes of Eric Hayes and Picture Perfect and so forth, they are now only looking out for themselves when they will have a match where only the better man can win and advance!

The Golden Boy after weeks of trying to get his spot finally does! And only to be shocked again as he came to find out that he would be wrestling a former LAW champion, and past bitter rival, (whom got the better of TGB for the most part) Seth Knight was in the tournament against him in the first round! The crowd wants Seth to stop TGB's rise to the top before it gets started! We can only find out.

Last but not least, Jon Michael of “Picture Perfect” has been waving his guaranteed spot contract in everyone's face and how he's snuck his way into the tournament without even having to have any type of match for it! The freshest man was led to believe that he would have a bye in the tournament but only to find out that he was not only didn't have a bye, but he wasn't even the freshest man in the tournament! He came to see that his opponent was a former multi LAW champion and a man who hasn't wrestled in LAW for quiet some time - Chris Rocker! Those two will clash!

The biggest side affect of the whole tournament, is that the week right before the tournament! Picture Perfect along with TGB injured Chris O’Neal! With a Fractured Rib and bruised ribs, Chris O’Neal can't even prepare for the tournament! The odds are stacked against Chris O’Neal, and the odds are in favor of Picture Perfect! Here are the brackets!

Alec Fontez
Tommy Redneck

The Golden Boy
Seth Knight

Chris Oneal
Christian Jacobs

Chris Rocker!!!

Another interesting part of this Big Show will be the fact that there will be a Tournament Poll where the crowd will get to pick the winners of each match and the winner of the tournament. The lucky fan that picks the right winners and of the tournament will get autographs from every LAW wrestler there that night and A Free Ticket to the following weeks show! Show starts at 8:00 PM and ends when the tournament ends.


----Two new videos have been posted on An interview with Lawler and video of Lawler punching Sal Corrente. If this is the only thing they have to go by, then Lawler is in the clear. Seriously it looks like any other wrestling punch and Sal takes a bump for it. Lawler also makes a good case in his interview and I think the court system will just consider this as a publicity stunt.

CLICK HERE for Lawler interview

I can not get the punch video to link, but if you go to and look at bonus videos it is there.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lawler Says It Is A Joke...

----This is was just posted a few minutes ago on by Bill Apter. There has also been rumors that were posted on that said that Lawler had been suspended from the WWE because of this. Those statements are just untrue.

By: Bill Apter6/20/2007 10:05:55 PM

I personally spoke with Jerry Lawler a few minutes ago. When I told him why I was calling he laughed and said "come on Bill, this is a joke!" When I informed him that the reports are all over the Internet, and read some of them to him, Jerry gave me this exclusive statement below:
Regarding the complaint, this has got to be joke!

I have not had anything official served to me as yet. I first heard about this from a friend who called that he heard it on TV.

He explained that the TV report said that Sal Corrente, who is the Big Cheese on our show, got in touch with Tunica, Mississippi Police filed assault and battery charges, claiming I hit him too hard during a wrestling match!

This has got to be a joke. If I got arrested every time I hit a wrestler or manager during a wrestling show, I would be on death row by now!
Koko Ware was on the show and he hit him a lot more times than I did. Maybe Koko will now become the official Birdman of Alcatraz!

You know Bill, I am just shocked that the authorities, the law enforcement authorities in the great State of Mississippi are so gullible that they are letting themselves get sucked in by this guys obvious publicity stunt.
Who ever heard of one wrestler having another arrested after a match at a wrestling show?

When the conversation was officially over, Lawler confided in me that he still felt that this was some sort of joke and cannot fathom that it has gone even this far.

Channel 24 Video

----CLICK HERE as Channel 24 out of Memphis ran a small piece on their news show tonight.

Lawler Story on Channel 24 Web Site!!

----Channel 24 which actually partners with CW 30 [that channel Memphis Wrestling airs on] has picked up the Lawler story. CLICK HERE to read it.


----Charges were officially filed this morning against Jerry Lawler. Lawler was charged with assault charges stemming from the incident at Sam’s Town last Friday night. Jerry Lawler allegedly punched “The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente more than once and then yelled at me, “You stupid mother fucker, don't you ever hit a fan.” Lawler had believed that Sal, who had been hit by a fan, had retaliated and hit the fan back. Eyewitnesses at the show believe that Sal did not hit the fan, but there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Lawler did hit Sal.

----This could be a landmark case in this crazy world of professional wrestling. A business that is suppose to be worked to the mark so he believes it is real, but when it is real then it is considered assault. Jerry Lawler, who is the color commentator for the number one cable wrestling show in the country [and sometimes #1 cable show in the country], will face criminal charges in the state of Mississippi.

----The court date is scheduled for August 1, 2007, but only if papers are served to Lawler before that date. Lawler is scheduled to wrestle on the July 20, 2007 Sam’s Town Memphis Wrestling show and Mississippi authorities are expected to serve Lawler the papers that night.

----I will keep everyone updated as soon as I hear anything else.

Scoop On Sammy

----I got the following e-mailed to me yesterday and thought I would share it with everyone. I had asked in the past on my site about Sammy Hall’s power. There were people saying he had NO POWER whatsoever. Then, if he did not have any power why were people still paying him money?? The below is from a legit source that would rather stay anonymous.

Scoop on Commish

I know you had asked in the past about how much power
Sammy Hall actually had as far as really being the wrestling commissioner in the state of Mississippi. Well, I picked up my license the other day from him, and I believe its completely legit. Some of the stupid people on Hollywood Jimmy's board has made comments that he didn't truly have any power, so I took it upon my self to seek out the truth my self. So, I e-mailed the athletic commission of the state of Mississippi. Here's what I wrote:

"I picked up my wrestling license today from Sammy Hall in Tupelo, and I wrote the money order out to the Mississippi Athletic Commission. I trust completely that this is all completely legit, but I was just writing to see if I can just get confirmation from someone that Sammy is the commissioner of wrestling in Mississippi. There are some people who say he has no power at all, and I was just checking with the main people to get the truth. Thanks for whatever help you can give me."

