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10 Years Ago In Memphis Wrestling.......

USWA: The promotion was now considered history, apart from being a name in a lawsuit. WMC-TV5 in Memphis had dropped wrestling from its programming. The USWA syndicated tv spots in other areas had been taken over by Bert Prentice’s new promotion, Music City Wrestling. For legal and other reasons, neither Jerry Lawler nor Brian Christopher were working for the new promotion at this time. It had since come out that the co-defendant in the Selkers’ lawsuit, Larry Burton, didn’t actually exist; that ‘Larry Burton’ wasn’t his real name (his real name was unknown at this time). At this point it was thought that the lawsuits would quietly be dropped, as all the winner of the case would acquire would be a large debt, no promotion, no tv, and possible I.R.S. problems as the old USWA promotion never paid payroll taxes on the inflated wages to the likes of ‘Burton’.


DC Photos!!

----Apparently "DC" David Cross is also out the hospital stemming from the accident that was report on here on Thursday night. Yesterday, Rich @ posted some photos from the accident that he got from DC's wife Brandy Faulkner's sister's myspace. Below is one of the shots of the car. CLICK HERE for all the photos!!

A Piece of my Mind-Oct 26th,2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

In society most things have highs and lows. It is not realistic to believe that things can maintain a high or continue to rise with no ceiling. If you pay attention to any form of media today you are well aware that the real estate industry is crashing around us. I would say that the wrestling industry isn’t far off from real estate. It is on a steady trend downward, everything about the business right now seems to be negative. What is interesting is that while thousands of people are losing millions of dollars in the housing industry, opportunity is being created for others. Isn’t the same to be said for pro wrestling? Isn’t this the time for the creative juices to get flowing? I really need to suggest that the industry leaders grab hold of this opportunity to “reinvent” the business. A very large portion of America has absolutely no interest in the product being produced today.

I believe I know what the ultimate problem is that the wrestling business is currently waiting for “Moses” to come and lead it out of Egypt. The only problem for those that are waiting is the longer it takes for that person to come along the clearer the obvious incompetence of the people producing today’s product. I think that the worst thing you can do to an audience is to bore them and WWE and TNA are boring people.

Speaking of TNA they recently had a show in Birmingham, AL with a crowd of four hundred and fifty people. That in itself doesn’t bother me; it was a return for TNA after drawing one thousand people previously. The real issue here is that the crowd didn’t grow it went backwards. They threw the best at Birmingham that they have Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in the main event. I could sit here and list out what should be obvious to all wrestling fans. I don’t think that is necessary in this case. It is just another indicator of two things. It shows what people are feeling about the business in general today and what they think about TNA.

I lived in Concord, NC for many years, it’s close to Charlotte. When I was working around that area for different wrestling companies I was told a story about Wahoo McDaniel and Johnny Valentine. They were wrestling in the Park Center in front of about fifty people. It was a year later after working a huge program that they were turning people away. That’s the way that it should go it doesn’t matter where you start it’s where you finish that matters. It’s not hard to figure out why things turned around with those two leading the way. They were believable people got behind Wahoo McDaniel and the fans feared Johnny Valentine. Does it remind you of two of our current stars? No I guess you're right, it doesn’t remind me of anyone either.

I saw the debut of Harry Smith on RAW, I don’t think that he set the world on fire. I would say that it’s clear that he is the son of the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. He is a good looking kid which proves that chestnuts don’t fall far from the tree. I don’t like how he was debuted. It was like they were trying to get him the sympathy vote. In the process they buried Carlito. I wonder who he has pissed off? If you wanted to shove him down the peoples throats how about this for a concept. I think it would have been great for The Brooklyn Brawler (someone from his dad’s era) to come out and make some speech about how he used to slap his father around. He could have talked about stopping the career of Harry Smith before it even got started. They could have even started a little program and let Harry work with a real professional for awhile on house shows. Of course that would have taken someone to stop and think for a minute and just think if it had been Vince to stop and think how many noses would he have had to pull out of his rear end?

I have to say I was always a fan of the former Sunny now going by her real name of Tammy Sytch. It has been great to hear numerous people talk about her recovery and return to form. I can only imagine what a struggle that it was. I am sure the tremendous loss of Chris Candido affected her deeply. They say that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger I hope that is true in the case of Tammy Sytch. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a Cauliflower Alley Club convention in Newark NJ. They were honoring Afa the Wild Samoan so, of course, I attended. It was a convention that also honored Vincent J. McMahon and the surprise honoring of Vincent K McMahon along with some others like Domenic DeNucci. It was great to see old acquaintances that I hadn’t seen in a long time like Pat Patterson and Freddie Blassie. It was really great to see my old buddy that I have known since he was about nine years old Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. I got to meet Sunny on this day thanks to wrestling personality Blackjack Brown. In those days I was known as the trouble shooting referee to a lot of people and that’s how I was introduced to her. It’s a moment I am sure she wouldn’t remember and probably one that would take me alot more years to forget.

My picture this time is from the Cauliflower Alley Club convention with Tammy Sytch and myself.

This has been a piece of my mind

If you have comments you can email me at

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Cheap Heat Match of the Week by Gene Jackson

As promised this week's 'Cheap Heat Match of the Week' comes to us all the way from Japan as WWE Developmental talent/2nd Generation star Nattie Neidhart takes on TNA's newest "Knockout" Awesome Kong or Amazing Kong as she is known in Japan. Feel free to comment on the message board what you think of this match and let me know what kind of matches you'd like to see in the future.

Feature Article: Fiasco in Frisco By JD Michaels

----JD Michaels is married to the lovely April Hunter and they made the trip to San Fransisco for the Convention from hell!! LOL JD is currently settling in at Louisville, KY and will start for OVW real soon. JD and April are also available for booking in this area. If anyone is interested, drop me a line and I will get you hooked up with them. Pictured here are JD, Chyna and April.
CLICK HERE for more photos from the event!!

Fiasco in Frisco by JD Michaels

Where do I begin....

We were booked for months. There is no reason why this should have been the disaster it was .There was more than enough time, period.

A few weeks back we got in touch with Chris Salisbury the promoter as we were awaiting our plane tickets and itinerary. He actually was slightly offended when we told him the whole thing seemed a bit suspicious. 'I'm not from your business of liars and bullshitters, please don't disrespect me by grouping me with those who have conned you in the past. This will be very professional'....We got our plane tickets so that was a start...but this event was over before it started.

The Fiasco In 'Frisco actually started when we got our tickets. We were scheduled to arrive Wednesday afternoon in San Francisco (via Hartford, even though we told him we were moving to Louisville) which we didn't want due to the high cost of everything out there and that we would only be getting paid for our time Friday through Sunday. We changed our tickets to Thursday which cost us a $80 change fee so from the get go, things were not on our side, or pretty much any of the other wrestlers and MMA fighters as we would soon find out. We landed Thursday afternoon in Oakland (which was 45 min away from San Fran, but cheaper plane tix...Lame) and were waiting for our 'driver' until I spotted a goober running down the sidewalk damn near tripping over his own feet with a 4X6 card that read April & Jordan. I had the luxury of riding to SF in a '89 Honda with a bullshit coffee can for a muffler while April rode in a pickup truck with our luggage. Apparently limo's were supposed to pick everyone up, but they had sent the 20 seat Hummer Limo to grab the Rowdy one himself, Roddy Piper and the other limo's were temporarily MIA. We were told we could do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day and to be ready for 10am the next day when the convention would start.

We check in and run into promoter Chris by the elevator who proceeds to tell us despite getting deposits, Hall and Nash were holding out for more money and refused to get on their planes, Kurt Angle was sick and couldn't come and Sid wouldn't show either. 'I don't know how you are apart of this business. I am already sick of dealing with wrestlers and it has only been a few months' he says. As we got on the elevator he said we would receive our itineraries later on in the day. Having been seriously deprived of sleep for the last 2 weeks due to relocating to Louisville, KY we decided to go to sleep. We woke up and ordered pizza which cost 30 bones for just the one pie, and fell back asleep around 11pm with no itinerary. Alarm goes off at 8:30 and around 9:45 we are ready to go. We call Chris to see what happened with the itineraries and he said they would be handing them out around noon. 'Noon? What happened to 10am?' we asked. 'Huh? It starts at 2pm today'. Lovely, nothing like getting up 5 hrs early and ready to roll with nowhere to go.

