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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.06.07

----Corey Maclin opens the show and is joined by Reggie B Fine to do commentary. Derrick King/Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon interview. They show clip of last week of them beating up Chris Lexx/Dustin Starr. DK says that when they get done with Grady Watson, Maclin can write him a check for his doctor bills. Maclin then says, “I will let Curley write the check.” LOL

----Manager Gets 10 Lashes With Strap: Starr/Lexx with Grady Watson beat DK/Dotson. Good bout. Heat on Starr with hot tag to Lexx. It was sort of a clusterduck at this point, but it ended with Watson pushing DK off the top turnbuckle with Lexx pinning DK. Lexx/Starr got to handcuff Rashard to the ropes and give lashes to him. DK/Dotson left the ring and then came back with a chair and a crutch. They left Lexx/Starr lying in the ring.

----Jerry Lawler interview with Cleveland Indians shirt. Lawler puts over the Indians and he actually has a bobblehead of Travis Haffner. The bobblehead was given away to the fans last Saturday night and has Travis wearing the WWE Title belt. Lawler’s picture was also on the box of the bobblehead. Kevin White with Sue Young & Mr. White walked out. Lawler ask if anyone had an egg and then they would have “Egg Sue Young.” Young ask to see the bobblehead and then says that when she was young she played with dolls, but look what she does to them now. She then throws down the doll busting it into a lot of pieces. Lawler looks legit pissed here and it was done real good. Young was good on the mic for the first time. Great angle!! But, guess what?? Reggie B Fine messes it all up by saying Lawler has 3,000 of this in his garage. The bobblehead was SUPPOSE TO BE IMPORTANT!!!

----Jerry Lawler beat Kevin White by DQ. Bout was good with Lawler giving White almost all the bout. On the third time with White doing the turnbuckle 10 punch count spot, Lawler gave White two nut shots to get out of it. Lawler pulled his strap down and ended up slugging Mr. White off the apron. Sue Young then jumped in the ring on Lawler’s back for the DQ. Queen Renee came running out and grabbed Young off of Lawler. Renee then threw her in a corner and was beating on her, when finally she and White got away. Renee grabbing Young got a big pop.

----Ali/Brian Christopher interview. Brian was not bad here. He talked about the history of the Southern Tag Team Titles. Brian mentioned The Nightmares and Corey said The Rock ‘N’Roll Express and Bill Dundee/Jerry Lawler as legendary teams that have held them.

----Pokerface beat Maxx of the “Hurricanes.” Good short bout. Maclin still calls him Axx. Maxx gets good heat on Poker. Poker wins with a flying kick out of nowhere without a comeback or anything. Both guys looked good.

----“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] – interview. Southern Tag Team Title Match: Ali/Brian C beat “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] by DQ when the Gladiator jumped in. Another good bout. A little sloppy in spots, but good. Heat was on Brian C and he let them do things to him. Grind tried an elbow from the top rope and missed, which led to the hot tag to Ali. Ali was all over the place here. Brian jumped from the top rope with a legdrop, when The Gladiator jumps in. Gladiator uses his headgear on both Brian and Ali. TK2 held them as he ran into them with the headgear.


----Lexx/Starr should at least wear the same color of tights…Kevin Christian Lawler was the ref for the day…Dotson/DK are getting a major push as a team…Maclin’s comment about Curley and a check was directed at Curley Womack, who promoted the Nash/Hall show in Little Rock. A lot of the local guys left with a check that bounced. Maclin/Fine also talked about Womack later in the show during the Poker vs ‘Cane bout…The Sue Young jokes and character were toned down a bit, except for the comment Lawler made, which was a lot less offensive than anything else that has been said. Young was wearing a new red kimono as part of her gimmick…Good to see a “shout out” from Brian C for my favorite tag team of all time – The Nightmares!!...Reggie was talking about Ali and said something about him being in Memphis before and being on steroids. Maclin said, “I don’t use that word.” LOL…Reggie also ask about the ref and said, “He looks familiar.” And then said he looked like a Womack…Even though he was pretty much horrible as a commentator – worse than Corey – at least I had some good quotes. One of my favorites also in the main event was when Corey started calling everything a big or great move, Fine jumped in and called all the moves. He then said, “What commentating school did you go to?” LOL…I have been told the Gladiator is either Charlie Lear or K-Hill…Last week’s show was so bad, this week had to be an improvement. It was a very good show with solid wrestling and continuous of the storylines established last week. I really hope the ratings are good for this show, since it was much better.

10 Years Ago In Memphis Wrestling History....

USWA: To the surprise of very few, WMC-TV5 General Manager Mason Granger cancelled its flagship USWA wrestling tv show, with the final show (a taped highlights show) airing on October 4th. The decision was made stemming from the current lawsuit between the Selkers and Lawler/Burton, and whilst that was on-going, the company wasn’t operational. In related news, former USWA employee Bert Prentice had opened a new promotion called ‘Music City Wrestling’, using many of the former USWA wrestlers and interestingly, was being financially backed to a small degree by Jerry Jarrett, a former USWA owner. It was speculated that this new group may tape tv and take over USWA’s tv show syndication deals.


"Coach's Corner - Saturday Night Edition" by Brian Tramel

----I have seen this on a few message boards and it was brought up on the RRO message board, so I wanted to clear some things up. For those that think I make tons of money off this site, then you are mistaken. I do not intend on posting on this site my monthly total or such, but if you are willing to call me or shoot me an e-mail I will let you know. I bought my domain and space for my site. I make VERY little off the hits on the sites. The way to make money with the hits is that you have to get the visitors to click thru to the ads and that does not happen. It is funny how it is mentioned that I make money off the wrestlers. That is an old bullshit attitude that I or any other reporter would owe any of the wrestlers in this area money for covering their business. I would love to make money sitting at home covering this area, but I have not found a way to do it yet. If you know, then drop me a line!! If you would combine the hours of labor I put into this site x the money I have made, then you are looking at less than 50 cents a hour. Now who is the idiot?? The wrestlers/visitors of this site or me?? I do this because I love the business and this is the area that I grew up watching. This is the area that I worked in. And, yes, I do try to cover the workers in this area and give them the credit they deserve. Before my site, there was either none or very little coverage of this area on a weekly basis. Whether you think it or not, every wrestler in this area is important to me – from Leroy Hambone to Derrick King to Dell Tucker to Jon Michael – everyone!!

----Tommy Dreamer recently started wearing a bandana and it seems it was all because he is going bald. Is it to cover the spot?? Nah, because Dreamer recently had a cosmetic surgery where they take the skin of your head and move it together, so that the “spot” in the middle of his head disappears. So, why is he not showing it off ?? Well, it seems that when he was going thru this process he met some kid that was going thru treatments and was wearing a bandana also. So, in the process of probably feeling like crap, because he was doing something cosmetic, when this kid could do nothing about his baldness, Dreamer has adopted the bandana as salute to all the kids that have illness that makes them lose their hair.

----CM Punk had words with WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas at the OVW TV tapings this past Wednesday night. Punk was there working a dark match tagging with Seth Skyfire/Colt Cabana/Joey Matthews vs KC James/Paul Burchill/Sean Spears/Mike Kruel, which was said to have been the best bout of the night. Did that matter to Atlas?? No way. Atlas stopped Punk backstage to let him know that his hands all taped up was not the “look” that Vince wanted and ask him to remove the tape. Punk either thought it was a rib or thought “what the hell is this guy smoking?” He left the tape on and then later Atlas singled him out in a dressing room speech about people having attitude. Punk spoke up for himself and ask Atlas if even watched TV and even knew who he was?? The answer to that question Punk already knew was NO. Please do not tell me that Vince has hired Atlas to help with developmental?? If he did watch TV and knew who Punk was, then he would have not been saying anything to him. That is part of his freakin gimmick!! I am usually all about the old timer and their advice, but if you do not know the product, then keep your fat nose out of it. And, furthermore I don’t get it!! Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko are road agents, but Tony Atlas?? All he could do is teach you how to blow all your money on drugs and bring a bunch of damn Cub Scouts in the ring with you to get you over like he use to do on Georgia Championship Wrestling.

----Various sites have been reporting that Dusty Rhodes has written the complete Kelly Kelly/Ball Mahoney storyline. He presented it to Vince McMahon with a start, middle and finish, which is unlike the way most storylines are written in this business. Some of you may not know this or remember this, but Dusty Rhodes at one time was the #2 guy with power in the business when he booked for Jim Crockett and WCW. He was highly criticized for pushing himself and even became infamous for the screwjob “Dusty” finish. This angle also has Dusty written all over it – fat ugly guy gets pretty girl. Sound familiar?? Dusty always believed in the underdog getting the title and the girl. It worked for him for many years. I remember being told in the day that a lot of that was for shoot. Dusty would align himself with the most over babyfaces or better looking babyfaces, so when they would hang out after the shows, then he would get the better pick of the rats also.

The Rating: Memphis Wrestling TV Show 9.29.07

----The Memphis Wrestling show this past week scored the 4th lowest of the year with a 1.9 [31,395 viewers] overall rating. The only good point about this show was that it only lost close to 4,000, if you would consider that a good point. The “Opening The Vault” segment, which was horrible, gained viewers along with the Canes vs Clowns bout. The last quarter, which was the best quarter of the show, then lost 3525 viewers. On second thought, the only good point of this show was that no one watched it. It was SO bad that it was good that no one seen it.