Here's what I got in return:

"Sammy Hall is the wrestling commissioner.

-Jon Lewis"

----And we were also talking how the workers that wrestle on the Casino shows are not license, including the promotion. So…..


"The actual casino gaming space must be located on water to meet the States gaming regulations for "Riverboat Casinos". Instead of boats they are actually huge barges that are moored in the water. Most of these seem to consist of big ponds filled with Mississippi River water. You can't tell when you cross over from the land-based hotel onto the "floating" casino floor."

" The Commission is responsible for licensing, administering discipline to licensees, and adopting regulations. A full-time executive director administers the gaming laws and regulations, and makes recommendations on licensing and other matters to the Commission. The Attorney General must approve the appointment of all legal staff."

"Local governments cannot issue licenses, and have limited ability to regulate gaming. The Mississippi Attorney General has issued an opinion stating that a local government can adopt zoning ordinances restricting gaming to certain areas within its city or county limits. However, a local government may not prohibit gaming completely."

In other words, the casino isn't technically on land and is therefore regulated by the Gambling Commission and no one else. So, technically
wrestling shows held at Sam's Town aren't under the jurisdiction of
the Mississippi State Athletic Commission, but only the Gambling Commission.

RassleTube: LAW Recap Rector, AR 6.16.07

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 6.15.07 and 6.16.07

Friday night - Jimmy Starr Benefit

----“Money In The Bank Battle Royal - Kilo the winner… “Highrollers” [Wyked/Storm] defeated AC Havoc & Weasel…AJ Bradley defeated Exodus and Lawman Williams…Brianna Starr and the Big Boys defeated Jennifer Justice and “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] when Justice got pinned…Steven Rampage defeated Johnny Morton…Moondog Rex and Enest T Fletcher beat Azreal/Wildman/Rod Dent …Kilo defeated PK Ripper by D Q - Bob and Rampage ran in and jumped Kilo and saying he is not TIWF.

----$414 gate with 60 paid and 81 in the building…PK Ripper did the Canadian Destroyer on Kilo.


----A.C. Havoc defeated Azreal Match…Mr. Tiny defeated Moondog Rex…Nigerian Nightmare defeated Spyder…”Black Label Society”.(A.J. Bradley & Robbie Douglas) defeated “The Highrollers” [Wyked/Storm] to become the New TIWF Tag Team Champions…Wildside defeated the Invisible Danny B. Good…Big Bob defeated Lawman and P.K. Ripper with help from Steven Rampage…MO. Bad Boys defeated Bobby the Butcher and Dre Black… Waycool defeated Steven Rampage in a somewhat like a Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels to win the TIWF title…Grave Digger vs The Void - Hardcore title on the line/no contest on the match and the HARDCORE TITLE WAS HELD UP.

----88 paid with a gate of $528 with 107 in the building…This group is still drawing pretty much the same crowd or more for the summer heat…Not sure what they did with the Hart/Michaels finish??...I think Wildside got out there and wrestled himself and pretended Danny was out there. Funny, but probably got old quick.


----I guess this is probably the right place to say this. This is a perfect example of where you work and who you work for and how you are treated. “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] have so much heat from this company – you go to their site and look at their message board. The ironic thing is that if you talk to any of the TLCW crew they will tell you about how nice those two guys are and how good they listen. Funny; huh??

Sal Corrente/Jerry Lawler Update!!

----The Sal Corrente/Jerry Lawler story has been good for the site. Sunday was one of the biggest days of hits since the start of the site. If you exclude the Hogan weekend coverage, the last two days have been in the top 5 for hits. We had over 1200 new visitors and over 10,000 hits overall. Thanks to all the sites that have help plug the site and story. And, welcome to all the new visitors – hope you enjoy the ride.

----Three things I know about the story that I know are 100% true - #1: Jerry Lawler slugged Sal Corrente. #2: Koko Ware and Corey Maclin – neither one of these guys were stiff with Corrente. #3: Sal Corrente is gone from Memphis Wrestling and will not be back.

----I have talked with various people within the company about this incident. No one wants to go “on the record”, because all are in fear of a lawsuit. It is really funny how people that were there seen the incident in two different ways.

----On one side you have the group of people that are saying that Sal was hit by a fan and that Sal hit the fan back. Sal was then running from Koko Ware/Corey Maclin as he was supposed to be doing and Lawler just stepped out to help Ware/Maclin. He motioned for Sal to come over to give Sal a punch, but then slugged him real hard. Sal was supposed to take the hit and just go on with business as usual. Sal did not take the hit and he overacted and wouldn’t get off the stage when Koko/Maclin came after him and those two guys had no idea what was going on. Sal should have sucked it up and just went on with the show.

----On the other side, you have a group of guys who were shocked at what happened. They told me that Sal did not hit the fan [“I was right there” – as I have been told]. They believe that Lawler handled the situation wrong – very wrong for him being someone that represents the company. They knew that Lawler did not like Sal, but they did not expect something like this.

----Here is something else that has been reported to me by 3 different sources – Lawler was going to get Sal after he had already punched him. He was still pissed. He actually chased him out of the building. Others said he was just trying to talk to him, but that was not the case – Lawler was making sure that Sal never stepped foot here again.

----So you have to ask yourself, why would Lawler do this?? I have been told that he had broken Jimmy Hart’s jaw one time. I was also a witness one night in Hayti, MO, when after a bout, Lawler said to me, “I think I just broke Paul’s jaw.” He was talking about Paul Heyman, who later told me, that Lawler broke his jaw because he wasn’t doing exactly what Lawler wanted him to do.

----The funny thing is that a lot of the workers – and I am talking about 90% of the guys here said something like, “It couldn’t have happened to a better man.” I heard things like “Sal was an asshole…Sal was “stuck up”…Sal was from the North and he just didn’t fit in…Sal was a goof…Sal was horrible…Sal got on my nerves…” If Sal was all of these things, then why did they not get rid of him?? Was it because he was viewed as Jimmy Hart’s buddy or what?

