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SCW Comes to Tupleo, MS!!

----This promotion seems to continue to make noise in the area. This show booked has them with 4 shows in October; right?? This was posted yesterday by Axeman over at It will be interesting to see how good this group can draw with only 1 week of promotion. Is this the same place that IWF ran shows?? If so, it is a good building and provides really good atmosphere for wrestling. I will never forget the first IWF tapings I did at this building and the pop that Psycho got that night. Unbelievable!! It brought goose bumps it was so loud!!

Southeastern Championship Wrestling is coming to Tupelo with a BIG CARD Saturday night, October 6, 2007, at the Salvation Army Community Center on Carnation St.

Ticket Prices:
Advance Tickets $10.00, on sale Monday at Fun World in Tupelo.
Tickets $12.00 at the door.
Kids 4 & under free!

On the card:
Kamala the Ugandan Warrior
Mr. Hughes
John Saxon
Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor
Chris Rocker
Sarge O'Reilly
Steve Anthony
Kevin White
"Playboy" Pat Patera
Miss Vanna
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock
and MORE!

Also featuring a LADIES MATCH, Irresistible Danielle vs. Layla!

It's going to be a great show! Don't miss it!

Advance tickets available Monday morning, 10-01-07, at Fun World, 314 So. Green St., in downtown Tupelo.

See you there!

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV 9.22.07

----The show scored the highest rating since the 8.11.07 show with 3.4 [56,915 viewers], which is only about 4,000 more viewers than average. The show seems to have settled into this range and there seems to be no major ups or downs overall. If you look at the show as a whole though, they continue to lose viewers from start to finish and usually have a big dip somewhere. They had just a little retention from 1st quarter to 2cnd quarter, but after that the show dropped over 8,000 viewers in the 3rd quarter as people turned their TV off the second week in a row for the “Opening the Vault” quarter. 1300 more viewers turned off their TV during the last quarter that featured that horrible tag match and the final bout being only about 2 minutes being one of the highlights of the show. There are people watching TV at this hour though with over 150,000 watching New Channel 3 and CSI Miami.

-White intros Sue Young
-TK2 clip of losing belts
-TK2 vs Hurricanes
1st quarter 3.6 [61,112 viewers]

-Brian Christopher interview
-Mr. White vs Brian C
2cnd quarter 3.7 [61,448 viewers] [+336 viewers]

-“Opening the Vault”
-Insane Clowns/Devon beat up Watson
-Lawler/Koko interview
3rd Quarter 3.2 [53,221 viewers] [-8227 viewers]

-Lawler/Koko vs Clowns
-Dotson/DK vs Lexx/Starr
4th Quarter 3.1 [51,878 viewers] [-1343 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.1 [52,438 viewers]
12 week low – 2.2 [36,768 viewers] 7.14.07
12 week high – 4.3 [71,353 viewers] 7.28.07
Gain from Start to Finish [-9234 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
News Channel 3/CSI Miami 9.0 [151,605 viewers]

Coach's Corner by Brian Tramel

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----In Terry Funk’s book [yes I am still reading it!!], he mentions guys that can get over in certain areas of the country, but not get over on a national basis. I feel there are three guys in this area that fit this description. Even though one may be a great worker, one gets local TV time and the other has the talent, but not give the opportunity, these guys are probably stuck with being over in this area for the rest of their careers.

----I think this might fit “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. I get criticism from readers and some of the workers asking the question about why is TGB pushed?? Why is he champion in various promotions, but we don’t see him on Memphis Wrestling or other big shows?? How does he get to work Jerry Lawler, Bobby Eaton, Brian Christopher, Buff Bagwell or whoever?? Could he get over on a national basis? I am not sure, but I do know the reason he is pushed and gets to wrestle these guys. Whether you are a worker or a visitor to this site, believe me when I say this – TGB is one of the best workers in this area. He easily in the top 10 – whether he works for Memphis Wrestling or not. And that is the main reason that promoters put him in these matches, because he is not going to screw up and hurt someone and gives his 110% every time he goes out.

----In this middle of the spectrum of workers in this area, we find Kevin White. Kevin White is probably one of the most underrated workers in the area, especially by his peers. He knows psychology as best as it can be. He always gets a good spot, especially with Memphis and gets on all the good shows. His interviews are good. His voice drives some people crazy, but it is good with the heel persona. He has been stuck with the “New Nature Boy” gimmick and I think he has done a good job with it. As I have said, I am not a fan of the Sue Young gimmick, but it will probably be dropped sometime soon anyway. I do think he would do well with a valet and his dad as his manager. I would really like to see White stuck in a situation where he has to work a 20 minute + match with a worker either at his level or better. That would be the true test of White.

----On the other end of we have a guy like Dustin Starr. Starr is so full of himself and thinks that he deserves so much that at times that gets him pushed to the side. I think the only reason he has does not have the TLCW Title right now is because the fear that it would go to his head. At TLCW he gets the most heat of any heel and has for months. As a worker, he is good, but not great. As a total package – looks and wrestling – he is easily one of the best in the area. Even though he gets small opportunities with Memphis Wrestling, that is the promotion that could do wonders with a guy like this. Give him some TV mic time as a heel. Let him run the “5-Starr Showcase” on TV. There is no way it could be worse than what is on TV right now. It is also easy to judge whether that segment would get over or not – take a look at the ratings. If it is not improving, then kick him off. There is no way that a young guy with a the look that Starr has could not help ratings and get heat, when the program is spending time trying to get Grady Watson over. He is also the one out of the three mentioned that has the best chance of being seen on WWE TV. Did anyone watch that MVP interview crap on Smackdown?? Starr truly could be more entertaining than that.

----Well, Ashley Masaro lasted a total of 2 weeks on “Survivor” and I guess deserved to be voted off. She had a personality conflict with one of the other contestants and the tribe pretty much had to vote for her or him?? He won out simply because he could do more and was worth more to the tribe. It didn’t have to do with having the “look” this week – he just had better workrate than she did. I would like to say even though I didn’t think she was hot as she is on WWE TV – I would never have kicked her out of bed wearing those red panties and black handkerchief for a bra. I was also surprised at how much was leaked out about her on the show. I knew a few days before the show aired that she was being voted off early and as of Monday this week it was be reported about her experiences on the show as if she had already been voted off. I thought she was suppose to kayfabe more than that.

----Gene Jackson mentioned in his RasslePod [go listen to it – it is good] that Nick Dinsmore is getting a $1200 price for a match and $750 for a personal appearance. It also been reported on a few of the other sites, so I am assuming this is close to the rate. Is he worth it? I would have to say yes he could help a promoter in this area pop a big crowd. A group like TLCW or NBW could do TV commercials and promote him a bit and they could easily get their money back. I talked about this with an area booker this past week. The reason to bring in a name is to get extra people in the building that would never come to your show, unless it was to see Eugene. You then promote the hell out of the idea that you have wrestling here EVERY Friday or Saturday night featuring all the stars of your promotion. It is also good to use a guy like Eugene to make a little extra money. You raise tickets to $10 and you are almost guaranteed to draw an extra 120 people to come out to see him. Something else that Gene mentioned that makes you wonder?? The Special Ed character in IWF was BEFORE Eugene?? Hmmmmmmm…interesting??

----Well, that is it for the Saturday edition of “Coach’s Corner.” Please join me on Monday as I will be talking about steroids, Jerry Lawler dressing room talk and more thoughts on the Sue Young angle.

RassleResults: TLCW Halls, TN 9.29.07

Ike Tucker over Jerry Weezy
Dell Tucker over Steven Harmon
Tatt2 over Shannon Lee & Rockin' Randy in a Triple Threat Match
5 Starr Showcase with Jerry "The King" Lawler
Dustin "5" Starr & "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Derrick King & Jerry "The King" Lawler

----5 Starr Showcase was very entertaining with Lawler making some great comments about Dustin. Lawler-isms on 5 Starr-

on Dustin's Jacket- "That must be the hope diamond, you HOPE they're Diamonds"
"Hey What's that hanging off your shirt? Oh it’s your arm"
"You've got so much moose in your hair, you're beginning to spread antlers"
"Does that mic work, can your show afford two microphones?"
On Dustin's Breath "I don't know whether to give you gum or toliet paper"
and so many others, he was on and it was great.

