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RassleResults: NBW. Dyersburg, TN. 8-11-07

Crazy Train & The Sicilian Kid defeated The Rough Necks ("Straight Shooter" Gunner Thompson & E.Z. Ryder)
E.Z. was going for a chain on Kid. Kid knocked the chain from E.Z.'s hand and nailed him with the gimmick and made the pin.

Alex Krisis went to a time limit draw with Zane Richards.

NBW Hardcore Championship
Void defeated Ex-Con & Lil' Tim Alfonzo in a triple threat hardcore match to become the new NBW Hardcore Champion.

Handicapped Match. If BLS win they get a shot at the Tag-Titles next week.
Black Label Society (A.J. Bradley & Robbie Douglas) defeated Phoenix X

"Southern Outlaw" Kilo defeated "The Enforcer" Mark Justice by DQ
after the match, Justice handcuffed Kilo to the ropes and was about to nail Kilo with a board when Auburn Thunder ran in the ring behind him and jerked the board away. Auburn went to slap Justice again, this time Justice caught her hand and punched her. NBW announcer Rob Thompson came into the ring and pulled Justice off of Auburn, then nailed Justice. Justice then attacked Thompson before Jeremy Moore & Tank made the save.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Real Deal" Tim Edwards & NBW High Risk Champion J.R. Manson defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore & "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank.
during the match, Edwards would never tag in while Tank was in the ring. when it finally came down to it and Moore made the hot tag to Tank, Edwards sidestepped a punch and Tank stopped just short of hitting the referee. Referee Barry sent Tank to the locker room because he thought Tank was trying to hit him. Edwards & Manson double teamed Moore until Manson pinned him after an "Unprettier". after the match, Edwards knocked out the referee and held Moore so Manson could cut some of his hair off until Tank came back in for the save.

Notes: around 85 paying with a gate close to $500 with over 100 fans in the building.
Gryffon X no showed because of his shoot job. Rocker had to work over at his shoot job as well. Ex-Con wrestled in DWF for a while back a few years ago and has recently came back to Tennessee.
Next week: Moore vs. Manson - Hair vs. Hair
BLS vs. Team X - NBW Tag-Titles
Don't forget to visit NBW's website at and vote for the NBW Fans Choice Awards. Winners will be presented at NBW's 1 Year Anniversary Show entitled LEGACY on September 22ND.

A few comments from Bill Dundee..

----I just finished talking with Dundee a few moments ago. Dundee stated he did not have an official title at the Palace. He helped Golden out on kick boxing, wrestling and some of the country music shows. He said that no one was hurt and that it was deliberately done. He also wanted me to let everyone know that "he don't have a dog in that hunt" and he was headed back from Tuckerman, AR that night it was set. LOL

Pacman headed to Hard Justice reported early Saturday that the Tennessee Titans and Adam "Pacman" Jones have reached an agreement to modify a temporary restraining order that prohibited his working for TNA Wrestling.

Under the deal, Jones "would agree to avoid physical contact of any kind," reported ESPN. While the agreement allows Jones to maintain an outside-the-ring involvement with TNA, it does not permit him to engage in anything that places him at risk for injury.

The parties will go before a judge Saturday morning to finalize the deal.

TNA Wrestling has not commented on the specifics of the agreement, although it maintained Friday that "Adam will appear as scheduled at the 'Hard Justice' pay-per-view event this Sunday night."

The Palace nightclub vandalized, set on fire

----The Palace nightclub, which I believe is owned by former wrestler Terry Golden [Story] and managed by Bill Dundee, was vandalized, set on fire last night. The Palace has also been the site of a few wrestling events. It is good to hear that no one was hurt. I tried to reach Dundee for comment, but he was unavailable.


A Jackson nightclub appears to have been vandalized before being set on fire deliberately, according to an incident report from the Jackson Fire Department.

The report said that firefighters responded to an alarm at 12:57 a.m. Friday at The Palace, located at 45 Broadview Drive. When they arrived on the scene at 1:04 a.m., they saw water coming from the nightclub and smelled smoke.

The firefighters forced entry into the nightclub, finding heavy smoke and the sprinkler system running, the report said. While inside, the firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to locate the origin of the fire.

The report said that ventilation was set-up and firefighters inside determined that the fire was put out by the sprinkler system.
After firefighters saw multiple gas cans inside the nightclub, vandalized property and fire trails, an arson investigator was called to the scene.

The report said that the ignition factor was "incendiary," which is a term used to refer to a fire that has been deliberately set. "Flammable/combustible" was the type of materials ignited, the report said.

Damages from the smoke and fire was contained to the nightclub, the report said.

Property owner Terry Story said in a phone interview Friday night that he was told by firefighters that the nightclub, which is insured, was broken into and was ransacked.

"It's just a big mess," Story said. "We don't know what the damages are."

Nightclub owner Freddie Gaggley could not be reached Friday night for comments.


The Ratings: Memphis TV 8.04.07

----Well, the promotion did the big drop from last week’s high to an overall 2.6 = [43,484 viewers]. I am in the process of preparing some charts to show how the show has been on a roller coaster ride this year with ratings. The good thing about this show is that almost everyone turned it and left it on. As you can see on a few thousand viewers apart all night long with only a slight bump in the 3rd quarter. Also note that there was an decrease in viewers overall watching TV in Memphis with this week’s news/CSI combo getting less viewers than ever.

-Lawler interview
-Johnny Dotson/Tatt2 vs Derrick King/Shawn Shultz
1st quarter – 2.5 [41,805 viewers]

-Mr Hughes interview
-Hughes vs Dustin Starr
-Spellbinder vs Kevin White
2cnd quarter – 2.5 = [41637 viewers] [-168]

-TCool2 interview
-TC2 vs Koko/Kid Kash
3rd Quarter 2.7 [45,666 viewers] [+4029 viewers]

-Lawler vs Johnny Rotten
4th Quarter -2.7 [45,162 viewers] [-504 viewers]

12 week average – 2.9 [48,003 viewers]
12 week low – 1.8 [29,884 viewers] 6.30.07
12 week high – 4.3 [71,353 viewers] 7.28.07
Viewers from start to finish: [+3357 viewers]

What was Memphis watching?? Channel 3 News and CSI Miami 6.7 [112,192 viewers]

Hulk Hogan Sun interview Part II

----I posted the first part of this interview a few days back and thought everyone would like to read the end of it.

"McMahon is DESPERATE and DEFEATABLE" - Hulk: I'll defeat desperate Vince!

Source: The Sun UK Newspaper

LAST week Hulk Hogan shocked the grappling world when he called for an end to steroid use in the sport and lashed out at the number of stars dying young.

The Hulkster also stoked interest by revealing he has raised $40million (£20million) of the $80-100million he needs to start his own wrestling federation and take on Vince McMahon's all-powerful WWE.

Now, in part two of our exclusive interview, wrestling's biggest ever name turns his guns on his former friend and boss.

Hogan slams the "compromised" McMahon and his "robot" roster, then reveals exactly how their relationship broke down.

He also has harsh words for fellow legend Steve Austin and those who he saw wrestling to "silence" at last year's SummerSlam.

People are going to be very excited when they hear your plans to start your own wrestling promotion. Can you tell us any more?

If I can do what I want to do in the next few months then this will be bigger than anything ever done before in wrestling.

You've seen WrestleMania, the nWo, UFC, steel cages, PPV - but this is something completely different again.

Someone else gave me the idea and I said go ahead go and do this crazy thing.

It is something I would have never dreamed of. It would be like inventing an engine that runs on air that kind of an idea

Wrestling needs to be about the art form again. It needs to be about painting a picture and having a really good match.

Whether the guy can dropkick off the top of the cage or, like me, his boots never leave the ground - it's about understanding what this business is about.

The best wrestlers, whether it's a Hulk Hogan or a Rey Mysterio, are the ones who have psychology and can understand this business.

Do you think anyone can challenge the WWE's dominance of wrestling?


If you look at the numbers when I was in WCW, we used to beat them every week.

We had three times the audience of Vince. He was facing bankruptcy.

Then AOL merged with Time Warner and said we do not want wrestling on our stations, and that was the end of WCW.

Right now, Vince's stuff has been compromised.

With all respect to TNA, the WWE is the only option people really have - but it is not at the level of the quality of programming that Vince usually puts out.

What don't you like about the WWE product at the moment?

Well, I never said I didn't like it.

Sorry, what do you think it lacks then?

It lacks stars, it lacks consistency, it lacks quality story lines and it lacks anybody that understands the art form.

Everybody's out there wrestling like a robot.

At WrestleMania, you were rumoured to be part of the Vince McMahon v Donald Trump match. Is that true?

I don't know anything about that.

I know I was supposed to be the main event at WrestleMania either against Austin, Big Show or Khali

It is something they had talked about for a year, as it was the 20th anniversary of me slamming Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III.

The year before at the Hall Of Fame, Vince even told me: "Make sure you're ready for WrestleMania 23 because it is 20 years since the attendance record was set in Detroit and we want you back in there as the main event."

But you ended up not being on the show at all. What happened?

Last year, at SummerSlam, I fought Randy Orton - and me and Vince had some problems with the money.

Before SummerSlam, I was a little worried because instead of being a main event match I was on fourth against Randy Orton.

When I heard about the first three matches at the Fleet Centre in Boston and it sounded like a funeral.

And when I listened to the crowd reactions to those matches, it did sound like a funeral.

Then when my music came on it was like the old days people were stood up. It was electric.

Randy is a great hard working wrestler and we fought an old school style match.

That was the most exciting match I've ever had in the Fleet Centre.

I wrestled Sting in a cage - which was a great match in my opinion at least - but this one was better as after second-guessing I was like "oh my god, it still works".

Then Vince went out with his son and wrestled Triple H and Shawn Michaels and it was dead against.

