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CHEAP HEAT- 11/3/07 by Gene Jackson


A pioneer of women's wrestling has passed away, The Fabulous Moolah was not only the longest reigning Women's Champion of all time but Moolah did more than perhaps anyone else to make Women's wrestling a permanant fixture of the business. Moolah has trained (or had a hand in training) dozens of women wrestlers over the years and has been a part of the business from the late 1940'a right up untill recently with her occasional appearences on WWE television. She won the Women's World title in 1956, she would hold that title frequently up untill 1987 when she lost it to the recently departed Sherri Martel. Moolah retired after that match with only occasional matches here and there but shocked everyone when she returned to wrestling with Mae Young making frequent appearences in 1999, even squeezing in an 8 day title rein with the WWE's Women's Championship with a win over Ivory at No Mercy 1999. Her and Mae Young were a constant "go-to" comedy duo for WWE writer's for the past several years. Moolah was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995 before it became a prominent part of the yearly Wrestlemania festivities. Fabulous Moolah, Lillian Ellison was 84 years old.


So right after making his television debut for WWE, Harry Smith gets suspended due to a violation of the wellness policy. This is can't be a good sign of things to come, something tells me we will see him reunited with Teddy Hart on the indies before long. Of course anyone who had seen him early in his career in comparison to now would know there was no one in hell he could pass a piss test. Chris Masters was suspended again as well but who really gives a shit, he's not over, he can't work and if you force him off the gas he officially has nothing to offer so let's just speed this along and get him out the door. Hopefully things will work out with Smith cause I think he has a bright future ahead if he can stay out of trouble and groomed properly.


I recently got several dvds of IWA Deep South. For those unfamiliar with this group they are an independent promotion in Alabama that uses a mixture of talent from Ian Rotten's IWA Mid South, Mike Quakenbush's Chikara Pro, and a number of local stars from Alabama. I was really impressed, the shows are quite good and provide an interesting mix of styles. There's high flying action from guys like Ricochet, Chrisjen Hayme, Hallowicked, and others. Strong style guys like Eddie Kingston, Cabana Man Dan, Insane Lane, etc. Death Match guys like Ian Rotten, Freakshow, Necro Butcher, etc. Old School guys like Brad Armstrong, Bob Armstrong, and Joe Hogan. Then guys who are a mixture of old and new like Larry Sweeney, Mike Quackenbush, and Chuck Taylor. I've found that the problem with a lot of indy shows in Alabama are the matches are all the same, IWA Deep South provides variety to the audience with a good mixture of styles as well established stars mixed with up and coming guys. If you wanna check out IWA Deep South their dvds are available at or you can email me about getting them at

One realization I came to watching these dvds is the fact that at one time I was fascinated with Death Matches but I've come to see why the "old timers" dislike them so much. Before I wrestled I liked to watch them just to try to figure out how they could do some of that stuff without getting hurt and then I got in the business and found out, there is no trick to it, it's just a bunch of idiots hurting each other. Perhaps when kayfabe was still faintly around I could understand it a little bit now there is NOTHING you can do to make people think it's real, even when it is. So why go out there and cut yourself up with light tubes and barbed wire when people just dismiss it all as being fake anyway, it just seems ridiculous. I'm always amazed to see shows where there are 60 people in crowd and these guys are out there rolling around in tacks and glass and shit. Why? Ian Rotten said one of the dumbest damn things I've ever heard in a promo after one of those King of the Death Match tourney matches. He's out there bleeding from head to toe with tacks and glass sticking out of him in front of about 80 people and says "Steve Austin and the Rock don't have the guts to do what we do." The guts?? No they had the talent to make money and make themselves into stars, Ian Rotten is a decent worker and promoter but why begrudge guys who are more talented. Guys like Foley, Funk, and others like them do the death match style when needed but also know how to work but most of the guys who you see doing that shit do it cause they don't know how to work and they only "talent" they have for wrestling is getting hit with shit and bleeding, sadly I guess there is a market for that but I'm not a big fan of it. While IWA Deep South does have death matches, there are a lot of other good matches if you like me and not a lover of that style.

Gonna end there this time, I've got some more stuff coming up, I've got a couple of shoot interviews in the works that I think people will find interesting among a couple of other things I hope everyone will find interesting. Thanks for reading.


CWA Show Canceled!!

----CWA show today in Lawrenceburg, TN has be canceled. Promoter Rodney Grimes apparently contacted all talent last night about the show being canceled.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 11.03.07

Dell Tucker over Rockin' Randy
Dell Tucker over Zane
Tommy Redneck & Derrick King over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony & Idol Bane w/Tony Gunn as Special Guest Referee
J Weezy over Sgt. Shakedown
Fans Lumberjack Strap Match:Stan Lee over Flash Flanagan by DQ when Trendsetter interferred.

----About 50-75 in the crowd. Hot all night long….Jeff O'Dell announced that "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony is the 1st entry into the $10, 000 Royale Challenge…TGB talked about his loss to Slim Pickens and that when the chips are down when the LAW Title is on the line, no one can beat him! Tommy Redneck came out and said what Rector wants to see him get a title shot. Jeff said LAW is a Wresting Company and the Greg Anthony is a great wrestling champion and Redneck is just common brawler but he would give Redneck a tag match against TGB. So they both can pick their partners…After Tucker beat Randy, Jeff O'Dell said that if he wanted to climb the ladder here in LAW then he would have to wrestle again…Redneck pinned TGB and as they fought to the back Bane was going to give DK the “Ghost of Andy Kaufman”, but "Oh Danny Boy" started playing in the arena when all of sudden Bane former tag partner "The Irish Dragon" Scott Fury was behind Bane. Scott turned Bane around and blasted him with right hands eventually clotheslining him over the top rope….I was told that the match between Stan & Flash was “great.” Just as Stan had Flash beat Trendsetter was there to make the save but the DK came out. JM/Flash cut DK off but then Stan came back with a strap and JM/Flash got whipped and left the arena. DK/Stan challenge JM/Flash to tag match next week with No Rules and fans can bring weapons!... This was Derrick King’s first appearance for a LAW show, since the infamous Keiser, AR show in May that lead to DK, Kelly Warner and a total regroup of the promotion…Arnez was told not to bring his snake to the show, because of DK being terrified of snakes. Since Arnez does to bring the snake to every show anyway, he was asked to just leave it at home. Apparently that caused a rift of some kind and Arnez did not work the show…Arnez’ “Asylum” partner Psycho was under the weather. They are the current LAW tag team champions.

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A Piece of my Mind-Nov 2nd, 2007-by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

It appears that the doors in Stamford and Nashville should be of the revolving type. I remember the days when you went to work in a territory and you were there to stay for quite a while. It appears everyday that someone has either left or that someone is on their way out. What does that tell all of us? I believe that it screams out loud and clear that the offices have no idea what will or won’t work. The mood is simple let’s try it, what do we have to lose anyway? When a ship is under water does it matter if you’re an inch under or ten feet? Some might say that it does matter, I say it only matters when and if you start heading back towards the top. At this time TNA and the WWE both don’t seem to be steering a ship. They seem to be steering a submarine. What is the command when you board a submarine SUBMERGE! It’s time to start to surface and trade in the submarine for a boat. If you continue to fall at this pace both companies are going to have a case of the Bends.

FLASHBACK: I can remember one day sitting around with Afa the Wild Samoan at his house on Shepard Ave in Hamden, CT He had recently left the WWE and realized he had forgotten a booking for that night. It was in Manchester, NH well he figured there was no way to make the show. After looking into it we realized it was Manchester, CT not a far drive from Hamden, CT at all. It was a booking for Bob Backlund who had also recently left WWE when they wanted him to turn heel. It was a poor decision on Bob’s part in my opinion. If nothing else he could have been in on the beginning of the Hogan era and made some money. He was always good with his money I had been told and could do what he wanted. Well we made our way to the town and Afa was in a tag match with some Moondog kid. He seemed like a good guy, they were booked against some young kids from New England. They may have even been identical twins. They had never really been anywhere and were very nervous. It was kind of a heel crowd anyway which didn’t make it any easier. Well I watched the match and it seemed ok. The main event was Superstar Billy Graham and Bob Backlund “The Rematch” if you will. There weren’t many people there even then it was all about branding the same two guys that had been with the then WWF headlining MSG could barely draw a few hundred people close to Backlund’s town. He always needed a lot of help to draw and a strong T V. Well, as were driving home Afa said, did you see that kid go down from that chop I hit him with? I said yeah why, he said I told him duck two chops and throw a dropkick, you got it? The kid said yeah he had it. I repeated it again, duck two chops and throw a dropkick, you got it? The kid said yeah he had it. The kid was a nervous wreck and went down like a ton of bricks on the first chop. It seems like such a simple story btw, everyone worked hard, everyone was paid and we got to laugh about that story for many years and I sure am we will again. Oh the joy of simpler times.