----This show was held outdoors in Halls,TN at the Lauderdale County Fair with 200+ watching the show….In the main event, Lawler turned on Derrick King. Lawler gave him the piledriver and got on the mic and said "That can only be one KING!". Leaving DK to be pinned by Starr. To add insult to injury, TGB made the ref count the three again so he could get the pin as well. After Starr/Anthony argued on who really got the pin before compromising and making the ref raise both their hands….Tonight TLCW is back in Ripley, TN with Dustin Starr, Alan Steele, Tim Grind and many more. "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony vs Jerry Lynn.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Piece of my Mind- Sept 28th 2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

When we put together WrestleReunion 1 for Tampa I had booked two girls, Krissy Vaine and Amber O’Neal, they called themselves Team Blondage. I felt that these girls could be a team reminiscent of the Glamour Girls. I am not suggesting that they could work like Judy Martin and Lei Lani Kai. We didn’t have any Jumping Bomb Angels for them to work against anyway. At WrestleReunion 1 they would get the chance to work with legends in women’s wrestling. The match lined up like this: Peggy Lee Leather, Sensational Sherri Martel, and Team Blondage managed by Joyce Grable vs. Bambi, Wendi Richter, Malia Hosaka and Jenny Taylor. I don’t know where Jenny disappeared to and it’s a shame. She was a real beauty that could work and would only continue to improve she should have gotten a WWE deal. I did get her a tryout through Tommy Dreamer one time. But the stars did not align for her on that day. I hope that the young girls in this match appreciated the opportunity to work with ladies like Wendi, Sherri and Joyce not to mention Bambi, Peggy and Malia work horses in the ring. Well for one reason or another Team Blondage broke up when Krissy signed with WWE. I felt bad for Amber because I really believed in the team. It’s easy to believe in Amber. She's total class act but for now the bright lights of Stamford, Ct. have not shined down upon her. I have been keeping up with Krissy via the internet and friends while she was in Deep South Wrestling. I heard on Tuesday night that a new blond diva did a run in. I knew in my mind that it was Krissy. It was reported that the finish didn’t go well or something like that. It made me wonder why take a young girl and put her into something with one of your least polished wrestlers? I have met Torrie Wilson. She is drop dead gorgeous. Most men would consider her a dream girl. Her personality only enhances her looks but she isn’t going to carry anyone to a good match in a squared circle. If I was booking this thing I would put a new girl in a position to have done something with Mickie James, Victoria or worst case scenario Melina. Why give a girl an up hill battle to fight? It is hard to believe that there is thought and common sense used in some of the decisions made for these TV programs.

If I think back through my career and the information that I have regarding the McMahon kids I would have thought Shane would have turned out to be an arrogant ass and Stephanie would have been the darling of the industry. I remember being told numerous stories of what a smart ass Shane was. I heard numerous stories of how sweet Stephanie was and how attractive she would be when she got older. Boy oh Boy the heat has sure been switched. Shane has turned into a great performer; he sure is a chip of the old block performing wise. He is married to a girl names Marissa that I have had the pleasure of meeting very briefly on a couple of occasions. She is quite lovely and I can sure understand Shane’s desire to be at home with his family. On the other hand Stephanie certainly did turn into a very beautiful woman but somehow the arrogance transferred to her. I know she is well educated but I don’t see her using that education to the companies benefit. The business has changed to a large extent and many facets of the business could benefit from a college degree. With that being said, entertaining people can be done without a college degree and has been for years. The ability to get a reaction from a crowd comes from within. These are things that we are born with. Sometimes you need help brining those things out. A good promoter can help stimulate that if they can see through the “green” in you. In Stephanie, I see growth being inhibited not nurtured. It is only the best of the best that can get around the restrictions and barriers that are presented to them. It seems to be a privilege of genetics and ancestry when you’re a McMahon to let power go to your head. It becomes an aphrodisiac and a drug in the McMahon family in many cases it is blended together like a deadly cocktail.

I do want to recognize the positive things that the McMahons does as well, I understand that they paid for the funeral of my friend Sherri Martel. I don’t believe that Vince or the WWE made this public knowledge but there were many ways that the news could have been released. There are many situations that have to come to light over the years that Vince has helped out individuals with. I am not sure that I am overly impressed with paying for a funeral. What could that cost 10,000-15,000 at most? We are talking about people with millions and millions of dollars. To them that is the equivalent of you or I handing someone twenty dollars. On the other hand, no one has to hand anyone twenty dollars without an obligation to do so. I am glad that Sherri’s family got the financial help that I know they needed badly.

In regards to this letter that WWE sent out offering to help the former talent that it employed with substance abuse problems. The sooner the individuals that need help reach out to get it the better off many lives will be. When the Benoit tragedy struck I felt that the WWE should hire a crisis management expert. It would have made total sense to take that approach. Who out there considers the WWE’s initial approach to all of the tragedy and scandal to be decisions laced with public relations brilliance? This letter going out is the first intelligent sign of crisis management I have seen from the WWE. In some ways maybe Vince is like an addict. It’s possible he has hit rock bottom and realizes a change is in order. They say people can’t change but there are times when people do change. If someone is to be believe that they have changed there is normally an event or situation that has triggered that change. If they can’t describe or explain that reasoning then the chances that they have changed are minimal at best. If all of the talent deaths and the death of Daniel Benoit can't change Vince McMahon he wont ever change. I know the whole wrestling world is waiting to see how this all plays out as I am.

I am not normally critical of ROH and there is a good reason for that. I don’t see many things to be critical of. They recently had some angle that was perceived to go over the line. It appears that it will be edited out of the PPV that will air of the event. Does that mean they won’t use it to sell more DVD’s? If I had to bet I would say that it will be used to sell DVD’s. I like the business model that ROH has put together. The booker for ROH is Gabe Sapolsky he is a Paul Heyman disciple. They are the number three Wrestling Company in the US. It is time to really step up your game and make intelligent decisions in your product presentation. It is a sensitive time in our business right now. Why is it that the individuals running these companies can’t stop doing things to put themselves on the radar? I would be laying low right now to see what the Congressional hearings bring. Why give a group of individuals who are going to make judgments on professional wrestling, with no real knowledge base, more reason to lay down anctions you're not going to like? They are to decide based on morality. You remember More Ality. right He married Kfabe and they ran off together never to be in a wrestling arena again.

In the picture for this article I am showing George South Sr on the left and “Gorgeous” Gary Royal on the right. If you are an old fan of Wrestling on TBS you remember George from his two segment match with Ric Flair who was the NWA World Champion at the time. As legend tells it, Flair was asked to go two segments on TV he but wasn’t pleased with this direction. If you look at it why would Flair need two segments vs. George South who was a great great worker but two segments?? Well Flair went out there and let George bounce him all over the place. It was a huge spotlight for George and one fantastic match to watch. Maybe someone will or has already posted the match on You Tube. If they do be sure to catch it. The other guy is someone I have talked about in the past and will continue to talk about in the future ... Gorgeous Gary Royal, former NWA Jr Heavyweight Champion and current computer software trainer. How about that? A former pro wrestler with twenty years or so on the road full time leaving the business and becoming a software trainer. Will wonders never cease? You ask why I posted this picture? Well there are two reasons. One is to give two guys credit that deserve it just for being so smooth in the ring and hard working. It is also to provide you some history of masked men. These two guys made up two very famous enhancement tag teams. They were those little green men "The Cruel Connection" that worked for Jim Crockett . They were also "The Gladiators". Remember them as the team called the West Coast Champions sent out on TBS one night to do a job for The Mulkey Bros? That victory ended up putting fan favorite jobber team The Mulkey's into the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Tag Team Tournament. The Mulkey t-shirts sold out the night of the tournament and the Mulkeys got a chance to headline their hometown of Anderson, SC against the Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton version of The Midnight Express and yes it was a sell out.

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Cheap Heat RasslePod #1- 9.27.07 w/Gene Jackson

I've finally gotten around to recording a podcast where I address a number of topics including: Chikara Pro Wrestling, WWE 24/7, TFW, Nick Dinsmore, save_us_222, Axeman's In the Spotlight w/Scott 'the Stud' Porteau, Memphis Wrestling and the Sue Young Angle, My response to 'Vic' from the Hollywood Jimmy message board and the reason I didn't stay with the stand up comedy, plus much more. Check it out at the link below, you can play it on the page or download it. (the picture of Gordon Solie is totally unrelated, I just think it's cool, Solie is a pimp!)

Cheap Heat RasslePod #1

Coach's Corner - Thursday Edition - by Brian Tramel

----Can you believe “The Miz” is a total prick and “chick magnet”?? Hell yeah you can!!! This guy is one of the most natural heels I have ever seen. He comes across as that guy that got all the girls in high school and all us fat kids hated. And then, you bring out the fat kid, Balls Mahoney to do an angle with Kelly Kelly. Is it believable?? Nah, not really, because in real life Kelly would not even look at Balls or she would just try to make fun of him by going out with him. Or Balls might turn into that guy that every other guy looks at and wonders – “How the hell did HE get HER??” Well, at least with this angle we know it isn’t because he has a big penis, it is because he has big BALLS!! LOL I could not resist!!