Cena went on for the main event, and people started leaving.

I felt bad when the night ended, as they should have put me on later, but it was the money that really got to me.

I swore I would never talk about the money again with Vince because that's what we always argue about but when I saw the amount, it I was like that like one of my driver's pay cheques so I had to say something.

He replied: "Well you're not the only big guy any more, there are now 12 big guys."

I said: "Well if that's the case let me explain something to you, I heard the first three matches and nothing. I wrestled and I heard what happened.

"And then I heard your match Vince and nothing and I saw Cena and people were leaving. I had a hard time getting out the building because of all the people marching through.

"So who are the other 11 big guys you're splitting my money with?"

Was that your last conversation with him?

No, we tried to get back on track for WrestleMania.

Vince called me up a few months later wanting me to wrestle his son Shane.

He was raving: "It'll be exciting. Shane can bounce around for you. You can do anything. We really want to re-create WrestleMania 3."

But I said: "How come not Big Show? How come not Stone Cold? Nothing against your son, but why Shane?

"You can re-create everything about WrestleMania III except the magic and probably my pay cheque right?"

And that was the last time I talked to him.

Recently Vince McMahon has had a female wrestler called Jillian Hall play the character of an awful blonde singer - which is obviously a dig your daughter Brooke. What did you think when you saw that?

I haven't seen it myself but people have told me about it.

It's the lowest thing you can do. Like talking bad about someone in high school.

If I have a problem with someone I talk about them. I don't pick on their kids.

So if that's what he's doing then he's desperate and defeatable.

Would you ever go back to the WWE?

Never say never, but I think it would be highly unlikely.

A lot of people are calling John Cena the new Hulk Hogan. He's got the charisma, looks and he has held the title for a long time now. Do you think he could emulate your huge success?

If anybody can do it, he can.

I've talked to John and he's got a real big head on his shoulders. He's not jaded.

He definitely has the opportunity, simply because he keeps his options open.

He is not falling into that replaceable robotic cookie kind of character. He's definitely the one guy that is smart enough to rise and has the talent to move on.

There are two dream matches that are always talked about. You against Cena and you against Austin. Any chance of either of those happening?

Somewhere down the road, Hulk Hogan v John Cena could definitely happen.

But Austin?

Well his claim to fame - rather than slamming Andre The Giant or beating Vince every week in the ratings - is that Austin v Hogan is something he'll never let happen.

If Steve turned round tomorrow and said "I've changed my mind and I'd really like the fight to go ahead" - would you do it?

I don't know. It depends if I was available.

I'm very right busy now.

Credit: Credit: Appeared in UK magazine The Sun By SIMON ROTHSTEIN of THE LILSBOYS

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RassleReview: Guest Booker w/Kevin Sullivan by Gene Jackson

I'm currently watching an interesting new concept in wrestling dvds, it's called Guest Booker. In this series they sit down with a well known booker and have him book a full year in a different territory or time period than where they are known for. In this the first of the series the guest booker is none other than Kevin Sullivan whose task is to book WWE in their expansion year of 1984 WITHOUT Hulk Hogan.

Sullivan sits down and picks who he would get rid off the '84 roster as well as who he would pick away from the other territories. This is a very insightful dvd that shows the psychology of booking a territory and building a card from the bottom up. This is a must see for anyone who has an interest in booking or currently is a booker on a show. Sullivan picks who to put the belts on, why he chooses them and the angles that will revolve around them, and who can draw on top with no Hogan to fall back on. I'm not gonna spoil it by telling who he uses but I recommend everyone check this out. If your interested in getting this you can email me at or you can find it at For a sample, check out this youtube trailor of the dvd.

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 8.09.07

----The show started with the presentation of the ASWF “Hall of Fame” inductees. I am sorry if I miss someone here as I was running back and forth trying to cool off. It was hot as Hades in the building. Inducted were Jimmy Valiant, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray], “Treat Connection” [Loose Cannon/San Francisco Treat]., “Luscious” Leonard Brand, “Dirty Little” Dave, Kamala [broke kayfabe and talked thanking the fans!!], Dusty Wolfe, Brandon Baxter and Austin Lane.

----When Dundee came out to get his award, he called Valiant back into the ring. He told a story about when he and Valiant were both going thru divorces that Valiant moved in with him in Nashville. Jamie was living with them at the time. Dundee made the comment if you wonder why Jamie is a little crazy, then that might explain something. Valiant said that Dundee cooked, he washed dishes and Jamie ate. LOL Valiant then told a story of coming back from a show and getting in a hot tub with Jamie and some girls. The only problem with that Valiant was naked and the others had suits on. Good stories.

----Dundee also came out to tell a story after Lawler got his award. Dundee said that Lawler and he were headed to Evansville, IN one night in Lawler’s red corvette and it was snowing and sleeting. On the way back from the show, the weather got worse. Lawler had made the statement they needed gas. Then all of a sudden Lawler lost control of the car doing a couple of 360s and when the car stopped it about two feet from the gas pump. Lawler looked over at Dundee and said, “I told you we needed gas.” LOL Good stuff.

----“Crazed Country Rebels” [Cody Murdoch [formerly Velvet Thunder]/Wild Bill] beat X-Kalibur/Chuck Daddy. Heat on X, but hot tag was messed up a bit. Not too impressed with Daddy or Bill. I want to see X in the ring with someone as good as him. Murdoch is a big guy and has potential. Cody pinned Daddy for win. [*1/2]

----“Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray] beat Dirty Little Dave/Psycho with Kayte. Match started out good. No psychology, but was fun to watch. DLD is so small and Psycho looked huge as his partner. Not sure who was heel or baby. Ray got Kayte outside the ring and chokeslammed here out on the concrete. Psycho went after Ray and Sarge pinned DLD with a small package. [**]

----Mr. Wrestling III [Dusty Wolfe] beat “Luscious” Leonard with a knee lift and pin. This was totally old school match and the crowd was not much into it. Just slow hold for hold stuff that looked shoot. Best bout I have seen Leonard in. [*1/2]

----Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee pinned “Treat Connection” [Loose Cannon/San Francisco Treat] with Rottn Randy in the second best bout on the show. This was an old school comedy match with Cannon/Treat not missing a beat. Lots of shine for the babys – they are Lawler/Dundee – LOL. Treat was also real good trying to kiss Lawler and grabbing his ass. They did a bunch of comedy spots with Cannon and the crowd ate it up, including a spot where Cannon was chasing Dundee, but both of them were running over Treat. Heat on Dundee with hot tag to Lawler. Lawler pulled the strap down and ended the match by piledriving Cannon for the pin. This was a very entertaining bout and the crowd loved it. [***1/4]

----Bruiser Graham beat Bubba “The Pitbull” Studley with Big Money. Big Money handcuffed to Jimmy Valiant. Big Money came out and did a real good mic spill. Money looked like a sleezy 70’s porn star. After the win, Demon X came out to remove the handcuffs Valiant from Big Money, and then turned on him. [**] . * for match and * for Big Money.

----Kamala beat Scott Fury in an ASWF non-title match. Kamala was super over here to the level of Lawler/Dundee. Fury did a good mic spill, but no one gave a shit, because it was so hot. This was the typical Kamala match, with Kamala giving very little and then getting the win in the end. Fury tried, but not much here. [*1/2]

----Austin Lane beat Brandon Baxter. This was another one of their wild crazy brawls. They started out hold for hold in the ring, which was the only bitch about the match I had. As much heat as these guys had, they really should have just gone to the crowd first. They went to the top of the building and all over the building. Real stiff stuff in the crowd. They went to the ring setting up near falls and hitting them to perfection to the point you thought it was over, when it wasn’t. Finish had Lane go behind as Baxter was going after Nikki Lane for the pin. Baxter went after Nikki after the match and then he picked her up and spanked her. Scott Fury ran in and ended up getting a chair to the end from Lane and I believe Baxter then stunned Lane. I am not sure as my brain was frying from the heat by this point. [***3/4]

NOTES: There were at least 200 people in the building and maybe more. Some were still coming in when I was counting and then some had left because it was so hot. This is the best building I have been to in this area…I gave Valiant a copy of the RRO Valiant DVD release that I did with Kenny Valiant. CLICK HERE to get yourself a copy. LOL BTW, I also got an autographed copy for myself, so I can sell it on LOL J/K…Please e-mail me if I missed anyone on the “Hall of Fame” list…Weird that they inducted Wolfe into the “Hall of Fame” and then he worked under the hood??...For all those that give Treat/Cannon hell – they went out and worked Dundee/Lawler without talking to them about ANYTHING – not even the finish. True pros. I didn’t think much of their manager Rott’n Randy at ringside – he did very little except run once from Lawler…A dude came to me and ask if I was Brian Tramel and I said, “yea.” He told me that he loved my site and wouldn’t have known about the ASWF, if he had not read about it on the site. He said he comes all the time now and it looked as if he had two or three people with him. For those that don’t think this site can contribute to your attendance and gate, including some on the current ASWF staff, then there is proof…Baxter got the biggest pop of the night.

Pacman Jones Update

----The Tennessee Titans are scheduled to meet with Jeff Jarrett tonight on terms of some form of a compromise. It's going to be very difficult to get them to agree on Jones wrestling or being involved in anything all that physical. I could see a compromise like a pull-apart, but then where does TNA go from there if he can't wrestle. Tons of press asked for credentials to the Hard Justice TNA PPV. ESPN had asked for a feed for Sports Center as well. Obviously, with no Jones, all would be off. In what has to be a disappointment, TNA drew a 1.0 rating last night for the show that had as much pub going in as any they've done. And finally, Ron Killings is scheduled to return to TNA on Sunday.