-TK2/Kevin/Sue/Mr. White interview
-Lawler/Koko/Brian C interview
-Lawler/Koko/Brian C vs TK2/Kevin
1st Quarter 2.0 [33,578 viewers]

-Finish of 6 Man tag
-Clowns – interview
-Watson/Starr/Lexx/Clowns angle
2cnd Quarter 1.7 [29,213 viewers] [-4,365 viewers]

-‘Canes vs Clowns
-“Opening the Vault”
3rd Quarter 2.0 [33,242 viewers] [+4029 viewers]

-Derrick King/Rashard Devon/Johnny Dotson – interview.
-King/Dotson vs Chris Lexx/Dustin Starr
4th Quarter 1.8 [29,717 viewers] [-3525 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.0 [49,402 viewers]
12 week low – 1.9 [31,395 viewers] 9.29.07
12 week high – 4.3 [71,353 viewers] 7.28.07
Gain from Start to Finish [-3861 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
News Channel 3/CSI Miami 6.9 [116,180 viewers]

Arena Report: LAW Rector, AR 10.05.07

----What makes a promotion good?? Drawing power?? The money that is made?? If you ask anyone that is considered an expert in the wrestling business the bottom line is how many people you get in the building and how much money you make – that is how to measure a good promotion. I have said the same thing many times. Well, the LAW promotion is not successful when it comes to gate, but it has one of the better crews that are over much more than some of the shows that draw double or more. Every match featured the best psychology, because everyone on the roster knows psychology. Some of them are better than others, but the overall crew knows their stuff. All the babyfaces are over with Slim, Redneck and Lee being REALLY over. Posse were over also, but they are not regulars. Slim and Lee are over to a different degree. Lee has got over because the fans have bought him as a wrestler and Slim is over because is the #1 underdog. For those that think Slim is hurting himself by doing this angle in LAW, you need to sit in the crowd while he is in the ring. The crowd is so hot for him. As I will probably say in the report again, the 60 people in this building sounded like 300.

----Jon Michael beat Dell Tucker. This was a good opener. Michael did not get the heat that I expected from the crowd, but as the match went on, they were on him more. At one point during the comeback Tucker was going to backdrop Michael, but Jon caught him with a nice neckbreaker. Great psychology. Tucker jumped from the turnbuckle for a dropkick, but Michael caught him with a sharpshooter for the submission win. [**1/2]

----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony with Jeff O’Dell came out with Slim “Bulldog” Pickens on a chain & collar. O’Dell said that he was known as the “Puppy Dog” now. Crowd was loud with “Bulldog” chants. Stan Lee came out to say that his title match tonight vs TGB would have a special stip - O’Dell would not be at ringside. Slim was funny here laughing with TGB telling him to quit laughing.

----Tommy Redneck beat Jerry Weezy with “Rockin” Randy at ringside. Redneck is over big time here. Good match. Some stuff looked a little sloppy at the start, but it smoothed out when Weezy started heat when Randy distracted Redneck. Randy got a lot of the heat beating on Redneck outside the ring with Weezy getting the ref. Crowd was into it all. Redneck pinned Weezy with the Ace crusher. [**1/2]

----O’Dell comes out with Slim Pickens and tells him he has an opponent for him right now. O’Dell brings out “The Original Bluesman” Ike Tucker. Tucker is 3 times as big as Pickens and just beat the crap out of him the whole match. Pickens was coming out of heat when he got on the top rope for a dropkick. O’Dell told him to get down. At this point Tucker got up and as Pickens jumped he caught him with a sidewalk slam for the pin and win. [**] Ike did another sidewalk slam on Slim after the match. Match was pretty much just a squash, but I give a [*] just for the heat. Pickens is so over!!

----“The Posse” [Simon Reed/’Lil Chris] beat “201 Boys” [Crime/Chris Lexx]. Another bout of just great psychology. The shine featured some double team moves from Posse with one leading to them riding Crime/Lexx on the back like skateboards. Heat started when Chris tried a flying press on both Lexx/Crime and Crime dumped him on his head. It looked nasty. Lexx works well as a heel. Simon did nothing else in the match, but wait for the hot tag. LOL Chris took a beating. One hope spot had Chris hit a top rope press after being sit up on the turnbuckle. Double down when Chris DDT’ed Crime. Hot tag to Simon. Chris went to Crime and ended up posting him. Lexx went to the top after cutting off Simon and was going to come off, but Chris pushed Simon into the ropes making Lexx fall. Chris then rolled Lexx up for the pin. [***]

----LAW Title Match: “The Golden Boy” beat Stan Lee. Great match. Everything in the match clicked. Both are such good workers and 99% flawless. Shine started with Lee working on TGB’s hand. Lee climbed the turnbuckle with TGB’s hand and I thought he was going to do “old school”, but he jumped with a leg drop onto TGB’s hand. When Lee went to do it again, then TGB caught him throwing him over the top rope for a big bump. Heat started here with a steady flow of moves from TGB. Everytime it looked like Lane was coming out of heat, TGB would cut him off with a belly to belly suplex once and then just threw him out of the ring once. TGB went for the suplex again, but Lee cut him off with a DDT. At one point for a hope spot Lee hit the AJ Styles spot with moonsault into the Stinger DDT and then picked up and reversed it to do it again. Just awesome!! Crowd was so loud you would think there were 300 people in the building. They love Lee. Lee came out of heat by blocking a move and ended up with TGB straddled on the top turnbuckle. Lee climbed the ropes and hit a back suplex for the double down. Both guys got up and then we had a ref bump. Lee did a frogsplash on TGB, but no ref. Jon Michael then came in and speared him. TGB pinned him and kept the belt. [****] Best singles bout I have seen all year long, aside from maybe the Austin Lane vs Brandon Baxter match in Paragould, AR. This bout was much more wrestling and a better “wrestling” match.

----60 people with a gate close to $300…Randy has a bad shoulder and may be out for up to 4 months…Ike will have to be nominated for “best gimmick” this year. This was the best bout I have seen him in. Just great presence in the ring playing the heel monster…Coco – the ring announcer called Lexx/Crime the “Minority Unit.” Crime said on the mic that he was from Memphis and hated Rector and did not like “people like you.” Lexx then said “White people.” Crowd chanted “Memphis sucks” during the bout…Best singles match I have seen TGB in since his “I Quit” match with Christian Jacobs...Lee becomes the first guy to score a [****] rating for a tag match and a singles match…A real good show. Thanks to LAW cast and crew putting on such a good show. Fun time was had by all.

Memphis Wrestling TV Spoilers!!!

----Airing Tonight!! - Reggie B Fine with Corey commentating…Johnny Dotson/Derrick King with Rashard vs Dustin Starr/Chris Lexx with Grady Watson – Rashard got strapped, because his team lost…Jerry Lawler vs Kevin White…Maxx Corbin vs Pokerface…Ali/Brian C vs Too Kool 2…Gladiator was on the show.

----Airs on 10.13.07 - Dotson/DK vs Crime/Tatt2…Ali/Brian C vs White/Gladiator…Insane Clowns vs Starr/Lexx…TK2 did an angle with Ali/Brian C

A fan's perspective of the Little Rock Show

This was posted on the Wrestling Classics board by someone who attended the show in Little Rock. I found it interesting cause you get the perspective of someone who doesn't watch Memphis Wrestling and how the average fan views these shows where big names are promised and not all are delivered. I'm posting it here along with a link to the actual post to show it's legit and so people can read the response it's getting there.

GENE JACKSON;f=1;t=081180

Hey, guys. I've been lurking here for a couple of months. I love reading this board, but I haven't posted yet. Thought you guys might want to hear about the fabulous wrestling card I attended last night. I sent this review to Meltzer, but it's long and rambling so I doubt he'll use it.

Little Rock, Arkansas. At times, it has been a good wrestling town. WWF, WCW, and WWE taped for television here in front of solid crowds. A card is adverstised for a Thursday night at Barton Coliseum, the OLD wrestling building in Little Rock, located at the state fairgrounds. Every national star of the 80's and 90's appeared there.

A promotion calling itself Phenomenon Wrestling Legends presented a card featuring "Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart, Kamala, Koko B. Ware, Sid Vicious, Abdullah the Butcher, and more!" The radio ad promised "eight matches" including a "falls count anywhere" match. Ad campaigns are run on two major (competing) radio stations. Jimmy Hart and others do appearances on radio talk shows. An on-air angle results in one radio station's most popular personalities becoming involved in a match. The other station has an on-air personality, former Arkansas Razorback shooting guard Pat Bradley, involved as the guest referee of the "falls count anywhere" match. I am told ads were run on local cable during WWE Smackdown! and TNA Impact promoting this card as well.

So big radio campaign, television advertising, and big names promised. A lot of money was spent to draw a crowd to this card. General admission tickets were $18.50 (advertised as $17.50) and they went up to $32.50 (or did they?) Card was scheduled to begin at 7:30.

At 7:30, there were 500 people in the building. It is likely that at least 100 of them were there for free.

8:00 and the crowd has not grown. The lights go down and it's time for the show to begin.

At this point, I was already bummed. This was my first live wrestling show since 1993. I was not much of a fan of any of the billed wrestlers except Abdullah and Koko Ware and that was for their work fifteen years ago. But, I attended hoping to find a large, enthusiastic crowd looking for a WWE alternative. And if that happened, I hoped that the card itself would deliver and send that crowd home happy. Sadly, despite all of the efforts of the promoters, nobody showed up for their card.