----Tommy Dreamer is playing the “Terry Funk” role in ECW. A role that I love and I think works much better than a wrestler past his prime trying to say he is still the best. Elijah Burke has the youth and the moves. Dreamer might not be young anymore, but he has the HEART!! Even though CM Punk vs Burke would be a better match on paper, I am hoping to see Dreamer vs Punk. Proof that the booking has me pulling for the underdog. Do you wonder why Jerry Lawler and the Mid-South Coliseum did so good when Lawler was chasing the belt vs Bockwinkel or Flair?? Lawler was the underdog and the crowd love to cheer him – win or lose.

----What’ca think of Matt Striker?? Here is a guy that got a break because he was cheating. Vince McMahon loves guys like this. Striker had the passion though and really wanted to be a professional enough that he would forge his work excuses. He is living his dream now and stuck with a guy like Big V. No bad comments on V as I like fat people. Someone else that reminds me of Striker a lot is Mike Kruel in the OVW developmental. He is real good on the mic and is better in the ring than Striker. Kruel will probably get the call to come up. He also has a normal looking Bruno Sammartino type body. Is that normal?? LOL

----He rose from the ashes – he is….Tony “The Weasel” Watts. A guy that I could just seeing falling flat on his face has risen within the ranks of the Mississippi indys by doing something that would look like was a big mistake. He left his friend Brody Hawk to run shows on his own and everyone, including myself, thought he would fail. Is Watts’ success with XOW all his fault? Nah. He is very fortunate to have aligned himself with Billy Russ, who many called just a “money mark” and a good booker in Sarge O’Reilly. This guy Watts, who was considered an outsider by many, is doing very well for himself. I am not a big fan of booking bouts without meaning and a Steel Cage Match needs to have a reason, but it is also may just be a way to get the crowd in to see the show. It will probably work as you will be giving the fans something that many have not seen. It couldn’t have been better timing either [coincidental, because I can’t give Sarge all the credit] with the cage match just coming off RAW. I remember doing something similar in my booking to show the fans a different show on my first night in towns. A 60 Minute Iron Man Tag Team match one night in CCW on a first town show – the crowd ate it up!! A few months later I had a 30 minute Iron Man Hardcore match in another new town and the crowd crapped on it.

----I do have friends within in this business that reads my site religiously. I have those same friends that usually pick up the phone and call at least once a week. Or we talk on Yahoo IM. Do they expect different treatment on this site than other wrestlers?? I really hope they do not, because if they do they will be disappointed. Just because I might write good things about a worker does not mean he has got into my ear and wanted me to write stuff. I do take suggests from people at times, but it does not mean I am favoring someone because they are my friend. My thoughts and words on here – they are mine. If you don’t believe I give my friends slack, then you need to e-mail me. I will send you toward one of my best friends ever in this business – he will tell you he hardly ever pleases me in the ring or I rank him with high stars. That is what he expects from me – and for those that think wrestlers control what I say – take a look at the good things I have written about you and hell, I have probably only talked to you about 10 minutes in the last year.

Shows for The Weekend 9.28 to 9.29.07

----The “show” of the weekend has to be the XOW show on Saturday night with a Steel Cage Match with four guys that will probably kill themselves to put on a crazy match. I would put TLCW up there as a close second with Jerry Lynn vs TGB and it will probably be Starr vs Grind with their feud real hot right now.

----Friday Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN…Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely),Arrick Andrews,Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie), AM Vision,Hammerjack,TJ Harley,Petey Wright,Josh Crowe,Damien Payne,Tim Renesto,Cody Diemer, LT Falk, Crazy Steve,Luscious Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix,Saint,New York Gangster,Xavier Mustafa,Michael Jablonski and more!!

----Friday Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, Chris Lexx, Derrick King, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Stretch, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with “The Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez],“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Rockin’ Randy,Jon Michael, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane and many more.

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Chris Styles), Josh Matthews, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Jake Prentiss, Chris Chaos, OMEGA, LSD, Lady Reb, Devon Raynes,BB, Destiny, Bloodbath, Kaleb Kastle, and Vinnie the Blade. , and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN…Missouri Bad Boys with Cookie Rogers, Motley Cruz,Kilo, Mark Justice,Tim Edwards, Tank, Jeremy Moore,J.R. Manson, B.L.S., Lil Tim, Gaylon Ray, Baron Malkavain, Phoenix X, John "Biscuit" Roberts, Brian Steele and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, Team Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy,Acid, Michael Ward, Cody Murdoch, Morgan Lane, Chuck Daddy, and more.

----Saturday Night XOW – “Pain In Pontotoc” Pontotoc Agri Center, Pontotoc, MS Steel Cage Match: "The Future" Chris Styles & "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews will face Anton Leveigh & Brandon Barbwire, XOW Ladies Champion Peggy Lee vs Bambi, Fans Strap Match:"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs vs. "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Bill Dundee faces winner of Battle Royal, Giant Hillbilly vs Uncle Felton, Nick Grymes and much more.

----Saturday Night for SAW in Millersville, TN AM Vision, TJ Harley,Hammerjack (w/Charming Charles),Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie],Shane Eden, Rob C, Justin Spade, C-4 (w/Cocky Cody), J-5, and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington ST Seth Knight, Rockin Randy, TGB Greg Anthony, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Shannon Lee, JERRY LYNN!! and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell is 8 P.M, doors open @ 7:15 P.M.


RassleTube: LAW Recap 9.21.07

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----The cover to the right and the story are from the February 1990 issue of Rasslin Riot – “The Wrestling Bulletin for Mature Readers Only”. The cover as you can see was to show how much I loved Hulk Hogan. LOL I went on to make some t-shirts with that logo on it. I sold like 15 shirts and I have been told that Ric Flair signed one and it is framed in a friend’s house in Chicago. The first time I met Mick Foley he said, “You are the guy that made the Hulk and Warrior shirts; right??” Crazy that I only had about 300 subscribers at the time and Foley remembered those shirts.


The 2/24/90 Memphis show was a real classic. I expected a good crowd, but about 1000 people packed the arena. Real good card as you will see. Thanks to all for their comments about this new feature. It seems that everyone enjoyed, so let’s go ringside with Big Daddy.....

ATT: 1000+

Dutch Mantell over “Rockin” Randy in a [*1/2] bout. Dutch won with a short arm closeline. Not a terrible match, but short. Randy is still green. Dutch looked good.

USWA TT Title Match: Southern Rockers – Rex King & Steve Doll lost by DQ over Robert Fuller & DBW when Brian Lee jumped Fuller. Lee turned on the 2/24 TV show and was suppose to be Fuller’s partner. Crowd really popped for Lee. [**3/4] bout with everyone working hard. DWG was at ringside in a skin tight split on both sides dress! OH ME!!! Some guy in the crowd yelled “chrome dome” at DWB. I was offended.

King Cobra won by DQ over Soultaker, when Soul threw him over the top rope. [*1/2] bout. Real short. I ask Cobra, “who you working tonight?’ at the photo table before the bout. It took him about 30 seconds to respond, “Soultaker.” He looked drunk. Soul gets a lot of cheers. They need to turn him into a big killer face. He gave Cobra a real hard “Flair” chop during the match. I think Corbra was asleep.

Dirty White Boy beat Dutch Mantell using the ropes in a real good [***] bout. Both guys worked real hard. At one point Dutch waved at DWG and she smiled. DWB started then yelling at her. DWG gets a lot of cheers. I think the fans feel sorry for her. Dutch got the mic and said, “White Girl, why don’t you just tell him to kiss your ass.” It got a lot of cheers. Mantell was booed when came out as he was subbing for Chris Champion, because everyone likes Chris.

INTERMISSION: Kerry Von Erich was selling photos taken with him in the ring for $5. I sat in my chair for a minute, then decided to go up and get a Polaroid taken with Kerry. He was once NWA World Champ and you know there is only one tower of pizza. I went up and ask him to put a headlock on me. I then preceded to atomic drop him. I grabbed his foot – to my surprise his foot came off?!?! I then piledrived the foot and pinned it for 1-2-3. Just think Kerry’s foot did a job for Big Daddy!! [BT: As most of you know the above story is just a figment of my sick twisted imagination. I just wanted to make sure everyone was reading and I’m just a big fan of HOT NEWS in the TORCH.]

MAIN EVENT: Unified World Title Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Kerry “Foot” Von Erich ended when Lawler went to hit Kerry in the groin [in the corner], instead hit ref Jerry Calhoun. Lawler was DQ’ed & Kerry won. Kerry, after Calhoun went down from the nut shot had Lawler pinned, but Lawler was never counted. Great heat and some good work in this [***1/2] bout.