MVP was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

----Even though I don't watch WWE on a regular basis, I have made it a point to watch matches of this guy, especially some he had with Benoit. Ok, so I am a MVP mark. I hope everything works out for him. MVP was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, basically an abnormal accessory pathway in his heart during a physical. It can cause an abnormal heart rhythm and increase the risk for a heart attack. WWE is using this diagnosis to tout its wellness policy. It was during a company routine cardiovascular test in San Jose, the twice a year policy of running on a treadmill and then taking an EKG is done to check the heart valves. The detected an abnormal pattern. He underwent treatment on Monday of this week, which explained his not wrestling over the weekend. More tests will be taken next week to see if it was a success. The WWE web site has an article on this up right now.

credit: http://www.wrestlingobserver/

Hair Match Update!!

----I just wanted to update everyone to let them know the Hair vs Hair bout with Jeremy Moore vs Slim Pickens will not be taking place this week. It is take place NEXT week. I did get a few calls from the NBW office correcting me after posting the story, but I still had to explain my stance on the situation. First of all TWO weeks is still not enough time for a hair vs hair bout and why waste such a good gimmick blow off match in front of the normal 70 or 80 fans that come every week?? I suggested to wait until a “big” show to present the hair vs hair and logically Pickens would just be stupid to put up his hair [in the storyline], when he has a title to put on the line.

----They also claim that Pickens wants to lose his hair, but I have to stick with my original story because of the source of the info.

Shows For The Weekend 8.10 to 8.11.07

----“Show” of the weekend is the TLCW show Saturday night with 4 big bouts. CLICK HERE and take a look at the poster. I will be there to throw out the ceremonial FIRST pitch. What?? Just come join us and see what that is all about. LOL I also hope to be in the ring as guest ring announcer for the TGB vs Lawler bout. My second pick would have to be the show tonight in Rector. Good cause and the main event should be real fun!!

----TONIGHT!! for LAW in Rector, AR for a benefit show with Psycho, Arnez, Christopher O’Neal, Tommy Redneck, Rockin’ Randy, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Jon Michael, Slim Pickens and many more. CLICK HERE for full story on Benefit. LAW Champion TGB was also on 95.5 - radio station out of Popular Bluff, MO challenging one of the local DJs again.

----TONIGHT!! The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for the Real Pro Wrestling debut in Ecru, MS “Pure Destruction” [Brody and Cody Hawk], Bonecrusher, “The Studd” Scott Porteau, Izzy Rotten, Cassanova Kidd, Neil Taylor, “DC” David Cross, Brett Michaels, Pink Flamingos, Tommy Knox and many more.

----Saturday night for All Pro Productions in Ackerman, MS with Psycho, Cruzin 4 Pain with Tasha Simone, Anton Leveigh, Brandon Barbwire, Giant Hillbilly, Uncle Felton, “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock, Candyman, “East Coast Bad Boys”, Pappy and more…

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Justin Reed, Hittman, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Jack Irons, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, “Black Label Society” [Void, AJ Bradley, Robbie], Chris Rocker and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM with This Saturday Night June 2nd in Jackson Tennessee @ the True Force Arena on Gill Street Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

----ASWF Saturday Night - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, Team Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy, Reno Diamond,Blalock The Blazer, Marcus O'Neil ,Acid, Announcers Michael Ward, Brian Edwards, Cody Murdoch, Morgan Lane and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington “Super Summer Showdown” Extreme Title Match: Seth Knight vs Rockin Randy, TGB Greg Anthony vs Jerry “The King” Lawler, “Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] vs “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] in a Street Fight, Dustin Starr vs Tim Grind, Jerry Weezy, “Derrick King,”Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Gaylon Ray, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker, "Rhythm & Blues" and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Velvet Lover"Cody Thunder, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell Time is 8 P.M, door's open @ 7:15 P.M.

Update on Lacey Von Erich!!

----This lady seems to be getting lots of press and has lots to do with her family history. Lacey Von Erich has left for Tampa to start with Steve Keirn’s development crew. I am not sure if this third generation female is headed to train as a wrestler or diva. For all those that have drooled over her and would like to see more, then CLICK HERE.

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RassleTube: LAW RECAP Rector, AR 8.03.07 - Big Crowd!!

RassleBit about Anita Paige

----One interesting tidbit about the CHIKARA show - the random woman who danced with La Parkita Original wasn't so random. It was area manager Anita Paige who also made the trip. Paige is picture here with RRO Best Damn Tag Team of 2006.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cool Pic!!!

----I thought I would share this with everyone, since the second version of Fire and Flame are still working around here. Their manager was JD Costello and I believe it was Don Bass and Roger Smith under the hoods. Photo by me!! LOL

Do You Know What's Wrong With The Business Today???

----That is the common phrase that I get almost every time my friend Brian Thompson calls me. And during the course of about 30 minutes, we both bitch and moan about what we think is wrong with wrestling like we both were old timers. The deal is that we learn the business from some pretty smart guys in the business – Bobby Eaton, Ken Wayne, Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantell and Jerry Lawler to just “drop names.” So, let me tell you!! Please let me tell you!!! Let me tell you what’s wrong with the business today!!!

----Last Saturday night New Blood Wrestling in Dyersburg, TN the following skit took place to set up a match for this coming Saturday night---

“Manson [who recently changed his name here – known everywhere else as “Bulldog” Slim Pickens] then got the mic and told everyone that he is tired of beating up on Jeremy Moore. Every time they meet each other Manson beats him. He took his title and he took his pride so there is nothing left for him to take so he is done with him. Moore gets no more shots at the High Risk title. Jeremy Moore comes out to the ring and tells Manson that he doesn't want another shot at the title, he wants something else. Moore says how Manson is always primping and thinking he is hot stuff with his slicked back hair and his shiny new belt. Moore made the challenge for 1 more match against Manson. Tidwell told Moore that it would never happen because Manson has already beaten Moore more times than he can count. Walker then talked it over with Moore and the came up with the idea that if Manson would give Moore another match, Moore would put up his hair. Manson and Tidwell talked things over and came back with an agreement. So Walker said it was a done deal then. Next week, Moore vs Manson in a hair vs hair match and Walker and Moore walked off. Manson said that he did not agree to his hair being on the line and that he would not lose.”

----So let’s look at the angle. Why in the hell would Moore want a match with Pickens without the title on the line?? That makes no sense. Why would Manson have to put his hair up against Moore’s hair?? That makes no sense!! And why in the hell would you use ONE WEEK to promote a Hair vs Hair bout?? That makes no sense!!!!

----I have tried to give Jeremy Moore the benefit of the doubt, since he is a young kid still learning the business, but this skit and match build tells you why a 18 year old kid should not be booking shows. They have one of the hottest angles in the area with Mark Justice/Kilo [which I believe was Mark’s idea], but it doesn’t even draw bigger crowds – mainly because rest of the card [besides Edwards vs Tank – I could write another article on how good that was done, but I am not sure it will draw money] hasn’t been booked right. Remember this #1 thing – if you are not putting asses in the seats then the angles don’t mean shit. I hate that – because I thought at times I ran some of the best angles EVER in CCW, but very few actual angles drew any money for me.

----Ok, with that all said and done, I talked yesterday with two people inside of NBW and a few guys outside of NBW. The finish of the match Saturday night is supposed to be Pickens losing his hair. WTF?? I know this as fact – if anyone says anything different, then they are just trying to make themselves look good. I am also being told that Pickens does not want to lose his hair, but is too nice of a guy to say anything. He has been taught to keep his mouth shut and listen to the booker. Well, Pickens, I know you are a rookie. I preach on this site for the young guys to shut up, listen and learn. But, if I was Pickens, if they ask you to shave your head in a match like this that means absolutely nothing in the whole spectrum of this area – I would tell them to fuck off. There are a few more places around this area that will teach you more about the business and treat you with respect.

ASWF: RassleResults and Tomorrow Night!!

RassleResults: Tuckerman, AR 8.04.07

----The show started with the new commish Michael Ward coming out and calling Brian Edwards out, who was wearing a dress. Ward won commish job after Kamala beat Acid Friday night, but Ward wasn’t even at the show – he announced with Brian Thompson for XOW. Ward announced that the main event tonight would be a “Total Power Battle Royal” – winner would be able to choice any kind of match at anytime vs anyone. Sort of “Money in the bank”, but it doesn’t have to be a title match.

----Austin Lane came out to tell everyone that since he is the booker he was winning the Battle Royal and he already has his match picked out. Ok, he didn’t say the booker part, but he should have. LOL


----Winner Gets tag team title match later vs “Team Adrenaline” [Lane/Justin Smart] – The Leperchauns won by DQ over “Treat Connection” [Loose Cannon/San Francisco Treat]…X-Kailbur had to wrestle both “Crazed Country Rebels [Cody Murduch/Wild Bill]” – he pinned Wild Bill and won by DQ over Cody Murdoch…Acid vs Cujo –DCO…“Team Adrenaline” [Lane/Justin Smart] beat The Leperchauns…Gary Jay/Evan Lejistoes beat Dingo/Pierre Abernathy…Triple Threat Match – Iron Man – X Title – Blalock The Blazer beat Reno Diamond/Marcus O’Neil…Total Power Battle Royal – Austin Lane Winner


----There were only one ring and not two rings as planned because when it was time to set up the second ring it was so hot in the building no one wanted to do it. I don’t blame them…CCR were beating up X after the match and Morgan Lane made his return to ASWF with a big pop to maek the save…A result I missed on the Friday night show was Dingo/Pierre Abernathy beat Gary Jay/Evan Lejistoes…Dingo was telling everyone that he is doing a WWE camp later this year in New York and HHH is going to be the instructor. Anybody else know anything about this??...At one point during the Iron Man match – Blalock was 0-2 and Diamond/O’Neil were 2-0. They did a big dive spot and Blalock got in the ring before them and they got counted out, which made him 2-0. Love that!!... Reno and Lane were the last two in the battle royal. They did a lot of spot on the apron, which ended with Reno going for a DDT, but Lane blocked and then kicked Reno off the apron. Lane picked his match for Thursday night – One Last Time – Lane vs Brandon Baxter…Fury vs Cujo next week.