If someone gave Stephanie McMahon a little false mustache she could have went trick or treating on Wednesday as a tall Hitler. I can not believe that someone’s personality just turns like this. She has had no success what so ever in her role but yet she wants to control every detail. She appears to be nothing but a tyrant backstage; her people skills seem limited at best. I can only hope that she performs better in the “non-creative” aspects of her job. Is her leadership what Shane and Marissa hopes for the future are hung on? I wonder why Triple H doesn’t get in her ear more, or god forbid he actually does? He was trained by one of wrestling’s great heels Killer Kowalski. I can’t imagine his mentor would support some of the nonsense that WWE puts on television. I realized that times have changed but we must look back at history in some aspect to determine how to go forward. I appreciate the talents of HHH. He works hard but I don’t really see him working smart. It has been said many times that you should hire people that are better than you are. In Stephanie’s case, at least in many aspects of her role, that should be easy to accomplish. Why not assemble a committee of people to come in and throw ideas around. I would suggest Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Kevin Dunn and a few creative people should be involved in experiment. I would make it the non-talent creative people. I would not have Dusty, Michael Hayes or any of those guys involved. We are hearing their opinion already and, I am afraid in to many cases, ignoring it. This should be a fresh perspective from guys who have been a success, if the people you invite are not watching the product send them the last ninety days worth of what you have and let them give you an honest opinion on what they would do. I would take a Bill Watts, Nick Bockwinkle, Afa the Wild Samoan., Jimmy Hart and George Scott. Those are just some names I would consider. You need to make this worth these guys time, they are great minds and if nothing else what you may get is a chance to step back and get a fresh perspective. Now could Vince and Stephanie get in a state of mind to listen openly? That is yet to be seen. They would need to remember one thing. A consultant is there to tell you what you’re doing wrong not to join the KISS MY ASS CLUB. Oh btw there are other names I would consider but I tried to suggest names that I thought would accept the offer.

This picture is taken at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee Massachusetts. We were all there one night after Vince ran Springfield, MA. If you aren’t sure who is who from left to right is Iron Mike Sharpe, Big John Studd, Mr. Fuji, Altoa Ripley (Afa’s Cousin a great entertainer who was performing at the club) Afa The Wild Samoan #1 and Samoan #3 Samu. In the front row are Butch Cassidy and Tiger Jackson. Also there that night where Jay and Jules Strongbow, The Iron Sheik, Andre the Giant, and Charley Fulton, It was a great time.

This has been a piece of my mind

If you wish to provide feedback you can email me at

Poll Results and New Poll!!

----Well this is the first time that we have had a tie in our poll results. The visitors to RRO felt that Derrick King would fit better at both ROH PPVs and TNA IMPACT than any of the WWE shows. I personally voted for DK to be on Smackdown. I don’t think his style would fit in ROH, because he doesn’t work like that anymore. If it was in the Power Pro days, then I would agree. TNA would be fun to see him against Christian or Samoa Joe.

ROH PPVs 27%
RAW 18%
Smackdown 17%
ECW 11%

----I noticed that the next XOW show in Savannah, TN is charging $10 a head for advance general admission and $15 at the door for ringside. Most promotions charge from $5 to $6 in this area. TLCW and NBW charge more for their big shows. I have thought many times since doing this web site that the local promotions should charge more for their shows. But, if you charge more, then it goes back to putting on a good show with good workers. So, the poll question this week - what is a reasonable ticket price for wrestling show in this area?


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RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 10.26.07

J. Weezy pinned Shannon Lee after a hangman's neckbreaker

Idol Bane pinned Ray Ray after hitting "The Ghost of Andy Kaufman." After the match, Idol was going to continue the assault on Ray Ray, until "Oh Danny Boy" by Elvis Presley started playing on the PA system. Idol looked around the building in confusion before retreating to the locker room.

Stan Lee came to the ring to tell the fans what he was going to do to Flash Flanagan tonight in the Fans Strap Match. Stan was interrupted by L.A.W. President Jeff O'Dell, who came to the ring and announced L.A.W. Thanksgiving Throwdown was going to take place on Friday night, November 23 in Rector and the main event will be a 20 Man over-the-top-rope BATTLE ROYAL...with the winner taking home $10,000. After that announced, Jeff informed Stan that Flash Flanagan was suspended indefinitely for fighting in the crowd during his match last week, so Stan had the night off and his match with Flash was never going to happen. Stan grabbed Jeff and informed the boss that he came here to "whoop some ass tonight", and he wasn't leaving until he did so. After Stan backed Jeff into the corner, Jeff announced that he could not do anything tonight, but he would reinstate Flash Flanagan and Stan will have his Fans Strap Match next Friday night[tomorrow night]. After slipping out of the ring, Jeff got on the mic and informed Stan that not only would he have the Fans Strap Match next week [tomorrow night] against Flash Flanagan, but he would also have a match tonight...and he would've have one opponent...he would have TWO opponents!

Tommy Redneck pinned Big Al after a Redneck Twist.

Stan Lee defeated Zane Richards and Sgt. Shakedown in a 2-on-1 handicap when he pinned Zane.

L.A.W. Tag Team Champions "The Asylum" [Psycho & Arnez] defeated "The Posse" (Simon & Chris) when Psycho pinned Chris after hitting the "Straight To Hale".

After the main event, Jeff O'Dell came down to the ring and explained the particulars of the $10,000 Battle Royal at Thanksgiving Throwdown. There will be 20 participants, each paying a $500 entry fee. The winner will leave with $10,000. The first participant will be announced this Friday night in Rector!

----Ok, first, why have a battle royal – they suck!! Why not a Royal Rumble type match?? Something different. And who in the blue hell is going to believe that the winner is getting $10,000 and the wrestlers are paying $500 a piece, when Rector draws 60 people?? Now I would believe maybe $1,000, but $10,000??

First Match Announced for CHIKARA stars...

First match announced for November 30th TFW in Tupelo,MS show featuring CHIKARA stars..."The Man Monster" Hydra vs Max Steele.

Show Add-On

----Rodney Grimes' CWA Championship Wrestling returns to the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceburg, TN, on Saturday, Nov. 3 with a big card. Bell time is 7:30 p.m.Scheduled for the show are: Koko B. Ware, Doink the Clown, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Tracey Smothers, Don Bass, Mr. Wrestling #3, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock, Marc Anthony, Danny Morris, MegaMan, the Mighty Little Midgets and more. Brian Thompson will be on board announcing for this TV Taping for CWA's local access show.

"Coach's Corner" by Brian Tramel

----Have you noticed the body changes?? Charlie Haas [normal looking], Shelton Benjamin [natural – not puffy], Lance Cade [ditto], Trevor Murdoch [what the hell happened to him – he is so skinny], Ken Kennedy [small] and even HHH. Guys like Randy Orton, Batistia and even John Cena [before he got injured] don’t seem to have changed much; have they?? This all goes to fact that if you have the right connections, then you will not be punished?? I am not sure how it will work before Vince has his meetings with Congress. When guys like Batistia shrink, then I will believe the Wellness policy is in full effect. Kudos to HHH – he might be on something, but not to the degree he has been in the past. Speaking of HHH, I could care less about DX tagging this coming Monday.

