Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dustin Starr Debuts @ TFW!!

----Dustin Starr made a surprise appearance last night at TFW in Tupelo, MS. Apparently he jumped in during a Neil Taylor vs Chris Kilgore match and shot an angle. Taylor/Starr beat up Kilgore and set up a match for next week with Taylor/Starr vs Kilgore/Mystery Partner. Good to see Starr branching out and he has a lot of potiental with various guys in this promotion – Kilgore, Taylor, Tony Dabbs, Scott Porteau and Chris Styles would all be good foes for Starr. Starr is scheduled for both TLCW and NBW tonight. Word I am getting is that Starr has been pretty much fired from TLCW, but since his originally agreement was to work TLCW tonight, he will show up there first tonight. Starr is scheduled in the main event as special ref at NBW’s “New Blood Eve 2007”.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 12.28.07

Slim Pickens over Baron Malkavain by DQ
Dell Tucker over Johnny Vinyl
Brandon Espinosa over Rockin' Randy
Idol Bane over Brandon Espinosa
Arnez over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

---60 plus paid with gate around $300...As the ref was trying to keep Baron from biting Slim, Baron pushed him down resulting in DQ. After the match Baron continued trying to bite Slim, Security came to help but Baron turned his attention to them. They all scattered, one security guard fell and Baron went to bite him before Slim made the save by throwing Baron out of the ring...After Espinosa defeated Rockin' Randy, Idol Bane made his way to the ring. He got on the mic and said since DK wasn't here and he sees some "New Blood" in the ring, he is issuing a challenge but to accept you would have to be "Fearless". Espinosa pointed out that his tights say "No Fear" and then punched Idol to start this impromptu match...Jeff O'Dell said that since TGB hadn't been acting like a champion as of late that it was time for some "Tough Love". Jeff also told Greg that he was dangerously close to be deleting off Jeff's myspace friends list. TGB got counted out but Jeff came and said that it wasn't going to be that easy. Jeff restarted the match this time with NO Count Outs. TGB then hit Arnez with a steel chair getting DQ'd. Jeff came out again and restarted the match again with NO Count Outs/ NO DQ. TGB went to hit Arnez with a crowbar when Arnez lifted him into a firemen's carry then ended with TGB getting Morphine Dropped. After the match, Jeff once again verbally abused TGB for his loss. Then Jeff pushed TGB. TGB grabbed Jeff and pushed him into the corner and told Jeff "If you put you hands on me again, I'll knock your block off!" TGB said that him are still BFF and Jeff needed to talk, so TGB asked Jeff if he wanted to go to Huddle House and work some things out? They left together.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Piece of my Mind Dec 28th, 2007-by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

There has been a lot of talk about Memphis Wrestling not being filmed live for awhile. It has been suggested that, perhaps, the company will be shutting down. I don’t know if it will or it won’t. What I do know is that currently the indication is that it will not be shut down. I do think that what everyone needs to get comfortable with is that Memphis Wrestling is a business for TV 30.

I am not saying that there may not be some emotional connection with some of the staff and Memphis Wrestling because I’m sure there is. What I do know is that business is made up of red and black ink and, especially in these tougher economic times, that will be the deciding factor. If there is no contract that says that new programming will be produced for a certain number of weeks than the company is basically on a week to week deal. If there is no contract than there is no legal obligation to inform Corey Maclin of what the real intentions for the long term are. Of course someone may argue that there is a moral obligation on the part of the station to Corey and the people of Memphis to tell it to them straight. I would say that I agree that there is a moral obligation. However, I am not sure that morality flows through TV30 or Memphis Wrestling. I am not even sure if anyone knew that the programming was going to be canceled in say four weeks that anyone would do anything impactful with that information. The only people this would really affect other than the workers, who like being on TV, is Corey and Jerry Lawler. There is no one else making any money off of these TV’s. For the most part, Corey doesn’t run house shows. When he does the payoff’s aren’t enough to make it worth the trip for most of the talent.

I am sure, as the weeks go by and things are evaluated, the story will start to unfold. Until then, if you are interested in keeping Memphis Wrestling on the air, do the things that fans do. Let the station know that you care about the product. If you don’t give your input or feedback then you should be satisfied with the decisions that are made. Either way the product is not very good under the current structure. I don’t think that the product, per say, is the answer. Wrestling fans watch Wrestling good or bad. I think times are just changing and decisions are being made if you want a voice use your voice. This may not affect many people financially. But emotionally, if Memphis Wrestling does go away I am sure many workers and fans will suffer.

I am glad to see that Dlo Brown got a job with TNA. I had Dlo on a WrestleReunion event. I found him to be a total class act and I like the choice of him working behind the scenes at TNA. I don’t know what his intentions are towards being in the ring but if he was properly and not OVER USED I believe that he can be some help in front of the cameras as well.

FLASHBACK: I had finally convinced Stan Lane to come out of retirement for the first WrestleReunion event in Tampa. It took a lot of talking friends or no friends Stan really didn’t want to do too much anymore. I finally got him to agree to team up with Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey and Jim Cornette. This would be the first time that the four of them had teamed up like that.

It wasn’t long after that we got in conversation with Corey Maclin, I didn’t know Corey at the time or Jimmy Hart, but I had worked with him on a few occasions. I did feel I had some sort of acquataince with Jerry Lawler. But as I found out in a Tunica, Ms court room, he had no recollection of our working together numerous times in the past. The idea was to have The Fabulous Ones team up with Corey against Jerry “The King” Lawler and The Rock and Roll Express. I really wanted a chance to work in the Mid-South Coliseum and, if Stan was going to come back anyway, why not have this match which looked great on paper?. The territory was doing real well with these legend shows at the time as well.

We eventually came to a conclusion that Stan would do it. Corey was going to let me referee and I booked Krissy Vaine and Amber O’Neal Team Blondage on the show as well. Well as it got closer it to the date it was become clear that Steve Keirn wasn’t going to make it to the show. They asked The Fabulous Jackie Fargo to take Keirn’s place. I was excited because I had never seen Jackie work before. I have to say it was a really good six man tag. The Rock and Roll and Lawler worked real hard. I will say that Jackie gave it his all and the people were behind him. He could have gone out there and done nothing but he really reached down and did all that he could.

The next day Jackie and I were both flying back to Charlotte so I got to chat with him for a while. We had met on a few occasions before but I had a whole new respect for him. This was also the night that I got Jimmy Hart to agree to appear at WrestleReunion and be the play by play guy for our matches. I wanted Lance Russell to do color and Lance had already told me if Jimmy didn’t do it he wouldn’t be very inclined to do it either. I took that as no Jimmy than I would have no Lance and I’m sure that’s what it meant. It all worked out and I got a chance to referee a few matches in the Mid –South Coliseum. I had the girls tag match of course and a match that had a baby face Kevin White taking on Too Cool 2. I don’t remember the story line but Dundee came down to help him during the match since he was out there alone. I can remember being impressed by Kevin he was a good babyface it was a good match. I recall Dundee just having fun like most veterans do in those kinds of matches. I had been in those situations for years. The other match I was involved in was a Battle Royal it was won by a midget in a Chucky match. Oh the memories that this business gives us.