----I also know that Lawler never liked anything that Sal did. He never said a nice word to him or gave him a compliment. Could this have been Lawler’s way of trying to “teach” Sal and The Assassins? “You sometimes have to slap their hands and tell them how to do it right.” said one of the workers. Did Lawler think Sal had hit the fan?? Was that the last straw?? Was he finally done with Sal, when he felt like Sal had hit one of the fans and it was going to hurt their “Sam’s Town” shows??

----“Lawler handled the situation all wrong. You don’t sucker punch someone,” said another worker. “If you have beef with someone then you wait until you get backstage to settle the differences – one on one.” I have to agree with that. You can be stiff in the ring on mistake, but when you get backstage, and then you can settle your differences if you have any. Have you ever heard the phrase “He hit me like I owed him money”?? It does happen – people do get hit and hurt. But, I still don’t think it is ok to sucker punch someone. The main point should be that Lawler broke the “cardinal rule” – you are suppose to be taking care of your “brother”, not hurting him.

----The controversy also sparked some comments on board. I really hate printing comments from people, when I have no idea who wrote it, but these were some strong and interesting comments.

If I was Corrente like he said fuck this I am out of here and I totally agree with him. I wouldn't work for that hell hole that is out of control. So it all boils down to Lawler seen someone being pushed and he didn't like it so he wanted out of the territory, and people gets pissed at the guy because he said he had money but that gave Lawler the right to get rough with the guy. I would have loved if Corrente would have picked up something and beat the hell out of Lawler because Lawler would have deserved every bit of it. You can just go around chastising people because you think you’re a big shot or you think your better then someone else because it will come back on you one day and bite you in the ass. So the best thing Maclin could ever do is fire Lawler but he will not - he marks out on Lawler so that's why he does the stupid shit he does. Just goes to show what Memphis has became. SAD! SAD!

Sal was an A-hole in the dressing room. He deserved it and now he talks about how he going to sue Memphis Wrestling. That will be laughed at in the court room. Oh, I got beat up in a wrestling match. So What? Who Cares Sal?

It's like Maclin has no control because if he did he would suspend Lawler….All Lawler seen was someone was in the main event and getting a little of "heat" and he didn't like it. It's all and will always be about Lawler until Maclin does something about it and tell him to hit the road. Its proven Lawler is only drawing around 250 for Memphis if that so why put up with his nonsense? And let him do what ever he pleases ? Why because he is the King? BIG DEAL! He is the main reason why talent will not come to Memphis, and he is the cause of running talent away. If I was Maclin I was tell his sorry ass to hit the road and repackage someone else because Memphis doesn’t need Lawler its 2007 not 1907 so it's not all about Lawler now but apparently to Memphis and Maclin it is.

----I think I will be writing about this subject for months to come. Will Sal Corrente surface to tell all of his story?? Will he have a lawsuit against Memphis Wrestling?? Will Lawler comment to anyone about it?? Or does he just consider it “part” of the business??

RRO DVD 4th Release!!!! "My Life with Jimmy Valiant"!!

----Classic never before seen on TV footage of “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy and Kenny give you intros to each match. There is footage of Valiant in a nightclub singing his “Son of a Gypsy” theme song. Valiant vs Valiant feud along with the Valiant Brothers team footage. If you like Southern Wrestling or want to see how these guys worked a crowd and the brawls they had – this DVD is for you. The DVD cover includes some photos that have not been seen in many years from my own collection when I use to buy photos of Jimmy at the gimmicks table. These photos were taken my Jimmy Cornette. The back cover also has a facsimile of Jimmy’s autograph that I scanned from one of my classic photos. CLICK HERE to go to the SHOP to the order this DVD today!! I am also offering a special as long as supplies last [as in the inventory in my house] – Buy ALL FOUR DVDS for only $30!!!

Crazy Luke Graham Responds To Moose


From what I can tell, you make every attempt to be fair. You may or may not always agree with me, but you have always shown the courtesy of printing my responses. Truthfully, I thought Saturday nights occurances would have died off by now. We were willing to let it go... However, since Moose has decided to air it across the internet, and make allegations, I am going to address them. This is MY response to what he has put forward as factual. It does seem that he conveniently left out several details that MIGHT be considered pertinent.

Moose has been in the business for about 9-10 months. He is still relatively green, but has been booked in good programs, and booked around to make him look good. We have used the talent we have available to help cover some of his shortcomings. WE have given him pushes that truthfully, he was probably too green to handle. But we gave them to him anyway, because he was a team player that we COULD get over in his hometown area. There is no dispute that we booked him to get over and he did. There should also be no dispute that he is limited in experience. Because of some of this, we primarily booked him in tag team action... which is not unusual... or vary any from "standard". His work at times is loose / sloppy. That is not meant as a slight to him.... Only a statement of fact. His experience level IS what it IS... He has been limited in that his only exposure to professional wrestling has primarily been with MEWA and WFAC. Somewhere, he missed the realization part that this is not ballet, or dancing with the stars, but professional wrestling. Which bothers me personally some... It amazes me somewhat, that young guys can be so eager to get the clairol out can take the necessary actions required to do so... but think that anything other than feather light... is a shoot. Again, My fault... for knowing he had limited experience and may not understand that working tighter is not "shooting".

We booked him into a match with Dave Cox, who can be tighter / stiffer than some at times... and has been around the block in the mid south area.

Let me first state adamently that there was no spot called to "take him out".... and IF there was gonna be any "taking out" ... I wouldn't be asking anyone else to do it. If a "shoot" had been called or desired... It would have been ME doing it... Since I worked with Moose last week, that probably isnt the case.

Our booker is Johnny Hawk. Ask ANYONE that comes into our dressing room. HE calls the shots. He had the night off Saturday night, which he richly deserved. In his absence, I (Meaning me), directed Chubby ( who has ownership in the promotion) , to put together the best card we could with the talent that we had available, since some were late, and some were going to be in other places. Moose was in the first match. I (meaning me) directed Dave to work a little tight with Moose, since it was a single, and Moose had usually worked Tag matches. So to say Chubby had Dave's ear was completely wrong... Moose and Chubby have had heat of some sort for a while. So I can understand why Moose might want to put it on Chubby, but let me say this again. I was the one that told Dave to work with Moose a little tight. Moose was not going to be in his element, and they had some contrasting styles. We wanted the best match we could get.... naturally. Both of them were going to have to work hard in order for it to happen.