----Junior Fatu aka Rikishi is gone from TNA. Does he make more money working indy dates than working a max of 4 dates a week for TNA?? Was his asking weekly guarantee too high?? If there is all a possibility for him going to WWE, then that might be a reason to ask for more money. His workrate was just as usual and I like his act. His interviews sucked this time and he stumbled over words and tried to say a catchy “cooking” phrase. Does that remind you of anyone?? Kishi’s charisma [Am I the only one that noticed his nipples looked really strange??] on the small shows compare to none as the show I seen him on in Dyersburg for NBW – he did very little, but got over like crazy. His asking price is in the $2000 area, which I think is too high, but if TNA is paying him $500 a shot, then he could make more on the indy circuit. Rumors still being said backstage at Memphis TV that “Too Cool” with Brian C/Scotty 2 Hotty will be making a TNA debut soon.

----I posted a letter from XOW on Wednesday responding to the fans and workers that posted about the XOW show last Saturday night. I do think it is classy for them to address what seem to be problems at the shows. This makes it clear that XOW is all about having a good show. First off they don’t really need to listen too much of the BS over at Jimmy’s board, because a lot of people just write stuff to get crap started. If you are a fan that attends XOW shows and think there is a problem with talent, time spent and such, then drop XOW an e-mail. I know from experience that Russ will e-mail you back.

----Two of the main concerns of the XOW show and shows in this area seem to be #1: Crap people make crap shows and #2: Long shows. I believe it is hard not to use rookies on shows. Where are they going to learn?? Where do they make their craft better? I really don’t know the answer to this because I have at times bitched about shit talent makes shit shows. I do believe if there is a mixture of rookies and real good workers, then the show will evolve into everyone being good workers. If the show is full of bad workers, then no one improves. You have to look like a wrestler – in boots and tights – and at least know how to react to the fans. You can then improve on everything by taking advice and listening.

----My advice on show length is as follows: [and I am not saying it is 100% correct] five matches with two intermissions and a total of 2 hours and a half. You have two matches, a 15 minute intermission, two matches, a 15 minute intermission and then the main event. I, as a fan in the crowd, love to see at least two tags and then three singles. On shows that a promoter would build as a “big show”, then I would add two more matches and make it about 3 hours. This would give you an extra 15 minutes per extra match with intermissions after every three matches. Also when I say “matches”, I am including everything – interviews and such. On a regular five match show, that gives you 48 minutes, then an intermission, 48 minutes, intermission and 24 minutes for your main event segment. On a seven match card that gives you 54 minutes, an intermission, 72 minutes, an intermission and then 24 minutes for your main event. You, as a promoter, can adjust the times as you fit, but 2.5 to 3 hours is as long as show needs to run. Something to think about – RAW is 2 hours long and most PPVs are three hours long.

----I want to finish this edition off with a “High Five” to a few of the area workers. Austin Lane, voted RRO Best Damn Performer 2006, returned back from Orlando, FL from the tryout camp and it seems he got good reviews. Lane will be eased in working dark matches, then “Explosion” and finally IMPACT if they think he is worthy. It is good to see guys in this area getting a national look. “The Posse”, Simon Reed & Lil Chris, finished up this week in TIWF and they are headed from there to ASWF this coming Saturday night. I like the idea that this team has not stayed in one area long enough to get stale this year. They could walk thru the doors of TLCW right now and have the reaction they had earlier this year. No other team works for as many promotions or dates as these guys do. It not only gets them over in one promotion, but everywhere!! 2007 RRO Awards is only two months away and it will be interesting to see where these guys end up in the tag team awards.

Shows of The Weekend 11.02 to 11.03.07

----The "show" of the the weekend looks to be ASWF with a real good lineup added with Rodney Mack & Jazz. The Nashville area heats up this weekend as SAW goes to Friday nights with Jimmy Valiant on the show. USWO will have Jerry Lynn. I would have to pick SAW to win this week.

----Remember, if I forgot an event or you would like me to add more talent to some of the rosters, then drop me a line.

----Friday Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN…Jerry Lynn, LT Falk, Mark Anthony, Chris Michaels, Michael Jablonski, Anthony Cevantes, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge, Tim Renesto, New York Gangster, Damien Payne, Kevin Dunn, Petey Wright, JC Crowe and more.

----Saturday Night for SAW in Millersville, TN “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant, Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie], Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Shawn Shultz and more.

----Friday Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----Friday night for LAW in Rector, AR with Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Stan Lee, Psycho, Arnez, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane, Jeff O’Dell, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and many more.

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Chris Styles), Josh Matthews, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, "Prime Time" Nick Grymes, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

-----Saturday night in Metropolis, IL for Renegade Pro Wrestling featuring Yukon Jack, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Kilo with Auburn Thunder, Nick Norton, The Hambones, TW Justice, Ed Love, “Super” Johnny Lighting, Soultrain, “Yield Sign” Danny and more. This is a benefit show with the proceeds from the show donated to families in need of help for Thanksgiving Holiday. The main event is billed “Battle of the Springer Stars” – Jack vs Tojo Jr.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW 207 Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tim Grind, Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele, Flash Flanagan. Chris O’Neal and much more!!!

----Saturday night, Golden Triangle Wrestling returns for a show behind Cathy's restaurant, located on Highway 45 in West Point, MS. "The Warrior" Jake Prentiss, Chris Chaos, OMEGA, LSD, Lady Reb, Devon Raynes,BB, Destiny, Bloodbath, Kaleb Kastle, Jay Webster and Vinnie the Blade, and much more. I believe tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night in Coffeeville, MS with All Pro Wrestling with Psycho, Candyman, Giant Hillbilly, Pappy, Cyn, Tony Watts,Antoin LeVeight, Brandon Barbwire, Sarge O’Reilly. Southern Saints and more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Kilo, Mark Justice,Tim Edwards, Tank, Jeremy Moore,J.R. Manson, B.L.S., Lil Tim, Gaylon Ray, Baron Malkavain, Phoenix X, John "Biscuit" Roberts, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Moondog Rex Retirement Show with Danny B Goode, Big Jim Business, Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dra Black,.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris] vs Acid/Scott Fury, Austin Lane vs “Red Dogg” Rodney Mack, Jazz vs Nikki Lane, “CCR” [Cody Murdoch/Wild Bill] vs “Degenerates” [X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane], San Francisco Treat vs Tim Hanson, Rottn Randy vs Morgan Lane with stips of Randy managing anyone he wants in ASWF if he wins vs He must be Treat’s valet for two months if he loses, and more.

----Saturday Night in Batesville, Arkansas. Main Event Wrestling located at the Old Miller Gym at 9th and Oak Street. Admission is FREE to the public, sponsored by local businesses and community leaders. With such star's as "Crazy" Luke Graham Jr., Gerry "Chubby" Graham, The Casino Kid, "Mr. Playboy" Tommy Wayne, "The Suicide King" Ray Ray, Danger Zone{"Hot Rod’ John Ellison, "Dangerous" Dave Cox, Johnny Harper}, "The Southern Submission Machine" Wild Bill, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickels, Chris Stryker, Matt Justus, and many more. Bell is 8 P.M, doors open @ 7:15 P.M.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 10.27.07

Bobby Kane beat J-Smooth

Overkill and P.K. Ripper beat The CONVICTS

Dre Black beat Steven Rampage

Big Boy Bob beat Chico Mendoza

Wykid beat Jonathan Storm in a loser leaves town match

Lawman Williams beat Nigerian Nightmare to retain the TIWF Title

The Posse beat “New Breed of Perfection” [Wildside/Way Cool] to win the tag titles, but then Big Jim Business came out to announce he is now 51%owner of TIWF and the Posse was FIRED and the Tag Titles stay with N.B.O.P.

----Didn’t they just run a big owner vs owner angle in this promotion?? Big Jim Business should be good here as a heel. Best I can remember he was real good on the mic…The Posse finished up here and best I can tell everyone involved enjoyed the experience…Overkill and Wyked got into it backstage over something. Overkill, I am am told, is actually the son of PK Ripper, not his brother as I originally thought.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 10.26.07

----Bad Luck Lucky beat Sicilian Kid for the cruiserweight title…MCW Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Get Back” Frankie Tucker/Hillbilly Nate beat the Hambones…White Lighting beat T.W. Justice…”East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/Spiro/C-Money] vs. Kilo, Pimptacular/Suicidal Youth - there was no winner in the match ended up with Serpent and Suicidal Youth brawling out side of the bulding, C-Money and Pimp brawling to the back, and Kilo and Spiro brawling it out.

