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Memphis History - The Two Top Tag Teams of All Time!!!

----Here are clips of an angle from USWA that ended up with Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee vs "The Fabulous Ones" [Steve Keirn/Stan Lane], which I consider the two top teams of Memphis Wrestling. "The Fabs" had won the USWA Tag Team Title with Cornette from Doug Gilbert/Dirty White Boy the week before as babys and had teamed with Lawler. I have also posted the results below of the show. They don't have the gate for this show listed, but they were drawing $5,000 gates with 1,200 people in attendance at the time. A few weeks later "The Fabs" lost their USWA Tag Team Titles to Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett when Jackie Fargo came in to be the special ref with a $11,000 gate and close to 2,750 in the crowd. Even though this was not the heyday, because Vince had already plucked a lot of talent, they were still drawing 3 times the amount they do now for regular shows.

January 14, 1991 in Memphis, TN
Mid-South Coliseum

Terrance Garvin beat Chris Champion...King Cobra beat Don Bass...The Dirty White Boy beat Jerry Lynn...Jeff Jarrett beat Doug Gilbert...Danny Davis beat Joseph Magliano...Brian Lee beat Cody Michaels...The Dirty White Boy beat King Cobra...Jeff Jarrett beat Terrance Garvin...Brian Lee beat Danny Davis....Jeff Jarrett beat The Dirty White Boy. ..Jeff Jarrett beat Brian Lee to win the vacant USWA Southern Title...The Fabulous Ones beat Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee.


----Airs tonight – Scott Bowden comes out and does an interview. Lawler comes out and beats him up. Hollywood Jimmy came with three painting. The last one had Lawler with “Big Bubba” in jail. Lawler jumps Jimmy, but then Johnny Rotten come out to beat up Lawler. Lawler started the comeback and then Sid Vicious showed up. They beat down Lawler. Both did interviews to build for Sam’s Town for next Friday…Tatt2/Dustin Starr attacked “Too Cool 2”…Johnny Dotson vs Shawn Shultz….Mr. Hughes vs Sam Shaw…Kevin White vs Chris Lexx…The showed ended with Sid/Rotten taking over the show.

----Airs 7.28.07 with Rocky The Redbird comes out…Lawler vs Mr. Hughes – Rotten jumps in…Insane Clowns vs Cameron Valentine/Lexx…Posse/Pokerface vs White/Agents [Genocide]…Spellbinder kidnapped Mr. White…DK vs Sam Shaw…Tatt2/Starr vs TC2– no contest.

Credit : Someone in the crowd - not one of the boys!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Two More Shows For The Weekend!!!

----TONIGHT!! @ The Palace in Jackson, TN with Bill Dundee, Jon Michael, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Kevin White, Spellbinder and many more.

----ASWF Saturday Night - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 with X Title Match: Reno Diamond vs Marcus O’Neil, Blalok The Blazer vs Tommy Wayne, Ray Ray vs Shawn Williams, Austin Lane vs Jason Richards and Main Event: “King of The Mountain” for the ASWF Title: X-Kalibur vs Acid vs Scotty Graham vs Morgan Lane vs Justin “The Juice” Smart.

Lawler's Schedule Is Changed!!

After initially advertising that Jerry Lawler would be appearing on an OVW event on July 20, is now advertising that Johnny Nitro will appear on that date and Lawler is scheduled to appear a week later, along with John Cena. This would mean Lawler is free to appear at the Memphis wrestling show that night in Tunica, If he does appear, he will probably be served an assault warrant stemming from the incident las tmonth where manager Sal Corrente said he was assaulted.


Hawk/Watts Interviews

----I have sit here since both the Brody Hawk and Tony Watts interviews were posted just soaking in the banter. Hollywood Jimmy’s board has been hot with lots of thoughts going back and forth. I am the subject of much scrutiny because I actually stir the shit, but in reality, I just did a story. No, I did not go out and interview Brody or Tony. You don’t have to spend 30 pages of text to tell a story. The story had been broiling for almost a month and I talked with everyone involved – not interviewed them, but talked with them. Everyone, but Tony Watts.

----It was around 2 days after the original story broke that Tony Watts called me. He was a nice guy. You could tell he was a bit pissed at me, but he never raised his voice. He told me the whole story about the concession stands and how Brody never helped clean the building. I promised him when Axeman did the interviews that I would present his point of view. The story I wrote was based on facts and my opinion without knowing Tony Watts.

----So, after his call, I am at a point to where I am thinking I probably should have got his point of view, before I published my story. BUT, after the interview, I knew at that point I had made the right decision. I stick 100% behind my story. All facts have been double checked and if you read the interviews, the story reads almost like a summary of them. The only thing is that I had an opinion and it was that I wouldn’t work for Watts.

----I was also told that Watts [and this came from more than one source] told everyone that would listen that he called my house and told me he was going to whip my ass. This all goes back to the backstabbing and pity stuff. Watts never did that and was a nice guy.

----I have no heat with Watts and will work future shows with him, when he is booked as a ref and me as an announcer. I actually feel apathy for him. Here is a guy that seems to have passion about the business, but has no idea what he is getting into. I really see someone down the road – as in the next few months – taking advantage of him. When he made statements about not telling anyone until two weeks before the show started made it crystal clear to me that Watts was in the dark about promoting.

----So, where does this leave the whole situation?? Well, Brody Hawk & Mike Jones start Real Pro Wrestling in Ecru,MS on August 4, 2007. Watts’ next XOW show has not been confirmed, but I am hearing Independence, MS. That is about an hour from Ecru. Is that a far enough distance, so both promotions could use the same talent?? Maybe, but only if Watts can get a booker that can be trusted [and remember he wanted more control of XOW] would I let guys work both promotions.

----A point that seems to be taken way out of context is that it was not the Watts/Hawk heat that made Hawk say, “you work there, I can’t use you here..”. It was the fact, like I said in the original article; you can not have the same talent working in the same area at all the shows that are 20 minutes apart. And, if they book one worker as a main event guy, then the next promotion jobs him. That is what is killing the business for indy wrestling in that area.