At one point of the show half the lights in the building went out. They more went real dim. I thought we were going to have a power failure, which would lead to fire jumping from the light bulbs. I guess my paranoid Richard Lewis personality took over for a minute or two…King Kong Bundy with hair was sitting in front of me. Everyone gets a hair piece these days!! Wimps!!...When Kerry got the claw on Lawler, the fans went nuts!! A lot of heat for in that match…Lawler is still cheered by most people. They get into his heel comedy persona more they did his babyface role. He got more cheers on this card than he did all last summer when he was a babyface…ARENA RAT SCOREBOARD: (6). 2 (6) 14 year olds, 2 (7) with Rex King & Steve Doll, (2) for Kerry’s rat and a (11) for Lawler’s rat. This averages out to about (6). I think I have a (1) to (10) scale, but (11) is more like it for Lawler’s rat. OH ME!! One fine tenderoni!!

----“Big Daddy” Brian was just one of my personas in the zine. I was doing 90% of the zine, so I just used different personas to list results, reports and stuff. Soultaker would later become Papa Shango aka The Godfather. And yes, the girl I refer to as “Lawler’s rat” was Stacy Carter. The intermission thing was done similar to the “Lighter Side of Riot” that I do now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 9.21.07

The show started with The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Shawn Reed) coming to the ring to run their mouths. They then beat down ring announcer Hunter Montgomery Jackson, who had to be carried from the ring, possibly with a broken leg.

Chris Chaos defeated LSD.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews w/Anita Page
to retain the TFW Light Heavyweight belt.

Devon Raynes defeated Fusion with help from Tony "The Weasel" Watts & Neil Taylor.

Chazz defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Vinnie the Blade defeated Chop Top the Clown.

In a three way tag team match, Attitude, Inc. (Tony Dabbs & Bless) w/T-Byrd defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Shawn Reed) and Crazy & Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe) to become the new TFW Tag Team Champions. The Southern Saints had won the belts from the New Age Cowboys (Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly) the previous Saturday in Ackerman, MS. After the match Josh Matthews and Anita Page came to the ring and, along with the Southern Saints, attacked Attitude, Inc. Several people tried to help Attitude, Inc., but they were beaten down also. "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore ran in and cleared the ring in a hurry. "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews has apparently joined forces with The Southern Saints.

TFW Champion DC defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "The Weasel" Watts. DC had help from Fusion, who was angry because Taylor & Watts had interfered in his match earlier causing him to lose to Devon Raynes.

Next week at TFW the card will include:

Attitude, Inc. & a mystery partner vs. The Southern Saints & Josh Matthews.

Neil "The Real Deal Taylor vs. Fusion.

Credit: Axeman @

A Piece of my Mind-Sept 25th 2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I thought I would open up this article talking about Memphis Wrestling since that is supposed to be the core of this website. I do recognize that Corey Maclin has a successful business model for himself and Jerry Lawler. That business model, for the most part, works for the same reason the US Dollar carries any clout. It is all based on the faith of the people. In this case “the people” are the talent that he uses. It is a well known fact that many of the talent make very little money. The talent, for the most part, is paid based on the dollars generated by the house (ticket sales). This was how all wrestlers were paid back in the day. It is still a fair model if all revenue is coming in that way. However, there are other streams of revenue that Corey has for each show whether it’s a paid show or not. Corey has advertisers/sponsors behind every show he does. It is generally a significant amount of money that the wrestlers do not share in. One could ask yourself "why do guys and or girls that are making nothing and in some cases losing money continue to work for Memphis Wrestling"? I can only hypothesize that they believe this exposure could potentially get them to the WWE. Another possibility is that if Jerry Lawler saw someone that he really thought could help WWE he would try and open a door for them. Well when was the last time that happened? The names that immediately come to my mind are Stacey Carter and Brian Christopher totally different motivation in those cases. Is it that everyone on Memphis TV is incapable of even being a mid-card player in WWE? I don’t believe that to be the case. I would love to see Derrick King super kick Shawn Michaels. How about Tatt2 going around with Rey Mysterio? Could Too Kool2 compete in the tag team division? I personally tagged with Derrick against Picture Perfect. Ask yourself "if the Majors Bros. can get a push couldn’t Picture Perfect make it also"? You have to ask yourself what Jerry Lawler’s motivation would be to recommend anyone to WWE? If you were Lawler, and you had decent talent, would your motivation be to send them to the big time or keep them where you are to help make you money?

I do not begrudge Corey and Jerry making money. As a matter of fact, I respect the fact that Corey has taken two companies and used both of those companies to generate a profit. What I do mind is not sharing some, and I do stress "some", of that money with the people risking their health for you. It has been rumored that Corey also tried to present the recent show at the ballpark like it was TV and not pay people for it. He was paid by the park to put that show on. I have put on these ballpark type shows before. You are always paid for them. On top of that, with all the TV promo that the Redbirds got from Corey’s TV shouldn’t they have paid something? Why would Corey give them all that publicity for nothing? His behavior is totally unacceptable and he should be ashamed of himself if that is true. The days of slavery went away with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. The guys need to get paid for the work they are doing. I can tell you from experience that you can waste a lot of time and money chasing this business. It’s ok to do that but at some point that you predetermine in your mind, you have to walk away. If you just can't totally walk away then get a career and treat this as a part time job on weekends. If you do that consider this point how many part time jobs would you do for nothing? So before you take your next booking think about that.

I do find it sad that a wrestling company like Corey’s can not run one or two weekly shows if not three with the TV that he has. How can Derrick King outdraw Corey Maclin with the shows that he runs? If Memphis Wrestling was my company I would use someone like Derrick to locally promote the towns and run three towns a week. When you have a TV program there are many avenues that you can use to make money. Also, has anyone noticed that the one media outlet that Corey refuses to take advantage of to promote his company is the internet? How can this be good business in 2007? What is even more ridiculous is that Corey’s advertising company builds websites. The internet impacts Corey’s business there is no way to avoid that. Why not take advantage of the benefits that the internet can provide and help promote the talent that you are using? It makes no sense to not have a website and use that website to promote your company and your shows. There are several ways that Memphis Wrestling is different and unique. I am just not sure that any of those things are positives. What I do know is that they are easily changeable now we just have to wonder is anyone willing to make the changes?

FLASHBACK: We were on tour in Qatar in the city of Doha. I had just taken my first airline flights. Little did I know that twenty five years later I would have logged a few million miles. It was a different crowd over there. One thing I noticed was a tremendous amount of crowd support for “The Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz who was working babyface. Johnny was in a program with Prof. Toru Tanaka. Everyone knew of Prof Tanaka’s reputation ... it was worldwide. The only TV that they had over there at the time was WWF and Georgia Championship Wrestling tapes. It was good timing since the tapes that were playing were from back in the days that the Wild Samoans were appearing on them. I found it to be strange. I was new in the business but I did know one thing, Johnny Rodz hadn’t won a televised match that I could remember. Even with that being the case the people cheered for him like he was a top guy. I went to talk to Charley Fulton about it. If you don’t know who Charley was, he was one of the best enhancement talents there ever was. When talking to Ricky Steamboat about Charley he said “Charley is the type of guy that will blow you up and than let you beat him”. When I brought that up to Charley (who was a very shy guy), he said "did he really say that?" I said "yes he did". Charley got real embarrassed and said" I hadn’t done that to anyone in years". He is also the guy who found Rick McGraw when he overdosed. He was a pleasure to work with and could make a broomstick look good. I asked him "why would the people support a job guy like he was King Kong?" He said "Johnny may not have won many matches on TV but no one ever pushed him around in the ring even Andre The Giant." It was my first exposure to a different type of audience but it was a good learning experience. It showed me that the overseas audience in those days could appreciate talent and good workers.

The picture for this article was my first day meeting the guys who eventually would become my mentors Afa and Sika The Wild Samoans. At the time they were holding the Georgia National Tag Team Titles. They came to Allentown, Pa. to do TV for Vince. My friend Mike D’avanzo took me to the George Washington Lodge to meet them. He had known the Samoans well from their last run through the territory. It had only been a few weeks before that I went to Mike’s house and he had a letter from Afa telling him that they would be the team to replace Fuji and Saito. Little did I know what a life changing moment that would be for me. After their TV debut the intention was that they would go back to Georgia to drop the belts. I do not believe that things went as expected though as they never dropped the belts. I do recall Gordon Solie announcing on TV that The Samoans were being suspended for actions taken in The Omni. Of course they had no tape of anything to show. As the story was told to me The Samoans told Ole to tell The Moondogs (Rex and Spot) to take the belts if they wanted them. I want to make it clear this was nothing personal. It had to do with the office not with The Moondogs. I did confirm this story with Spot one day as we were driving to a town. His words to me were we had no intentions of fighting those boys.

