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Memphis Wrestling 10 Years Ago..

USWA: There was continued chaos behind the scenes. There were conflicting reports over whether a Texas group now owned the company, or if the company was still owned by a three person group from Cleveland. James Beard and Bert Prentice were in charge of booking. There was much concern from the owners because the company wasn’t making any real money. Many of the wrestlers were getting worried, as the promotion hadn’t run any house shows for over a week, and had also eliminated babyface wrestlers from working the gimmick table at spot shows (thus depriving them of some extra income) as they wanted to put out a more professional appearance…… Tommy Rich and Rex King had left the promotion…… Steven Dunn defeated Doomsday for the USWA title on the first September 6th, taped Saturday midnight show…….. Also on the show, former WCW jobber Hardbody Harrison debuted, interfering in Brian Christopher’s match with Billy Travis……. They also aired a Tommy Dreamer promo, and seemed to be building towards a four-way match featuring Dreamer, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 9.07.07

Rockin' Randy over Slim "The Puppy Dog" Pickens

Idol Bane over Tommy Wayne & Ray Ray

“The Asylum” [James Arnez/Psycho] over “Treat Connection” [San Francisco Treat/Loose Cannon] with Mr. Rotten by DQ

"Trendsetter" Jon Michael and Tommy Redneck fought to a Double DQ

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Stan Lee to keep LAW Championship after Jeff O'Dell made the referee reverse the decision because of Slim's interference.

----40-50 in crowd with a gate close to $250…Slim came out on a leash to "How much is that doggy in the window" lead by TGB. They even had the bull in bulldog covered up with white tape and it said Puppy on it. Jeff O'Dell made Slim "rollover" so that Randy could pick up the victory…Treat Connection tied up Arnez with tape after being DQ and all three members beat up Psycho…Next week will feature a POSE DOWN between Trendsetter and Tommy Redneck and a Hale County Hardcore Match between The Asylum and all three members of The Treat Connection(Cannon, Treat & their manager Mr. Rotten). Watch the LAW Recap later this week here on the site!!

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 9.07.07 - Kash Still Champ!!

Josh Crowe b Shane Smalls

"Hangin' Tough"- Luscious Quinton Quarisma & Gigolo Jay Phoenix b New York Gangster & Saint when Phoenix pinnned Gangster

Petey Wright b Damien Payne

TV champ Hammerjack & Tim Renesto b LT Falk & TJ Harley when Hammerjack pinned Harley

AM Vision b USWO Champion Kid Kash by DQ when during a ref bump, Vision brought a chair into the ring but Kash grabbed it and hit him with it as the ref was coming to

"Wild Boys"-Ben Jordan & Steve Neely b Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) when Neely hit Valiant with a chain and put Jordan on top for the pin.

----106 in the building with a gate close to $1,100.

Bill Dundee Is OK!!

----Rumor mill was buzzing this morning all the way down in Alabama to Memphis that Bill Dundee had died of a heart attack in Savannah,TN last night. I have not been able to talk to Dundee this morning, but it looks like it is confirmed that he is still alive and kicking!!

More Detailed Spoilers

----Show 1: Jerry Lawler came out to talk with Corey Maclin. TK2 came out made. Brian C/Koko had left with the belts…Brian C came behind them and ripped his pants down and ran to the back…TK2 vs Hurricanes…Koko Ware interview give it up for Ali…Ali vs Chris Lexx…Kevin White with Garry White vs Dustin Starr…Dotson vs DK - 17 minute draw – they decided to be partners after the match, when Dotson ask DK to be his partner – Brian C vs Giggles.

----2cnd show: TK2 vs Brian C/Ali for tag belts – Brian C/Ali new champs…Kevin/Mr.White beat Chris Lexx/Dustin Starr…Dotson/DK vs NBN vs Hurricanes…Finish had Dotson use a book on Rude, then said he was back, so DK/Dotson ["Cryme Time 2" LOL!!] joined Rashard as a heel tag team.

----Lawler is out with Corey at the front of the first show and TK2 come out talking about their titles. Apparently Koko/Brian C did not win the belts at the Fair, but left the Fair with the belts. Brian C sneaks behind Tim Grind and pulls his pants down...No Dundee, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten or Tatt2???

Memphis Wrestlng Spoilers - Ali Returns To Memphis!!

----Ali returned this morning to Memphis Wrestling. Ali is a former Power Pro Wrestling champion winning the title in January of 2000 from Steve Bradley [who had won it from Kurt Angle] and losing it to Wolfie D in April, 2000. Ali at the time was consider one of the next big things and pushed hard at Power Pro. Ali was trained at the WCW Power Plant and by Harley Race. I believe he wrestled under his real name, Steve Sharp, while working jobs for WCW. He was actually under a developmental contract with WCW at the closure of the promotion in 2001. Ali spent some time out of the business, but I had recently got a letter that he was working in October in Russellville, AR for Mid-South Wrestling. That show will feature him [working as The Atomic Dog] vs Prince Al Farat with Skandor Akbar. I was told the show is still almost a month away and they have already sold 146 advance tickets, so it is going to be a big show. Also at that show will be Matt Riviera, The Nightmare [Ted Allen] and a bunch of local guys from that area.


----Details were sketchy, but there is what I got for the two hours…Ali is back…Brian Christopher doing tag team angle with TK2. I am told the tag belts did change hands the other night, even though it was not a title match?? Brian C was tagging with Koko that night, but I think he tags with Ali on the second show…Kevin White with Garry White/Dustin Starr feud is started and featured on both shows…Derrick vs Dotson for about a 15 minute match on TV blow off their feud…"Hurricanes" [Ax/Max] wrestled at least on one show...Lawler did interviews live on both shows, but did not wrestler…Koko Ware was there...Mr. Hughes was not there...Posse were not there, because they were doing the big shows in Alabama this weekend for SCW.

Friday, September 07, 2007

RassleResults: Championship Wrestling Job Corps Center, Memphis, TN 9.05.07

----Alan Steele over Tatt2…Kid Nikels over Greg King Jr…Eric Wayne over Kid Nikels…Dustin Starr over Pokerface…Pokerface won an elimination tag.

----Elimination tag was everyone against everyone, you could tag anybody….This show was done by Ken Wayne for the Job Corps Center in Memphis. Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 through 24 get a better job, make more money, and take control of their lives. The kids are in dorms, so it was just entertainment for them. They were in the gym - a very nice facility. They had a good audience and seemed to enjoy themselves.Security was tight, everyone had to be on a list, even passengers in the cars…All matches were good and what do you expect from a crew like that!!

----BTW, Ken Wayne has a new beginner class starting in the next week or so. Full details of the school – CLICK HERE!! There are only a few people that I would recommend to be trained by and Ken Wayne is one of them. His school is the closest to the classes that you will get at OVW. Wonder why?? Maybe because Danny Davis is the instructor there?? If you want to be a wrestler that wants to make it into a career, then this is the place to go. And, it is almost half the price of the OVW classes.

A Piece of my Mind- by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente Sept 6th 2007

Recently I saw "Lipstick & Dynamite", a movie on women's professional wrestling, on cable TV. I actually found it to be quite entertaining and enjoying it all up to the point when I heard Lillian Ellison (The Fabulous Moolah) speak about Wendi Richter. I have known Wendi Richter for many years and considered her a friend. During her days as WWF Ladies Champion I spent time traveling with her. On one occasion she even stayed at my parent’s home.
With that as a background, I can tell you as a fact that what Moolah said about Wendi was full of lies.
It appeared to me that the idea of the movie was to tell the truth about things that happened in women's wrestling. But, instead, I can assure you that this was "the truth according to Moolah" from her very point of view.

During the 80s I spent a lot of time with many of the top lady wrestlers including Princess Victoria, Velvet McIntyre, Sherri Martel, Lei Lani Kai and many others. None of them ever had a good word to say about Moolah. She was an opportunist who took advantage of the girls every chance she got. As their "agent" she also took more money from these girls than she should have. Moolah is in the position she is in today due to the hard work of many lady wrestlers.

In an attempt to not be unfair, let me say that I found Moolah to be a very entertaining performer. She was the consummate heel. When Moolah walked into a ring everyone wanted to see her get her get beat up and lose the title. I also have found the Moolah and Mae Young appearance’s on Raw to be amusing at times. But we all have to live with ourselves when we look into the mirror. It just makes me ask myself the question, "If the person you are listening to knows they are lying, and you know that they are lying, does it still count as a lie?" Moolah certainly told many lies in this movie at her age can’t she just come clean?

It has been said that the closer you get to a star the less it shines. They also say that if you actually went into the kitchen of any restaurant you might never eat out again. I can tell you that professional wrestling, in many ways, resembles these statements. The closer one looks at pro wrestling today the more trouble we can see that it is in. I truly hope that all of this steroid/HGH scandal and the embarrassment it brings to the industry leads to a better business model.