To deviate for just a moment... Anyone that has been in this business for any length of time has had a match like this. It is NOT a big deal. Most any of the boys reading this will relate. sometimes.. styles just dont match.... and it HAS to be tight... or it looks like SHIT.

Back to the point... All the boys were watching the match in the dressing room on the monitor... there were only 8 of us all together... and 2 of those were in the ring... We noticed when Moose got blown up quickly, appeared to not be cooperating, and when the punches started, it was pretty obvious that something had happened... To MY recollection.... Moose wouldnt get up off the mat, Dave muscled him up some, and the two started trading some stiff looking shots. Okay.. so what.. no big deal... this is the wrestling business... it happens sometimes... Very seldom at MEWA, but it does happen..... Moose got hard-wayed and ran to his corner and took a knee.... Then he climbed out of the ring and left the building. didnt finish the match.... didnt go to the dressing room... just started throwing a fit and left the building like a two year old that got spanked. Now, in almost every experience I can think of... if you were having a problem in the ring... with someone being stiff with you... you took care of it in the ring... if you chose not too... thats fine too... finish the match... go to the dressing room, and handle it there.. dont just climb out of the ring and run out the door... WTF is that ? LOTS of guys have gotten Hardwayed.... LOTS worse... I can cite NUMEROUS examples... You finish the match, go to the dressing room, get took care of ... THEN if you really need to go to the hospital.... you pack your bag and go... How many stinking times has THAT happened? Get real Moose.... You dont QUIT, then run out of the building, send someone ELSE back to the dressing room, and bitch at someone that is telling you to quit being such a sissy... A cracked orbital is basically.... A BLACK EYE... Medical terms sound awfully fancy... YOU got a hardway cut and a black eye... You eyeball wasnt got tagged... its friggin wrestling... Why is it that seven stitches is a big deal?

Running out and talking crap all over the internet, having daddy send threatening messages to the promoters... well not even the promoters... but to other WORKERS and SPONSORS.... about what DADDY is gonna do... just dont make you sound like one of the boys so much, does it Moose?

It would be understandable if this was the first time Moose had handled any adversity this way. However, we at MEWA know that it isnt. Rather than man up, and handling the situation, Moose seems to want to go plead his case to others that are not involved, and post in public to folks that were not there, without really telling the whole story. If Moose had actually acted like one of the boys, he might have understood that he might have even gotten some mileage out of the damned match. Much the way Memphis did with Steven Dunn several years ago when Dunn had his eye socket demolished on Memphis TV, and immedaitely shot an angle with the truth commission on the how and why it happened... At Ken Wayne's prompting... ( thanks for reminding me Kenny).

It is unfortunate, that some feel that after 9 - 10 months in the business, that they are somehow "bigger" than the show as a whole. It is unfortunate that Moose is unable to fight his battles in ring, and even more unfortunate that he feels the need to involve his daddy in making threats to the promoters and promotion. It is sad that he could not approach or call me... before taking the measures he has taken. Used to be, that matters like this were handled privately among the boys... and my opinion is that they still should be. The people never would have known it was anything other than a match...

I will be glad to reply to "sane" replies or comments at

In Wrestling,

Crazy is a State of Mind,

Luke Graham Jr.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Maclin Meeting About This Site...

----I had thought this was just a major rib on me, but after talking with over 6 people involved, then I am pretty sure it is the truth. Corey Maclin had a meeting at Memphis Wrestling about people giving results and stuff to this site. Maclin is not happy with me posting spoilers and was surprised about the coverage of the Sal Corrente story. Maclin said something about going into the crowd and throwing me out of the studio. Or he thought some of the boys were reporting the results. I want to get something to clear to all involved in this matter – I have people that sit in the studio crowd that send me results – not workers. The other shows - I have people in the crowd that send me results. I was told about this meeting by 4 guys that were NOT EVEN AT the meeting. Then 2 other guys just confirmed it by saying, “Who told you that??” Maclin told the boys that he did not book Memphis Wrestling for the internet and all I do is talk bad things about his promotion. Well, he is not reading all of it or not reading it AT ALL! Memphis Wrestling is the only wrestling that I do watch on a regular basis and when I like it – I say I like it. When I don’t like – well you know it. Maybe it is just because I don’t like Maclin involved in all the top storylines??

----For those that know Corey Maclin, please pass along the following – I am free at anytime of the day to sit down and talk – one on one – about Memphis Wrestling and his feelings. I will respect his position and listen to him. He only has to do the same for me. I give that TV show more publicity than he has had in a long time. Whether it is good or bad – at least someone is talking about it.

An Intro to Nashville Wrestling by Trent Van Drisse

Where do I start when talking about professional wrestling in Nashville? Well, let's start with the one and only Bert Prentice I suppose. And I do indeed mean the one and only. Bert more or less took up where the USWA left off when it went out of business. Bert is a throwback, and old time carney, who knows the wrestling business like the back of his hand, and relies on others not knowing it as well as him to keep going. When he's "on" he is far and away the best promoter in this area hands down. He's an excellent promoter when motivated. The problem is he's not "on" very often, and what it is that motivates him. It's money and matters of the flesh. When Bert has a money mark on the line, then he'll perk up and do something for a short while, but it never seems to last for long. Who he "likes" also very heavily dictates on who gets a push. Generally speaking Bert is bad at storylines and angles in his promotions, he's run under several different names over the years, but again, when truly motivated, he can come up with good stuff from time to time, But usually not. In recent years Prentice' has been way more off than on, though he's shown some signs of life recently, and he tends to repeat the same exact patterns over and over, only with a different cast around him. He generally speaking has the best talent in this area. Workers with the best bodies, best gear, generally just a cut above, though Bert really doesn't care about workrate at all. The list of guys who have wrestled for him over the years though is long and impressive. Batista, Randy Orton, James Storm, Chris Harris, Abyss, Hardy Boyz just to name a very few. I could go on and on mentioning names that have wrestled for Bert. He is excellent at intimidating people, and controlling people. He gets a lot out of people. He's highly intelligent. He can make otherwise intelligent people seemingly lose their common sense, while he dangles a dream under their nose. Bert is a master of this, making people think he can make them a star. He has little to no conscience. In recent years he's been fairly active dabbling in country music, no doubt using his same bag of tricks, dirty and otherwise, in that field as he does in wrestling. Bert in many ways is a one trick pony, but it's a Hell of a good trick. He reminds me of a joint that's in business for say 50 years, and is having a going out of business sale for 49 of those years. I'm trying to find words to really explain him, and it's difficult. He's a very interesting character for sure.