We head downstairs to find a big pile of wrestlers waiting to go to the Cow Palace which was apparently 25 min away. But this time, the limo's did show up and started taking us over. We headed over with Scott Norton & his wife Tammy, Blue Meanie & his gf Tracey and Larry Zybysko. Good thing we honestly didn't have any expectations going into this, because they would have been out the window as soon as we got there. Many vendors (who paid insane fees to be there) had taken up about 70% of the room with trailers and booths. They had a measly 8 tables set up for the 'photo ops' and then just a bunch of gaps. Big Scott Norton says 'Where the hell are we all supposed to sit?' I didn't even see enough room for a hundred wrestlers, let alone tables for all of us. Dr. Death Steve Williams started running out of patience fast and went, grabbed a table, table cloth and set up his own spot underneath a sponsor's banner. I asked him if he thought the sponsor would ask him to move so they could set up there and he said 'I'd like to see them move me'. The Doc has a reputation of being one of the toughest the biz has seen and his victory over cancer just proves that. The Doc has hole in his throat with a button about 2 inches deep that he has to press to speak. When he speaks now, I honestly think he is more intimidating than ever. We got word some of the wrestlers were dropped off at the front door instead of the back and security wouldn't let them in without passes. WHAT? I guess Brian Knobbs and Lance Hoyt just look like fans trying to get a freebie. April and I set up a table for us and Lance Hoyt in a open space we found.

We had a good time catching up and just bullshitting as well as commentating on what was er wasn't happening. Some people have criticized Lance's work, but I could care less 'cause he is a cool cat in my book. As the day progressed we noticed one thing above all (besides the female mannequin beside us with the huge rack...only in Cali I guess)...was the lack of fans. I mean, throughout the day, probably 350 - 400 fans came through (and by talking to most of them, they all paid hundreds to be there) but for an event of this magnitude, there should have been 3500 fans. As Tracy Brooks came over to commiserate on the lack of enthusiasm of the convention amongst other things, Bubba Ray swung by with a bottle of Jack and told everyone to take a big ass swig. It helped. Another breath of fresh air was finally meeting Bob and Mike from SLAM! Wrestling. They've written a few nice pieces involving me over the years so it was nice to meet them.

The card for Friday nights show kept changing with the no shows and the TNA guys who couldn't appear on PPV. Why did this have to air on PPV anyway? Originally I was scheduled to take on Sharkboy then it got changed to vs Sharkboy and Billy Kidman in a 3 way...but that got turned into me and Kidman vs Sharkboy and someone. Then that got scrapped and I was told I would probably take on Al Snow. But Al was then put into a 5 way ECW Hardcore match which got changed into Al and the Blue Meanie vs Luke Hawx and his partner.


Poll Results and New Poll!!

----Al Snow defeated Robert Gibson and Tony Atlas in the Who Would Be A Better Trainer? Poll. I have to agree with the visitors here. I like Gibson a lot and think he could add some stuff, but overall Snow would be a better trainer.

Al Snow 54%
Robert Gibson 37%
Tony Atlas 7%

----I am always stating about this guy and that guy should get a break from this area. How does our top guy stack up to the guys in the WWE/TNA?? What show would our top guy best be suited for?? Derrick King was RRO Wrestler of the Year 2006 and with votes was considered the top guy here. Vote and put him on the show that you think his talent would be best utilized.

Shows Of The Weekend Add Ons and Notes

Shows of The Weekend Add-On

-----TONIGHT!! for “Sex & Violence” at the Rally Point In Memphis, TN. Justin Sane vs Chair, Baby Oil Match: Ann Arky vs Sahy-rah vs Cookie, Sick Fuck Championship of The Universe: Fort Goth [c] vs Atsushi “Bars” Tonita [Tony Myers] vs Super Leatherface. All Matches Will Be Held IN A 20 Foot by 45 Barbed-Wire Steel Cage – Fans Bring All Weapons!! The bands Strange Blue and Area 69 will be there also. $7 at the door and you have be 18 to enter the club. Show starts at 9:00 PM.

----Psycho will be in Rector, AR tonight and XOW on Saturday night – not GTW like was posted.

----Saturday Senitobia, MS for All Pro 12:00 PM Psycho, Candyman, Pappy, Giant Hillbilly, Antoin LeVeigh, Brandon Barbwire, Sarge O’Reilly and more.

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Cheap Heat- 10.25.07 by Gene Jackson


What the hell is the deal with all these fucked up legend shows and conventions. It seems every other week someone is promoting some big wrestling legends show or fanfest that turns out to be a complete disaster with the wrestlers AND the fans getting screwed. Do these people just get in over their head? or do they go into it knowing they are gonna take whatever money they can get and bail on the whole thing? Say what you want about Sal (and will later in the column) but those WrestleReunions he did didn't turn out that way, the shows with through as planned with everyone getting what they were promised, fans and wrestlers (or at least from all accounts I've ever heard) So that's pretty impressive when you see what clusterfucks these others turn into. There's been three in just the past few weeks, that thing up in Indiana or Kentucky or wherever it was, then the shit in Little Rock, the one last week in San Francisco and the bad thing is that all it does is make it harder on the legitimate people who want to actually run one. The guys get burned a few times so then it makes them more demanding and skeptical of promoters. The fans get burned by shelling out for expensive tickets and then not getting who they were promised so now they are not likely to go to the next one. This is part of what gives wrestling it's sleazy reputation cause there are so many con artists, crooks, and scum bags that use it to rip people off and try to make a quick buck. It happens on the large and small scale. On the local level I know a lot of promoters who have had hell running certain towns that used to draw but they couldn't get a building cause the last person ran off without paying the rent, or they can't get on the local tv station because some asshole promoter stiffed them years ago, or you get the building and you can't draw cause somebody ran a shit show with a bunch of untrained idiots and killed the town. Well enough about that, not like it's ever gonna change....


I admittedly was one of his more vocal critics when the whole Lawler case unfolded and really just assumed he was some indy manager trying to make a name for himself (not saying that's entirely untrue) but the fact is the more I read his columns (which I enjoy) I see he does have a history in the business and has been around a long time and done a lot of different things (the most amusing being carrying Vince's bags) Anyways, I was kinda skeptical when I heard he was joining the site, afraid that it would be a weekly rehash of the Lawler/Memphis ordeal but I have to admit he writes some interesting stuff and it's cool to learn some about his background in wrestling, although seeing how long he's been around and some of the people he's worked with and things he's been involved with make the whole lawsuit thing more baffling, all and all I have to say I think that Sal is a great additition to the site and would like to extend a belated welcome to him.


I must admit I'm one of the people BT was reffering to in his last column that asked "why couldn't it have been one of the other women whose tits fell out?" In response to him as far as why I said that, it could be her striking resemblence to one of the lunch ladies at my high school, I didn't want to see her tits fall out either. Although, I did get footage of a match from Japan with Amazing (Awesome) Kong taking on Nattie Neidhart that I plan to post as the 'Cheap Heat Match of the Week' on friday.


I don't get it.....I seriously don't get it. These people go on message boards and talk shit under fake names and so-called PROFESSIONAL wrestlers and promoters will sit there and argue with these assholes and put them over for weeks and weeks. It's sad when some faceless prick has more heat than anyone on your show cause you sit there and put him over on a freakin' message board. Am I the only one who sees the stupidity in this?? It's bad enough when column writers sit and put over every negative message that get's posted about them but then you have these people wasting pages and pages of space arguing about whether some pussy is gonna show up at there show that doesn't draw shit anyway. Who cares?? They get on there on sunday and brag about how the person didn't show up, well no shit, they don't have the balls to put their damn name on the internet, is there really any chance at all they will show up face to face? Everyone just looks stupid when they put these people over, that is why I'm not even mentioning any of the names here cause I refuse to put these assholes over for being internet pussies. Nor will you see anyone here offer to let them write their own column. Mind blowing, fucking mind blowing.


