Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Big Show of The Year!! Crowning of New King Of Memphis!!

----They are doing a big angle here where Derrick King is crowned the new King of Memphis. This would be some good stuff if they had TV.

RassleResults: ICW Henry, TN 12.27.08

There was a storm moving thru the area but it did not keep the fans away. There was a packed house (with even a few standing along the wall) of LOUD ICW fans waiting to see the Night of No DQ.

Brimstone and Neal called out the “Young 1's” who came out to the ring looking like they had already been beat up. Hellfire got on the mic and told the fans that while Slingshot and Phoenix was out shopping for Christmas gifts they were attacked in the Walmart parking lot by Brimstone and Neal Dream, which came to a shock to Brim and Neal. But Hellfire said the Young 1's would be in action tonight. Brimstone begged for Hellfire to drop the no contact clause so he could get his hands on him in the ring, but Hellfire refused.

Ladies Match
Jennifer Justice defeated M.O.M. when she hit the Justice Cutter for the pin. This was the ICW debut of M.O.M. After the match it was announced that next time these two meet there will be a Women's Title on the line.

The Kid came out and stated that he messed up last show he did not call out the oldest person in the dressing room so tonight that's what he wanted. So he called out White Lighting. Lighting got in the ring and within a kick to the stomach and a punch to the face the Kid was left laying in the ring once again.
Erik Ego defeated Knockout Kidd and Brian Michaels in a Triple Threat Match. This one was fast pace and hard-hitting with the use of signs and chairs these three took it to the limits. But in the end it was Ego using the ropes to get the pin on Michaels.

Bull and Iron Horse defeated White Lighting and Marcus Dice (who was taking the place for the missing Bad Boy Phillips) This one saw a lot of hardcore action and ended with Lighting walking out on his partner who felt the pain of the two big men when they delivered a Power Bomb/Neckbreaker to him for the win.

The Kid came out again and this time said he was not going to go for the oldest, he was going to go for a younger guy with less experience so he called out Erik Ego. The Kid slapped Ego he grabbed the kid and picked him up on his shoulders and delivered a devastating moving leaving the Kid having to be carried out of the ring. (the Kid was not seen for the rest of the night)

Heavyweight Title Match.
Weasel defeated Frank the Tank to become the ICW Heavyweight Champion. Ty Blade who was injured the night before was unable to compete. So Frank the Tank was brought it to take on Weasel. At times it seemed like the Tank was going to become the Champion but with the people pulling Weasel up time after time with the chants of USA. USA Weasel was able to grab Frank the Tanks chain and nail him with a punch for the 1.2.3... The place went crazy when Weasel won the belt. Weasel got on the mic and thanked the fans for supporting him. ICW fans have a true champion they can be proud of.

Young 1's (Phoenix and Chic Canyon) w/Hellfire Defeated RL Brimstone and Neal Dream w/Jennifer Justice. This one was wild, crazy and everywhere with the debut of the newest member of the Young 1's Chic Canyon it’s easy to tell there is no end in sight of these two teams. At first it was Brimstone and Neal in total control, but with the light bulb to the head from Slingshot which lead to Brimstone's face being covered in blood, and several times Neal's head was ran into the steel chair it was not long till the Young 1's showed they were to be taking serious. In the end it was Neal Dream being put thru a table that gave Chic Canyon the chance to get the pin.

Credit: Christine

----These results reminded of an old Mike Anthony/Killer show. Is that a bad thing or a good thing?? LOL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Flashback" Fifty Years Ago by Mark James

With this the final update for 2008, I know it’s pretty far back, but we’re going all the way back to Dec of 1958!

Dec 08 1958
The big match on this card was the original Gorgeous George fighting Billy Wicks. As a history lesson, Billy Wicks, along with his nemesis Sputnik Monroe, were considered Memphis Wrestling’s first 2 legends. It’s said that at the time, Billy was as popular as the young Elvis Presley.

Big Jack Eaton, Billy Wicks & Greg Peterson
Gorgeous George was near the end of not only his wrestling career, but his life. In a few years, he would pass away. George was many years past his prime in 1958 and severely out of shape, but could still get the fans mad enough at him to buy tickets to the matches.