I knew before there was ever a match that this show was in the red, bad. Barton Coliseum probably cost them two or three thousand dollars. An equal amount was probably spent on the ad campaign. Conservatively, $5,000 was spent before the bell ever rang. And then you remember that Nash, Hall, Jimmy Hart, Sid, Koko, Abby, and Kamala are supposed to be backstage. Did they pay to fly them in? and put them up for the night? And what did they promise Kevin Nash to get him here? A grand? Two grand? And the rest? Abby didn't come all the way out here to make $200, right? You've got to figure, at least $5,000 was spent and at least another $5,000 was promised before the bell rang. It might be double that. And they only sold 300-400 tickets.

Oh well. We're here. Let's have a good time. The lights are going down.

Oh no! A local radio guy opens the show and introduces the announcer for the evening. Cory Maclin. So this is a Memphis show. Hmmm. Maybe their plan had been to use the big names to fill seats and then get the Memphis guys over so they could return to Little Rock regularly. Is that still the plan with nobody here? Probably not.

First match. Two small white guys. Mel Tucker, I think vs. Tommy Redneck. Tucker wins in a decent, but very short match. Crowd did not know these guys, or Maclin. That's okay, it's a prelim. Things will get better.

Second match. Two small white guys. The Rocker (at least that's what it sounded like) vs. Flex (?) The Rocker wins a decent, but very short match. Crowd played along pretty well considering they came in their NWO shirts and still haven't seen a guy they've ever seen before.

Third match. Jimmy Hart comes out and talks to the crowd. Gets a good reaction. Brings out the local radio guys. One is ref, one is seconding the babyface, who I can't recall at all. The heels come out, it's a fat masked guy with another guy I think was from the radio as his manager. Whatever they did on the air to promote this match is not explained to the crowd. Match starts. A second fat masked guy comes out. The ref takes him and walks him all the way to the back and never returns. Some sort of weird, botched double interference thing goes down in the ring, the other radio guy reveals that he is also wearing a referee shirt and counts the pin. Awful.

Jimmy Hart then takes the mike and announces the first intermission and he will be at a table in the floor section signing autographs and meeting people. This takes forever as at least 50 people mob the table. I walk around. I see several more young Memphis guys that have not hit the ring yet. Are any of the billed stars here? Okay, saw Abby peaking through the curtain. Saw Nash walking around.

Okay, that's over. Fourth match. The two fat masked men come back out. A black dude comes out to face them. Apparently he is one half of the tag team champions and this was supposed to be a championship match, but his partner didn't show. Nobody in the crowd would have known any of this if Maclin had not told them. They do a singles match. The fat guys switch out when the ref isn't looking. Later, the one outside interferes in front of the ref. Quick bell, DQ. Yeah, don't want to kill the heat on your fat masked tag team or have one half of your unknown tag team champions do the job.

Fifth match. Black guy dressed in pink comes out. Announced as Precious. Music starts for his opposition...and plays...and plays. Wait a minute. I heard the word Kamala. That must be Kamala singing. And singing...and singing. I get up and go to the back. I figure right about now, Kamala knows he ain't gettin' paid. Precious is still standing in the ring jawing at the crowd. Maclin is wandering around in back, seeming only slightly concerned that there is no match in the ring. I believe Jimmy Hart is somewhere trying to convince Kamala to come out. Maclin eventually tells them to go to intermission. Crowd repeatedly shows its displeasure at the further stoppage. The thing is, the crowd didn't even know Kamala was supposed to be next. They could have sent anybody out there. Eventually, that's what they do. I didn't see who. By that time, I was having too much fun in the back, making fun of this pathetic endeavor.

Sixth match. Two black dudes. A small guy with bleach blond hair and a really small guy covered in tattoos. I think this was a title match. If you know Memphis wrestling, you know who these guys are. Little Rock crowd? Nope. Don't know who won, but the crowd actually popped once during this one.

The average height of the Memphis guys was five feet, six inches. At 5'8" I was taller than most of them. Security made no effort to keep people out of the back. The only barrier to the actual dressing rooms was a half-pulled curtain.

Saw Kamala, sans make-up, pulling a suitcase and getting the hell out of there.

Seventh match. White guy goes out. He's short, but pretty built with a shaved head. His opponent, Abby! I leave the back and go to ringside and plop down in the third row to watch this match. Apparently this is the falls count anywhere match featuring guest referee Pat Bradley. Abby blades the guy almost immediately and works him over with a spoon. He takes him to the guard rail, still working the spoon. Guy almost has full on crimson mask. They go over the guard rail and into the crowd. Guy takes a hard bump on the floor, Abby covers, 1-2-3. The whole thing might have taken four minutes. I head back to the back. I beat Abby there and try to get a picture with him. He stays in character and walks on into the locker room. Juicing guy comes back, stops so everybody can take pictures of his bloody face.

Brian Christopher comes out of the dressing room. He walks by me, then walks back by me again. I call out to him and he stops so I can take a picture, then walks by again. "Where do we go out?" he yells. Apparently, the pacing was him trying to figure out how to get to the ring. Everybody points to the giant opening and he heads for the ring. Koko Ware comes out right after, I shake his hand as he follows Brian. Then out comes Nash and Hall. I snap an out of focus picture of Nash, then shake Hall's hand. I head back to the third row.

Eighth match. Brian C. works the mike first, trying to get heat. A five person "Jerry's Kid" chant starts. Brian stops talking, finds the perpetrators and says "That's so old!" Crowd laughs. Koko talks next. Crowd wants to like him even though he's playing a heel. Nash next. Crowd cheers. Then he gives the mike to Hall. Hall plays it up for a minute. He holds up the mike to start talking several times before finally giving the crowd the "Hey, yo." Biggest pop of the night. Match starts. Sloppy, but crowd loves it. Chant of "Razor, Razor" for Hall, then "Diesel, Diesel" for Nash. Kind of weird. After a few minutes, Nash powerbombs (well, lifts and drops) Brian C. then tags Hall who casually enters the ring, covers Brian and gets the pin. Six minutes, max.

Afterwards, Hall and Nash circle the ring and shake hands and talk to everybody that comes up to the rails. They are very gracious. I head to the back to try again to get that Abby picture. I am told he had already skipped out. When Hall and Nash get to the back, they hug and shake hands and pose for pictures with everybody interested before going back to the dressing room. I have to give them a lot of credit for being professionals and giving to the crowd even though the show was a huge failure. They could have done what Kamala did. (I'm not saying Kamala was wrong to not work if he wasn't getting what he had been promised, ,but if every advertised name had done that, this horrible show would have been even worse) I don't know if Sid was there. I doubt it. I was told Jake Roberts was supposed to be there and did not show.

All in all, the card was a failure. The effort put in to draw a crowd and the horrible turnout is a terrible sign for wrestling in Little Rock. The show itself was not very good and it did not deliver what was advertised.

But, I had a great time. I've enjoyed myself much less at far better shows.

One thing I will say is that a number of the unknowns on the card showed promise.

Friday, October 05, 2007

RassleResults: All-Star Wrestling 10.04.07 - NWO Invades Little Rock!!

----Dell Tucker beat Tommy Redneck…Chris Rocker beat Chris Lexx …Reggie B Fine beat Flame…Rude beat Fire...Alex Krisis beat Precious…Derrick King beat Tatt2…Abdullah The Butcher beat Alex Krisis in a Texas Death Match…Kevin Nash/Scott Hall beat Brian Christopher/Koko Ware

----500 people in the crowd with a gate close to $11,000. The show cost them around $60,000, so it was not a good turnout…The show was suppose to start at 7:30 PM, but started at 8:00 PM…Precious came out and did a heel interview in full gimmick. He then stood out there for like 15 minutes waiting on his opponent. He then left and came back to work Alex Krisis, but was toned down and a babyface. The fans didn’t know, but backstage Kamala was asking for his money before he went to the ring. They did not come up with the money, so Kamala left. This was similar to what happened at the ASWF Legends show. Kamala was paid at that show though. For some reason, I could just see Kamala in full gimmick at the BP getting gas and a diet coke leaving the arena. LOL…DK vs Tatt2 went over 30 minutes with a few people saying it was real good and then I got a report that said it was boring. Before the match was over, Maclin and Jimmy Hart had left ringside to go check out problems in the back. DK had to announce himself as the winner…Abby stabbed Krisis like 100 times with his fork. Abby bladed Krisis and he bladed him like he would blade himself – Krisis bled like crazy!!...Hall/Nash match was all comedy with them pretty much just squashing Koko/Brian C. I wonder how that felt to Brian C?? This match did not go into the ring until around 10:30 PM and the fans did not seem to pop for Hall/Nash like they should have. They stayed for over 15 minutes after the match shaking hands and playing to the crowd…The TLCW crew provided the music, the ref, Tucker, Redneck, Lexx, Rocker, Flame, Fire, Krisis, Precious, DK, Tatt2 and the ring. At this point, none of them have been paid. Well, they were given a check, but I heard it bounced all the way back from the bank…Sid Vicious no showed and there was no announcement to why he was not there or anything about Kamala either.


----The show Mid-South Wrestling in Russellville, AR is officially sold out! 487 paying $4,900. All seats have been sold!! I'll have more figures after the event. They still have programs to sell and the Pope County Sheriff's Dept. has their concessions, which has already raised $1,500 for the event and haven't sold a single hot dog!

Hambones on Jerry Springer!!

----Well, I only seen just a bit of it, but The Hambones - Leroy & Peco were just on the Jerry Springer Show. Apparently it was about families fighting because of other people involved in the family. Peco was upset with his dad, because Leroy is living with a 28 year old girl. I will try to talk to Leroy, who works at the local Wal Mart in the meat dept, sometime this week and get a comment about the show. I got a note from an area worker that said he seen more of it than me and "I was laughing my ass off!" Hambones are picture here with Leroy on the right and Peco on the left. Sam Dollar in the middle.