----There were about 70 in the building with a gate close to $350…This was not the complete show, but most of the matches…Suicidal Youth is the new gimmick that Stretch is using now. TW Justice and Stretch appeared on the “Jerry Springer Show” a couple of weeks back…I was told the 6 man tag was a real good match. Spiro is back here teaming with his brothers and feuding with Kilo. They are also feuding in NBW on Saturday night. That should provide some good matches…I have been told that Malden, MO wrestling legend [cough..cough] Johnny Lighting wrestled here a couple of weeks back. Johnny has always been horrible and stunk up the place in his bout. He is super old also. LOL He was talking backstage that there couldn’t be two Lightings on the show. That was funny, because White Lighting has worked here for years and I don’t look for him losing his name. BTW, I worked a chain match one night against Johnny Lighting. One of the worst bouts EVER!! We both juiced and I bladed both of us.

The Ratings - Memphis Wrestling TV 10.27.07

----This past Saturday’ show did an overall rating of 3.3 [54,564 viewer], which is pretty average and almost identical to last week’s rating. The third quarter ranked the highest with close to 60,000 viewers seeing the Ali bout and the tag featuring Starr/Tatt2. The 4th quarter lost over 3,000 viewers, but retention of 94% of the viewers from the 3rd quarter. So, nothing in the highest rated quarter made them want to turn off the TV. They finished the show with 2,686 more viewers than they started with – not a big amount, but they didn’t lose any viewers. Take a look at what Memphis was watching number. That is the highest rating programming in the hour that Memphis Wrestling aired – 10.1!! That should let the higher powers of Memphis Wrestling know that there are tons of people watching TV at that time and they could really benefit with continuing to put on good shows.

-King/Dotson & TK2 – interview
-King/Dotson vs TK2
1st Quarter 3.2 [53,389 viewers]

-White interview
-Lawler interview
-Ali/Rashard - int
2cnd quarter 2.9 [49,360 viewers][-4029 viewers]

-Ali vs Bobo
-Starr/Tatt2 – interview
-Starr/Tatt2 vs Gladiator/’Cane
-Brian C – interview
3rd quarter 3.6 [59,601 viewers][+10,241 viewers]

-Brian C vs Kevin White
-Big battle Royal brawl
4th quarter 3.3 [56,075 viewers][-3,526 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.03 [50,941 viewers]
12 week low – 1.9 [31,395 viewers] 9.29.07
12 week high – 4.3 [66,484 viewers] 8.11.07
From start to finish [+2686 viewers]

What Memphis Was Watching??
Channel 3 News/CSI Miami 10.1 [170,073 viewers]

Happy Halloween!! Keep the Kids Safe Tonight!!

RassleBits: Bloody James and Cannon In Casket!!

----Here are a couple of items from the past weekend shows. The video here is from Saturday night in Kingsport, TN. These kind of things would benefit all small promotions that wanted to work on their internet exposure. You know like LAW use to do with their re-cap?? The photo here is Loose Cannon in the casket from the ASWF show. Damn, that photo just looks weird. Oh yea, it is because it is Cannon..LOL

Flashback!! March, 1990

----The flashback this week I am taking from my old fanzine Rasslin Riot. I got a lot of heat when I first started doing this site in this area. This article was published in March of 1990 and gives you an insight on what the “smark” community was like in the beginning. This was even before the big internet surge that all the promoters blame on killing kayfabe. Memphis are was like 20 years behind when I started my site. CLICK HERE to read Dan Lark's article.

----Two clippings also here. One is from Riot artist Derrick Winnett of Vince McMahon. I think this was on a cover of one of the issues, but going thru the stack of stuff I have I could not find the actually date. This other piece of the top wrestlers is from early 1990 and as you can see, I didn’t do badly with some of my picks. Lawler was just doing Memphis and Indy work at the time. Funk was doing indy work also. Who would have ever thought he would end up in the WWE?? And, my top guy was a guy that was so talented. I only had the privilege of meeting Eddie Gilbert a couple of times, but this guy was a wrestling genius. He is missed. What ever happened to the Golden Idol and Ricky Rice??

The Maclin Strikes Again..

----I got the following in the e-box yesterday and wanted to share it. I did hear Maclin say this, but I just shook my head. I have got where I actually give him "one", because why beat a dead horse; huh? But, since this was pointed out by a visitor, I just had to pass it along.

"I have gotten into a bad habit of reading your Memphis reviews before I go back and watch the program early the next week..
as always, your report was dead-on with one MAJOR ‘coreyism’ you overlooked.. [or looked over…]while your report is correct about Rashad using his laptop to hit Ali, you failed to make note that after he used it, Corey made the most idiotic comment to RBFine something to the line of ‘what kind of person uses a computer without a cord or anything else’??

The first thing I thought was ‘duh… laptop!!’ Reggie just came back with it being a ‘cordless computer’..

only in Memphis ……….

I am 50 years old and have been watching Memphis wrestling since the middle 60’s..I continue to ask myself each week, why do I continue to watch this stuff…….guess old habits ARE hard to break.."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Piece of my Mind-Oct 30th, 2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I want to touch on the subject of The Great Kahli. I haven’t heard anything negative about the guy. He is probably someone who is very appreciative of the job. I am sure they make him as comfortable as a guy of his size can be made while traveling. He is probably making a fair living. I am not sure what else he could do beside sporadic movie work. He is certainly a freak of nature. If the company plans on continuing to use him than I think they need to turn him babyface. He needs to be used as more of a specialty attraction. I might even consider working out something with a Japan office and shuttling him back and forth. He could be used more in a way like Andre the Giant was used. It’s just a fact that guys like this are not going to consistently help you. If they continue to use him in the role that he is in you are going to consistently discredit your baby faces. The heel run is over make the change.

One day a friend of mine named Annette Imperati contacted me about a guy from our town. She said he was a great kid who could really use a break and could I book him on some shows. At the time I was booking shows for Rob Russen’s IWA. We were running several shows in the Northeast. We had some shows in New Jersey and Maryland at the time. I had no idea who he was but Annette really wanted to help him. I felt obligated to Annette she had done several favors for me so I called her friend and booked him. We had used him in tag team matches against The Thunderfoot’s (Carolina’s Own David Isley and Gene Ligon). It went well enough and we all liked the guy. I do remember calling him for a future show and being told that he was already booked and couldn’t make it. I can vaguely remember him saying that he was busy working in the Philadelphia area a lot. I thought to myself I guess Tommy Dreamer is on his way. I don’t know anyone other than Tommy or I that has ever introduced themselves from Yonkers, NY that made it in pro wrestling to any significant level at all. It does my heart good every time I hear him announced. It is amazing to me how the green kid that we used that day made such progress so quickly.

There has been TNA buzz in regards Booker T and or Scott Hall coming in to TNA. At this point we know its pretty much a done deal. My only question is this, where is the budget being cut? Please keep in mind I am a Booker T fan. I was a fan of Harlem Heat. I can remember when Flair was booking WCW I ran into him and Arn Anderson one afternoon and as we were talking I mentioned I really like the Harlem Heat. They said yeah so do we but I could see a puzzled look in their face. The Harlem Heat seems so good why aren’t they getting over? I have no problem with TNA putting him on payroll and figuring him in. I would say the same about Scott Hall if his head is in the game. If anyone believes either of these guys change things around then they should fire themselves. If they have just increased payroll by making these NON IMPACT moves they should be charged with dereliction of duty, they may as well embezzle money for the IMPACT that the move is going to make. Please Dixie wake up, snap out of it. fix your company from the inside out. Please let me introduce you to a current employee of yours his name is Jim Cornette. That’s a hint please take it. If Vince McMahon found Booker T to be expendable how much can he help your company? The answer is not enough to increase your talent budget. Before you bring in new talent you must get rid of the old.

I was getting ready to work with Curt Henning before he was Mr. Perfect. He was going to wrestle the crafty veteran Dennis Stamp. I was given the finish by Curt it was going to be one punch. If anyone recalls Curt had knocked out Nick Bockwinkle with a roll of coins and now was beating people with one punch. Well he called me over and said Dennis wanted to change the finish and I asked why. Dennis explained that his career was on the downhill side and he was basically working an enhancement roll (doing jobs). All he had to look forward to most nights was losing matches. He pointed out that he would at least like to lose the matches as spectacularly as possible. It was a valid point, Curt agreed and we changed the finish to a cradle suplex. We were in Denver Auditorium that night. There are several more stories to come from the Gene Reed promoted Denver Auditorium for the AWA.