Ok, so here is just a bunch of random stuff that doesn't get it's own paragraph. Jim Cornette is finally gonna marry his long time fiance known in wrestling circles as Synn on halloween night, congrats to the Louisville Slugger, If BT likes Awesome Kong, I'm sure he's fan of Synn, lol.......People think I hate the Rock & Roll Express and that's really not the case, I loved them growing up, I just can't see myself shedding a tear for them because they were too stupid to make the most out of what they were given in their heyday. With all the money they made back in the day it's sad that these guys and others like them are in the state they are now. Hopefully they can find a life after wrestling and do something besides try to live off their 80's stardom....Triple H and Stephanie are celebrating their 4th anniversary soon, congrats to another happy couple.......So it looks like ECW will live on after being renewed by Sci-Fi, now if WWE would just get serious about establishing it as it's own brand maybe it could be successful.....CM Punk is really over and could really be a break out star on that show along with John Morrison, both would be stuck in the mid-card on RAW but could really become main event established stars if handled right on ECW....Why was it such a big deal that Austin briefly mentioned TNA in an interview with David '!-800-Collect" Arquette and then took it down, people acted like it was some grand conspiracy or something. Why is that so shocking?..I just got the new 4 disc Juggalo Championshit Wrestling Slam TV dvd set in today and have it on while I'm typing this. The wrestling is not very good but the commentary is freakin' hilarious, check it out if you get a chance......On the flipside of the 'happy couples' mentioned earlier Bret Hart recently divorced his second wife, I wonder if he's blame Vince McMahon??

Well that's all for today. I apologize for my lack of posting but I've got the holidays and an inventory coming up at work so I haven't had much free time lately.

Also as I go to post this I just read about DC and Brandy, I wish them both a speedy recovery and hopefully there's no long term serious effects from the accident.



----I just got word that David Cross has a broken neck. Brandy Faulkner has been sent home from the hospital. They also are not sure if DC will be paralyzed or not. Our prayers are with family and friends.

David Cross and Brady Faulkner In Wreck!!

----I just got word that area worker David Cross and Brady Faulkner were in a car wreck. Apparently Brady is bruised up real bad, but they are not sure about Cross, because he was in the back seat and the car was messed up pretty bad. I will post more when I hear more.

Wrestlers Making The News!!

----Don't you just love it?? Wrestling has a bad enough name, but then you got a couple of guys like these two goofs. Exactly what wrestling needs is more pedophiles and drug dealers. The first man is Ricky Morton's website webmaster and is a regular at many indies in TN,VA and NC. He sells DVDs at many area matches. The second guy is a former police chief that I was told was very popular with the boys. Wonder why??

SURGOINSVILLE — A Surgoinsville man who was nabbed by Kentucky authorities in a child sex solicitation sting Saturday will also face child pornography charges in Hawkins County as a result of a search at his home.

According to the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation, Dustin Jacob McPhetridge, 26, 149 Hurd Road, Surgoinsville, had been chatting online with a person he thought to be a 13-year-old girl from Bowling Green, Ky., but who turned out to be a police officer.

Police say McPhetridge drove 210 miles from Surgoinsville to Bowling Green on Saturday to meet the girl and instead met Kentucky law enforcement officials, NBC’s “To Catch A Predator” host Chris Hansen, and volunteers from Perverted Justice, which is a public watchdog group.

McPhetridge was one of seven men ages 24 to 41 from Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky who drove to a home in Bowling Green allegedly intending to have sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Each suspect was charged with attempted unlawful transaction with a minor under age 16, a Class C felony that carries a punishment of five to 10 years in prison.

But that’s not as serious as the charge McPhetridge faces at home in Hawkins County. McPhetridge reportedly told Kentucky authorities he is self-employed as a “DVD salesman and computer repairman.” He had also allegedly admitted to authorities in Kentucky that he had child pornography at his home.

On Sunday, the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at McPhetridge’s home and seized a large quantity of CDs, DVDs and his computer.

Upon investigating the CDs and DVDs, Hawkins County detectives allege McPhetridge had in excess of 100 images of child pornography in his possession.

On Wednesday, the sheriff’s office issued an arrest warrant for McPhetridge charging him with exploitation of a minor, a Class B felony punishable by eight to 12 years in prison.

McPhetridge remained lodged in the Warren County (Ky.) Jail in Bowling Green Wednesday on $50,000 bond. Hawkins County Sheriff Roger Christian said Wednesday the Kentucky charges against him will have to be resolved before he can be extradited back to Rogersville.

Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo said this latest sting operation occurred from Oct. 18 to 21.

“This is the third successful child predator sting we have conducted,” said Stumbo. “The men we arrested assumed they had been chatting online with a 13-year-old child, but police were monitoring every word. KBI and local law enforcement have now caught a total of 29 predators in last year."


Bond was increased for former Damascus,VA Police Chief Tony Richardson on Wednesday after his Tuesday indictment on five additional felony drug charges.

"I’ve seen better days," Richardson said while awaiting a Wednesday hearing before lawyer Melissa Friedman said her client was not allowed to make any statements.

His bond was increased to $200,000, and his parents put up their home in Marion, Va., where he now lives, to secure the bond.

The bond agreement also includes some unusual conditions.

"The defendant shall not possess any firearm with the exception of when he is in the presence of his father ... to begin Nov. 10 of 2007 and end on midnight of Dec. 1, 2007," attorney Tony Anderson said during the hearing.

He said, according to the agreement, Richardson must also continue to reside with his parents and can only leave the state for purposes of employment.

Tuesday’s indictments include four on drug distribution and one on possessing a firearm while distributing Schedule II drugs.

Richardson is accused of distributing hydrocodone – a Schedule III drug, oxycodone and methamphetamine – Schedule II drugs.

He was first arrested on drug distribution charges in June at his own police department and was arrested again in August on more charges.

His trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 27.

"Coach's Corner" By Brian Tramel

----My favorite worker right now is Awesome Kong. For those that have not seen this lady, she reminds me of the old days of Dump, Aja Kong and Bull Nakano. TNA is pushing her as this big killer who takes not shit. Her mannerisms and moves seem to be right on the money. This is my kind of woman!! Why did she not get a job with WWE instead?? It makes you wonder; doesn’t it?? If she isn’t under contract, then TNA better get her or Vince will be all over that. Oh yea, for the clothing malfunction she had – aka her big boobs popped out!! Why was everyone wishing it had been one of the other women?? What’ca you guys got against big women with big boobs??

----TNA does get a lot of grief from a lot of writers. I have even given them hell in the past, but did you see the Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe match?? Cage is overlooked by many, but he was one of the better workers in the business. Joe is not too shabby either. Their match featured great old school psychology with some added new school stuff. It had to be one of the best matches on TV I have seen this year. They did some screw jobbing in the end that they did not need to do, but overall a real good match. For those young guys that read this every day – go back a watch that bout – these guys are working their asses off.

----I got one thing to say to Dixie Carter and TNA, if they ever want to compete. Get rid of Vince Russo and hire Paul Heyman. If the net rumors are true, then Heyman does not work for WWE anymore. If you don’t want to hire Heyman, then hire a real wrestling person to run the show – Jim Cornette. Why waste him in just an on air role, when this guy has one of the best wrestling minds in the business?? I think the very same thing every time I watch TNA!!!

----You know I look at the work of the Major Brothers and Deuce/Domino and it makes me wonder why other people do not get the breaks or called up?? I think the Major Brothers are decent workers and I love the Deuce/Domino gimmick, but isn’t a team like “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] as good or better than these guys?? Then you got a guy like Flash Flanagan that should be under contract doing something. If he was not wrestling, he would be great as an agent or trainer. Oh yea, how the hell did Drew McIntyre get a job so quick?? Did he even go to developmental??

