Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chikara vs. TFW- Tupelo, MS Quick Results

Here's a quick rundown of the results from last night's big Chikara vs. TFW show in Tupelo. I'll be writing a more detailed report later.

Fusion beat Devon Raynes in a 'Dance Off'

Tysin Starr beat Mark Mayhem & Chris Chaos

"Holy" Josh Matthews pinned Tim Donst

C-N-S beat The New Age Cowboys to win the TFW tag team titles. Afterwards Parental Advisory attacked both teams and left them laying. More on this later as well.

Vinnie the Blade/Lil' Devil beat Chazz/Kid J

Amasis the Funky Pharoh pinned Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor w/Tony Watts after the lights went out and the "Deadman's" music played distracting Neil Taylor long enough to get rolled up by Amasis

The Order of the Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black/Hydra) defeated Max Steele/"Prime Time" Nick Grymes

"The Future" Chris Styles beat Chuck Taylor, "The Savior" Shawn Reed, and Ricochet

I'll have a more detailed summary of the show later, but the show can be considered a great success as the crowd was way into the matches loudly showing support for the home team TFW guys and all the matches were quite good.

Friday, November 30, 2007

A Piece of my Mind-Nov 30th 2007- by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

When you think of the scope of the world not the U.S. isn’t it amazing that our industry can not find one guy? We are all looking for the guy that can carry the business on his back and yet not one person steps out of the crowd. It really is mind boggling to me. Is that the problem or is the problem that due to the structure of the business today that most guys aren’t interested in going to sit in Florida or Kentucky for five hundred dollars a week until they are deemed ready for the big time. If anyone had real faith in their ability to pick a star wouldn’t it be worth it to just pay them right from the start? It should be clear by now there are a lot less guys that have a dream of being a wrestler than first base for the Yankee’s.

You know one time Capt. Lou Albano told me always take an advance whether you need it or not, sometimes they forget and pay you twice. That finally happened one night working for the NWA in Denver, Co. I had lived in Denver for a short time when I joined the police force there. The same night I worked with Sting and Black Bart in one of the opening matches. In those days Sting had just come to the NWA and wasn’t a major star yet. It was clear that he would be a superstar one day though. It was the old finish where the heel gets the pin with his feet on the ropes but I catch it and stop counting. Then Sting throws Bart into the other corner and puts his feet on the ropes. I stopped counting briefly at two waiting for Bart to kick out. It finally hit me and I made the three count before it looked to bad. In the back Sting said Gee for a minute I didn’t think you were going to count three. I blew it off and we laughed, I am not sure if he realized how close he was to being right.

I’m sure there has been plenty of talk about the match that Leyla and Kelly Kelly had on ECW. It’s a shame that these girls were put in that position. I have met Leyla she seemed like a great person and drop dead gorgeous. I haven’t met Kelly Kelly but there is no bad talk about her. These girls are not wrestlers this has to stop. There are plenty of ways to use these girls just not in the ring on LIVE television.

Has there ever been a main event where one of the headlines is collecting social security? Well we certainly have a chance of that happening sometimes in the next seven years or so. Isn’t that the interesting thought?

I’m starting to wonder if Stephanie shouldn’t head back to television, she will have more natural heat than anyone. I sometimes wonder do they want any actual heat?

This is a picture of me managing “The Franchise” Shane Douglas at Rob Russen’s IWA Television taping at The Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, La.

This has been a piece of my mind

“The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday King!!

----Memphis Wrestling Legend Jerry "The King" Lawler turned 58 years old today. Happy Birthday King from cast & crew of RRO!!

Shows of The Weekend 11.30 to 12.01.07

----The two big shows this weekend are in Tupelo, MS, so if you are in the area hit the Friday show with CHIKARA guys and on Saturday go see a jam packed card for the benefit.


----Friday Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… LT Falk, Mark Anthony, Chris Michaels, Michael Jablonski, Anthony Cevantes, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge, Tim Renesto, New York Gangster, Damien Payne, Kevin Dunn, Petey Wright, JC Crowe, and more.

----Friday Night for SAW in Millersville, TN Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie], Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, AM Vision, Hammerjack, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----Friday Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----Friday night for LAW Rector, AR Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Stan Lee, Psycho, Arnez, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane, Jeff O’Dell, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and many more.

----Friday night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with TFW vs CHIKARA – “The Order of The Neo Solar Temple” vs TFW Champion Max Steele/Nick Grymes, Josh Matthews vs Tim Donst, Neil Taylor vs “The Funky Pharaoh” Amasis, Shawn Reed vs Chris Styles vs Richochet vs Chuck Taylor, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tatt2, Tim Grind, Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Brian Steele, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele,. “Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], “Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude],Sue Young and much more!!!

----Saturday night, for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with TFW Benefit Show with all proceeds going to “DC” David Cross & his wife Brandy, “Pure Destruction” [Brody & Cody Hawk], Crime, Pink Flamingo, Psycho, Crazy-n-Sexy, Parental Advisory, Sarge O’Reilly, Giant Hillbilly, Wraith, Colton Anderson, Storm with/Cyn, Damion Rage, Chazz, Lil Devil, The Freak Show, Kid J, Max Steele, Anton Leveigh, Brandon Barbwire, Uncle Felton, Pappy, Devon Raynes, Neil Taylor, Nick Grymes, Mark Mayhem, Josh Holly, Cassanova Kid, David Cox and many more.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Kilo, Mark Justice vs Christian Jacobs,Tim Edwards, Tank, Jeremy Moore,J.R. Manson, Lil Tim, Gaylon Ray, Motley Cruz, 187, Baron Malkavain, Phoenix X, John "Biscuit" Roberts, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Danny B Goode, Big Jim Business, Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dre Black,.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Acid,Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch,Wild Bill, X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane, San Francisco Treat with Rottn Randy,Tim Hanson, and more.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flashback!!! 4.13.96

----This also comes the first internet incarnation of Rasslin Riot. I posted these on RPSW every week covering Memphis and Bert Prentice's promotion out of Jonesboro, AR. I attended A LOT of his shows.

