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RassleResults: NBW. Dyersburg, TN. 8.18.07 - NEW CHAMPIONS CROWNED!

The show started off this week with "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore coming out saying that he wanted one more shot at J.R. Manson. Just then, NBW Commissioner Jimmy Tidwell came out along with his group of thugs, Manson, Tim Edwards & Mark Justice. Tidwell told Moore that he had no more chances against the champ and that in fact, he had the night off. Tidwell then told Moore that he could get changed, go home or hang around, it didn't matter to him, but Moore would not be in competition. Edwards then got the mic and called out Tank. Last week Edwards figured out a way to get Tank ejected from their tag match just so he would not have to face the "One Man Wrecking Crew". This week Tidwell told Tank that Jimmy Tidwell had given him the privilege of picking Tanks opponent and that his match was on first.

"The One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated............... Alex Krisis
this match went back and forth with neither man giving an inch. Tank & Krisis collided heads for a double down and Edwards ran in the ring behind Tank as he was getting up and threw powder in his face before hitting him with the "REDRUM". Krisis got back in the ring and told Edwards to pick Tank up and place him in the corner. Krisis charged towards Tank but stopped dead in his tracks, then turned around and nailed Edwards with a series of punches before Edwards finally bailed. Krisis went to check on Tank who was still slouched in the corner and without knowing who it was, Tank delivered the "Warhead" to Krisis before being helped to the back.

The Black Label Society (Void & Robbie Douglas) defeated Team X (Gryffon & Phoenix) to become the new NBW Tag-Team Champions.
back and forth action with only 2 of the 3 members of BLS tonight. after some bickering between Team X, BLS took advantage and rolled up Gryffon for the 3 count and to claim their first taste of NBW gold. any 2 of the 3 members of BLS can defend the titles.....Freebirds anyone?

NBW Heavyweight Champion "Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated Crazy Train
this match was supposed to be "like a night off" according to Edwards. Crazy Train had beaten the champion before the week before Edwards won the title, but Edwards claimed it was only a fluke. the crowd was hot for Crazy Train with hopes of winning his first real title in NBW. towards the end of the match, Crazy Train went for a clothesline but only rocked the champion. another clothesline that staggered him a little more. a third one the Edwards ducked and attempted a "REDRUM". Train countered out of it with a couple of elbows and turned it around into a crossface. Edwards managed to make it to the ropes for the break. Edwards went for a clothesline of his own and Train caught him in a crossface again. J.R. Manson, who was at ringside, got on the ring apron to draw the referee just as Edwards was tapping out. Train, seeing what was going on, let Edwards go and knocked Manson off the apron. when he turned around, Edwards was waiting to give him "REDRUM" and retain his title for the 3rd week in a row.
after the match, "Straight Shooter" Gunner Thompson came out and attacked The Sicilian Kid, who was at ringside with Train by shoving him into the ringpost. Then going into the ring and catching Crazy Train with a "tazzmission" with a grapevine that choked him out.

Lil' Tim Alfonzo defeated J.R. Manson to become the new NBW High Risk Champion.
Manson was going for a "high risk" maneuver. no pun intended. when Jeremy Moore came out with Manson's bag, with his old "bulldog" singlet dangling from his hand. Manson was mouthing off at Moore, when from out of nowhere, Alfonzo ran up the turnbuckle and delivered a beautiful superplex for the 3 and became the new champion.

"The Enforcer" Mark Justice defeated NBW Announcer Rob Thompson
this match happened almost exactly the way everyone thought it would. Thompson got in a few shot at the beginning. more or less the cat and mouse game of hit and run. Justice finally caught the mouse and when he did, boy was the pain inflicted. Justice busted Thompson open towards the end of the match and was relentless on his punches to Thompson's face. finally i guess she had seen enough as Rob's wife came from the crowd and grabbed the towel that Rob wore to the ring and threw it in for the match to stop. the referee was trying to tell Justice that the match was over but Justice decked him and started right back in on Thompson busting him open that much more. Finally Kilo & Motley Cruz came out for the save. Motley was holding Kilo back so as not to get to Justice when from out of nowhere, Motley gave Kilo a short arm clothesline and Justice returned to the ring and the pair proceeded to put a beating on Kilo until Tank, Moore, Team X, Alfonzo and a few others came out and ran them off. Jimmy Tidwell told Kilo not to go anywhere because his opponent for the night was going to be the man he thought he could trust. Motley Cruz.

"Southern Outlaw" Kilo defeated Motley Cruz by DQ when Justice and Manson hit the ring while Kilo was making his comeback nailing Cruz in the corner. the trio put a hurting on Kilo for a minute causing Kilo to become busted open. Motley hit his "1%er" and finally the locker room realized what was going on and ran out to save the "Southern Outlaw".

Notes: Crowd was around 70 paying with a gate of close to $400 with almost 100 in the building.
Biggest pop of the night had to be the reaction of Edwards tapping out to Crazy Train. The crowd was also hot for Krisis helping out Tank with Edwards.
A.J. Bradley was not there due to his participation in a wedding. Tatt2 was supposed to be there but had to work late at his shoot job. Chris O'Neil was backstage but did not work.

Next week will be the contract signing for the match between Kilo & Mark Justice for LEGACY. along with
Don't forget to visit NBW online at and vote for the 1st Annual NBW Fan Choice Awards with the winners being announced at NBW's 1 Year Anniversary Show entitled LEGACY, September 22ND. And don't forget to watch NBW:THROWDOWN each and every Thursday on Dyersburg local channel 14 at 4:00pm.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 8.17.07

---Attitude Inc. came out and started talking about having Crazy N' Sexy kicked out of the building last week and how they couldn't come back because they didn't have license to wrestle. Sammy Hall appeared, gave Crazy N' Sexy their wrestling licenses, and both J-Kid & CurlyMore hit the ring and gave styles and Dabbs synchronised Ace Crushers...Nick Grymes d. LSD, Chris Chaos, and OMEGA in a Four Corners Match to retain his TFW Light Heavyweight Title...Drity Sanchez d. "Dangerous" David Cox...The Freakshow came out and after discussing their problems for a bit, Vinnie turned on his partner Chop to setup a match for later on in the evening...Chazz Stone d. Devon Raynes by DQ...Max Steele destroyed Jake Prenstiss...Bless d. Cassannova Kid...Vinnie the Blade d. Chop Top the Clown...Josh Matthews and Shawn Reed went to a double countout. They were told afterward that because things had gotten so out of hand they needed to cool off for a couple of weeks and if either touched the other, they would be suspended. Shawn Reed took his frustrations out on the ring announced by slapping him across the face...Attitude Inc. (Tony Dabbs & Chris Styles w/ T'Byrd, Bless, and Max Steele) d. Crazy N' Sexy (CurlyMoe & J-Kid w/ Dirty RellMoe)...D.C. d. Fusion to retain his TFW Heavyweight Title...

---Crowd looked to be around 125 with a gate of $625...This was Crazy N' Sexy's first match after only training for a couple of months, and they were awesome. The match went twenty minutes and the crowd was into every bit of it...Next week's show will feature Chazz Stone vs. Devon Raynes in a Loser Eats Dog Food match...Also, high school football starts next week, so we'll see then how that will affect attendance for the next few weeks...

Sal Corrente Joins rasslinriotonline Staff!!

----I am happy to announce the edition of “The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente to the staff of Sal has been one of the most controversial figures of 2007 in this area. I think he will bring a total different viewpoint to the table. Whether you hate him or like him, I promise you that you will want to read his column. Sal will be posting the first column tomorrow and then every Tuesday after that titled “The Big Cheese Sal Corrente: A Piece of My Mind”.

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling "The Finale" - "Sam's Town" Tunica, MS 8.17.07

----Dustin Starr beat Giggles with Rashard Devon…Bobo with Rashard Devon beat Tatt2…JR Title Match: Derrick King with Rashard Devon beat Johnny Dotson with a chain with special ref Jimmy Valiant…Mr.Hughes/Kevin White beat Bill Dundee/Koko Ware… “Midnight Express” [Dennis Condrey/Bobby Eaton] with Jimmy Cornette beat by DQ “Too Kool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind] with the champs retaining the belts…Brian Christopher/Jerry Lawler beat Sid Vicious/Johnny Rotten – Lawler pinned Rotten.

----300 in the crowd with a gate in the 5,200 range…DK was hiding a chain from Valiant, but this was a Street Fight?? Valiant ended up pulling down his pants after DK won and the chain fell out…Kevin used a chain to beat Dundee when Mr. White came out and gave it to him. The Mr. White/Spellbinder angle is done I guess, because best I can figure out Spellbinder is done with Memphis Wrestling again…Condrey hit both TK2 with the tennis racket and then the ref caught him with it for the DQ…Koko Ware replaced a no showing Dutch Mantel…Brian Christopher was a good pick for a mystery opponent. I have been hearing rumors of Brian coming back to Memphis Wrestling TV…The infamous group of guys that gave Sal Corrente so much hell were at it again last night. Apparently, Rotten took a bump outside the ring hitting their railing and one of the guys pushed him. Rotten didn’t put it over at all, but Sid said something to them. These guys have to be just stupid!! I mean pick on a manager is normal, but what idiot would want to pick a fit with either Rotten or Vicious??