----My final note is that – the final thing I will say about this stuff. I will cover RPW and I hope to continue to cover XOW. I think the worst thing about the interviews was Tony Watts questioning whether someone had cancer or not. That was dirty. I have been told that Watts has called and apologized to Cynthia about that and it was well needed. He also needs to call up Axeman or me and work up some kind of public apology for that.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Trip To Dyersburg 7.11.07

----I am proud to announce that you can now buy RRO DVDs at Hasting in Dyersburg, TN. The retail price is $14.99 [they have to get their cut] and you can find them with all the other wrestling titles. Just go in and ask “Where are your wrestling DVDs??” and pick up a copy of “As Good As Gold” – “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, “Beatings On Beale”, "Dynamite" Seth Knight, The Explosion of Innovation V.1 and “My Life With Jimmy Valiant”. All future releases will be available there and hopefully a few other area Hastings stores.

----I got the chance to see the newest editions to the wrestling business. Two future second generation wrestlers. I first dropped by to see “X-Man” Xavier Anthony. Photo is included with his first manager. LOL I then got a chance to go by to see Caleb “The Prince of Wrestling” King. Caleb looks just like his daddy. It is like a mini-DK!! LOL I joked about being X’s manager, but think about this – when they debut at around 16 years old I will be 56 years old!!

----My final stop was at the TLCW offices where the new TLCW “The Pulse” TV show is produced. I got the chance to watch the second episode and the production value is up there with Memphis Wrestling. They need MORE lights for the matches and a better cameraman, BUT the producer of the show is doing a real good job. They show instant replays in picture in picture when something great happens. They have backstage interviews and all. I am trying my best to get it ready for this site to air and also you will be able to get the shows on DVD for the site. They have “in studio” intros along with clips of the matches. They also go over every match for that night’s card. I have been invited to set in at the studios for a future edition. This show is their rookie efforts and it will only improve.

Sinn Signs!!

----WWE has signed former TNA upstart Nick Cvjetkovich to a developmental deal. Recently Cvjetkovich has been working down in the WWE developmental Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky without a contract as Nickolas Sinn since December, 2006. He worked with TNA 2003 when they use to have their weekly pay-per-views in Nashville, Tennesse as part of "The New Church" team. Nick was trained by Ron Hutcinson in Canada (who also trained Edge, Christian Cage and Trish Stratus). You may remember him from Memphis Wrestling as Nicholas Doom and still has some friends in this this area. Congrats!!

Credit: Help from Clinton Boyland

Shows For The Weekend 7.13.07 to 7.14.07

----Not sure if it is the "Show of The Weekend", but I will be attending the Rally Point's "Sex & Violence" show tomorrow night. I will have a full Arena Report on Saturday about the show. This is total trash hybrid wrestling - nothing that really resembles pro wrestling - more like bar room brawling. The show starts at 9:00 PM, so come out and join me. I will probably be the only 40 year old guy in a goth club. LOL BTW - that is not Kayte [Psycho's doll] in the photo - it has two arms!!

----Friday night in Hysteria Entertainment Presents – Sex & Violence” @ The Rally Point, 616 Highland, Memphis, TN with Psycho, Tony Myers, Jim Gabriel, Johnny Lush, Iain Rotten, Bubble Head Jones, Adam Bomb, Pepper The Dog, Al Hall, Lance Chaser, Fort Goth and more!! Adults Only!! Must Be 18 to Enter!!

----FRIDAY NIGHT for LAW in Rector, AR with …Arnez, Christopher O’Neal, Tommy Redneck, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Erik Hayes, TL Jones, Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs, Slim Pickens and many more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Justin Reed, Hittman, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Jack Irons, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, J DUB, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, Mark Justice, “Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] and more. TV TAPINGS EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT!!

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with This Saturday Night June 2nd in Jackson Tennessee @ the True Force Arena on Gill Street Ron Rage, Way Cool, PK Ripper ,Highrollers, Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, “Black Label Society” [Void and AJ Bradley],The MoonDogs, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00 This is a Live TV Taping for channel 17 in Memphis, TN

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington Street Match: Flash Flanagan,TGB Greg Anthony, Brian Christopher, Stan Lee, Maxx Corbin,Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck,Seth Knight, Rockin' Randy, Erik Hayes, Dell Tucker, "Cruzin 4 Pain" with Tasha Simone, "Rhythm & Blues" and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Velvet Lover"Cody Thunder, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell Time is 8 P.M, door's open @ 7:15 P.M.

RassleTube: LAW Recap 7.06.07

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Eerie Quotes

From a correspondence today from Larry Matysik, dating back to Victor Quinones' recollection of the aftermath of the 1988 death of Bruiser Brody:I also realize now...with obviously no intent...there are a few quotes in Brody that are amazingly pertinent to today....and what sticks most is when Little Victor said how Colon said we've lost one (Brody), gotta save the other (Gonzales and by saving him the promotion.) Same with Vince...we've lost one (Benoit..or is that number many more), so save the promotion.

Oh well.Thanks.Larry

Seeing Konnan on the news and hearing him on your show on Sunday night reminds me of early 2006 when he was on your show. The discussion was in regards to using Eddie Guererro's name in storylines and Konnan said something to the effect of "karma's a bitch and I don't want to be even on the same continent as Vince when it comes back to him". It's just eerie to remember him saying that after this tragedy.
Shawn McDougall
Winnipeg, Canada


Benoit Coverage: More Names Come Up In Astin Probe

----This was posted on the WON site today. I guess none of the names surprise me here.

WAGA-TV in Atlanta has just reported that federal investigators have seized all medical records of Dr. Phil Astin and patients Larry Pfolhl (Lex Luger), Marcus Bagwell, Mark Jindrak, Bob Howard (Bob Holly), Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, Mike Durham (Johnny Grunge) and Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio).The station also reported that M.J. and O.G., the two wrestlers involved in the indictment of overprescribing pain killers were, as speculated, Mark Jindrak and Gutierrez.

Smackdown Spoiler!! Locals Used on Smackdown!!

"Show ends with an Edge Mardi Gras celebration since they are in New Orleans. As part of the celebration there is a guy in costume, and it's Kane, who beats up Edge to end the show."

----Take a close look on Friday night as Christian Jacobs, Jon Michael and Derrick King are all in this skit. I believe Michael gets a chokeslam, Jacobs the big boot and DK threw out of the ring. Jacobs & Michael were at Raw, but were not used.