In another interesting quote, I was sitting with Stan Hansen in Charleston, SC, it was a strong card put together by Clement Fields who used to do TV for Jim Crockett Promotions. I told him that I had been broken in to the business by Afa and Sika and all he said was those are rough boys, rough boys. I guess I found it funny because you just didn’t find Stan Hansen recognizing too many other people’s level of toughness very often. As most people know Stan had quite his own reputation. I remembered The Samoans had run a program in Georgia with Ole and Stan Hansen. I'm sure that they were some interesting matches. In a future article I will tell you about the match that Hansen had that night with “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff who was my roommate at the time. It was my wildest match ever. It is also a night that my friends and I still talk about for reasons I will save for another article.

Cheap Heat- 9/25/07 by Gene Jackson

Hogan Knows Best......Annoying at Best

I know I've got some friends that really like this show and I tried to watch the first season but I just couldn't take much after that, it was just more of what we've seen out of Hogan for years, bad acting and ego. Don't get me wrong I'm not a Hogan-basher, I was a hulkamaniac way back in the day and I've enjoyed SOME of his returns but the acting on this show is just hideous and the whole shoving his daughter's attempt at a singing career down everyone's throat despite the fact that if she wasn't "Brooke Hogan" she couldn't beg her way on to American Idol is just annoying as hell. Also, Linda is really not that likable either, Nick is an obnoxious little shit so there's really no balance to the show, they are all very unlikable and annoying. You can have a show where one or two characters are annoying but they can't ALL be.

Anyway, so I've caught an episode here and there over the last couple of seasons when I heard of something interesting, like the Wrestlemania episode and the one where he was negotiating a "legend" contract but really haven't watched it much outside of that. Well I was flipping channels Sunday night and read the description of the episode (going to a theme park in disguise) and decided to check it out. WOW, this was perhaps them at their most annoying yet! First off, you've got Brooke preparing for a "concert" (a free gimmick they do for graduates at Universal) and saying how it's a big deal cause "Britiney Spears did it." Like that's a comparison you wanna make nowadays. Anyway, blah blah Nick wants to ride the rides but Brooke is concerned their parents will get "mobbed" and her hairdresser just so happens to know someone who does prosthetics and can make them up so they can roam the park unbothered. The kids tell the parents of their plan and they agree to do it. Not before Linda looks like a moron, when told they know someone who can do prosthetics, Linda replies, "Like a fake leg?" Yes Linda, they are gonna give you a fake leg to disguise you. They get there and Nick and his freind realize they didn't bring their swim trunks so they go to buy some, they come up with the very gay idea to pick out ones for each other, so they end up walking out in little short, tight, faggotty swim trunks cause I guess that's what they wanted to see each other in, or apparently it was supposed to be funny, not sure. Either way, it came across sorta gay.

The next day Brooke is showing off some of her hoochie outfits to her dad, which is just kinda odd, he in turn has her adjust his ponytail, again kinda odd. Now we're "treated" to some of Brooke's music (hmm when's the last time you heard her on the radio? Don't hold your breath waiting for her next hit) After that the prosthetics people do them up for their big day. They white trash them up pretty good (not that it's a stretch for them) and they decide on names and where they are from. They look more prepared to go to Talledega than Universal but they decide they are the Boones. I forget their names but they decide they are from Wisconsin?? Country ass rednecks from....Wisconsin. Ok. Anyway, so they begin their day of being "regular folk" and at first they seem to enjoy it, but after a while they can't stand not being the center of attention. Hulk has Nick steal a handicap chair and Hulk goes joyriding and then does his best Johnny Knoxville impression wrecking the scooter and falling off and having trouble getting up. Ground breaking original stuff here. Now they are starting to get pissed cause they have to stand in line everywhere and don't get the V.I.P. treatment that had been previously such a burden for them. Growing more and more desperate for attention they start randomly asking patrons of the park if they watch Hogan Knows Best on VH-1. (Smooth) Brooke in character asks some random fat dude from Jersey, "Do you watch Hogan Knows Best?" Sure. "Do you think Brooke Hogan is hot?" Yeah she's alright. "Do you think she's fat?" Not too much. HAHAHA This pushed her over the edge and she looked like she was going to cry right there. Next thing you know the attention hogs can't stand it anymore and they tear off the stuff to reveal themselves and get the attention they've all been dying for all day.

This episode just represented everything I can't stand about that bunch and just really annoyed the hell out of me. Nick has been increasingly cocky on the shows and especially in interviews and don't expect this whole wreck incident to turn out well for the Bolleas, they will probably need to drag out a few more seasons to pay legal fees, settlements, and to keep buying Brooke a "music career".


I hate that BT beat me to the punch on this one as I felt the same way about the whole Sue Young angle from Memphis last weekend. Had this been a white promoter, white heel wrestler, and a black valet it would be getting heat all over the place from outraged people, but since she's asian, no big deal. Oh well, another annoying thing about the whole deal, if you want to base her character on someone from a movie, that's fine but why the hell use the EXACT same name as the character in the Rush Hour movie your basing her on?? Of course originallity is not their strong suit in Memphis these days, seeing as how you've got Kevin White using Ric Flair's name, wearing Hulk Hogan's outfight, and sporting the Moondog's hair and beard, Brian Christopher is still using that tired ass Grandmaster gimmick that was played out BEFORE he even got fired from WWE, a tag team using the same tired ass gimmick he is, Del Rios appears every six months reprising one of his previous gimmicks, etc, etc. Don't even get me started on Grady Watson, I know he's Lawler's buddy/driver or whatever but WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU LET HIM ON TELEVISION........AND LET HIM SPEAK. He makes Randy Hales look like a fucking Rhodes Scholar, it's pathetic. None of the Sue Young stuff matters cause in a week or two it will be like it never happened and she'll be playing Johnny Dotson's sister or something. Also, where the hell has Steve Sharp been all these years? He was in Power Pro as Ali Stevens and was touted to be on his way to WWE, at one point rumored to reprise the role of Ahmed Johnson then suddenly he fell off the face of the earth for like 6 years, then he shows back up and he and Brian Christopher job out the Southern Tag Champs on tv. Corey Maclin really pisses me off the way he's just phoning in this bullshit every week. I know at least five different promoters off the top of my head that could take that tv spot and do so much more with it than he's doing. Oh well, the ones who have the means are idiots and the ones who aren't idiots don't have the means to do it, so I guess that's how it will be.


Well Bert Prentice has television again, I finally decided to watch it this week after seeing it on the program guide for the CSS channel. It's a thirty minute show featuring matches from St. Louis Wrestling in the VERY EARLY 80's, I'm guessing from the dvd's that are available on Highspots by the looks of it, don't know what the logic is here as he has plenty of tapes of his own from Music City Wrestling, USA Championship, etc. why you would air matches from '81 and '82, I don't know. I don't know who the announcer is but speaking (or maybe reading) isn't his strong point as he's stuttering and stammering his way through most of it. During this half hour we were shown three old matches (that I fast forwarded through cause I've seen all the Classic St Louis dvds already) There was an interview with a "lounge singer" type wrestler named "Sweet" Teddy Tender who looked a lot like Big Bully Douglas and I'm assuming it is cause he used to wrestle in Mississippi before he was Bully Douglas and his name was Teddy something another. Anyways, promo from him, then there was a long promo with Christopher Love (Prentice) and his latest superstar find (love interest/boy toy) Matt Boyce. It always sickens me to have to sit through these promos with Prentice and his boyfriends that he pushes as stars, although I guess it helped Kasey James but I can't see it as being worth it for them. Anyways, they say they are having issues with Jerry Lawler, guess that will be the main event of the Nashville card they are mentioning off and on. All and all a waste of time, I may check it out again after they start showing current matches but I don't know, Prentice makes me sick and I don't know how much I can stomach of it, and these things never last long for him anyway so we'll see.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 9.21.07

Shannon Lee over Rockin' Randy
Idol Bane over Dell Tucker
"Rhythm & Blues" [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele] over "The Asylum" [Psycho/James Arnez] by Count Out
"Trendsetter" Jon Michael over Tommy Redneck by DQ
Stan Lee over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony in a Non-Title Match w/Slim Pickens as Special Guest Referee

----40-50 in the crowd with a gate close to $300..."Rhythm & Blues" gave a very special Unplugged performance before The Asylum interrupted to the delight of the fans...Trendsetter used a steel chair while the referee was knocked down and when Tommy Redneck went to return the favor the ref stopped him which caused Redneck to push down the official and the DQ. After the match Trendsetter put Redneck in the Sharpshooter and wouldn't let go...The stipulation for the main event was a non title match with Slim a special guest referee and if Stan won then he would be in line for a title shot in the near future but if Slim became psyically involved then Jeff O'Dell would fire Stan Lee...It has already been announced that next week's main event is "Trendsetter" vs Redneck in a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH...Watch the Recap later this week here on RRO.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Poll Results!!