In the past week we have gotten news that Ric Flair and Paul Wight could be dragged into this mess. I think we all realize that with every unturned stone there will be some new accusation or act presented. I have no idea where it will end. I would hate to be Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter right now. Imagine what must be going through your mind if you are a WWE stockholder. What goes on in the minds of those who hold stock in that company? How about Universal Studios? How long will they want to be landlord to a company that could be up to its neck in Congressional hearings? If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions then you can consider yourself on a level playing field with Vince and Dixie both. Is anyone immune to the cancer that is spreading through our business? How many of the people that the world looks up to will have to hang their head?

It was a Wednesday morning at the George Washington Lodge in Allentown, Pa. I was having breakfast with Afa and Sika, the Wild Samoan tag team, along with Dominic Marcello, Mike D’avanzo (two close friends) and a few other wrestlers that may have included Big John Studd or Mr. Fuji. It’s been a long time. It was at this hotel that I had my first real exposure to the wrestlers on a personal level. This was where almost everyone stayed the night after TV tapings in Allentown. On Wednesday they would all head to the next nights TV tapings in Hamburg Pa just 30 miles up the road In the middle of breakfast Ray “The Crippler” Stevens walked in and pulled Afa over to the side. When Afa returned to the table we were told that Eddie Gilbert was in a bad car wreck the night before. It was the first wrestling tragedy that I was exposed to personally. We all know that Eddie recovered from the accident and accomplished a lot in the business. I got to know Eddie before we lost him permanently. It was during my days of traveling with Nikita Koloff. I became a referee working with Jim Crockett promotions on all major events north of North Carolina. In looking back and remembering the first tragedy that I was around for little did I know that it was the going to be the first in a long long line of them.

I am posting a picture this week of myself and Playboy Buddy Rose; you can see a door entrance in the background. That is the famous door that “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was banging on when he chased Roddy Piper after being hit in the head with the coconut in the famous Pipers Pit segment. I have an amusing story about that incident that I will tell in the near future.

Chet The Jet Being Called Up??

----Reports are suggesting that OVW star Chet the Jet, who has been in OVW since October, 2005, could be called up to the main roster with some kind of Polish-based gimmick. Chet is a two time OVW Champion beating CM Punk in May of last year and then losing it to Jacob Duncan. He won it two months later from Duncan again, but lost it the same night when Paul Burchall cashed in his "any time" shot. Jett is also a former IWA Tag Team Champion in Puerto Rico tagging with Kasey James to beat Slash Venom/Chicano to win the belts in 2004. His first gimmick was The Jablonskis [which I believe was a polish gimmick] in Heartland Championship Wrestling with Dean Jablonski. Dean wrestled as Dean Visk in OVW until being released in January 2006. Jet is the currently one half of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions with Steve Lewington – they are called “Terminal Velocity”[pic - Chet on the right], which he just won this past Wednesday night. He also held those same belts in October 2005 with Seth Skyfire.

----A note on other developmental talent, Jacob Duncan [Ryan Wilson], who formerly worked as Titus and Trytan in TNA has a gimmick cross between Kane and Mankind with a little “Hills Have Eyes” freak look to it. Take a look at the pic!!

Steroid Coverage: Wellness Progam and Bucci

----I know everyone does not go to Trent Van Drisse’s board, so I was troll it tonight and found some stuff that Trent and I actually agree on. Thought I would pass it along.

This came from my original post "Heads Are Going To Roll: Mike Bucci Is First" from this site…

“Something that probably will not be reported on others sites, but I know as fact, Bucci during his camps featuring guys from this area stated to many of the guys that they could do steroids up it the point of being tested for the first time when they got a developmental deal. He was telling them to get big and have the “look”, when now that “look” does not mean anything.”

Trent says about the Wellness program being a scam…

Well, obviously the WWE Wellness program had some gigantic loopholes in it to say the least. But, I am of the belief that when it was first implemented, Vince McMahon was very serious about it. It came on the death of Eddy Guerrero, and by several accounts, McMahon was legit really shook up by that particular death. When the program was first implemented, several talents had their bodies shrink noticeably, and quite suddenly, so some guys totally got off whatever they were using. But, then over the course of time, the bodies of the shrunken started looking more and more like they used to again. So you start thinking Hmmmmm...What's going on here? Obviously the talent found a way around the system, and just as obviously management knew it too, I mean they have eyeballs in their head. I do agree that over time the Wellness Program was maybe used as a tool to get rid of people they wanted to get rid of, but I do think it started with better intentions than that.

----I got to agree with you that maybe the first part of the Wellness program that Vince was serious, your statement about “talent found a way around the system”?? They found away alright – they had prescriptions for everything they were taking and the WWE was ok’ing it.

Trent wrote..
“I received an e-mail from Bill Behrens yesterday on this subject. He's being quoted here with his permission.....

Bucci never told talent to take steroids. Whoever said that is not telling the truth. When Cassidy Riley was signed he was told to lose 20 lbs for example…Bucci is a nice guy caught in a bad spot. WWE just needs someone to take heat off other folk.

----Not that I don’t think Bucci is a nice guy and maybe some heat has been put on him to get it off other people, but he told them to get the look and get big. Bucci’s job was to help hire talent and he knew they would get hired if they had the look. If I was asked to go to the WWE, they would tell me to lose 50 lbs, but it would have nothing with getting the “look”. LOL Riley is just one of many guys that was told differently.

Trent wrote…

“On the subject of Bucci and what he told people at previous camps about steroids. I heard from someone else in the business that Bucci did not tell people to take steroids, BUT......He did tell them to get big and get the look. He said at the camps he couldn't tell them to take steroids, but that he personally saw nothing wrong with them. So, it sounds like he did strongly suggest for Indy guys around here to do whatever it took to get "The look". Pretty sickening really. Trent”

----Trent is right – pretty sickening. I will stick by my source. And Trent is probably right here in that he told others that he could not tell them to get on roids, but told them to get the look and get big. How do you do that?? Get on the juice!!

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV 9.01.07

----The 9.01.07 Memphis Wrestling TV show scored overall a 3.2 [53,557 viewers] rating. The word that comes to my mind when I see this rating is – average. This show scored close to the 12 week average to what the show has been doing. There were no big peaks or valley and almost an increase of 5,000 viewers from start to finish. In the first two weeks, the return of Brian Christopher has meant nothing to the ratings. Last week was questionable, because no one knew he had returned, but this show got average ratings. He actually lost viewers [very little – 4701 viewers] during his matches the first two weeks. The “Too Kool 2” quarter hour did well again this week. It was the lowest rated quarter, but it being the first quarter it is suppose to be the lowest quarter. The viewers continue to climb out of the quarter hour, so TK2 is not making people turn off the sets.

-TK2 interview
-TK2 vs Starr/Tatt2
1st quarter 3.0 [49,863 viewers]

-DK/Rashard interview
-Canes vs Posse
-Sid interview
2cnd Quarter 3.1 [52,717 viewers] [+2854 viewers]

-Lawler interview
-Whites interview
-White vs Dotson
3rd Quarter 3.3 [55,907 viewers] [+3190 viewers]

-DK with Rashard interview
-Brian C vs DK 3.26
4th quarter 3.3 [54,732 viewers] [-1,175 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.1 [51,081 viewers]
12 week low – 1.8 [29,884 viewers] 6.30.07
12 week high – 4.3 [71,353 viewers] 7.28.07
Gain from Start to Finish [+4869 viewers]

What was Memphis Watching?
Action News 5 [1/2] Saturday Night Live [3]/CSI Miami[4] [91,038 average quarterly viewers]

TIWF TV Report by The Rambling Critic

Show starts with Wildside and Randy trying to break into JEA E+ Studios. Someone lets them in and the camera pans over to Jon Seymore saying, "I got this covered." as he makes a phone call. The intro then plays.

Wildside and Randy are behind the desk (yes still in gear). Randy gets a phone call from Big Boy Bob and Bob tells him to play the first match, so here it goes...

Crowd is up this week with 55 - 60 in the crowd.

1st Match
# 1 Contender's Match
Dre Black vs Steven Rampage vs Weasel

Match starts as an interview with Dre Black, Rampage interupts and challenges Dre to a match. Hotrod says that since he is acting commish for the night (because Seymore had been jumped by Wildside at the TV studio the previous week) he would make the match a # 1 Contender's Match. This prompted Weasel to come out thus making it a triple threat. Dre and Weasel team up on Rampage to start the match. Dre seems a little sloppy in his execution. The match is really slow paced and the crowd is not into it much. Rampage does hit a sick looking piledriver on Dre in the match. Really good looking piledriver. Weasel rolls up Rampage for the win. 1 1/3 Stars.

Camera then goes to Jon Seymore making another phone call....looks like the same thing they showed earlier. Back to the studio where Randy gets a txt message from Steven Rampage telling them to start the next match...

2nd Match
AC Havoc vs Overkill

AC comes out with a kendo stick. Does everyone in TIWF need a kendo stick? AC threw some really good punches in this match but thats about all he does. Overkill completely misses a slingshot leg drop....and I mean completely misses it, yet they both sell it. Overkill hits an Unprettier which Hotrod calls a "Tamakazi"...yep thats what he said, followed by a running backflip for the pin. Match was sloppy but a better match than I expected. Both these guys need gear. 1 1/3 Stars.