----You know I give Dustin Starr hell sometimes and he can be as cocky as his character, but you got to give him props on the following. Starr’s wrestling blog can now be read on Everyone in the area should know the Commercial Appeal is THE top paper in the Memphis and surrounding area. I have been told the website gets 8 million page views per month!! Why am I putting him over?? Because, unlike a lot of guys in this area, Starr has gotten off his ass to do something to not only promote himself, but wrestling in this area. So, Dustin when you going to interview me for the blog, so I can put over my site?? LOL CLICK HERE to check out his blog.

----It’s been short and sweet for this edition of “Coach’s Corner.” Please join me again on Monday for another one.

Shows For The Weekend 10.25.07 to 10.27.07

----"Show" of the weekend would have to be the big ASWF Halloween Havoc show in Tuckerman, AR this Saturday night. A bunch of gimmick matches along with Doink The Clown [Dusty Wolfe]. XOW has another big show this weekend and should be good for those in the Mississippi area. Charlie Parks is promoting IWA with TLCW this weekend in Memphis, TN and that should be a fun show also. Lots going on - so almost anyone in the readership area could find a show to attend!!

----Attention promoters and workers - if I missed your show or you would like me to add new talent to your roster, then please drop me a line!!

----TONIGHT!!! SSW in Kingsport, TN 7:30 PM Bell Time at the National Guard Armory with Beau James, Wayne Adkins, Chris Richards, Bryan Wayne, Jamey Gibson, Wayne Rogers, Jeff Storm, Shane Henning, Tony Givens, Nick Hammonds, Robbie Cassidy, Steve Fury, X Rated with Barbie and more.

----Friday Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN…Wild Boys (Ben Jordan & Steve Neely),Arrick Andrews,Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie), AM Vision,Hammerjack,TJ Harley,Petey Wright,Josh Crowe,Damien Payne,Tim Renesto,Cody Diemer, LT Falk, Crazy Steve,Luscious Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix,Saint,New York Gangster,Xavier Mustafa,Michael Jablonski and more!!

----Friday Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, Chris Lexx, Derrick King, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Stretch, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Stan Lee, Psycho, Arnez, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane and many more.

----Friday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele, Flash Flanagan. Chris O’Neal and much more!!!

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Chris Styles), Josh Matthews, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Jake Prentiss, Chris Chaos, OMEGA, LSD, Lady Reb, Devon Raynes,BB, Destiny, Bloodbath, Kaleb Kastle, Pappy, Jay Webster and Vinnie the Blade, Psycho and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Kilo, Mark Justice,Tim Edwards, Tank, Jeremy Moore,J.R. Manson, B.L.S., Lil Tim, Gaylon Ray, Baron Malkavain, Phoenix X, John "Biscuit" Roberts, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris], Izzy Rotten, Cassanova Kidd, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dra Black,.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 HALLOWEEN HAVOC ASWF Championship Match: Austin Lane vs Scott Fury, ASWF X-Title Match: Blalok Tha Blazer vs Chuck Fears, ASWF Tag Team Title Match: CCR (Cody Murdoch & Wild Bill w/ Mr. X) Vs Acid & ?????, Casket Match: X-Kaliber w/ Morgan Lane vs Loose Cannon w/ Rottn Randy, Chain Match: Reno Diamond vs Bishop, Respect Match: Tim Hanson vs Justin (The Juice) Smart, Doink The Clown vs San Francisco Treat and more!!

----Saturday Night for SAW in Millersville, TN AM Vision, TJ Harley,Hammerjack (w/Charming Charles),Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie],Shane Eden, Rob C, Justin Spade, C-4 (w/Cocky Cody), J-5, and more.

----Saturday night for IWA/TLCW Joint Show in Memphis, TN at the National Guard Armory with TGB Greg Anthony, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele, Flash Flanagan, Abdullah The Butcher and much more!!!

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell is 8 P.M, doors open @ 7:15 P.M.

----Saturday TCW in Memphis, TN at the Healing Center Bell Time 2:00 PM has Chris Lexx, Tatt2, Derrick King, Crime, Reno Diamond, Carnage Antwane, Malik, High Society. Heatwave, Inc and more.

----Saturday night SUW in Huntington, TN at the National Guard Armory Bell Time 7:30 PM with Tojo Yamamoto Jr with Diabla, Rod Dent III, Neal Dream, RL Brimstone with Tara St.Cloud, Moondog Rex, Bull, Knockout Kid, Phillip Barnard with Chloe Layfield, Weasel, AC Havoc, Jennifer Justice, Brianna Starr, Exodus, Bobby Cane and more.

----Saturday In Selmer, TN for Volunteer Championship Wrestling at 12:00 PM at the American Auto Group dealership in Selmer, TN with Kevin White, Fire & Flame, Chris Rocker, Bill Dundee and more.

----Saturday night XOW in Independence, MS, at Independence Middle School Gym. Bell time is 8:00. On the card are "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Grady Watson, Sarge O'Reilly, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, "The Studd" Scott Porteau, Max & John Steele, "Prime Time" Nick Grymes, "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore, Colton Anderson, Wraith, Chris Styles, Anton Levigh, Tat2, Josh Matthews, Anita Page, Brandon Barbwire, Uncle Felton, Giant Hillbilly, and more! There will be a Halloween Costume Contest - Best dressed gets $100! Tickets are $8.00, $5.00 for students.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV 10.20.07

----This week’s Memphis Wrestling show did an overall 3.3 [55,404 viewers] rating, which is right at 3,000 viewers less than last week and about 5,000 viewers over average. The show did lose over 6,000 viewers in the second quarter, but then jumped back up to over 8,000 viewers in the 3rd quarter. The last quarter lost over 3,000 viewers, but that is retention of 94% of the quarter before it. The finish of the Tatt2 vs White bout along with the Lawler angle finishing up rest of the show with the Triple Threat Match and not losing many viewers they should be happy. The Triple Threat was a bad match, but most people stayed for the finish.

-Insane Clowns interview
-Starr/Lexx interview
-Clowns vs Lexx/Starr
1st Quarter 3.4 [57,083 viewers]

-Lawler/Watson/White/Young interview
-Tatt2 - interview
-Tatt2 vs White [start]
2ncd quarter 3.0 [50,535 viewers] [-6548 viewers]

-Tatt2 vs White [finish]
-Triple Threat interviews
-Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match [start]
3rd Quarter 3.5 [58,762 viewers][+8227 viewers]

-Triple Threat Tag Team Title match [finish]
-Dotson/Rashard/King interview
4th quarter 3.3 [55,404 viewers][-3358 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.0 [50,017 viewers]
12 week low – 1.9 [31,395 viewers] 9.29.07
12 week high – 4.3 [66,484 viewers] 8.11.07
From start to finish [-1679 viewers]

What Memphis Was Watching??
Channel 3 News [1st]/Action News 5 [2ncd]/CSI Miami [3/4] 6.4 [108,163 viewers]

Flashback!! April, 2003

----There has been some talk about Chaotic Championship Wrestling on the message board, so I thought I would link one of the final messages I wrote on the web, which I consider the end of CCW. The photos surrounding the post have a lot of the current workers in this area. You will see Psycho with the Real Kayte [my ex-wife Stephanie Dale], “Total Kaos” [Kade/Christian Jacobs] with Coach BT, “InHumane Society” [Tony Diamond/Krusher] with Rod Dent III, Mark Justice, “Code Red” [Kilo/Kade], “Riot Squad” [Paul & Rick Justice – the first incarnation of the team] with Coach BT, “Trendsetter” Jon Michael, Jacobs pinning Derrick King from our 1st show, “The Golden Boy” and Seth Knight as first tag champions and all the guys and girls that helped the promotion in the first two years.

----There is a listing for the second Super 8 tournament. I copied the tourney from the ECWA group and it was just a show a year I designed for the workers and me. The 8 guys participating in the tournament were voted on backstage by the other workers. They voted for everyone, except themselves and put them in the order they felt they should be. The first tournament was held in Dexter, MO in 2002 and was won by Mark Justice. That show had nothing to do with bookings – it was just a show book by the boys’ votes on who they thought was the #1 worker in the dressing room at the time of the tournament. I plan to release some CCW DVDs one day and some of this tournament will be on them. If you are able to see it, then you see me in the crowd marking out for the matches. The workers were not told who was going to win their matches and such until right before the bell rang. All finishes were their own and it was fun to watch.