The picture with this article of Stan Hansen and Hulk Hogan has probably never been seen this was taken in the late 70's in Hamburg PA where the then WWF used to do its Wednesday night TV Tapings. The fans would normally be within ten feet of where Hulk and Stan Hansen were sitting.

This has been a piece of my mind

by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Listen To The Year End Special Now!!

----As mentioned, the show is for download on the main "Cheap Heat Radio" site, but I have also embedded a player directly in the RRO AWARDS RACE 2007 BLOG. Hit the link in the upper right and enjoy the show!!



----Cheap Heat Radio Survey: Which wrestler came off as knowing the LEAST about the business?? The visitors have spoken and it looks like Leveigh came off looking worse than anyone on the radio show. As I said, I thought he was doing pretty well at the first, but then he started to get real cocky. He scored 52% of the vote with the four other guys 48%. In his defense Anton is younger than any of the other guys and has a lot to learn about this business.

Anton Leveigh – 52%
Dustin Starr – 17%
Loose Cannon 14%
Derrick King 10%
Stan Lee 7%


----Dave Meltzer stated a day this week about himself working on a story for this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltz stated, “We are working on an Observer story, kind of stemming from next week's Greensboro story, looking at the most famous/important wrestling match by city. For those of you who are long-time fans, I'm interested in your feedback on, in your city (limit it to fairly major wrestling cities), what is remembered culturally as the biggest or most memorable wrestling match, and perhaps why. We're looking not for the best match, but for the matches that for, whatever reason, seem to have stood the test of time.” So I shot a few people that I consider big Memphis marks and we came up with these 5 choices. Well, actually Memphis historian Mark James [] was a big help with dates and suggestions. So here goes…

*Sputnik Monroe vs Billy Wicks, Aug 17, 1959, attendance 13,749, former boxing champ Rocky Marciano was the ref. Held in Memphis at Russwood Park (local baseball stadium at the time.)

*1st Jerry Jarrett card after the split w/ Nick Gulas, Jerry Lawler vs Bob Armstrong in the main event, stretcher match May 20, 1977

*Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee (Bev Dundee loses hair): Sep 13, 1977

*Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman (1st match): Aug 05, 1982

*Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol (hair) Cage Match: Apr 27, 1987

*Jerry Lawler beats Curt Hennig for AWA World belt May 09, 1988:

Cheap Heat- 12/28/07 by Gene Jackson


First off I wanna say thanks to Brian and Derrick for doing today's show when I wasn't able due to the tornados/storms in the area knocking my power for a few hours. Also thanks to everyone that called in, I got a chance to listen to the show around 2pm and I thought it was a good show. I looked at the numbers and even with all the confusion with moving forward an hour and everything there were still a lot of live listeners and a bunch of downloads already. The show is doing really well and I'm glad the listeners and the workers alike have taken to it and it's being used the way I had hoped. I look forward to a lot of great shows this coming year. However having mainly focused on the radio show the past couple of months I haven't done much writing so let's get to it so I still qualify for 'columnist of the year.' Speaking of that I'm very honored to be nominated again this year for his award and hope I win it this year, but if not it's cool that enough people read my stuff and like it enough to nominate me. Sal does a great job on his columns and he would be deserving of winning the award. I enjoy Trent's board and I read a lot of his postings but I've never really considered him a "columnist" so much as a guy who posts news stories and results, and comments on them. Not intended as a knock on him at all, that's just how I've always seen it. Good luck to both. (Who am I kidding, f*** them, vote for me!!)


I picked this new WWE dvd up when I was in Wal-Mart the other day and I have to say another first class production from WWE home video. No matter how many times I hear the tragic Von Erich story on these documentaries it's still hard to believe. Poor Kevin, the guy handles it as well as anyone possibly could. How you could live through all that loss and still be able to put a positive spin on things and not be bitter is pretty amazing. On the wrestling side of things it's always great to go back and relive some of the great action from the WCCW days. While Michael Hayes comes off a bit arrogant here, you can't deny that the Freebirds were the Original groundbreaking heel "group" in wrestling and their feud with the Von Erichs was legendary. The Freebirds were the perfect combination. Gordy was the bad ass, Hayes was the talker, and Roberts took the bumps and the pinfalls. They were so damn good and while they were great in Mid South for Watts as well, they were never as good anywhere else as they were in Texas. So many great stars came out of that area and so many are gone now due to the drugs and fast lifestyles that they lived and this documentary was very open and honest about that. If you get the chance to check this out be sure and do so cause it's a really great dvd.


I've seen the Kevin Nash and Scott Hall shoots that RF Video did this year but the other night I watched one they filmed together. Even though it's not popular thing to say I've always been a HUGE mark for these guys. While I'm as old school as anyone and grew up on Memphis and Continental and so on. When I got trained and broke into wrestling in '97 was at the height of the Monday Night Wars and my heroes were the Outsiders. First off I loved the whole angle of guys coming in from New York to invade WCW, it was brilliant. The main thing that stuck out to me about the though was you could watch them and tell they were out there having fun. It was two guys who were buddies out there having fun and doing and saying things they weren't always supposed to. So as much as I was old school work wise in the ring I patterned myself after those two cause that's what I wanted to do, I wanted to do what I wanted and have fun. Of course that attitude hurt me WAY more than it ever helped but that's another story for another day. So anyway I enjoyed this shoot cause listening to them confirmed most of the things I always thought, they came off that way cause that's what they were doing. Listening to them was funny causeI would imagine if anyone ever did an interview with Neil Taylor and I together there would be a lot of simularities (except they were making millions of dollars and we were getting five bucks to "split" from Rodney Grimes) but as the attitude and the do things the way we wanted mentality. It was a good shoot, nothing really groundbreaking or anything you haven't heard in some form before but entertaining none the less. These guys get a lot of heat but you can't argue with the fact they drew a shitload of money in their day and the nWo angle would have never taken off without them. Unfortunately this was taped well before the recent TNA no show and the backstage blowup with Nash/Samoa Joe. I'd love to hear Nash's take on that whole situation.


Speaking of my heroes another of my favorites Bobby "the Brain" Heenan is the hospital having undergone a 2nd reconstructive surgery on his jaw after the first surgery was not successful. Hopefully this procedure will take, Bobby is in a medically induced coma and will be brought out of it slowly this week and will remain hospitalized for a another 2 to 3 weeks. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for a true legend in the biz.

Well that's all for now, be sure and tune in to the next Cheap Heat Radio on Jan 7th at 10am when our guest will be Ali Stevens. Also, make sure starting on Jan. 1rst you vote for the RRO Year End Awards!