The 2 out of 3 fall match was tied at a fall a piece when both participants were DQ’d for fighting outside the ring in the 3rd fall.

Dec 22, 1958
Back in the day, the Christmas Wrestling show was always a yearly charity event. The main event had Southern Jr heavyweight champ, Yvonne Roberre won by dq over the hated Gorgeous George. Also on the card, were Sputnik Monroe, Lee and Don Fields, Billy Wicks and Tom Drake.
Dec 29, 1958
The final card of 1958 featured the Corsica Brothers defending their world tag titles against Billy Wicks and Chick Garibaldi. Jean and Joe Corsica lost the first fall but came back and took the final 2 falls to win the match. Also on the card, Southern Jr champ, Yvonne Roberre won by DQ over Sputnik Monroe when Sputnik was DQ’d for stomping the referee.
----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Watch and Vote!! Memphis Wrestling 12.27.08

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 12.27.08

Chris Lexxus def. Mr. X
Tank Turner & Outlaw def. Royale Executioner & Bloodbath
Way Cool def. AC Styles to retain the TV Title
Chico Mendoza def. PK Ripper
Oz & Frankie Tucker def. Lawman Williams & Sgt. Swat
Hotrod def. Ravishing Randy with the loser getting strapped by the fans!

Attendance 178
One night Tag Team Tournament next Week

Credit: Steven Hunter

Arena Report: DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08

----I got the pleasure of checking out the new version of DCW that is running shows in the building that NBW recently ran their shows. A few changes to the building including a ramp with lights and a fog machine. [fog machine was not over with me..LOL]The building is fun for wrestling as always and after being ripped off by a $60 nose ring [for my daughter Kayte] in Dyersburg, I was ready for some good wrestling. Well at least I got to see three good matches out of almost a four hour show.

----Tim Edwards beat Seth Knight using a chain. From the opening spot to the end, it was like Knight was off about 2 steps. Why try to go at 100 miles an hour when Edwards goes 60?? Edwards was working hard, but nothing seem to click, even though they have worked each other a lot. [*]

----Rockin Randy beat “The Baron” Malkavain with a superkick. This was the worst bout I have seen either of these guys in. No psychology and it took forever to actually get them to work. Malkavain did a 10 punch spot out of nowhere that made no sense. I think I heard ref Allen Walker say, “Go home..”, but it might have been my brain yelling so loud. [DUD]

----Jimmy Tidwell came out talking about the “Rock N Roll Express” and how Robert Gibson was not here and that Ricky Morton needed a partner. Morton made his way down to ringside for almost no pop. Morton was good on the mic here talking about him having to deal with managers like Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart in his career. “Pain & Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice] jumped Morton and then Justin “The Juice” Smart made the save to set up the tag later in the night. Fans did pop for Smart save.

----Shannon Lee beat Erik Hayes with swanton. Another throw away match. Lee got a big pop – bigger than Morton. Crowd seems to want to get behind him, but he and Hayes didn’t follow much psychology. They took too long to get going and the fans couldn’t care less until the finish. [*]

----“Five Starr Showcase” – Dustin Starr comes out with Angelina. After the first 2 minutes of this segment, Starr had more heat than the whole roster. Starr was putting over Angelina and the crowd hated her. This was her first appearance here and she was called all kinds of names. Derrick King came out to challenge Starr. They made a match where if DK won he got five minutes with Angelina and if Starr won DK would have to buy Angelina jewelry.