The Ratings - Memphis Wrestling 8.11.07

----This past Saturday’s show did another huge jump from a slow week scoring 4.0 [66,484 viewers]. They did air a good show, so it will be interesting if the fans will return this week. The company must continue to have good storylines and present some good matches, so the fans will return over and over. They set a record for the best quarter of the year in the second quarter of the show finally beating out the 1st quarter of the 1.27.07 that did a 4.8 rating. Memphis TV viewership was the lowest I have seen it since tracking that number. Wrestling actually beat out the regular TV shows in the 3rd and 4th quarters. The major bad spot on this week’s show is the big dip from 2cnd to the 3rd Quarter of with almost 14,000 people. They did finish with +20,146 viewers from start to finish being a major positive.

----I also would like to note that the 3rd quarter of 2007 is doing better than the first two quarters of the year, so we might be seeing an upper swing in the ratings if they continue. 1st quarter of 2007 averaged 2.9 [48,623 viewers], 2cnd quarter was 2.6 [43,806 viewers] and now the third quarter is averaging 3.2 [55,460 viewers]. That is good news for the promotion if it continues at that rate.

-Hughes/White vs Michael/Starr
-Lawler interview
1st – 2.8 [46,338 viewers]

-Sid/Rotten come out and do angle with with Shawn Williams
-Dotson/Tatt2 vs Precious/Ray
-Bill Dundee interview
2cnd: 5.0 [83,441 viewers] [+37,103 viewers]

-TK2 - interview
-Cornette interview along with classic Midnight Express footage
-DK interview - Dotson jumps DK
3rd: 4.1 [69,506 viewers] [-13,935 viewers]

-Lawler/Fan vs Vicious/Rotten
-White/Hughes interview
-Lawler - interview
4th: 4.0 [66,484 viewers] [-3,022 viewers]

12 week average – 3.0 [49,989 viewers]
12 week low – 1.8 [29,884 viewers] 6.30.07
12 week high – 4.3 [71,353 viewers] 7.28.07
Viewers from start to finish: [+20,146 viewers]

----What was Memphis watching? 5.3 [89,317 viewers] Channel 3 News [1st]/Channel 5 News [2cnd]/Saturday Night Live [3rd]/CSI Miami [4th]

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 8.17.07

----"ECBB" C-Money defeated Showstopper…"Southern Outlaw" Kilo & Hillbilly Nate defeated Mr. Pimptacular & Bad Luck Lucky… Frankie Tucker & The Medic defeated The Hambone Express…White Lightning, Big Daddy Lafonce & The Sicilian Kid defeated Jake the Jackhammer, T.W. Justice & Stretch…"ECBB" Serpent defeated The Southside Brawler.

----Around 60 paying with a gate close to $300 with about 75 in the building…Drew Thunder & Shawn Williams left before the show started. I don’t know the reason behind that but they seemed pissed about something…There was no referee for the night so Stretch refereed the first 2 matches. Hamhock refereed the next 3, and then Stretch refereed the main event…Stretch is a 6 foot 5 inch skinny kid.

Friday, August 17, 2007

RassleResults: ASWF Tukerman, AR 8.11.07

----“Crazed Country Rebels”[Cody Murduch/Wild Bill] beat “American Degenerates” [X-Kalibur/Morgan lane]…Silas with Mortimer beat “The Leprechauns” in an handicap match…Blalock The Blazer beat Chuck Daddy….ASWF TT Title Match: “Team Adrenaline”” [Justin Smart/Austin Lane] retained the belts beating “LSD’ [Deadly Dale/Idol Bane]…Reno Diamond beat Marcus O’Neil to become the #1 contender for a title shot on 8.25.07…ASWF Title Match: Cujo beat Scott Fury by DQ when the “Entourage” jumped.

----Commish Michael Ward came out to give Reno Diamond a rematch for the X Title belt at the front of the show, but Marcus O’Neil said he deserved a shot at Blalock The Blazer also. Ward made the #1 Contender…I am being told Silas is a huge almost 7 foot guy that can move like a cruiserweight…the “Entourage” was formed consisting of Justin Smart, Blaylock The Blazer, Austin Lane and Scott Fury...This group still runs every Saturday night, but on September 8, 2007 they are presenting “Dog Days of Summer” with the main event being a Four Corners Mix Tag Team Match featuring Jazz/Rodney Mack vs Portia Perez/Tyler Logan vs Nikki & Austin Lane vs “Treat Connection” [Loose Cannon/San Francisco Treat], Scotty Fury vs Reno Diamond, Blalock The Blazer vs Chuck Daddy and 3 more big bouts.

I Resemble That Remark!!

----Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio yesterday did a rant about pro wrestling. He called Brian Adams a steroid monkey and that if the booger eaters that watch wrestling don't believe it, he brought up Adams' arrest in 1995. Cowherd did say that despite what a lot of people think, he does consider wrestling a sport, but it's ugly and grotesque. He said nobody should believe anything Vince McMahon says because he's a con man and has made a living conning people. He said wrestling fans under 16 don't know better, but people over that age, especially adult men, who watch wrestling are little boys in their 40s and have no responsibility and sit home and play video games all day.

----So, I am wondering who the hell told him that I bought Madden 08 !!! I really hate people like this that understand nothing about the wrestling business [you know like 90% of the people that get on 's board] and only see the bad in it. He stereotypes wrestling fans like most people stereotype Nascar fans. And, man, he is looking at the phallic mic like he is fixing suck it. Well I am off to eat some boogers and play Madden!!


TIWF TV Report by the Rambling Critic

Last week’s show was almost unwatchable due to technical difficulties. The entire screen was shaking, there was a big black bar across the bottom of the screen, there was a cpu blip that kept popping up, and the sound was 3 - 4 seconds behind.

I did manage to sit through two parts though. One was good and one was bad. The good was and interview with Wildside. He was behind the desk (in full gear) and Seymore brought up the fact that Wildside had a match with Moondog Rex, he then played a clip of Wildside talking bad about Moondog. Saying he was old, washed up, etc. When the camera came back to Wildside he was wearing a huge 80's band wig and claiming that the person in the clip was not him. This came off very funny.

The bad was a PK Ripper vs Stephen Rampage match. Ripper was the baby but Rampage took all the heat. When Rampage caught PK with a move PK basically no sold it. Twice he got up on a double down at the 4 count. While watching, someone who does not know "the business" asked me had these guys even been trained? There were 15 - 20 people at that show.

This week.

This week started off with more technical difficulties. Instead of a big black bar on the screen, it’s now a big baby blue and white bar. The screen was shaking and the sound was 2 seconds off. During the 1st segment the sound was fixed and Weasel, Wildside, and Jon Seymore are in the studio. All in gear, but no desk, just standing.

First Match
The Gathering (Azreal & Kraven Hunter) vs Way Cool

Hunter is wearing pants and a sleeveless shirt, he needs gear. Azreal is the better of the team but both need to either get trained, get their money back from whoever trained them, or retire. They do the worst stomps I've ever seen in this match. Crowd was dead during the match. Way Cool pins Kraven after a frog splash. Ref is Tim Savage, he's not bad BUT SUPER SLOW. 1/2 Star.

Back at the studio Wildside is now wearing an afro wig that looks just like Weasel's hair. Weasel steals Booker T's line...I know you did not....

Second Match
Chico Mendoza vs Weasel

The ref is J.R. Rich!!!!!!!!!! WTF? Crowd was into Weasel. Chico looked like he did not care. He wrestled sloppy and lazy. Weasel wins with a school boy. Mendoza then attacks after the match with brass knucks. 1 Star.

Third Match
Spyder vs Johnny Thunder vs Dre Black

Clusterfuck. Johnny Thunder dropped an elbow off the bottom rope....he is BAD. Spyder pin Thunder after a belt shot. This match was bad. 1/2 Star just because I like the Fit Finlay gimmick.

Forth Match
Big Boy Bob & Steven Rampage vs Boogie Man & Overkill

Overkill has improved a lot but he needs gear. He also needs to eat, he looks like he weighs 100 pounds. He has a green fauxhawk...guess it runs in the family. Hint Hint. This Boogie Man sucks. Bob kicks the crap outta him most of the match. Bob pins Boogie man even though Overkill is the legal man. 1 1/4 Stars.

Fifth Match
Tourney Semi-Final
PK Ripper vs Lawman Williams

Lawman was carried to the ring, someone attacked him backstage. Match is stopped 10 seconds in due to injury. Why even put it on air? -1 Star (That NEGATIVE ONE STAR)

Sixth Match
Tourney Semi-Final
Wildside vs Moondog Rex

Wildside is a much better talker than worker and he is one of the better workers in TIWF. Wildside wins with a school boy push and a fast count from referee Tim Sadler. Looks like PK vs Wildside for the title....who didn't see that coming? They could go with this or they could swerve the fans and have Way Cool being the one that injured Lawman thus setting up a triple threat...PK vs Wildside vs Way Cool. 1 Star.