CLICK HERE to the see the post and pictures!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.20.07

----Evan Gelistico beat Austin Lane by DQ…Dorian Victory over Blalock The Blazer by DQ…Gary Jay by DQ over Bishop…Reno Diamond beat Pierre Abernathy by DQ…Judgement beat Big Bubba…Acid [pictured] with Brittany Star beat ““Crazed Country Rebels [Cody Murduch/Wild Bill]” in a handicap match to get a tag team title shot at Havoc…Loose Cannon vs Little Lucky – No contest…”Entourage” [Austin Lane/Blalock The Blazer/Bishop] & Pierre Abernathy beat Reno/Gary Jay/Gelistico/Victory, when Bishop hit Reno with a chain.

----Over 100 in the building to see the action...They did an angle at the start where Brian Edwards confronted Johnny Harper. Edward brought out Mac Daddy to help him out. Mac Daddy was going to wrestle Harper and if Harper beat Mac Daddy, then he got a match with Edwards. Then they did the thumb to the head finish. Havoc has Harper vs Edwards for ASWF Commissionership…As you can tell they were screwing the heels all night with a DQ finishes…They ran an angle during the Cannon vs Lucky bout. There was a Casket sitting outside the ring. Cannon was going to finish off Lucky, when the lights went out. Three X-Kaliburs came out and X-Kalibur’s voice was over the loud speaker. Cannon went after the first two, but it was not him. Rotten Randy went after the third one and was superkicked by Morgan Lane. Then out of the casket comes the real X-Kalibur attacking Cannon and they do a pull-a-part. I was told this was done real well. But, I got a question?? Does X where a mask now?? How was Cannon fooled?? And, when did X start doing the Taker casket gimmick?? I am confused??... Havoc this Saturday night. Look for the full card in Shows of The Weekend!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Piece of my Mind-Oct 23,2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

There have been many stories bouncing around about Bonnie Hammer of USA Network sending over numerous ideas for WWE since the ratings appear to be dropping. It is widely known, for the most part that, Vince and Stephanie have been ignoring most of the input from Bonnie Hammer. It does seem that they didn’t ignore the direction to get the Mr. McMahon character back on television. I do agree with Bonnie that Mr. McMahon needed to get back on TV he is the biggest heel and biggest baby face in the whole company. Isn’t it amazing that Bonnie had no good ideas at all except for that one? I understand Vince wanting to ignore advice from someone who has no knowledge of the wrestling business. The only thing she has to go by is the days when the rating were strong and comparing them to the pathetic ratings of today. It is ok to show your colossal arrogance when you’re running the ship but in this case USA Network is paying you a lot of money to produce a product and for whatever the reason you are failing. You had better start producing if you’re going to take the position of ignoring your boss. Let’s face it, she isn’t suggesting that you call Jim Herd and ask him where he is hiding The Ding Dongs.
Does anyone remember The Ding Dongs? When Jim Herd was running wrestling on TBS this was one of his contributions. They were two enhancement talents that came out wearing bells on their ankles and wrists. They wore full body suits and masks; their skills were very limited at best. If this was something that had to be done couldn’t someone have convinced Jim Herd to at least make them heels? I wonder what kind of heat these guys would have gotten if they used some sort of a cowbell to knock opponents out? Don’t get my wrong I’d have never used The Ding Dong’s on my own but if I had to it would have been totally different than they were used on TBS. I would say this, if WWE ever has another gimmick Battle Royal these guys need to be in it for sure.

When you were growing up did you ever have a friend that had something really great? You know that great toy that everyone else in the neighborhood wanted but only one kid had. Is anyone starting to connect this with Corey Maclin yet? In this case it seems to be one of those durable can’t be broken toys. He obviously didn’t read the directions when he was opening the package. You couldn’t have a more perfect setup for a WWE developmental territory than you do with Corey’s Memphis setup. Isn’t it funny that even before Lawler single handedly destroyed the Fed-Ex Forum event? It was Corey’s only chance to get some real credibility in the business with the Hogan-Lawler match in Memphis. I always knew that there were dense people in the business. I would have to say that Corey Maclin takes the cake. I have to wonder if Jerry Lawler just sits back laughing at the whole thing. He is making money producing the second biggest insult to the public’s intelligence in the wrestling business. It is a shame that something with such potential is being treated like an after thought. Of course the results reflect the effort put in to the product. In this country, the difference between success and failure is sometimes a very fine line. I am not sure what constitutes it in Memphis if anyone does feel free to let me know.

In the world of TNA there is a girl named Valerie Wyndham who has been working for several years now. She was first brought to my attention by Rob Russen who discovered her while attending an Indy show on behalf of WrestleReunion. She is commonly referred to as SoCalVal. I have to admit I was not an immediate believer in her. She did win me over and she became our ring announcer for WrestleReunion 2 and our event in Davie, Fl. She has a tremendous desire to succeed in the business. She was a pleasure for us to work with in WrestleReunion. I asked her to do something that she really hadn’t done before. I wanted her to be our ring announcer. She worked hard and tried her best under tremendous time constraints. If I was running a regular company she would be a part of it in an on air role. She has a true old school type desire for the business. She loves it like the old timers loved it. I keep waiting for someone there to give her a real shot right now she is nothing but window dressing. She is the closest thing I have seen to an Elizabeth type in a long time. Of course it’s hard to give talent a break when you are to busy playing "all in the family" with your superstars.

Does Hacksaw Jim Duggan get a bigger pop than most of the talent on Raw? Maybe I am just imagining it? Hmm you wonder where Bonnie Hammer gets some of her ideas from. You would think that this stuff really was rocket science. It really is simple ... give the people what they want and they will come.

I wonder at times if Vince and Stephanie were both asked to walk with a wheel barrel between their legs who would need the bigger wheel barrel? Any thoughts let me know.

This week I included a picture of So Cal Val taken by George Napolitano the official WrestleReunion photographer.

This has been a piece of my mind

If you would like to provide feedback email me at


----Just got word that Volunteer Championship Wrestling will be breaking all ties with Ricky Guys and Southeastern Championship Wrestling. Apparently the SCW name was owned by another person and he wanted a piece of the pie if they were going to run shows in Tennessee with Guys. Billy Ray Hickerson and company were also having problems getting a hold of Guys after the internet story came out and he is not answering his phone anymore. This group will continue as planned and will be running a show this Saturday in Selmer, TN at 12:00 NOON. They will also start the promotion by recognizing Kevin White as their VCW Champion. They will be crowning tag champs in the future. I have been told they are talking with Bobby Eaton and Ricky Morton to form a team to be their champs.

----I also got confirmation that everything I wrote in the former story was all correct. They wanted to kayfabe the news that Guys was going to be part of the promotion, but now they are seeing it is just a bad seed and he will not be part of anything.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 10.20.07

“Rockin” Randy over Crime with superkick.

Shannon Lee over The Grappler [Kevin White student]

Interview announcing that Chris O’Neal will there for the upcoming TLCW this Friday!

Tatt2 by DQ over Reggie B Fine

Interview with Jon Michael telling about his injury and they were singing “Happy Birthday” the TLCW photographer when Dustin Starr walked out. He jumps Michael and is going to hit with a chair, when Derrick King makes the save. Alan Steel and they beat on DK until Dell Tucker makes save.

Maxx Corbin beat J-Bone

“Naughty By Nature [Rude/Pokerface] beat Tommy Redneck/ J Weezy. After the match, they played “Crank Dat” by Soulja Boi and then “Rythem & Blues” [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] came out. They are going to do some kind of Old school music vs new school music – face vs face angle.

Motley Cruz beat Cody Melton with a Kishi-driver – Melton screw up a few moves and then Cruz just settled him down and stretched him a bit.