----ASWF will present Hall of Fame in Tuckerman, AR at the Valiant Arena. Jimmy Valiant building dedication and Hall of Fame starts at 6:00 PM. All tickets are $10 and all seats will be reserved seating. So, in other words you will assign seats, not first come first serve. I would recommend you calling [870-886-5196] and reserving you a seat today. They are only selling 400 seats and I called just moments ago and got two second row seats – so all front row are sold out. The matches that I know of right now are One Last Time: Baxter vs Lane, Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee vs “Treat Connection” [Loose Cannon/San Francisco Treat], Kamala vs Scott Fury, and “Family of Pain” vs Dirty Little Gang. Price of admission for me is worth it for me seeing Dundee/Lawler vs TC!! Baxter/Lane bout should be real good.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lacey Von Erich Signs With WWE!!

----21 years old Lacey Von Erich who lists herself from Hermosa Beach, L.A,Vegas, Miami Beach, Dallas, California United States stated the following on her, which blares Sublime's "What I Got."
"Just signed with WWE!! Following daddy's foot steps...! Wish me luck!!"
----Lacey is the beautiful daughter of my favorite Von Erich - "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich. I and the full staff of RRO wish her the best of luck!!
Below is a video posted about here dad.

RassleBits: Juventud Gonorrhea and Pacman Jones

----One of the men that inspired Tony Myers to do his "Sex & Violence" show had a show Saturday night. Get a look at some of the names!! Johnny Legend's Rock n Roll Wrestling in Los Angeles at the Crash Mansion: Hijo de Ajo (Son of Garlic) lost a referee Battle Royal, Lucky Pierre b Fisco Nuclear, Johnny Webb b Darkula, Cletus Kincaid b Crankin Ranken, Dolemite Brothers b Juventud Gonorrhea (what a name) & Go-Go Gomez, Kaos NC Supreme, Brokeback Brothers b Don't Ask & Don't Tell, Supreme & Kaos won four-way over Don't Ask & Don't Tell, Kung Fu Kannibal & Darkula & Cankin Ranken & Southern Fried Slut.

----My favorite Tennessee Titian continues to get press for TNA. The NBC Sports web site has an interview with Pacman Jones at He talked about how the deal was arranged, said he would be wrestling, pretty much hinted he would be getting the TNA tag team title and wouldn't say who his partner would be (TNA wants Ron Killings, but as of the last word we heard, no deal had been reached). Today's New York Post and New York Daily News ran stories, so TNA is getting significant publicity out of this. I guess we'll see in a few days how that affects ratings.


RasslePod 8.07.07

----Today's RasslePod, I stole from my good friend Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio 8/1 edition with Dr. Mike Lano. This is almost 2 hours of discussion of the steriod issue featuring Lano talking with Chris Cruise. Lano has a photo somewhere a photo of Jimmy Cornette and me holding a a set of boobs owned by a girl named Angel. Ginzburg, Cruise and Lano were all subscribers of my old zine. Also on the show is Sid Vicious and Jasmine St Claire. CLICK HERE to go to RasslePod. Oh yea, btw..for those that had a hard time listening to the Void interview, I have cleaned up the interview and I think you will be able to listen to it now.

TLCW presents "Super Summer Showdown" This Saturday!!

----TLCW will be presenting their third big show of the year this coming Saturday night. If everyone goes as planned I will there for this one. Here is a 30 second commercial and on the main page site is the 60 second spot. I will be doing a special "Countdown to SSS" on Friday.

RassleResults & Commentary on TIWF

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 8.04.07

----WayCool defeated Azreal…OverKill defeated Kraven Hunter…Brianna Starr defeated Jennifer Justice…“Law and Order” [Lawman Williams/Jonathan Storm] won over Big Bob & Chico Mendoza by D.Q…Moon Dog Rrex defeated Jonny Thunder and moves to ROUND #3 in TIWF Regional Title Tourney…P.K. Ripper defeated Steven Rampage and moves to ROUND #3 in Regional Title Tourney.

----82 in the crowd…Dre Black/The Bob vs AC Hayes/Boogieman Scream, WayCool vs “The Gathering” [Kraven Hunter/Azreal], Chico Mendoza vs Weasel, TV Title Match: Johnny Thunder vs Spyder, Round 3: Wildside vs Moondog Rex and Main Event: Round #3: PK Ripper vs Lawman Williams…Winners of the last two bouts go to the finals – I am looking for Ripper vs Wildside….TIWF is on TV now and can be seen in Jackson, TN every Thursday @ Midnight & Saturday @ 6:30 am & Noon on JEA Channel 6 and on the World Wide Web (@ same times listed above) by CLICKING HERE.


----I did get a chance to watch their 8.02.07 TV show that the Rambling Critic gave such a good review. I am posting here the complete WayCool vs PK Ripper match that aired edited on the show. I think this match is pretty good, but I would like my message board guys tell me what is wrong with the match?? What do they think is wrong with it?? Let me go on record, [and this is from a guy who went to one of their shows and shit all over it], but I do think they have three guys on their roster that have potential – Wildside [great on the mic], WayCool and PK Ripper. I also like Big Boy Bob. The guy moves well for a big guy, but I seen no psychology in his match. Looking at the roster, I can see why they push the same guys all the time.

----The commentary for the match here is flawed by them trying to build the title too much. Everyone watching the show would know that the TIWF Title does not bring you millions of dollars. I like the idea of presenting the champion [or the guy wining] as making more of the purse, but come on guys – hell, say $500 goes to the winner. I use to think “Hot Rod” was a good announcer, but he tries to project his voice into an announcer voice and his own voice would be fine.

----Some strong advice to those that book their own shows like PK, Wildside and Jeremy Moore [NBW] – get out and work a show on Friday night. LAW would be a good place with a consistent crew and a pretty good booker. Don’t say a word and just listen. I remember bringing “Sex & Candy” [“Girl Candy” Christian Jacobs/”Brutally Sexy” Paul Justice] to WWOF in Dyersburg, TN. We came to watch the flaming table match with TGB vs Knight [available on DVD..LOL] We ended up jumping “Naughty by Nature” [Rude/Tully] that night and doing about 6 weeks with them. The main thing we did during those 6 weeks was keep our mouths shut and listen. I had been the business much longer than Rude or Tully, but they taught me tons in those 6 weeks by just listening.

Monday, August 06, 2007

From the WWE Hall of Fame to your Gene Jackson

Apparently for the right price WWE Hall of Famer Greg "the Hammer" Valentine will come and "compete" in your backyard wrestling federation. Hell he should call up the Sheik and Beefcake and start a backyard tour. Check out this youtube video of the former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion in backyard action. At least they had a ring though......

Pacman Signs with TNA!!

----I heard that Russo wanted to do an angle where he has a gun in a strip club...wait...that would be a shoot. LOL I am still having a hard time believing this.

--TNA announced Pacman Jones' signing late last night and announced his debut on Impact on Thursday. The story was in, among other places, USA Today and the front page of Yahoo. Jones will be in a taped inset on the show where he'll announce being at the Hard Justice PPV on Sunday. He will announce more during an interview on the PPV. They announced he will be wrestling, even though the Titans have claimed it would violate his contract, and Jeff Jarrett is training him in a ring TNA has set up in Jones' backyard . We had heard all along TNA expects him to wrestle at least twice, if not more. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Jones wrestling and said it's up to Jones to decide what he wants to do. It's said the Titans don't want him actually wrestling saying it's a contract violation.


RassleTube Has Returned!!!

----Due to Google Video pulling my video, I have decided to load the "best of" Memphis Wrestling videos directly to my site. CLICK HERE to go to RassleTube and you can watch the "best of" Memphis in your media player or download it. I am about 3 weeks behind, but I plan to get everything caught up before the end of the week. All the older videos all on the RassleTube channel and you access it from the RassleTube page also.

Photos from Chikara Maximum Overdraft!!!

----Here are three pics from yesterday in Philly. The one of the top just shows everyone at the start of the match. The second one is Chris Styles with his foot on Jigsaw's throat. And in the last pic is - I am not sure what they are doing - but it looks like Styles is giving a bulldog on MosCow. I love that Moscow gimmick!!!

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 8.04.07

Finals of the Extreme Championship #1 Contender Tournament
Dynamite Seth Knight d. Dell Tucker

Rude d. Precious
"Rhythm & Blues" [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] d. Tommy Redneck/Jerry Weezy
Chris Lexx vs. Albino Rhino (No Contest)
"East Coast Bad Boys" [Serpent/C-Money] d. "Cruzin' 4 Pain" [Motley Cruz/187]
Rockin' Randy d. Gaylon Ray, Shannon Lee, & Jake the Jackhammer (Four
Corners Match)
The Golden Boy d. Tattoo
Dustin Starr d. Chris O'Neal


Dustin Starr came our for an edition of the Five Starr Showcase. He said he didn't want to wait for Super Summer Showdown. He wanted O'Neal tonight! O'Neal immediately accepted. It ultimately proved to be a mistake. O'Neal's ribs have been the focus of all the members of the Five Starr Showcase. After repeated shots to the ribs, Dustin scored the pinfall. After the match, Genocide joined Dustin in an attack on O'Neal. Then, help arrived from an unexpected source. Tim Grind stormed into the TLCW arena and attacked Genocide. The fans erupted as Star and Grind faced off. Fists began to fly, and in the end Tim Grind was standing alone in the ring. He grabbed the mic and challenged Dustin to a match at Super Summer Showdown.