USWA 4/13/96 - 1000th SHOW!!!!!

MATCHES: Battle Royal To Crown New USWA TV Champion: Jesse James
Armstrong was the winner...Cyber Punks beat Headbangers.

ANGLES: Lots of clips from the past were shown...Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Dave Brown, and Lance Russell were given plaques for
apprecation...Dundee didn't want his so Samantha presented him with a picture frame full of Dundee photos...Dundee jumped Fire over their match and smashed the glass frame on his head...Clips were shown from last Monday night of Reggie B Fine/MOM vs Spot/Lawler/Brian Christopher - Brickhouse Brown returned to the area and ethered Brian C, so Mabel could pin him...Brian C/Armstrong introduced a new Moondog - Rover.

RAMBLES: It was great with all the classic clips. This is a keeper show for tape collectors. Contact me if you are interested...Full card for Monday night (4/15) - All Tickets for $5 to Celebrate 1000 shows on Channel 5 out of Memphis - Head Bangers vs David Haskins/Tony Williams; Tony Falk vs Yoshi Kwan; USWA Ladies Title Match: Ms Texas vs Samantha; Mask vs $2,500: Tommy Rich vs Cyber Punk Ice; Dundee's Retirement vs His Van back (he lost to Fire last week): Dundee vs Cyber Punk Fire; Anything Goes Match: Brian C/Moondogs/Armstrong vs MOM/RBFine/BHBrown; and Unified Title Match: Lawler vs Jeff Jarrett...Jarrett returned on TV and is back in action Monday night. He said talking about the TV 5 studios - "this represents history, represents tradition, and represents what wrestling is really about." I agree. He promised to take the belt back vs Lawler and claim himself the "Kingpin" of Memphis wrestling...Vader is scheduled for a spot town on 4/26, so I look for a big Vader angle on 4/27 TV...Samantha is the new manager of the Head Bangers. She sprayed perfume in Thrasher's eyes, which lead to them doing a job...The last four people in the battle royal were Brian C/Head Bangers/Armstrong. Armstrong seem to help get Brian out, but nothing was mentioned. Then Amstrong flipped both Bangers over the top turnbuckle. Yoshi Kwan stayed in a long time also. Scott Bowden jumped at the front of the battle royal, but Brian C eliminated him...The USWA TV Title will be defended every week on TV.


MATCHES: North American Title Match: Colorado Kid beat Bull
Pain...Justin St. John vs Man Mountain Mike (ending not shown)

ANGLES: Justin St. John interrupts Colorado Kid's interview and
challenges him. They shove each other, then Kid slappedJustin...St. John interrupts a interview being tape of Colorado Kid's children (Michael JR & Kindra) for their daddy. St. John picked on the kids, then poked at the little girl. He then ran off the set and got some shaving cream & sprayed it all over the kids. The Kid returned and was pissed doing an interview with him tearing off his shirt and giving St. John a title show today in Popular Bluff, MO.

RAMBLES: The angle with the kids was classic. It was really funny. Totally original. St. John is only 19 years old, but he is a damn good heel...Also funny was what Kid said after slapping St. John - "He is like a kid, when they get in your face you have to slap them." Is this how Kid treats his children??...Also scheduled for today at 2:00 PM in Popular Bluff is a Loser Leaves Town Match: Spiders vs Giant Warrior/Colorado Kid...They will be having a 1-hour show next week celebrating Kid's one year anniversary as North American Champ...Kid vs Dundee scheduled for April 25th in Doniphan, MO...Kid vs Pain bout was real good. Pain looks to have lost weight - mainly muscle. He is bald now...Prentice said after the St. John angle on the kids - "This was not an act. It wasn't rehearsed like you see on other shows."

OTHER INDYS: More news from the St. Louis indy scene: The MMWA
puts on a monthly card where they draw between 300-500 people. They seem to have a core of solid workers and are beginning to put on road shows...They have shows coming up on April 20 at the South Broadway Athletic Club. Ticket prices are *very* resonable, $5.00 in advance $6.00 at the door. They also are doing a show at Crystal City High School on Friday May 3...Also reported was that St. Louis Rams Demarco Farr probally did that April 1, CSWA show for free. I've been told that he's a *huge* wrestling fan and has talked to some of the other local promoters about doing some work for them...A funny story I got about Farr that I couldn't confirm, but I thought I would pass it along anyway: As a kid they had a contest to get to meet Hogan. You were supposed to collect the box tops from the cereal you ate and send it in. The one with the most would get to meet him. Farr went around on his bike and stole all kinds of box tops so he could win.

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV 11.24.07

----The Memphis Wrestling TV show continues to roll with November being their best month of the year with the show scoring a 3.8 [63,798 viewers] overall. November finished with almost a half of point over average and 10,000 more viewers all month long. This is continued proof that good workers and good storylines keep the viewers coming back. Last year the show had a low number during Thanksgiving, but this year the fans took time out to sit and watch the show.

----The second quarter got the highest rating with over 77,000 people watching the show, which had over a 20,000 jump from the opening quarter. They had a huge drop of over 16,000 viewers in the next quarter with retention of only 78% of the second quarter. This is two weeks in a row that the “Opening The Vault” piece lost viewers. The one last week only lost 3,000 viewers, but this one got a big drop. The 98% retention in the last quarter shows that the Ali/Brian C angle was not why they were turning off the TV.

---- Something else to look at – Dustin Starr means numbers?? Even though he was not in the highest quarter last week, he was in the highest quarter this week and his last two matches have been seen by a whopping 144,217 viewers. Finally, take a look at rating of what other viewers were watching – 10.7 – over 170,000 viewers!!