But since Prentice has more or less fallen off in recent years, I suppose the main thing here has been a promotion called the USWO, which is ran by long time wrestler Tony Falk, and a guy named Krull. Krull is excellent at tv production, and decent at running a lockeroom, but Falk is the face of this promotion. These guys have had TV in Nashville for over 5 years now, and have ran weekly, save for a few breaks when they had to find a new location, for close to 7 years now. Falk is somewhat of a rarity in when it comes to running a wrestling promotion in that he's truly an honest guy. I mean yeah he's a worker, but he does not lie to people. Nice guy. I don't consider him to be a good promoter, but he is steady and keeps chugging along doing his weekly shows. Falk, like Prentice, is very old school, ridiculously old school even in the way he thinks, but he's no dummy. Falk's weakness is he's out to make a buck. Now that in and itself is not a bad thing at all, but it's how he does it. His shows use a good deal of young "students" who pay to train on Sunday, then get to wrestle on Falk's shows on Fridays and Saturdays, and Falk relies on them bringing in friends and family to watch. It doesn't matter how you look, or how you wrestle, if you pay to train, and can bring a paying group of mommy and daddy in to watch you, you'll be on the show. Falk doesn't really care about having good shows, though the stuff on top is usually ok. Tony is only too willing to embrace the part of the business though, the letting anyone in who will pay and bring family.

The USWO currently runs in a banquet room in a close to downtown Nashville hotel called The Stadium Inn. The Stadium Inn is now sort of the "hub" for Nashville wrestling, and that is a good of an indicator as any of what poor shape it's really in. The Stadium Inn is a seedy joint, that could be a goldmine if it was fixed and cleaned up. It's right across the street from LP field, where the Tenneseee Titans play, so the location is spectacular, but the Inn itself is in a blight like condition. The room they run wrestling in is small, with a low cieling, 100 is a lot of people in there, and it's rarely full. There's no shortage of people who simply refuse to even go there, though I've never had any problem there, and there are many workers who don't like the place at all. Bill DeShields is yet another character on the scene, and a prominint one right now. He manages the Stadium Inn, and runs a promotion there as well called ATL. He's a guy who has no clue about the wrestling business, but likes to play big shot, and he has the same taste in wrestlers as Bert Prentice.....heh There is always 2 shows at week at the Stadium Inn, and sometimes 3 a week, and often the 2 shows use much of the same crew. It's nuts no doubt, but it's been that way for awhile now, so it's considered "normal" around here. The Friday night USWO shows though are the only ones that draw, if you consider averging 80 or so fans as "drawing". The other Stadium Inn shows in comparison draw generally between 20 and 40.

The thing in Nashville is anyone who tries to run has to totally have their ducks in a row before they start, because for sure someone will mysteriously be calling codes, the fire department, checking on insurance, anything that can be done to prevent someone from running can and has been done in Nashville. Prentice still considered it "his town", but he's hardly the only suspect in these mysterious phone calls that always seen to happen when someone wants to run Nashville. It's pathetic and comical at the same time, rats fighting over crumbs, always trying to cut the legs out from each other.

A guy named T.J Weatherby, who ran in Nashville years ago, recently has had some success running a promotion called SAW in Millersville, just outside of Nashville, and just outside where the phone calls seem to happen or be effective. Also in this same building, Reno Riggins and Krull are running a promotion that at this time is a TV taping group only, trying to use only the best talent in the area to run Sunday television tapings every few weeks, and they use Michael St. John on commentary. This is a group to keep your eye on.

Down in Columbia Tennessee, south of Nashville promoter Mike Porter has been in business for a very long time now. He has ran in Nashville several times over the years, and has had television in Nashville on the WB, and UPN in Nashville at different times over the years. But more than anything else he has ran in Columbia. He's another well known character on the local scene. He's a guy that simply won't ever quit, no matter what. In fact, some say he runs out of spite, but he's hung in there and deserves credit for it He was a long time wrestler himself. He started out in Nashville promoting by taking over for Bert Prentice, during one of Bert's numerous little "breaks" he tends to take. Porter was just supposed to be a short term guy while Bert recharged and found yet another money mark, but Porter had different ideas, he didn't want to go away, and to this day he still hasn't. Porter is a full fledged member of the NWA. His crew tends to be weak, young guys, most not wearing gear, but he keeps chugging along and running his shows, and is often in the middle of different controversies. He and Prentice have a real on again off again type of business relationship.

There are so many more I could mention. I could sit here and probably name close to 30 groups that run within say 60 miles of Nashville on some sort of a regular basis. Many of these are a promoter/wrestler pushing themselves, and draw mainly friends and family, along with some locals. One interesting one to mention is a guy who runs in southern Tennessee named Devin Domain. He's interesting because he actually has several wrestlers signed to contracts. Quite a novel idea for a small indy to do, he runs a few towns, and is known as a guy who pays no matter what the crowd is.

I guess in the end Nashville is like many places, only more burned out. It's down to just drawing the diehard fans here, along with friends and family of the little kids in the ring, and it's been that way for a long time now. Many of the diehard fans tend to have a lot of children, and this sounds bad I know, but guys like Falk and Prentice actually rely on that to keep regenerating new diehard style fans. lol

I don't really see any good prospects on the horizon here right now is a big issue. Just a bunch of little kids playing wrestler is what's been coming into it lately it what it seems like. There is still some good talent in the area, but it's the same few guys on top in too many places. A lack of veterens is hurting though, and this will be even more of a problem as years go by. But couldn't the exact same thing be said about the WWE?