----Chris Rocker beat Bishop with Rashard Devon. This was the first bout that had heat. Perfect psychology with everyone working hard. Devon was all around the ring doing great at ringside. Hope spots in the perfect place with a build for the finish. Rocker kicked out of a powerslam from Bishop that was not believable, but everything else was good about the bout. Bishop went for a frog splash and missed. A ref bump had Devon try to hit Rocker with his briefcase at the same time Bishop went to spear Rocker. Rocker leapfrogged Bishop who went into the suitcase and Devon with a spear. Facebuster from Rocker into the pin for the win. [***]

----Kilo beat Tim Edwards with a superkick. This was a much better bout for Edwards. Psychology was a little screwy at times, but Kilo took a beating, then hit the superkick out of nowhere for the win. They had a sweet exchange running the ropes that Kilo kept at the right pace for Edwards. [**]

----“Pain & Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice] beat “Rock N Juice Express” [Justin Smart/Ricky Morton] in a good solid match. Smart had some mixed up exchanges, but did good taking an ass whipping with Morton waiting on the outside for the hot tag. Smart took two hard chops from Justice. Smart needs to slow down and be patient – just listen when you are in with guys like Justice/Cruz. He has a good look and has potential to be a big babyface in this town. Hot tag to Morton – boom, boom and boom – Cruz hits Morton with a chain and gets the pin. [***]

----Derrick King beat Dustin Starr. The match started out so slow. Starr would get in the ring and then out of the ring to the mic. Heat was real good as the fans were eating it up. But, I just don’t like the stalling at the start of a bout. Believe me Starr was working hard, but not wrestling. Heat started after an Alabama slam out of the turnbuckle on DK. They brawled all over the place knocking over chairs and such. Good brawl. Finish had DK pinned a superkick, but then he then pulled Starr’s feet from under him and did a front roll putting Starr’s shoulders to the mat. DK then went for Angelina and his 5 minutes with her. I thought she was going to give him a BJ at one point. Starr finally jumped DK after the match. He piledrove DK on a ladder and then a table. They left with tons of heat. DK was motionless in the ring and called for the whole building to clear. Between DK/Kilo in this I thought DK was legit hurt. I guess we all got to be worked at some time or another right?? Assholes!! LOL [***1/2]


----105 in the building, which would be an increase of about 48% from the last few weeks and the biggest crowd so far…Announcers Richard Marx [big] and “Big” Dave Sims [bigger] did a good job…Ricky Morton was super nice to everyone. There is a big possibility that Brian Thompson and I will be working on a project with Morton that should be interesting…Tidwell is sooooo good on the mic. He should have been considered in the Manager of Year award… I thought that was a little quick to add a stip with Angelina, since this was her first time. But, if she works here on a regular basis and they hold off anyone getting to her – when they do – they will be soooo over…Rashard Devon has his own custom made theme music. Cool shit!!...Show was way too long and that has always been the criticism of DK’s booking. ..Rocker would have been the perfect partner for Morton – he looks like Gibson…Am I really too old to wear an “American Eagle” shirt??...DK also said something to me that I have heard others say about Dyersburg and I still do not believe it – “It is a word of mouth town.” Sorry – you need to advertise!! Not sure what NBW spent on those RAW ads, but it might have been worth it for 100 more in the building. That is what they usually get with those ads…Double shot stuff does not seem to be working as DK will start the show late or the matches will not go as they are suppose to and then Ripley has to wait on the guys. I would get rid of guys like Baron, Hayes and Knight – let them work TLCW. Baron is way over there and Knight could be. Hayes was just in for a few shots I think. I say that because those matches meant NOTHING – every match should mean something…Team Shannon Lee with Kilo doing some kind of “Southern Pride” gimmick vs “Justice & Pain” – Lee is not at their level, but he is over. Kilo/Lee would be super over if they beat J&P after Cruz pinned Morton…Put a hood on Rockin Randy as face and put him with Edwards. Edwards spent the last year getting small guys over by beating the hell out of them. Randy could make a killing in gimmicks with the right mask gimmick - not something stupid like “Dirty Sanchez” or anything, but a nice suit & mask. Randy will never be taken serious as a heel without a manager and he wouldn’t even have to talk with a hood…Starr is like a 13 year old kid with ADD and no meds backstage, but when he walks thru the curtain he works and easily the top heel of this group. Keep Angelina with him – she got great heat…They should continue something with Bishop/Rocker. Good matches could make good feuds. Rocker/Bishop could also always be thrown in a mix with DK when Starr cannot make it…Align Smart with DK somehow and that would help get him over. Starr could even help get him over…None of the above “booking” will happen because I posted it here. LOL…It was extremely interesting all the comments I got from all three groups – DCW/NBW/TLCW – when everyone knew I was at DCW. There is real heat with all these groups. Each group wants to do better than the other one and there is some real “hating” going on. There is also some “hating” going on within this group with some believing they should be pushed at a higher level. One worker was very vocal about Starr’s push…BTW, that tattoo shop by “Hastings” is the place that ripped me off!!...KC Gold was backstage and gave some tickets away to a show this coming week in Memphis at the New Daisy...Thanks to the whole cast and crew at DCW. My family and I were treated great!!