Cheap Heat RasslePod #2- THE MEMPHIS RANT by Gene Jackson

This one should get the Maclin sympathizers going, however it does contain an explanation as to why I'm so hard on them. Give it a listen.

CHEAP HEAT RASSLEPOD #2- 10.5.07- The Memphis Rant

RassleTube: Last night in Little Rock!!

----Here is an entrance video taken last night of Hall & Nash. I will have full report either later today or tomorrow.

A Piece of my Mind-Oct 5th 2007-by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Well well well ... more misfortune has struck the WWE. I do feel sorry for John Cena, a true work horse in this business. He is a man that numerous people have spoken highly of. Will his in-ring loss be such a big deal for the company? I realize that he sells a TON of merchandise but that can all be worked around with vignettes and just playing the whole storyline up waiting for his return. I will be happy when we can get back to a place where we have someone who means so much to the business that it would take a drastic turn if he was gone. Please make no mistake about it, we don’t have that now. In truth, as long as you can cut a promo today, you’re not gone anyway. If we polled the locker room you would find twenty guys who believe they could be over bigger and better than Cena if given a chance anyway. So draw straws and give someone a chance. It would hopefully be someone with Cena’s strong moral fiber and work ethic. Hmmm did I just drastically cut down on the number of people who could actually draw a straw?

How would you act if every move that you made was going to be printed on the front page of tomorrow’s paper? How about if it was going to be the lead story on the news?
On November 1st, 2007, WWE policy changes so that wellness policy violators will have their names released to the public. If this doesn’t cause a change in behavior I will have no sympathy for the violators. At this point, if I am Vince McMahon, it should be one strike and you’re out. There is no piece of talent currently on the roster critical to WWE success. What should be important now is flying under the radar and company respectability and credibility.

A few years ago the APA (Farooq and Bradshaw) Ron Simmons and JBL were working in OVW for an extended period of time. I happened to be in Louisville so I spent some time with Ron Simmons while I was there. We had a few meals and I went to one of the towns with him. It was like the good old days just yakking about old times. While I was there I also got some exposure to a guy that impressed me. He seemed to have all the tools that are needed to make it to the big time. I wondered for awhile if this guy would ever be given a shot. When I finally saw him get a break I was pleased. His name is Lance Cade and along with Trevor Murdoch they make up a tag team that reminds me of the good old days. Of course it doesn’t hurt that when they made Trevor Murdoch they used Dick Murdoch’s DNA for the cloning. I had the chance to work with Dick many times. We didn’t hit it off when he was in the WWE but in the NWA we got along fine and he was a lot of fun to work with. I think these guys make a great team. They make tag team wrestling enjoyable. I hope they leave the tag teams championships on them for quite a while and let some of these other teams chase them.

Here is a novel concept ... why not focus on London and Kendrick for awhile and their failure to get the gold from these guys? Let’s follow them for months, maybe a year, as other teams are fed to the champs. How about having them seek out tag team legends for advice. How about having them sit down with The Rock and Roll Express, The Midnight Express, Afa and Sika “The Wild Samoans” etc. They could seek out advice and strategize with the legends How about training sessions with the legendary teams? Let the audience identify with London and Kendrick and make the girls fall in love with them. If this is the wrong team so be it. Then pick the right team. Just give people a reason to tune in. Let them bond with the talent. This would be a great time to reward proper conduct. Please help motivate people to act like true stars. STOP REWARDING STUPIDITY AND IMPROPER CONDUCT. Use this as a beta test to tie into the audience’s emotions. If this isn’t making sense to you, you’re probably already employed by WWE. If it makes sense to you and you’re a part of WWE creative feel free to steal the idea or make up one of your own. All I ask is that no matter what storyline you pick stop insulting people's intelligence.

I was lucky enough to spend some time around the legendary Gene Anderson before he passed. If you knew Gene thie few moments that I am going to bring up will make you laugh. If you didn’t know him this will give you some insight into a legend taken from the world long before he should have been. When teaching young kids to take bumps you might hear him yell “Hey kid don’t reach for the mat it will come to you”. I remember when we were doing TV for George Scott that Moondog Rex (Randy Colley) was standing around with longtime referee and agent Ron West. I heard him say as Gene walked by when you wrestled the Anderson’s that the one there that would put the clamp on you. I have heard that Ricky Steamboat once said he had to legit stick his finger in Gene’s eye just to get him off of him. All that being said, Gene was a great guy that had the respect of everyone. If you’re a Ric Flair fan, it was Gene who got Ric back into shape after the plane crash. It’s a shame he is gone but the respect for the Anderson’s live on. Ask any wrestling fan from Charlotte and the surrounding areas about the Anderson’s the stories could go one for days.

This picture is from the Yokozuna Memorial Show me and my pal Ron Simmons. Isn’t it sad that week in and week out one of the more interesting things is hearing him yell DAMN?

This has been a piece of my mind

Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Coach's Corner" by Brian Tramel

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----I am really happy to see that the readers of this site do have a voice. No matter what I write or what I am offended by, they still have an opinion even though they may not agree with me. During the 90s when the kayfabe wrestling fanzine Wrestling Observer Newsletter became so popular, there was a belief that if Dave Meltzer was a fan of something, then all of his readers were also fans. It would be proven almost every year at the year end awards as many of the readers were just voting for Japanese wrestlers and matches, because Meltzer said they were good. Even though I have been totally against the Sue Young angle, the readers of this site did not feel offended. Why they were not offended?? Well, it’s wrestling. I think that’s a load of crap. That’s not an excuse to make fun of a whole race of people because it is wrestling. Do you see WWE making fun of any of the Diva girls because they might be Asian or black?? I have also heard excuses like “controversy means money” and “people have done it in the past” as excuses. There have been a lot of stupid stuff done in the past, but in the year 2007 it is not going to make you any money making fun of Asian people. Thanks to the 42% of you that agreed with me.

----Have you been to the message board lately?? I try to stop by every few days to just see what is being said and such. I was weary of this board when I first put it up for the fear that it would turn into a board like over at There are your occasionally trolls, but all in all I think it has fits right into the site. One of the main topics in the last few days has been about me always putting down Memphis Wrestling. I have said this on the board and a few times here – I love Memphis Wrestling. It is the center piece of my site and I believe when that report is posted every week it is the beginning of the week. Everyone in this area revolves around that show. Do I like the show in general?? Do I think it can be improved? Am I going to quit talking about them when they do something stupid?? Yes, Yes and No!!!

----Kurt Angle is stopped and given a DUI ticket. What the hell was he thinking?? Vince McMahon made a great decision getting rid of him when he did. Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers I have ever seen perform. I think he is over used in TNA, but it does not change the fact that in the last 5 years there has been very few people come close to his workrate. What does TNA need with Congressional hearings coming up?? Do they need a guy that drinks and gets behind a wheel?? What if he had killed someone?? Angle just becomes a poster child for everything that is wrong in the wrestling business. He just gets away with everything, because he is so good.

----ECW is my favorite WWE produced show. It has a more indy feel to it and as I watched the CM Punk vs Mike Knox match this week with an area worker he said, “This is an old school match.” Yes and that is what I like about the show and I like about CM Punk. So, I am watching the show [I don’t read spoilers] and just as Tommy Dreamer wins the match vs Elijah Burke my TIVO goes off. I am assuming that was the end of the show and went on with my business. I read later on the site in the “Top Ten Stories In The Wrestling World” section that Big Daddy V comes out and beats Dreamer and gets the shot. I am all about a heel being a heel, but what were they thinking?? They spend all of this time on TV pushing Dreamer in the “Funk” role to just later funk the fans? I am of the belief that screw jobs hurt more than they help. In no way does the fact that BDV is going against CM Punk help your buy rate. The angle that you used 3 weeks of TV to promote is what helps your buy rate. Wonder why people don’t take stips and such serious anymore??

----My final thought comes from Billy Russ. Russ is the guy that many feel is just a “money mark” behind the XOW promotion. Russ is new to the business, but after the last show did not draw well, he wrote the following

“The 90 people that were in attendance were treated to a very, very good show. I do not know why attendance was so low. Those who stayed home missed a great show. We know you can’t win them all but you can sure have a hell of a time trying an we were real happy with the way it all turned out and can't wait to do it again.”

----Classy guy in my book to not whine like some promoters do about poor attendance or blame other events or people for not drawing a big crowd. In actuality he probably still out drew most of the promotions in this area. My only advice to Russ – find out why you did not draw and correct the problem.

----Thanks for joining me for this Thursday edition of “Coach’s Corner.” Please join me again on Saturday as I discuss more thought provoking subject or just BS. LOL

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 9.28.07

Arnez pinned El Demento after hitting the Slapshot

E.Z. Rider pinned Loose Cannon with a roll-up

Stan Lee pinned Zane Richards

Idol Bane pinned Slim Pickens (w/ Jeff O'Dell) after hitting the "Ghost of Andy Kauffman"

Tommy Redneck beat Jon Micheal in a No Holds Barred match

----This was Fan Appreciation Night, with tickets at only $3 each. Crowd was around 60 paid and gate around $180.

Poll Resultss!! Sue Young Angle!!

----The poll closed a few days back, so I wanted to let everyone know how it turned out. 58% of you were not offended by the Sue Young angle with 41% not being offended by it because it was wrestling. 42% of you were offended by the angle with only 19% extremely offended.

POLL Results – Were You Offended by The Sue Young Angle??