**Trent Van Drisse has his own message board - CLICK HERE!!

Site News!!

----I have decided to not add a Nashville link to the site and cover the Nashville scene in separate blog. I really do not think I can do justice to the area with me not knowing everyone like I do here and not having the sources I would need to cover the area. I am NOT 100% talked out of doing it because if Bert Prentice starts TV again, then I might be covering their TV and such. I will be posting a great intro to Nashville wrestling article that Trent Van Drisse wrote for the site sometime in the next few hours.

----I am also working on the final stages of more on the Sal Corrente/Jerry Lawler story. I have talked with many people involved with Memphis Wrestling and it continues to be an interesting story. The story will be up on the site by Noon tomorrow.

----I will also be releasing the 4th RRO DVD release tomorrow – “My Life with Jimmy Valiant by Kenny Valiant” with All Pro Productions. This DVD has some classic stuff on it that you will never be able to see ANYWHERE!!! I will start taking orders for it tomorrow along with a special deal to get all four releases!!

----I also have a letter sent to me by Crazy Luke Graham JR that tells again the promotion’s side of the Bgy Daddy Moose story. MEWA is actually doing the opposite of what Memphis Wrestling has been doing about the Corrente story. They are talking about it and coming forth with what they feel is the truth. This is another case of whether the worker overacted or if someone was just shooting on him??

Gerry Graham Responds To Byg Daddy

I do not know what your being told here but NO ONE shot on Moose, Nor did anyone get yelled at. Moose just got his eye busted in a match, one the hard way, as some might call it. I guess was the first time he has ever got an injury in the ring and is freaking out because he got hurt. Dangerous Dave Cox is a well respected indy pro wrestling vet, and would never do anything to anyone on purpose. Now Dave has been known to be a bit stiff or tight from time to time but he is just "old school" like that, a true pro. Again, this is not the case here or what happened.

I am trying not to break Kayfabe here, I will say this as simply as I can. Moose got injured his match, it happens sometimes. Anyone who has ever been in the ring for a while can tell you about plenty of injuries, it comes with being a wrestler as a whole. Ask anyone that's been there for a while. I am sorry Moose got a black eye, but it happens sometimes. He did not need to go running out of the ring screaming for his wife, his bag and then out the arena door.

He should have just got out of the ring, came to the back (Dressing Room), and we would have sorted it out from there. Just like anything that goes wrong in the ring, at least we could have counted him out, while we checked him out and sent him to a doctor. That's what upset most of us. But he is still new, this is probably a first time injury. I guess he is still learning after only being in the ring for almost a year. And I don't say that in a bad way, everyone has to start somewhere. His journey is only just begun. He knew when he signed MEWA hold harmless agreements, and got his license to work, what he was doing was dangerous. Its dangerous to every wrestler. MEWA is a legitimate wrestling promotion, that is bonded and licensed by the state, we comply and do everything "by the book" here. There is no foul play here. Just a Rookie worker (and I do not mean rookie in a bad way, again you have to start somewhere) who got injured in a match and thinks it must have been some "conspiracy" out of his excitement and worry. That is all. He should have handled this whole thing better, rather than pointing fingers and airing it out here. Again, most of us have, been there, done that, so there is no heat, just disappointment.

There is no Anti - Moose conspiracy. lol That's just ridiculous. There was not any heat with him from anyone at MEWA. I, nor anyone else I ever worked or knew, ever made a spectacle of an injury unless it was written that way. That is not the case here. There is a picture posted here of when I had my nose broken in 2 places during a match, no one was to blame, I took a few the hard way that night and finished the match let the shot caller look at it, then went to a doctor. Pretty much standard procedure. It just happens sometimes. That is just one of many injuries you can receive in the ring, it is a dangerous sport.

We here at MEWA are sorry for Moose's injury, but, what happened to Moose happens to every wrestler once in a while, again, sometimes you get hurt. Maybe Moose had his feelings hurt or something, again we are sorry. Everyone seems to elaborate something when you are hurt, excited and have the adrenaline flowing. If Moose chooses to leave MEWA over it, well all we can do is wish him well and all the best in his endeavors. This is all the attention this is worth giving from us. Buck up kiddies, wrestling is a violent sport. Is it not? Again, don't be ridiculous.

So please get your facts straight before you go posting anything. You should post this. You say you're not about putting anyone over, then why did you post that? That is very one sided and may even be slander or liable.

Gerry Graham
**First pic - Gerry Graham and Luke Graham Jr, Gerry had his nose broken in two places that night.
**Second pic - Luke Graham Jr, Scotty Graham and Gerry "Chubby" Graham - "The Golden Grahams"

RassleResults: PAYBACK II 2007 6.16.07

SAT, JUNE 16TH at the Valiant Arena was a hot one, as the Air Conditioner when on the fritz just about and hour before the doors where to opened
Great Crowd turned out for Payback II as 370 payed with a gate of $2220 and 440 total saw the action.
Chris O'Neal gets the wins over Chris Rocker
Bishop gets the wins over Morgan Lane with help from Marcus O'Neil
Marcus O'Neil gets the wins over Reno Diamond with help from Bishop and become the first every ASWF Extreme Division Champion.
Justin "The Juice" Smart & Nikki Lane get the win over Doink the Clown & The Leprecahuns with help from Austin Lane.
Sarge O'Riley get the win over Scottie Graham in the Fans Strap Match, which Gerald & Bobby where also part of this match because the Ladies NO Showed. Gerald was about to get his beard cut by Sarge, when Rozzi comes out and does a mic spill, about being left out of Payback II, Sarge turns his attention to Rozzi, Sarge tells Gerald to shave his beard off later.
Semi-Main event: the ASWF Championship I Quit Match
X-Kaliber (c) Defeats Acid with the Ankle Lock and Acid said I quit, after these two when all over the building.
Main Event:
Jerry "The King" Lawler wins by DQ over Austin Lane when Referee Biscuit is down and The Juice & Scottie Graham hit the ring and jump The King, Austin almost pins the King and Juice & Graham returns to the ring and the Referee calls for the bell, out comes Sarge & X-Kaliber and makes the save. The King gets on the mic and said at Fourth in the Forest there will be be more Payback coming to Team Adrenaline, as He & The Superstar Bill Dundee & X-Kaliber will make them pay.