All show long Hotrod kept referring to an administrator being there. On the website he said it was a WWE Administrator. WTF? Why do that? Who actually believes that? Until next week.

Memphis Top 10: This Sunday!! Beale Street New Daisy!!

-----This Sunday, August 19th, Meet and Greet at 5PM, Belltime 5:30pm Tix are $12 at the door. The Memphis 10 tournament will feature Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, Danny B. Good, Chris Lexx, Austin Lane, Scott Fury, Ray Ray, Kid Krazy, Marcus O'Neil, Reno Diamond.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

rasslinriotonline presents The Dundees

----I just talked with Jamie Dundee and he told me to go ahead and book him some dates in this area also, if anyone is interested. I can have him book with/without Bill. Just shoot me an e-mail as he is giving a good deal to area promoters.

Shows For The Weekend 8.24 to 8.25.07

----"Show" of the weekend is the "Sam's Town's" Memphis Wrestling show in Tunica, MS for their "Finale" They are bringing in Midnight and Corny, so where else would you want to be?? Good opportunity for "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex]. Sid/Johnny Rotten vs Lawler/Mystery Partner so it will be interested in how it draws.

----Friday night at Lexington, TN at 7:30 PM with Street Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

----"The Finale" "Sam's Town's" River Palace Arena - First 500 Fans get Free T-Shirt. Bobo vs Tatt2, Giggles vs Dustin Starr, Street Fight - JR Title Match - Derrick King vs Johnny Dotson - Special Ref - Jimmy Valiant, Bill Dundee/Dutch Mantel vs Mr. Hughes/Kevin White, Southern Tag Team Title: "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] vs "Midnight Express" [Dennis Condrey/Bobby Eaton] with Jimmy Cornette and Jerry Lawler/Mystery Partner vs Sid Vicious/Johnny Rotten.


----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR for a benefit show with Psycho, Arnez, Tommy Redneck, Rockin’ Randy, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Jon Michael, Slim Pickens, Tim Alfonso, Dell Tucker and many more.

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for the Real Pro Wrestling debut in Ecru, MS “Pure Destruction” [Brody and Cody Hawk], Bonecrusher, “The Studd” Scott Porteau, Izzy Rotten, Cassanova Kidd, Neil Taylor, “DC” David Cross, Brett Michaels, Pink Flamingos, Tommy Knox and many more.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Justin Reed, Hittman, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Jack Irons, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for the Real Pro Wrestling debut in Ecru, MS “Pure Destruction” [Brody and Cody Hawk], Bonecrusher, “The Studd” Scott Porteau, Izzy Rotten, Cassanova Kidd, Neil Taylor, “DC” David Cross, Brett Michaels, Pink Flamingos, Tommy Knox and many more.
----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, “Black Label Society” [Void, AJ Bradley, Robbie], Chris Rocker and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

----ASWF Saturday Night - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, Team Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy, Reno Diamond,Blalock The Blazer, Marcus O'Neil ,Acid, Announcers Michael Ward, Brian Edwards, Cody Murdoch, Morgan Lane and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington “Seth Knight, Rockin Randy, TGB Greg Anthony, “Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King] vs “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] in a Ripley Death Match, Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Jerry Weezy,”Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Gaylon Ray, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker, "Rhythm & Blues" [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Velvet Lover"Cody Thunder, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell Time is 8 P.M, door's open @ 7:15 P.M.

Oh I Love The Dirt - Matt Bentley Shoots on TNA.

Matt Bentley, who's TNA deal expires on 8/20, ripped on the company while appearing on last night's Between the Ropes radio show in Florida.

Bentley described the morale of the TNA roster as poor, saying there are performers upset that they work hard only to have former WWE stars brought into the company and leapfrogging them for a larger spot on the roster. He commented that names that are "supposed to be big stars" are brought in but then the ratings never rise. Bentley described TNA as a place that used to be fun to work, but now it's changed and instead of being able to go out and work hard in the ring, wrestlers have to deal with gaga segments and things of that nature.

When the Congressional letter to several wrestling companies was brought up, Bentley said that he was never drug tested by TNA nor has any other wrestler that he knows of working for the company.

When TNA creative team member Dutch Mantel came up, Bentley blamed him for the Serotonin gimmick not taking off, saying Mantel hated it and wanted nothing to do with it. "That guy needs to be fired. The only way to kick Jeff in the a** is to kick Dutch in the back of the head."

Bentley was also vocally upset about the fact that TNA just informed him he was finished instead of thanking him for his tenure with the company and wishing him well.

You can listen to the entire interview at

More Brian Adams News - Adams Client of The Same Steriod Supplier as Benoit

Pro wrestling officials meet with NY prosecutor probing steroids

ALBANY, N.Y. - Officials from World Wrestling Entertainment met this week with New York prosecutors investigating illegal steroid sales.

The meeting Tuesday came a day after a former pro wrestler was found dead at his Florida home, but a WWE official said it had been scheduled well before the death.

An autopsy on Brian "Crush" Adams, 44, failed to show a specific cause of death. The Hillsborough County medical examiner's office said Tuesday it expects a more complete report in six to eight seeks from tissue and toxicology tests on Adams, who wasn't breathing when his wife found him unconscious in their Tampa home Monday morning.

World Wrestling Entertainment Vice President Jennifer McIntosh said Tuesday's meeting had nothing to do with Adams, that he had not been a wrestler for the sports entertainment company since 2001 and WWE has no knowledge of any involvement by Adams with Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Fla. Signature is at the center of Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares' investigation into illegal steroid sales in upstate New York.

"WWE was invited to meet with representatives of the investigation being directed by District Attorney Soares prior to Mr. Adams' death, as have representatives of the NFL, NBA, and other entities," McIntosh said in a prepared statement.

McIntosh declined to comment on what was discussed.

Calls to Soares' office were not immediately returned Thursday.

Adams' death came less than two months after pro wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before hanging himself on the cable of a weight machine in his Georgia home. Prescription anabolic steroids were found in the family's home, raising questions about whether the drugs played a role in the killings.

Benoit had been a client of Signature Pharmacy, Soares' office has confirmed.

Adams was also a Signature client, according to a law enforcement official who did not want to be named.

Nine people, including three current or former physicians, have pleaded guilty in Soares' multistate investigation, most affiliated with Internet and phone-order companies that filled orders for anabolic steroids and growth hormones through Signature and sent drugs to customers around the country, including Albany County.

Signature's owners have pleaded not guilty.

In New York, it is illegal for a doctor to prescribe drugs without examining the patient in person, and illegal for a pharmacy to dispense prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

National Football League officials met with Soares and other investigators in March. An NFL spokesman said they had asked the prosecutors' office for any information relevant to the league.

Soares has said repeatedly he's targeting distributors supplying illicit drugs and physicians writing prescriptions for patients they've never seen, not customers.

Credit: By MICHAEL VIRTANEN Associated Press Writer and

Dustin Starr Blog and Mystery Solved!!

----I would like to direct all my visitors to the following site - CLICK HERE - it is a blog that is not associated with Dustin Starr's site, but he actually blogs about wrestling to the general public. There is very good stories on there and Dustin makes it interesting. So, take a look. And btw, sources close to situation say that Maxx Corbin, Simon Reed and Lil Chris taped up the windows!! No kayfabbing here!!

RassleTube: LAW Recap 8.10.07

Missing Link Dies!!

----Byron James John Robinson (born in Kitchener, Ontario), grew up in Hamilton, Ontario where he resided until his death on August 16th, 2007. He was a former professional wrestler, known best for his ring name The Missing Link. Link had be suffering from a long battle with cancer. He change his gimmick to The Missing Link in 1983 in Mid-South Wrestling and started acting crazy. He got over and was signed by the World Wrestling Federation in 1985. He was managed by both Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan and often was stopped from doing a flying headbutt on a chair by Heenan after a match. Sports Illustrated even did an article on him.

----He left for World Class Championship Wrestling in 1986 and was managed by Sunshine. In late 1986, he left for the Universal Wrestling Federation where he was managed by Dark Journey.

----I remember him during his Mid South and World Class days

XOW Issues A Statement

----XOW on their website issued the following statement. I am not sure who has been dispurting their crowd size?? I talked with 4 or 5 of the guys that were actually on the show and a few people from the crowd - the crowd was in the 200 range.

Wrestling fans,

As you all know by now, XOW had our first show at the fire department in Independence on Friday night August 4th. To the best of our knowledge we were out of the area of any other wrestling promotion that might be having a show that night. It was a great crowd and unfortunately we didn’t have enough chairs and some people paid to stand and watch the show and some didn’t even make it into the building because there wasn’t enough room for everyone.

Some have posted on other sites that were didn’t have the numbers of people that we said we had but please ask anyone on the card how many people were at the show and you will know. We did have a lot of pictures taken by a photographer and we shot some video and pictures will be posted soon. Some of the video will be on the website soon.