RassleTube: LAW Recap 6.29.07

----The LAW guys are a little behind, but here is the 6.29.07 recap. The e-mail stated this was the 6.22.07 recap and when the recap starts, then it says 7.06.07...but it is the 6.29.07 recap. LOL

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RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 7.07.07

----Austin Lane started the show saying he was screwed on “Forth in the Forrest” by Brandon Baxter. Aaron Polston comes out and tells him that he just got off the phone with Baxter and it would be there later tonight for the main event.

----Rozzi over Shawn William…Bubba “The Pitbull” Studley beat Ryan Saint…LWA Title Match: Pierre Abernathy beat Gary Jay…The Lepuchans lost in a tag turmoil and out of match for next week with X-Kalibur/Morgan Lane vs Rozzi/Justin Smart vs Acid/Scotty Graham…X-Title Match: Reno Diamond beat Blalock The Blazer…Austin Lane beat Brandon Baxter.

----There was close to 75 paid with 100 in the building and a gate of around $450…Pitbull, who was trained by Jimmy Valiant, did some kind of challenge to Valiant. They are building for when Valiant is coming in…Jay and Abernathy were both from the St. Louis area…Tag turmoil bout was set up for the ASWF Title to be put up in a “King of the Mountain” type match this upcoming week. X-Kalibur-Morgan Lane-Smart-Acid-Graham will all battle for the belt. The belt will be already hanging and you are only able to try to get it, if you have already pinned someone…Lane vs Baxter started out as a regular wrestling bout and then turned into a street fight and fought all over the building.

Flash Flanagan Leaves For Puerto Rico Today!!

----Flash Flanagan had plans sometime today to leave out for Puerto Rico. He will return to the IWA there reprising his role as Slash Venom. Venom held the IWA tag team in 2004 with partner Chicano. Flash held the IWA Hardcore Title on 4 different occasions holding it the first time in November, 2003 from Vampiro losing it to him and then winning again in January, 2004. He held the belt until April of 2004 and was defeated by Victor The Bodyguard. Victor died of a heart attack during June of 2004 during an IWA show in Yauco, Puerto Rico. A tournament for the belt in July, 2004 had Flash in the finals getting beat by Bison Smith. He would win the belt in March, 2004 from Ricky Banderas and lose it to Aaron Stevens, then win it two days later from Jimmy Snuka Jr [Deuce].

----After returning to the states last year, Flash worked various places including Memphis Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Ring of Honor, LAW and MCW. But, his longest stint was with TLCW in Ripley, TN where he shared honors last year with Derrick King/Stan Lee as “Booking Team” of the year. He placed in third in “Best Damn Performer” and “Best Wrestler” of 2006 categories. He was also ranked #2 overall wrestler in this area of 2006. Flash was known in the locker room as a leader and most of the young guys learned a lot from Flanagan. TLCW had two major shows this year and Flash came out having two good bouts – one vs Stan Lee and the [****] Cage Match vs Tim Grind on Mayhem. Flash plans to return sometime in October and I plan to keep everyone updated on him while he is in Puerto Rico.

Benoit Coverage: Marc Mero and Dave Meltzer

----I always print stuff from the Observer, but rarely get to see the Meltz on TV. Marc Mero and Meltz were on Dan Abrams Live and thought this was a very well done piece.

Meltz had this to say about Mero today - Marc Mero is becoming something of a TV personality out of all this because he has got his speech down, but in the end, judging his points, I can't disagree with him. If he's speaking out against anything that will slow down the death rate, he's closer to the side of the solution than the guys who are going around in denial there is a problem. It's not a game of blame Vince vs. absolve Vince of all blame, which is as simplistic and lazy a way to look at this as the people who just say Benoit did it because of steroids and don't look elsewhere. There is a real problem. It's a gigantic problem. Covering up for the problem or burying your head in the sand because you love wrestling will guarantee it won't get better. I love wrestling, but I've seen this stuff for 25 years and so much of the covering up on the guise or not hurting the business is a partial reason (far from the only reason) why the deaths keep happening at an alarming rate.


----Also on Observer site today -

--Penny Durham,the wife of the late Johnny Grunge. Durham, like her husband, has gone public in the past few days since her husband's death has become news because of the link to Astin. It was actually Mike Durham who hooked Chris up with Astin about seven or eight years ago. She was also exceedingly tight with Chris and Nancy Benoit. She said her husband would likely still be alive if Dr. Astin wasn't dishing the drugs out like candy. She also said it was ridiculous that Daniel had Fragile X as Nancy would have surely told her.

----I get chills every time I think that Benoit/Nancy were shooting their son with HGH only because he was short. I have heard this is becoming common practice, but I find it just appalling.

Benoit Coverage: Larry King Live with John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and more.

----I really hated to put these in five parts, but that is the only way I could find it. This is a very interesting piece. I really don't think this story will not just "go away" like the WWE would like for it to be gone.

----Meltzer made the following comments about it...

--Some comments regarding the various shows last night. Larry King was exactly what I expected. The closest thing to real questions came from people writing in. Cena did the performance the company wanted, and really, so did Chris Jericho. The reaction to the question to if the company favors bigger and more muscular wrestlers, Cena did a good job of providing a company answer but that answer is a joke. Jericho, if anything, while he was a successful wrestler, the reason he languished in the mid-card most of the last year in the company aside from the Cena program was partially if not mostly for that very reason. Bret Hart has said a number of times the reason he took steroids as a wrestler was because he felt he needed to in order to get a push because he saw what the guys getting pushed looked like. I got several calls last night regarding the union question, feeling Cena was just like every top guy in the situation who can make a difference but doesn't, but when he turns 45, he will have a different viewpoint. And there was Bret Hart at 50 with that viewpoint. It's important to note that they canceled Marc Mero's appearance from that show, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out how that happened.


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Watts vs. Hawk- The Long Awaited Interviews by Gene Jackson

I haven't posted anything in several days as I haven't really had a chance to sit and write some of the articles I have in mind but I thought I would touch on a couple of topics that have caught my interest in the past week or so.