"Hot Topic" [Derrick King/Stan Lee]came to the ring to explain the special stipulations for their match with The Posse at Super Summer Showdown. TLCW officials have refused to sanction this match because of the havoc these teams have caused in recent weeks. As a result the match will be an unsanctioned streetfight. The Posse burst through the front door. The four men were toe to toe in the ring, but they all agreed to settle this at Super Summer Showdown.

During Tattoo's match the video screen displayed a message proclaiming the arrival of the "Savior of TLCW" is near. Tattoo was distracted and TGB
capitalized for the victory. After the match, Tattoo said he would be at
Super Summer Showdown waiting for the "Savior".

The Golden Boy said not only would he beat Jerry "The King" Lawler, but
after Super Summer Showdown, he would be known as the new "King of
Professional Wrestling."

----Attendance was bit up this week with 140 in the building with a gate around $840...ECBB/C4P no-showed the APP Saturday night stating car problems, but showed up here???...O'Neal was up able to make "Super Summer Showdown" due to his shoot job, so they got Starr vs Grind, which should be real good along with Rockin Randy vs Seth Knight, Street fight - Posse vs Hot Topic, Lawler vs TGB and more. Should be a good very good show.

NWA Anarchy Cornelia, Ga 8.4.07

NWA Anarchy gave their fans another outstanding night of wrestling entertainment last night in Cornelia.

It was built around a Rumble with 10 of Anarchy’s best competing to become the number one contender for Ace Rockwell’s Heavyweight Title, and another confrontation between the NWA Elite and Devil’s Rejects. They’ve moved on from pure annihilation as the motivating force. At least for now, it’s about who has the gold.

In my book, the shows since Hostile Environment have produced the best back-to-back television tapings in company history. The booking is firing on all cylinders. From the bottom of the card straight to the very top, every match has a story, and every program is over to a ridiculous level. Morale is at an all-time high. The in ring wrestling has matured without sacrificing creativity. Creative yet disciplined. No doing spots for the sake of a doing a spot. It’s all there for good reason.

The crowd of 180 ($1800 gate) wasn’t the least bit phased by the less-than-deal conditions inside the NWA Arena. (bell time temp close to 90). As wrestling fans go, some of these people are as rabid as they come. They were richly rewarded for their love of the product.

In a post on the message board I stated that GCW could match NWA Anarchy for their level of talent. What I failed to mention is that Anarchy has in distinct advantage in depth. What had been one of Anarchy’s weaknesses has become a major strength. The combination of talent development and selective key additions has provided a major upgrade in the depth of the roster in recent months.

On to the show…

(1) World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) beat Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix with Adam Roberts) in 5:56. Chase and Roberts were having words as they entered outfitted in dress pants and button down shirts. Major babyface pop for World’s Prettiest. Chase was a big tease about taking off the trousers, to where Delay got fed up and pulled them down around the Stray Cat’s ankles. WP2T did one hell of a double arm wringer on Phoenix and turned it into a double monkey flip. But Delay’s arm slammed the post when Phoenix avoided his charge. The crowd got behind Delay pronto. He was dumped into the waiting arms of Roberts and subjected to further abuse. Back inside the ring, Chase tried to snap the arm off. Delay countered a Chase choke slam with a low blow. Phoenix’s interference backfired. Hot tag. Hawkins hit a springboard back elbow on Phoenix and Chase had to break up the pin. World’s Prettiest hit a double hotshot but Roberts made the save. They dispatched with Roberts, and Hawkins pinned Phoenix with the Unprettier. Double A was in disarray. Hour number one was off to a hot start.

Sexton lectured refs Brent Wiley and the Ken Wallace. I couldn’t make out the content here. He moved on console Wesley Grissom about getting pinned by Melissa Coates in his debut. Sexton told Grissom he had been placed in a no win situation. Tony Santaelli rudely interrupted. AGAIN. Sexton noted that Santarelli was in his gear. Santarelli said he came to the events dressed in business casual. “That’s how we do it in the E.” Santarelli was hamming it up great. He pleaded his case with Sexton. Sexton relented and gave Santarelli a match with Grissom. “Who the hell is Wesley?” said Santarelli. Sexton smartened Santarelli up. Santareill thanked Sexton profusely. Sexton tried to buoy Grissom’s spirits. “It only takes three seconds.”

Reverend Dan Wilson lead the Devil’s Rejects out and cut another great promo. The Rev commended Patrick Bentley on destroying Ace Rockwell’s knee and accused Slim J of stirring the pot. Wilson had ordained Iceberg, “wrestling’s only serial killer,” to be the winner of the Rumble and it was Bentley’s job to pave the way. Bentley was hanging on every word, like he was under Wilson’s warped spell. Wilson called Azrael and Shaun Tempers the combined legacy of two great teams (Lost Boys and Pomp & Circumstance). Wilson decreed that none of the Anarchy titles were safe.

(2) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers with The Reverend Wilson) decimated Hustle Squad (Mike Pittman & Nick Halen) in 7:25. Hustle Squad was brought up from the farm system, so to speak. So was referee Wallace, who was making his Anarchy debut. They got an impressive pop for a jobber team making their second appearance in Anarchy. Rejects took them to the depths of hell for a savage beating. Pittman bumped too soon on an Azrael spinkick, but it should look OK from the hard camera angle. Azrael destroyed Pittman’s face with knees strikes. Tempers mowed Halen down with a double forearm to the chest. Halen did the double hiptoss-double uranage spot, and all I could think was what the f*** happened to Jay Fury. Azrael took Pittman’s head off with a running knee, but Halen made the save. Azrael turned Pittman inside out with a lariat. Rejects then spiked Pittman’s pointy skull into the mat with their new finisher, an assisted cutthroat reverse DDT. A great squash.

Dominous entered the ring and teased a choke slam on the jobbers. He was more agile than usual. But he goozled Azrael and Tempers instead. Wilson went crazy. Dominous finally released his grip, shoved Wilson down, and stalked out the front door.

(3) Tony Santarelli beat Wesley Grissom via submission in 6:37. Santarelli looks nothing like skinny kid that started in Wildside as Tony Stradlin, and he’s significantly larger than he was in Deep South Wrestling, but he still moves well. With all the negativity about DSW, one of the things that gets overlooked is the quality of the training for producing credible, precise execution in the ring. Santarelli’s work is a testament to that fact. The pop for Grissom was amazing. He generates as much empathy as any babyface this building has ever seen. Best heat so far and it’s not like the previous matches were lacking. Santarelli was a vision of supreme confidence. He lectured Grissom and patted him on the face. Santarelli let Grissom put him in a waistlock and escaped like the Houdini of the grappling world. Santarelli got on all fours and ordered Grissom to mount him. He kicked Santarelli in the ass instead. Santarelli attacked and it looked like a textbook case of child abuse. He tortured Grissom with an elevated leglock, and blasted him with shots to the kidneys. But there was no quit in Grissom, and the frustration was setting in. Santarelli crotched himself on the top rope after a missed high kick. Grissom hit the running SSP for a count of 2.5. Santarelli applied a wicked hammerlock/facelock combo for the tap out.

Santarelli humiliated Grissom in the postmatch and reapplied the submission. Sexton hit the ring. Santarelli ran away. The crowd popped as Sexton helped Grissom to the back. Security had to clean up a puddle of puke. I didn’t see it, but apparently Santarelli was the culprit.

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey lead the NWA Elite into the ring. He touted the Elite’s entry in the Rumble, “Universal Soldier’ Phil Shatter – “the one man walking genocide…the Aryan superman.” Bailey said Shatter would be tossing his opponents out like sacks of garbage. Bailey let Jeff Lewis know that his teammates were upset about his no show last time (Bailey explained that Abomination was away for the night taking care of Elite business.) Bailey told Lewis that the upcoming tag team title match was his shot at redemption, and it would be all good so long as he followed the lead of “Soul Assassin” Kory Chavis.

(4) Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat the NWA Elite (Jeff Lewis & Kory Chavis with Jeff G. Bailey) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 9:21. Creed has the star aura. He got an extended ear splitting pop that might have even outdone the ones Urban Assault Squad use to get. Any “Kory” chants with shouted down. It was Creed’s jabs vs. Chavis’ leg kicks until Creed trapped the leg and pounded Chavis in the face. Attraction doubled up on Lewis. He collided with Chavis. Lewis did his high elevation leaping leg drop on Lewis for a near fall. Attraction busted out a springboard elbow/reverse DDT combo. But Chavis was able to dump Creed and the Elite gave him a beating on the outside. Lewis went nuts with an aggressive attack on Creed. Chavis cut off Creed’s diving tag attempt with a corkscrew dropkick. That was sweet. Creed countered the Spinesplitta with a push up dropkick and made the hot tag. Young exploded on the Elite. He hit a flying bodypress on Lewis and Chavis saved. Bailey pulled out his ever-present vial of powder. But Young reversed the whip, and Lewis got powdered and pinned.

Bailey had heated words with Lewis after the match. Chavis played peacemaker.

(5) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & “The Wizard of Ahhhhs” Andrew Alexander) in 9:04 with a colossal assist from World’s Prettiest. Driver and Walters went right to work on Alexander’s arm. Matthews was in for the save after a slingshot elbow drop by Driver connected. The heat spot was seriously screwed up. It was the singular glaring glitch on the entire show. The Brunettes’ got things back on track with some spot on combo moves. Matthews got a pop with a stellar corner dropkick that snapped Walter’s head back. Alexander did the deal where he draped Walter’s arm over his own body to give him a two count. Driver was like a whirling dervish with the hot tag. Brunettes collided and he hit slingshot back suplex for a near fall. Then, he hit a killer swinging sitout face plant. It looked like it was over when Alexander rolled Driver up with a handful of tights, but he kicked out. Brunettes had Driver set up for the Sheeney Curse, but World’s Prettiest played spoilers. Driver rolled Alexander up for the three count. The fast and furious finishing sequence made the match.