Sarge O’Riley and Tony Watts built a great card. My thanks go out to Superstar Bill Dundee, Hollywood Jimmy, Grady Watson and all the workers involved who helped this show possible.

XOW will be having more shows soon and in different areas. We do not have a weekly show as of today but we are happy with bringing the show on the road and having a good time. So, no. We are not running a show weekly in Pontotoc as many have said on the message boards. Every time you see myself, Tony Watts or Sarge O’Riley we will be professional.

It’s not about being top dog. APW, TFW, RPW, and CWA all have a suitable wrestling format that works for them and that is how it should be. Your never going to like all of the shows you go to and your never going to like every worker you see preformed but that’s how things work.

Thank you wrestling fans and we hope to see you again real soon.

Billy Russ
XOW Co/Owner and Webmaster

RassleTube: Brian Adams' Debut with Demolition

----I am just full of videos this morning. You know I never really noticed this, but doesn't the "Demolition" gimmick look more like a cross between S&M and a Kiss mark?? I know it was suppose to be a Road Warriors rip off, but damn..they actually scare me. LOL Take notice of the bodies also - not alot of juice - must have been during one of those times when Vince was scared??

Wrestler Stalker - Star Trek Link

----You know we use to call some of the fans in Philly mutants, as some of my long time readers will remember. You know you guys that were originally with me with the snail mail version of Riot. And, I have always said that I think Star Trek fans are much like wrestling fans. LOL

A Burlingame man convicted six years ago of hounding an actress from the "Star Trek Voyager" TV series has pleaded not guilty to stalking a professional female wrestler and members of a Hayward wrestling club, prosecutors said.

Marlon Pagtakhan, 29, entered his plea Tuesday in San Mateo County Superior Court after being accused of stalking the female wrestler from Illinois and stalking, harassing and threatening the Hayward club members after they told him he couldn't wrestle with them anymore, Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said. He faces two felony counts for the alleged threats and 14 counts of stalking.

Pagtakhan is known to readers of celebrity tabloids as the man who stalked Jeri Ryan -- who played the Borg character on "Voyager" named Seven of Nine -- and threatened her boyfriend, a producer on the show, in 2000. He was convicted the next year in Los Angeles County.

"After he finished his time I guess he decided he needed a new place to live, and unfortunately he found our county and became a resident of Burlingame," Wagstaffe said.

Wagstaffe said Pagtakhan's method of stalking the professional wrestler was similar to what he did to Ryan.

"It was a romantic interest," he said. "He used cell phones, e-mail --

apparently he's a rabid text messager and instant messager. ... He also traveled to (Illinois) to see her."

Pagtakhan came to the attention of Burlingame police after members of the Hayward wrestling group reported that he had been harassing and threatening them, Wagstaffe said. He threatened to kill two people and hurt another, the prosecutor said, and also made "crude sexual references to women."

Pagtakhan wrestled with the Hayward club at one point but was asked to leave because he was "weird," Wagstaffe said.

Police obtained records of Pagtakhan's e-mail and cell phone accounts and determined that he was also harassing the Illinois wrestler, who had not reported the alleged stalking to police, Wagstaffe said.

On Saturday, Wagstaffe said, Pagtakhan parked outside the Hayward wrestling club, put his boxing gloves on top of the car and started shouting.

"He was screaming, 'Come out, I will fight anyone of you,' " Wagstaffe said. "Hayward police came out and took him into custody and called Burlingame."

Pagtakhan is in custody on $800,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary heading Aug. 23. He will be assigned a defense attorney through the county's private defender program.


RassleTube: Scott Hall Clip from Puerto Rico

----Who isn't a Scott Hall mark?? Too bad the whole match is not here, but this is some kewl footage.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dustin Starr singing "Higher"!!!

----As I promised from the Arena Report - Dustin Starr singing "Higher." This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. Check out his latest blog on his site. Dustin, I believe it was those "Genocide" guys that I first saw putting shit on the windows like that. But, being the dirt sheet writer that I am, well, I do have to kayfabe some stuff.

Would You Like To Book The Dundees?? has reach an agreement to book Bill & Jamie Dundee for future wrestling dates. This will mainly be for areas outside of the Memphis area. Please any interested promoters contact me, Brian Tramel, at They are also highly interested in doing conventions, special appearances of any kind and wrestling as either a team or singles. This is a package deal for the Legendary Dundee family to be part of your show.

Tatt2 Available For Bookings

----Tatt2 announced on yesterday that he will be taking bookings now. If you are a booker or promoter for any wrestling organization, then send him a note on his page. This is all stemming from the fact that Tatt2 quit TLCW on Saturday night.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 8.11.07

----Waycool defeated The Gathering in a special handicap match…Chico Mendoza -vs. - Weasel went to a no contest…Spyder defeated Johnny Thunder and Dre Black to keep the TIWF TV. Title…Big BOB and Steven Rampage defeated Overkill and Boogieman SCREAM…Wildside defeated Moondog REX to move to the finals…P.K. Ripper wins over Lawman

----About 55 in the building, not sure on the paid amount…They ran angle before the PK vs Lawman match with someone had jumped Lawman in the back busting him open. PK did not want to fight with him hurt. Lawman jumped PK and PK hit him with a high knee and the ref stopped the match when Lawman passed out!...Wildside vs PK Ripper for the TIWF next week.

Just a Note

----I read today’s “The Hot Shot” by TIWF’s announcer Hot Rod. Here is what he wrote..

“And who is this WWE ADMINISTRATOR scouting talent this past Saturday night….he was not real nice to the fans…but he was very attentive to all of the stars of the TIWF….Will this be good or bad for the TIWF….Who knows maybe Stamford has finally found out that the greatest stars in Wrestling are here in Jackson….Is Vinnie K Mac next?”

----Do you guys really think that anyone and I mean ANYONE would believe that Vinnie Mac would show up to a TIWF show??

Ricky Morton Is A Very Angry Man!!

----Memphis Legend Ricky Morton has a lot of see about Herman Sadler here. Morton and Gibson have some really serious heat now and I would be surprised to see them EVER tagging again. Rumors of “Finale” Sam’s Town show was that it will be Midnight Express vs R&R, but I knew that would never happen.


Today, Ricky Morton joined James Guttman on for one of, if not THE, most intense shoot interview yet on The Club. Considering that names like Tracy Smothers, Ole Anderson, and The Iron Sheik have done interviews, that's saying a lot.

The most intense moment of the 37 minute shoot came when James asked Ricky about Hermie Sadler. Last month, Sadler had promoted the "Rock-n-Roll Express Tag Team Tournament." Morton didn't appear and Hermie stated that it was because Ricky had wanted more money. Now, Ricky Morton explains his side of the story.

Morton said that he found out he was getting paid 3 times less per night than his partner Robert Gibson. Aside from that, he had made a deal to present the titles to the winner of the Tourney. He later was told second-hand that he would be wrestling against the Steiner Brothers in a tag match. When he called Sadler to discuss it, Morton says that he was spoken to rudely. Hermie accused him of trying to hold him up for money before the show. Morton was upset, but despite that conversation, called back to check on whether his hotel room was booked. Why? Ricky explains:

"I did pick the phone up to say, 'Did you get me a hotel room? I’ll be there.… Because I was going there to slap the living f**k out of him in front of all them boys. Tell ya the truth. I was gonna bitchslap the dog f**k out of him to let him understand he ain't gonna talk to me that way. But then after a couple of days, after I cooled down, I just called him that morning and said 'Kiss my ass. I'm not coming"….You got to know what you're doing to run a wrestling business. What does Hermie Sadler know? His shows were all the sh*ts. Everybody told me it was f**kin' horrible. And before you can be a promoter, at least you have to qualify to be in a goddamn race if you're a racecar driver. He didn't qualify. And then when he did qualify, I bet he didn't finish the mother f**ker and never f**kin' won! So ya'll can take that any way you want to….He has no f**kin' business being a promoter in this business because he has no clue. And Hermie, if you're listening to this, I'm not trying to be mean at you. I'm just trying to tell you the f**kin' truth."

It didn't end there. Ricky continued to speak about Hermie Sadler and the UWF in his interview. He also spoke openly about many other topics including being accused of being on drugs, his family, Robert Gibson, 60 minute matches with Ric Flair, why WWE doesn't want him, and more.

Ricky Morton joins over 80 other stars on including Eric Bischoff, Jerry Lawler, Sid Vicious, John Heidenreich, Kevin Nash, DDP, Rob Conway, Paul Bearer, Bobby Heenan, Ted DiBiase, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, Road Warrior Animal, The Iron Sheik, Rhino, Earl Hebner, The Steiner Brothers, Nidia, Christy Hemme, Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, Vince Russo and many, many more.

Benoit Coverage: Who Gets The Money??

----It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but sort of sad when you think all is left of three people is what people can get out of them. I really feel Nancy's family deserves some of the money and Benoit's other kids do also. They had nothing to do wiht this and should not be punished in any way for it.

The battle is on to see who will get the estate of Chris Benoit. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that it's a matter of who died in what order and the family of Nancy Benoit and Chris' father Michael filed a joint motion in the Fayette County Superior Court last week to find out the exact order of deaths so that the estate issues can be finalized. Nancy did not have a will, and if she died first, her estate would then go to Daniel.