3rd Match
TV Title Match
Spyder (c) vs Chico Mendoza

Chico brought a pit-bull into the ring with him. I guess he didn't get that Michael Vick note. Crowd was dead during this match. Spyder is looking really good in this match. The heat is lasting for a long time. Spyder wins with a botched front face drop suplex. This is without a doubt the best match I've seen Chico Mendoza in. He still needs to learn to "sell" instead of just laying on the ground though. Spyder has gotten so much better than the first time I saw him. I still say he needs a promo video shot in a "pub" of him fighting with the other patrons as training. TIWF I know you guys read this, so please use the idea. 2 Stars.

4th Match
TIWF Title Match
Wildside (c) vs PK Ripper

Match is only one highlight long. Wildside says that the whole match could not be shown because too many children would attempt to copy his death defying, high flying moves (This came off real good) ....Someone is beating on the studio door....alarms are sounding....PK Ripper appears behind Wildside and Randy with kendo stick in hand. Wildside and Randy run off. PK and Seymore are now the hosts and they go back to the match...

This is basically the same match the two always have, thats not a bad thing its just the same thing they always do. Although the tornado ddt was reversed in this match. PK hits a superplex and Wildside rolls out of the ring. He grabs the belt and starts to leave, PK grabs the kendo stick and chases Wildside out of the building. Double count-out. Bullshit ending for a really good match. I guess the rumors are true about certain people in TIWF not wanting to do a clean job. Match would have been 2 3/4 Stars...but because we were robbed on the ending the match gets 2 1/4 Stars.

This was a better show than most. They showed less matches but they showed some higher quality matches (TV & TIWF Title Matches) and for the most part they aired the entire match. This is what they need to do more often.

It has also come to my attention that some (most) within the TIWF feel that I am bashing them in these reports. They claim that I am lying about attendance. Well I'm not, the first time they ran on TV there were like 15 people there. At this show there was 55 - 60. I count all the people except the announcers, the refs, the wrestlers, and the woman running concessions. I also call everything as I see it. If something is done well or I like it, then I give it props. If its done shitty or I don't like it then I will blast it. When a movie reviewer tells you a movie sucks you might disagree, but thats his opinion...he might be right...he might be wrong. Please understand this. I will now tell you some things that I like about the product and some that I don't.

-Wildside as a host. He is great on the mike and is a natural in front of the camera.
-The improved graphics and the fixing of the technical difficulties.
-The matches that are given a chance to build a story by not being cut up and edited.

-People without gear. It looks unprofessional.
-Hotrod making up words.
-Jon Seymore as a host. This guy is bad, replace him.
-No "real" tag teams. Actually no tag teams at all most of the time.

This was not a complete list, but I don't have all day to write this. If TIWF could continue to improve then I would be overjoyed, because it would make the time I take to review their shows more enjoyable. But remember I will call things as I see them. If you get a bad review then do better. If you get a good review then keep it up. Until next week.

To Clear Some Stuff Up!!

----“Treat Connection” [San Francisco Treat/Loose Cannon] will be at LAW. Arnez messed up a spot last Friday night and Treat hurt his neck. The possibility that Treat was not coming this week was personal. I would also like to clear up another matter with Treat – he never did work Rampage!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

RassleResults: Delta Fair, Memphis, TN 9.06.07

----Koko Ware/Brian Christopher beat “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] –Non title…Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King with Rashard Devon– DCO…Bill Dundee beat Kevin White…Jerry Lawler beat Sid Vicious with a bodyslam – yes you read that right!!

----125 people with a gate close to $625…Crowd was into every match except White/Dundee match, but Dundee got a big pop when he came out…Sid was cursing when he walked from backstage to leave…Sid shook hands with fans after the match.


----The AWA promotion I had questions about today has now changed their name to Southeastern Championship Wrestling. Hollywood Jimmy posted following on his site today...

"Belltime will be at 8:00 by the way I got a call today claiming another site is calling this Hollywood's Promotion..NOT TRUE don't believe everything you read...and the name of the promotion has been changed for the past two weeks to SCW..."

----Oh, "another site" is My contributor wrote.."while Hollywood Jimmy's group is just a bunch of local guys who have nothing to do with the Gagne group." As in Jimmy's group, it was meant that way because he is the booker. It seem to make people think this was owned by Jimmy. Jimmy is only the booker. I am hope I cleared that up.

----To clear up something else - I got my info from Jimmy's site about the show being called AWA from a post on 8.27.07 , so yes, Jimmy is right - don't believe everything you read, because that is officially only 10 days, which is not 2 weeks. LOL God I love the wrestling business!!!!

Suspension & Firing Roundup

----Nick Dinsmore lost his job because the WWE was having trouble getting a prescription for some meds Dinsmore was taking and decided it would be best to fire him rather than have another situation on their hands. Dinsmore is already taking indie booking - e-mail him @

----I was finally told that there was 11 people suspending according to Dave Meltzer late Tuesday. Below is some stuff that I have gathered and I am making a guess on the names.

Umaga 30 days [injury angle]
William Regal 30 days [injury angle]
King Booker 60 days [He was not at RAW]
Chris Masters 60 days [Second Violation]
John Morrison 30 days [lost belt to CM Punk]
Santino Marella 30 days [Got hit with Sandman cane]
Charlie Haas 30 days [Did job for team]
Chavo Guerrro 30 days [Got beat up in "I Quit Match]
Ken Kennedy 30 days [maybe after Monday night]
Sho Funaki 30 days [Not at tapings]
Randy Orton – [No suspension]

----Edge & Greg Helms were both on the list, but are injured…Randy Orton is not being suspended and everyone wants to know why not??...Mike Bucci was on the list and maybe would have been the 11th person that was going to be suspended, but they fired him…Batista and Rey Mysterio are in the main event at Unforgiven, even though they have both been linked to buying steroids.

Credit: other sources.

The Game & HBK In OVW

----As was reported here yesterday, HHH and Shawn Michaels were at the Ohio Valley Wrestling tapings yesterday. The two spoke to the OVW roster for quite some time discussing about different ways of working in the ring. They also gave suggestions for some of the matches that were being taped as well. The site was reporting that HHH/HBK were very helpful and were going out of their way to assisted people. All the workers were extremely appreciative.

----It is not a coincidence that HHH/HBK jumped on a plane and headed to OVW. Those two guys can pretty much say that they are NOT going to be suspended, so they are looking for opponents to make them look good. If you can work and clean, this could be your time!!

Benoit Coverage: WWE Responds to Dad and Kanyon Responds To WWE

WWE has responded to the findings revealed yesterday on Chris Benoit's brain examination, which was announced at a press conference hosted by Dr. Julian Bailes of the Department of Neurosurgery at West Virginia University and Dr. Robert Cantu, the Chief of Neurosurgery Service and Director of Sports Medicine at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA. The WWE reply, issued the following response. "Today's attempt to explain that Chris Benoit's murder of his family was possibly caused by some form of dementia as a result of alleged concussions is speculative. WWE can certainly understand the anguish of a father having to deal with the fact that his son allegedly murdered his wife and young son, as Chris Benoit is alleged to have done. We respect the desire of that father to do whatever he can to find some explanation as to why his son might commit such horrible acts."


As far as I know, with the exception of the alleged murders by Chris Benoit, in the history of pro wrestling, there has never been a murder of any innocent non-wrestlers by a pro wrestler, with the only other exception of an alleged murder back in 1983/84 by a WWF wrestler that I heard Vince McMahon used high-powered ties to Cover-Up.

Now, it will be easy for some to write off the above paragraph and the Subject Heading of this Bulletin as a shot taken at the WWE by a disgruntled former employee (Me). And that's fine. But the fact is, I am happy with my career and I am glad that I am no longer dealing with the politics, bureaucracy and B.S. that goes with working in the WWE.

But, after the response that the WWE released regarding the recent findings on the condition of Chris Benoit's brain, I would be embarrassed to work for a company that could be that evil or insensitive. Their statements follow:

"Today's attempt to explain that Chris Benoit's murder of his family was possibly caused by some form of dementia as a result of alleged concussions is speculative. WWE can certainly understand the anguish of a father having to deal with the fact that his son allegedly murdered his wife and young son, as Chris Benoit is alleged to have done. We respect the desire of that father to do whatever he can to find some explanation as to why his son might commit such horrible acts."

Jennifer McIntosh, a spokesperson for WWE was quoted as saying that WWE found, "no medical records of [Benoit] suffering a concussion. We don't have any answers as to why Chris did what he did. We're still awaiting the law enforcement investigation to be concluded."

Finally, some reasonable explanation as to what may have caused Chris to do what most believe he did. For those of us who knew Chris, the murder allegations were so out of character, that simple Roid Rage did not make sense as to the reason. Chris would have been among the last people that I would think could do what he is being accused of. The findings of the Brain biopsy finally gives some reliable possible explanation. Finally the legacy of a 40 year life and an incredible multi-year career may not be totally defined by his last 3 days on this rotten planet.

That is unless the WWE has their way. Suddenly they are trying to make sure everyone remembers Chris as the monster that committed those horrible crimes, and is trying to discount these recent findings that would show Chris as not a monster, but a victim of brain damage that contributed to the tragedy that befell Chris and his family.