Yes it offended me 23%
Yes it extremely 19%
No It did not offend me 16%
No it did not offend me because it was wrestling 42%

----Oh yea, since Hollywood Jimmy will not update his poll, then I would like everyone know that 73% of his readership did not go to WWE’s Unforgiven. LOL

----I get people all the time saying that I give Memphis Wrestling a hard time, so let me poll everyone to see what they think of the Memphis Wrestling TV show. This year the Memphis Wrestling show has either excellent, average or it sucks. Vote and let you voice be heard!!

Shows For The Weekend 10.04 to 10.06.07

----Two big shows this weekend starting tonight in Little Rock, AR with The Outsiders along with some local talent that was added on Tuesday. It should be interesting to see if they draw and see what if Nash/Hall actually wrestle. The other big show is a perfect example of pushing YOUR talent and the right people to add to the show. As of yesterday, this group had sold 400 Advance Tickets!! That is unheard of in this area.

---- TONIGHT!! Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AR All-Star Wrestling with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart, Kamala, Koko B. Ware, Sid Vicious, Abdullah the Butcher, Derrick King, Dell Tucker, Chris Rocker, Alex Krisis, The Assassins, Rude, Precious and more! Prices : $17.50 to $32.50 Doors open at 6:30 pm Event starts at 7:30 pm.

----Friday Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN…Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely),Arrick Andrews,Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie), AM Vision,Hammerjack,TJ Harley,Petey Wright,Josh Crowe,Damien Payne,Tim Renesto,Cody Diemer, LT Falk, Crazy Steve,Luscious Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix,Saint,New York Gangster,Xavier Mustafa,Michael Jablonski and more!!

----Friday Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, Chris Lexx, Derrick King, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Stretch, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Rockin’ Randy,Jon Michael, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane and many more.

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Chris Styles), Josh Matthews, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday Night for Mid-South Wrestling Russellville, Arkansas
Hughes Community Center, Bell Time: 7:30 P.M. Doors Open: 6:30 P.M.
-Main Event-**Semi-Finals of the International Title Tournament...the winner will go to the finals in Little Rock November 10th** Former WCW Star “The Atomic Dogg” Ali vs. Prince Al Farat with General Skandor Akbar, First Round Matches in the International Title Tournament-Krusher Kanine with Boyd Bradford vs. Mark Johnson, Shane Rawls vs. "Mad Dog" Derek McQuiin, Matt Riviera vs. Eric Rose, "Superstar" Gary Gram vs. Frankie Valentine,Jeff Jett, the Nightmare (Ted Allen)…The legendary Danny Hodge will be making a guest Appearance to receive a key to the city of Russellville! Legend "Wild" Bill Ash will be making a special guest appearance! The event will be a fundraiser for the Pope County Sheriff's Department! Tickets: Adults: $10.00 Advance....$12.00 at the door Kids 6-12: $8.00 Advance...$10.00 at the door Kids 5 and under get in free!

----Saturday, they are at the Boys and Girls Club of Cross County located at 325 Magnolia Dr. in Wynne. Bell time is 7:30. It is being advertised as Professional Championship Wrestling AND UFC Fight Night. Main Event is PCW Title/Leather Strap Match: Jamie Jay vs. Johnny Morton. Semi Main: UFC Match: D. J. Hallmark vs. Brandon Santana. There are 3 other wrestling matches scheduled and 2 other "UFC" matches. Tickets are $8 for adults; Kids are $5.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Jake Prentiss, Chris Chaos, OMEGA, LSD, Lady Reb, Devon Raynes,BB, Destiny, Bloodbath, Kaleb Kastle, Pappy, Jay Webster and Vinnie the Blade. , and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN…Missouri Bad Boys with Cookie Rogers, Motley Cruz,Kilo, Mark Justice,Tim Edwards, Tank, Jeremy Moore,J.R. Manson, B.L.S., Lil Tim, Gaylon Ray, Baron Malkavain, Phoenix X, John "Biscuit" Roberts, Brian Steele and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Moondog Rex, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dra Black, Azreal.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Appearing X-Kaliber, Team Adrenaline (Austin Lane & The Juice) w/Nikki Lane & Miss Juicy,Acid, Michael Ward, Cody Murdoch, Morgan Lane, Chuck Daddy, and more.

----Saturday Night for SAW in Millersville, TN AM Vision, TJ Harley,Hammerjack (w/Charming Charles),Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie],Shane Eden, Rob C, Justin Spade, C-4 (w/Cocky Cody), J-5, and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington ST Seth Knight, Rockin Randy, TGB Greg Anthony, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Shannon Lee, and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell is 8 P.M, doors open @ 7:15 P.M.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007


----This feature appeared in the #3 issue of Rasslin Riot that was mailed in October of 1990. The photo of the front cover of the issue featured us ribbing Dave Meltzer about something he said about Giant Baba. Bull Nakano's photo is down below. She doesn't have the shaved head at this time as Bowdren mentions. BTW, as I told Jeff back in the day - if given the chance - I would have DID HER!! It was Bull!!

Love In The Elevator - The Bull Story by Jeff Bowdren

Okay, okay. The time has come for the story to be told. The real story (God, this sounds like the opening sentence to a Tolkien novel or something), anyway, forget what you've heard at the fan get-togethers. Forget those weird variations of the story that Lemieux or Flaherty (don't forget to get chills down your spine BT, I mentioned *his* name) may have come up with. This is "The Way It Was"...
It was December 1987, when I visited Japan with The Guru, Meltzer-Wan Kenobi. Even though we saw loads of great matches, the definite highlight of the trip was our visit to famous Korakuen Hall in downtown Tokyo to see the All-Japan women. They were all there: Chigusa, Asuka, The Dumpster (voted in 1986 as "Woman Brian Tramel would most like to be on a desert island with" contest) and of course, Bull Nakano. Yes, the woman with the half shaved head, the painted face and thighs, *OH THOSE THIGHS!* Those things circumvent the globe! How does she do those legdrops from the second rope anyhow? Anyway, she was on the card too! It was a great card by the way (one of the top five cards I've ever seen live!) and after it was over, Meltzer Wan-Kenobi and myself managed to get backstage by yelling "American Press, American Press!!" Everytime someone looked twice at us. We talked with Chigusa (who was super nice) for awhile. She was very concerned about whether she had had a good match that night. We asked her what her favorite US city was. She says, "Boston, you know, like Boston Crabs." All the girls were super nice, displaying none of the dyke-like qualities many have rumored. I steadfastly maintain that Chigusa is *not* a clit-licker, as scuttlebut has it that she was such a big Akira Maeda fan that she let him pick the cherry.

Anyway, it was down by the dressing room that I met.....Bull. To paraphrase Bo Diddley (and "Universal Heart-throb" Austin Idol) she was an "Old man's wish, young man's dream." At least she was if you're into restraining devices. Her half-shaved head was looking fine and she gave me that crooked tooth smile. When our eyes met, it was a magical moment. Like...Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in "Ghost", like Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay in "Risky Business", or maybe like Dave Meltzer and Ferk in Baltimore. Anyway, non-pornographic photos were taken. So, me and Meltzer Wan-Kenobi made our way to the exit and got into an elevator to take us down to the lobby. I look over and who's next to me...The Bullster. She was wearing a mask (in Japan, when someone has a cold or flu they wear a mask to prevent spreading germs - or maybe it's to hide their face). We had met some guy there who spoke Japanese. I told him to tell Bull how much I enjoyed her match. He tells her and she looks at me and says in broken English "Thank you...I love you." So the guy says to her (in Japanese) that if she loves me she should give me a kiss, which is an American custom. So she says back to him (in Japanese) that in Japan if you love someone that you have sex with them. Then she points to me and says (again in Japanese) "I want to have sex with you!" Well, everyone in the elevator except me and Meltzer (we had no idea what was being said) knew what she was saying. The guy translated what she said, I turned and looked at her, our eyes met, the elevator opened, and I saw 2,000 Japanese tenderonis waiting in the lobby. I looked back for Bull and she was.....gone. End of story.
Well, almost. the spirit of David Letterman, I now present "Writer's Embellishment". I went into the elevator with Meltzer. Inside the elevator were Bull and about 5 other Japanese girls. Calling upon my fluent Japanese, I told Bull how bitchin' I thought her match was. She smiled seductively and, staring at my groin, asked me if I was related to that famous American, John Holmes. I told her that I knew Johnny Wadd and that I used to call him "Pee Wee". Dave was jumping up and down. "What'd she say! What'd she say!" Bull threw back her head and laughed, you know, one of those deep throaty - Ellen Barkin-like laughs. "Who's the guy that looks like Brian Pillman?" she asked. I told her that Dave and I were the famous American journalists, Bill Apter and George Napolitano. She immediately suggested a three-way. I told Dave my plan. He said, "Wait a minute! I can't cheat on Erin!" I reminded him that this embellishment took place in 1987, a full year before he began dating Erin. "Um, well," Dave said, "What about my readers? What will they think if I engage in some sort of kinky sexual escapade?" I told him that Tramel and Harry White would be damn proud. Bull hit her knees, a ready and willing boy toy. Suddenly, the door opened and 2,000 teenagers peered in. "I've lost my contact lens," screamed Bull. As the young girls searched the floor of the elevator, I looked and saw Meltzer running through the lobby, yelling to me that he needed to watch a Tiger Mask match to purify himself. I turned to Bull and smiled. "Too bad," she said, "it would have been magical." "You're damn right.", I replied. For you at least...
(Jeff Bowdren lives in Plantation, Florida with his "hot babe from hell" Kelly at his side. Jeff's work can be seen monthly in the TORCH, weekly in the OBSERVER, and daily on his bedroom wall. He has been known to sit by Dave Flaherty, KLON, and Ron Lemieux during the matches. That's a feat in itself, when Flaherty is considered the most obnoxious, rowdiest, drunkest wrestling fan to ever attend wrestling in Florida. It's a scary thought, but we all have a little Dave Flaherty in us all. Now since I'm through talking about Jeff, we will get on with the issue.)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Piece of my Mind-Oct 2nd 2007-by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