Now let me lead off by saying I have no real knowledge of this situation other than what I've read here and other places and the couple of people I've spoke to on the phone that had limited knowledge and I withheld having any kind of opinion til after I read the long awaited Axeman interviews. Now I've only met Tony Watts once when I worked a show for XOW a couple of years ago and he was nice to me, so I have nothing personal against him. Brody I've known a little longer and have always gotten along with and treated me very well when I worked for him. So going mostly with the interviews, I have to kinda lean towards Brody cause he seemed to make a lot more sense and certainly showed a lot more class in his handling of this situation. While I cuss as much as the next guy (possibly more) Watts came off very low brow in his interview and the way he lashed out at certain questions seemed to show there was some truth to what was being said about him and his family. Also, the fact when questioned about certain things his wife did or didn't do and all he could say is "I don't know", so you mean you and your wife never discussed any of this, everyone on the local message board is talking about it but it just never came up amongst yourselves?? Anyways, again I'm not there I don't know the details but I do know that if you go by what they chose to put out there (the interviews) Watts did not come out of it looking very good, I also thought it was pretty tacky to call into question whether or not Cynthia Jones has cancer or not or whether or not she got the money, if you weren't there to see the money taken by someone else who are you to question it? I'm sure this will get me cussed and called a "no good son of a bitch" and whatever else and hey it won't be the first time. It just bothers me that guys like Tony Watts and that Dudley Williams can throw up a ring and buy a license and call themselves 'rasslin' promoters. Nothing against the two guys personally but what the hell do they know about the wrestling business that qualifies them to run a show? That's why wrestling is in the shape it's in over there now cause all the bullshit shows that go on over there ruin it for the handful of decent ones that are left. Like that ICW show that J.D. McKay works in Mathison, MS, I've never seen it one time but just by the fact they let that jack off Trainwreck work (I use that term loosely) the show that tells me all I need to know about it. (Plus this jewell of a line at the end of the last report, "These guys are giving the people their $5 worth each and every week.") Do they mean the $5 the wrestlers got paid or the $5 the fans paid to get in? Either way I doubt it's true. Trainwreck is the same asshole that tried to do a shoot run in at another show recently, he's a complete and total mark with little to no training yet he's able to go and work in front of people who actually had to pay to see him. Anyway, enough about that.

Real Pro Wrestling

So from the ashes of XOW....or XWO or OWX or whatever will come Real Pro Wrestling a show ran by Brody and Studd. Now I think the show has a lot of potential and both are good at booking but I'm not sure Ecru, Mississippi is the target market for what they have in mind or at least the concept that's been presented so far.. Hell, maybe it is I haven't been to Ecru since the IWF Volunteer Fire Department days but I'm not sure that this whole concept is gonna fly, don't get me wrong I really hope it does and I wish them the best of luck but it may need to happen in another area, we'll see in August.

Memphis Wrestling

Wow, what can you say about Memphis Wrestling right now...........the less said the better, let's leave it at that.

RassleResults: ICW Mathison, MS 7.07.07 by Pete Holdiness

Another great night of pro wrestling action presented by the ICW in Mathison. The night started off with ICW champion "Outlaw" J.D. McKay coming out saying he needed a "warm-up match" before getting in the ring with Trainwreck. So out comes some new guy that I didn't catch the name of - but he proceeded to hand the champs butt to him for like 10 or 12 minutes until J.D. did a Ric Flair like chop block on the guy (who was alot bigger than J.D.) and went to work on the guys legs. The champ then clamped on the figure-four and kept it on and used the ropes for leverage till this newbie passed out practically, but due to the embarrassment the guy had put on J.D. for the majority of the match, J.D. refused to break the hold.Finally the referee reversed the decision and gave the decision to the new guy - sorry can't recall his name. The crowd erupted when this happened.

Next out came the DOA and Dirty Sanchez went to running down the Bullet Bob Armstrong - talking about how he should be in a retirement home and such....well, next thing you know The Bullet is out and ready for action. The two of them hit the ring and Bob's wiping the floor with Dirty and eventually gets a sleeper on him. Then Orion hits the ring which brings about an automatic disqualification, and the two members of DOA go to work on Bullet Bob then out runs Bullet's partner The Scorpion.Now the tag match is on, and it's a great tag match....mainly with the team of Scorpion and Bullet handling Dirty and Orion with ease. The finish sees both heels submit to a double figure-four (boy those were sure popular here tonight). I looked at my watch here and an hour had gone by - couldn't believe it - three really good matches and they had been going on an hour.

After intermission, ICW champion J.D. McKay met ICW US champion with only J.D.'s belt. This was a stall-fest at the beginning by McKay but once it got started it was all-action. McKay even bloodied up Train's mouth and almost busted open his own head. It was wild-action all over the ring until McKay was choking Trainwreck down with a foreign object (couldn't make out what it was from where I was sitting) and The Convict came out. This distracted McKay and Trainwreck rolled him up from behind for a 2 and 7/8 count that almost saw McKay lose his belt. Then DOA came out which distracted Trainwreck and then McKay rolled up Train and held onto the tights to keep TW's shoulders, was the crowd pissed. This match went something like 27 minutes.

DOA hit the ring and jumped on Trainwreck. McKay joined in and invited The Convict to help. Convict got in the ring and drew back his fist only to level J.D. The crowd went nuts. Convict and Trainwreck the got the upper hand on the heels for a moment. Next thing you know Ronnie Watkins is being asked by DOA to make a special handicap match with Orion, Dirty, and J.D. against Trainwreck and Convict. Watkins says only if they put up their tag belts and J.D. puts up his belt - in other words, if any member of that team gets pinned they lose their championship. DOA and JD thinking they have a 3 on2 advantage agree to this.And the match is on, but then Scorpion comes and joins the babyface team and it's three on three. This match goes for around 20 or more minutes until it breaks down with all 6 men brawling. But the two legal men are The Convict and The Outlaw....the ref is trying to get some semblance of order when Convict sneaks out his trusty set of brass knux and KOs J.D. right across the top of the head. He's down and the ref turns and makes the count....we have a new ICW champion - THE CONVICT! And you talk about a pop - I don't think I ever heard a louder cheer from a crowd of this size and as Convict celebrated his title win, they continued to yell for him.