----I would like to personally thank my co-host for the special “Awards” edition of “Cheap Heat Radio” – Derrick King. Thanks also to Pokerface and Dustin Starr for sticking around for about 90% of the show. Thanks to Gene Jackson for getting me set up and ready to go within in 10 minutes. LOL Thanks to everyone that called in!! I apologize to all you guys that tried to call in, but did not get through because of us being on an hour late. If you did not hear the show, then it is available for download - CLICK HERE!! Nominees will be announced on the RRO AWARDS RACE BLOG on Sunday afternoon.

RassleResults: Southern States Wrestling Kingsport, TN 12.25.07

*Chris Richards beat Matt Stevens
*MIke Cooper beat Joe LaCross
*Bryan Wayne beat Mike Blade
*The Disciple w/ John Hawkins pinned Tracy Smothers after using the loaded boot
*Rebecca Lynn and Jamey Gibson beat Beau and Misty James
*National Champion Robbie Cassidy beat Alyx Winters
*Beau James, Tony Givens, Wayne Adkins and Jimmy Valiant beat Richards,Wayne, Disciple and Hawkins

----$1380 house...Wild Night, 2 Matches had fans coming after Hawkins...Valiant was way over. I think 24/7 has him reaching a new fan base...They gave a way a free vaction to lucky ticket holder from Heritage travel.

Shows of The Weekend 12.28 to 12.29.07


----TONIGHT!! Jackson, TN 7:30 PM Tigrett Middle School Derrick King, Doug Gilbert, Stan Lee, Bill Dundee, Sue Young, Kevin White, Sarge O'Riley, Little Extreme, Little Devil, Tim Grind, Jamie Dundee - Main Event: Kevin White and 101.5 evening talk show host Dan Reeves w Sue Young and Garry White vs. Bill Dundee and 101.5 4:00pm show host George B. This is a hair vs, hair match. One of the host will get a haircut.

----TONIGHT!! for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN…Kid Kash, LT Falk, Mark Anthony, Chris Michaels, Michael Jablonski, Anthony Cevantes, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge, Tim Renesto, New York Gangster, Damien Payne, Kevin Dunn, Petey Wright, JC Crowe, and more.

----TONIGHT!! for SAW in Millersville, TN Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie], …Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, AM Vision, Hammerjack, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----TONIGHT!! in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express,Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----TONIGHT!! for LAW Rector, AR Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Stan Lee, Psycho, Arnez, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane, Jeff O’Dell, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and many more.

----TONIGHT!! for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Max Steele,Nick Grymes, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Shawn Reed, Chris Styles, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Tatt2, Tim Grind, Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Brian Steele, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele,. “Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], “Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude],Sue Young and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN “New Year Blood Eve 2007”Kilo, Mark Justice, Tim Edwards, Tank, Dustin Starr, Jeremy Moore, Gaylon Ray, Motley Cruz, 187, Robert Justice, Phoenix X, John "Biscuit" Roberts, and more.

----Saturday night @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:30 PM in Danny B Goode, Big Jim Business, Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dre Black,.....All taking place this Saturday night bell time 7:30 tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Rodney Mack, Jazz, Ali Stevens, Acid,Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch,Wild Bill, X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane, San Francisco Treat with Rottn Randy,Tim Hanson, and more.

11:00 AM

----I am sorry but due to what Gene said below and I was at a job interview, the show will now start at 11:00 AM!! Sorry for the confusion. I have a special co-host also.

Today's Cheap Heat Radio Rescheduled!!

Due to the fact that there's a tornado right down the road from my house right now and severe storms my power is out which means I can't use the phone and my laptop has limited battery power left, not to mention the loudest tornado siren known to man blaring outside my window this morning's Cheap Heat Radio is gonna be rescheduled for sometime later today (I WILL POST A TIME AS SOON AS I CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH BRIAN) I know this will make it hard for people to listen live but everyone can download at their leisure. Again I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Check back soon for the rescheduled time.


Cheap Heat Radio 2007 Year End Show at 10am!

Don't forget to tune in at 10am this morning to the Year End Special Edition of Cheap Heat Radio hosted by Brian Tramel and myself (Gene Jackson). It should be an interesting show as we discuss the year's top wrestling news stories as well as unveil the nominees for the RRO Year End Awards for the first time and two days before you can even read them here on the site. We'll also be hearing from some of the nominees on the phone as they join us to tell us what they think about being nominated and tell you why you should vote for them. Last week's show set the record for the most live listeners of any show we've done (in fact almost doubling the previous record) Be sure to join us live and but if you can't listen live, this show and all the past shows are available for download at

A lot of big things are in store for rasslinriotonline and Cheap Heat Radio in 2008, be sure you're a part of it!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Southern All-Star Wrestling, Columbia, Tn 12.25.07

At the National Guard Armory in Columbia with attendance of 296 paying $2720.

"Cowboy" James Storm beat Chris Michaels (with Paul Adams).

"The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant defeated Hammerjack in a Christmas Chain Match.

Homicidal Tendencies (Vic the Bruiser & Kory Williams) beat Tribal Nation (Indian Outlaw & Lennox Lightfoot) to capture the held-up SAW Tag Team Titles.

Arrick Andrews beat AM Vision in 2 out of 3 Falls to retain the SAW TV Title.

Shane Morton beat Big Rig.

SAW returns to Columbia, TN on Saturday, February 2 at Morton's Auction House. The company plans to run Columbia twice a month. Their next big show is set for 1/4 in Millersville, TN with Ugene (Nick Dinsmore) vs Big Rig, Boogie Woogie Boy vs Hammerjack in a cage, Homicidal Tendencies vs Tribal Nation for the SAW tag belts, and Arrick Andrews vs Sean Casey.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

RassleResults: All Pro Productions Kosciusko, MS 12.25.07

Mr. Ebony defeated Jimmy Justice.

"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & Kid-J defeated "The Outlaw" JD McKay & Lil' Devil.

The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) defeated Crazy-N-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe).

Psycho w/Irresistible Danielle defeated Candyman w/Pretty Mary Sunrise.

Brandon Bobwire & Anton Leveigh defeated Bill & Jamie Dundee.

Buff Bagwell & CJ Cash defeated John Saxon (w/Irresistible Danielle) & Tony Dabbs.

Credit: Randall Lewis

Site News!!

----Nominees are done!! Thanks to everyone that nominated. "Cheap Heat Radio" on Friday will feature the complete rundown of the nominees along with the top three honorable mentions. Nominees will then posted on the Awards page on Sunday afternoon. Voting will start on Tuesday. Honorable mention selections [top three candidates that did not get enough votes to be nominated] will be exclusive to "Cheap Heat Radio". So, you will have to listen or download the Friday show to hear it. I have also contacted a ton of guests and hope to have as many on the show as possible discussing their nominations.

----Ratings will be delayed until the first of year like they were last year. We will have the final two weeks of 2007 during the first week of 2008.

----I am not going to promise the return of "Coach's Corner" until after the Yearbook is sent to the printers. I am working exclusively on that and the site. Thanks to everyone that sent photos!! I hope to have at least 300 photos in the book.