This week’s picture is from a boxing event sponsored by the Yonkers Police Athletic League. My father was the boxing coach. He asked me to have Afa “The Wild Samoan #1 and Rocky Johnson who brought his son alone Duane “Dewey” Johnson long before he was “The Rock”. In the middle is my cousin the late James Wieland little did he know he was in a picture with wrestling future biggest star and movie sensation

This has been a piece of my mind

If you would like to give feedback you can write to me at

RassleResults: IWA/TLCW Memphis, TN 10.27.07 - Big Crowd For Memphis!!

Tommy Redneck def. Chris Lexx

Rockin Randy def. Dell Tucker and Jason Richards to win the vacant IWA Crusierweight Championship

Big Ace and Bishop def. Shannon Lee and Shawn Williams

- Dustin Starr had his "Five Star Showcase" and welcomed TLCW and LAW Heavyweight Champion "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to talk about how great he was. After the tongue and cheek comments about Flash Flanagan and Stan Lee, both men came out and made a challenge for later tonight, it was accepted.

“Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] def. “Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin]

Cody Melton def. The Grappler

Motley Cruz def. Alex Krisis and Seth Knight in a triple threat

Johnny Dotson def. Alan Steel with the help of Rashad Devon

Flash Flanagan and Stan Lee def. Dustin Starr and "TGB" Greg Anthony

Derrick King def. The Crime, Tatt2 came out and started fighting
Derrick which turned into a match

Tatt2 def. Derrick King

Malik def. Carnage Antwane, Reno Diamond, and Blalok Tha Blazer

Precious Vs Danny B Good was a no contest after both men used a chair on each other.

----Around 300 in the building with a gate close to $3,000. Someone finally drew a crowd in Memphis!!!...Well, I guess we know where Blalock, Bishop and Reno worked on Saturday night instead of ASWF. They all are from this area, so it must have been easier for them to get to the show…Next IWA Event will be back at the National Guard Armory December 15th

XOW Issues A Statement

----Here is something that the owners of XOW sent along. I am going to comment on a few of these things in the next "Coach's Corner", but I thought this was a classy gesture.

Wrestling fans,

I would like to thank all of the fans who came out to Independence to see the XOW show. We had a good turn out and a lot of fun and are excited to go back at a date to be announced later.

I’ve seen posts on the message boards and have received a couple of emails about the show. We had a couple of new workers making there in ring debut and it seems that a few people didn’t understand why we did that. It’s simple, every worker has to make an in ring debut sooner or later. It’s a learning experience and we are proud to have them as a part of our show and we know the more in ring experience the better they will be. It’s called constructive criticism and fans can say what they want because it helps them learn and we all know that on one is perfect.

A few people talked about the matches being to long and we did have a couple of long matches but you can’t knock someone for loving what they do. I had a couple of people talk to me and say they did have to go home because they have been busy all day or had something to do Sunday morning. What a lot of people don’t know is that a couple of the same people ordered a DVD of the show because they didn’t want to miss anything. As for the workers well, I think highly of all of the superstars and I am greatly concerned about the well being of each one. When one of the superstars gets hurt I like to stay in touch or have someone tell me how they are doing until they have shaken it off and
are ready to get back into the ring.

If it wasn’t for all of the talent in the locker room we couldn’t have a show. If you look around you will find that we have a lot of talent to choose from but, we will be calling other superstars for other shows and we are going to try to use a couple of different workers every show. If you want to be a part of the show good, if not we understand. Sarge O’Riley is the booker for XOW shows and he is the person to contact to be booked. If you contact Tony Watts or me we will refer you to Sarge. If you don’t know how to get in touch with Sarge then send me and email on myspace or send Sarge a message on his myspace page.

Once again, thanks to all of the superstars and fans for the support and hell raising that makes us love what we do even more.

Billy Russ XOW/Owner
Tony Watts Co/Owner / Promoter

RassleResults: TCW Memphis, TN 10.27.07

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony def. "Dynamite" Seth Knight with a nutshot and school boy.

The Crime came out and ran down the crowd, he insults the pastor ofthe Healing Center and Devin Slim ends up making him the special guestreferee for the main event. Devin and Crime leave laughing.

"God's Gift" Jason Richards def. Gabriel Stalker to win the vacant TCW Television Championship.

Danny B. Good Vs Precious was a double count out after they did not
come back to ring.

Reno Diamond and Rockin Randy def. Bishop and Carnage Antwane

Shannon Lee def. Dell Tucker and Shawn Williams in a Triple Threat

The Crime def. Chris Lexx, Tatt2, and Derrick King to retain the TCW
title hitting the "Crimewave" on Lexx for the pin. Following the match, The Crime attempted to sucker punch the special referee, David Young, but it backfired and The Crime was punched and sent to the outside in shame.

----Around 30 in the building with a gate around $300...Next TCW Event will be on December 8th at the Healing Center.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.27.07

Gaylon Ray defeated Phoenix X to retain the title

“The Ultimate Bodies” [Jon Roberts/Sicilian Kid] defeated Jeremy Moore and Crazy Train

“East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent and C-Money] defeated “Black Label Society” [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley] to win the NBW Tag Team Titles

After intermission Allen Walker was in the ring with Rob Thompson [ring announcer] to go over the rest of the nights matches and talking about the 8-ball ladder match for the Heavyweight title belt. Mark Justice interrupted and told Allen Walker that the 8-ball ladder match was NOT going to be for the heavyweight title because he had 30 days to defend it since he had defended it this past Saturday night..... But if the fans wanted it to be a title match he wanted a warm up match but there was no one in the building that he had not beat up.... however there was one person that he enjoyed beating up more than any of the rest and that was Rob Thompson. Mark said that if Rob Thompson could pin him the main event would be for the NBW Heavyweight Title. Allen Walker said that he had confidence in Rob and he would sign that match. The bell rang as Mark was putting the belt in the corner and Rob schoolboy him. Allen Walker made the 3 count and announced Rob Thompson the winner and special guest ref for the main.

Baron Malkavain defeated Kilo when 187 interfered and poured a bottle of fake blood on Kilo's head.

8-Ball Ladder Match NBW Heavyweight Title Match
Mark Justice defeated Jason Reed to retain the belt after a wild match of back and forth action from both men. Both were down and Ref Rob Thompson climbed the ladder and got the 8-ball down . Rob made his way down the ladder as Jason Reed was getting back to his feet and showed Jason that he had the 8-ball for him to use. Jason turned to the crowd with a big YEEEESSSS but when he turned back around he got a boot to the gut from Rob Thompson who then threw the 8-ball to Mark Justice. Mark nailed Jason with the 8-ball and covered him for a very fast 1 2 3 from Rob.

Mark and Rob then continued to beat on Jason Reed when in ran Jeremy Moore . Moore and Reed were on fire for about 1 minute when Jimmy Tidwell, Mark, and Rob started beating on them again. Tank's music hit and Tank got in the ring in front of Moore and Reed and shook his head NO to Mark and company - as Moore and Reed made their way back to their feet Tank turned around with a double clothesline on both of them. Justice, Tidwell, Thompson, and Tank beat on Moore and Reed till the locker room emptied for the save.

----91 paid with 100-110 in the building. Gate around $546…Loved the angle with 187 heeling with Baron…The final angle seem to come off good also even with two turns. I believe Rob Thompson will now become Rob Justice and be tagging with Mark as an incarnation of my old team “The Riot Squad”…The bad thing about having Tank as a heel is – who can beat him??

Championship Wrestling Kingsport, TN 10.27.07

*Wayne Daniels,Wayne Rogers and Nick Hammonds beat Ricky Morton Tony Givens and Moe Jenkins
*Beau James [pictured] beat Bryan Wayne w/ John Hawkins DQ
* Ray Idol beat Mike Blade
*Thorn w/ Kandy beat Adam York w/ Hawkins
* Tony Givens won Battle Royal
*Wayne Adkins no contest with Chris Richards w/ Hawkins wild brawl with all Hawkins' Promotions on Adkins and James. Both Babyfaces and ref Rick Clark carried out.
*National Champion Steve Fury beat Robbie Cassidy with help from Oleg which Fury did not see.