Photo by Kayte Tramel

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 12.27.08

Match 1 The Loose Cannon VS PP3 Winner PP3 by DQ
Match 2 John Allen vs Ron Rage Winner Ron Rage by Pin
Match 3 Mike Anthony Poker face VS Memory of Mayhem Winner Poker face Mike Anthony by Pin
Match 4 Silas Vs Gary Diamond Winner Gary Diamond by DQ
Match 5 Roger Allen VS Soul Train Jones Winner Soul Train by Pin
Match 6 J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan VS The Natural Born Playa'z Winner J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan.
Match 7. Main Event: Loser Leaves Arkansas. RWA Title on the line. Angel of Sin Champion VS Rodney "Bad Dawg"Mack. Winner and New RWA Champion Rodney "Bad Dawg" Mack.

Owner Frank Martin opened the show thanking everyone for coming out in the stormy weather and just days after Christmas.

The Loose Cannon came out doing a mic spill and telling everyone that he was done with playing the fool. He was interrupted by Dr. Randy who told him that he thought it was funny that he was pinned by Santa Claus...Cannon attacked Randy and had to be pulled off him. Randy came to ringside with Cannon’s opponent PP3. Cannon laid both to waste and was DQ because he would not stop. Plus as they were helping them out of the ring Cannon came out and attacked them again. Something has changed in Cannon.

Ron Rage came out and brought Silas with him, he told the crowd that Silas was the only person that called to check on him while he was in rehab. He told Martin that because Martin made him go to rehab all it did was piss him off. He introduced then the original members of P.O.B Buzz kill and his wife Raven.

Silas need help with Gary Diamond as Diamond showed everyone that he could go with the biggest man in the RWA. P.O.B Jumped in on his behalf but Rodney Mack and Soul Train Jones made the save.

The Main Event was everything it was built up to be. Before the match started AOS changed the rules and made it a no DQ. This was a very physical match, chair shots were very stiff. Ricky Porter who was the person that saved J.D.Kerry when the Angel first showed up was at ring side as he is always with the Angel. During the match Ricky came in and hit the RKO on the Angel turning the tide and Mack then finished the job. Angel then tried to attack Porter who gave him a back drop and kicked him out of the ring. Mack then told the Angel to go out the front door not out through the talent exit. Angel told him no one was bad enough to make him go out that way. As Mack was taking him out the front door the POB met him and started the attack. Soul Train came out of the back to help but it was 4 on 3. To the surprise of everyone there out of nowhere Austin Lane’s music hit and so did Austin and started to clear the ring. It looks like Austin is a face in the RWA as he helped Mack. Mack welcomed him to the dog pound. The fans were going crazy. Big night for the RWA and it looks like it is going to get bigger. Another surprise will happen this Saturday Night....

Over 100 in the building and the crowd were hot all night.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Who was “Memory of Mayhem”??...Cannon is in the opening bouts – right where he belongs. The crowd hates this guy, so at least he can get the heat up…POB storyline with Rage returning to feud with Mack and Lane. It looks good…Silas should never have to win a match by DQ, especially against a skinny small guy like Diamond. But..that being said, if it is done right, then the small guy can look good – but get destroyed in the end. Rage shouldn’t have to help him…It will interesting to see that when Lane is here for a short period – and everyone in the Tuckerman area know he is here whether it will mean anything at the gate…AOS Bryon Willcott’s last appearance in this area as he will be in Florida the second week of January. Good luck again to Willcott!!