FLASHBACK!! 12.24.06

----In the tradition of the holidays, I would like to present Flashback today from last year on Christmas Eve. I was feeling a bit creative and wrote this little thing with help from my daughter Kayte. I figure some of the newer readers have not seen this and it is a bit dated in references, but you might find it funny. You can CLICK HERE for the is a few days late, but here is the new updated version!!


Twas the night before Christmas, the house was high
There were fifty wrestlers there, I would not lie
In the dressing room, the TLCW workers were drinking beer
Hoping that IWA would not be there

The fans were marking out of their heads
Waiting to hear what Dustin Starr said
Out from the back came the new improved Dale Tucker
He had turned on Jon Michael; that Tucker

In the parking lot, arose such a clatter
It was Cody Melton and he is yet to matter
Standing by the window, it was Flash
Thinking I wished I was in Puerto Rico for a Christmas bash

As I looked outside again at the new-fallen snow
I heard, “I am not gay, you know??”
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a black man with blond hair holding a beer
He was so lively and loud
His chest pushed out and he said, “TCLW makes me proud.”

Now Rhythm & Blues !! Now Tatt2!! Now Tim Cummings!! Now TGB!!!
On Genocide!! On Seth Knight!! On Pokerface!! On Stan Lee!!
To the dressing room!! To the ring!! To the mat!!
Now hiptoss!! Now bodyslam!! Now rat!!

As the man made himself the center of the show
The fans were chanting “ Go, DK , Go!!”
He yelled at the fans and said go home
I would rather be here all alone!!

He was dressed all in wrestling gear, from his head to his foot
And his gear was all tarnished with vodka and soot
He wore a big crown on top of his head
“I will be the KING!!”, he proclaimed, only when Lawler is dead

His eyes—they were so blurry!! His speech so slurred!
His cheeks were red as cherry!! His vision was blurred!!
His mouth drooled like a sleeping bear
“Do you know who I am?? Do you care??”

The straw of his drink he held tight in his teeth
And smoke encircled his head like a wreath
Standing behind him were J.Weezy and Rockin Randy
J. Weezy is gone; ain’t it a dandy??

He was colored and blond, a right grumpy man
And I laughed when he said he was the best in the land
A wink in his eye, a twist of his head
Matt Foley was scheduled to wrestle again, oh I dread

He sprang out of the ring, to his crew gave a whistle
And away the workers flew behind him like the down of a thistle
But I heard him exclaim, as some young boy drove him out of site
“Merry Christmas to all, and I am Derrick King….DAMMIT!!’

"The Lighter Side of Riot" Disclaimer: This is my attempt at presenting a “lighter side” of Riot and having fun. If you do not see the humor in it or it doesn’t even make you laugh, then click to the next story. Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


1976 Merry Christmas Memphis Wrestling!!

----I thought everyone would enjoy this and keeps in the tradition of our site. The first clip features a 3-year old Dewayne Johnson.

Monday, December 24, 2007

RassleResults: RPW Metropolis, IL 12.22.07

----Yield Sign Dan beat Soul Train winner Yeild Sign Dan…Hambones 1 and 2 beat Ed Love/Iceman..Southside Brawler beat Mr. Pimptacluar…Jim Casey beat Outlaw Don Bass…Kilo beat 187 winner…Tojo Yamamoto Jr. beat Johnny Lighting in Hair vs. Hair Match and the Main Event No DQ: TW Justice vs. Suicidal Youth – No contest.

----55 paid…They gave $1,200 that helped 25 families have Christmas. Good job guys!!...There was no winner in the main event - match was very extreme with light tubes, ladders, cheese graders etc.The crowd pretty much broke into a riot. Suicidal Youth was going to use a flaming table - when he caught the table on fire fans and workers rushed the ring and stopped the match. The cops got called. TW and Suicidal or both banned form the building. Next show is January 5, 2008.


----Since I don’t see this guy’s name that much in results, I have to tell this story. As many of you know I was in the hospital a few weeks back. It is about 2:00 AM in the morning and I have had about a good shot of Demerol. The phlebotomist (person that takes blood samples) walks in to get some blood. He says, “Coach BT, how you doing??” I am like, “Do I know you??” Then I said “Did you work the pizza business with me??” He said, “No, bro..I am in the REAL business with you.” I looked at him again groggily, “Southside Brawler…” and then we both laughed. So, even with me in the hospital I can’t get away from the wrestling business. He came back later and got more blood and I told him, “Damn, I thought I was dreaming that.”

Christmas Day!!

----It will not be a big day here tomorrow, because with it being Christmas we will not be spending any time posting stories or columns. Sal will be back on Friday with his weekly column and I hope to have a new “Coach’s Corner” on Thursday. “Cheap Heat Radio” will also be releasing all the nominees on Friday for our special “Year End” show. They will not be announced on the site until Sunday. I will be posting three special classic Christmas videos tomorrow that I think should get a laugh out of some of you.

Attention Area Workers!!!

----Attention!! I am in the process of finishing up the “Year in Review” portion of the Yearbook. I will be going back and putting two photos per page. If you are a local worker in this area and want a specific photo in the Yearbook, then please e-mail it to me!! That will guarantee that you are IN the book.

Brandon Baxter No Agreement with RWA!!

----I had the chance to briefly talk with Brandon Baxter yesterday. He stated that no agreement has been made with the new Jonesboro, AR promotion Royal Wrestling Alliance. Baxter is open for discussions, but due to his busy schedule at the radio stations I am not sure how likely it is that Baxter ends up with RWA. Baxter is also not interested in being the announcer of the show, because he and I also feel it would be more beneficial for this promotion to use him in a working role.

----I am not trying to stay pessimistic here, but this promotion’s key to getting off the ground is Brandon Baxter. Would they be able to be successful without him? Maybe or maybe not? My gut feeling on this is no. No one, except WWE, has been able to draw crowds in Jonesboro going all the way back to the Power Pro days without Baxter. And all and all, it will be much easier if you do have a guy like Baxter on your team.

----I will continue my coverage of this new promotion up to the debut show that I plan to attend. I was also sent the “Grand Opening” card for the debut – 01.19.07 with Cameron Cage/? Vs San Francisco Treat/Loose Cannon, Jazz vs Passion, “Atomic Dogg” Ali Stevens vs Brian Christopher, Rodney Mack vs Heidenreih, Jerry Lawler vs Reno Diamond and more.

Christmas Night Shows!!!

----All Pro Productions in Kosciusko, MS for “Super Christmas Chaos” @ 6:00 PM with Xzander Raines with Mr. Ebony vs Jayme Justice, Kid J/Chris Kilgore vs Lil Devil/JD McKay with Mr. Ebony,”Southern Saints” [Chris Style/Shane Matthews] vs The Assassins [not Fire/Flame], Hardcore Match: Psycho vs Candyman, Jamie & Bill Dundee vs Brandon Barbwire/Anton LeVeigh, CJ Cash/Buff Bagwell vs Tony Dabbs/Diamond Studd and more.