----200 with gate around $1,800...As you can tell, Ricky Morton is back out of jail working...Championship Wrestling TV moves back to 2 PM Sats Nov 10 on CW 4 in Tri Cities TN

RassleResults: Southern States Wrestling Kingsport, TN 10.25.07

*Bryan Wayne and Wayne Adkins wrestle 15 Minute Draw
*Steve Fury beat Tony Givens
*Jamey Gibson w/ Rebecca Lynn beat Shane Hanning with help from valet
*Wayne Rogers and Wayne Daniels w/ Nick Hammonds beat SSW Tag Champion Givens and Cassidy by DQ when Fury ran into help Givens and Cassidy
*Wayne Adkins and Beau James no copntest with Chris Richards and Bryan Wayne w/ JOhn Hawkins wild brawl invovling many of the wrestlers Rebecca Lynn and Misty James

---73 in attendance with a gate close to $511.

Monday, October 29, 2007

RassleResults: VCW Selmer, TN 10.27.07

----Maxx Corbin defeated BloodBath…Gladiator beat Grappler…”The Blackbirds” [Ice/Jazz] over Simon Reed/PK Ripper…Winner Takes All: Kevin White beat Maxx Corbin to become the new VCW Champion….Fire/Flame beat Michael Gilbert/Bill Dundee.

----75 to 100 people for the show…Chris Rocker no show…Next show for this group is Boliver, TN November 10, 2007… Local Policeman Michael Gilbert was jumped by Fire/Flame and Bill Dundee made the save to set up the main event…Cameron Miller was doing a karate demonstration and was the special ref for the main and turned on Gilbert. Both have been trained and this was their debut. I was told Gilbert looked good in the main…Best bout was White vs Corbin…This was almost a whole White trained event – Corbin, Gladiator, Grapper, Ice and Jazz…First time that Simon & PK had ever tagged. Lil Chris was working his shoot job.

"Coach's Corner" by Brian Tramel

----No, I am not going to call anyone out here, I am just stating fact. No shows suck. ASWF promoter Aaron Polson had five no shows this last Saturday night, which lead to him have to cancel two of his bouts completely. Hat’s off to Aaron, because it looks like he saved it for the fans, but what makes a worker no show?? I listed all the reasons for the guys not being there on my ASWF report. But, really – not having a ride?? Is that an excuse of not showing up?? When I worked as Coach BT for five years, I missed maybe four of my booked shows. I went to a show in Dresden, TN one night with the driver of the car having to stop every 30 minutes just so I could puke. [And probably got paid $5, so who was the fool there?? LOL] No shows not only hurt you as a worker, but hurt the business in general. If fans show up and expect a certain person to be there and they are not there – they might not come back.

----Although I did not order Cyber Sunday, I would like to say I am a big mark for these shows. Why?? Mainly because it is a shoot on the voting and it has been proven every time they do these sorts of things that the fans vote on different stuff than a normal booker would book. Should the writers take notice?? The most surprising of the votes was The Miz winning over Morrison and Big V. It is obvious that the fans could care less about Big V, even with that huge push, but why not Morrison?? The Miz comes off as the total obnoxious prick, but it looks like he is over. Everyone [including myself] talk tons about the CM Punk and Morrison being the next big thing, but what can be said about the Miz when he gets voted over Morrison?

----Slick G made some good points in his column and it got me to thinking?? Has TNA really messed up the X-Division so much that it really doesn’t matter who is in it?? I always thought that the belt and style made them “different” than the WWE and that would be a good selling point of their show. The show gets on Spike and they slowly kill the division along with adding more and more former WWE stars. It is all about making yourself different to a certain degree to get over. You can go all the way and make a total different promotion or just a slight change putting forth to make yourself noticeable. TNA did that with the X Title and now it doesn’t mean anything. And, yea, it looks like Slick G is right – you could put anyone in those roles now.

----Isn’t it weird how some fans can just get over by posting crap on a message board?? Gene Jackson pointed this out in his last column. This kind of stuff has been going on for years in fandom. In the zine days, I had a guy one time write a letter to Riot about how good a certain worker was and then another guy write how horrible he was. Guess what?? It was the same guy. He actually worked a feud with HIMSELF to put HIMSELF over. It first got everyone talking about the guy and then finally after exposing him..well, he looked like a fool. The net has brought forth a different kind of creature that is referred in many fandom circles as a troll. The troll though on wrestling boards seem to get themselves over to the point that columnists [like myself] are writing about what a prick they are and putting them over more than the local wrestlers. Other trolls will post something good about a wrestler, and then five minutes later post something bad to just keep crap going. A scary thought about all of this is – 95% of the visitors to my site or area message boards are workers in the area. Want to turn the paranoia up a notch?? The next time you are in the dressing room think about the guy next to you – he might be the one posting all the crap about you.

----Conventions – why are they such a disaster?? “The Big Cheese” has covered this a few times, but before Sal ever stepped one foot into Memphis, I knew of his reputation only because of his big conventions. I use to attend wrestling conventions in the 90s and had a blast. I am not going to spend time go over what they do wrong. It makes me wonder though with Memphis being such a historical city for wrestling if an event like this would sell in Memphis today? You could use all the local legends and maybe bring in a team like the Midnight Express and a current star like say a Samoa Joe with all the local talent?? Would that draw?? It would be something I would want to attend.

----Well, that is the end of today’s edition. Join me again on Thursday. Visit the message board and let me know what you think about a convention??

RassleResults: XOW Independence, MS 10.27.07

Uncle Felton defeated Giant Hillbilly.

Anton Leveigh won a three way match over Chris Styles & Tatt2.

Wraith defeated Colton Anderson.

"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes in a fans lumberjack strap match.

Psycho defeated Candyman in a wild & bloody hardcore match.

Brandon Barbwire & Lil' Bit defeated Josh Matthews & Anita Page.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee & Kid J w/Grady Watson defeated Sarge O'Reilly & Little Devil w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock.

"Spectacular" Shawn Reed & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs defeated Max & John Steele.

----There was 150 to 175 with a gate close to $1,000 gate.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.27 - Halloween Havoc!!

----Johnny Harper over Brian Edwards to retain his ASWF Commissionership…San Francisco Treat beat Doink The Clown…”Respect Match” : Tim Hanson beat Little Lucky…Chuck Fears beat Judgment to win the X-Title…ASWF Tag Team Titles: Acid/Scott Fury beat ”CCR” [Cody Murdoch/Wild Bill…Casket Match: XKalibur beat Loose Cannon with Rottn Randy.

----Over 100 fans in attendance…Tons of no-shows: Austin Lane [announced to the crowd as being in Orlando for TNA tryout], Reno Diamond [told it was his shoot job], Bishop [rides with Diamond], Blalock The Blazer [ditto] and Justin Smart [shoot job – he will probably be not back for a while, because he works on Saturdays]…Blazer was stripped of the X-Title and Fears was awarded the belt, but he said he would rather win it in a match…In two weeks, they have a Edwards/Harper rematch – ladies lumberjack strap match…Fury was Acid’s mystery partner…It was stated in the reported I received on the Casket match that with Loose Cannon’s lose, then it closed the door on Cannon’s career in ASWF. So, I guess he is done there for a while…Rottn Randy attacked Morgan Lane after the match to set up Lane vs Randy for this week. If Randy wins, then he gets to manage any wrestler he wants in ASWF. If Randy loses, then he has to dress up like Treat and be his valet for two months. Also this week: Rodney Mack and Jazz return along with “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris]…Crowd had a good time with it being a Halloween event with kids doing the “Cha Cha slide” in the ring during intermission and hitting a PiƱata full of candy.

Jericho On Bert Prentice!!

----This was post on Trent's board and I thought my visitors might be interested in what Chris Jericho says about Nashville wrestling promoter Bert Prentice. Trents says the following,

"Chris Jericho talks about Bert Prentice in his new book, and here's what he said about Bert when asked during a recent interview. This is pretty much the same things he said about it in his book from what I heard. Classic stuff here....Someone please forward this to Matt Boyce!!"