Seth Knight beat Chris Lexx with his RKO finisher. He then hit Ms Vanna [Sue Young] with it after the match. She manages Lexx.

Derrick King/Dell Tucker beat Dustin Starr/Alan Steel when Tucker rolls Starr up 1.2.3 – DK/Steel brawl all over the place.

Flash Flanagan vs “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony – DK in flash’s corner – Flash puts finisher on TGB – Steel jumps DK and handcuffs DK – Bill Rush got some punches in on TGB. No contest.

----Around 150 in the crowd with a gate around $900…This weekend there is a special Friday night show in Ripley, TN and then a TLCW/ IWA promoted with Charlie Parks at the National Guard Armory in Memphis, TN…Friday in Ripley has “Loser Leave Town” Tatt2 vs Fine, Tucker vs Starr – special ref Jon Michael, TGB/Steel vs Flash/DK and more.

RassleResults: MAW New Daisy Theatre Memphis, TN 10.21.07

The opening contest saw Dell Tucker def. Shannon Lee in Shannon Lee's debut for MAW. Dell Tucker appeared once before taking on Gabriel Stalker for the MAW Junior Heavyweight Championshio. Dell Tucker has a bit of a mean streak last night and it paid off.

Big Country def. "Iceman" Chris Austin in a hardcore contest. Country said a new promotion, which he called AXW, was coming to the Daisy that would bring back hardcore to Beale Street. We hope to get more word on that very soon.

"God's Gift" Jason Richards def. the debuting Cassanova Kid. This was a back and forth contest that proved that their was stregnth in numbers as far as Jason Richards was concerned with him bringing Antoin Smooth and new mysterious bodyguard out with him.

Stan Lee def. Flash Flanagan via pinfall after the match went from the ring, to the floor, and back again. Flash didn't seem to be happy with the officiating from Senior Official Biscuit.

MAW Tag Team Championship
The Front Office (Precious and Crime) /w KC Gold def. Kross and the debuting Bonecrusher to retain the championship. This was suppose to be Kross and JR Mauler, collectively known as 24/7, but JR was unable to make it. It has been reported that Kross has gone on record stating that he wants another shot at the champs with JR at his side.

8 Man Tag Team Match
Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, and Rockin Randy def. “Showstopper” James Kentrell, Danny B. Good, and TFO.

Main Event
MAW Heavyweight Championship
Due to an injury sustained earlier in the week, Austin Lane was unable to attend the MAW 4th Anniversary event. As a replacement, former MAW Heavyweight Champion Bishop made his return to the "House of MAW", but that wasn't it for the surprises. Tatt2 made his way out to join Dre Black, Chris Lexx, and Bishop to make this match a four way dance for the vacant MAW Heavyweight Championship. Carnage Antwane joined Scotty C and Poncho for commentary. During the course of the match, it appeared Lexx went down with injury and took himself to the back. Minutes later, The Crime came out and officially took Lexx's spot in the contest. At the end of the match, Lexx had returned, although visabliy in pain and favoring his left foot. Lexx was able to get enough energy together to enter the ring, hit the Lexxicution and finally win his first ever MAW Heavyweight Championship. Lexx is now holding two championships in MAW.

After the contest, Derrick King's voice could be heard and after a few moments, we saw King with a large group of wrestlers normally seen in Ripley, TN standing over the drapped and bloody body of KC Gold, stating that MAW is done, finished, and should never try to run another event. As the TFO looked on, helpless to do anything, they were attacked by Golden Boy and Rockin Randy.

----This report made note when e-mail in that there was around 60 people in the crowd, but as stated here yesterday everyone was being told 6 paid...Austin Lane must be done with this promotion as they have already crowned a new champion...The end with all the TLCW wrestlers over KC Gold should have been good...How does this group continue to run and draw these numbers??...Next show - 11.25.07.

Site News!! New Weekly Lineup!!

----I would first like to apologize for missing my last two "Coach's Corner" articles, but I have been busy with real life. Below is a new weekly schedule that will start as of today and it is revised to having myself with a column 2 times a week, instead of 3 times. I will post a third one if I got the material and time. I am also working on getting another columnist for Saturday. All days will feature updated results as the flow in slowly from some promotions. Finally, I have been working on a possible "political cartoon" of sorts and it might be debuting this Saturday, if everything goes as planned.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


----Some fun stuff happened at the MAW show last night with a worker by the name of “Showstopper.” [James Kentrell] Apparently this all started with him showing up to Memphis Wrestling TV and trying to get on the tapings. He made a total fool of himself, when Jerry Lawler asked him if he could dance and he square danced in the front of the boys.

----He then had been promising everyone that he would sell 400 advance tickets for the MAW show on his own. And he said that if he didn’t sell those tickets, then he would pay the boys to work. He arrived to the building with no tickets sold and no money to pay the boys.

----The fun then got started when he was teamed with Danny B Good, Crime and Precious vs Johnny Dotson, Derrick King, Rockin Randy and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. He was in the ring with TGB first and TGB tried to work with him. When it became apparent that he had no idea what he was doing, TGB took control and ended up butterfly suplexing him and slapping him for shoot. They ended up stopping the match and all the guys on TGB’s side did a shoot interview on “Showstopper” pretty much saying he did not deserve to be in the ring. At some point, EVERYONE turned on him and just beat the hell out of him. He took like 20 chair shots and bunch of really stiff shit. I think even the guys on his side then did shoot interviews on him and they even threw him in the trash.

----After it was all done, “Showstopper” finally left the ring and went to the dressing room. After the match was finished he was waiting there to tell everyone he was sorry. He promised the crew that he would not get in the ring again until he was properly trained.

----The show drew 6 paid.

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 10.19.07

"Prime Time" Nick Grymes defeated Tysin Starr.

Mark Mayhem defeated Chazz.

Max Steele, returning to TFW after a five week absence, defeated Devon Raynes.

Lil' Extreme defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs. Tony Dabbs is the second member of Attitude, Inc. to be pinned by a midget.

The New Age Cowboys (Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly) defeated Attitude, Inc. (Bless & Big Jake) w/T-Byrd by DQ. Attitude, Inc. retains the tag team belts.

TFW Light Heavyweight Champion Vinnie the Blade defeated Chop top the Clown by pin fall to retain. Vinnie's feet were on the ropes when the referee made the count.

In a Street Fight, Fusion defeated the self-proclaimed "King of Mississippi Wrestling" Neil Taylor w/Tony "The Weasel" Watts. Yes, the reports on the message board are true, I did keep Tony Watts from interfering in the match.

The Southern saints (Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, & Shawn Reed) w/Anita Page vs. DC, Curly Moe, & J-Kidd w/Dirty Rell Mo ended in a double count out. After the match the Southern saints gave DC, Curly Moe, J-Kidd, & Dirty Rell Mo a major beat down.

Max Steele came to the ring and announced that he had a clause in his contract for a rematch with DC for the TFW belt any time he wanted it, and he was exercising his rematch clause immediately. He went into the ring and pinned DC, who had been beaten down a few minutes earlier, in less than a minute to win the TFW Heavyweight Championship. After the match the members of Attitude, Inc. came out to congratulate Max on winning the belt. Max clobbered them all.

This was a very good show. TFW has definitely "kicked it up a few notches."

Credit: Axeman @

Sunday, October 21, 2007

RassleResults: Big Time Wrestling Boone,NC 10.20.07

----Bobby Fulton beat Killer Kent II…Crazy Stomper beat Beau James…Miles Long beat Big Cat Brazil…James and Misty James beat Nicole Starr and Stomper …Buff Bagwell beat The Sheik of Arraby

----85 to 100 in the crowd…This is Fulton’s group and is also works the Sheik gimmick…”Miles Long” use to be a gimmick in this area used by Tre Keller.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.20.07

----Jeremy Moore beat J.R. Manson…”Black Label Society” [A.J. and Robbie Douglas (C) beat “Ultimate Bodies” [Jon Roberts and Sicilian Kid]…Gaylon Ray Beat Phoenix X to become the New NBW High Risk Champion…Void Vs Chris Rocker ended in a time limit draw…Kilo beat Lil Tim Alfonso…NBW Heavyweight Title Match: Mark Justice Vs Jason Reed ended in a no contest when the locker room emptied.