-Replay of Ali/Brian C angle
-Reggie B Fine interview
-DK/JD/Rashard – int
1st quarter 3.4 [56,915 viewers]

-Fire/Flame vs Starr/Tatt2
-TK2 – int
-Lexx vs White
2cnd quarter 4.6 [77,733 viewers] [+20,818 viewers]

-“Fallen Superstars” video
-Brian C/Ali angle [start]
3rd quarter 3.6 [61,112 viewers] [-16,621 viewers]

-Brian C/Ali Angle [finish]
-Dotson/DK vs TK2
4th quarter 3.6 [59,601 viewers] [-1511 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.3 [55,348 viewers]
12 week low – 1.9 [31,395 viewers] 9.29.07
12 week high – 4.0 [66,62 viewers] 11.17.07
From start to finish [+2686 viewers]

What Memphis Was Watching??
Action News 5[1]/News Channel 3[2]/CSI Miami [3/4] 10.7 [179,265 viewers]

"Rasslin @ Ripley" with the Masked Reporter

----I would first like to welcome a new edition to the staff of RRO - The Masked Reporter. He has ask for his anonymity and I will grant it to him. He will from time to time send in reports of shows that he attends or he will just send in a rant of whenever he wants.

First off, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Masked Reporter, the voice for every old-school wrestling fan. The voice of fans who grew up watching the CWA and USWA, NWA on TBS, WWF on USA and AWA and WCCW on ESPN.

By day, I sit behind a desk. At night, when I do not have work to do, I like to take in a good wrestling card. By my standards, a card that draws me in has some name talent. When I say name talent, I mean that the card has some guys who at the very
least have been on Memphis Wrestling television.

That was what was so attractive about Saturday’s Thanksgiving Throwdown card in Ripley, TN presented by TLCW (does anybody know what this stands for). Jerry Lawler was on the bill, along with Derrick King, Tim Grind, Kevin White and a few others who have made their marks locally.

When I got to what I suppose is deemed the TLCW arena, I was taken aback. I am used to wrestling matches at high schools, armories and arenas. Although, I had been exposed to a small compact venue like this at Ricky Murdoch’s NWA Mid-South and the Dyersburg Entertainment Center, considering that Jerry Lawler was on the bill, I guess I was expecting a bigger venue.

Regardless, I took my seat and sat waiting the bell time which was a little over an hour away. I wandered off in search of gimmick tables, and found one for a wrestler named “Rockin” Randy. Later in the night, there were two others in that same booth with one for Tatt2 and another for “The Cosmic Cowboy” Brian Steele. I’m telling you this to make one point. Local wrestlers today do not know how to sell gimmicks. For an education on how to sell gimmicks, please see Bill Dundee or Jerry Lawler. If you are selling 4x6, 8x10 or any other size of picture, stay at your table. The fans probably want you to sign them.

Over the course of the evening, I never saw “Rockin” Randy or Tatt2 take a seat or stand where their photos were being sold. I did see Brian Steele at his though and he did some business, selling white bandanas and some pictures. Nonetheless, bell time came and the four, count them four men climbed into the ring as announcers for the evening. Personally, I think that’s a bit much, but whatever.

After they welcomed everyone, it was time for a four-way tag team match for the TLCW tag team championships. The belts for what its worth looked a bit worn and have probably been passed around through two or three indy promotions in the area.The champions coming into the match were Rude and Pokerface, although they weren’t the teaming together. It was Rude/A.J. Bradley vs.Pokerface/Brian Steele vs. Void/Ike Turner vs. The Asylum (Psycho/Arnez). Regardless, this match was a classic odd couple match. I don’t really remember the finish, but the winners were Rude/A.J. Bradley. After the match, Rude and Pokerface argued a bit since Rude was making sure Bradley got his belt, instead of giving it to Poker.

The TLCW Hardcore title was up for grabs next with “Rockin” Randy taking on Chris Lexx with Sue Young. There was a large amount of heat on Lexx/Young with fans holding up signs that said "Sue Young is a two dollar ho" (more on that later) and "Chris Lexx Sucks." Maybe the TLCW “Hardcore” title has another meaning, because the match lacked chair shots,frying pans, cookie sheets and any other weapon that you would normally see in a match. Randy retained his title.

Next up was the evening’s cluster match of the night. A 10-man battle royal. This was the match that I realized that TLCW has about four idiots who are used as human guardrails.
Basically, their job is to walk in front of any fan who stands up, is going to the bathroom or is near any outside of the ring action. They actually kneel down in front of you in an attempt to protect you from getting hit by the wrestlers I suppose. A thought struck me when The Albino Rhino was about to get thrown out right in front of me and I had a human guard rail in front of me. Did he really think that if Rhino fell on him he could protect me? Heck, I know how to get up and get out of the way and when a 300-pound plus white man is flying towards me, I move. Luckily, he wasn’t thrown out on my side of the ring. Although,I would’ve liked to see the “Human Guard Rail” get squashed or attempt to break his fall. Good luck. Winner was Seth Knight ( I guess he didn’t show up drunk for this show like he did the NWA Mid-South one about a year or so ago when he was supposed to win a battle royal) which made all the tweens and ring rat wannabes and/or any rats happy. I, for one, have never seen anything Dynamite about Knight’s in-ring performance, except that many times his matches are duds just like a fuse that doesn’t blow.He doesn’t do it for me and he comes off as a trailer-park version of
Jeff Hardy. But to each their own.

Next was intermission. I didn’t have to go to the bathroom because I went during the Seth Knight battle royal. Out comes the “New Nature Boy” Kevin White with Mr. White and Sue Young. The two-dollar ho chant continued by a group of some females who’d probably go for a quarter if the lovely Sue Young goes for two dollars. I’m sure there are some lonely guys in Memphis reading this know, thinking about a crossed-eyed $25 dollar prostitute that gave them herpes, wishing that Sue Young was a two-dollar ho, but then again some wrestling fans aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawers. Regardless, finish was the same from what I’d read happened Friday night in Rector, AR. Dundee pinned White with his feet on the ropes after White had attempted to do the same to him. All throughout the match, White had the “phantom foreign object”, though it looked more like he was adjusting himself. Now for the real observation of this match. Bill Dundee is a legend in this area and in wrestling in general. Other than Jerry Lawler, there may be no bigger name of that generation. However, the punches he threw (well, he lofted them) at Kevin White looked weaker than a nine-year old beating on an adult. And the worst of it was that White sold it as if he’d been slapped by the Big Show. Please and I’m begging with you “Superstar” as a fan of yours, considering a career as a manager or just doing legends conventions. There’s no shame in admitting when “Father Time” has caught up with you.