On the WrestleVision screen, we saw Nemesis alerting Palmer that he had made it to the building after all. He asked for a spot in the Rumble. Palmer told Nemesis he would have been a lock if he had gotten there earlier, but it was no dice. Nemesis protested. Shadow Jackson entered to for a talk with his partner. Jackson asked Nemesis to accompany him to ringside for the match.

Former Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, Chad Parham informed Palmer it was his title and he was taking it. Parham wanted Palmer to confirm that he was getting the primo spot of entering the Rumble last. Palmer said he liked the “numero uno” on Parham’s tights, so Parham was going to be first.

Bill Behrens read a certified letter from Al Getz. In the letter, Getz maintained Anarchy was being discriminatory by not including Melissa Coates in the Rumble. Getz claimed the undefeated Coates was undefeated was being excluded from her rightful destiny. BB said Getz had enclosed a check to buy time on the show for Coates to display her physique.

Coates did a routine of body building poses. She was dressed in a bikini top, and an ultra short skirt with fishnet stockings. This was a surreal exhibition by one of the freakiest and most muscular women on the planet. The crowd chanted “she’s a man.” Coates responded by manhandling ring announcer Eddie Rich and laying out a security guy with her sitout facebuster.
Palmer came out with reinforcements and surrounded Coates. Only then did she leave the ring.

(6) Iceberg won a 10 man Rumble to become the number one contender for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 21:34. Rules were over the top eliminations only with a fresh man entering every two minutes. The crowd heaped hate on Parham. Rinauro was the other starter. His babyface turn is taking bigtime. Rinauro has this great habit of keeping things interesting. They did a knuckle-lock lucha sequence, the highlight being Rinauro doing a sunset flip off of Parham’s shoulders. Parham yelled at Rinauro to slow it down. Rinauro did a running atomic drop, where Parham bumped over the top like he had springs implanted in his ass. Bentley entered the match with Wilson stationed at ringside. Parham took a breather and waited for a chance to jump Rinauro. Parham called for a Lost Boys spot, and Bentley joined him for a Time Warp on Rinauro. The entrance of Slim J got a huge pop. J pounded the bejeezus out of Bentley MMA style. Mr. Adonis entered as contestant number five for a 3 on 2 heel advantage. J took severe punishment here. Bentley gave him payback. Adonis pancaked him with a spinebuster. Jeremy Vain made it 4 against 2, and maximized the babyface sympathy for Rinauro and J. Wilson interfered to cut off Rinauro’s comeback attempt. Bentley hit the Dark Driver, and Rinauro was gone at the 10 minute mark as Truitt Fields entered. Fields clotheslined Adonis out at 10:34. J took Bentley over the top with a huracanrana and both were eliminated at 11 minutes. Parham and Vain worked together against Fields. Jackson entered to even the odds. He had the heels reeling. Vain tried to backdrop Jackson to the floor, but Jackson landed on the apron and eliminated Vain at 13:03. This set Parham up to be on the receiving end during the one and only time in the match that the babyface side had the numbers. Parham’s stinging chops had zero impact except to fire Jackson up. Bailey accompanied Shatter to the ring. Shatter powered former partner Fields out of the ring like he was a flyweight at 14:33. Bailey’s strategy called for Shatter to relax while his opponents beat each other senseless. Parham whined for Shatter to help him out against Jackson. Iceberg was the last man to enter. He went right at Shatter. Jackson hit a spinebuster slam on Parham and took him out with a lariat at 16:31. So it came down to Jackson against the twin forces of evil. Nemesis came out to second Jackson, who was going to need all the help he could get. Iceberg went on a rampage. Shatter and Jackson teamed up for a double suplex on Berg. The sense of cooperation was very short-lived. Shatter jumped Jackson. Nemesis was having his usual problems with impulse control and climbed up on the apron. He got heated with Wallace, who was telling him to get down. Nemesis did the right thing, but in the process, he pulled the ropes down spilling Jackson at 18:03. This was beautifully timed and left it totally ambiguous as to Nemesis’ true intentions. Rejects vs. Elite for the number one contendership. Cool. Shatter nailed Iceberg with a series high impact spots. Iceberg’s selling was awesome. Iceberg came back with a diving knee. Shatter did his signature fist drop. Shatter tried to dump Iceberg but couldn’t get it done. Shatter hit a rolling power slam. Shatter ended up on the apron. Iceberg clubbed him with a lariat and Shatter took a sick bump to end it. Iceberg’s “celebration” was cold and dark and bad ass. Shatter looked comatose. Bailey searched for signs of life. Shatter popped up with fire in eyes to where they had to hold him back. A masterful job of storytelling.

NOTES: Rockwell returns to Anarchy on the 8/18 show…J.T. Talent became the new Southern States Champion at the APW show Friday night by defeating Austin Creed with the use of a chain. Talent replaced Abomination in the Ty Cobb Street Fight. Jackson was successful in his first defense of the APW Heavyweight title beating Shatter. For 8/10, Talent defends the Southern States title and Friday Night Franchise gives Chris King & Billy Buck a tag title rematch…MAXW returns to the Municipal Center in Williamston, SC on 8/11 with Vain defending the heavyweight title against Jackson in a no DQ, falls count anywhere match…Also on 8/11, GWP is at Waleska Park with J and a mystery partner vs. Iceberg & Tempers with no DQ and no count outs. In a grudge match, Chavis faces a mystery opponent chosen by GWP Commissioner Palmer.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

TNA Drug Testing??

----Nice thought that TNA would start drug testing without be forced to, but a test is only as good as the punishments that follow. I have been told by more than one guy that they would rather work TNA, so they can stay on the juice.

It is being discussed right now in TNA to begin Random Drug Testing Effective in September. It is believed that the wrestlers will be notified of this new policy at the Hard Justice PPV to give the wrestlers 30 days notice. There are concerns how this will effect the talent. Some believe that while TNA is not under investigation at this time, it would present them in a good light despite no allegations of substance abuse in there company specifically.

While the recent news of WWE's Wellness Policy has been being accused of being to relaxed and not as stringent as it could be, TNA is making this move because it affects the Wrestling Business as a whole.

Others share concerns with how the drug testing will effect big name talent within TNA. WWE has been accused of favoring talent such as Triple H and Batista while rumors run rampant about the possibility of similar actions being taken on stars such as Kurt Angle.

While it's abundantly clear many within TNA's roster are not taking anabolic steroids given the size and stature of many of it's talent, there are still concerns of recreational drug use among those in the locker room.

Looking at the bigger picture of TNA, Dixie Carter herself stated months back that there is no problems with Drugs in TNA. She did however state that the only problem or run she had with substance abuse was with Raven but she later stated that the situation was under control.

Is TNA planning to do right by the wrestlers with this Drug plan or will it be used to cast out a few black sheep from the locker room?

Only Time will tell.


This Area's Favorite Agent

- There were several rumors circulating the internet that Mike 'Nova' Bucci had some heat within WWE. After that story circulated the internet, several emails were received stating that Nova has made public claims that he "hears from so many guys in TNA trying to jump to WWE that it would make your head spin". The fans that responded claimed that it was overheard at a few independent shows but no specific shows were identified.

- In a related story, Scott D'amore has been talking with many talent within the TNA locker room inquiring about their contract situation. What is known at this time is that D'amore is telling several of the talent that are still under contract to TNA that they have a place in WWE and WWE is interested in signing them. While this may confuse many readers, D'amore doesn't currently have an active role within TNA. He has been hanging around the WWE shows quite a bit and has been known to make claims of being able to "secure talent". While it is no secret that people from TNA talk to people in WWE and Vice Versa, the general consensus is that Scott D'amore is attempting to secure a job with WWE and is doing so by attempting to show his influence by getting into the ears of TNA talent.


RassleResults: CHIKARA Philly, PA 8.12.07

----I got this report from and the Saints got a good review. Congrats guys!! I should have a "road trip" report sometime this week about this show!!

- Maximum Overdraft
August 5th 2007 - New Alhambra Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. ShaneSaw (Jigsaw & Shane Storm), Moscow & Tim Donst def. UltraMantis Black & The Southern Saints (Justin Reed, Shawn Reed & Chris Styles) by pinfall when Jigsaw pinned Justin with a superkick.

2. Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream, Jr.) [2]def. 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews) [1]. Los Ice Creams now have 3 points and are eligible for a tag title shot.

3. Ricochet def. Eddie Kingston by DQ following a foul. Kingston put a Hallowicked mask on after the match and continued to destroy Ricochet.

4. Shayne Hawke def. Billy Roc. Team F.I.S.T. came out after and talked Hawke to the back.

5. 2/3 Falls Match: Sara Del Rey def. Daizee Haze.
a) Daizee Haze won the first fall.
b) Sara Del Rey won the second fall when Daizee took a nasty bump off a dive.
c) Sara Del Rey won the third and final fall to win the match.

6. LOS DELIRII (Delirious, Cloudylirious & Cheechlirious) def. The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Worker Ant) by pinfall when Delirious pinned Fire.
7. Minis Match: La Parkita (original) def. Payaso del Futuro.

8. Young Lions Cup Match: Chuck Taylor © def. Drake Younger (mystery opponent) by pinfall with the Awful Waffle/Omega Driver.

9. El Pantera & Lince Dorado def. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) by submission when Hero tapped out to the CHIKARA Special from Pantera.

10. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Quackenbush © def Black Tiger IV.

11. Champions vs. Champions - Non-Title Match: CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas Team F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Icarus) def. ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe).