----78 paid with around 100 in the building…Manson [LAW’s Slim Pickens] works main event chain match on Friday night and then has to lose to the Booker in the opening bout on Saturday night. Welcome to professional wrestling. LOL Sorry I could not resist.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 10.19.07

----Damien Payne b Rob C…White Tiger b Shane Smalls…Kevin Dunn b Tim Renesto by DQ when Renesto shoved ref Mark Owen…Slade b LT Falk…USWO Champion AM Vision (w/Anthony Cervantes) vs Michael Jablonski went to a 15:00 time-limit draw…Petey Wright b Damien Payne in a fan lumberjack match…LT Falk & Mark Anthony b "Wild Boys"-Ben Jordan & Steve Neely

----78 paid with a gate close to $750…SAW did a TV taping in Millersville Friday night . Vision worked both, but Gary Valiant and Arrick Andrews, who were scheduled for the main event, were unable to make it to USWO. Anthony's place in the main event was explained by Tony Falk saying that Anthony's only loyalty was to money…I imagine I wasn't the only one who agonized over which show to attend as a lot of fans and wrestlers alike feel some degree of loyalty toward both promotions…USWO will have a 4-team tournament for the vacant tag belts next Friday…It was also announced that Jerry Lynn would be at USWO on 11/2.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----The SAW has announced on their web site that they will be having events EVERY Friday night, so this group and SAW will be battling it out for Friday crowds. SAW drew on the same night 150 for the TV tapings. Both of these guys had been working together, but it seems that is over. Nashville area is so crazy, even compared to the Memphis area. Trent Van Drisse had a full report on the SAW TV tapings featuring some familiar names like Naturals, Shawn Shultz and more. CLICK HERE to read the report.

RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR 10.20.07 - New Champion - Big Al and Casino Kid Return

The night started off with General Manager Johnny Hawk coming to the ring again this week. The G.M had two points of business in mind. The first was to welcome back to M.E.W “The California Dream” Christopher Lee to M.E.W. Lee said it was great to back in M.E.W after being off for months due to injuries. The second order of business was Big Al was back and ready to fight. Al came to the ring and thanked all the fans for the phone calls and e-mails he had received of the past two weeks. He also said he was back and ready to take down “Dangerous” Dave Cox for what he had done to him. Al let the fans help him decide on which match he should choose. He chooses the “Strap Match”, so it was set that the main event tonight would be Big Al –VS- “Dangerous” Dave Cox in a “Lumber Jack Strap Match”.

The First Match of the evening was Tommy Gunn taking on “Hot Rod” John Ellison. This was going to be a speed VS power match all the way. Gunn started off with his high impact power moves, but Ellison quickly tried to make it a high flying with a lot of fast paced match. Ellison was quickly grounded and Gunn went to work on him working on his left arm and back to make sure he never got the chance to speed up the match. Gunn’s style proved to be just much for Ellison and after 11:23, Gunn got the win.

Before the second match could start the Casino Kid made an appearance. He was addressing the issue about him being suspended weeks ago for his actions. The fans were chanting for him to go for the M.E.W Heavy Weight Title tonight, seeing that he never lost the title it was stripped by the M.E.W Commission. As Casino was taking to the fans about him finally being able to return he was jumped from behind by Matt Justice. These two men had never faced in the ring and everyone was wondering why he jumped Casino. Justice yelled into the mic. As he beat Casino down that he was the future and he was the top dog around M.E.W and not Casino anymore. After Justice left Casino beaten and shaken, Casino said that his hunt to back on top started tonight and Matt Justice was #1 on his list.

The Second Match of the evening was a “3 Way Match” for the #1 contender for the M.E.W Light Heavy Weight Title. It was Greg King Jr.-VS- “The Suicide King” Ray Ray –VS- “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne. This match was going to be super fast paced with 3 of the best Light Weights in the world. Ray and Tommy being the veterans they are they both put King through Hell in this match with 2 HUGE Suplexs on the concert floor. With King lying one the floor Wayne and Ray picked-up from where they left off from there huge battle month’s ago. Ray busted Tommy wide open, as Ray set-up a steel chair to do one of his high-flying moves King got back into the ring and caused Ray to go head first into the chair being busted open as well. All 3 men battled inside and outside the ring leaving a trail of blood and broken bodies. After 13:58 “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne was able to get the win and become the #1 contender for the M.E.W Light Heavy Weight Title.

The Third Match was for the M.E.W World Heavy Title Match, it was the champion “3-G” Eric Wayne being challenged by the former champ Kid Nickels. As soon the bell rung Wayne demanded the mic. Tell the fans how lucky they are to have his as there champion, the fans responded by chanting “Faggot and You Suck”. The fans have really have had a strong hatred for “3-G” and his ways of cheating and telling them “How Lucky They Are to Have Him”. With all the fans yelling at him, this enraged Wayne and he decided to leave the area, but Kid stopped him the entrance ramp and beat him all the way back into the ring. Once Wayne decide he had to fight to keep his title he went to his bag of dirty trick’s trying to cheat Nickels out of his last shot at the title. The fans have really grown to love Kid Nickels with his “No Guts / No Glory”, and “No Surrender” style he has in the ring. Kid came prepared for anything and everything Wayne could and would try to keep his title. Wayne was over powered by Kid’s “High Impact” style he use’s so well. After a hard fought battle for 17:51, Kid Nickels was able to recapture the M.E.W World Heavy Title.

The Semi-main was “The Casino Kid” taking on the M.E.W Light Heavy Weight Champion Matt Justice in a non-title match up. As Matt Justice came to the ring he stopped at the announce table and told Ast.General Manager “Bigg” Joe Johnson that from now on to call him “The Main Attraction” Matt Justice. Justice came to the ring with the idea he could and would beat the veteran Casino in a very short time. At point Matt tried to embarrass Casino by grabbing a video camera from a fan and tape him beating Casino senseless. By being the veteran he is Casino reversed it and used the camera to tape Justice getting beat as he put it “A Boy”. Justice quickly realized that beating “The Casino Kid” was not going to be as easy as he had hoped. Casino was taking this rookie to school inside the ring when all of a sudden Casino hit the mat. Justice had used an “Illegal Chop Block” to injure the Left Ankle of the Casino Kid. The ref. quickly called for the bell, Casino Kid was declared the winner in 13:06 by D.Q. The Casino Kid had to be carried to back. He was later carried out of the area to a waiting car to be taken for X-Ray’s, next week we will have full report on the status of “The Casino Kid” and how long he will be out of action due to this injury.

The Main Event was the “Strap Match” between Big Al and “Dangerous” Dave Cox. General Manager Johnny Hawk came to the ring drew the winning tickets to see which lucky fans would have the opportunity to whip either Big Al or “Dangerous” Dave Cox. There were 20 fans chosen to be the lumber jacks outside the ring. Al was very excited at this opportunity to get his revenge on Cox for injuring him 2 weeks ago. It didn’t take long for Al to through Cox outside the ring so he could feel the hatred and pain he had for him. Cox was not going to be the only man strapped he returned the favor and tossed Al to the fans and laughed and enjoyed seeing Al get whipped. Cox wanted to pick-up from where he left off when Al was injured and work on his lower back, but Al was ready for this and kept Cox beat down on the mat most of the match. After 9:39 Big Al was able to get his revenge and score the victory, this also meant that he could take the dress off he has had to wear for several week’s now.

There was a very strong crowd this week with 278 fans in an attendance.


MAW Press Release

Midsouth All-Star Wrestling will have its 4th Anniversary Event at the New Daisy Theater. Main Event for the show will finally crown a NEW MAW Heavyweight Champion as "Memphis 10" Winner Austin Lane takes over Dre Black AND MAW Southern Champion Chris Lexx to finally see WHO will be the #1 Man in MAW.