Thanks to everyone who was part of Payback II 2007.
The King said he had a great time in Tuckerman Ar. and is looking forward to his return there Aug 9th Hall of Fame.

Superstar Bill Dundee returns this Sat night in a Tuckerman Street Fight First Blood agianst Team Adrenaline ASWF Tag Team Title are on the Line
Plus other matches Don't miss it.


----This coming weekend will be a big weekend for the site and the area for wrestling. Friday night in Millington, TN All Pro Productions will present a huge show with Jerry Lawler vs Don Bass and Kimala vs Psycho and much more. I will be commentating along with Kimble Winstead for a DVD release of the event. It will be an interesting time as I plan to “shoot” a bit and doing the commentary much like I do this site.

----Saturday at 2:00 PM is in the benefit for Cynthia Jones and if you buy a ticket you then get into the XOW show that night. I am not sure if I have an official duty at the benefit, but I am proud that my daughter Kayte will be giving away a raffled “Kayte” doll that in enclosed in a glass case. All proceeds of the raffle go to Cynthia. For those that do not know, the doll that Psycho carries around is named Kayte, because the first doll he ever used was a doll of my daughters – Kayte. There will be so many area people at this show, if you have not seen live wrestling in this area – come to the show!!

----Saturday night at XOW I will be joining “Axeman” Randall Lewis and I believe Nathan Lee to do commentary for the show. This will be my first visit to XOW and I am looking forward to it.

----Not sure if I will be able to post any reports from the road, but if not, then Monday will be a huge day for all the arena reports and such. I will have all my DVD releases for sale at all three events including the brand new “My Life with Jimmy Valiant” by Kenny Valiant. If you say you read about the TRIPLE SHOT WEEKEND on this site, I will give you all four releases for only $25!!! Please CLICK HERE for the poster of the events!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley,TN 6.16.07

Alec Fontez squashed Erik Hayes and then Shannon Lee gave Erik his finisher and told him he sucked and through him out the front door.

“Rhythm and Blues” [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] with Richard Marx did and interview inviting Tommy Redneck to join the band.

Chris Lexx beat Tommy Redneck Ike hit Redneck with belt by mistake.

Interview with “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] with Tatt2/Dell Tucker talking about being jumped last week. “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Matt Foley and Dustin Starr comes out. Tucker challenges for a 8 man instead of six man.

“Rockin” Randy beat Reggie B Fine

Tucker is jumped busted open and can not wrestle so it 3 on 4 until Chris Lexx partners up with “Hot Topic” and Tatt2.

“Genocide”/Foley/Starr beat DK/Lee/Tatt2/Lexx when the finish was on Lexx with “Genocide” hurting his ribs. DK was busted open.

TLCW Title Match: Flash Flanagan by DQ over “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony by COR, so TGB keeps belt.

----Gate was around $600 with a 100 paid and 120 in the building. This group is struggling for the summer…Next week TGB vs Flash – NO DQ, NO COR for the belt....It looks like Erik Hayes is ended in to work NBW.

Corey Maclin comments on "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

----This is just a small clip of yesterday's show. Complete show will be posted Saturday.

Another Shooting.....

----Man, there must be something in the water this weekend. LOL I talked with Byg Daddy Moose this morning after the MEWA event last night. As you can tell he is a little banged up. The MEWA report did mention him leaving MEWA, but the story was not a work. I had this little interview with him via yahoo messenger. I thought the idea of the business was to protect each other??

So what happened last night??

I was in a match with David Cox and he straight up shot on me. I ended up with 7 stitches and a cracked orbital bone. My feelings are that i believe Chubby [Graham] was behind it

Why would they shoot on you??

Chubby was more worried bout sponsors and their money than my eye or welfare. I don’t know for sure but you can see it on the tape exactly when it started. I just had a few veterans view the tape and they both said i did nothing wrong.

So you are done with MEWA??

When Chubby told me that the sponsors money was more important than getting my eye checked out,calling me a big crybaby and a pussy,then calling my cell phone while in the ER and yelling at my wife…Cmon, Brian what do u think??

So, you have no idea why Cox would shoot on you??

I don’t know. I worked him several times b4 and it was nothing like this. The only thing I can think of was Chubby being in his ear.

----Moose plans on making his debut for a group in Cash, AR sometime in July and is done with MEWA. I was talking with a long time veteran today about this and the Lawler situation. He asked, “When did you have to sucker punch someone or shoot on them?? Why not fight them face to face??” It makes you wonder; doesn’t it??

RassleResults: NBW, Dyersburg TN, 6.16.07 - TANK LEFT BLOODY AGAIN AT THE HANDS OF KRISIS!

The show started with NBW commissioner Jimmy Tidwell
coming to the ring being accompanied by Ca$hFlow. Tidwell said that tonight Gaylon Ray has offered to get rid of Slim Pickens for him and made a match with Ca$hFlow against J.Weezy and a partner of his choosing. Tidwell told the fans that Ca$hFlow was taking over whether they liked it or not and anyone in the locker room who tried to oppose him would be dealt with.