The show was over at 10 pm straight up and it was a great two hours of wrestling....Bob Armstrong was great, looking good for a fellow as old as him...Only about 100 people with a gate close to $500..which I assume was disappointing but man, it was another great ICW show. These guys are giving the people their $5 worth each and every week. They said Tommy Rich is coming for the next show.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.06.07

---LSD d. Chris Chaos, Devon Raynes, and Dirty Sanchez to retain hisTFW Lightheavyweight Title...JR Mauler d. Nick Grymes...Special Ed d.Chazz Stone by DQ...Chop Top the Clown d. VOID...The New Age Cowboys[Chris Kilgore/Josh Holley] d. Fusion by countout...Cassanova Kid d.Max Steele by DQ...The Kings of Wrestling [Shawn Reed/Josh Matthews w/Anita Paige] & D.C. and Attitude Inc. [Tony Dabbs/Chris Styles/Blessw/ T'Byrd] fought to a no contest with the referee threw the matchout...

---Crowd looked to be around 80 with a gate of $400...TFW ChampionBless either broke his collarbone or dislocated his shoulder duringthe main event. He was rushed to the back, and Fusion took hisplace...


----I am proud to announce RRO's 5th DVD release in conjunction with All Pro Productions - "Beale Street Beatings". Please CLICK HERE to go to the SHOP and order your copy today!! The DVD includes the following:
Austin Lane vs Kid Krazzy..Anton Leveigh vs Reno Diamond...Justin Smart vs Brandon Barbwire...Psycho/Chris Kilgore vsPappy & Giant Hillbilly..."East Coast Bad Boys" vs Trent Shultz & Marcus O'Neil..."Cruzin 4 Pain" vs "Family of Pain"...Kid Kash-Anton Leveigh-Justin Smart-Kid Krazzyvs Austin Lane-Reno Diamond-Brandon Barbwire

----Attention All Workers: If you participated in this show or featured on any other DVD from this site and would like to purchase a copy of the DVD, then please e-mail me for a discounted price.

----Attention All Promoters: If you would like to feature RRO DVD releases on your gimmicks table, then please e-mail me for a discounted price.

----I also revamped the SHOP a bit last night. You can hit any of the titles' covers and get a pic of the full back, front and inside of the DVD.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 7.07.07

They started the show with a great skit with Steven Rampage and Big Bob dressed and acting like Jon Seymore and Weasel the crowd loved it.

Then there was a special challenge between TheBoogieman and Ravishing Randy in a dance contest. The fans loved it also.


TIWF TV Title match with Void beat the Nigerian Nitemare becoming the new Champion…the “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie] beat The Gathering to retain the titles… Big Bob beat by DQLawman Williams with Lawman getting the win by DQ after Steven Rampage hit the ring… Moondog Rules match: Moondog Rex andSpyder beat the “Highrollers” [Tiny/Wyked] vs … Weasel by DQ over Steven Rampage with Weasel getting the win by DQ after Bob hit the ring but this time Lawman came to the aid of Weasel…Main event was PK Ripper challenging Way Cool for the TIWF Title - the match was stopped when the Empire ran out and started beating down both guys and then out came Lawman and Weasel to even the odds and then it took the entire dressing room to try and pull these guys apart.

----The Crowd was around 100 with 84 paying with a gate of $420…The buildingnow has air conditioning, which a big time plus for the summer time.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 7.06.07

"Trendsetter" Jon Michael over Stan Lee
Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens over Lil' Tim Alfonso
Psycho over Christian Jacobs
LAW Heavyweight Title: Chris O'Neal over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
MAIN EVENT: LAW Tag Team Titles Scott Graham/Idol Bane over Tommy Redneck/Psycho

----Crowd was in the 30 or 40 range with a gate close to $200...It had been a long time since Psycho was in the ring with Jacobs. These two guys actually feuded over the old CCW Mid-Southern Title on a few occasions....Psycho was "injuried" in the main event, so he can be out for a few weeks.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rassle Results, XWO, Ecru, MS 7-7-07

Before the first match, Brody Hawk came to the ring and announced that this would be the last XWO show. The organization will be shut down for three weeks, but will return to action on August 4, 2007, as Real Pro Wrestling (RPW), with Brody's new Partner "The Stud" Scott Porteau helping to run things. There will be a live band that night, and new talent (as well as some of the XWO stars) on the card. Brody also announced that numerous changes were going to be made to the building.

Colton Anderson defeated Jay Webster. Prior to the match Anderson said he was going to teach Webster a lesson, because Webster had not listened to a thing Colton had tried to teach him. Anderson cheated the entire match, much to the disappointment of the fans. It is obvious he has turned back heel.

JR Mauler vs. Kross ended in a no contest ruling following interference by Bonecrusher and Brody Hawk. This set up the main event for later in the show.

Cassanova Kid defeated XWO newcomer Alec Fonte (great match)

XWO TV Champion Psycho defeated Chazz Stone to retain.

XWO Champion Pappy defeated Colton Anderson to retain.

Kross & Bonecrusher vs. JR Mauler & Bonecrusher ended up a bloody brawl. Mauler turned on Brody, and assisted Kross & Bonecrusher in giving Brody a royal beating. Psycho & Pappy ran in and made the save.

Crowd was approx. 50 with a gate around $250.00.

Corrections Made

In the NBW Results from this weekend there were a couple of mistakes posted. They have been corrected as well as a picture posted of the new NBW Tag-Team Champion, The Treat Connection.

RassleTube: Tatt2 Gets Run Over By A Car and SAW TV

----Here are two videos. One is just Tatt2 taking a crazy bump over a car. Crazy shit. The next one is Southern All Star Wrestling, which is the full one hour show. I thought visitors of this site would enjoy the show. It has some locals on it.

10 Years Ago on Memphis Wrestling

USWA: Now this is what you call a bizarre story. On last week’s tv show, Billy Travis was arrested by the cops during the show. It turned out that it was only partly a work. Travis’ real life ex-wife and daughter were flipping the dial on their tv on June 21st, and noticed Travis was back working in Memphis. Travis owed a significant amount of child support money to his ex-wife. They called the police, and the police showed up at the Memphis studios on Saturday morning, June 28th. Jerry Lawler apparently knew the officers, and requested for them to wait until the end of the show to arrest him, but they said they had a job to do. Lawler then talked the police into making it part of an angle, in that they could arrest him live on tv, with Travis fighting the cops off, in exchange for the cops not to add ‘resisting arrest’ charges, all of which actually took place live on tv. The storyline excuse for Travis’ arrest on tv was that Brian Christopher had called the cops on him after he’d vandalised Christopher’s truck. Making matters even worse, Travis’ daughter was watching the tv show on June 28th, and seeing her dad fighting with police and being arrested sent her hysterical, to the point she had to go to the hospital……….In other news, PG-13 had returned as heels…. Mabel had injured the Fake Razor Ramon….. There was lots of speculation linking WWF with using USWA as a developmental territory.