----Southern States Wrestling Christmas Night Star Wars Kingsport, TN TV Stars, Legends, and More!! Christmas Night - 7:30 PM Sharp…6 Man WAR!!! John Hawkins Promotions Chris Richards, Bryan Wayne,and Masked Disciple vs “The People's Army” - Beau James, Tony Givens and Wayne Adkins 1 Night Only WWE Hall of Fame Member Jimmy "Boogie Woogioe Man" Valiant come out of retirement to Make a Stand with The People's Army, National Title New Champion Robbie Cassidy vs. Alyx Winters, Top 10 Tracy Smothers vs. Ray Idol,Return Mix Tag - This Time The Men can Wrestle the Women Jamey Gibson and Rebecca Lynn vs. Misty and Beau James, TV Title: Mike Blade vs. Thorn, Mike Cooper, Tag Champions Hammonds and Daniels w/ Barbie and more!! Holiday Special: Front Row $10 Adults $7 and Kids 10 and under $5.

----NWA Main Event Wrestling in Pulaski, TN @ Old Armory Building with “Christmas Chaos” with Jesse Taylor vs Nightmare, Eddie Paul vs Insane Lane, Antonio Cathey vs Phil Wilson, LT Falk vs Jeff Jamison, Steve O/Chase Stevens vs Brandon Stone/Mark Anthony with Charming Charles.

----SAW @ National Guard Armory in Columbia, TN for “Christmas Clash 2007” with Arrick Andrews, AM Vision, Columbia's Own Shane Morton, Hammerjack, Boogie Woogie Boy Garry Valiant, Homicidal Tendencies (Vic The Bruiser & Corry Williams), Tribal Nation, The Headliner Chris Michales w/ Mgr. Paul Adams And TNA Wrestling Super Star Cowboy James Storm and more.

----Nashville Wrestling @ Nashville Fairgrounds for “Christmas Chaos” with Chase Stevens, Matt Boyce, Shawn Shultz, Aaron Stevens and more.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Southern-All Star Wrestling TV Report- Episode 25

Opening with highlight clips from last week…Arrick Andrews pinned A.M. Vision to advance to the Television Tournament Final against Nore Havoc…Havoc (with Paul Adams) interrupted Andrews’ interview segment. “Now, you’ve got a shot, a teeny one, but a shot to face Nore Havoc for this TV Title.” Andrews wasn't backing down, and their heated confrontation verged on getting physical.

Cut to Jack Johnson and Hot Rod Biggs at ringside in their Christmas hats. Biggs hyped the Andrews/Havoc title match as today’s main event. SAW starts NOW!

(1) Mason Raige beat “Big” Rig Brown via submission in 6:55. A showcase for Raige’s strength and power. Brown (formerly Kliff Hanger) is billing himself as the best truck driver in the world. Johnson questioned just how that was determined. Brown’s gear, with the giant K on the jersey, must be leftovers from the previous gimmick. Rig didn’t look very big next to Raige, who goes about 6-3 and 260. Raige finished Brown with his version of the torture rack called “The Rack of Raige.”

Over at the desk. Johnson asked Raige for his thoughts on the tournament. Raige said Havoc pinned him in the semis by using the tights but he wasn’t going to complain about it. Raige was going with Andrews, but whoever won was going to have to deal with “The Modern Man of Steel.”

They cut to comments from Rick Santel, who said Andrews was also his pick to win.

As Homicidal Tendencies strutted out to the desk. Johnson reminded the fans that Tendencies held four belts (SAW and NWA Top Rope tag titles). Kory Williams said the tag team scene in SAW had turned pathetic since Tendencies got rid of the Naturals and Maddox Brothers. Williams said things were so bad Brother Vic had to beat up on an Injun, (Lennox Lighfoot.) Williams called him “Lightfoots.”

I gotta go beat up on somebody. Why should Vic have all the fun? Hey, I almost didn’t recognize him (Lightfoots) without the casino t-shirt on.

Williams and Bruiser made a fool out of Johnson by rearranging his Santa hat.

(2) Lennox Lightfoot beat Kory Williams (with Vic the Bruiser) in 6:18. Williams did mock tomahawk chops and motioned that Lightfoot was drinking firewater. Johnson was suspicious about Bruiser’s presence at ringside. Biggs said being on the road together 330 days a year made them tag team brothers, so Johnson was jumping to conclusions. The “brothers” each took a dropkick from Lightfoot. Williams fired chops. Johnson said those were called the Pork Chops. Lightfoot reversed and lit Williams up. Bruiser interfered and Williams knocked Lighfoot out of the ring with a knee in the back. Bruiser beat up on Lightfoot, while referee Kurt Herron was admonishing Williams. Back inside the ring, Lightfoot ducked Wiliams’ lariats and got the upset win with a flying crucifix. Tendencies gave Lightfoot a postmatch beating. Bruiser hit a Samoan drop into a hangman’s neckbreaker. Tendencies proceeded to rub makeup all over Lightfoot’s face. Williams grabbed Lightfoot’s Indian war bonnet.

Each one of those feathers means something, and now “Hot Chocolate” Kory Williams is just ripping them up and throwing them everywhere. This is crazy.

Indian Outlaw hit the ring for the save. Wiliams said Lightfoot was an imposter because he didn’t paint himself up, so Tendencies did it for him.

“The Graduate” Jason James predicted that Havoc would defeat Andrews.

(3) A. M. Vision beat T. J. Harley in 5:45. Vision attacked at the opening bell. Harley came back with the Pounce. Harley had him in trouble, until Vision shoved Harley into the turnbuckles and laced him with an enzuigiri. There was a screwy spot where it looked like Harley wanted to slingshot to the inside, and Vision surprised him with a wicked slingshot stomp to the outside. Vision showed off his moveset. Biggs said they were cutting to more predictions on the Havoc/Andrews match. Silence. Harley kicked out of what Biggs called the best top rope elbow he had ever seen. Where do you go from there? Frogsplash and Harley kick out again. Vision’s offensive barrage left Harley face down on the mat. Vision used Jericho’s Codebreaker. But Harley countered the Infamy with a side backbreaker, and it was both men down. Harley hit a helluva push up powerbomb. Pin attempt by Vision, reversed by Harley, reversed by Vision 1..2..3.

“Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant was Biggs’ special guest on “Shop Talk.” Biggs wondered how Boogie was doing after being put out of action by Hammerjack’s piledriver. “The doctors hasn’t released me.” Boogie was slurring his words. Valiant said he was tired of being jumped from behind, and last time, Hammerjack put him through a table while Charming Charles made Miss Boogie watch. Biggs said it was absolutely disgusting, and brought up the time Valiant’s trips to Skyline Medical Center. Valiant said the second time, he thought he was out wrestling for good.