----All this bickering back and forth to Trent a few months back has me worried about Boyce now. What if Trent was right about everything? CLICK HERE to read the story.

Eric – About 8 years ago on my radio show you started to tell a story about a brief experience you had working for Bert Prentice and stopped. Is that a part of your new book?

Chris – Yeah actually it is in the book. It was in Wichita, Kansas and I don’t exactly remember what the name of the promotion was and I never actually had a match there. Right after I had I believe two matches, myself and a guy Mike Lorzanski who worked as Mike Anthony, another guy called Brett Cumo drove from Calgary to Wichita, KS to work for Christopher Love which is what Bert Prentice’s name was at the time. There was a promotion that was going to be starting up there so we drove down there and after about three days of driving we finally show up at Christopher Love’s palatial, Spanish-style mansion that he was living in. We knock on the door and this guy dressed as a butler opens the door and tells us to wait there and then Christopher Love will now see us. We go into this room and he’s like the Godfather, sitting behind his desk. He’s got this one guy that looks like a weeble standing on his one side and another guy looking like a weeble standing on his other side. One guy is black and one guy is white, and the guy that’s white he goes, “This is the Zebra Kid,” guy looked nothing like a Zebra, even less like a kid. The other guy was called I think Rufus I can’t even remember my own book. “And this is Rufus, and say hello to Cluck.” Cluck was this rubber chicken that he was holding in his hands. I kind of thought, “Ha, ha,” it was kind of a bad joke but nobody else was laughing. Turns out that this guy actually talks to Cluck and Cluck was his manager, but it was no joke. The whole promotion treated Cluck as if it was an individual, living, breathing manager. So I am sitting there and Christopher Love tells me in no uncertain terms that I look like Shawn Michaels and there is a lot he could do with me and I’m thinking, “I’m sure there is man.” Supremely, supremely over-the-top feminine shall we say. So we sit there and he tells us what’s going on and there’s a party that night in honor of the new promotion starting. And this thing is a freak show, like so many gay guys there, weird guys there, just very strange. We’re sitting there on this couch and one referee goes to the bathroom and I don’t really see what is going on but he comes back out and he takes a sip of his drink and everyone starts laughing. Zebra Kid is laughing, the guy dressed as a butler is laughing, and Cluck is laughing, and he says, “Oh we got you, we got you, we got you with the Penis Colada.” I guess one of the guys had taken out his swizel stick and used it as a swizel stick. Now if that had happened to me I would have torn the place apart. There’d be some asses kicked, right? The referee goes, “Oh Penis Colada, you got me again.” Again, again! You mean this happened more than once to you? So this was kind of like the zoo that was going on there, and then Christopher Love proceeded to play with my hair and I told him to stop, and then we got fired. That was my first road trip, down to Wichita, Kansas.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 10.26.07

Arrick Andrews b Drake Craven

Next 2 were semifinals of tournament for vacant tag titles
Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b New York Gangster & White Tiger when Quarisma pinned Tiger

LT Falk & Mark Anthony b Slade & JC Crowe when Falk pinned Crowe

Petey Wright b Damien Payne in a trick or treat match. Wright chose a box for Payne which had a dress and lipstick in it. Payne had to wear this the rest of the night, including coming back out for a raffle where the lucky fan got to hit him with a belt

Kevin Dunn b Tim Renesto by DQ when Renesto refused to break a hold while in the ropes

Quarisma & Phoenix b LT Falk & Anthony to win the vacant USWO Tag Team Championship when Quarisma pinned Falk after Anthony had attacked Falk. This set up promoter Tony Falk announcing that LT would team with Jerry Lynn next week against Anthony and anybody he could find.

Michael Jablonski b AM Vision (w/Anthony Cervantes) in a Chicago Street Fight to win the USWO Championship

NOTES: Vision and Andrews will be spending their Friday nights (for the forseeable future, anyway) with SAW. They announced this for Andrews after his match, though there is a good chance these guys (and others) could work the Saturday shows at the Stadium Inn on occasion...The Dundees were announced as a coming attraction...
Meanwhile, SAW has a TV taping Friday night with Jimmy Valiant coming in to join forces with Gary Valiant....Crowd was 64 with a gate close to $600.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 10.27.07 - New Tag Champs Crowned!!

Lil' Extreme defeated Big Jake to become the #1 Contender for the TFW Light Heavyweight Championship.

TFW Light Heavyweight Champion Vinnie the Blade defeated former Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grymes to retain when Nick went for his superkick, Vinnie ducked and caught Nick with a tornado DDT off the ropes.

The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed and Chris Styles) w/ Anita Paige defeated Crazy-N-Sexy w/ Dirty Reel Moe.

Tysin Starr won a six-way dance to become #1 Contender for the TFW Championship. Other participants were Chazz, Mark mayhem, Chris Chaos, Devon Raynes, & Chop Top the Clown.
TFW Champion Max Steele defeated "The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews to retain by dq when the Southern Saints jumped Steele, Steele eventually fought off the Saints.

The New Age Cowboys (Chris Kilgore & Josh Holly) defeated Attitude, Inc. (Tony Dabbs & Bless) to win the TFW Tag Team Championship. Attitude Inc. was without the services of their manager, T-Byrd, because match stipulations required him to work in the concession stand during the match. After the match T-Byrd came to the ring to console Dabbs & Bless, and they both knocked the fire out of him. Match stipulations required that The New Age Cowboys get five minutes with T-Byrd, but it only took a couple of minutes to beat him senseless.

The Main event was a Russian Chain Match, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "The Weasel" Watts vs. Fusion w/Axeman. Tony Watts & Axeman were handcuffed together for the match, much to The Weasel's dismay. It was a wild match in the ring, and just as wild outside the ring. Eventual winner was Neil Taylor.

Another great show with the crowd upwards around 100 with a gate in the $500 range.

Credit: Nick from Trent's board

"What Bothers Me..." with Slick G

----Please welcome one our new semi-regular columnists for this site – Slick G. G always posts stuff on Trent’s message board and I thought I would give him a forum to express his feeling here. This column will not appear on a specific day or have a certain length, just when Slick is feeling the need to tell the visitors of RRO what bothers him, then he will send something along.

What Bothers Me - TNA’s way of thinking.

Morale seems to always be a big issue around the net when it comes to TNA wrestling. This wrestler is unhappy or these guys want their release. Recently, a rumor making its way around the Internet Wrestling Community was that Terry Taylor told some wrestlers if they wanted to go they could go. On the other hand another recent rumor says that wrestlers asking for their release from TNA have been denied.

What bothers me is why TNA would want to hold on to these wrestlers. The rumors are that a lot of these wrestlers that want out are X-Division wrestlers. If that is the case then TNA should let these guys go. These X-Division wresters are all over the indy scene. I mean be honest here is there a huge talent gap between say Petey Williams and an indy wrestler like say Josh Abercrombie? Is Shark Boy more valuable than Tyson Dux? Couldn’t Sonjay Dutt easily be replace by a guy like Xavier? Actually, if TNA were to bring in some new faces from the Indy scene for the X-Division it might actually work out better because these guys wouldn’t have the stink of jobbing so much in TNA.

I understand that TNA is trying to avoid talent leaving and becoming stars in WWE or ROH but I also think that TNA needs to worry about TNA and holding on to disgruntled stars will only be a negative for the company.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Andre The Giant Movie!!

----This is really strange.

"Andre Heart of the Giant" Theatrical Trailer from rokki on Vimeo.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.27.07

----Corey Maclin is joined with Reggie B Fine. Clip is shown of the finish of the Triple Threat tag team match from last week.

----Derrick King/Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon interview. “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] come out. Good interview. Flex throws a “Haterade” shirt on DK/Dotson. TK2 beat Grind/Flex in a good match. Heat was on Flex with hot tag to Grind. Grind had Dotson pinned a few times, but the ref Jerry Calhoon was distracted. DK wrapped a chain around his hand – Brian Christopher and Ali Stevens came out and Brian C distracted DK. Grind then rolled DK up for the pin. TK2 got out of the ring after the win and gave Brian C/Ali a high-five!!