----75% of you voted that Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin should ignore Sal Corrente, even though he had offered them $20,000. I would have taken the challenge if I had been Lawler/Maclin - they had nothing to lose....or did they??

----New poll is up!! Did the Sue Young angle offend you? I have given you four choices that will represent the true feelings of this angle. Yes it offended me, Yes it EXTREMELY offended me, No it did not offend me or No it did not offend me because it is wrestling.

Coach's Corner - Monday Edition by Brian Tramel

----Let me know if you think this is offensive?? A white heel wrestler brings out a black valet. She is wearing real tight bright color clothing with lots of makeup, almost like a hooker. The white heel wrestler’s daddy comes out next and tells him “What are my grand kids going to look like??” The white heel wrestler tells the announcer that this is his new women and he is in love. And, he looks at the announcer and says, “You know what they say, you try black, you never go back.”

----Later in the show a white babyface comes out to talk to the announcer. He talks about the new black valet saying stuff like “you know how those girls are – you never know how many kids she has given birth to” The announcer just laughs and says, “Well they will not have to worry about paying her, because you know she is on welfare.” They also talk about her preparing Sunday dinner for the family and it being chitlins and watermelon. The white babyface leaves by also making a note about the grandkids – “What are they going to look like?” with the announcer and wrestler laughing.

----Did this offend anyone?? Well, it shouldn’t have bothered you. They did almost the same thing on Memphis Wrestling with the Kevin White angle introducing Sue Young this past weekend. I like Kevin and everything I have been told that Young really wants to make it in this business. I guess the angle is ok, because it is racist against Asians and not blacks. And, hey it was funny and everyone laughed about it backstage. Why do I care?

----Let me tell you this angle just shows you how pathetic and out of touch with the real world that wrestling is, especially Corey Maclin. I hope the best for Sue Young, but this was a horrible angle to debut with. The only bright spot would have her turn or come completely out of character telling the TV viewers how stupid Corey Maclin and Brian Christopher are to think that she is some dumb girl. Or maybe turn against Kevin telling him how she will not be treated like an Asian slave. But, hell I am talking about Memphis Wrestling and why should I expect anything to make sense when Corey Maclin can’t even get the names of the Clowns or the Hurricanes right. Ask yourself this also – how many Asian American people have you seen in your life? I have seen a lot and what makes them looks so different that Mr. White would question them??

----The major news sources have reported that Vince McMahon sent out over 500 letters offering drug rehab to former employees of the company. I think this is a way for the Vinnie Mac to cover his ass, but it can also be helpful. It will helpful for him and anyone that does take him up on his offer. It will look good for him when he goes to the Congressional hearings. If I had worked for Vince in the past and could not kick a drug habit of any kind, then this will be the perfect time to take him up on his offer. Just think about this though – what if he has like say only about 5% of the people take him up on his offer? It will prove the fact that HE was not the cause of any of the drug use and such.

----I got my first look at Vince on the HBO segment this weekend. This was an update of the story that aired in June of 2004 including the Benoit story, comments from Buff Bagwell and other stuff. Vince came off as a heartless person; surprised?? When asked if he knows why they're dying under the age of 45, McMahon got pissed and said, "Why don't you ask yourself that question. Are you indicating that is my responsibility that these people are dead… I would accept no responsibility for their untimely deaths, none whatsoever. You've got that little look on your face that says, ‘Jeez, Vince, how could you possibly say that?'" Does anyone think that Vince does not have any responsibility in these deaths?? If I owned a company and I had that many people die, then I would start questioning myself a bit. But, this is Vince and he is Satan!!

----The new stuff with Buff Bagwell was priceless. I thought he came off good and candid with reporter Arman Keteyian. It has been reported all over the internet that Buff said that he took 4 does of painkillers a day, but I think he said he took 4 doses of two different painkillers a day – Soma & Lorcet. Lorcet is just a brand name for Hydrocodone or slang “hydros.” If he is taking 4 doses of both of these a day, then he is feeling no pain. I have been told by a few people that hydros and somas both have the same effect after you take them for a long time. You then have to take more and more to get the same effect. I have taken both of these drugs prescribed to me by my doctor for back problems and they do the trick for taking away the pain. Keteyian looked surprised when Bagwell said he had taken some before the interview and then Bagwell ask him, “Have you ever broken your neck?” I loved that!!

----As you can tell by what I write in various posts, my views on drugs in wrestling is bit warped. I don’t believe you have to have steroids to be a good wrestler. I do know that for many years, it has been the look and that is what has been done. As I have said, steroids did not turn Chris Benoit into a killer and the more we learn it is from all the blows to the head that he had taken in this career. I can only think of one wrestler that claims to have never taken pain pills or steroids and that is Lance Storm. He has said it enough that I believe him. I truthfully do not know how any of the guys that either do this as weekend warriors or on the road with a major promotion most of the year, do not do pain pills. I personally can tell you this – I have NEVER seen a wrestler turn down a pain pill. In all honesty, when I was doing shows – 1 to 3 a week – I took as many pain pills as the next guy. It would take the pain edge off and if they are not abused they usually do not affect your performance in the ring.

----Well, I have talked about racism and admitted to taking pain pills. I guess that does it for this edition of Coach’s Corner. Hope everyone has a good week and look for me again on Thursday.

Our Condolences

Zack Monroe Murray, 61, Kingsport, died Sunday at Select Specialty Hospital in Bristol, Tenn. The family will receive friends Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Homes, Kingsport. Funeral services will follow at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Graveside services will be conducted at 11 a.m. Thursday at East Lawn Funeral Home Memorial Park.

----Our Condolences to the Murray family. Zack was a ref for Ron Fuller's Southeastern, Jim Crockett's Mid Atlantic and had short stay in GA. He was also the 2nd cousin to Kingsport's Beau James. James noted "Zack is who lead me to Bob Polk & Ron West to get started in wrestling when I was a kid."

RassleResults: Championship Wrestling Kingsport, TN 9.22.07

"Best of The Best Cup"
Brian Wayne beat Mike Blade
The Mysterious Ginn beat Chase Owens
Menace beat Wayne Daniels w/ Barbie
Robbie Cassidy beat Nick Hammonds
Super Destroyer (same as in CWA) beat Wayne Adkins
Eric Darkstorm beat Tony Givens
the 6 winners go into a elimination match
Beau James & Steve Fury beat O Dog and Greg Rocker w/ John Hawkins
Thorn and Ray Idol beat Ryan Dookie and Adam York
Robbie Cassidy won the 6 way and The Cup

----Over 200 in the building with a gate close to $2,500...

CW returns to Auditrium Oct 27

Roid Raids!!

----This could mean a total new scandal for athletes from all major sports organzations and wrestling. CLICK HERE for the full story from Yahoo Sports.

DEA offices in New York and San Diego provided lead guidance during an investigation that resulted in 124 arrests and seizures at 56 labs across the country. Investigators also seized 71 weapons, 27 pill presses, 25 vehicles and three boats, but the coveted item was illegal drugs, and the DEA said it intercepted a staggering quantity.

Also, federal officials are creating a database of names of the people who received steroids, human growth hormone (HGH) and other drugs banned by most sports leagues and athletic associations, DEA spokesman Rusty Payne said.

"I have no information about any athletes yet," Payne said when asked about the names in the database and others implicated in the case. But he acknowledged the possibility of athletes being linked to the investigation that focused largely on steroids, HGH and other drugs being manufactured by Chinese companies and flooding the U.S. market.