Since Daniel was murdered as well, his two half siblings living in Canada from Chris' previous marriage would inherit the fortunes an attorney for Benoit's father said. But if the son was killed first, the estate would go to Nancy, which in this case would go to her family. An initial Probate Court hearing has been scheduled for August 28th but the issue of order of death is expected to be addressed later.

According to Georgia law, Chris Benoit is legally considered to have died last in the house. The intent of the 'Slayer's Statute' is to make sure neither the killer nor his heirs profit from their crimes, says the Atlanta newspaper. Fayette County

District Attorney Scott Ballard said that the department stands by the original findings, that Nancy was killed first followed by Daniel but the attorney for Nancy's family is arguing the fact now that the estate all rest on these findings. The winning party will inherit millions of dollars in two homes, several bank accounts and lucrative investments. The final written version of the autopsies has still not been delivered.


Sid Shoots: Thoughts on the new Sid Vicious Shoot by Gene Jackson

I know it's getting to be that all my posts lately are shoot reviews but I've been watching a lot of these lately, one that I was particularly interested in was the newest one with Sid Vicious since I just recenty wrote an article about him on this site. I never saw his first one so I have to say I was quite shocked at how well he came off in this shoot. I'm not saying I thought Sid was a dumb guy, just not the most articulate guy in world (at least in some promos) but he came off very intelligent in this shoot and nothing like I may have percieved him. Although like every wrestler out there, he does make some outlandish statements during this shoot. Here are some of the highlights:

  • When discussing Flair burying him on the recent WWE 4 Horsemen DVD, Sid said, "Flair can say what he wants but the fact is money wise I've outdrawn him 10 to 1 if you compare my career to his."

WHAT? There was no evidence of sarcasm or joking whatsoever, now I know Sid has drawn some money in his day, but outdrawn RIC FLAIR, 10 to 1??? Look at all the houses Flair drew in all the territories as NWA Champion and pay per views down through the years, that's an insane statement to make.

  • He says that that he infamous promo from Nitro (the one I posted here w/Hall & Nash) was scripted that way on purpose by Russo, he said he questioned it and Bill Busch intervened and told him to read it as it was written.
Now this may or may not be true. Based on the reactions from Hall and Nash, I think he just blew the line cause they aren't that good of actors to put it over like that if it was written that way, plus why would they intentionally write something to make Sid look like a douchbag, of course this is Vince Russo so we may give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

  • Sid says he was promised the WCW World Title going into Halloween Havoc '90 in the match against Sting and was told no different going into the match. As far as he knew going in when he pinned Sting he was leaving the champion, then the real Sting showed up and the ref snatched the belt and told him "take the stinger splash and the 1-2-3" and next thing he knew the finish had been changed on him. He says he believes it was Flair that went behind his back and convinced Ole not to put the belt on him.

This may be true, but I just find it really hard to believe they tried to swerve a 6 foot 9inch, 300lb guy out of the title and he was ok with it, he even says it was "more exciting that way." Mighty risky proposition on a live broadcast had Sid not played along and went "psycho" on them. Hopefully someone will qualify his statement with someone in a future interview.

  • Sid says he wants another run in the WWE as a new character, says he has drawn more money over his career and more consistantly than either the Rock or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and could go there now and be there biggest draw if given the chance.
I would love to see Sid get the chance at one last run in the WWE either as Sid Vicious or a new character but I think again like the Flair statement he may be overstating the case that he drew more money over the course of his career than Rock or Austin. He even went as far as to say Austin's first run was so successful because he had the territory up and Austin just had to sustain it, and later when it went down Austin couldn't bring it back up again with no Sid around. He seems to only remember his time on top in WWE with no mention of the Sid/The Kid tag team or any of the lulls in between.

I won't spoil anymore of it, it's an interesting shoot with plenty of other topics covered ECW, the Arn Anderson stabbing incident, why he hasn't worked for TNA, and more. Check it out.

RassleResults: ICW Columbus,MS 8.11.07

Opening match saw The Outlaw JD McKay and Pyscotikk defeat The Alabama JawJacker and Vinnie the Blade with about 1 minute left in the 20-minute match. Good opening with great heat on the heels and the finish that saw Pyscotikk holding JawJacker's feet down so he couldn't kick out of JD's pin.

"Die Hard" Dylan Hale defeated Aries of DOA in another great match in their series of matches. This match got oneof the biggest pops of the night when Dylan pinned Aries after some great WRESTLING moves.

Steve Masters went to a double disqualification with the Reaper in a stange battle of heels...the crowd recognized Masters from his exposure on the short-lived All-Pro Championship Wrestling that Ken Wayne was involved in two years ago. Match work was real strong but the finish was lost on much of the crowd.

Kid Nickels lost to ICW heavyweight champion The Convict by DQ when "Outlaw" J.D. McKay hit the ring and attacked the champion. And then Convict challenged McKay to a rematch at the next Columbus card - a bullrope match which is J.D.'s favorite supposedly. The Columbus police had to pull McKay and the Convict apart.

In a United States title defense, champion Trainwreck defeated The Predator in another wild doonybrook.

And in the main event, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich and The Scorpion defeated the team of Dirty Sanchez and 3-G Eric Wayne managed by "Nightmare" Ken Wayne. This was a wild all-over the building affair that ended in the ring with Scorpion pinning Eric Wayne at the finish. The roof was practically blown off for this. But as Rich and Scorpion were celebrating their win, Steve Masters and Kidd Nickels ran in from the front door and attacked them. All the while, Ken Wayne proclaimed that this was his big surprise for Columbus that he had promised at the Mathiston card a week earlier.

Incredible action and heat all night. All the matches had great crowd participation. There was around 120 or so in the building with 90 reported paid with a $450 gate. ICW returns to Mathison on Friday, August 24th and back to Columbus on Saturday, August 25th.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's Vote for This Guy!!

----My favorite announcers in this area are Brian Thompson, Michael Ward, Kimble Winstead and Mark Tipton. I truely believe that one or two of these guys would be a total assett to Corey Maclin doing commentary. Corey is VERY GOOD at getting shows over, but lacks in the play by play. He needs someone to play off of doing that. Well, I got this video from and this guy seems to have some footage from "Sam's Town" I have never seen, so I watched it. I have a poll on the right. Please vote!!! And we will be doing a special section on the messageboard about him. Here is Taylor McKnight calling the action for Sam Shaw vs Amien Rios. This was a prelim match for the 5.26.07 show. This is the first time I have actually seen Rios' name. This is a good match with good psychology and Shaw could be a star with all that athletic ability he has got and Memphis using him as a jobber.

RassleResults: GTA West Point, MS 8.11.07

----LSD d. Omega...Josh Matthews & Justin Reed went to a double pin...Chris Chaos d. Jake Prentiss to retain the GTW Heavyweight Title...In a six man elimination match, Justin Reed won (after the middle spring broke in the ring) to win a title show of his choosing at next week's show. He chose to get a shot with Josh Matthews at the GTW Tag Team champions The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Chris Styles). The order of elimination was: Omega, Jake Prentiss, LSD, Chris Chaos, and Josh Matthews.

----Crowd was about 20 with a gate of $100...Promoter Dudley Williams still doesn't have a clue what he's doing. He informed everyone that he was going to start booking the shows himself, and that he was going to bring in a new crew of guys next week. His reasoning - he saw Bill Dundee do it before, and if Dundee can do it, he can...Of course, if he's able to get new guys from somewhere, then he should be able to get more than six workers every week…Jake Prentiss continues to wrestle in street clothes. Both Friday and Saturday night, he worked in the same thing he wore to the building -a Chuck Norris t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and tennis shoes with some bad looking kickpads. He claims he's been working for seven years, but he has no gear at all. He also fucks up everything he does. It’s really getting on everyone's nerves...ATTENTION PROMOTERS: It is your responsibility to make sure every wrestler you use has gear. If they do not wear proper gear then they do not look like wrestlers - they look like fans.

Lacey Update and More Development News

---- Lacey Von Erich, RRO’s favorite development talent, is scheduled to report to Tampa on tomorrow. She is scheduled to stay a week before being assigned to either Florida Championship Wrestling or Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY.

More Development News

----Dan Rodman, pictured above, is currently out of action with a back injury. From what I understand, he has been out of action for the past month. Area wrestler Christian Jacobs actually got to work out with Rodman during one of his WWE spots and said the guy is real nice and willing to learn. He could see why Stephanie McMachon had picked him as her fave.

- Mike Knox and Derrick Neikirk were in Tampa training on Monday.

- The new Hart Foundation is still in Tampa, but are expected to be moving to Louisville in the next few weeks.

- Steve Keirn and Dr. Tom Prichard are the head trainers in Tampa, and the assistant trainers are Steve Madison and Buck Quartermain. Apparently Madison and Quartermain are assistants due to their friendship with Keirn. Madison and Quartermain both have heat with the developmental talent. Madison is 23 years old, and has only been a wrestler for four or five years. Quartermain brags often about being in the business for seventeen years, but in all those years has never been under contract to a major promotion.