Local Guys Slated for RAW tomorrow night

----Derrick King, “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael], are headed to the WWE for TV tapings tomorrow in Lafayette, LA for RAW and Tuesday for WWF Smackdown tapings in New Orleans, LA. Have fun guys!! Good luck!! I hope someone gets a deal out of it!! Alex Krisis and Matt Boyce, who were scheduled to be part of these tapings, have been pushed back to sometime later this summer.

Anton Leveigh and Brandon Barbwire Continue to Get Good Reviews...

----This is from Larry Goodman's WrestleBirmingham report from Friday night. CLICK HERE to read the full report.

(3) Anton Leveigh beat Brandon Barbwire in 6:37. The crowd appreciated this match, although these guys weren’t as on as they were that first night in Graysville. They worked a fast-paced TNA X Division style. Barbwire did a good job connecting with the crowd as a heel. Leveigh hit a cool springboard neckbreaker early. Barbwire threw Leveigh over the top and beat him up on the outside. The crowd got on Barbwire when he started having trouble with his footing. Barbwire used a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Leveigh came back with a leg lariat for a near fall. Leveigh popped the crowd with a satellite DDT. Barbwire got a big near fall with a spinning uranage. The finish was Leveigh reversing a powerbomb into the Border Destroyer. They didn’t hit it clean, but Petey’s finisher never fails to get a response.

and then

Once again, I always love to hear a good review for Anton and Apoc(brandon). I worked for them in their first promotion, XAW in Millington, TN at the Quito Community Center and having just a blast with them. I can really tell ya that they have so much talent and need to be watched.

Billy Merciless

Credit: Mid-Southern Message Board

Benoit Coverage: Wrestling Observer Newsletter 7.02.07

----This was posted over at Trent's board a few days back. I just finished reading the issue about Chris Benoit yesterday and it really does paint a picture of a guy that was extremely depressed and disturbed. Below is what was posted, but I highly suggest subscribing to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter to just read his coverage of the Benoit story. I am not a big fan of the newsletter anymore, because of all the MMA coverage, but he did a great job on these issues.

Some of the Highlights or Lowlights
-Dave confirmed he used a form of the Crippler Crossface on Daniel. This is interesting since Bryan was adamant that the story was bullshit. Apparently investigators found marks on the boys arm and neck that they didn't understand and upon watching a tape of a Benoit match and seeing the move it made sense. They just said it was a "choke" as to not further sensationalize an already sensationalized story.

-Dave said Bryan was closer to Benoit (he found his writing hilarious) then he was and that Dave hardly ever talked to Chris (while Bryan seemed to indicate semi regular contact). Thought that was interesting as we rib Bryan about getting all his sources through Dave but I never thought he'd have more access to someone like Benoit then Dave.

-Benoit got a prescription for the anti-depressant Xanax at the doctor's visit on Friday.

-Benoit started going downhill after Eddy died because he lost the one guy who he could confide in and shared his problems with. Apparently close friends always knew Benoit had the same problems as Eddy (pills, etc.) and suggested Benoit seriously needed to see a therapist but no one suggested it since he wasn't the type to be open to that sort of thing.

-Apparently the death of Johnny Grunge hit Benoit even harder then Eddy since they were neighbors and him and Nancy fighting was somewhat common and he'd be the one to come over and defuse situations and make Chris laugh. After he died, Chris didn't have that buffer when things got out of control.

-Chris and Nancy had recently separated for a period of time, and Dave received a change of address form for an apartment different then their house (I believe Bryan mentioned he got a different address too).

-Chris recently opened up a new life insurance claim naming his ex-wife and his older 2 kids as the beneficiaries and refused to include Nancy or Daniel.

-When there were rumors of him leaving for TNA, Dave asked him about it and Chris was paranoid thinking Dave had inside info that WWE was going to release him. He apparently may have thought ECW was a demotion and the next step would be out the door. He was reportedly obsessed with establishing himself at the HHH/HBK level. He had grown increasingly paranoid that someone was out to get him and didn't let Nancy leave the house at night or Daniel to play outside and would take different routes from the airport home each time in case he was being followed.

-Nancy confided to a friend in wrestling days before the murders that she feared for her life and the friend told her to go take Daniel to her parents place in Florida (as she had done before when Chris became violent) but she didn't this time. Apparently she had a lockbox at the bank with notes indicating if something happened to her, it was Chris.

-Theory is that she told him she was leaving him for good and taking Daniel and that's when he snapped on her. Loved his son and when she filed for divorce all he wanted was joint custody. Theory is he killed Daniel because in his mind he couldn't bare to let him be alone without his parents and in his condition so it was a "mercy killing".

-Someone in WWE informed Dave before the RAW show that Chris had killed them, but others in the company were unaware but at least someone high up knew before the tribute show was put on the air.

-Dave says he can't write a proper obit/career retrospect and doesn't know if he ever will.

-Nancy visited Dr. Astin on Thursday asking questions about how she could raise Daniel on her own.

-Dave gave a description of the common profile of men who kill their whole families and it was eerily similar to Benoit (hard working, driven, experienced a loss, a few friends but no real support system, anxiety, etc."

-Said Chris was constantly anxious about something. When he was at home he was worried about wrestling, when wrestling he was worried about his family.

-How's this for eerie. When Vince called all the guys in the ring before RAW to give the news, the stage had been decorated with a casket, reefs, candles with Vince's picture, etc. like a funeral. Talent was told to bring dark suits like a funeral to the taping. I'm sure that was a blast. Vince apparently handled it really well, told anyone who wanted to go home would not be disciplined but guys were basket cases and trying to think of some rationalization (carbon monoxide, etc.)

-Regal was a neighbor of Benoit's and Grunge and would have known about the home troubles so that sheds some light on his "tribute".

***CLICK HERE on full details of subscribing to the WON.
“NO RULES” turned out to be more than anyone could image. On one will never be the same again.