Like his saying goes, don’t turn your back on Hammerjack. You know, I got that firsthand…I’m astin Hammerjack, right now. Hammer., I’m astin you for a match. The biggest card that’s ever came to Columbia, Tennessee. Hammerjack, sign it. cuz I will be there, if I have to STEAL, BORROW, BEG, or if I have to hitchhike to Columbia. Be there.

Cut to Johnson with Hammerjack and Charles. “You guys have got so many chains it’s unbelievable.” Charles offered to give Valiant a Christmas Chain Match on December 25 in Columbia.

Chain match, my brother. You remember the classic Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol?” Remember Ebenezer Scrooge, the ghost of Christmas past, locked in chains for the sins he had committed? Well, Gary Valiant, you are going to be locked that night in chains for the sins you’ve committed. You are going to be drug from corner to corner to corner in these chains, Gary. And you have got to agree to our terms. If you walk out of this, which you won’t, (giggles like a crazy man) you are going to be mangled. You are going to be unmercifully beat. So Christmas Night, Columbia, Tennessee, National Guard Armory. We’d love to see you, Gary.

Next up was a series of clips explaining the 6 month history leading to Andrews/Havoc…June 16 – After a fake display of good sportsmanship, Chris Michaels attacked Andrews’ injured hamstring, but Andrews managed to roll Michaels up for the flash pin…July 14 – Andrews interrupts Havoc’s interview time. Havoc warns Andrews to NEVER turn his back on him again. Havoc back jumps Andrews during his match. Michaels and Havoc shave Andrews’ head…August 4 – Andrews chases Havoc with a stick and accidentally shoves it into the throat of Commissioner Freddie Morton. August 11 – Andrews fined $10K and suspended for 21 days by Morton. Last week – Andrews reaches the finals and refuses to bow down to the mighty Havoc.

(4) Arrick Andrews beat Nore Havoc (with Paul Adams) to win the SAW Television Title Tournament in 10:20. Biggs said Havoc had been his pick from day one. Biggs announced James Storm vs. Chris Michaels for Christmas night in Columbia. Andrews throttled Havoc with straight wrestling. There was a totally illogical spot where Havoc turned his back to talk to the referee Kurt Herron and got nailed. Johnson said Havoc had lost his marbles. The match did a 180 when Havoc pulled the top rope down. While Adams distracted Herron, Havoc worked Andrews over at ringside. Johnson complained about Adams. Biggs said Johnson was biased. Johnson told Biggs he was going to get coal in his stocking, among other things. A shaky looking spin-around bulldog started the comeback. But it was all good from there. Havoc kicked out of a reverse rolling cradle, and Andrews blasted Adams, who was on the apron ready to interfere. Adams bumped to the floor. Havoc schoolboyed Andrews using the tights for a close near fall. Havoc tried for the Chopping Block (RKO), but Andrews blocked. Adams grabbed Andrews by the leg. Andrews yanked Adams up to apron. Andrews ducked, and Adams got clocked by Havoc. Andrews nailed a disbelieving Havoc with the Dragon’s Curse.

Shameless plug…

Christmas Night at the National Guard Armory in Columbia, Tennessee with an 8:01 belltime.

Christmas Chain Match : “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant vs. Hammerjack (with Charming Charles).

2 out of 3 fall for the SAW TV Title: Arrick Andrews(c) vs. A. M. Vision.

“Cowboy” James Storm, Chris Michaels, Homicidal Tendencies, Tribal Nation.

Closing Thoughts: Charles cut a money promo, primo stuff, straight from the heyday of the territories, the type that is sadly becoming a lost art in today’s wrestling. If you can’t appreciate stuff like Valiant murdering the English language, the politically incorrect comedy of Tendencies vs. Tribal Nation, and the ridiculousness of an indie wrestler getting fined 10K, then this is probably not the show for you. Some of Johnson’s comments had me laughing out loud. Biggs still has heelish leanings on color, but he took a major step in coming out as a babyface. I was at the live taping. Vision/Harley came across to me much better match on TV, particularly Harley’s selling like he was nearly dead before making the come back. Raige also made a better impression on TV. He’s green but pushable, and needs to be brought along slowly. They did an excellent job of making a big deal out of the title match with the comments from other wrestlers and the clips to explain the story. The jump cuts cameras were much smoother this week. There was only the one obvious technical glitch. There are times when they do themselves no favors with the camera angle, like the cringeworthy close up of Bruiser barely touching Lightfoot. Good heat for the title match with the crowd heavily into Andrews. His ring work was was nothing special. With that said, good booking can cover a multitude of sins, and this story was an all out push for Andrews as top babyface. He goes over the guy that shaved his head for the title, and overcomes outside interference to get a clean pin with his finisher.

RassleResults: SAW 12.21.07

Indian Outlaw b Big Rig Bully

Kory Williams & Vic the Bruiser vs TJ Bomb & Chris Bomb (w/Cocky Cody) went to a double countout when they spilled out to the floor and brawled

Naomi Banks b Christie Ricci (Banks was known as "Trenesha" until tonight, she worked in Deep South in '06)

Rick Santel b Hammerjack by DQ after ref Ricky Bell reverses the decision due to Hammerjack using a piledriver on Santel

Arrick Andrews b Chris Cane

Jason James (w/Paul Adams) b Shane Eden

Southern Saints (presented by Ms. Anita Paige) b Ying & Yang

Jihad b Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) after Hammerjack interfered
Post-show, Valiant, Miss Boogie, Santel, and Cody handed out stuff to the kids

----65 in attendance, so this group is not drawing the same numbers as Falk's USWO anymore...SAW runs the Armory in Columbia, TN on Christmas night at 8PM with special guest James Storm...This was NOT the Saints debut in SAW as I had reported earlier this week, because they had worked a TV tapings last week [12.14.07] beating Chris Kain and Shawn Fatal. They are also working as babys here and most people I have talked with say they are much better heels.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel


----If you read the TLCW report a bit earlier this morning and it seems like a few of you did, Slick was NOT the original WWE's Slick. LOL That would have been a good story though. LOL TLCW Slick at the top and the "original" Slick at the bottom.

Dustin Starr Update!!

----Dustin Starr stated this morning that he is booked for both TLCW and NBW next weekend doing a double shot. Starr is in NBW for a limited number of dates with him being given a starting angle last night and a total finish already booked for him. Starr like other guys in the past – Rocker, Flex and Motley Cruz – are just going to work both promotions and do you blame him?? The money at this level at times does not cover gas, so it might be smart to double shots if it does not hurt either show. Also with TLCW really not competing with NBW for fans, then I don’t think it hurts anything. The only obstacle I see is that TLCW announced last night that they will be running Dyersburg on Friday nights starting in January, which may lead to TLCW wanting “exclusive rights” to their workers. It will be interesting to see how the story plays out.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 12.22.07

Opening of the event tonight in Ripley, TN came with some HUGE news for all the TLCW fans. Commissioner Mark Tipton, along with TLCW Owner Tim Cummings, Derrick King, and the TLCW Announcing Staff standing with him, made the announcement that TLCW was expanding, that a brand extension was beginning in January. On January 25th, TLCW was expanding to Dyersburg, TN on Friday Nights and starting the following night, January 26th, TLCW was going to be split between Humboldt, TN and the home of TLCW, Ripley, TN.