The WWE with their statement is obviously, in my opinion, trying to discredit the findings by writing them all off as speculative (which all attempts to explain why Chris may have done what he was accused of will be). I believe they are trying to paint poor Chris' father as a desperate man reaching for straws. And, in my mind, most criminally, they are trying to insinuate that Chris has had no concussions in his career.

Well, the main reason for writing this bulletin, is to totally shoot down that last, and most criminal accusation. I personally know for a fact that Chris had at least 2 concussions in matches against me. Both times in the late 90's in WCW. Both concussions were caused by the diving headbutt. Both times they resulted in bloody noses from the move and when we got to the back to congratulate each other for the match, he told me that the headbutt had caused the bloody nose as well as a concussion.

I am one opponent. Chris probably did that move well over 1000 times in his career. He has also done it off the top of a steel cage a few times. He has taken tons of chair shots. Believe me, he has had a bunch of concussions, and for the WWE to try and insinuate that because no medical records exist to back that up that Chris has had no concussions, in my mind is criminal, disrespectful of their current slaves (I mean wrestlers), and worthy of a boycott of their product.

Regardless of the fact that the finishes to our matches are pre-determined, most wrestlers are very tough and physical, with Chris being no exception. We do not tell the office every time we get a concussion (nothing can really be done go to the hospital and they "observe you.") It's a waste of time. I believe in my career, I had 12 concussions, and Chris was much more physical and intense than I was. I can only imagine how many he had.

Many wrestlers are afraid to report any injury. Many times, if you suffer an injury and must take time off, you are punished when you get back to action by being beaten consistently, or worse yet, fired while you are hurt (Brad Armstrong) or shortly after you return, with Eugene being the most recent example.

But, with all the press, and the government getting involved, will things change?

No. Wrestlers will continue to hide injuries, especially concussions. Wrestlers will continue to die at an unbelievable rate, and Vince will continue to have, in my opinion, the most EVIL lawyer on the planet, Jerry McDevitt, and this heartless broad, Jennifer McIntosh, put their spin on what's going on to protect his billions of dollars, insuring that more and more people will die prematurely. If that is not reason enough to boycott, I don't know what is.

Pleasant dreams Vince.

Show Missed - Show Canceled - Show In Question!


----Saturday Night for Professional Championship Wrestling has a show at the Boys and Girls Club of Cross County, 325 Magnolia Drive in Wynne, AR. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. Wynne's own Jamie Jay will face Johnny Morton plus Danny B. Good, Deadly Dale, Idol Bane, Acid, 24/7, Zander Gray, The Big Indian Quiote, "Royal Rebel" Gary Lawler, The Chosen One and more. Tickets are $7 for adults; $4 for children.


----The Bert Prentice Springfield, TN show was canceled, because Prentice felt they could not compete with the fair in town.


----When questioning the AWA name for the shows in Alabama this week I got this respond from one of my contributors - "I seriously don't think the AWA being booked around Alabama has anything to do with the Dale Gagne/Vince McMahon version. The Gagne AWA World champion is Takao Omori from the Zero-One promotion in Japan while Hollywood Jimmy's group is just a bunch of local guys who have nothing to do with the Gagne group. Nothing against them, but it just seems they're using then name as false advertising or something."

----BTW, I know the pic of Anita Paige dancing has nothing to do with the post above, but who cares; huh?? Credit the photo of The Saints in the other post and this pic to Lyle C Williams.

Some Good Talent Available Now On Saturday Nights - Talent Leaves GTA!!!

----I had removed Golden Triangle Wrestling from the Shows of The Weekend list, because I was not sure who was still working there. I heard rumors of who left and such, but I did get confirmation a few moments ago that Chris Styles, Shawn Reed, Anita Paige,Hunter Montgomery Jackson, Tony Dabbs, Josh Matthews, and Joey Lynn have all left the promotion. Still remaining are Justin Reed [pic with Styles/Shawn Reed], Jake Prentiss, Chris Chaos, OMEGA, LSD, Lady Reb, Devon Raynes, and BB. They're bringing in Destiny, Bloodbath, Kaleb Kastle, and Vinnie the Blade. So, pretty much all their good workers are gone. Justin Reed is now the new booker for the promotion, taking over for Chris Styles. I will add them back to the list next week, but here goes for Saturday night.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Jake Prentiss, Chris Chaos, OMEGA, LSD, Lady Reb, Devon Raynes,BB, Destiny, Bloodbath, Kaleb Kastle, and Vinnie the Blade. , and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

"Inside" Wrestling Lingo - What is BT Saying??

Kayfabe, term used to describe the illusion (and up-keep of the illusion) that professional wrestling is not staged (i.e. that the on-screen situations between performers represent reality).[1] Also used by wrestlers as a signal to close ranks and stop discussing business due to an uninformed person arriving in earshot.[1] The term is said to have been loosely derived from the Pig Latin pronunciation of the word "fake" ("akefay").

----I was asked by one of the regular readers to post something about some of the terms that I use. When I started this site, I just started writing it in works/terms that I use every day when discussing wrestling. You got to remember I discuss wrestling with...95% of the time..wrestlers. Some of the old timers that read this site have joked to me about some of the things that I say, especially when I did the Psychology 101 piece. The words "shine" and "double down" are not even on the list I am presenting to you. And terms like "Bomb Scare" or "Popcorn Match" I have never heard. Just because you learn every one of these terms does not mean you are "inside" the business. Each group and mainly areas have their own lingo, which may not be even known by other areas of the country. BTW, I do know a few wrestlers that told me, that they didn't even know the meaning of "kayfabe" until I started my site. LOL

----I love this!!

Rasslin', refers to a Southern style of professional wrestling which emphasizes kayfabe and stiffness, with fewer squash matches and generally longer feuds. It was synonymous with the NWA-affiliated promotions. Rasslin' included TV tapings at smaller venues, as compared to the larger and more well-known arenas utilized by northern U.S. promotions such as the AWA and W(W)WF. The term is derived from a phonetic spelling of how the word "wrestling" sounds when spoken with a heavy Southern accent. It is also commonly used in a derogatory manner by non-Southern wrestling fans to describe that style of wrestling. When Ted Turner purchased Jim Crockett Promotions in 1988, he allegedly called Vince McMahon to tell him that he was now in the "rasslin'" business. McMahon allegedly differentiated his company's style by responding, "That's great, Ted. I'm in the entertainment business."

CLICK HERE for a complete list of wrestling terms.

Shows For The Weekend 9.06 to 9.08.07

----I would have to go with the two big AWA [Can not get confirmed if this a group spin off of the old AWA, because they have affiliates. The name AWA is actually owned by Vince McMahon, but I think he is still fighting with Dale Gagner over that??] shows in Alabama this weekend if I was near the show. A lot of old names and young guys on the show. Kenny Valiant’s All Pro returns to Kosciusko, MS, where they had a big crowd last time. The ASWF at the least will feature Shimmer superstar Portia Perez with tag team partner Tyler Logan vs Austin Lane/Nikki Lane in an International Mix-Tag Team match.

----TONIGHT in Springfield, TN Matt Boyce vs. Steve O…Shane Williams vs. Shawn Shultz…Midgets !! Little Justice vs. Mikey , Aaron Stevens vs. "Sweet" Teddy Tender…Seth Skyfire vs. Lani Kealoha…Kid Nickel vs. Eric Wayne, Christian Jacobs and more.

----Friday Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Main event I-USWO Championship Kid Kash (c) vs AM Vision…Main event The Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely) vs Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie)…TV Title Hammerjack (c) vs Tony's surprise…J-5 & Tim Renesto vs LT Falk & TJ Harley…Damien Payne vs Petey Wright…"Luscious" Quinton Quarisma & "Gigolo" Jay Phoenix vs Saint & New York Gangster…Josh Crowe vs Shane Smalls and more.

----Friday Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with TW Justice, Showstopper, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, Chris Lexx, Derrick King, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Stretch, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with “The Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez],“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Rockin’ Randy,Jon Michael, Tim Alfonso, Dell Tucker and many more.

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena in Tupelo, MS with Shawn Reed,Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, Special Ed, Cassanova Kid, Chris Kaos, Hittman, T-Byrd, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, The Freakshow, The Interns, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more.Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Friday night NWA Main Event Old National Guard Armory Pulaski, TN has Shane Williams vs. Matt Boyce,Little Justice vs. Wee Willie
Bush Ranger Kelly vs. Teddy Tender, Lani Kealoha vs. Keith Knox
Phil Wilson vs. Christian Jacobs.

----Friday & Saturday Night – AWA - 2 BIG NIGHTS OF ACTION Belk Activity Center at Bowers Park in Tuscaloosa, AL Belltime is 8:00 Buff The Stuff Bagwell,“Bullet” Bob Armstrong,Brad Armstrong,The Exotic Adrian Street,“Playboy” Pat Patera the AWA heavyweight champion,“Hollywood” Jimmy,The Posse ,Neil “The Real Deal” Taylor
Reno Diamond, Chris Rocker, Ladies Match Bambi vs. Peggy Lee
Blalock The Blazer, Fire and Flame many many more. Tickets only 10.00 and 12.00 per night.