Update on Brian Adams Death

--According to Medical Examiner Dr. Leszek Chrostowski, there is no preliminary cause of death for Brian Adams, who passed away yesterday at the age of 44. Further studies are necessary to determine a cause, including toxicology repors and tissue testing, which won't come back for six to eight weeks.


Crazy Luke Speaks..

----I have been privilege to have various guys that have years of experience who have written special pieces for this site. Crazy Luke Graham JR always has some interesting things to say. I have always been taught that wrestling is a business – butts in seats – more butts in seats the more money. The better quality of roster you have then it makes everything more believable – more butts – more money. Graham has a different business plan. He puts over 200 butts in the seats every week, but charges them nothing. I have always wonder how many he would draw if he did bring in Jerry Lawler and charge $7 head. Would they come to see Lawler and pay?? Does that then lessen his crew’s draw?? You know you can giveaway almost anything in world to someone for free..well unless it is a turd. And no matter what, no one is keep coming if the quality of the show is shit. Graham must be doing something right, because Corey Maclin has free TV tapings and sometimes can’t get 50 people in the fill the stands. CLICK HERE to read a very interesting piece by Luke Graham JR.

Monday, August 13, 2007

RassleResults: APP Ackerman, MS 8.11.07

----Bullrope Match: Chris Kilgore over Neil Taylor….Strap Match 10 Ladies picked out of the crowd : Brandon Barbwire/Anton Leveigh beat Chris Styles/Chris Kilgore…Hollywood Hardcore: Uncle Felton beat Hollywood Jimmy… Hillbilly pinned Pappy…Kendo Stick on a Pole with no Pole –Psycho beat Candyman…Tag Title Match: Anton Leveigh/Brandon Barbwire over Tony Dabbs/Sarge O’Reilly with Hollywood Jimmy handcuffed to The DeadMan to become the new APP Tag Team Champions.

----241 in attendance with a gate of $2010 with about 300 in the building…Kilgore joined Styles after Brett Michaels no-show. If they had won the bout, then they would had got the match vs Dabbs/Sarge with the winning team being APP Champions…Giant Hillbilly came out first for the Scufflin’ Hardcore bout. “Hollywood” Jimmy came out and had a watermelon. He offered Giant Hillbilly a slice of the watermelon to join the Clique. Hillbilly milked it and finally turned by eating watermelon. I was told it was real funny and got over great with the crowd. Crowd hated Hillbilly after it. I can’t wait to see where Hollywood goes with this…Someone was sent out to hold the stick in the Kendo stick bout and Sammy Hall was out there watching it. Sarge came out and grabbed the kendo stick from Sammy Hall, but some fan ended up grabbing it from Sarge. Sarge grabbed it back and pushed the fan down. Psycho/Candyman match was REAL stiff!!!...Some little girl got hurt when Leveigh did a dive outside the ring on Dabbs and Dabbs’ shoe caught the little girl in the ribs. She was sent to the hospital, but was fine after everything. APP ALWAYS had signs posted at their event that says they are not responsible for accidents. That might be something other promoters need to do.

RassleResults: RPW Ecru, MS 8.11.07

----Tommy Knox defeated Cassanova Kid…Colton Anderson defeated Jay Webster…Bonecrusher & Izzy Rotten vs. 24/7 (JR Mauler & Kross) ended in a double pin…”The Pink Flamingos” (Brian & Ryan SoFine) defeated Chazz & Jay Webster…”Pure Destruction” [Cody and Brody Hawk] defeated Tommy Knox & “DC” David Cross.

----I was told by more than one person that they drew less 40 at this show. The bad press that Tony Watts has given this group in Ecru, MS continues to hurt them. Also, when the fans came back to the show last weekend and expected something different – they got the same crew minus just a few workers. Watts gave them a total different show for XOW show. I wish the best for the crew, but the damage may not be able to be repaired. It might be time to pull up the tent and take it to another town.

Credit: Axeman @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 8.10.07

Chazz Stone beat Devon Raynes…."Prime Time" Nick Grymes won a four way match over Chris Chaos, Josh Matthews, & Cassanova Kid to retain the TFW Light-Heavyweight Championship…LSD beat Omega…Jake Prentiss beat Shawn Reed by DQ…Vinnie the Blade beat Fusion…”Attitude, Inc.” [Chris Styles/Tony Dabbs] with T-Byrd & Bless beat “The New Age Cowboys” [Chris Kilgore/Josh Holley] by DQ. New Age Cowboys retain the Tag Team belts…"DC" David Cross beat Max Steele w/T-Byrd, Chris Styles, Tony Dabbs, and Bless to win the TFW Championship.

----There were about 100 in the crowd with a gate close to $500…This Friday night “Attitude, Inc.” will get a shot at “The New Age Cowboys” for the belts…I can not believe they put the belt on Cross. Even though he might be a better worker than Steele, Cross is still not good enough to be champ with the crew these guys have.

Credit: Help from Axeman @

Sad News Out of Jumpertown

----Some sad news coming out of the JWS benefit show in Jumpertown, MS. This show was on at 2:00 PM Saturday after and it was very hot in the building. At the ending of the show was happening - valet Sexy Lexy had a asthma attack and when EMT's showed up to check on her, referee Sam Whiskers had a heat stroke. EMT's said he died 2 times on the way to Booneville hospital. The last news I was told was that they moved him to Magnolia Hospital in Corinth, MS where he lives. He is still in bad shape. Our prayers go out to his friends and family.

----The benefit was Justin Rhodes' kid who needs a major surgery on his legs.

Brian Adams Update

The Tampa police report of the death of Brian Adams was that he was found at 11:30 a.m. today by his wife, not breathing in bed. There was no sign of foul play. A preliminary autopsy will be performed tomorrow.


Just Had to Comment........

----TNA ran a very smart angle last night with my favorite Titan - Following his TNA debut at Hard Justice, Adam “Pacman” Jones got an ominous warning from Ron “The Truth” Killings – “Watch Your Back!”. Later in the broadcast, Pacman was found knocked out backstage with a cut over his eye following an attack! Jones was taken from the arena in an ambulance. That was very smart creative booking. The man does not even have to wrestle and still put in an angle.

----I have always been a Kurt Angle mark and it is hard not to be one, since he is one of the greatest wrestlers EVER...BUT...Angle is now TNA, IWGP, X Division and tag team champion - can you say BELT MARK!!

Brian Adams Found Dead!!

----We don't have any details on this, but Brian Adams, who wrestled as Crush in WWE and later WCW in the 90s passed away. Adams was 43.We should have more on this later.

NBW - Update On Hair Match

----They did a skit at the 1st of the show Saturday night where Jeremy Moore came out and started talking about the hair match then Jimmy Tidwell and JR Manson came out and said that JR never signed any contract and that he took the situation before the board and they ruled in his favor, so the match is off, and said that tonight would be Moore’s last chance against JR. and then he said that JR would find a partner and Alan Walker said I could have a partner, and that set up the tag match. Then JR cut Moore’s hair after the bout to ‘throw the ruling in Moore’s face”. No hair match this week, but I think will probably be built now for their next big show, which will be September 22, 2007 – 1 Year Anniversary of NBW – “Legacy”. It was reported yesterday on this site by West Tennesse Reporter that the hair match would be this weekend, so I wanted to correct that.

Tatt2 Is Done!!

----I need talk with the TLCW bookers yesterday and both stated that Tatt2 is done with TLCW. It will be interested to see how this will affect his status with Memphis Wrestling.

RassleTube: Kenny Omega

----I am not sure how many of you actually read the interview with Omega that Larry Goodman posted from DOI yesterday. You guys have to take a look at this video though. I have never seen the kid work, but his natural athletic ability and variations of punches and kicks are crazy. Take a look.

Arena Report: TLCW "Super Summer Showdown" 8.11.07

----As I arrived at Ripley Park, one of the strangest things I ever seen was on a stage performing. Dustin Starr was performing without his shirt on with a band the song “Higher” by Creed. Starr is suppose to be posting this on his site and will post it here also. [BTW, go to Starr’s site – the two latest BLOG entries are worth a read.] And, as I got out of the car I was informed that the show was outside at the park!! WTF!! I didn’t even realize that and I did two weeks of TV with them. I knew it was going to be at the park, but outside?? GAWD!! I hate the outside!! LOL

----It was a nice set up, but it was hot as hell for the first few bouts until the sun went down. The ring was set up in the middle of a softball field with bleachers and chairs. I only stood in the ring at the front of the show and threw out three free DVDs, but got yelled at during the National Anthem for not removing my cap – “Hey fat boy – take off your cap!!”