Following that, a guy who looked like the offspring if John Travolta’s Urban Cowboy and Saturday Night Fever character was mixed with Terry Funk’s DNA called the Playboy came out and his opponent was Flex. Not a real eventful match as the Playboy wasn’t that good at all. Flex wins with Death Valley Driver and leaves to a rousing ovation. There was a chant of "Playboy sucks" in this match and quite a few men took part in it, which makes me wonder if they are fans of Penthouse instead.

Allen Steele beats Tatt2 next in a match that I yawned at least five times during. This card was actually putting me to sleep. Or at least this match was. Tatt2 missed a few spots as expected, but Steele had the mind to actually not sell them and instead improvise.

My wakeup call was next.

Derrick King is next out. The fans love him in Ripley. He gets a good chant. Then, “The Great Gate of Kiev” begins playing and out comes Jerry “The King” Lawler. And for whatever reason, the fans are totally against “The King” tonight. Lawler gets the microphone and in my mind, I’m hoping that we get to see Heel King tonight. And for the first time in 11 years, I get my wish. In my mind, Jerry Lawler is one of the better babyfaces of all-time, but as a heel he is at his best. The crowd was probably 70/30 for DK before Lawler began talking. By the end of his hilarious monologue, he had
it 95/5. He insulted Ripley, DK, a few select fans who can tell their grandchildren they were insulted by a WWE Hall of Famer. Another funny exchange saw Lawler point out that it appeared that DK had an erection. He actually had Derrick and Bill Rush laughing and breaking character. Classic stuff. Regardless, he never singled me and about three others out and we continued to cheer him on. This was a clinic in ring psychology that most of the guys in the back should have been watching and by the end of the match, Lawler had proved that he can still bump like a heel. Unlike Dundee, his moments are sharp and reactions are still keen, probably among the best in the ring at his age. He gave DK the famed piledriver. Hey, isn't that a $5,000 fine at least by the Tennessee Athletic Commission?

Finish saw referee Bill Rush bumped and Allen Steele come into the ring. Lawler had went after his “phantom foreign object” and he was getting ready to hit DK when Steele came in and go his “phantom foreign object” (how hard is it to get a steel chain or brass knuckles nowadays guys?). Lawler hit Steele who was holding King and Steele hit Lawler who later was holding King, allowing for a DK win.

Another intermission and Lawler is signing autographs and selling photos. Some “smark” wannabe comes up and asks him “Where’s Chris”?

Lawler’s response, “Chris who?”
“You know, your son Chris?”
“I don’t have a son named Chris.”
Lawler responds, “Oh, yeah, his middle name is Chris.”

Sorry, but it does me good to see some snarky fan wanting to be smart making a buffoon of himself.

Ya know, Lawler gets bad press from guys who have wrestled for him when he was a promoter, but last time I checked someone with a six-figure income from the WWE doesn't exactly have to wrestle in Ripley, TN on a Saturday night to help his financial situation.

After intermission, TLCW champion Greg Anthony (wearing a belt that looked like a western belt buckle that had been blown up and had wrestling champion stenciled on it) came out to take on Flash Flanagan for the strap in an “I Quit Match”. This match had the worst bump of the evening. Flash slams Anthony off the announce table which is elevated about eight feet beside the entrance ramp onto another table. The table doesn’t break and Anthony bounces off it like a pudgy blonde-highlighted basketball onto the concrete. Thank goodness he was ok. Finish sees Anthony tap out with Bill Rush calling for the bell.

What the heck? It was an “I Quit Match”? Someone consult the wrestling rulebook please. A Hardcore Match without weapons and an I Quit Match without someone saying I Quit. What’s next? A Loser-Leaves-Town Match where the loser doesn’t leave town? Hopefully not, but the next match had that stipulation.

Dustin Starr downed Jon Michael in a Loser-Leaves-Town Match when the referee turned on Michael and made a quick three-count. Good match. Had its high points and low points, but I think the crowd was exhausted by this point. Tim Grind, who had lost a Loser-Leaves-Town match about four months ago (check the rulebook please) in TLCW came out after the match to attack the referee whose last name was Tucker and Starr.

All in all, a good card. Highlight for me was Lawler match with the Anthony bump/bounce being a close second. Crowd was hot and people were crammed in like sardines. The only downside was that the card lasted some 3 hours and 45 minutes. DK could have made a at least $40 in gimmick money if he had set up as could have Flex and probably even Kevin White, despite one old man mark who spit in his face after White spit his gum at him.

Another observation is that parents today really don’t make their kids behave at wrestling matches. I saw 8 and 9 year olds flipping off wrestlers and chanting words that I don’t even say. That’s sad. But consider who the parents are and I guess we see the problem.

Got comments for The Masked Reporter, email me at

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Piece of my Mind-Nov 27th, 2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

As the year comes to an end my story has been the same I can’t wait for 08. I do want to reflect on the people who helped me through out the year from the business.

This weekend was the anniversary of the Wendi Richter Madison Square Garden screw job. I was very close to Wendi Richter at the time. She stayed at my parents’ home and we went to several towns together. In those days Wendi’s popularity really was skyrocketing. She was given a great rub by Cyndi Lauper’s involvement in her angle. I am constantly being told that timing is everything. At the time Wendi was actual the main event on many B show’s for WWE for the women that was something far from normal. I know that she was not happy with what she was being paid. I have heard stories over the years of different talent that were being poorly paid in comparison to other talents. The women in our industry never were paid all that well period. In the old days I remember the girls that worked for Moolah telling me that they were paid the best by Verne Gagne. Who knows if Vince wasn’t paying more because he was still giving money to Moolah too for Wendi’s work? The bottom line is that she was being treated like a second class citizen for no reason. She worked hard like many of Moolah’s girls did. I have my own opinions of Moolah as a person and I won’t share them. As a worker I thought that she was as kick ass heel. She knew how to piss people off. She was a shrewd business person who almost always had the upper hand. I don’t believe that screw job finishes help anyone and they should make you wonder about Vince McMahon. It is his company and certainly should be run as he sees fit. If you don’t like the way someone is conducting business then just strip them of the title. I do not see the reason for these ridiculous phantom pins everyone knows they are a joke and it just kills the business. I want to thank Wendi Richter for coming out of a self induced exile from the business to appear in our WrestleReunion events. I had to track her down and our mutual friend Rob Russen reached out to her. It was great having her back.