RassleResults: SWS Hernando, MS 12.27.08

Cody Melton over Agent Maxx Corbin

Albino Rhino and Gladiator beat some local guys. These guys weren’t wrestlers and after this match I don't think they will peruse a career. They got roughed up real bad.

Jerry Lawler defeated Dangerous Doug Gilbert w/ Garry White

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White. Garry White wasn't at ringside but when Christopher went for his hiphop drop, Garry came to ringside and shoved Christopher off the top rope. Christopher finally got the win with a Pat O'Connor roll.

Main Event was a battle royal. It came down to Albino Rhino and Brian Christopher. Christopher finally got the big 405lb Albino over the top. While he was celebrating the win, Garry White sent the 2 locals in and they tossed Christopher over the top for the win.

Notes: 300 in the crowd…The programs had Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Humongus and Tatt2. All these guys weren’t there, I suppose they weren’t even contacted but I don't know this for sure…It was a very well ran show, of course with Lawler there it had to be. He gave all the guys props, especially Kevins Whites’ students. Cody, Maxx, and Gladiator all got praise and he was very impressed with Rhino.

Credit: SWSStudd
----I was only told about this show Saturday night and no one really knew whether it was going to happen or not. I was told that the Whites, who provided the ring, were not even contacted until Friday night. They drew 300 with a few radio spots and 15 seconds on Memphis TV. ..I believe this was for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It proves with the right people behind you and some radio ads, you can get a crowd.

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RRO AWARDS RACE: Match of the Year Candidates!!

----This is the final two categories!! You have until Saturday January 3rd to dominate. SUPER SUNDAY - January 4th - the nominees will be posted and you can start voting. Voting will end 10 Days later on 1.14.09. Winners will be announced on SUPER SUNDAY II - January 18, 2009. Yearbook 2008 should be available around the first week of February.

----Please pick three bouts from each category. Memphis Wrestling did not give us a lot of picks, but I have listed all of them. Best Arena bouts are any bout that I attended that scored a [***] or better. I have put BOLD in my picks for top three!!

----There has also not been a lot of people that help nominate in the last categories we listed last week. I feel a lot of people do feel these awards are as important as Wrestler and such, but please send in your nominees for ALL CATEGORIES!! You got until this Saturday!!

-Slim Pickens vs Flash Flanagan [***] LAW 2.08.08
-Slim Pickens vs Dell Tucker [***] TLCW Ripley, TN 2.09.08
-Alex Krisis vs Flash Flanagan [***] TLCW Ripley, TN 2.09.08
-Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [****1/4] West Memphis, AR 2.10.08
-Mark Justice vs Crazy Train [***1/2] Dyersburg, TN 2.16.08
-Jerry Lawler/Eric Wayne with Ken Wayne vs “Bodies of Steel” [Max/John] with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock [***] Bruce, MS 3.08.08
-TLCW Tag Team Title Match: “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] with Jimmy Tidwell vs “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] with Randy Hales. [****] Ripley, TN 4.06.08
- Chuck Fears retained the ASWF Title by beating Blalok The Blazor, Reno Diamond and Casino Kid in a Fatal Four Way. [***] Tuckerman, AR 4.19.08
-Devon Day beat Steven Rampage [***] Trenton, TN 5.10.08
-“Sons of the South” [Josh Matthews/Chris Styles] beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Bit with Tony Watts for the NBW Tag Team Titles. Dyersburg, TN [***] 5.17.08.
-NBW vs XOW For Ownership of The Company: Jeremy Moore/Kilo/Big Red beat Chris Masters/Motley Cruz/Mark Justice. Dyerburg, TN [***1/2] 5.17.08
- Gauntlet Match for Cruiserweight Title: Winner Rockin Randy [***] Ripley, TN 5.24.08
-Barbwire Match: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee]/Dustin Starr beat “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas]/Tatt2 [***3/4] Ripley, TN 5.24.08
-SOBs” [Justice/Kilo] with Jimmy Tidwell vs Jeremy Moore/Derrick King [***1/2]Dyersburg, TN 8.10.08.
-James Arnez vs Justin Smart [***] Kennett, MO 8.24.08
-Eric Wayne vs Tatt2 [***] West Memphis, AR 10.10.08
- Motley Cruz vs Psycho for the WWCW Title. [***] Kennett, MO 10.11.08
- Motley Cruz/Justin Smart/Indian Quixote vs “Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] & Rob Justice. [***] WWCW Kennett, MO 10.11.08
-Derrick King vs Tatt2 [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08
-Greg King Jr vs Matt Justyce [***1/2] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08
-Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08
- Fans Bring Weapons: Motley Cruz vs Danny B Goode [**1/2] NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.18.08
- NBW Tag Team Titles: SOBs [Mark Justice/Kilo] vs BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas] [***] NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.18.08
-Greg King Jr vs Dustin Ring [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.24.08
-Derrick King/Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels/Greg Anthony [***1/2] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.24.08
-Stan Lee vs Greg King JR [***1/4] NEW West Memphis, AR 11.07.08
-Eric Wayne vs Dustin Ring [***1/2] NEW West Memphis, AR 11.07.08
-Kid Nikels vs Derrick King [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 11.07.08
-Kid Nikels vs Byron Willcott [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 12.19.08
-Chris Rocker vs Bishop [***] DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08
-Ricky Morton/Justin Smart vs “Pain & Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice] [***] DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08
-Derrick King vs Dustin Starr [***1/2] DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08