- Preshow, there were apparently 350+ people.
- The ring had new, blue ropes, for a CHIKARA theme.
- The Southern Saints were said to all look very good, especially Styles, but would probably get more over with their antics in a more intimate setting.
- The fans loved Moscow.
- Jagged threatened to pee on a fan.
- Kingston tried to get a fan ejected for wearing a Los Ice Creams shirt.
- Shayne Hawke got a tan.
- Kingston/Ricochet was awesome until the DQ finish.
- Hawke/Roc was an average match.
- Much violence in the second fall of the women's match, brutal stuff. The third fall was awesome, the crowd was very much into it.
- The Ants/Delirii match was described all the lucha comedy you would expect. A great match.
- Soldier and Worker Ant both had new gear, with Worker rocking black/blue/yellow attire and Soldier wearing tree camo.
- A random woman came out to dance with La Parkita. He cut a promo mid-match. Then more dancing commenced. This sounded like the best thing of all time.
- The YLC defence was called one of the best ever, lots of hot near falls.
- Hero has now tapped 3 times to the CHIKARA Special, from 3 different men.
- Lucha/KOW was called an awesome lucha showcase.
- The NWA Jr. match was alright, nothing special.

"The Southern Saints" Did Good!!

----I had planned to do a match by match coverage of today's event, but the crowd is so loud that is almost impossible to hear the results from CHIKARA presents “Maximum Overdraft’ at the old ECW Arena in Philly, PA. What I did understand is that "The Southern Saints" [Shawn Reed, Justin Reed, and Chris Styles] did a good job and crowd gave them heat. I will try to have more details posted as the show goes on.

Memphis Legend Jerry Jarrett Post About Steriods

The wrestling of today is advertised as sports entertainment and not sport. This seems to make the business more kin to theater than competitive sports. If we follow logic, professional wrestling should be held to the standards of the movie industry or theater rather than professional sports.

My position is not to condone steroid use. I have done all in my power to caution and explain the negative effects of any drug use to my own family as well as the wrestlers that worked for me.

My point is that if the government is going to hold the professional wrestling business to the standards of pro-sports, the government must also investigate the movie and theater industry. The recent drug bust of top movie stars should at least be a signal to congress that drug use is going on in Hollywood. What are the drug testing policy of Fox Studios, Paramount and Time Warner. Should congress ask Rupert Murdock to supply the same information they have requested from Vince McMahon?

Another point I wish to make concerns the single investigation of WWE from the business of professional wrestling business. Our laws are based on fairness and the premise that we are all equal under the law. Is the WWE being singled out because of their success? Should companies that are successful be held to a different standard than those who are not profitable? Is the WWE penalized because of their size? Should the company that promotes twelve events per year be less accountable than the company that promotes a thousand events each year? Should congress mandate a steroid testing policy for only promoters who hold 500 events or more each year? Should congress mandate a steroid testing policy for only promoters who show a profit at the end of each year.

If this sounds like I'm a WWE fan, you are greatly mistaken. I encourage my children to not let their children, my grandchildren, watch either TNA or WWE. I think the content of both shows are a negative influence on children. I do hope our congress will be fair in the investigation of the industry.

The first thing Congress must do is to determine if they are investigating fish or fowl. They must decide if professional wrestling is true sport or theater. At that point, they must investigate everyone in the industry. It appears to be a grasp for headlines to single out WWE and no other professional wrestling company. It is also a safe area for politicians to investigate WWE and not take on the movie industry. WWE is financially successful but they are a sheep compared to the lion that is the movie industry.

Jerry Jarrett

----Credit: This site plans to do an interview with Jarrett in the upcoming weeks and if you want to send a question for Jarrett, please visit their site.

RassleResults: CWA Selmer, TN 8.04.07

----Tone Up beat Frank Savage…Tyson Starr won by DQ over Sammy Hall…Blake Roswell beat Bloodbath…Battle Royal: Kaleb Kastle wins to get a title shot in the Main Event…CWA Heavyweight Title Match Don Bass with Jim Casey beat Kaleb Kastle

----There were about 85 people there with a gate of $850 going to the Selmer, TN families that suffered a loss from the drag race accident…There were only 5 matches?? Rodney Grimes usually has tons more matches. It might have been because there was so many other big shows this weekend and talent was thin.

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 8.03.07

----Chazz beat Devon Raynes by DQ…Fusion beat Cassanova Kid…JR Mauler beat LSD…Tony Dabbs with T-Byrd & Bless beat Chop Top the Clown…”The New Age Cowboys” [Josh Holly & Chris Kilgore] beat "Prime Time" Nick Grymes & Chris Chaos to retain the TFW Tag Team belts…David Cross won a battle royal to become the #1 Contender for the TFW Title.

----Around 100 in the crowd with a gate close to $500…Grymes walked off from the tag match – they are turning Chaos babyface…DC eliminated Grymes, Dirty Sanchez, David Cox and finally Tony Dabbs to win…Next week DC vs. Max Steele for the TFW belt.

RassleResults: APP Kosciusko, MS 8.04.07

APP Cruiserweight Title Match: Anton Leveigh defeated Brandon Barbwire

#1 Contender Tournament for the APP Tag Team Titles vs "Cruzin 4 Pain" [187/Motley Cruz]

*The Hillbillys [Giant Hillbilly/Pappy] w/Uncle Felton beat Chris Kilgore & Candyman

*Anton Leveigh & Brandon Barbwire defeated “Riot Squad” [Chris T & Fries]

*Leveigh/Barbwire beat The Hillbillys to become the #1 Contender

Semi Main Event
Psycho with Hollywood Jimmy beat Kamala by COR

Main Event
Jake Roberts beat Sarge O’Reilly with Hollywood Jimmy.

----Official figures from last night were 995 paid with a gate of $4895 and there were over 1,000 people in the building. If you paid to get into wrestling, you then could get into the fair for free. So, people were not let into wrestling for free as it has been reported elsewhere…After the first match, Leveigh stated he wanted to be in the tag team tournament and he didn’t know anyone better to tag with than Barbwire…”Riot Squad” were students of Roberts. They were getting ribbed backstage about the name, but most of the guys in this area remember the “Riot Squad” managed by Coach BT…Jake was great backstage bsing with everyone and just being one of the boys…Hollywood was holding Kamala’s feet to keep him from getting in the ring… Sarge had a chain and potatoed Jake and you could see Jake saying “son-of-bitch” and Sarge saying “I’m sorry man.” LOL Jake was real cool about it. After the match Roberts brought the snake in the ring and ran off Hollywood…APP are shooting for a return on Labor Day weekend…BTW – Thanks to the guys that called from the dressing room to check on me – 1st Class guys!!

RassleResults: RPW Ecru, MS 8.04.07

----Cassanova Kid defeated Neil Taylor…Bonecrusher defeated Chazz Stone…"The Studd" Scott Porteau beat Jay Webster…."DC" David Cross vs. Tommy Knox ended in a "no contest" when “Pure Destruction” [Cody and Brody Hawk] jumped in and beat both of them up…Pure Destruction defeated DC & Tommy Knox…Izzy Rotten w/Dustin Burcham defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grymes.

----Crowd had about 75 people with a gate of $375…The band played at the front of the show and in between matches…They had a new set up for interviews and such that I was told looked real good…I was hoping a bigger crowd for this group, but actually told someone earlier this week that XOW would out draw them. It is going to be a total rebuilding as if it is a new promotion, because people do not know what to expect. They also got all the bad press that people have heard all around Ecru, MS since the fallout…I was told concession sales were not good at all and it was probably due to Tony Watts interview with Axeman.

RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR 8.04.07 Hawk Returns To the Ring and the Street Fight is Set!!

This was the First show of August for M.E.W.A Wrestling. The weather was HOT outside, but the action inside the ring was even HOTTER.

The First Match of the night was “The Suicide King” Ray Ray taking on newcomer Gary Diamond. The challenger Gary Diamond was set on proving himself worthy of joining M.E.W.A. Ray Ray still having his sights on regaining the M.E.W.A Light Heavy Weight Title, he may have over looked Diamond in the beginning of the match. That did not last long with Diamond giving all he had and taking Ray Ray to the limit with his owe High-Flying Move’s. After a long hard battle Gary Diamond was able to get the pin-fall in 15:12.

Second Match of the night was rematch from the past with “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. being challenged by “Bigg” Al. The match got off to a slow start with Graham having alot of problems with crowd as they chanted “CRAZY”, it was deafening inside the gym. Al used this to advance by kicking and stomping on Graham, using his very powerful move's in which he is known for. It didn’t last long, for Graham grounded the big man and use his submission style of wrestling which Graham is famous for. Luke went to work on Bigg Al’s weaken left knee, and use it to get the upper hand. Al fought a very hard match with Graham, but in the end with “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. using his 20 plus year’s of experience he has in wrestling got the victory in 13:31.

After the match was finished General Manager Johnny Hawk had requested some microphone time. Hawk came to the ring and called out Chris Stryker to the ring. Hawk announced to the crowd that Stryker was retiring from wrestling, due the fact that he a M.P in the Arkansas National Guard and is being deployed to Iraq soon. While Hawk and Stryker were in the ring telling the fans how proud M.E.W.A is of having him with us. Ray Ray attacked Stryker inside the ring. Stryker was able to get the best of Ray, making him run to the back. After Ray high-tailed it to the back, the fans were chanting U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A, showing there love and respect to such a brave young man. Once Stryker had left the ring Hawk the called “The Suicide King” back to the ring, Hawk told Ray he was going to be fired for his actions and lack of respect for a local Hero. Ray decided to attack General Manager Johnny Hawk, in which was a very stupid idea since Hawk is retired and one of the most dangerous men in M.E.WA. Hawk made short work of the attack by Ray Ray decided to run yet again from the ring. Ray yelled “I Want You Old Man” to Hawk which was still standing tall inside the ring. Johnny Hawk accepted his challenge and will come out of retirement to face Ray in a “No D.Q Match” next week.