----Saturday Night All Pro Wrestling Kosciusko, MS at the Attala County Coliseum with Psycho, Anton Leveigh, Brandon Barbwire, Sarge O’Reilly, Candyman, Uncle Felton, Giant Hillbilly, Pappy and more.

----Saturday night for the Real Pro Wrestling in Ecru, MS “Pure Destruction” [Brody and Cody Hawk], Bonecrusher, Izzy Rotten, Hittman, Brian So Fine, Tommy Knox, Colton Anderson and many more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN –Tank, “Real Deal” Tim Edwards, Gunner Thompson, Kilo, Jeremy Moore, Slim Pickens, “Black Label Society” [Void, AJ Bradley, Robbie], Chris Rocker and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Hardknox, Johnny Thunder, Billy Joe Dream, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

----ASWF Saturday Night - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, Team Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy, ,Acid, Michael Ward, Cody Murdoch, Morgan Lane, Chuck Daddy, Portia Perez/Tyler Logan vs Austin Lane/Nikki Lane and more.

----Saturday Night for SAW in Millersville, TN… Main Event-SAW Heavyweight title AM Vision (c) vs Arrick Andrews…Hammerjack vs Gary Valiant (Cocky Cody will be handcuffed to Miss Boogie!)…C-4 & J-5 vs "The Inn Crowd" Rob C & Justin Spade…The TV crew will be there! So will Spellbinder, "New Nature Boy" Kevin White, "Hot Chocolate" Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and much more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington ST Seth Knight, Rockin Randy, TGB Greg Anthony, “Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King], Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Jerry Weezy,”Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker, "Rhythm & Blues" [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell Time is 8 P.M, doors open @ 7:15 P.M.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 9.01.07

Weasel def. Steven Rampage & Dre' Black ( triple threat match)
Overkill defeated AC Havoc
Spyder defeated Chico Mendoza / to hold on to the T.V. title
Nigerian Nightmare def. Boogeyman Scream
Law & Order def. The Convicts
Wildside wrestled PK Ripper to a DCO

----No details this week from the show. Not sure how Dre Black was involved in the big angle last week, but was in the opening bout this week??

Bert Prentice Gets TV! Terry Taylor Replaces Bucci

----This was posted on the This is good news for area workers, because they will have another place to showcase their talent. Bert has been running show regularly and probably has some stuff in the can, but I am hoping he starts doing week to week storylines and such. Christian Jacobs is a regularly up there and we should see him on TV. And, Taylor is a good replacement for Bucci. Taylor having the TNA connections, it might help some of the guys in this area even more. I have only met Taylor once and I never spent any time talking with him. He did e-mail me once when I was promoting CCW. His price was so responsible and he was also doing a "camp" that day as part of the deal. He is very knowledgeable about the business and seem to be a super nice guy.

Nashville based USA Pro Wrestling has announced their return to television in a big way beginning this Sunday night at 11:30 pm Eastern time on the CSS Network. The show will be a special edition 30 minute telecast for the first 13 weeks and moving to an hour in length beginning December 9th with a starting time of 11 pm Eastern / 10 pm Central. This week's episode includes legendary footage from Nashville matches and interviews with Shane Williams, "Idol" Aaron Stevens and Wrestling Manager Christopher Love. Be sure to check it out this Sunday night, September 9th at 11:30 pm eastern/10:30 pm central. CSS can currently be seen across 12 southeastern states and in nearly 8 million homes.

The 10-06-07 wrestling camp is still set to run. Because of scheduling conflicts Mike Bucci will not be able to attend. In his place we have the Ledendary Terry Taylor to come in and assist with the camp!! We do apologize once again for the confusion

A Bad Week For Wrestling by Dustin Starr

----The below blog entry came from For a guy that is still young to this business, he has a good head on his shoulders. Yea, I know, this is coming from a guy that put more self promoting stuff on his website than anyone I know. As I have said before about Dustin - there is a line that is blurred when it comes to him working and shooting. I would also like to point something out about this article - Dustin gets it!! There are so many wrestling writers covering this story that have no idea what they are talking about. It is going to be good for the sport. I have discussed this with a few of the guys from this area and others - you will have to know how to WORK now - the LOOK is not going to get you anywhere. Or you got to have a great gimmick!!

A Bad Week for Wrestling

The title of this blog is an understatement, to say the least. I'm sure the majority of you haven't even heard the news... but it's breaking day by day. The media is jumping all over the professional wrestling business because of it's Wellness Policy, or lack thereof. This week, there have been more than 10 WWE wrestlers suspended for either breaking the policy or being linked to the recent drug bust of an online pharmacy out of Orlando, Florida.

Now, I don't want to get into any names or even get into the WWE's Wellness Policy that they currently have. I just want to discuss what the wrestling business has been through so far with the drug abuse and I would definitely like to give my opinion on what's really going on in the world of sports entertainment.

This drug bust could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to the wrestling business. Now, with that said, I understand the following: a few wrestlers have already lost their jobs due to this bust; more wrestlers will lose their jobs because of this bust; the wrestling business will be under even more scrutiny than ever because of this. I know all this, but I still say that the wrestling business will be better off. Don't get me wrong... I don't want to see ANYONE lose their job. There are only a handful of companies you can wrestle for and actually MAKE money! So, a job in the wrestling business that actually pays... it's a tough job to lose.

Wrestling will be better off after being exposed as a steroid infested business for the mere fact that the guys won't have to literally kill themselves to earn or keep a position within a business they truly love. I have known guys to give everything that they possibly have for this business. Wives lost... cars repossessed... families torn apart... gone into bankruptcy to try and make it in a business they're damn good at. But guess what? They just weren't "big enough" for the "big time". So guess what happens next? Whatever it takes.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think steroids kill wrestlers. I think other drugs kill wrestlers. A mixture of steroids, cocaine, pain killers and alcohol kills most wrestlers. Just like a rock star's life... maybe minus the steroid use. But if you mix all those habits together and leave out the steroids, wouldn't you think that's a recipe for disaster, anyway? I do.

You know what really hits home about this recent bust of Signature Pharmacy out of Orlando, Florida? I know or have met many of the guys involved. I may not be best of friends with these guys... but I've been around them and have spent time with them in one way or another. These guys are all very nice gentlemen who are just trying to stay ahead of the curve. They're just trying to make a living in the wrestling business long enough to make a nest-egg and get out. Some of them, wrestling is ALL they know. What comes after wrestling? Who knows?

Some of them have no idea what comes next in their lives. Some wrestlers that were released in the past (several years ago) literally thought their lives were over after losing their jobs with a major company. They either drank themselves to death or just overdosed on drugs. This is serious, folks.

Here is my summary of the current state of the world of wrestling: The business will not only survive this mess, but it will be better and stronger because of it. Maybe wrestlers won't have to worry about how big they are or how strong they are. I know many wrestlers that deserve a shot at the "big time" but will never have a chance because they're too small. But maybe... just maybe they'll get that shot they deserve, now. I'm looking forward to another shot, too.

----A final note. In one of his other blog entries Starr said, "I used to sit back and watch the old-school wrestlers move around. I would actually make fun of some of them for always being in pain. Of course, age was the punchline in most of the jokes. Now, after seven years in the business, I can see that age might not have very much to do with it. I wrestle maybe 150 days out of the year. " First, if you ever seen me get out of a car and start walking you would think I was a 100. And that is coming from a guy that only managed for about 5 years, but I did bump to the concrete floor almost every show. And, second, 150 days a year?? Come'on Dustin quit trying to work us!!

Site News!!

----I just put up part 4 of TLCW "The Pulse". Thanks to everyone that voted that I was better than Corey. LOL As of this typing, we are now tied. LOL If you have not seen all of the TLCW show, then you can hit the link below it and it will take you to all their videos.

RassleResults: WWE Cape Town, South Africa 9.05.07

----I got these over at the and look over at and took this Hardy pic. I don't see anywhere on the site where they are acknowledging the title change, so they will probably lose them tonight in Johannesburg. Even the person that supplied these results thought that. LOL They did report that the flight was a 20-hour trip. Damn!

1)Cody Rhodes beat Daivari in a so-so match.
2)Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill beat the Highlanders in a much better macth,
3)Val Venis beat Santino Morella in a stinker.
4)The Sandman bested Jerry Dear(?) in a so-so encounter.
5)Paul London and Brian Kendrick beat Murdoch and Cade to win the TAg
Titles(!) in what was by far the best match of the card.


Maria throws t-shirts to the front 3 rows.

6)Jeff Hardy beat Carlito to reatin the IC belt in a very good match.
7)Candice Michelle beat Beth Phoenix to retain the Women's belt in a
passable match,
8)John Cena beat Randy orton to reatin the World Title in a match that
actually had people shouting "Boring!"

Biggest Face Pops:
1)Cena(must be a good change for him)
2)Jeff Hardy
3)The Sandman

Biggest Heel Heat:
1)Daivari(possibly because he came out first?)
2)Randy Orton

Place was sold out for ages before, and they were turning people away at the door. Cena got a MONSTER Pop. The biggest news though was the tag title change. Wonder if they'll drop the belts back in Johannesburg?