----“Rhythm & Blues” [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele] beat Tommy Redneck/J.Weezy with Richard Marx. Heat was on Steele – hot tag to Tucker. They ended with their finisher “chartbuster” on Weezy for the pin. Nothing wrong with the bout – fans were not into much it yet, because it was so hot outside. [*1/2]

----Rude pinned Shawn Williams using a TKO to win a 5-Way Match involving Gaylon Ray, Shannon Lee and Precious. This was a total clusterfuck. This was easily the worst match I have ever seen Rude in. I would have taken a tag match with Rude/Lee vs Shawn/Ray over this any day of the week. None of the guys really looked bad – the match was just bad. [1/2*]

----“Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] with Richard Marx beat Dell Tucker/Chris Lexx to become the new TLCW Tag Team Champions. Great psychology. Heat was on Tucker [who had new tights made by Tatt2]. Hot tag to Lexx. Lexx did a dropkick from the top rope during the comeback. Geno ended it with the H-Bomb on Lexx for win and titles. They kept beating up Lexx/Tucker when R&B come out to make the save. Steele did a guitar shot on Corbin. [**1/2]

----“Cruzin 4 Pain” [187/Motley Cruz] with Tasha Simone beat “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money]. Good psychology with heat on 187. Not the level of the bout I seen earlier this year at NBW between the two teams. This was much shorter and a little cluster after the hot tag to Cruz. C4P did a double team finisher on ECBB for the win. After the match Tasha was in the ring holding up C4Ps’ hands, when she gave both of them a nut shot turning on them and leaving with ECBB. 187 did a mic spill. Cruz said nothing. [**1/2]

----“Extreme Title” Match [Cruiserweight Title/Hardcore Title] Match: Rockin’ Randy beat Seth Knight. Not at the level I have seen either of these guys. They used the ladder in the ring for a couple of nasty bumps, but seem to not have the “zest” that they could have had just as a normal title match. Randy pinned him using the ropes, which in a bout like this you need a clean finish. [**]

----“The Savior” Jon Michael’s debut was here after the bout doing a big mic spill and destroying Seth Knight. He didn’t have much of a different look, which would have helped, but did real good on the interview. He did a Razor’s Edge on Knight – think about it – it goes with the new gimmick. Michael got lots of cheers, but more boos as he left. He said on the mic that in TLCW, “I am God!!!” Great skit – look forward to seeing what they do with the new gimmick.

----TLCW Title Match: “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Jerry “The King” Lawler by DQ to retain the belt. This was a real good bout with old time psychology and Lawler bumping real good for TGB. Shine spots with Lawler getting the best of TGB with a series of punches here and there and everywhere. Heat started with TGB using a chain on Lawler and Lawler taking a big bump out of it. Hope spot had Lawler coming out of heat, but TGB hit again with the chain for another big bump. Finish had Lawler pull do his strap, a ref bump with TGB going to hit Lawler with the chain again and Lawler grabbing the chain and slugging TGB. Lawler put the chain under his arm with ref Bill Rush getting up just in time for Lawler to pin TGB. When Rush raised Lawler’s arm, then the chain fell out and Lawler got the DQ. Isn’t that a heel finish?? [*** 1/2]

----Dustin Starr beat Tim Grind by DQ. A good bout and the crowd were into it. Tim Grind is over – he got a huge pop. Starr came out wearing a white batting glove on his right hand and doing the “5-starr” hand motion. Nice touch. Everything looked real solid, but at times looked too planned. It was a real good match though with the heat up, but a shitty finish with Grind using a chair and getting DQ’ed. Both guys are WWE development material and both have the “look” and have “it”. [***1/2]

----Ripley Street Fight: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] vs “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris] ended in a double DQ. Ok, aside from the shitty finish, this was probably the best bout I have seen live this year. It would be hard to explain everything that happened in the bout, but it featured the following and more: Lee did at least three dives, DK took a trashcan lid baseball bat shot to the nuts from Chris, Chris took a brainbuster to a chair from Lee bending the chair, Simon was “on” doing a few variations of powerbombs that I thought had killed the other guys, fighting all the way to fence where DK took a crazy bump into the fence, a double superkick on Chris that popped his head, everything was SO STIFF and much more. Crowd was so into the bout it was scary. They had sat there for almost 3 hours and this was the match they wanted to see. There were babies in the crowd crying when the Posse was getting beat up. The crowd was at one time chanting back and forth – “Hot Topic!! Posse!!” And, Stan Lee did a beautiful SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! Ref Tavian Hart ruled DDQ because both teams had hit him. [****1/4]

----Notes: I would guess 210 in the crowd with a gate close to $2310…R&B are totally over with the crowd…Albino Rhino looked more impressive this time than Maxx Corbin and I usually say the opposite. If done right down the line, these guys are going to do good in a feud vs each other and then as a babyface team. Rhino should be the baby…Crowd was in total silence after the Simone turn on C4P…”Rockin Randy had new gear and it looked good on him. He looks like a legit wrestler now. He is also home grown TLCW talent that has been MADE by great booking and total improvement in the ring. They need to combo those belts and just let him carry one belt out…Before Lawler went to wrestle TGB, I said “Just think you are at MSG Monday night.” Lawler looked at me and said, “What do you mean?” and then he started laughing and said, “Yea Ripley, TN to MSG.” When he walked around the ring before the bout, he shook a lot of hands and the final person he walked over to he said, “I will be at MSG Monday night!” LOL…The guys that were yelling at me about my cap tried to fight me during intermission. I was going to take on all three of them, until J.Weey grabbed my arm and I cooled off. Yea, I could just see me getting pulled off the field into a cop car for fighting with marks…SEW promoter and TLCW referee Lammarus Brooks really needs training to be a ref!!! …Starr announced before their bout that he had got rid of Chris O’Neal…The last three bout would have been maybe a ½ star better if they would have had clean finishes. Lawler bout probably couldn’t have had a clean finish. Grind/Starr I was told it was because was the just the start of their feud. And, the Posse/Hot Topic bout was to set up a “Ripley Death Match” for this Saturday night, even though all four guys and the ref didn’t have a finish going into the bout…Thanks to cast and crew of TLCW. I had a great time and they put on a good show. Special thanks to guys around me Mark, Dustin [not Starr], “Koko” and SEW announcer – we all had a great time.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Benoit joke makes it in by Gene Jackson

When it was taped a couple of weeks ago it was said that it would be edited out in post-production but Comedy Central's Roast of Flavor Flav aired tonight (and is being replayed all evening) and Jimmy Kimmel's joke about Flavor Flav that "Chris Benoit was a better father than you." was left in after all. The crowd was laughing at everything up to that point but that joke was met with a mixture of laughs and a loud "ooooh" from the audience. Check it out on the replay and watch the reaction.

RassleResults: MEWA 8.11.07 Batesville, AR - New Champions - The Blood was Flowing!

The Opening Match of the night for the M.E.W.A Light Heavy Weight Title Match. “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne defended his title against another newcomer to M.E.W.A, the challenger was Damien Morte. Tommy started the match will the mind set of keeping his title. Morte was throwing his own style of High-Flying moves @ Tommy. Tommy countered every move Morte made with his own High- Flying style. “Mr. Playboy” got the win in only 5:57, to keep his M.E.W.A Light Heavy Weight Title.

The Second Match of the night was “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. and his partner Joey Grunge, they were being challenged by X-Rated. This match was more of a beating instead of a match. Grunge and Graham used there many year’s of experience in wrestling. The two veterans were beating X-Rated from side of the ring to the other and inside/outside of the ring. Graham and Grunge never let X-Rated do anything; they controlled it from the start to finish, but in the end X-Rated got the win in 11:01 by a D.Q

The Third Match of the night was a David VS. Goliath Match. Big Al was taking on Gary Diamond. Al was using all his High-Impact moves on Diamond, while Diamond was using his own High-Flying moves to fight off Al. These men had a long hard fought battle, with no man ever getting the upper hand for good. In a time of 11:45, Gary Diamond was able to get the victory.

The Semi-Main Event of the night was a No-D.Q match featuring Indy Legend Johnny Hawk challenging “The Suicide King” Ray Ray. These men battled outside of the ring more than inside it. Hawk was beating Ray down when, Ray knocked Hawk into the ring causing his right arm to get a deep cut in it. Hawk returned the favor by using a MOP to the head and lower area, Ray took some very hard shotss from Hawk causing his head to be busted wide open. Ray and Hawk continued to battle even though both were a HELL of a lot of pain and losing blood. After 11:14 “The Suicide King” was able to steal a victory over Hawk.

The Main-Event was the Batesville Street Fight that all the fans were begging to see. It was a Title vs. Titles vs. Hair Match. This match was to be so out of control it had to have two refs, so it all the dirty actions of Danger Zone could be controlled. With one Ref inside the ring, Casino Kid requested the M.E.W.A General Manger Johnny Hawk be the special guest Ref {as casino put it, he is the fair man for the job}. The M.E.W.A World Heavy Weight Champion Casino Kid and his partner Johnny Harper Vs. The M.E.W.A World Tag Team Champions Danger Zone {“Dangerous” Dave Cox and “Hot Rod” John Ellison}. In this match if Casino got pinned he lost the title, or if Harper was pinned his head was going to be shaved, if Danger Zone was pinned they would lost the titles. All four men were in for a war here, they battled outside the ring, outside the gym {at one point they were in the back and top of a pick-up truck, and beating each other into cars and trucks all over the parking lot}. The fans were going crazy as there was blood, dirt, anything they could there hands on was being used each other. After security was able to get the action back inside, Casino pinned Ellison on the ramp. The winner’s were The Casino Kid and Johnny Harper which are now the NEW The M.E.W.A World Tag Team Champions in a time of 8:57.