Well Ric Flair is back as usual he makes for interesting TV. Instead of having that pointless little segment in the back wouldn’t it have been nice especially in Horseman country to have Double A and Barry Windham come down to ringside to support Flair. It would have made the finish they used even more of a swerve. I am sure everyone would have been waiting for one of the Horseman to make their move.

Is Melina getting worse as a worker and is it just me or is Mickie James just sizzling hot?

How about the fact that two of the more entertaining people in WWE are less than six feet tall Hornswoggle and Santino Marella? I don’t believe either one will ever draw you a dime but they at least don’t bore me to tears

I am a big Ron Simmons fan and consider him a friend but something has to be done to spice up his segments a change is in order or consider that horse has been beat to death.

Its really a crime that the tag team division is treated the way that it is. They could really have a quite a division. Well what do I know I’m sure creative knows best, or Vince, or Stephanie btw who is it that really writes this crap?

One night I was refereeing in Baltimore for the NWA and I was to run down and count a pin when Lex Luger did a sunset flip from the outside on the World Champion Ric Flair. As far as I knew it was a straight DQ, you see Flair has thrown Luger over the top rope shortly before. I hit the ring Tommy Young was down from some bump that he took. When I counted the pin the place erupted and it was packed. I went over to check on Tommy Young and he told me to have the announcer announce Lex Luger as the winner and the new World Champion I said, Huh are you kidding? Well Tommy and I didn’t really see eye to eye and he said would you just go do it. So I went over there and Gary Michael Capetta looked at me, like are you sure? I said yeah that’s what he told me. Well, he announced it and the people went nuts again. Then Tommy leaped up and reversed the decision. I was a WWE guy and wasn’t used to these Dusty type finishes yet. The people hated Tommy and on the way back and for a few minutes I was the best referee in the NWA at least to the people in the crowd. I have another of these kinds of stories for you in the near future

I was sitting in an IHOP this morning and I look out the window and who is walking up to the door but “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. I approached Ted and reintroduced myself from the WrestleReunion event in Tampa. I knew the chances of him recognizing me with my Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake hair style was very slim. We sat down and had a long chat. I reminded Ted of our initial meetings when I first started in the business and of his matches that I watched when he was a young baby face and the North American Heavyweight Champion. At the same time a guy names Jim Allen who Ted actually went to school with stopped by the table too. It was amazing for Ted picked a restaurant at random and run into two people you know hundreds of miles from where you live.

In my Nov 16th article I referenced the Matt Hardy situation that we had at WrestleReunion. When I spoke to Matt, he made it clear that the office said that he couldn’t make our show. What was really frustrating about this was once again they waited until the last minute to address the situation. I asked Matt if it was ok with him if I spoke to Johnny Ace myself. He said that it was fine. I had known Johnny long ago when he was the Sheepherders flag bearer. I was able to work things out with Johnny and the WWE agreed to let Matt appear. I appreciated WWE doing the right thing and not forcing Matt to back out on his commitment. Hmmm maybe Jerry Lawler should have spoken with Matt and found out how to conduct yourself when you made a commitment to appear somewhere.

The picture with this article is my friend Stan Lane and the late Larry Latham “Moondog Spot”. I am not sure where it was taken but I found it and thought it might be good to run. I know the Fab’s and The Moondogs had a quite a run and I got a chance to work with Spot a few times over the years and drive up and down the road with him

This has been a piece of my mind

“The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente

Maxx Corbin Update!!

----Here is a pic of Maxx Corbin’s X-ray of his ankle. If you look close at the circled part, then you can see the crack. Ouch!! This happened during the “Genocide” vs “Asylum” [Arnez/Psycho] at the end. “Asylum” were doing their finisher [“straight to hale”], which is a cobra clutch russian leg sweep big boot combo. It was just a freak accident as Corbin told RRO this afternoon, “I was waiting for the boot to make contact to take the bump. And it got almost to me and Psycho went back. I wasn't ready to bump. I was about a second behind what they were apparently. So with my left leg planted, Psycho fell back and the only thing holding me and him up was my ankle. Not blaming him though. It was just a timing thing. When the timing is off you can get hurt doing a drop toe hold.” Corbin is expected to be off from 6 to 8 weeks if it heals correctly. If there seems to be problems with the healing process, then they will have to do surgery. Corbin told me that his myspace has been busy these last few days and a lot of e-mails. He said, “Please mention that I appreciate all the supportive calls and emails I've gotten.” Best wishes from RRO on a speedy recovery.

Monday, November 26, 2007

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 11.22.07

*TV Champ Thorn opinned Adam York
*Alyx Winters pinned Mike Cooper with his feet on the ropes
*Ray Idol battled The Desciple to a 15 Minute Draw
*Misty and Beau James beat Jamey Gibson and Rebecca Lynn
*Robbie Cassidy beat Tracy Smothers
*Tony Givens & Moe Jenkins beat Wayne Daniels & Nick Hamonds w/ Barbie in a Street Fight
*Chris Richards & Bryan Wayne beat Beau James & Wayne Adkins with help from Disciple,and Winters. Beau James was tarred and feathered after the match!!

----$1,500 gate...Next SSW Card is Christmas Night in Kingsport.

Don't Forget Tommorow Night!!!