New Tag Team Champs!!

----Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to win the WWE World Tag Team titles in Capetown, South Africa.
----They use to do lots of changes on the big tours. I am wondering whether they will get home still champs or not??

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

OVW Tapings Results

----I thought I would post these, since HHH and HBK were present for the matches tonight. I wonder who got thumbs up and thumbs down out of this group. Not real familiar with this group of guys. I seen some stuff with Shawn Spears [pic on the right] and Cody Runnels a few months back. Spears has lots of potienal. Aren't the Majors Brothers normal size??


Brett Majors over Belgian Brawler
Jesse/Festus def. Los Locos
Brain Majors over Hammer by DQ
Melody/Katie Lea beat ODB/Serena
Jay Bradley def. Jamin Olivencia
Anthony Pulaski over Anthony Bravado
Majors Bros. beat Ox/Hammer

Atlas DaBone beat Adam Revolver
Shawn Spears over Colt Cabana by DQ
Vladimer Koslov over Chris Cage by submission
OVW Champ Mike Kruel def. Elijah Burke by submission
Chet the Jet/Steve Lewington beat The James Boys to win the OVW Tag Team Belts

John Laurinaitis Wants Sid Vicious To Return To WWE

----I am not even sure where I got this story, because I have seen it on a few sites. I had speculated that Laurinaitis was looking at Sid to see if he was impressed or not. I was also told today that Tommy Dreamer is Laurinaitis' new right hand man. BTW, no matter how many times you watch that video above - you never use to seeing it happen.

John Laurinaitis is reportedly the WWE executive pushing for the company to bring back Sid Vicious. While it would certainly be an interesting move, it is being called a long shot at best. It is interesting to note that Laurinaitis would even bring up Vicious' name considering the two have had heat for years as Laurinaitis was the WCW road agent that suggested he try the kick from the middle rope at the WCW Sin PPV on January 14, 2001 which resulted in him suffering a very graphic compound fracture to his leg.

The match at Sin pretty much ended Vicious' career, although he has been working independent dates every now and then in his mid-40s. Laurinaitis attended an independent wrestling show in Danbury, CT that featured Vicious headlining against Jerry “The King” Lawler. Based on all that we have heard, Sid was moving around good.

----This match was voted WON Worst Match of 1990 from the Clash of Champions XIII from 11.20.90. I think it was considered worst match in wrestling for years. "Big Cat" here is Curtis Hughes. Nightstalker is Bryan Clark. Clark was good enough to also to win 2001 Worst Match of The Year: The Undertaker & Kane vs KroniK.

RassleResults: IWA Ottis Redding Park, Memphis,TN 9.02.07

----Showstopper beat Jackhammer…Big Ace/Chris Lexx beat Simba/Precious for the IWA Tag Team Titles…J Weezy/Tommy Redneck beat Rockin Randy/Dell Tucker…Danny B Good beat Sniper & Carnage Antwoin in Triple Threat for the IWA Title…Tatt2/Johnny Dotson/Pokerface beat Derrick King/”Picture Perfect” [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs]…Main Event: Tatt2 won a Battle Royal putting out Lexx out.

----75 people for a free show…This was a show put on by Charlie Parker [Sniper]. I was told they have a return show in October...What a great crew!! This would be easy for anyone to book this crew...This is the first time that "Picture Perfect" [Jon Michael/Christian Jacobs] have teamed since their last appearance in NBW in June. Jacobs is living in Nashville, TN now...Even though it was free to the fans, I was told the wrestlers did get paid.

RassleResults: Big Time Wrestling Pennington Gap, VA 9.01.07

*Bobby Fulton beat Brad Thomas
*Rick Kelley beat Scotty McKeever
*Jamie Morris beat Mike Williams
*Kelley and Thomas beat McKeever & Fulton
*Tracy Smothers beat Bobby Eaton
*Buff Bagwell beat The Sheik of Arraby with Jimmy Valiant as Ref

----HBO's Real Sports was on hand doing a story on Bagwell...Over 1000 watching wrestling was free with admission to the fair...Beau James was the ring announcer...BT Wrestling; huh?? I like that. LOL...This is actually called James Hines' Big Time Wrestling. James Hines is Bobby Fulton and Bobby Fulton is also Sheik of Arraby. Does anyone have pics of him doing that gimmick??

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV Show 8.25.07

----I am running a bit behind on ratings, but I will be caught up by the end of the week. The 8.25.07 Memphis Wrestling TV show did a 2.0 [31,731 viewers] rating. This was the return of Brian Christopher, so does he not mean ratings?? Well, in reality no one knew he was going to be there except the company. The true test is when I post the rating from this past Saturday to see if he helps the show. Those rating will be posted on Friday.

----The first quarter of this show was the second lowest quarter of the year scoring only 22,161 viewers. The 6.30.07 show’s third quarter did just over 20,000 viewers making the lowest quarter. Good news here for the “Too Kool 2” quarter. The 2cnd quarter jumped 12,256 viewers and the viewers stayed after that quarter and even gained viewers. Even though the 4th quarter was no a big drop, you have to be concerned when it starts out with a Lawler interview and Brian C makes his return and it still drops 3,000 viewers.

-Starr/Tatt2 vs White/King
1st Quarter 1.3 [22,161 viewers]

-Too Kool 2 vs Midnight
-Too Kool 2 video
-Too Kool interview
-Too Kool 2 vs NBN
2cnd quarter 2.1 [34,417 viewers] [+12,256 viewers]

-DK gets pie
-"Sam Town" clip
-White/Dundee interview angle/interview
3rd quarter 2.2 [36,768 viewers] [+2,351 viewers]

-Lawler interview
-Rotten interview
-Brian C return
-Brian vs Rotten
4th Quarter 2.0 [33,242 viewers] [-3526 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.1 [50,855 viewers]
12 week low – 1.8 [29,884 viewers] 6.30.07
12 week high – 4.3 [71,353 viewers] 7.28.07

Viewers from start to finish: [+6,379 viewers]
What Was Memphis Watching? Channel 3 News/CSI Miami 5.7 [95,362 viewers]

Mike Bucci Update!!!

PW Insider is reporting that Mike Bucci has stated that everything he had been taking is for a legitimate medical purpose as a retired pro wrestling but he understands why WWE has released him.

Bucci has told several individuals he understands the political situation WWE is in but on the other hand he realizes its time to move on from the business. It would be a shocker to see him sign with Total Nonstop Action wrestling but from what he has told sources, it does not seem likely.

He has told the ones who are close to him that he has saved money and in the process of looking for a new career.

----No matter what you read, Bucci has to be a concern for WWE because he may testify before Congress. Others are saying it will no go before Congress, but if anyone does research inside the government will know this is the kind of guy they want. I had reported and many sites didn’t even want to touch this, Bucci told the guys at camps to get juiced up and get the “look”. On second thought, who do you think told him that?? Bucci and everyone knew the Wellness Policy was a scam.

----Mike Bucci has been contacted by for a possible interview or just comments on the camps and the WWE.


Because Stone Cold Said So

----The Wrestling Observer has reported that Steve Austin gave a speech to WWE talent backstage at SummerSlam that rubbed many people the wrong way. It sounds a bit strange as if Austin is talking like he is an old timer or something. I know there is no Rock or Austin in this crew, but overall they have a good talented crew.

Topics brought up in his speech was regarding personal appearance in public. He said that the talent needs to dress more professional. Austin also said that the company has no superstars and it is time for someone to step up. He then referred to his own gimmick and how he has made himself a top guy in the business.

A couple wrestlers said that Austin was way off in regards to how much current wrestlers earn in salary. Some believe that it's the guilt he is going through because of the poor movie reviews and sales of "The Condemned". Others also said he has become McMahon's puppet. Some harsh words have been said indirectly about Austin.

Independent Contractor My Ass!!

----This is from the weekly zine Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Vince McMahon is really showing his true colors here with saying Sandman is an independent contractor. Have I mentioned this before?? Think about this – the guy that works for Titan Towers cleaning up the building has more medical coverage than Sandman. Guys can not even get medical coverage if they tell the truth about their occupation. So, not only do all the local guys in the indies have to pay for their own hospital expenses, but guys that work the WWE have to foot the bill also. I think a guy that works a good shoot job with medical coverage is better off than WWE superstars. At least he is covered.

Karen Boutwell, a wrestling fan from Nashville, TN, will have her day in court on November 4, 2008. Boutwell will be getting a jury trial in a $100,000 lawsuit against James Fullington (The Sandman) and World Wrestling Entertainment. Boutwell is claiming that Fullington grabbed her, picked her up with his forehead bleeding, exposed her to his blood, aggravated a pre-existing condition, and humiliated her. WWE attempted to have the case thrown out by airing the footage from the August 8, 2006 ECW TV show from Nashville. WWE argued that the company should not be involved in the lawsuit because Fullington is an independent contractor, and not an employee.

I Bet Some of The Boys Are Nervous!!