Opening Match saw Shannon Lee def. Chris Lexx for the second week in a row with a roll up. Ms. Vanna [Sue Young] consoled her charge by placing her hands on ears, so that he couldn't hear the fans chanting "You Got Whooped."

Tatt2 def. Tommy Redneck

Santa Claus made a stop early on his Christmas route to TLCW and he was soon followed by his Elves throwing out candy to all the fans in the attendance. As they got into the ring, Santa had some special gifts for his two Elves, two skateboards that said "Posse" on them. The fans erupted as the Elves took off their fake beards and their music started up to show the Posse had returned to TLCW. The Posse stated that they wouldn't be there with a present for the TLCW fans, enter Chris O'Neil returning to TLCW; three big returns to TLCW in one night!

“Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] def. “Black Label Society” [Void/AJ Bradley] in a non-title bout when all was said and done in this crazy contest that saw The Sniper interfere and first cost nXn the match only for the referee to restart the match after finding just cause to. nXn then tracked down BLS in the back and defeated them only for Sniper to come back out once again and lay out nXn until a few TLCW superstars lead by Derrick King ran off The Sniper and BLS.

Next was a "Golden Circle" segment was underway as The Golden Boy started on a long standing issue that he has brought up to the new TLCW Commissioner in the fact that he didn't say "I Quit" in the match where he lost his TLCW Heavyweight Championship to Flash Flannigan. As he continued, he was interrupted by new TLCW Superstar in Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens. After some unkind words from TGB, Pickens had no problem knocking down TGB once again during the "Circle". After Slim left, TGB got up and stated that another lesson would be needed for Slim Pickens.

After an intermission, Rhythm and Blues came out and Brian Steele had some good news and some bad news. Bad news first was that a few months ago, he injured his shoulder against Tommy Redneck and never let it heal and now doctors have told him that he must retire as an active wrestler. He then told everyone that the good news was that his partner and good friend Ike Tucker would be starting his quest for the gold, starting tonight. As he was about to hand his jacket to his partner and leave, Ike told him that he wanted Brian to keep the "Band Together" and stay by his side in his corner during his quest. Brian agreed and Ike's match with Lil Tim began. After a few minutes, Ike hit the "Chartbuster" to Lil Tim and won the contest.

"Playboy" Matt Foley made his way out with tiny bandages on his back from the tacks last week and stated to the fans how Rockin Randy ruined his chances of being the February cover of "Playgirl" magazine. He challenged Randy to face him and that he did. These two went to blows with each other, but it was Randy who hit the superkick and left the ring standing. Foley slowly made his way to the back after that.

Precious got the victory of The Sniper who has "Manager of Champions" Slick in his corner in a match that The Sniper had almost complete control over.

Tim Grind picked up a pinfall victory over Dell Tucker after Tucker stated to Grind before the match started that he held two victories over him in a row. After the pinfall, Grind quickly placed a Boston crab on him as he did earlier in the match and made Tucker tap out quickly.

In the upset of not only the night, but of the year possibly, Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens defeated “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony via count out after TGB tried to use a chair in the match, but ended up having it kicked into his skull and he fell to the outside. Pickens left the ring quickly after winning in shock that he had just beat the former TLCW Champion. TGB left the ring, mumbling to himself that "that didn't happen" over and over as he went up the ramp.

In the main event of the evening, Derrick King was defeated by new comer "The Baron" Malkavain after Malik interfered, keeping the referee distracted. Malkavain hit the "Demon's Wings" to Derrick King and got the pinfall victory. After the match, Malkavain left and Malik with Slick handcuffed Derrick King to the bottom rope to tear him apart. Chris O'Neil made the BIG save to Derrick to end the night.

----$789 gate with 130 paid and around 150 in the building...Both Humboldt and Dyersburg shows will be held at the National Guard Armory.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 12.21.07

----Oh my god!! Please read the angle with Neil Taylor/Chris Kilgore below. I was told that Scott Porteau is now booking the show. If so and this was his angle, then kudos!! If not, then whoever came up with this – I loved it!! Now Kilgore [pictured] needs to get a snake that bites Taylor ala Jake/Savage. I can hear Taylor saying, “yea right”. LOL

Dangerous David Cox defeated Chris Chaos.

Dirty Sanchez defeated Devon Raynes.

Chop Top the Clown & Lil' Devil defeated Chazz & Kid J.

“Parental Advisory” [Tony Dabbs & Scott Porteau] defeated Fusion & Casanova Kid. PA will get a shot at the TFW Tag Team Championship this Friday night.

TFW Tag Team Champions “Crazy-N-Sexy” [Curly Moe & J-Kid] defeated “The Pink Flamingos” [Brian & Ryan SoFine] by DQ when Parental Advisory interfered. PA & The Flamingos gave Curly Moe & J-Kid, along with their manager Dirty Rell Mo, a major league beating.

"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore defeated Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor by forfeit. Taylor came to the ring on crutches, accompanied by his manager, Tony "the Weasel" Watts. taylor said he was injured the previous Saturday by Chris Kilgore in a match at Battlezone. Neil said he would have no choice but to forfeit the match. Kilgore said he had deliberately injured Neil. He went on to say he accepted the victory by forfeit. Kilgore then turned to leave, and was attacked by Neil, who hit Chris with a crutch several times. Kilgore was then handcuffed to the rope. Tony Watts got the bag containing Kilgore's snake, Lightning, put the bag in the ring, and hit the bag numerous times with a metal chair. Kilgore was angry, and left the ring area carrying the lifeless snake.

This Friday night's TFW card will include the match between the TFW Tag Team Champions Crazy-N-Sexy defending against Parental Advisory. Also a special challenge match, Chris Kilgore vs. Neil Taylor. Kilgore has vowed revenge for what Taylor and Tony Watts did on 12/21.

Credit: “Axeman” Randall Lewis and photo by KC

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 12.22.07

Allen Walker opened the show and revealed to everyone what the announcement they made on this past week’s Throwdown TV show. Dustin "5" Starr comes out to a roaring ovation and does the 5 Starr Showcase with the first guest being himself.

Crazy Train came out and cut promo about his "Stairway 2 Stardom" match with Tim Edwards at New Blood Eve. John Roberts & The Sicilian Kid came out and interrupted him telling him that they didn’t care about his sob story. They lost the tag-team titles last week all because of Kid screwing up. They attack Crazy Train when all of a sudden Tim Edwards comes out to even the odds. Roberts & Kid powder and Allen Walker makes a tag match between the 4 right now so we go into...."Real Deal" Tim Edwards & Crazy Train defeated "Hot Boy" John Roberts & Sicilian Kid when Crazy Train pinned Kid after the "Trail of Tears". After the match, while Edwards & Crazy Train was celebrating, Edwards nailed Crazy Train with a "REDRUM" and told Crazy Train that he still considered him a friend, but nobody was going to climb the ladder of success while he is there to stop them.