No matter what happens with the Congressional hearings wrestling will continue to exist in this country. That is a fact I am very grateful for. I don’t know how many other topics I would have such a passion to write for. The privilege of sitting here twice a week and regularly pointing out incompetence, narcissism, arrogance and things that are just morally wrong is one that I embrace. The WWE has a perceived leader in Vince McMahon and it appears that the heir apparent is Stephanie McMahon. Keep your ears open, sooner or later, we will hear her scream “Let Them Eat Cake”. If you really think about it, isn’t the leader of the company really who ever the next big thing is? When you think back and examine the company haven’t the great CEO’s really been Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin? There have been in the past, and currently are, some interim CEO’s that lead the company. All of these men truly dictate the success and direction of the company. The McMahon family benefits from the very real fact that most people have no understanding of our business. They do run a profitable company even without a CEO. They do it with an unmistakable arrogance while secretly hoping that a new CEO takes over. It will more than likely happen without a McMahon conducting an interview. The interviews are held mostly Monday nights in various cities around the world. One could almost draw a parallel to American Idol-type voting. If and when the new CEO is hired, the board of directors the people known as fans to the stockholders will spread the word about the new leader. It will bring about such a feeling of joy that Mr. McMahon could head straight back to the billionaire list. In the meantime, they manage the company some would say foolishly but yet profitable. I wonder how it feels to know that your skills have taken a company as far as it can go and the term "treading water" is all around you. In the past they have always treaded water and waited and worked around the CEO position being vacant. It is clearly taking longer to fill than in the past. It should be comforting to know that, to some extent, no matter how poorly the interim leadership performs the company can still remain profitable. The one thing people will consistently say about Vince McMahon is that he never lets anyone see him sweat. I'm sure Vince is secretly praying for the next big thing or reality has escaped him completely.

There has to be some kind of change made in the current system to bring the next big thing to the forefront. The creative team can’t do it and even if they could they are suffocated by Stephanie and what ever it is that goes on in her head. How can anyone even judge the creative teams competence? They aren’t allowed to do their job. They merely feed Stephanie what she orders and she feeds it to Vince. I wonder if they bother to wear a bib? The developmental territories have some value but I find it to be minimal. They have good people working at them and those people should continue to be involved. The Danny Davis’s and Tom Prichard’s of the world are what the youth of our business needs. There are wrestling schools out there cultivating new talent all the time. However, most individuals will never make an impression on this business but a small percentage will. If I was calling the shots, I would go back to running B shows with underneath talent headlined by some secondary angle that the company was running with some name talent. It could also be a second loop around for some A team angle. The talent attempting to make it needs to work in front of crowd day in and day out. That’s what will help them progress. How many times has a new talent come out of the developmental territory after being there a long time and we make excuses for why they still appear to be so green? There is a group of veterans out there that would love to be making a good living to go out and get these guys ready for the big show. What stops the Greg Valentine’s, Brad Armstrong’s, Pat Tanaka’s, Koko B Ware’s, Bobby Eaton’s and many others from being in a position to help these guys? As near as I can tell absolutely nothing except the chance to do it. If you want to teach young tag teams how to work how about putting them on the road with The Rock and Roll Express or The Midnight Express? If you want a young kid to have a clue let him wrestle Brad Armstrong or Bullet Bob Armstrong thirty days in a row. You think Dory Funk wouldn’t be willing to go on the road for awhile and work with someone with potential? Please wake up this is simple logic. You have money going out and getting very little in return. The worst thing that could happen is less money going out. I refuse to believe that these B shows could not at least break even. The business of pro wrestling has always been a grass roots business. Now would be a great time to get back to the people and help rebound the foundation of the business. I can see a throw back to the old day’s nostalgia is huge today in all aspects of life. How about a studio show properly produced that features some of the old school legends discussed above? There is quite a pool to pull from. The real purpose would be to cultivate the future stars of the industry and hopefully the next big thing. The countless organizations that could benefit from the fundraiser type events that wrestling companies ran in the old days are limitless. This isn’t rocket science. Developmental does not appear to be providing the solution and is costing a lot of money. Why not create something that could generate dollars instead of spending dollars. It would go along way towards showing the moral character of the up and comers. It could provide entertainment to secondary cities around the globe. It would help prepare the talent for the big show in a much more realistic way. I don’t question the attempt at creating a developmental program. On paper it seemed like a good idea. But it’s not paying off so drop it and get back to the basics.

When we were putting together WrestleReunion 1 I put each match together with a lot of thought. In booking a card like this experience tells me that there could be problems with personality’s etc that could make for matches. It could be many things so I had to clear everything with everyone ahead of time. My original vision was that we could highlight WWE and TNA in a perfect world around the retired and semi retired legends. It became apparent quickly that wasn’t going to work. So the next step was to celebrate the NWA right in Tampa, Fl. Well I decided that I would like to have an NWA Tag Team Title Match. It had to be special for the fans it had to be something they had never seen before and more than likely wouldn’t ever see again. So I contacted Bill Behrens to book the NWA Tag Team Champions. I do not recall who they were at the time, but as far as I knew, I had my title match. It became quite obvious to me, as the days and weeks went by, that who ever the champions were when I made the agreement was who I had booked. That was unacceptable to me. I stayed on top of Bill Behrens, who I could see, ultimately didn’t have the power to get this done. It was more of a Jeff Jarrett thing. Now these guys don’t really want to let me know what their plans are but I continue to make a big deal out of it. I mean, I had lined up Dory Funk Jr and Terry Funk for one last shot at the titles getting that done was no easy task itself. If you're interested, figure out how many times since the mid 90's those two have teamed up before. I would have nothing less than the best for a show that had the potential to be a one of kind event. A team called Americas Most Wanted, Chris Harris and James Storm, were the current champions as time drew near. I needed to buy these guys plane tickets and still no answers from TNA. So I went down to Universal Studios to see if I could get this settled. I didn’t leave feeling too much better but I did run into Larry Zbysko, who I added to the show, and got to talk to Dusty briefly since he was now on board for the main event. It wasn’t until several days later Jeff Jarrett called and said everything will be fine that I relaxed and got the tickets. I had been told I was lucky that AMW had the straps. People were right ... I was lucky. They were good kids who had a good match with The Funks. I know they felt honored to be in the dressing room with all those legends. I know one thing I wish that I had a tag match with The Funk Bros on every show I ever promoted or will promote. The level of respect when they walk into a ring can be felt throughout the building. In the near future I will tell you how I got Mick Foley to team with The Funks at WrestleReunion 2. I think the Godfather is right when he says "Pimpin' ain't easy".

The picture is from Charlotte, NC, sometime around 1992 I believe when Stan Lane and I used to hit the town on a regular basis. He always proved why he was a Fabulous One. Where ever we went the ladies were always following in bunches

I have to give out a pat on the back to Hornswoggle I hate that this angle even took place but I think this guy is doing all he can to work it out. I can tell you this, this guy is going to keep this up and eventually get over and merchandise will be sold.

TNA goes to two hours this week? Who is looking forward to this? I feel glad for the talent that will get some TV time but a bad product is a bad product and this is just a bad product.

This has been a Piece of my Mind

Shawn Michaels Set To Speak In Arab, Alabama

WWE Wrestler Shawn Michaels will be sharing his personal testimony and story of salvation at the Community Church located on Braisher's Chapel Road in Arab, Alabama this Sunday, October 7th at 10:30 A.M. For more information, contact Keith Parker at (256) 586-0512.

Great Advance for A Big Show This Weekend!!!

----I usually wait until “Shows of The Weekend” to mention lineups and such, but I wanted to note a big show billed as Mid-South Wrestling
Russellville, Arkansas this Saturday night. I talked with an insider from the show today and he had the following to say,

“We have about 350 advance tickets sold for this show thus far. Our advance money right now is around $3,500.00. We have some freebies and plus some reserved front row VIPs for $20.00 a pop. Gonna be a big show. We can get about 500 seats in the gym (hopefully a few more). We're hoping for a packed house. We have workers coming from Oklahoma,
Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia.”

----All I can say is WOW!! That is drawing more than Memphis Wrestling can draw with TV and that is without walkup business. The show features “The Atomic Dogg” Ali, Skandor Akbar, Matt Riviera, The Nightmare [Ted Allen], Bill Ash will be there, Danny Hodge will be honored and a bunch more. I will have the full lineup later this week in “Shows of the Weekend.”

Interesting Show!!