Gryffon X beat Lil' Tim Alfonzo with a spring-board Enzeguri

"Real Deal" Tim Edwards beat Buckwheat in under 1 minute
and continued to beat on him until T.W. Justice came out. Edwards then defeated Justice in around 4 minutes and continued to beat on him, even going as far as to bring Buckwheat back into the ring and slam them into each other. Tank, Slim Pickens, J.Weezy and Gryffon X made the save. (after the match, Edwards & Tank had a face off with Tank daring Edwards to get back in the ring and "Take on someone his own size", but Edwards just flipped Tank the bird and went back to the locker room)

Crazy Train beat "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank by DQ when Alex Krisis came to the ring and blasted Crazy Train with a chair. (While Tank had his back to Krisis pleading his case to the referee, Krisis came to the ring and attacked Tank with the chair across the back and then put on the CLAW!. Tank bled again and Krisis left him laying)

"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore out for an interview. Moore told the fans that the doctors has advised him against competition this week and for several weeks for that matter. NBW commissioner Jimmy Tidwell came out and told Moore that if he didn't wrestle tonight that he was fired. Tidwell then told Moore that Weezy was in need of a partner so he could tag with him to face Ca$hFlow.

"Playboy" Tommy Love beat Alex Krisis by DQ when Tank came out to the ring bandaged up and went towards Krisis who had the CLAW on Love in the corner. Krisis moved and Tank splashed Love. (Tank turned back around and got kicked low by Krisis and went down. Krisis tore the bandages from Tanks head and after a few stiff punches administered the CLAW again! This time all the faces came out to help Tank, but Krisis threw all of the off and went right back with the CLAW. Krisis then got the mic and told Tank that he was a "Big fish in a very small pond. He has heard everything about how Tank is an unstoppable force but instead of stopping anybody, he has been left in a pool of his own blood for the last 2 weeks." Krisis then told Tank that he would make sure he stopped him for good next week and challenged Tank to a match.)

Picture Perfect(Jon Michael & Christian Jacobs) beat The Treat Connection (San Fransisco Treat & Loose Cannon) when Jon Michael pinned Treat.

Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens beat "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray after a reverse decision when the referee raised Rays arm declaring him the winner and a chain fell out.

Ca$hFlow("Mr. EGO" Kilo & "The Enforcer" Mark Justice) beat J.Weezy & "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore when Kilo pinned Moore after a brainbuster on his already injured neck. (After the match Ca$hFlow continued to beat on Weezy & Moore until Picture Perfect came out and made the save.

Notes: 82 paying with a door around $500. Matches announced for next week are Alex Krisis vs Tank & a non title match with Ca$hFlow vs Picture Perfect. The Sicilian Kid was hospitalised earlier this week for Diabetes so the 50/50 money that was raised last night was given to him for help with his doctor bills. The next "Big Show" for NBW will be July 14Th, entitles "Scars & Stripes". Matches will be announced as soon as they are made.

Happy Father's Day!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.16.07

----Corey Maclin opens the show airing clips from cage match - Maclin/Koko took the Assassin II's mask off and the Assassins ran off. Maclin threw a chair at them as they were leaving. Corey had the mask at the desk and he said, "I was going to do something that shocked the wrestling world." WTF?? Shock us and quit wrestling!!!

----Derrick King interview. Johnny Dotson comes out. Dotson jumps DK and slams DK's head into the announcer's bell. DK juiced and Dotson kept beating on him throwing him in the ring. Finally Tatt2/Chris Lexx came out to do a pull-a-part and they grabbed Dotson. As they were holding Dotson, DK kicked Dotson - nut shot!! DK then got out of the ring and left. Good blood and good angle.

----Mr. Hughes interview. Tatt2 by DQ over Mr. Hughes. Tatt2 looked real good here. Hughes gave Tatt2 plenty here. Hughes pulled a chain out and started using it on Tatt2. Jerry Calhoun Dq'ed Hughes for the chain. Hughes kept beating on Tatt2 until Jerry Lawler came out for the save.

----Lawler interview. They show Hollywood Jimmy and Grady Watson backstage arguing. Lawler says they were arguing about who was the biggest embarrassment in the state of Mississippi. LOL Lawler also plugs the All Pro Productions Millington, TN show this coming Friday night at the North 82 Gym. Mr. Hughes comes out. Lawler challenges him to get in the ring. Hughes walks off.

----"New Nature Boy" Kevin White by using the ropes beat Chris Lexx. Lexx got a good reaction. White was talking about the Spellbinder while in the ring. The Spellbinder’s music started playing. Short match, but good. Garry White [Kevin's Dad ]comes out. Garry says that Kevin has a phobia for magic. He had an experience when he was 6 years old. Kevin was screaming and shaking when the music was playing. Kevin was funny. Gary says he has two special agents to take care of Spellbinder. Alex Krisis and K-Hill were the two agents dressed in suits with sunglasses – “Men In Black” look. Spellbinder comes out with his Skull stick that shot fire out of the top of it. Everyone ran. Good skit.

----Reggie B Fine interview. Fine says that he has a phobia for mascots. This was funny. Fine/Insane Clowns with Rashard vs "The Posse" [Lil Chris/Simon Reed]/King Cobra ruled no contest. Heat on Chris with hot tag to Cobra. Good TV bout.

----Tim Grind interview. Great interview. Grind blamed Dustin Starr for Flex getting hurt. Starr came out and told Grind it was not his fault that Flex got hurt, but he would fight him. Grind beat Starr using his belt to hit Starr in the face. Grind went for the Southern Tag Title to use, but ref got it from him, then he used his pants belt. This was a very good match. Starr had a new singlet on and made him look even more legit as a wrestler. This was one of the best singles TV bouts of the year.

----July 20, 2007 is the next "Sam's Town" show...July 28, 2007 Memphis Wrestling will be taped on the Memphis Redbirds field after the game...Maclin got over the point during the DK/Dotson angle that Dotson was upset about the match last night. This would give us the reasoning for a face to act like a heel - Steamboat/Flair Mid-Atlantic angle. I give Maclin hell a lot of the time, but he did excellent here getting over that angle...Rude/Pokerface were back as the "Clowns" this week. Even though I like the NBN gimmick better, the Clowns were hilarious this week...Corey Maclin mentioned that Koko and him had tore off the Assassin's mask and that Jerry Lawler had took care of Sal Corennte. He said it would a long, long time before we saw Corrente again. I plan to have the clip up sometime today on the site…Tim Grind is in great shape…Another real good show. Good wrestling, angles and skits.