The show opened with a Battle Royal Match where the winner got a shot at any M.E.W.A Title of there choosing at any time. There was such great star’s as Big Al, Headhunter # 1, Gerry “Chubby” Graham, “The Southern Submission Machine” Wild Bill, Deadly Dale, Kid Khaous, El Tigra, any many more going for the title shot at anytime. After 19:45 Eric Wayne was able to over come, Chris Stryker to get the win. Now Eric Wayne has an open title shot at any M.E.W.A at anytime he wishes.

The Second Match was an M.E.W.A. TAG TITLE MATCH. The current champion’s Danger Zone {“Hot Rod” John Ellison and “Dangerous” Dave Cox} defending there titles against L.S.D {Cody Daniels and Idol Bane}. The challenger’s were set on taking the gold from the champion’s going toe-to-toe with them on every move. In the end the champion’s showed why they wear the gold. Danger Zone being the veterans they are, using the Target Drop to get the win, and retain there M.E.W.A. TAG TITLE’S in a time of 12:38.

The Third Match was a rematch of shorts between Eric Wayne and Chris Stryker. Wayne wasted no time on taking advantage of an injury Stryker got in the Battle Royal working on his Right Shoulder. These two men went around the floor and at one time clearing a section of the stands, so Wayne could a Flying Body Press on Stryker, but Stryker moved and Wayne landed HARD on the wood stands. The Fans were loving, all the action in there laps. In the end though Chris Stryker used a Forward Fireman’s carry to get the win in 11:50.

Fourth Match was a Dog Collar Match between “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. and “The Velvet Lover” Cody Thunder. This match started off equal but that last about 2 minutes with Graham showing us the Legend he really is. Graham tied Cody to the
ring pole and was using the Golden Graham Spike on him many time’s. Graham even used the Dog Collar to wrap the Ref. up and he got knocked out during the mayhem, a second Ref. had to come from the back to count Cody Thunder out, “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. had used the Dog Collar to choke Velvet Thunder out to score the win in 6:36.

The Semi-Main Event was a Ladder Match for the M.E.W.A Light Heavy Title. The Champion “The Suicide King” Ray Ray defending his title against his former tag team member and friend “Mr. This match had to be the match of the night, during this match the crowd was crazy with everyone on there feet watching. These two men beat each other senseless with Ladder. Both Ray Ray and Tommy were bloody, beaten with there body's in a HELL of a lot of pain during the match. They laid it all on the line for the fans, but in the end with Tommy and Ray fighting atop of the Ladder for the title, both men having there hands on it Ray Ray kicked Tommy off the Ladder taking the title with him. In a time of 14:38 the NEW M.E.W.A LIGHT HEAVY CHAMPION IS “MR. PLAYBOY” TOMMY WAYNE.

was for open M.E.W.A World Heavy Weight Title. This was the Strap for a Strap Match, were the fans had the strap’s outside of
the ring to use when ever Casino Kid and Kid Nickels were outside the ring. Casino Kid and Kid Nickels were going at it for the open title. Kid Nickels has really set-up his game in the last few week’s to be in the Main Event a lot as of late to be even challenging for the title. Casino Kid through Nickels out many times during the match and when the fans would whip him with the leather belts you could here it all over the area. Casino Kid had brought his A-Game tonight bound to get back the M.E.W.A World Heavy Weight Title. It did not take very long at all for Casio Kid to show why he is the main man at M.E.W.A winning the title again in a time only 6:27.

The crowd was HUGE this week with 362 people filling the stands and some people having to stand up to see this big show.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.07.07

----Corey Maclin opens the show with a graphic for Joan E.W. Golden, who apparently was a friend of his that passed away this week. Maclin promises a lot of action and goes to commercial break. The commercial for July 20th, 2007 “Sam’s Town” featured Sal Corrente getting whipped with a belt by Jimmy Hart.

----"Too Cool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] interview. Tatt2/Dustin Starr walked out to challenge TC2 for the belts. TC2 say no. Good interview segment. TC2 vs "The Posse" [Lil Chris/Simon Reed]. Heat on Chris. Starr/Tatt2 came out and got the crowd going crazy for the hot tag. It looked like a screw up finish with Reed almost having Flex pinned, but he had to kick out. Flex/Grind then brawled with Starr/Tatt2 outside the ring and ref Jerry Calhoon ruled No Contest.

----Johnny Dotson beat Shawn Shultz. Heat on Dotson after Shultz threw him over the top rope. Dotson came out the heat with a Juvi driver and then a frog splash. A real good match. One of the better TV bouts of the year.

----An interview aired next filmed earlier this week at Corey Maclin's office. Maclin showed clips of the DK/Dotson feud. Maclin announces signed for the "Sam's Town" show is a TLC Match with JR Title on the line - DK vs Dotson. Good interview. This match will probably be worth the price of admission.

----Mr. Hughes interview. Hughes says Jerry Lawler is in Tunica, MS jail. Hughes beat Sam Shaw. Shaw was standing on ring apron and Hughes kicked him - Shaw did a front flip to the concrete. Hughes gave Shaw more than he usually gets. Shaw has some raw athletic talent. I think Shaw may have got hardway.

----Jerry Lawler on the phone interview. He states that he is not showing up because he is scared he is going to be arrested. He mentions "The Big Cheese" being a big idiot and pressing charges against him. Lawler states he will be at "Sam Town" on July 20, 2007.

----"Opening the Vault" - Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee. This bout was from April 15, 1977 – 30 freakin years ago!! The Mid-South Coliseum was packed!! Mickey Poole was Lawler's manager, so this was a true classic. Video quality was perfect. The stips had Dundee's hair vs Poole's hair and Lawler's Southern title. Match was stopped because Dundee was not in any condition to continue the bout. Great clips.

----Kevin White comes out with Garry White & "The Agents". They show the clips of milk magic trick from last week. White says that Spellbinder gets his powers from "that skull" and he is going to get it. Mr. White joins Maclin on commentary. Kevin White beat Cameron Valentine. Mr. White was really funny. White beat Valentine and then the Agents jumped in beating up Valentine. Spellbinder came out and put his skull down to make the save. Can you guess what happens next?? White steals the skull and then the Agents with Garry tie up Spell and drag him out of the studio. This is all real campy, but I like it.