----There is a group promoting a show on Thursday in Little Rock at the Barton Coliseum that I found interesting. This is the same group that was calling themselves Phenomenon Wrestling and now booking themselves as All-Star Wrestling. They have a “Legends” this Thursday featuring: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart, Kumala, Koko B. Ware, Sid Vicious, Abdullah the Butcher, and more! Tickets are from $17.50 to $32.50. This group is run by Curley Womack, who during my first interview with Jerry Lawler gave me the impression that Womack was not too trusting. Sal Corrente was also the booker of the last show using talent from Memphis Wrestling like Derrick King and Fire/Flame. It looks like Womack has aligned himself with Corey Maclin now. Why would Maclin not try to promote this show on TV?? He even produced the commercial at the Memphis Wrestling desk. Little Rock is a straight shot - about a 2 hour drive from Memphis. Posted is the commercial of the event, which aired on RAW last night in the Little Rock area.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 9.29.07

----Assault def. Boogeyman Scream…Chico Mendoza def. Wyked…Jonathan Storm def. The Outlaw (TV Title Contenders Match) …TIWF Regional TV Title Match: Big Nasty Bob© def. Jonathan Storm to retain the title…TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title MatchLawman Williams def. Steven Rampage © by DQ ( No title change)…TIWF Tag Team Title Match: New Breed of Perfection© (Wildside & Way Cool) def. Dre’ Black & PK Ripper.

Credit: Axeman from Trent's message board

Speaking of...Melissa Coates

----I had posted the Anarchy report yesterday with mention the Melissa Coates and her new character. She talks about it in an interview done by RRO contributor Larry Goodman. When Goodman asks about steroids she says,

"First of all, it’s against the law. It’s always better to stay on the right side of the law. And in the long run, they’re not good for you, so it’s better to do without. I think in any sport or business where you have to look a certain way, there are temptations to look for an extra edge. In the long run it’s better to rely on your God give resources. It’s not for me."

----That is a very good answer, but from a woman that has been in both wrestling and body building it is hard to believe. Not saying she is lying, because I don't know the lady, but just hard to believe.

CLICK HERE to read complete interview. It is a very good interview talking about the developmental area and the indy scene.

SCW Show Postponed

----As I had questioned on Saturday, "It will be interesting to see how good this group can draw with only 1 week of promotion.", SCW is being reported as "postponed" by Axeman at

SCW Show in Tupelo POSTPONED
The Southeastern Championship Wrestling show previously announced for Tupelo on 10-06-07 has been POSTPONED until later in the fall. SCW management did not feel that one week was enough time to put the show together and advertise it adequately. I absolutely agree. I will have information as to the new date for the show soon.

Monday, October 01, 2007

"Coach's Corner" by Brian Tramel

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----I talked to Jerry Lawler again about Sal Corrente after the trial at the ASWF Legends show. The main reason I did not post anything up on the site was that it was pretty much word for word what Sal had already said. It was from Lawler’s point of view, but nothing was different in the story. Later on in the night I got to listen to Lawler talking about the talent in this area. He was talking about the old days and how there was so many territories and some much talent. He then ask about the talent in that dressing room that night - who was worthy and who could make money?? Besides the legends that night there were a few in the dressing room that if given the opportunity could at the least make the Memphis Wrestling show a bit more entertaining – Psycho, “Family of Pain”, Scott Fury, San Francisco Treat and Austin Lane. Draw money?? All these guys have been part of the drawing powers of various promotions when put in the right situation. The problem is that Memphis Wrestling has just become a comedy show of bad wrestling. Guys that might bring something different to the table have been never asked or just asked to stay home.

----The steroid story continues grow legs and with more and more crack down from the DEA, we will see more people linked to the various places. Why is Human Growth Hormone on everyone list?? Why has it such a popular drug along with steroids and pain killers?? Here is what HGH can do for you –

•Shed Bodyfat
•Increase Muscle Tone
•Boost your Energy, Strength, and Endurance
•Reduce Wrinkles and Create Tighter, Smoother Skin
•Help you Sleep Better
•Improve Sex Drive and Performance
•Improve Immune and Heart Function, Bone Density, Healing Time and Cholesterol
•Improve Brain Function, Memory and Mental Focus

----Ok, where the hell can I get some of this stuff?? Where does the line start?? I saw Dr. Alan Mintz on “60 Minutes” talking excitedly about this drug and he took it also. He believes in taking HGH and other hormones, such as testosterone to help build muscle mass and reduce fat. This dude is 67 years old and looks 50!! Why the hell wouldn’t you want to take it?? That is why it is the main drug on everyone’s list – helps boost everything you need to keep going on the road.

----My thoughts and opinions of this Sue Young storyline continue to be the same. I think it is a disgrace and bigoted. I have been told by more than one person with Memphis Wrestling that, “it is just wrestling and everyone is just having fun.” I ask myself while talking about this to various people if me watching “Family Guy” that features a ton of off color jokes is just as bad as watch this angle?? Do I NOT get it?? It is suppose to be funny?? The world is totally twisted and I think it goes to another degree when you talk wrestling, but I still think it is racism. Corey Maclin comes off as a total idiot saying stuff like, “Knock the Sushi” out of her and such. I promise you if I was doing commentary on wrestling and I was saying stuff like, “Corey Maclin sure likes that fried chicken.” Or “Jerry Lawler is going to beat the watermelon out of Maclin”, I would be ban from the TV station. It makes Maclin look really good trying to put over Church singings and in the next breath talking about the Asian community. This angle could be turned around real good, if they just had Sue Young come out eating fried chicken and telling Maclin that she was tired of being made fun of by some “nigga” off the street. Or maybe she could bring two guys from the Asian mob to beat up everyone that made fun of her. Nah, that would never happen – she would still be a heel and her guys would do jobs for Brian Christopher.

----Something I have forgotten to comment on his the toxicology report on Bryan Adams. Damn!! His death was ruled an accidental overdose, caused by the combined effects if the following four medications.

-Buprenorphine (an analgesic)
-Carisorpdol (The Muscle Relaxant "Somas"),
-Alprazolam (an anti-anxiety medication)

----Guess what?? #1 – He had no steroids in his system,. #2: My God!! No shit he OD’ed!! Look at all the stuff that was in his system. He was a walking time bomb and unfortunately as I have said before – it is not the steroids killing them – it is the combo of all the other drugs they are taking!!

----Thanks for joining me for the Monday edition of “Coach’s Corner.” Please join me again on Thursday for another thought provoking piece that will make you want to slap your momma.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 9.29.07

Uncle Vinnie the Blade won a 4-way match over LSD, Curly Moe, & J-Kid to become #1 Contender for the TFW Light Heavyweight belt.

Chazz defeated David Cox.

TFW Light Heavyweight Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grymes defeated Chop Top the Clown to retain.

Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "the Weasel" Watts defeated Fusion by DQ.

TFW Champion DC defeated Brett Michaels to retain.

The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed, Chris Styles, & Josh Matthews) vs. Attitude, Inc. (Tony Dabbs & Bless) & Chris Kilgore ended in a double DQ.

MIDGETS Little Extreme and Big Jake will be on the card at TFW next week. ALSO DC & Fusion vs. Neil Taylor & Brett Michaels. PLUS Uncle Vinnie the Blade vs. Nick Grimes for the TFW Light Heavyweight belt. Should be a good show, don't miss it!

Credit: Axeman @

SAW TV Tapings Millersville, TN 9.29.07

Jack Johnson and Hot Rod Biggs do commentary today

Dark match
Lennox Lightfoot b Damien Adams
(Both currently working in OVW)

Show #1
"Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant b "Wildthing" Will Owens (w/J-5)

AM Vision b Michael Jablonski
(Vision is the SAW Heavyweight champ, but they don't defend that here as only the TV and tag belts are used on the TV show )

TJ Harley b Jason James
Harley is the SAW TV Champion

Arrick Andrews & Shaun & Shayne Maddox b Chris Michaels & Tracy Smothers & Hammerjack (w/Paul Adams & Charming Charles)


AM Vision b Lennox Lightfoot

Michael Jablonski b Jason James

Chris Michaels (w/Paul Adams) b Gary Valiant
Hammerjack interfered, hitting Valiant with a hammer, allowing Michaels to get the win. Valiant was out for a considerable amount of time, finally had to be helped to the back.

Shayne Maddox b Damien Adams

Shaun Maddox b Tracy Smothers (w/Paul Adams)
Adams has ref Kurt Herron occupied while Michaels runs out and superkicks Shaun. Shayne (if not identical, they are close) wanders out, pulls Shaun out and lays down in his place. Smothers gloats and lays on Shayne for the cover, but gets rolled up for the pin

Shawn Shultz b TJ Harley to win the SAW TV title
Finish here was SS backdrops TJ and rolls him up using the "feet on the ropes" technique to win the title in 10:00

Heard the next taping was 10/19.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: NWA Anarchy Fright Night, Cornelia, GA, 9.29.07

1. Urban Assault Squad won a 4 team challenge with the winner to face Anarchy Tag Champs Creed and Austin when Shadow Jackson pin Alexander.

2. Melissa Coates and Tony Santorelli beat Tony Sexton and Wes Grissom when Santorelli made Grissom tap (Lots of "She's a Man" and "Tony Eats Sausage" chants)

3. First Blood match Kory Chavis beat Jeff Lewis

4. Slim J, Adryan Hawkins and beat The Devil's Rejects (Tempers Azreal, and Bently) when Slim J pinned Azreal. Absolute Gore Fest. Best match of the night with plenty of stiff shots, crazy (and I do mean crazy) bump, and buckets of blood. The crowd was as into this match as the old Philly ECW crowd.

5. Creed and Austin retained Anarchy ag straps over Urban Assault Squad when Hayden pin Nemesis. They teased at a Shadow Jackson turn post-match.

6. Truitt Fields pin Jeremy Vain to become new NWA Television champ. The gimmick being that the fans would have the straps ringside (from winning a lottery). Mr. Adonis (Vain's manager) was barred from ringside but "won" the right to have a strap by "buying 200 tickets" for the lottery. Jerry Palmer (Anarchy owner) interjected himself as the 6th person and eventually forcing Adonis to the back.