"The Savior" Jon Michael over Cody Melton
TLCW Tag Titles:"Insane Naughty Natured Clowns" [Rude/Pokerface" over "The Genocidial Hurricanes" [Maxx "Axx" Corbin/Albino "Maxx" Rhino] by DQ
Ike Tucker over Shannon Lee & Tommy Redneck in a Triple Threat Match
Dell Tucker over Chris Lexx by DQ
Tatt2 over The Crime
Alan Steele over Derrick King
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Tim Grind to win the TLCW Championship

----300 to 400 packed Ripley Park for this special free show. Crowd was hot all night...Kevin White from Memphis TV gave an interview with his new valet Sue Young...Dustin Starr had a special 5 Starr Showcase where he promised that Tim Grind wouldn't leave as TLCW champion but then ended with maybe Golden Boy won't either...The TLCW title match was restarted twice and had both Matt Foley and 5 Starr involved before TGB finally hit Tim with the championship belt for the win. Crowd was totally suprised that TGB won it back. Starr has such great heat here and the Memphis Wrestling bosses need to take a look at him. He is being wasted on TV...I was also told that the DK vs Steele bout was real good and the NBN vs Genocide bout went too long. Crowd also didn't give a crap about the triple threat match either...This Friday night TLCW will be in Halls, Tn for the fair which will feature Jerry "The King" Lawler...Saturday night the crew will be back in Ripley and The TLCW Arena for another huge night of action, Tickets will be $4 at the door and this just in from the offices of TLCW and exclusive scoop for RRO - "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony will defend the TLCW Championship against former ECW, WWE & TNA Star JERRY LYNN!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 9.21.07

New York Gangster b "Gigolo" Jay Phoenix (w/"Luscious" Quinton Quarisma)

Damien Payne b Petey Wright

LT Falk b Tim Renesto

TJ Harley b TV champ Hammerjack in a non-title match

AM Vision b Michael Jablonski

"Wild Boys"-Ben Jordan & Steve Neely b Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) by DQ when a frustrated Andrews shoved ref Jesse Fields trying to get after the Wild Boys. Post-match, Andrews took a fireball from Neely and had to be carried out.

----Attendance 81...Next Friday, USWO Champion Kid Kash returns to defend against AM Vision in a no-DQ match with Anthony Cervantes as special referee.

GCW Phoenix City, AL 9.22.07

Great Championship Wrestling's final build up to the Fred Ward Memorial, the company’s annual tribute to the man that promoted wrestling in Columbus for over 30 years, saw the surprise return of Sonny Siaki in his first appearance since being released by WWE.

It wouldn’t be GCW without some form of controversy, the latest being whether or not GCW had obtained permission to use Ward’s name. According to head honcho Diane Hewes, the Ward family has no problem with GCW honoring Ward. A company official contacted the family, and they have been invited to attend the show.

Saturday night’s show drew 115 to the Gr8 Sk8 Plex in Phenix City, Alabama, which is just across the river from Columbus. It was a solid show. They announced most all of the matches for the big show at the beginning of the month, and spent the last few shows heating up the issues. The crowd was cooking more than two weeks ago, but that still isn’t saying much.

(1) Vordell Walker & Randall Johnson beat Frankie Valentine & Tex Monroe in 9:20. What has gotten into Vordell? He’s doing this heel thing with weird gay overtones. Whatever is up with Walker, his presence was the singular most interesting thing about the match. Probably not the intended effect, but compared to the other guys, Walker is on an entirely different level as a worker. Walker said Monroe was FIPing it up against Johnson. Walker tagged in like he was God’s gift to Phenix City. Walker gave Monroe a wrestling lesson. Walker used a chokebreaker ala Tank from NWA Anarchy. Monroe did a springboard moonsault legdrop that sounds way better than it looked. Valentine went to town with the hot tag. Valentine pulled the ropes down to dump Walker. But Johnson seized on the opening to pin Valentine with a first-rate version of the Celtic Cross.

Commissioner Bo Oates addressed his problems with Scrappy McGowan. Oates said they were the only two that had direct links to Ward. Oates said McGowan was disrespecting his father, his son (referee Jeff), and the Ward legacy. “You sold out to a guy in a skirt.” Oates proposed a tag match for the Ward Memorial with the commissionership of GCW on the line: McGowan & Cru Jones vs. Oates & John Bogie.

The new GCW Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Swinger came out to badger Oates into revealing the identity of his mystery opponent. Funny stuff from Swinger here. Swinger whined about the unfairness of it all. Swinger wanted to know why some mystery guy was getting a shot after he had to beat 19 guys in a battle royal to earn his shot. Swinger said he wasn’t some semi-pro from Kentucky. HE was a genuine superstar. Swinger said Oates had a vendetta against him. Swinger said his opponent better be somebody he could beat in a minute, like Jonathan Davis or Amien Rios. He said the only way he was losing the belt was if O.J. stole it. Swinger was threatening to drop Oates with his finisher when the theme from Rocky played. Swinger said he wasn’t sweating Rocky Balboa. It was GCW owner Diane Hewes that appeared on the ramp. Hewes said she signed the match with the mystery opponent, and it was somebody the fans had wanted to see for a long time.

Out came Sonny Siaki. Hardly any pop at all. But that’s the norm here. I’m guessing a lot of folks weren’t familiar with him, since the last time he worked for GCW, they were still operating out of Columbus. Siaki has grown out his hair since Deep South as part of the shift to babyface. Siaki was born to play a cool heel. What GCW sorely lacks a bonafide, homegrown, white-meat babyface.

(2) John Bogie beat Orion Bishop (with Wicked Nemesis) in 8:23. Bogie goes over clean to avenge a painful DQ win last week. Not one of you better matches. Bogie busts his ass, but his offense just doesn’t cut it. Bishop doesn’t look like much, but he hit a couple of stunningly good moves. Nemesis is a harmless nincompoop pretending at being an evil heel. Bogie hit a push up dropkick to spark an opening flurry. Bishop chickened out. Bishop took over with a fallaway slam. Bishop hit a sweet pumphandle suplex for a near fall. Bishop got frustrated by Bogie’s intestinal fortitude. Bishop got too thingyy for his own good. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Bogie hot comeback. Bogie won with the quebrada that he always manages to overshoot.

(3) Chris Stevens pinned DeathRow after interference by A. J. Steele at 6:33. Death is billed from “The Institute for the Criminally Insane.” He’s got the look and size for the gimmick, and he’s been moving up in class. Stevens got a genuine babyface pop, and those are hard to come by in Phenix City. Death used headbutts to the trapezius muscles. That was different. Key spot was Stevens missing a dive off the middle rope. Death zeroed on the shoulder. A series of flying shoulder blocks by Stevens barely scored a two count. Death applied a sleeper. Steele came to ringside and told ref Randy Ray that Death was choking Stevens. Stevens refused to go to la la land. The finish saw Steele snap Death’s neck off the top rope to make him a sitting duck for Stevens’ neckbreaker. Good execution. Death and Steele screwed each other is similar fashion last week, so the finish made sense. I just wish the opponent had been someone other than Stevens. To me, Stevens is a top babyface who shouldn’t need outside interference to beat a midcard heel.

(4) A. J. Steele beat Thug Rowe in 6:30. Rowe looks like Michael Vick disguised as Mustafah Saed, New Jack’s partner back in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. A fan suggested Rowe could get away with doing a Chihuahua fight in a bathtub. These are two big guys. Back and forth match. Steele took the fight to Rowe. He tried to cut Steele off with an elbow drop, but Steele outsmarted him. GCW could use more smarts on the babyface side. Steele hit a swinging side slam for a near fall. Rowe responded with a DDT for a near fall. Midair collision of beefy bodyblocks here. Steele crashed an burned on a high crossbody. You think he would have learned. Rowe wisely choked off Steele’s air supply. Both down on a double flying lariat. Steele capped off his comeback with a fireman’s carry dropped into a uranage.

Ring announcer Billy Roper directed our attention to the big screen for a promo by the former GCW Heavyweight Champion, Scotty Beach. Would somebody please teach this guy how to cut a babyface promo? Beach said he would back on his way after winning the weasel suit match at the Ward Memorial.

Next, we saw a video footage of Bull Buchanan being interviewed by Roper. Buchanan said he was waiting out the 30 days (due to the restraining order) to get his hands on Swinger in the cage at the Ward Memorial. Buchanan said he never liked his former partner, and he was sure the feeling was mutual. Buchanan said he intended to win the GCW “World Championship” and defend it in Japan during his October tour with NOAH.

(5) Shaun Banks & Cru Jones (with Quentin Michaels) beat Bull Buchanan & Scotty Beach in 19:10. Best match of the show. It actually had heat. Presuming that Bad Company beats Naturals at Fred Ward, Banks and Jones are the natural top challengers. They make an awesome heel tag team. Beach definitely turned his intensity dial to the right after losing the heavyweight title. They told the story of that Buchanan and Beach weren’t necessarily on the same page. Banks and Jones brought a red dress to the ring. Beach and Banks wrestled. Good looking stuff. The heels tried to isolate Beach, but Buchanan tagged himself in. Beach wasn’t happy about it. Banks begged for his life. His facial expressions are tremendous, and he sold like he was going die. Just when it appeared Beach and Bull were going to work together, Jones chop blocked Buchanan’s knee to turn the tide. Banks and Jones went all out on Buchanan’s knee. Nice series of hope spots here. At one point, Jones pulled Beach off the apron so there was nobody for Buchanan to tag. Hot tag. Beach gave Jones the Beach Balls. It was time for the moment of truth. Banks escaped a double team. Buchanan pulled up to avoid kicking his partner. They double punched Banks, but Jones surprised Beach with a roll up.