----Fed-Ex representative comes out talking about November 4 Memphis Wrestling event with “Make A Wish.” Kevin White comes out with Sue Young & Mr. White. White says he is going to win the battle royal, so pick his name and him, Sue and his dad will come take the winner [the fan] out in a limo to a Japanese restaurant. Jerry Lawler comes out with Grady Watson. Watson says, they use sushi as fishing bait in Walnut, MS.

----Ali interview. Ali talks about Rashard calling him Rashonda and saying he has his pink panties in a wad and that it must be the time of the month for them with all their whining and crying. Rashard brings out Bobo. Rashard speaks and it is 10 times better than last week. Ali beat Bobo. Ali did a military press that looked real good. Bobo then went to the floor and Ali did a dive onto Bobo/Rashard. Have you seen how big this guy is?? Bobo got heat on Ali after Rashard hit him with his laptop. Ali comeback had Rashard trying to interfere, but Ali elbowed him off the apron. Ali used a cobra clutch, which Corey called a “Japanese sleeper” for his finisher.

----Dustin Starr/Tatt2 interview. Starr is wearing Memphis Tigers trunks [Starr is a big mark for the Tigers]. Good interview from Starr – Tatt2 needs some work. Starr/Tatt2 beat The Gladiator/Hurricane Maxx. Real good match. This was match designed to get Starr/Tatt2 over and it did it. Very little heat from heels – all shine from babys. Tatt2 took a little heat and then hot tag to Starr. Starr bumped them all over and the place and pinned Maxx.

----Brian C interview. Not good as Brian stumbled over this words. Brian C by DQ over Kevin White. Good match. Shaky start, but Brian C gave White some heat and it built for a good bout. Finish had Brian C with his comeback pounding White, when Garry White jumped in for the DQ. Brian punched Garry and Garry took a good bump. Brian grabbed Young, but Kevin saved her. Ali came in to make the save for Brian C. DK/Dotson jumped in and then TK2 ran out to make the save. Gladiator, Dustin Starr, Maxx, Tatt2, Bobo and then Lawler jumps in. This finish was done to put over the Nov 4 battle royal.


----I guess fine is the officially color commentator of Memphis Wrestling. OH ME!!!...Corey or Fine were not putting over the fact that TK2 turned from heel to baby. Maybe they don’t know whether they are keeping face or not…Grady Watson should never be on TV. White said that Tojo Yamamoto was the chef at the Japanese restaurant…The gimmick on the battle royal is that the fans pick the winner – everyone that picks the correct winner is all put together. One lucky fan that picks the winner gets a limo ride and out to eat with the winner of the battle royal…Ali’s interview was weird, but his match was much better than anything so far he has done on TV. He needs a catchy name for the cobra clutch…. Dustin has Tatt2 back as his partner this week instead of Lexx…Brian C vs White would be a real good arena bout, if given time and a clean finish…A good show with good wrestling. Fine is so bad it hurts the show at times.

RassleResults: MEWA Batesville, AR - New Tag team and Ray Ray gets his shot at the Gold!!

First Match of the night was “The Suicide King” Ray Ray taking Tommy Gunn. Before the opening bell could ring Ray jumped Tommy as he entered the ring. Ray tried to use some of his dirty, underhanded tricks like the sucker handshake, and many more. Gunn was not going to go down without a fight; Tommy even went to the 2nd rope and delivered a huge elbow to Ray’s chest. Being The Suicide King, Ray managed to fight back and delivered a Frog splash to Gunn. After 10:55, the power of Tommy Gunn was just too much and his hand was raised in victory.

The Second Match of the night was “California Dream” Christopher Lee taking on Big Al. It didn’t take long for these two men to go straight to throwing fists back and forth. Lee then decided to work Al’s neck by giving him a bulldog and D.D.T causing Big Al’s game plan to be really off course for the night. Al was able to regain his edge by delivering his huge leg drop to Lee. Al really thought he had the match going his way, but Lee used an Illegal Choke to slow Al down again. Both men were pulling out all the stops; they even collided in the center of the ring as each man went to deliver a clothesline to the other. After 8:38 of the match “The Suicide King” Ray Ray came running into the ring and jumped Big Al. Lee and Ray were beating Al down when “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne came to the rescue of Big Al, and that sent Lee and Ray running to the back. Al was declared the winner by D.Q. Big Al then grabbed the mic. And said next week since the Tag Team Tournament is set to begin; Al asked Tommy if he would be his partner in the tournament? Tommy said he would be his partner, but warned Al if he crossed him or screwed him over that Big Al would never be able to get inside the ring again!

Third Match of the night was newcomer “The Prime Time Player” Zane Richards taking on veteran “Hot Rod” John Ellison. This was the first time for Richards to wrestle in M.E.W and was out to be proving himself. Richards was very impressive with his high impact and huge power moves inside the ring. But taking on a true veteran like Ellison is no easy task, as Richards would soon find out. Ellison changed his style from high flying to ground and pound style for this match, keeping Richards on the mat a lot of the match as Ellison worked on Richards left knee. This really shut down Richards Huge Power Moves, allowing “Hot Rod” John Ellison to set “The Prime Time Player” Zane Richards up for his Super Kick. In a time of 8:10, “Hot Rod” John Ellison was able to score the win.

The Semi-Main Event of the night was another newcomer to M.E.W, Sgt. Shakedown taking on “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne. Right after the opening bell the fans started chanting “Barney” to Sgt. Shakedown seeing that he wrestles in a police uniform. This chant enraged Shakedown and he used his night stick behind the Ref’s back to choke Wayne down. Shakedown was out to make a name for himself here in M.E.W by just blowing through and quickly beating “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne. Wayne being a seasoned pro that he is was not going down without a fight. Tommy welcomed Shakedown to M.E.W by delivering some Hard Right Hands to the head of Shakedown. Sgt. decided he needed a brake and went to the outside, but Wayne chased him back inside the ring. Neither man backed up an inch going full force against the other. They even took the match outside the ring where Wayne gave Shakedown a big Suplex on the concrete floor. Once the ref. restored order Wayne had the match in control, but as he went to deliver a running shoulder block to Sgt., Sgt. moved causing Wayne to hit the Steele ring pole. But after 10:58, “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne was able to hit his Frog splash and get the win.

The Main Event of the night was a Battle Royal, and the winner would get a shot at the M.E.W.A World Heavy Weight Title next week. Tommy Gunn was the first man in the ring followed by “The Suicide King” Ray Ray, and then Big Al, “The Prime Time Player” Zane Richards, “Hot Rod” John Ellison, Sgt. Shakedown and the last man in was “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne. With all the great superstar’s inside the ring, the bodies were flying everywhere looking much like a car wreck. There were no friend’s in this match; it was every man for themselves wanting that shot at the gold next week. Sgt. Shakedown was the first man out the battle royal. He was followed by “The Prime Time Player” Zane Richards. With two men out of the ring, the bad blood really came out between some of the M.E.W stars. Ray Ray, Tommy Wayne and Big Al were beating each other with all they had, while John Ellison and Tommy Gunn stood back in the corner’s waiting and watching for there shot to elimanate one of the other men. “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne was the next man to be thrown over the top. The next man out was “Hot Rod” John Ellison, when Ellison hit the floor; it was a very sickening sound. Ellison had to be helped to the back, not being able to stand upright. The next man to hit floor was Tommy Gunn, leaving Big Al and “The Suicide King” Ray Ray to battle for the shot at the gold. These two men picked up from where they left off from earlier in the night when Ray jumped Al. Al started beating Ray down with his huge power moves and tossing Ray around like a rag doll. Big Al had Ray up in a Monkey Slam ready to toss him to the concrete floor below, but Ray managed to catch the top rope and pull Big Al over with him causing Al’s feet to hit the floor first. After 15:05 “The Suicide King” Ray Ray managed to out last and get the victory. So next week it will be “The Suicide King” Ray Ray challenging Kid Nickels for the M.E.W.A World Heavy Weight Title.

As promised an update on the Casino Kid. A statement was released by the M.E.W.A commission Casino is still under Dr.’s care and may be able to return as soon as next week if his ankle continues to heal.

The crowd was down a little this week with 226 people in attendance.