Check out this week's edition of Cheap Heat Radio when we will be joined by the brand new Full Throttle Wrestling Champion and star of IWA Mid South, IWA Deep South, Juggalo Championshit Wrestling and countless other promotions none other than the "Mental Messiah" Insane Lane. We'll talk to the Insane One about all sorts of topics including the upcoming IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 2007, his recent debut in JCW, Deathmatch haters, and who the hell knows what else! Followed by a call from Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor who will be talking about his match with Chikara Pro's "Funky Pharoah" Amasis, PLUS we'll also hear comments from "the Savior' Shawn Reed about his 4 Way Main Event against Ricochet, Chris Styles, and Chuck Taylor. A loaded show so check us out this Tuesday night at 10pm central, at http://www.blogtalkradio/cheapheat

ALSO: A huge announcement about next week's show! Don't miss it!

RassleResults: "Thanksgiving Throwdown" MAW Memphis, TN 11.25.07

Rockin Randy def. Dell Tucker and Shannon Lee in a triple threat match

“Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] def. “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] (this is where Maxx was hurt)

Reno Diamond Vs Tatt2 was a no contest after both men pinned their shoulders to the mat.

Derrick King, Rockin Randy, and Johnny Dotson made their way to the ring to say that have put a nail into the coffin of MAW and after tonight, it was done. KC Gold's music hit, but he was no where to be seen. The lights went off a few at a time until it was dark in the arena with one light on the ring until a spotlight in the balcony came on showing KC Gold, where he was the last show bleeding. He had 3 men with their backs turn as he talked with Derrick and them. Over the course of the interview, it was reveled that tonight’s main event would be a 6 man with Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, and Rockin Randy taking on KC hand picked wrestlers - Rude, Alan Steel, and Carnage Antwane. The light in the balcony turned off as his music played again and then the lights came back on in the Daisy with the balcony emptied again.

“Black Label Society” [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley] def. Jon Michael and Precious

The Gladiator def. Ike Turner

Slim Pickens def. Tommy Redneck, Big Country, and Idol Bane

Flash Flanagan def. TGB, Chris Lexx, and Danny B. Good to become the Unified Champion of MAW, LAW, IWA, and TLCW.

King, Randy, and Dotson def. Antwane, Steel, and Rude when Derrick superkicked Carnage and pinned him. After the match, KC Gold made the announcement that Armageddon had come for Derrick King. Out came two VERY huge men, one in a black mask and the other not, and they chokeslammed Dotson, Randy, and Derrick on a few times before the night was over.

----60 to 80 in the building with a gate close to $600. This was one of their biggest crowds…I was told the Lawler had to “rescheduled”?? Not sure what that was about??...Jon Michael and Precious must have made a hell of a team. LOL…Flash is the perfect person to become the first Unified Champion of these groups. It would be good for Memphis Wrestling to recognize this title and then they would have a good singles champion. They will also have to reinstate him to LAW after his “Loser Leave Town” loss Friday night, because he is their Champion now also.

Check out -

$10,000 Battle Royale Challenge from LAW 11.23.07

----Here is the video from the battle royal at the "Thanksgiving Throwdown" at LAW Friday night. I have not watched the video yet, so I am not sure how it will come off on video, but as a live event it was one of the better Battle Royals that I have ever seen.

Maxx Corbin Out??

----Word I am getting is that Maxx Corbin [aka "Hurriance" Maxx on Memphis Wresting] maybe have suffered a fratured ankle last night at the MAW "Thanksgiving Throwdown" card. If so, then expect him to be out for a couple of months. I will have an update on this as soon as I get more news.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 11.24.07

10 Bell Salute with all the workers in the ring for NBW Referee Barry Harber

Allen Walker called out Jeremy Moore and told him that he had a tag match against the Riot Squad later on and wanted to know if he had a partner. About that time, Jimmy Tidwell came to ringside and asked Moore if he knew what he was getting into? Moore told him that after he was done with Tank & Rob Justice, he was coming after Mark Justice and the NBW Heavyweight title and after that, he was coming after Tidwell. Tidwell then told Moore that he begged to differ and that he had a little surprise for Moore. About that time, Rob Justice, Tank & Mark Justice hit the ring and beat down Moore. J. Weezy came to the ring and tried to help out Moore but also got beat down. Riot Squad left the 2 lying with Allen Walker looking on.

Baron Malkavain & Phoenix X defeated NBW Tag-Team Champions "Hot Boy" John Roberts & Suicidal Youth w/ The K.I.D. by DQ

Big Red defeated Crazy Train after Mark Justice came out and threw water in Crazy Train’s face and Red delivered a big boot and chokeslam.

The Riot Squad ("The Law" Rob Justice & Tank) w/ Jimmy Tidwell defeated "Upset Kid Jeremy Moore & "Superman" Jason Reed when Tank threw Moore to the outside and Mark Justice laid him out with a belt shot to the back and made Moore watch the Riot Squad double team Reed. Justice & Tank gave Reed a double spine buster and Tank finished him off with a big splash letting Rob Justice make the pin. After the match, the Riot Squad began beating on Reed and Weezy, who was at ringside until Moore came back from the locker room with Christian Jacobs and a steel chair with the Riot Squad taking a powder

Cruzin 4 Pain (Motley Cruz & 187) & J.R. Manson defeated "Real Deal" Tim Edwards, "Southern Outlaw" Kilo & "Pretty Sexy" Gaylon Ray

NBW Heavyweight Champion "The Enforcer" Mark Justice defeated "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs to retain the title. After the match the Riot Squad hit the ring and started beating on Jacobs when Big Money Gripp's old Ca$hFlow music started playing. Jimmy Tidwell told the Squad to get to the back and he would get to the bottom of this charade and find out what’s going on.

----Around 60 paying with 70 - 80 people in the building. a gate of close to $375… The Memorial show for Barry Harber has been moved to Sunday December 16th. All proceeds will go to Mrs. Alice, Barry's widow…Please tell me that they are not pushing for Moore to win the belt from Justice?? After this huge monster push for Justice, and then a kid to beats him??