There were 254 people who showed up this week to see all the hot action at Main Event Wrestling America.

RassleReview: RF Video Shoot Interview w/Kevin Nash by Gene Jackson

I just got a chance last night to check out the new shoot interview with Kevin Nash from RF Video and I have to say it was a very interesting interview that went further indepth than the WrestleReunion one that was conducted a couple of years ago. Nash was very open and honest here (I thought at least) and below is a trailer you can check out. As always, I'm not going to give a lot of spoilers here but there were some points of interest I'd like to cover.

A lot of people knock Nash for a number of things such as, a) he's not a good worker. b) he was overpaid and took advantage of Bischoff and their friendship. c) he abused his power as a booker by going over on Goldberg and taking the title too soon. d) Nash/Hogan/Bischoff with things like the "fingerpoke of doom" killed off WCW

So here's my opinion on those things. I've always liked Kevin Nash, I've always found him entertaining and thought he was good at what he does. You see a lot of these bitter old guys who bitch about him and the money he made with his "limited work rate". Here's the thing, Nash is nearly 50 years old and seems to have plenty of money from his time in wrestling specifically WCW. Why do people fault him for that? If they were shrewd enough business people to get themselves those kinda deals would they have turned them down? Would they have insisted on "doing more moves" to "earn" their money. Here is something that puts that into perspective, Kevin Nash but most smart people's standards is considered a "poor worker". On the flip side of that Dymamite Kid and Ricky Morton and considered two of the best workers of all time and now one of them is flat broke and in a wheel chair and the other has to work armories and high school gyms to make ends meet. So whose the better worker here? Or at the very least which would you rather be, praised by your peers and broke or be the rich guy with the "poor work rate." Again, I'm not knocking Dynamite or Morton just making a point.

As for taking advantage of his friendship with Bischoff to to help himself creatively, well hell yeah that goes on from the WWE down to the show down the road from your house. Not just wrestling, every facet of society and business you use your friends to get ahead. What, was he supposed to say, "Hey Eric, I'd really rather Scott and I drop the straps to the Villanos next week." Give me a break.

The Goldberg thing, he swears he didn't take the book til February, I don't know if that's true but someone had to do it eventually and it's not like that did it clean, there was a huge screwjob ending there. So take that for what's it worth.

The 'fingerpoke of doom', I personally never really liked and I do think it was a turning point in the downfall of WCW. However as he explained here the payoff to the angle got blown shortly after when Goldberg stuck his arm through the Limo window. Also, as he points out the whole point of the angle was to get their heat back and people are still made about almost 9 years later.

All and all it's very enjoyable shoot, I think everyone should check it out, again here's a sample.

Kenny Omega Rips Deep South Wrestling

Credit Sean McCaffrey of the Declaration of Indepedents website with this scathing interview about Omega's time served as a WWE developmental contracted talent with Deep South Wrestling.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 8.10.07 - New Tag Champs!!

Slim Pickens over Phoenix X by DQ when Jeff O'Dell & TGB interfered..."The Posse" [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] with Stanley 2 Dope [Stan Lee in mask] over Rockin' Randy and Dell Tucker...Greg Anthony over Lil'Tim Alfonso in a Non-Title Match...Dress Off or EGGED! Tommy Redneck over "Trendsetter" Jon Michael..."The Asylum" [Arnez/Psycho] over Bane/Graham in a Hardcore Match to win LAW Tag Team Titles

----60 in the building, which had to be a disappointment to the promotion due to the fact of drawing almost 200 last week to the free show...TGB/O'Dell wanted Phoenix X to use the mist on Slim. After the Alfonso/Golden Boy match, Slim came to make the save when Phoenix X kicked Slim in the back of the head. TGB held Slim for the mist but Slim pushed TGB in the way and he took the mist…Trendsetter was hit by the fans with 8 Dozen eggs! Watch the Recap later this week on RassleTube to see highlights.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.11.07

----Corey Maclin welcomes the viewers in suit and tie, which is unusual, but he did make him look professional. Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten walk out. Rotten tells Maclin to get away that they are taking over the show. Vicious talks about Rotten getting beat at AutoZone. Vicious also messes up and says calls Corey "Johnny". LOL

----Mr. Hughes/Kevin White beat Dustin Starr/Jon Michael. This was almost a squash. Hughes threw Starr over for the tag after heat on Starr, but as soon as Michael got in, Hughes did like two moves on him and pinned him. Why squash two of the better looking guys on the show??

----"The Finale" "Sam's Town's" River Palace Arena - First 500 Fans get Free T-Shirt. Bobo vs Tatt2, Giggles vs Dustin Starr, Street Fight - JR Title Match - Derrick King vs Johnny Dotson - Special Ref - Jimmy Valiant, Bill Dundee/Dutch Mantel vs Mr. Hughes/Kevin White, Southern Tag Team Title: "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] vs "Midnight Express" [Dennis Condrey/Bobby Eaton] with Jimmy Cornette and Jerry Lawler vs Sid Vicious.

----Jerry Lawler interview. Lawler talks about MSG this Monday night with Booker T. Lawler talks about Booker calling him Jerome and he doesn't matter because his dad's name was Jerome. He also talked about Memphis Wrestling being part of a big town event in September. Vicious/Rotten come out. Vicious says he is going to pick Lawler's opponent out of the crowd. But, actually it was picking Lawler a partner, not an opponent. Vicious is way off. He did tell Corey to shut up and if he did anything but hold the mic, then it would be asking him to do too much. LOL Vicious picks someone out of the crowd to be Lawler's partner for later. Lawler agrees.

----Johnny Dotson/Tatt2 by DQ Precious/Gaylon Ray. Match was joined in progress. Dotson hit Precious with a juvi driver after Ray/Tatt2 were fighting outside the ring. Dotson went to the top to hit a frogsplash and Derrick King jumped in for the DQ. He DDT'ed him and left him laying.

----Bill Dundee - interview. He talked about White/Hughes. They then air an old Dutch Mantel video with a new song.

----"Too Kool 2" [Flex/Tim Grind] interview. Jimmy Cornette sent in an interview. They aired some Mid-South footage of Jim Cornette being interviewed by Jim Ross about "Midnight Express" vs Magnum TA/Mr.Wrestling II. They then joined the match in progress. Midnight get DQ'ed for whipping TA/II with straps.

----Derrick King interview. DK comes out with "Tastes Like Chicken" shirt. DK talks about a "Street Fight" with Dotson. Valiant video is played and DK interrupts it. He says if Valiant gets in his way, he will knocked him out. Dotson jumps DK and they fight into the crowd to the curtain.

----Jerry Lawler/Fan [area worker Shawn Williams]vs Sid Vicious/Johnny Rotten. Sid does a few spots with Lawler and then forces him to tag the fan. Vicious destroys the fan with a chokeslam and a powerbomb. Williams did a great job. After the match Lawler challenged Rotten/Vicious to a tag match this Friday night. Lawler said he would find a tag team partner for Friday night.

----Hughes/White came back out for an interview about Dundee.

----Lawler walked back out to end the show promising Rotten/Vicious that he had a lot of friends and he would get on the phone and have a partner by Friday.

----Notes: Sid and Rotten did almost the same interview with both having references to Michael Vick & a bulldog...Although Sid stumbled over his words, the angle with him picking Lawler's partner was done good...Too bad they joined the tag match in progress. Ray/Tatt2 spots looked good. Tatt2 had new tights [which he made] and they looked good...I loved the classic clip of Midnight Express. I loved Mid South Wrestling!! I believe this was from 1984...Shawn needs work, but they could make a 1-2-3 Kid type of star out of this guy with him beating Sid down the road...This was a good show. Not any GREAT wrestling, but it was a great one hour promo for "Sam's Town" on Friday. It reminded me of the old days when they use to promote Monday night at the Coliseum. I am not a big fan of the "mystery partner" thing, especially in this day when you have to announce who is going to be there to help draw. But, it was done real well and even made me want to go to the show Friday night.

Tatt2 Quits TLCW!!

----TLCW’s “Super Summer Showdown” was a good show last night with some of the early bouts seeming to lack the “spark”, but the later bouts the fans were really into them. I will have a full Arena Report later, but the major news coming out of the show seems to be Tatt2 quitting the promotion. Apparently, early in the day when they had a softball game some fans were putting water on all the wrestlers. He got pissed and left and just said he quit. A few of the other wrestlers were not happy about getting wet either due to the fact of having cell phones and such. Tatt2 was planned for a big program with “The Savior”, who was revealed to be Jon Michael last night, and has been a major character in TLCW for the whole year. In unrelated news, 187 and Tasha Simone finished up with TLCW also last night. 187 is retiring and I am not sure about Simone. Motley Cruz will continue to work in TLCW.