Also, a #1 Contendership Match is set to take place to see who is next in line for Chris Lexx's Southern Championship as the wrestlers of that match will be revealed live during the event. The MAW Tag Team Championship will be on the line as The Crime and "Juicy" Johnny Morton of TFO will defend their titles against Kross and Bonecrusher.

Derrick King is also announced for the event and only controversy follows when this championship caliber wrestler walks into any building, so get ready to see a powder keg explode.

More matches will be revealed at the event, so come on down. Belltime is 5pm and doors open at 4:30

Arena Report: GCW Macon, Ga 10.19.07

Great Championship Wrestling made their Macon debut Friday night at the Bloomfield Community Center.

It was test run for taking the show on the road rather than a full-scale attempt to run Macon on regular basis (although it would be close perfect as a double shot weekend with Phenix City).

They didn’t much effort into promoting the show locally, so a house of 60 (paying roughly $750) was acceptable, and the make up of the crowd was encouraging. They were fairly knowledgeable - they knew people like David Young and Johnny Swinger from TV – but not in a smart mark way, and this group had considerably more class than the scary folks that used to inhabit stands at the Nashville Fairgrounds. It was also a racially-mixed audience - something I rarely see on indie shows- in a city that is 60% black.

The Bloomfield building is serviceable, much like what IWA Mid-South/Deep South uses, except the power supply wasn’t sufficient for GCW’s far more elaborate set up (wouldn’t it have to be?).

A couple of problems will be easy fixes. For one, they use the canned “ramp time” time intro, which was rendering meaningless once GCW left Columbus. Now THAT was a ramp. The real annoyance was how the six-sided ring wasn’t in synch with the seating. Each section was facing a post.

Billy Roper announced that commissioner Scrappy McGowan had renamed the GCW Columbus Title as the GCW Interstate Championship.

(1) J Connection (Ruben James & Randall Johnson) beat Frankie Valentine & Tex Monroe in 11:51. Crowd had no idea who these guys were. The babyface team looked dorky and didn’t connect with this crowd at all. J Connection did better in that department. Johnson wore this sparkly blonde wig attached to a red trucker hat. Strange, very strange. He was trying to cover up the shaving he got at the hands of Valentine, but I don’t know how anyone in Macon would have put that together. When the gimmick came off, it looked like a normal WWE haircut. James has something going for him besides the British accent, but needs to step up his physicality in the ring. Valentine took the heat. A double suplex by the heels got polite applause. The crowd reacted to a huge missed moonsault by Valentine. He really laid that sucker out there. Valentine put Johnson down with a spinning heel kick and did his step up elbow instead of tagging. Oops. A slight problem with ring positioning there. James pinned Monroe with a variation of the Dominator.

Quentin Michaels came out with Shaun Banks. He was unhappy about the lack of “respect” for their entrance, so they did a redo for more heat. Michaels said Banks’ scheduled opponent, John Bogie wasn’t there and challenged anyone in the back. David Young came out to a better pop that he gets in Phenix City, a place he’s held multiple titles. Go figure.

(2) David Young beat Shaun Banks (with Quentin Michaels) in 10:48. Like Consequences Creed, Banks is greatness disguised as an unknown Georgia indie guy. His bumping, facial expressions and ability to flat out entertain are the makings of an awesome heel. Banks also happens to have the most ripped junior heavyweight physique around. Point being, they didn’t do a whole lot and this match was still a huge step up the opener based on ring presence alone. Banks ducked one enzuigiri from Young but got nailed by the second one. He took a belly flop bump out of the ring onto the linoleum. Banks got a couple of arm drags and did this hilarious dance. Young slapped the taste out his mouth. Banks stepped aside allowing a charging Young to take a flying crotch bump on the buckles. Banks seized the on the opening and appeared to have the match well in hand when Young caught him with a spinebuster out of nowhere.

(3) Scotty Beach beat Cru Jones (with Michaels) via DQ when Banks interfered at 7:18. There was a rumor that Jones has signed with WWE. Not true but easy to believe with his physique, and the fact that he got TV time at Deep South. Beach struck me as a more effective babyface here than he has in Phenix City. He made a nice connection with the crowd. The lei tossing gimmick worked. And he wasn’t booked to look dumb. Jones had to cheat to take over. He gave Beach one hell of a body slam – so simple and yet so effective when it’s done that well. Jones did a stalling suplex and released the support arm to flex his bicep. Beach showed fire. Jones pounded him. Beach rolled out from under a flying elbow drop to start his comeback. He hit the Beach Balls (double legdrop to the groinular region) and went to the top. Banks clubbed him and referee Jeff McGowan called for the bell. Afterwards, Banks and Jones doubled on Beach. Michaels accosted Roper for announcing the DQ and had to be pulled off of him.

(4) Thug Rowe beat Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) in 8:58. A very indietastic match in that occasionally something looked good, while a lot looked really mediocre. Fans instantly picked up on the Highlander wannabe aspect of Hooligans. They attacked Rowe before the bell, and used quick tags to control most of the match. Rowe hit a big time piledriver on Devin. Mason tried to interfere, but Thug saw him coming and planted him on top of his brother for a double pin. Well done. The crowd was into Thug after seeing that finish, but not so much until then. If the idea was to portray Thug as a major force, he should have been able to dominate the likes of Hooligans.

(5) Johnny Swinger (with Quentin Michaels) beat Mister #1 in 14:25. Basic match that worked fine because the crowd knew them and they had a solid heel/face dynamic going. Mr. #1’s physique is looking more “Samoan” these days, but he does the same stuff and hasn’t lost any speed. The match opened with a lengthy comedic stalling routine. Swinger tried to brawl but couldn’t phase #1’s coconut-like Samoan head. Enough with the stalling. #1 sent Swinger into the rail and turned his attention towards Michaels. Swinger capitalized with a high knee to the back of #1. Swinger scored a series of near falls as he continually managed to thwart #1’s comebacks. When #1 kicked out of a Russian legsweep, Swinger tried to end it with a sleeper. The lights were dimming, but #1 broke free with a jawbreaker to start a full-fledged comeback. Finish came as #1 had Swinger set up for the Samoan Cutter. Michaels distracted the ref. #1 gave Michaels a headbutt. Swinger put #1’s lights out with a set of brass knucks.

(6) A.J. Steele pinned Death Row to retain the GCW Interstate Championship in 14:15. Death is not a main event level guy, and for Steele to be one, he needs to a strong opponent. The thing that saved it was how ridiculously over Steele was as the hometown hero. Before the match, Death attacked Roper. He’s from the Institute for the Criminally Insane. Those crazy eyes are a dead giveaway. The Intern ran out with a syringe in a failed attempt to tranquilize Death. This got more reaction than it does in Phenix City where the fans some variation of that spot every week. Death and Steele started slugging away and it was ugly. Steele went down on an Irish whip like he had blown out his knee, but Death didn’t pick up on it. Steele speared Death. Not good. They both looked blown up. Steele tried to go up top, and Death brought him off with a Samoan drop to get the match on track. Death punished Steele’s back on the rail and ring frame. That part of Death’s game looks fine, but he’s sloppy as hell when he applies any type of hold, like he’s had no training. The crowd was pulling hard for Steele. Death cut off his comebacks. Death shrugged off a pair of lariats. Steele put him down with a backdrop. Steele used a DVD and a top rope shoulder block for near falls before putting Death away with the Steele City Bomb (similar to a Catatonic).

NOTES: GCW returns to their home base at the Gr8 Sk8 Plex in Phenix City, Al on 10/20 with Beach vs. Swinger in an I Quit Match and David Young & Chris Stevens vs. Hooligans in a tag team tournament match…The GCW Heayweight Champion, Bull Buchanan has made several defenses of that title during his current tour of Japan. Through an agreement between GCW and NOAH, Buchanan has defended against Akira Taue, Takuma Sano and Go Shiosaki…No return date was officially announced, although they have a tentative date of 11/30...The fourth episode of GCW TV aired this morning at 11 am on East Alabama cable 7…During a recent match, Jones got this line off on Buff Bagwell. “Buff, you used to be the stuff, but now you’re nothing more than a pudgy cruiserweight.”