----Mike Johnson of is reporting that Shawn Michaels and HHH are in Louisville today to observe the Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental talent and offer their advise. I bet there are a lot of nervous wrestlers there tonigh. LOL I have read that Michaels is close to coming back and even been mentioned a few times as the "bastard" child of Vince in the storyline.


----I can't imagine coming up on the scene of an accident like Hogan did and knowing your child was in it. If this Graziano kid does not get better, then you can expect Jacobs to also be in court.


In the Nick Bollea case, has listed the name Danny Jacobs, Graziano's best friend, as the driver of the silver Viper. Because Hulk Hogan owned a similar car, there had been early speculation he was driving next to his son, even though local police immediately denied the story.


Hulk Hogan didn't think anyone could have survived the car crash involving his son Nick Bollea.

"I saw this yellow car all twisted – BAM – it was my car ... When I saw the wreck, I didn't think anybody was alive," Hogan tells The Insider in an interview set to air Tuesday. "I thought no one could have lived through a wreck like that."

Hogan was on his way to meet Bollea, 17, at a local restaurant when he spotted the mangled vehicle, which he says was not being driven dangerously.

"The most important thing to me was from all the eyewitnesses, and from everyone who was there and saw it, they were not racing. Thank God," the wrester said.

After spotting his son's friend and passenger John Graziano, 22, in the yellow Toyota Supra, he struggled to locate his teenage son. "Nick was in the middle of the metal and the mess," Hogan said, admitting it was tough to watch emergency crews pull his body from the wreckage.

"Nick is doing good," says the star of the VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best. "He's got a broken arm, some broken ribs, some neck problems and some stuff with his knees but he's hanging in there. He's living at the hospital with John."

Bollea lost control and hit a raised median while driving his father's car on a four-lane highway in downtown Clearwater, Fla. The car flipped and the back end hit a palm tree. Both young men were helicoptered to a nearby hospital and Bollea was released the following day. His friend, a marine just back from Iraq, is still in critical condition.

"He's going to be okay and John's going to be okay and things keep going they way they're going," Hogan said, "My son Nick and I are gonna walk John right out of that hospital."

When asked by The Insider if there were drugs or alcohol involved he said: "At this point, as I know, there were none involved. The police said there weren't. Everybody looked straight as an arrow and thank God for that."

"I'm trying to tell my son to stay strong because when all the facts are in, it was an accident."

Benoit Coverage: Significant Damage

----This is really sad. I might have to double back on my opinion of the Benoit killings and such. This man had many problems and a lot of them were not of his doing.

The results of a brain examination of Chris Benoit found significant damage from both repeated concussions and sub-concussive blows that may have played a part in his killing of himself, his wife and son in late June.

Dr. Julian Bailes of the Department of Neurosurgery at West Virginia University of Dr. Robert Cantu, the Chief of Neurosurgery Service and Director of Sports Medicine at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA, presented their findings at a press conference this morning in New York. Also speaking were Chris' father Michael Benoit, and Benoit family lawyer Cary Ichter of Atlanta.

Cantu noted that out of the five athletes they have diagnosed with similar problems, including football stars Andre Waters, Terry Long and Mike Webster, the former two of whom committed suicide at a young age, that Benoit's brain showed the highest level of Tau protiens, indicating damage.

"Chris had, by far, the greatest amount of brain damage of the five," Cantu said.

Bailes said the level of damage was enough to explain the suicide and homicides

Neither Michael Benoit nor Ichter would comment on potential litigation. Ichter said the family is still in mourning and has given no thought about, "what steps are appropriate in the legal arena."

The only hint came in a statement by Michael Benoit who said he worked for a company where the top priority was the health and safety of its workers, and only wished his son had worked for a company with those same priorities.

Bailes and Cantu are the leading doctors in the Sports Legacy Institute, which became an official charitable corporation in June. The president of SLI is former WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski, who was not present at the press conference. Nowinski contacted Michael Benoit for the rights to examine Chris' brain. The WWE was not consulted or made aware of any of these findings ahead of time.

In questioning, the doctors downplayed the role of steroids in the case, but couldn't rule it out, only saying there is no medical evidence long-term steroid use causes the damage to the brain Chris Benoit had.

They portrayed the brain examination as the only tangible evidence that has come to light to explain why Chris Benoit may have done what he did, They noted his level of damage would lead to cognitive impairment, major depression and heightened aggression.

Michael Benoit also noted he had read Chris' diary and said it gave the impression of an extremely disturbed person, but that in his limited contact with Chris, a few minute phone call every week or two, he had no indication anything was wrong.


Ric Flair Gives Notice??

----I missed this today as I have been trying to get everything updated from the area. Wow!! You think it is a ploy on Flair's part to get a good storyline?

As reported by Pro Wrestling Torch, Ric Flair has given notice to WWE. This happened around 8/21 and has nothing to do with drug investigations or suspensions.

WWE has offered him a major program to return. The sides haven't and nobody except perhaps Flair knows where things stand at this moment.


RassleTube: LAW Recap 8.31.07 - 5 Year Anniversary Show!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.01.07

ASWF Champion – Scott Fury lost by DQ over Chuck Fury – Lucky and Reno Diamond made the save after “Entourage”– Blaylock The Blazer/Austin Lane jumped in…Michael Ward for later tonight – Fury/Lane/Blaylock vs Lucky/Chuck Daddy/Reno Diamond

“Entourage” said they would have their hands in every match.

“Crazed Country Rebels”[Cody Murduch/Wild Bill] beat “LSD’ [Deadly Dale/Idol Bane] after Lane hit Idol Bane with chair – They hurt Bane’s leg after it.

Cody Daniels comes out to make a challenge with Austin Lane
Lane said he can’t do it without music and lights – Entourage jump Daniels before the match – they rang the bell – Daniels school boyed Lane in 5 seconds.

Zack & Timmy Hanson interview – Lane came out and said he had left him running his roads with Rampage Wrestling. Hanson made the comment if the “Entourage” kept getting into everything, then The Hansons would come out and help.

Kiss My Booty: “American Degenerates” [X-Kalibur/Morgan Lane] beat “Treat Connection” [Loose Cannon/San Francisco] – Cannon/Treat got out of booty kissing with Rotten Randy helping them out.

Reno Diamond/Lucky/Chuck Daddy beat Scott Fury/Blaylock the Blazer/Austin Lane with Nikki Lane – Chuck pinned Blaylock to get #1 contender match for ASWF Title – fury. After the match they broke Lucky’s arm. Spike piledrove on Reno on a table “breaking his neck”. Blaylock threw fireball at Daddy. Hansons made the save for Chuck Daddy.

----Blaylock got suspended for his actions…Reno/Blaylock were scheduled to take a few weeks off…Lucky broke his wrist for shoot…Next week: Fury vs Chuck Daddy…Cujo vs Justin Smart…Michael Ward has hired an old wrestler to become the new Commish…Kid Krazzy returns…I was told that Rodney Mack and Jazz got canceled for this weekend and it will only be Portia Perez/Tyler Logan vs Austin Lane/Nikki Lane for the show. Please call and make sure if you are going to see Mack/Jazz this weekend – 870.349.2050 I tried to reach them before posting this, but there was no answer…LSD won the belts on 8.25.07 from Smart/Lane…Place was packed with fans…Biscuit the ref left or got fired…Funny comment about Rampage. A lot of guys worked that garbage promotion out of Jonesboro, AR – Simon Reed, Dustin Starr, Coach BT, “Total Kaos” [Kade/Christian “Viper” Jacobs]. Austin Lane, Alex Krisis, Jett Logan, Tim Hanson, Lucky, Psycho, James Arnez, Gravedigger [Tommy Wayne’s dad], San Francisco Treat, Garth Hanson, Jim Casey and many more. Did I miss anyone?? I also remember Ken Wayne saying one time that Rampage was the worst promotion he had ever seen on TV. LOL

RassleResults: JWS Wheeler, MS 8.31.07

Buzz Harley and Keylo Green vs Brian So Fine and Dirty Sanchez ruled no contest after they ran over the time limit.

Tysin Starr and Nick Grymes beat Danny Morris and Randy Rose,after a sunset flip and superkick on Randy from Tysin and Nick

The Fullers beat the PHAT Foundation to become New Tag Team Champions.

AC Styles beat Neil Taylor to become new JWS Champion

Brett Michaels beat Max Steele, first ruled no contest after going over the time limit but they continued on and eventually Brett finished with a superkick.

Dalton Storm beat Justin Rhodes by dq when the PHAT Foundation interfered. Rhodes retains Title. After the match PHAT Foundation continue to beat on Storm, Fullers try to make save but get beat down as well. Nick Grymes comes out in a PHAT Foundation shirt revealing he is the new PHAT Foundation member, after PHAT Foundation turn their back Nick rips off the PHAT Foundation shirt and attacks PHAT Foundation. Nick and Fullers clean house.

Slammer beat Mark Mayhem in a Coffin Match to become new JWS Intercontinental champion

Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee w/ Grady Watson beat “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray] w/ Jesse James- after match Lawler piledrove James.