"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore came out to plug Rage in the Cage next week telling the fans that his opponent will be revealed later tonight. J.Fed returned to NBW rapping on Jeremy and challenging him to a match tonight so we go into.."Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore defeated J.Fed after an "RKO"

“The Asylum” [Psycho & Arnez] defeated NBW Tag-Team Champions “The Riot Squad” [Tank & Rob Justice] by countout when Rob & Tank left during the match because they had enough and told commissioner Allen Walker that they were too crazy.

NBW High Risk Champion Motley Cruz defeated J.Weezy in a non title match

Jimmy Tidwell called out Chris Rocker. Tidwell told Rocker that when the contract was signed for the heavyweight title match tonight, that there was a stipulation in it stating that if Rocker put 1 finger on Tidwell, he would lose his title opportunity and it would be Mark Justice going to New Blood Eve to face Flex. Tidwell slapped Rocker. At this time, Jeremy Moore came to the ring and slid in behind Tidwell. Rocker was smiling and Tidwell wanted to know why. Rocker pointed behind Tidwell and when he turned around, Moore slapped Tidwell. Tidwell bumped and took off to the locker room. Rocker and Moore were celebrating in the aisle way to the dressing room, and the Riot Squad ran out and attacked them from behind. Tidwell and Rob Justice beat Moore on the floor, while Mark & Tank threw Rocker in the ring. Tank & Rocker beat Rocker down and busted him open with several shots to the head with the heavyweight belt and a lot of STIFF shots to the head. The Riot Squad left Moore & Rocker lying.

Chris Rocker defeated NBW Heavyweight Champion "The Enforcer" Mark Justice after a ref bump. Rob Justice came to ringside and got on the apron as Rocker was about to superkick Mark. Rocker superkicked Rob instead. Mark cut off Rocker and was about to deliver "Hard Justice" but Rocker slipped out of it and nailed Mark with the superkick.
With the assigned referee down, Dustin Starr came out, took off the shirt he had on to reveal a referee shirt underneath. Dustin Starr made the 3 count and declared Chris Rocker the new champion. So right now the heavyweight title picture is up in the air as to who will face Flex next week in the cage. They are running the angle that Dustin Starr is NOT under contract with NBW as a wrestler, let alone a referee so the decision may not stick.

----About 85 paying this week with a gate close to $520…”Rage in The Cage” next week with “Stairway 2 Stardom" ladder match for the #1 contendership for the Heavyweight title: "Real Deal" Tim Edwards vs Crazy Train, Coal Miners Glove Match.....C-Money vs 187, High Risk Elimination Match: Kilo vs Sicilian Kid vs Sgt. Savage vs J.Fed vs J.Weezy vs John Roberts, "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore vs Jimmy Tidwell....special enforcer/Jason Reed....Riot Squad banned from ringside, "Respect Match” - Weapons hanging from the cage....Motley Cruz vs Gaylon Ray, NBW Tag-Team Titles - Escape Match: The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) vs (C) The Riot Squad (Tank & Rob Justice), and the Main Event will feature either Rocker or Mark Justice vs Flex for the NBW Title…I am usually would not agree with not revealing the main event, but everyone will be coming to see all the other cage matches anyway for this show. I was told the main event will be revealed at the front of the show next weekend. Apparently Dustin Starr will be the “special enforcer” ref for the match.

Dustin Starr Shows Up In Dyersburg!!!

----Dustin Starr showed up tonight at NBW doing a “Five Starr Showcase” to open the show. As stated on, Starr was upset about Derrick King’s booking with 50 guys in the dressing room. Even TLCW’s website speculated that Starr was gone for good from TLCW. Starr interfered in the main event to try to help Chris Rocker win the NBW Title. He apparently got a big reaction and might come in as a babyface. I will post a full NBW report later today. I will also try to get comment from Starr on whether he is completely done with TLCW???

Photo by KC

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 12.22.07

----Corey Maclin is joined again this week by Jimmy Hart for the last live taping until further notice.

----Derrick King/Johnny Dotson with Rashard Devon/Mr. White/Sue Young interview. DK promises revenge on Lawler today for Garry White. Lawler comes out with Tatt2 and Grady Watson. Lawler/Tatt2 beat DK/Dotson by DQ. Heat was on Tatt2. Tatt2 did a 619 on Dotson for a double down. Hot tag to Lawler and Dotson to King. Lawler pulls down the strap and everyone bumps. Rashard/White/Young jump in for the DQ. Lawler bumps everyone again and then spanks Young. Good match.

----“Opening The Vault” this week featured Austin Idol vs Jim Neidhart. This is the same match from the “Wrestling Gold” series. Randy Hales was doing commentary. Hart was managing Idol here as a babyface. Hart caused a DQ to save Idol from getting pinned. Spoiler was out there also and with Neidhart they were going to beat up Hart. Idol made the save and then Hart/Idol ran them out of the ring. Fun stuff.

----Jimmy Hart is alone talking about the old times selling Cokes for Guy Coffee to get in the wrestling business. Brian Christopher comes from the back with Corey Maclin. Brian C says that Maclin has a bad clock. Brian C claims he will beat two men in less than 2 minutes. Brian C beats Crime/Chris Lexx, but in over 2 minutes. Brian missed a legdrop from the top rope and the guys made a comeback. Brian pushed Crime into the turnbuckle and he went headfirst into Lexx’s groin. Brian used a chain to pin Crime.

----“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] interview. They “freestyle” a Christmas rap. Funny.

----TK2 beat Gladiator/Pokerface. Heat on Grind. Hot tag to Flex. They went to do a double team move on Pokerface, but Gladiator pulled him out of the ring. Flex then military pressed Grind over the top rope and he did a dive onto both Poker/Gladiator. Gladiator then got in the ring and Poker went after Grind. Grind sent Poker into the ringpost. Grind/Flex did a double team move [Flex did an elbow followed by a Grind legdrop] to pin Gladiator. Good match.

----Koko Ware came out with some of the babyfaces and Tom Nunnery to sing Christmas songs. Derrick King interrupted them. He told Nunnery to give him his guitar and Tom hit him with it. That looked real bad. Koko then got the guitar and gave DK a second shot that was good. They went off the air wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


----Next week “Best of 2007” show with Corey and Hart from Corey’s house. Last year that show was horrible!!!...They also announced that for the next 2 months they will be doing Classic shows…I forget about this all the time, but Randy Hales was real good on commentary on the old Mid-South Coliseum clips…Crime and Lexx both looked good in their comeback…Second week in a row that TK2 changed stuff up a bit and did not do your typical hot tag match. Good stuff. They had like 3 double downs with the first one just having Poker get a tag and not Grind during the heat…This show was good, but knowing that they are not coming back to live TV until 2008, there were no storylines and such…Maclin says that the shows in starting in January will feature Memphis Wrestling from CW 30.