Arena Report: "Thanksgiving Throwdown" Ripley, TN 11.24.07

----The third leg of the “Thanksgiving Throwdown” tour was Saturday night and the last one for me of this tour. The show was packed and maybe too packed with what I was hearing close to 50 wrestlers on the show.

----Rude/AJ Bradley beat Brian Steele/Pokerface and Ike Turner/Robbie Douglas and the “Asylum” [Arnez/Psycho] in a 4-Corner Tag Team Match becoming the TLCW Tag Team Champions. Poker is way over. “Asylum” got a good reaction coming out at a new arena. The TLCW fans had no idea what to make of them, but were cheering them by the end. Poker knocked Rude off the ring apron ending with AJ Bradley pinning Poker. [**]

----“Rockin’ Randy beat Chris Lexx with Sue Young in a match for the Hardcore Title. Nothing hardcore about it except maybe a chair. Not as good as I expected. The crowd were giving Young hell and she has good heat. I am not sure if the crowd is buying Randy as a baby. Randy superkicked Lexx while he was holding a chair for the pin and win. [**]

----Battle Royal with Tommy Redneck, Idol Bane, Gladiator, Albino Rhino, Maxx Corbin, Shannon Lee, Seth Knight, Dell Tucker and Cody Melton. Who did I miss because that is only 9 and I thought it was a 10-Man?? They finished the Albino turn with him turning against his partner Maxx. Knight got a big pop for winning, but this match was lackluster. [*]

----Bill Dundee beat Kevin White with Sue Young. “Two Dollar Hoe” chant was really bad during this match at Young. White had great heat here for a guy that is not at this show a lot. This was pretty much the same match from the last two nights. Good old school match. I think the work was a little less than the other two nights, but the heat was worth their [**1/2] rating.

----Flex beat Matt Foley. The less said about this bout the better off I will be. Foley is not even over anymore. Flex tried, but after the entrance – no heat and nobody cared and it was not Flex’s fault. [DUD]

----Alan Steele beat Tatt2. This is another bout that I expect more out of. Some good spots, but Steele doesn’t seem to have the heat that a heel needs. Tatt2 is over, but not after the music. Steele powerbombed him hard on his head for the win. [**]

----Derrick King beat Jerry Lawler. Lawler was heel here and talked on the mic putting down Ripley, TN and the fans for about 10 minutes. Lawler is perfect at this. This was total old school with Lawler giving King a little at the front of the match and then all heat on DK. Lawler did a piledriver, which he held King up and moved him to all four sides of the ring and then piledrove him. After a ref bump, Alan Steele hit Lawler on mistake. Then Lawler hit Steele by mistake and DK rolled Lawler up from behind for the pin. [**1/2]

----TLCW Title Match: “I Quit” Match – Flash Flanagan beat “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. Not as good as expected, but the best bout of the show at this point. Flash did his signature springboard armtwist. Flash flew between the ropes hitting TGB into the chairs. They fought to the announcer’s table and Flash threw TGB off the table [which was about 10 ft in the air to a table down below and TGB took a hard bump. Flash did an awesome springboard press off a chair he put in the ring. He then set TGB up in the chair and went for a somersault and missed it totally destroying the chair. TGB did an elbow from the top rope along with other near falls. Ref Tavian Robertson took a chair away from Flash and Flash threw him down and looked like some real hard shoot kicks to his back kicking him out of the ring. Ref Bill Rush finished the match. TGB went for the “Goldi-lock”, but Flash reversed I and TGB said “I quit” with Flash winning belt. [***1/4]

----“Loser Leave Town” – Special Ref – Dell Tucker - Dustin Starr beat Jon Michael in the best match of the show. Good solid work to start the match. They went outside the ring with Michael hitting a crossbody off the announcer’s desk to the floor on Starr. Starr got thrown into the seats clearing a whole section of fans. Starr hit a german suplex. Starr/Michael were fighting on the top turnbuckle with Starr getting thrown off and Michael did a frogsplash across the ring. Starr used a crippler cross face. Michael did an elbow drop from the top rope. Michael even hit a moonsault at one point. Michael was doing the 10 punch spot in the corner, when Starr just manhandled him off and it ended up in a side powerbomb type slam. Michael was going to use a chair on Starr, but Tucker grabbed it and then Starr rolled him up for the win. Tucker then smashed Michael with the chair after match and Starr threw him out of the ring. As they were celebrating with the Tucker turn, Tim Grind’s music started to play and out ran Grind bumping Tucker/Starr and sending them out of the ring. Crowd left happy. [****]


----230 paid with probably around 250 in this small building. Gate was in the $1600 range…They are doing some kind of partners are not partners for the tag team titles. Yes, it is confusing to me too. LOL…Psycho’s punches at Poker in the corner had the crowd going. Poker was selling like he was dead…DK seem to adjust himself in his tights and IT seem to be sticking out, so Lawler said – See how excited he gets when wrestling me!! LOL…Loved the finish of the TGB/Flash bout…I sit in the bleachers, except for the last two bouts. It is uncomfortable place to be in this arena. People jumping up and down on you and no respect that you are actually trying to watch the matches. Security guards were also in the way a lot. I had to tell one of them more than once to move, so I could see…Jon Michael ties Stan Lee with 3 [****] bouts for the year and Dustin Starr gets his first ever [****] bout…If I was TLCW I would use Kevin White on a regular basis or at least twice or so a month. He had more heat than a lot of their regular heels...Show was way too long. I believe the Lawler vs DK bout was going in the ring at 10 PM with two matches left. I left the building around Midnight…I wanted blood in the “I Quit” match and as one of the workers said, it needed more work on submission holds…Thanks to cast and crew for the all three nights of great hostility and respect. Fun was had by all.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 11.23.07

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore

Chazz & Kid J defeated Chop & Lil' Devil.

"Extreme" Brett Michaels defeated Cassanova Kid.

Crazy-N-Sexy (Curly Moe & J-Kid) defeated Tysin Starr & Devon Raynes. If ever there was a dysfunctional tag team, it was Starr & Raynes.