----450 people in the building with a gate close $4,600…That kind of gate everyone should get paid; right?? Nope. Some people were not paid…Why book a big surprise with PHAT Foundation having a new member, then having him turn against them?? That made no sense…This was the biggest show of the company’s history…Does the Jesse James guy really carry a tennis request?? If so, someone needs to punch him right in the face. Get your own gimmick dammit!!

Michael Johns Talks About "The Big Cheese"

----Let me say a few things here before you read Michael Johns' note to Sal. First, I do know that Johns is telling the truth about being hurt and just going on. I broke Johns' nose one night when I hit him with my clipboard. That is the only time in the 5 years I did that gimmick that I ever hurt anyone. I felt bad about it and I apologized. We went on with life and everytime I see him, he gives me hell about.

----Seriously this looks like a total publicity stunt, but I really think it is all about redemption when it comes to Sal. He just wants Lawler to say, "I hit you, because I was pissed." or something like that. Does this matter in the whole scope of Johns' world or my world?? Nah, but I feel it is something that Sal just needs for himself. If the man is going to put up a legit $10,000, then Maclin/Lawler would be fools to not take him up on the offer. Hell, is offering $10,000 to be on TV - Maclin/Lawler just have to tell the truth to get the money.


Sal Corrente. I know what you're doing. You're stretching your "15 minutes" out for as long as you can make it last. There's been enough black marks placed on the business lately. Let it go.

I'm not taking up for Lawler, and everybody knows I'm a Lawler mark, but, if you got stiffed, one of two things happened: 1) You pissed him off or 2) It was an accident. He didn't do it just for shits & giggles. Suing someone for being stiffed. WTF? When I was stiffed by Tully, who says he slipped in some Coke (which is non-existent on the videotape), I just had material to bring up for years (been 10 now, and I still mention it every time I see him). I didn't seek legal recourse..... I had rib material! I didn't sue Terry Golden for tearing my forearm muscle. He didn't sue Dundee for knocking a tooth out that same night (actually, I think he took his tooth out on me! lol) Everybody apologized, and we went on! Ever taken 3 punches from Dundee? Watch that 3rd one.... every time! A super kick from Derrick when he's having a bad night? A chair from Killer? (lol) Paul Heyman didn't sue Lawler or yell & scream about his broken jaw, nor did Jimmy Hart. This shit happens!

My question is, Mr.. Famous (now), who the hell, besides RRO is going to give you a job? You're done with Memphis, which essentially wraps any shot at the WWE up, Jeff Jarrett won't touch you, and who else would, for fear of slipping up and stiffing you, in essence, causing another suit, and another black mark on an already downward spiraling business? I'm not the only one of this opinion, but I'm the first to "man up" and say it (publicly, anyway). Hope you enjoy your news coverage. Your 15 minutes are almost over.

And I didn't even TOUCH what kind of manager you were, not instructing your Assassins to be like the originals, and coaching them as a shoot in the ring. Been there, done that, with Bass & Smith's blessings.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sal Is Shooting!!

----You can say what you want about "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente, but he is putting his money before his mouth. This is not a wrestling angle. I think Sal needs to hear this from Lawler and Maclin's mouth - that what happened to him was not intentional. This is a lot of money folks. If Lawler or Maclin do not at least attempt to take this money from Corrente, then without a shadow of a doubt everyone will know - Lawler punched Sal as hard as he could that night and Sal didn't seeing it coming.

----I will have more on this story tomorrow as I will let everyone in on what this site is doing to get the word to Corey Maclin and Memphis Wrestling.

A Piece of my Mind- By "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente Sept 4th 2007

I want to start out by talking about C.M. Punk. I will go back to putting together the main event for WrestleReunion 1. The original idea for WrestleReunion was not just a legends event. It was designed to showcase the stars of yesterday, today and tomorrow. I had been reading a lot about this kid C.M. Punk so he stood out in my mind. I started asking people about him. I can honestly say that anyone and everyone I asked were in full support of giving this guy the shot. I know that Dusty Rhodes also supported the choice and in my mind this was Dusty’s match. I can remember my final call being to my good friend Mick Foley. He absolutely supported the choice. At that point I informed C.M. Punk that he was the guy. I had enough faith in everyone that I talked to I went with it sight unseen. I can say for sure that I had no idea what C.M Punk even looked like when he got to WrestleReunion. When I met Punk I could see that he was a good guy and was very appreciative of the opportunity. I watched how he conducted himself that whole weekend. I knew that my friends had lead me down the right road and I was proud of the chance that I had given to an up and coming talent. All of the young talent that was selected to be a part of Pro Wrestling’s largest convention were so respectful of the chance to be surrounded by all the legends.

I see in C.M Punk someone who is being pushed because the fans have demanded it. I have been scratching my head all along wondering "doesn’t creative get it"? Btw, the word "creative", that gets thrown all over the place, is the equivalent of saying “those people”. Does anyone really believe that if Vince McMahon told creative to "find something" or "I want this person getting a push" that creative would not come up with something? I appreciate that the fans are being so vocal and doing what is necessary to get WWE to use worthy talent correctly. I have watched the same thing happen for years. I can remember years ago watching them try to “cool off” Jimmy Snuka. I watched the same thing go on the last few years with Rob Van Dam and Matt Hardy. I hope that the fans understand that if they are strong and unite then they can stop having bad talent shoved down their throat. If you demand something long enough even the WWE will be forced to listen to you.

What if, in the interest of damage control, Vince had brought out all the suspended wrestlers and told everyone right on television that they were suspended? I can not imagine anything looking better to Congress than a move like that. In reality, if they cut all these guys loose what would it really mean to the bottom line?I can tell you that in my estimation, it would not mean one thing to the bottom line. In the past I remember thinking that the roof would have fallen in when this one or that one left. In retrospect, it never happened. It would be the same case now. I think that now is the time for the survival of the fittest. If I was McMahon I would be saving my company, my family and my stockholders but not necessarily in that order. If you think this is crazy remember two things... #1 ALL talent IS 100% expendable. The other is that although McMahon appears to be made of Teflon, so did John Gotti and Al Capone. In the end it all caught up to them. I don’t think this is the end for Vince McMahon but it sure could be a new beginning for Sports Entertainment/Pro Wrestling

If I was Dixie Carter i'd be upset she put her company on the radar by hiring Pacman Jones. I can only imagine the presentation that she will make to Congress. In the long run the implications here are simple. It will mean that her company will be under the microscope for a long time. I hope that Dixie is intelligent enough to bring in outside representation to go through this process. This isn’t like booking a stupid angle; you get a chance to start over. You have one shot to make Congress and the country perceive you as competent and credible. If you look at this mess sensibly what more than likely happen will be sanctions and or restrictions will be put in place. It would seem that the biggest problems with the sanctions, restrictions and mandatory testing will be the cost associated with them. If I am WWE I am already spending these dollars and they are figured into my budget. If I am TNA or any other company, where are these dollars coming from? If I did come up with the money it only makes the hole I am digging deeper and filled with more red ink.

Back in the late eighties I was booked for the WWC anniversary show in Puerto Rico. I was working with the tag team champions Miguelito Perez and Hurrican Castillo Jr. as they defended the titles against Jerry Morrow and Cuban Assassin a new team in the territory. It was Jerry Morrow and Cuban Assassin that they were facing. There was a huge crowd 30,000+ in an outdoor stadium. In the main event later that night I worked with Carlos Colon and El Sadistico Steve Strong. I had been named World Wrestling Council referee of the year for 1989. I was pleased with the honor but I also understood it meant spotlight duty that night. In the opening match everything went well. The crowd was very responsive especially when he heels went over. It was a heel finish and the crowd was irate as the two fan favorites lost their titles. As I was walking back from the ring with Miguelito and Hurrican and all of a sudden I heard Miguelito tell me to get behind him. It was only seconds after that Miguelito was on the ground in pain. A fan had thrown a rock, meant for me, and it hit him in the groin. I will be forever grateful to Miguelito for the rock he took in protecting me. He also knew enough about the area to know that I could have a problem with the finish that we had just done. This is just one story that comes from my trips to the island.

As a final note I would like to make one more appearance on Memphis Wrestling. I want to challenge Jerry Lawler, Corey Maclin and two other wrestlers who I will not name at this time to take a lie detector test. If they pass the lie detector test I will give them $10,000.00. I would have this all handled legally so they would be assured to get their money. I also want to define passing the test, they would have to answer all questions truthfully and the answers would have to support the statements that Jerry Lawler made under oath in court. In the case of the two unnamed wrestlers all they would have to do is to testify to Jerry Lawler’s intentions were that night. It’s very simple if no lies have been told. I would also make a very definite condition that Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler would both have to take the test. If I am Corey Maclin I would think this could be the highest rated show for Memphis Wrestling in recent years. Just think about it Jerry Lawler being hooked up to a lie detector and asked questions. Now Corey please feel free to make all the smart ass comments and or try to turn this into angle. I am sure the City of Memphis and the wrestling world will look forward to your response.
You may have noticed that at the top of this column I have included a picture of Afa The Wild Samoan, Dominic Marcello (The man who started me in the business) and myself. This picture was taken when I first got involved in pro wrestling