Postmatch beatdown on Beach. Banks hit a Rude Awakening, and they started to put the dress on him. Buchanan came to the rescue. Beach wheeled around to face Michaels, who bolted under the ropes.

(6) Sonny Siaki beat Johnny Swinger (with Quentin Michaels) via countout. Swinger retained the GCW Heavyweight Title (16:56). Siaki got a stronger pop than the first time. It was as if the people woke up to the fact that this guy has star presence. Unfortunately, the crowd was relatively dead once the bell rang. Nothing wrong with the work or psychology. Swinger did everything in his power to get Siaki over as a babyface. The early part of the match saw Siaki do the Samoan head-like-a-rock. Siaki worked on Swinger’s arm until it was hanging limp. Swinger’s desperation led to face biting and groin stomping. Brief “Sonny” chant here. Michaels got involved. Swinger hit a Russian legsweep, and Siaki rolled shoulder just before the three count. Swinger tried a headbutt. Not a good idea. Swinger was bouncing around like crazy for Siaki’s comeback. Siaki mounted the ropes and rained down the 10 punches. Swinger kicked out at two. Swinger ran away from Siaki’s finisher.

As Swinger finished taking the ten count, out came Buchanan to block his path. Swinger invited Buchanan to violate the restraining order. Buchanan restrained himself, but Siaki kicked Swinger’s ass. Swinger ended up running out the front door. Siaki said it felt good to be back in GCW. He said GCW was going back to being the #1 promotion in the South. Buchanan was gimpy from the pounding to his knee. He ordered the cameraman to get a close up of his ugly mug. “Johnny Swinger, I’m not afraid to get a few scars. Can you say the same thing?”

NOTES: The card for the Fred Ward Memorial on September 29 is as follows: Swinger (c) vs. Buchanan inside the six sides of steel for the GCW Title, Naturals (c) vs. Bad Company (Stevens & David Young) in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the GCW Tag Titles, Death Row vs. Steele in an Electric Chair match, Johnson vs. Valentine in a hair match, Banks vs. Beach in a Weasel Suit match, Scrappy McGowan & Jones vs. Oates & Bogie with the commissionership of GCW on the line, and Ring Inspector Chuck vs. Bogie in a Bouncing Boxer’s match…GCW’s television show starts on East Alabama cable channel 7 in an 11am Saturday time slot. It will be a 30 minute show hosted by Michaels & Roper…Diane Hewes said the company is actively planning to run shows in other venues. An announcement about their first show outside Phenix City should be coming shortly.

Southern Saints invade Philly (FULL MATCH VIDEO)

A lot of folks have asked me if I have this match and thanks to Michael Humphreys I've finally got a chance to check it out. It's the 8 man tag match from the Chikara Maximum Overdraft show at the New Alahambra (Old ECW Arena) featuring Mississippi's own Southern Saints. If you'd like to see the whole show go to to order the full dvd. Also, later this week I will be posting the Three Way Cage Match that was the follow up to the T.L.C. match I posted last week. Don't forget if you've got footage you would like to see featured here on the site, hit me up at

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg,TN 9.22.07 - "Legacy"

“Legacy” opened w/ Rob Thompson introducing the 1st round match of the T.V. title tournament, Gaylon Ray def. Zane to advance..... After the match Bonecrusher and Redman attacked Zane and tried to pin him for the Hardcore title, Zane fought them off until Jake the Jackhammer came out and got a lucky pin on Zane to win Hardcore belt.

Brian Steele came out for a concert, as he was singing the crowd started chanting Crazytrain’s name, out comes Crazytrain... Brian Steele def. Crazytrain by DQ when the ref was bumped and and Brian was about to hit Crazy with a guitar but the ref was getting up and Brian tossed Crazy the guitar for the DQ, after the match Brian busted the guitar over Crazy's head.... they both were very over, Crazy got a huge pop and the ppl were booing Brian bigtime.

B.L.S. [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] def. “East Coast Bad Boyz’ [Serpent/C-Money] by pinfall... crowd was into this match popping all through it, both teams were over as faces.

Next Jimmy Tidwell came out to Lawler’s music saying that Lawler wasn’t in the building, only to be interrupted by Jerry himself, Jerry grabbed the mic and as he was about to talk to Jimmy, Jimmy's attorney said that anything jerry wanted to say to Jimmy he had to say to him first, Lawler then agreed and piledrived Jimmy's attorney. After that Motley and his partner Alex Krisis came out and attacked Lawler and was about to stuff piledrive him when Brian made the save w/ a chair.

Next was hair vs. hair, Allen Walker and Mo drew the ticket for the fan that gets to cut the losers hair, Jeremy Moore def. J.R. Manson w/ a schoolboy out of the corner, match had great heat, Jeremy got a huge pop and a bigger pop for the win, while J.R. was over crazy as a heel, after the match J.R. tried to run and Kilo and Tank grabbed him and put him in the ring, his hair looked great, it was all gapped up, funny stuff.

John "Biscuit" Roberts def. Phoenix X to win the High Risk title, also in the match was, Baron Malkavain, Gaylon Ray, Lil Tim Alfonzo, and the Kid... Baron put Lil Tim in his coffin and took him to the back as they were both counted out.

Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher def. Motley Cruz and Alex Krisis in a commissioner vs. commissioner match, finish was Alex held Lawler while Motley hit Alex on accident w/ a gimmick and Brian superkicked Motley out of the ring, Alex took the pin... Motley and Alex were over as heels, while the crowd loved Lawler and Brian, Brian gave a lot of stuff to the crowd.

"The Real Deal" Tim Edwards def. Tank to retain the NBW Championship.

Kilo def. Mark Justice in Last Man Standing after Rob got put out of the match, Mo counted the 10 after Kilo gave Mark his own finisher, crowd was into the match

----300+ in the building with a gate close to $3,700 breaking their record from the 4.14.07 show earlier this year for their 1-year Anniversary…20+ people VIP $30 tickets, which included a Q&A session and a steak dinner. Renee was there with Lawler doing the gimmick table, but she did not walk out with them, but she did sign autographs…The crowd was hot for pretty much everything, Lawler and Brian were real good to work with, nothing but good to say about them, very professional, a fun time for all… Mo was there helping do some ring announcing…Void is IR list with an injured hand.

RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR 9.22.07

The Opening Match of the night was for the M.E.W.A Light Heavy Weight Title. The champion “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne was defending his title against Greg King Jr. Both men shock hands in the ring as the match started. That didn’t last long as King had his site on winning the title and Wayne was not going without a fight. This was a fast paced match, but in the end it was “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne retaining his title in 12:47.

The Second match of the night was Big Al taking on “Hot Rod” John Ellison. Al was bound to win this match and take the dress off for good. Hot Rod had plans of his own and used the dress many times during the match. At one point Ellison pulled the dress over Al’s head and was able to score the win in 11:03.

The Third Match of the was “The Suicide King” Ray Ray against Tommy Gunn. Ray had plenty of dirty tricks planned for Gunn and he had a chain in which he used several times during the match. Gunn was not going to go down without making this match an all out war. Both battled back and forth, but in the end Tommy Gunn got the win. The ref. then seen the chain he had taken from Ray Ray to get the win, and so the ref. reversed his decision and awarded the match to the “The Suicide King” Ray Ray in a time of 7:28.

The Semi-Main Event was “Crazy” Luke Graham Jr. being challenged by Matt Justyce. Justyce was out to prove himself to the legendary Graham in this match. Graham quickly got the upper hand and grounded the High-Flying Justyce, making him wrestle his kind of match on the ground. Justyce gave it one heck of a try, but “Crazy” Luke Graham being the veteran he is scored the pin fall in 11:13.

The Main Event of the night was for the M.E.W.A Heavy Weight Title. The champion Kid Nickels being challenged by 3-G Eric Wayne. As promised from last week these two men were in for a war. Before the Ref could even wait for the bell to ring, they started fighting in the center of the ring and quickly went to the floor. The whole crowd could see the hatred between these two men as they want to destroy the other. Neither man was going to back up and inch. The ref. had his hands full just trying to keep them from cheating to get the win. After 12:32, Kid Nickels was disqualified due to the fact he shoved the ref. Out of his way and into the corner. Therefore 3-G Eric Wayne was the winner by D.Q. Both men kept fighting and caused General Manager Johnny Hawk to empty the locker room as it had turned out to be an all out fight. General Manager Johnny Hawk said since you to both want to fight and neither man willing to listen to the ref., then next week Kid Nickels and 3-G Eric Wayne will face each other again in a “NO D.Q MATCH”.

There were 293 people this week who packed the stands.