7. Shatter pin Mikal Judas to retain the NWA Anarchy strap. Post match there was a pull apart between Shatter and Iceberg.

----225 in the building with a gate close to $4,400...They ran a segment "celebrating" the "illustrious" career of Chad Parham. The fans sang "Hey, hey, goodbye" as he he went to the back...Bill Behrens heavily pumped the TNA Bound for Glory show. They will be giving tickets away at the next show 10/7...I talked with Dan Lark yesterday and he overly impressed with the "Devil's Rejects" with their gimmick and workrate...Melissa Coates, who is pictured above, is doing a transvestite angle - where the fans think she is a man dressed like a girl. That is why they were chanting those things at her.

Credit: Dan Lark

Sunday, September 30, 2007

RassleResults: XOW Pontotoc, MS 9.29.07

Uncle Felton defeated Giant Hillbilly by DQ when Hillbilly hit Felton with a cow bell and hurting his right eye. Hillbilly continued the attack until Anton Leveigh and Brandon Barbwire ran in to make the save.

Bambi defeated Peggy Lee to become the new XOW Ladies Champion in a non stop action match.

"Prime Time" Nick Grymes w/Pretty Mary Sunrise defeated Colton Anderson w/"Sexy" Sam Dollar by reverse decision.

Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs w/Sam Dollar defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore in a fans lumberjack strap match.

Sarge O'Reilly won a $5000.00 battle royal to earn the right to face "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Others in the battle royal were Chris Styles, Giant Hillbilly, Josh Matthews, Colton Anderson, Fusion, Brett Michaels, Peggy Lee, Bambi, & Uncle Felton.

Bill "Superstar" Dundee w/Grady Watson defeated Sarge O'Reilly w/Sam Dollar.

The main event was a cage match that was wild, violent, bloody, and... EXTREME! Anton Leveigh & Brandon Bobwire defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews). The battle continued after the match was over, spilling out of the cage as the Southern saints gave Leveigh & Bobwire a major beating including Chris Styles slamming Anton Leveigh into a pile of tacks.

----90 people with a gate around $600...This was the lowest drawing card since the Watts/Brody split. I was told it was a real good show though.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN - TGB beats Jerry Lynn!!

Cody Melton over Alex Krisis
Tommy Redneck over Shannon Lee
Naughty by Nature over Maxx Corbin & Jerry Weezy
Tucker over Chris Lexx
Dustin "5" Starr over Tatt2
Alan Steele over Derrick King by DQ
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Jerry Lynn to retain TLCW Title.

----125-150 in the crowd with a gate close to $750...NBN gave Weezy The 3D for the win and thought they had won the titles until it was made clear that because both members of Genocide weren't there, the titles weren't on the line...DK hit Alan Steele with a chair for the DQ...There was a joint Golden Circle/5 Starr Showcase, as TGB and Starr argued about whose show was better Jerry Lynn came to say both shows suck and he was going to get some midgets and lesbians so the fans could chant "JERRY,JERRY,JERRY!" Starr/Anthony jumped Lynn before Lynn knocked both of them out the ring...5 Starr helped TGB win his match against Lynn and retain the title. After the match Dustin looked as if he was going to hit tgb with the TLCW Championship but then Flash's music played. Both TGB & Dustin stood shocked and just after the music cut off Lynn dropkicked Starr into TGB and then gave TGB The Cradle Piledriver! I was told the main event was real good...Flash Flanagan will make his return next week but who will it be against Dustin Starr or TGB??

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 9.28.07 - AM Vision beats Kid Kash for Title!!

Ouinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b Josh Crowe & Saint and New York Gangster & Michael Jablonski when Quarisma pinned Jablonski

TV champ Hammerjack b TJ Harley

Eric Starr b Shane Smalls to win the ATL title (ATL, which normally runs the first Wednesday of the month, is one of 3 promotions that operate at the Stadium Inn. Yes, people here wonder about that, too)

LT Falk b Damien Payne (w/Tim Renesto)

AM Vision b Kid Kash to win the USWO Championship in a no-DQ match when special ref Anthony Cervantes threw powder in Kid Kash's face on a powerbomb try, allowing Vision to roll Kash up for the pin.

Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely) b Arrick Andrews & Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) when Neely hit Valiant with a fire extinguisher, allowing Jordan to get the pin.

----85 in the crowd with a gate close to $800.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: NIWA Union City, TN 9.29.07

In the opening match, Too Kool 2 (playing the part of the babyfaces) defeated Derrick King and Dustin "Five" Star with Tim and Flex combining for a double-team move that looked like a combo of a bodyslam/diamond cutter. TK2 left right after their match for Evansville. Not sure what type of card they are on up there but apparently they are booked for tomorrow or something. This match could have been a main event anywhere in this area and was worth 3 1/2 stars in my opinion.

In the second bout, a skinny guy in a robe (didn't catch his name) defeated Gaylon Ray after the skinny guy's manager hit him with her high heeled shoe. Funny spot at the end as the lady was on the ring apron to hit Gaylon Ray off an irish whip. He ran in too fast and knocked her into the front row.

In the third match, Tat2 defeated Tim Alonzo with a frog-splash. Match had some high points but was full of botched spots and some way off targets kicks that were sold.

Match No. 4 had Kilo defeating Mark Justice with a superkick. Kilo carried the match. In my humble opinion if he would work on his "look" and muscle tone he could make a living wrestling every night of the week somewhere.

In the main event, Jerry Lynn defeated "All" That Allen Steele. The music guy played "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer as Steele came out and berated him for playing that as his music. Then he said Jerry Lynn wasn't man enough to take him on and off course JL came out and it was on. Lynn played the part of the beaten down Ricky Morton-style babyface and the crowd was hot for this match. Finish saw Lynn winning with a sunset flip.

----I was told there were probably only about 25 to 30 paid with 60 people with in the building. Probably around $300 gate…No money was made on this show. Sir MO was the promoter… They were running against the CornFest concert in UC featuring country music superstar Craig Morgan, which may contributed to the low crowd…Main event was given [****]. Despite the small crowd Lynn worked hard….Dustin Starr was seen watching the Steele/Lynn bout...Who was the guy that worked Gaylon Ray???

Cheap Heat Match of the Week - Three Way Cage Match

This week's Cheap Heat Match of the Week is a follow up match from one of our previous features, it's a Three Way Steel Cage Match from TFW. "the Future" Chris Styles vs. "Superstar" Shawn Reed vs. "the Perfectionist" Josh Matthews. Check it out and feel free to leave feedback on the message board. Don't forget if your a wrestler or promoter and you would like to have your matches or highlights featured here on email me at

RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR - New Champion Crowned!!

The Opening Match was Big Al taking on Greg King Jr. Big Al was bound that this week he would win and take the dress off for good. King went toe-to-toe with Al all the way through the match, matching him with every move he made. In a time of 10:27 Big Al got the win. While he had King, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne came to the ring and slide a gift for Big Al into the ring. Al was so happy he had won and took off the dress, he then opened the box to find a pair of woman’s shoe to match his dress. King was in the corner laughing and finding the whole thing very funny, but Al did not like it and took his rage out on King. The ref tried to pull him off King several times, so the ref reversed his decision making Greg King Jr. the winner and therefore Al MUST continue to wear the dress. Al refused to put the dress back on and so G.M Johnny Hawk came to the ring and told Al to put the dress back on or your fired. After some complaining Al finely put the dress back on.

The Second Match was “The Suicide King” Ray Ray taking on Tommy Gunn. This was a rematch from last week, Ray and Gunn wanted each other bad and was going to pull out all the stops. Ray used the Elbow off the top rope onto Gunn who was laying on the floor. Gunn used his power moves to try and keep Ray from his high-flying style. After 11:37 “The Suicide King” Ray Ray came out on top with the use of a chain over Gunn.

The Third Match was “Hot Rod” John Ellison taking on newcomer Ray Fury. Fury was out to prove himself in M.E.W.A by taking on a veteran of the ring. Ellison having his high-flying and fast pasted style really put Fury to the test. Fury used his ground and pound style with a lot of high impact moves. “Hot Rod” was to much for Fury and got the win in 16:18.

The Semi-Main Event was a NO-D.Q match for the M.E.W.A World Heavy Title. It was the champion Kid Nickels being challenged by “3-G” Eric Wayne. Nickels and Wayne came to the ring ready for an all out war, both men wanting to be the champion. As soon as the bell rang the fan’s along with Nickels were chanting “Fagot” at Wayne, the crowd had the building rocking with the chant. They fought from ring post to ring post and inside and outside the ring. Neither man would give an inch, they exchanged fists and high impact moves back and forth with neither man getting a clear advantage. After a very hard fought and very tough match “3-G” Eric Wayne got the victory in a time of 14:18, becoming the NEW M.E.W.A WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION.

The Main Event was “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne taking on Matt Justyce. Both men shock hands as the bell rang. Wayne and Justyce put on a match to remember with so many technical moves back and forth, with each man countering the other man’s every move. The crowd was deafening as they cheered for both men during the match. They were so loud that as time was called out during the match no one could even hear the announcer over the crowd. This was the match of the night as the crowd cheered and each man pushing themselves to an higher level. When one man would put on an move the other would reverse it, this continued all though out the match. After a long match and a time of 18:50, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne was able to get the win. After he had his hand raised in victory Wayne and Justyce shook hands as a show of good sportsmanship. The crowd loved this and mobbed each man as he tried to make there way to the dressing rooms.

There was 299 people who packed the arena this week, crowd was up again this week.