The Semi-Main of the night was yet another match in the on going war between Johnny Harper and Danger Zone’s “Hot Rod” John Ellison. Harper quickly ground Ellison so he was unable to use his “High Impact” moves he loves to use on his opponents. These two men were giving all they had to each other, until “The Suicide King” Ray Ray ran into the ring and attacked Johnny Harper. The Ref. tried to regain control, but soon Gary Diamond entered the ring followed by “Bigg” Al, and then by the Casino Kid. The match had only lasted 6:25, so the Ref. under direction from General Manager Johnny Hawk made it a “6 Way Elimination Match.

So the Main Event was changed to a “6 Way Elimination Match. “ The teams for this match-up were Casino Kid, Johnny Harper, and Gary Diamond being challenged by “Hot Rod” John Ellison, “Bigg” Al, and “The Suicide King” Ray Ray. This match was out of control from the start for only one man to handle. There were illegal tags, two and three beating on one man at a time during the match. “Bigg” Al was the first man eliminated from the match. Gary Diamond was the next man out, followed by Ray Ray. So that left “Hot Rod” John Ellison to face The Casino Kid and Johnny Harper in a 2 on 1 match. The fans went crazy when Casino and Harper used the “Target Drop” {which is Danger Zone's finishing move} to get the win over Ellison in a time of 9:57. After the match was over The Casino Kid asked for the microphone, he went on to say that since he was unable to compete due to him having a concussion from the match two weeks ago with Danger Zone, he demanded that next week the Batesville Street Fight to go down. During all this G.M Johnny Hawk had came inside the ring and was listening to Casino tell all the fans he was sorry for letting them down last week. Hawk decided to make the match and announced that it would be a Title VS Titles VS Hair Match with no D.Q’s, where falls count anywhere. Casino went on to ask G.M Johnny Hawk that there be Two Refs so there could be a clear winner. Casino and Harper went on to talk about that they may pin Danger Zone outside in the dumpster, or in the street, where ever they decide to.

So next week Casino Kid and Johnny Harper will face Danger Zone {“Hot Rod” John Ellison and “Dangerous” Dave Cox} in a Batesville Street Fight.

Next week will also be the return another Indy Legend, as Johnny Hawk will face “The Suicide King” Ray Ray in a} No D.Q Match.

Even with carnival going on 242 people braved the heat and see what could be one of the “Biggest” night M.E.W.A Wrestling has or will ever seen again.


The show opens with NBW Co-Commissioner Jimmy Tidwell, "The Enforcer" Mark Justice, J.R. Manson and a County Deputy Sheriff coming to the ring. Tidwell stated that after the happenings of last week between Justice and Kilo, he felt it necessary to have extra added security at the NBW Arena so something like that wouldn't happen again. Tidwell said that he had the finest group of wrestlers in NBW and that there was no one that could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. Edwards then got the mic and told everyone that he did exactly what he said he was going to do last week, and that's become the new NBW heavyweight champion. Edwards said that he has beaten everybody in the back and that there is no one left for him to face. And since there is no #1 contender he will hold an open challenge to anybody in the back to face him for the title. Out comes Tank, followed by NBW Co-Commissioner Allen Walker. Tank and Edwards gets face to face in the middle of the ring until Edwards puts the cop in front of him and then tells Tank that he might have won the Lucky 7 tournament but he doesn't get his shot until Legacy and that his open challenge is for anybody in the back except Tank. Walker then tells Tank that unfortunately Edwards is right and that Tank is going to have to wait until Legacy to get his shot at the title. BUT Edwards is not getting the night off. Since Edwards wanted to make an open challenge, Walker said that he had someone in mind for Edwards to face later in the night. Manson then got the mic and told everyone that he is tired of beating up on Jeremy Moore. Every time they meet each other Manson beats him. He took his title and he took his pride so there is nothing left for him to take so he is done with him. Moore gets no more shots at the High Risk title. Jeremy Moore comes out to the ring and tells Manson that he doesn't want another shot at the title, he wants something else. Moore says how Manson is always primping and thinking he is hot stuff with his slicked back hair and his shiny new belt. Moore made the challenge for 1 more match against Manson. Tidwell told More that it would never happen because Manson has already beaten Moore more times than he can count. Walker then talked it over with Moore and the came up with the idea that if Manson would give Moore another match, Moore would put up his hair. Manson and Tidwell talked things over and came back with an agreement. So Walker said it was a done deal then. Next week, Moore vs Manson in a hair vs hair match and Walker and Moore walked off. Manson said that he did not agree to his hair being on the line and that he would not lose. Justice then got the mic telling everyone that what he did last week had nothing to do with the little girl, or any member of Kilo's family, it had everything to do with Kilo. Justice said that a few months ago Kilo called him up telling him that he needed his help in NBW. Justice said that he had his boots on Ebay and was happily retired from wrestling. Justice said that being the friend that he was to Kilo pulled his boots off the computer and came to NBW to help out a friend in need, but not too long after that Kilo turned his back on Ca$hFlow. Justice said that what happened last week was just the beginning and that things would keep happening until he got what he wanted and that was Kilos blood. Kilo came out and tackled Justice in the middle of the ring and started wearing his head out. NBW security all got in the ring trying to pull Kilo off of him but Kilo kept getting free. Finally Moore, Team X, Tank, Security and the police officer got Kilo out of the ring and the officer escorted Kilo outside where he was going to be taken to jail for assault. Walker followed behind them and went outside trying to figure this situation out and we start our 1st match of the evening.

Crazy Train defeated "Straight Shooter" Gunner Thompson, The Sicilian Kid & E.Z. Rider in a 4-corners match. E.Z pinned Kid after a stuff piledriver. Train pinned E.Z. after a botched punch with a chain by Thompson and Train rolled him up. Train pinned Thomspon after E.Z. came back with his chain and accidentally nailed Thompson. Gunner & E.Z. beat down Train until Jeremy Moore & Tank made the save.

Allen Walker, the police officer and Kilo walk back into the building and got in the ring with Walker getting on the mic telling the crowd that Kilo is welcomed in the NBW Arena anytime he wishes and that Tidwell will not have him arrested for doing what is right and defending his family. Kilo then got the mic and told Justice that he will get him somewhere, sometime when he least expects it so he better have eyes in the back of his head.

NBW Tag-Team Champions Team X (Gryffon & Phoenix) & NBW Hardcore Champion Lil' Tim Alfonzo defeated Black Label Society (Void & Robbie Douglas) & "Playboy" Tommy Love.
this match would have been a lot better if Tommy wasn't in it. he whined and cried about everything that was done to him by Tim & Team X until they finally had enough and really started stiffing him and Tommy got off the apron and went crying to Jeff MDonald about Tim stiffing him. McDonald told Tommy he was an idiot and to get back in the ring. Tommy got pinned by Team X' finisher and Lil Tims moonsault. BLS just walked out and left Tommy in the ring.

"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated "The Enforcer" Mark Justice
Justice pretty much this match in the palm of his hand with Moore only getting one or two moves in at the beginning. Justice started antagonizing Kilos wife Auburn and she started to cross the ropes and NBW security held her back. This distracted Justice long enough for Moore to roll him up for the 3 count. As soon as the match was over, when the referee was coming down for 3, Kilo ran in the ring and started nailing Justice again. Security, Tank, Walker & Zane was right behind him holding him back. Kilo slipped out a couple of times and got right back on Justice but they finally got him under control, when Auburn went after Justice so security went after her while Zane & Tank held Kilo back. Auburn finally got in the ring with her husband and took the mic away from Kilo and told Justice that she gave birth to that little girl he grabbed last week and for that she owes him an ass whoopin!

High Risk Champion J.R. Manson defeated "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank
Tank was toying with Manson the entire time by letting him get up before knocking him down again. Tank nailed Manson with a high backdrop & a boot to the face which loosened a few teeth. Tank caught Manson in a cross body and went for his "Devestator"(swinging rock bottom) and knocked out the referee with Mansons feet in the process. As Tank went for the cover there was no one to count so Tank got up and checked on the ref while Tim Edwards snuck in the ring behind Tank and caught him with the "REDRUM" as he turned around. Edwards pulled Manson over on top of Tank and shook the referee to make the count and then had to carry Manson to the locker room.

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated Zane Richards
this match was good paced and the crowd was really into it. the crowd really hates Edwards and to be a newcomer Zane is really over. it was Edwards who finally got over in the end with a "REDRUM" and has his 1st successful title defence.

Alex Krisis defeated "Southern Outlaw" Kilo by count-out
Kilo came to the ring first and was waiting his opponent when Buckwheat came out and started dancing in the ring. Kilo wasn't in the mood to be played with and started punching Buckwheat and then driving his head into the turnbuckle. While this was happening, Krisis came running out and jumped Kilo from behind and the match started. really good mat-up between these 2 as they went back and forth the entire time. Krisis went for a big splash on Kilo who was down but Kilo got his knees up just at the last second. Mark Justice came back out and was mouthing off at Auburn again when Kilo came running out of the ring and they started brawling on the floor. the referee counted Kilo out and as Justice and Kilo were fighting in the back of the building, Krisis made his way back to the locker room. Security could not break them apart as they made their way back to the ring. several wrestlers made their way out to try and help break them up but no matter who came out, friend or foe, Justice & Kilo was nailing anything that came towards them. Auburn ran into the ring to help out her husband and got a shot in on Justice that rang his ears. The police officer, who was in the bathroom, ran into the ring and tried to separate them, but Kilo knocked him down with one punch and then security and the officer all jumped on Kilos back taking him down and Justice was forced to the locker room. Kilo was escorted out of the building.

Notes: a crowd of around 70 with a gate close to $400.
the crowd is eating up the feud between Kilo/Justice.
no shows were A.J. Bradley & Chris Rocker because of their shoot jobs.
Edwards/Tank is really heating up with the fans itching to see them go at it.
Some fan will be able to shave the losers head in the Moore vs Manson match next week.