----NOTES: Tatt2 has this hilarious tag line that makes no sense, but is over in TLCW Ripley, TN [a weekly promotion that uses a lot of the Memphis Wrestling workers] and looks like it will be over here. He says, "What it is beef jerky?" and then a pause and says, "Smooooooth Turkey!!" As I said, it makes no sense but it is over with me...Tim Grind looks in fantastic shape...Shultz is also in great shape and a very good worker...Even though Lawler has stated that he will be at "Sam's Town", the Ohio Valley web site has him booked that night. I am looking for them to do an angle out of this with Hollywood Jimmy claiming Lawler is in jail or something...I am all about pushing the new talent, but this week's "Opening the Vault" was classic stuff. Lawler used a chain and got heat from the 15 minute mark until the end of the bout. If they are going to do these segments, they should do a Lawler vs Dundee series...I believe Valentine and Shaw both were trained by Mr. Hughes..."Agents" this week were K-Hill, Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin. Alex Krisis was not there...I would also like to thank Mark James the author of a new book titled “Memphis Wrestling History: Cards, Matches, Results & Newspaper Clippings Vol 1: 1970-1985” for his help on the date of the Lawler vs Dundee bout. You may order yourself a copy of his book by going here -

RassleResults: NBW. Dyersburg, TN. 7-7-07

The show started off this week with NBW commissioner Jimmy Tidwell coming out and making the announcement concerning the NBW Tag-Team Titles. Tidwell said that no matter how bad he wanted to, the committee was forcing him to make a decision on this matter. Since Mark Justice was injured last week and is no longer able to compete, Tidwell had no choice but to strip Ca$hFlow of the titles and make a match tonight to determine a new set of champions. Tidwell made the match of Team X vs Treat & Cannon for the belts. Even though after Treat & Cannons attack on Team X last week which left Phoenix X unaccounted for this week, Tidwell made the match a Handicapped match and said that there would be new champions tonight.

Lil' Tim Alfonzo is out for a Hardcore title match against J.Weezy, but Weezy has had a makeover. Weezy took a vacation last week after he won the title, to Hollywood, CA to visit family and has came back a changed man. Weezy is now the "Hollywood Heartthrob" J DUB. Claiming that he will not wrestle hardcore and take a chance on messing up his pretty face. He will defend his title whenever he decides, and it will not be under hardcore rules. He is paid a lot of money for doing what he does and he doesn't have a stunt double, so he is not taking a chance. J DUB was reading from a script that his director had written for him and lost his place several times. J DUB has renamed the Hardcore title, the NBW Hollywood Heavyweight Title and has hired him a bodyguard to make sure that he never loses it and he will reveal him later. J DUB said that tonight is the beginning of the "ENTOURAGE".
"Hollywood Heartthrob" J DUB defeated Lil' Tim Alfonzo to retain the NBW Hardcore title after the returning Gunner Thompson came out and interfered. Thompson grabbed J DUB around the throat and was milking a punch, when from out of nowhere he grabbed Alfonzo and delivered a Modest Bomb securing J DUB's victory.

"The One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated "Playboy" Tommy Love after a "Warhead". (double handed sit down chokeslam)

San Francisco Treat & Loose Cannon w/Buckwheat defeated Gryffon X in a Handicapped match to become the new NBW Tag-Team Champions when Gryffon went for a rollup on Cannon and Buckwheat nailed Gryffon with one of the tag titles.

Slim "the Bulldog" Pickens defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore to become the new NBW High Risk Champion when Pickens attempted a bulldog and Moore shoved him into the referee my mistake. Moore was setting up for an RKO when Gaylon Ray came out and nailed Moore with a pair of Brass Knucks and pulled Pickens on top of Moore.

Christian Jacobs came out for an interview stating that the last time he was there, he suffered a concussion but that wasn't going to stop him from wrestling tonight.
Big Red defeated "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs by count out
Red worked on Jacobs head the entire match leaving him in a state of delusion. Jacobs would not stay down for anything, so after a stiff kick in the head, Red threw Jacobs to the outside and Jacobs made it back into the ring right after the referee counted to 10. Jacobs had to be helped back to the locker room by his partner Jon Michael and Chris Rocker.

Triple Threat Match with the winner receiving a BYE in the first round of the NBW Lucky 7 Tournament with the winner getting a guaranteed title shot at LEGACY in September.
Chris Rocker defeated "Trendsetter" Jon Michael & "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray
Jon Michael hurt his knee towards the end of the match and Ray took advantage by putting a figure 4 around the ring poll on Michael. Rocker broke it up and threw Ray back in the ring where Ray cut him right off and went for the Brass Knucks. Rocker ducked the shot, gave Ray an Atomic drop before delivering a superkick for the win.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Southern Outlaw" Kilo defeated "Real Deal" Tim Edwards by reverse decision in a non title match. Edwards worked Kilo's shoulder after he attempted a shoulder tackle in the corner and got thrown into the corner post. Edwards applied a Fujiwara armbar on Kilo, but he made it to the ropes for the break. Kilo came back and attempted a ddt but Edwards spun out and locked the armbar back in, in the center of the ring. Kilo did not tap, but passed out from the pain. The referee called for the bell but Edwards refused to remove the hold. after the referee reversed the decision declaring Kilo the winner, Edwards bumped both referees and went back to his attack on Kilo. Gryffon X came out for the save and got knocked down, as did Lil' Tom Aflonzo and Jeremy Moore. Edwards went back for the arm when Tank ran to the ring and Edwards took off.

NOTES: Crowd was around 70 with a gate of close to $400.
The crowd really wants to see Edwards & Tank hook it up and they just keep building.
J DUB's character really got over. He is a fully turned heel now and it shows. Great crowd reaction.
This was the 2ND week of NBW:THROWDOWN, their weekly TV show. Every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 on local Dyersburg channel 14.
NBW's website has been upgraded and updated. You can visit the site by going to
NBW's next big show will be Saturday July 28 when they present VENDETTA
matches already announced are
NBW Heavyweight Championship (C) "Southern Outlaw" Kilo vs "Real Deal" Tim Edwards
Finals of the NBW Lucky 7 Tournament with the winner receiving a Heavyweight title shot at LEGACY. other matches will be announced as they become available.