"Prime Time" Nick Grymes defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony "The Weasel" Watts. Taylor thought he had the match won when he used a chain on Grimes, but then dropped the chain. The referee ordered the match restarted, and Grimes pinned Taylor for the win four seconds later.

Parental Advisory (Scott Porteau/Tony Dabbs) & TFW Champion Max Steele defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles, Josh Matthews, & T-Byrd).

RassleResults: SAW Millersville, TN 11.230.07

----Indian Outlaw b Jason James Chris Bomb b Ying Jang, Rick Santel b T.J. Harley, Indian Outlaw b Kory Williams, Arrick Andrews b A.M. Vision.

----This is the group that runs just a few miles from Tony Falk's USWO. I did not get an attenance number, but in other weeks they were drawing close to the same number or better than Falk.


RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 11.23.07

Cousin Jason X b JC Crowe

Damien Payne b Jeremy Travis (Travis had wrestled in USWO a few years back as "Craziness")

Eric Star NC Shane Smalls when Tim Renesto ran in and attacked both

New York Gangster b Tim Renesto in a fan lumberjack match

USWO Champion Michael Jablonski b Chris Michaels

LT Falk & Jerry Lynn b Chuck Taylor & Mitch Ryder when Lynn pinned Ryder

After the match, the suspended Mark Anthony runs out and attacks Lynn. The locker room empties and separates the two.

----91 in the crowd with a gate close to $900

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 11.24.07

----Corey Maclin opened the show before going to the crowd telling the fans that the father of Koko Ware, JW Ware 77 years old, passed away the day before Thanksgiving.

----Maclin shows the clips from last week of the Ali/Brian Christopher angle. Reggie B Fine video interview saying he is suing Brian C because he lied last week. Then he rambled on and I am not sure what he was talking about. He then took a drink of what he called homemade corn whiskey and said that Corey Maclin’s daddy made. LOL

----Derrick King/Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon. Good interview with DK putting over “Too Kool 2” and even the Ali/Brian C angle. They also have a best 2 out of 3 falls match – Winner gets Southern Tag Team Title Match Shot – later in the show.

----Fire/Flame beat Dustin Starr/Tatt2. Good psychology. Good match. Heat started when Flame hit Starr from outside the ring and Fire hit him with closeline. Tatt2 looked a bit confused at this point. Tatt2 hit the 619 on Fire and had him pinned, but Flame loaded his mask and hit him, so Fire could pin him.

----“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. Real good interview.

----Kevin White with Sue Young beat Chris Lexx. Garry White comes out and joins Corey. Heat started when Lexx grabbed Young and White got him from behind. Lexx had a bit of comeback, but White cut him off, then used his finisher “Whitehouse Neckbreaker” for the win. Good match.

----“Opening The Vault” with “Salute to Fallen Superstars” video. Andy Kaufman, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Bam Bam Bigelow, Billy Joe Travis, Bruiser Brody, Curt Hennig, Dream Machine, Eddie Gilbert, Joe Luduc, Junkyard Dog, Moondog Spot, Plowboy Frazier, Ric Rude, Ricky Gibson, Hawk, Sam Bass, Sputnik Monroe, and Tojo Yamamoto were featured.

----Brian C interview. Brian talks about his suit getting messed up from the red juice last week and Brian says that he wants Ali to come out and apologize. Ali comes out. Brian tells Ali to get on his hands and knees and say that throwing the juice was an accident. Ali does not apologize and throws the Southern Tag Title down and says that Ali can have both belts. As Ali bends down, Brian C hits him with a trashcan lid and starts to beat on him with it. Babyfaces come out and make the save. Angle was good.

----2 out of 3 Falls: Shot at Southern Tag Team Titles – “TK 2” vs Dotson/DK with Rashard. 1st Fall was all babyface shine. Double down after Grind hit a spinebuster on Dotson. Hot tag to Flex, which ended with them doing their finisher followed by Rashard hitting Flex with the laptop with Dotson pinning Flex. 2cnd Fall was all heat on Flex. TK2 tried to do their finisher, but Flex was clipped by Dotson with DK falling on him for the quick pin. Too rushed, but a good match.


----Fire/Flame match went longer than it was suppose to…While Mr. White joined Maclin they were talking about “fallen legends”, when White said don’t mention Tojo Yamamoto because he don’t like Japanese. LOL BTW, at the live events the Mr.White/Young work together more than on TV…Lexx is managed by Young at TLCW in Ripley, TN…It was good seeing the guys honored, but the song with the “fallen superstarts” just did not fit the clips. A lot of clips of Power Pro Wrestling were featured. [very clear quality stuff] One clip was shown of Hawk vs Lawler from the PPW studio…11 minutes left in the show and they still had 2 minutes left of commercials to end the show and they bring out the teams for the 2 out of 3 falls match…Best I can figure out, Flex was suppose to kick out of that 2cnd fall of the match. LOL DK/Dotson vs Ali and ??? next week for the tag straps…Dressing rumors here are that Dotson pushed for Starr to get the JR, so him/DK will be the tag team champions…For the babyface save on Ali, Cody Melton & The Grappler came out. Both are students of Kevin White. Grappler was not wearing his mask! Kayfabe!! LOL…Another good show.

Changes for MAW "Thanksgiving Showdown"

----MAW show at 5:00 PM today Unification Match has a new participant as Flash Flanagan won the TLCW Title last night beating "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony in a "I Quit Match" Match in Ripley, TN. Flash will join the Unification Match now with Flash [TLCW Champ] vs Danny B Good [IWA] vs TGB [LAW] vs MAW [Chris Lexx]. Also this is not 100% confirmed, but after last night's show it looks like it will be Alan Steele/Jerry Lawler vs Derrick King/Kevin White in another bout on the show. I will have full Arena Report of TLCW from last night posted later today.

GTW is done!!

----I was being told tonight that Golden Triangle Wrestling promotion out of West Point, MS is done. Last night was their last show as they have folded. Apparently no one showed up at the show and none of the workers got paid either.