Memphis Wrestling Original Matches
7.26.08 Autozone Park, Memphis, TN
-Joey Mercury vs Barbarian
-Kid Kash/Kevin White vs Pat Tanaka/Koko Ware
-Jerry Lawler vs Test
-Derrick KIng/Johnny Dotson vs "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex]

8.30.08 @ Delta Fair
-Mucho Dinero vs Pokerface w/ Rashard Devon

-Too Cool II vs"Total Protection" Mr. Hughes and Sam Shaw

-Derrick King and Johnny Dotson w/ Rashard Devon vs, “Los Loco” Ramon/Rudy Switchblade

-Koko B. Ware and Eugene vs Kid Kash and "New Nature Boy" Kevin White w/ Mr. White and Su Yung

-"Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters via dq

-Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell

11.08.08 Nashville, TN [this was Bert Prentice show, but the matches did happen this year and featured Memphis guys]
-Moondogs vs Doug Gilbert/Brian Christopher
-Sid Vicious vs Jerry Lawler

RassleResults: SWF Tullahoma, TN 12.26.08 - On Tour With Ricky Morton!!

* Yukon Jack beat Kaos
* Gypsy Joe w/ George Gulas beat Beau James by countout
* Sex Kitten Kathy beat Misty James and Kayla ina 3 way
* Scott Burnton beat RIcky Morton
* Mikey Dunn and Yukon Jack beat The Kid and Steve O

full house 200+ ...They run every Friday Night in Tullahoma

Next week Beau James vs. Gypsy Joe Lumberjack match

----We will have the full Arena Report sometime early with Ricky Morton's stop at DCW in Dyersburg, TN.

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 12.25.08 - Record Christmas Crowd!!

Southern States Wrestling
Christmas Night Star Wars
Thurs Dec. 25
Kingsport TN @ National Guard Armory

* Ray Idol and Cody Ices beat Scotty Roberts and Sgt Long. Idol got the pin following a power slam on Long

* Moe Jenkins beat Bobo Brown by DQ in a amateur match when special Ref Mike Cooper caught Brown throwing a punch. After the match Brown used a chain on Cooper and left him laying

*Ricky Morton beat Beau James by reverse decision. James got the 3 count after using the handle on his whip. Wayne Adkins cam in and let the ref know. James let it be know that in the 6 man Lights out match he was going to hurt Wayne for putting is nose in his matches

* Iron Cross beat AWA Champion Brian Logan BUT DID NOT Win the Title. It has been reported a few places Cross is champion. Cross challenged Logan to put the belt up since he had gotten a count out win on Thanksgiving. Logan said he would but for only 10 minutes. The 10 minutes ran out Cross asked or 5 more minutes. He got the pin with a minute left. He was handed the belt but it was taken away after the match because the belt was only up for the first 10 minutes. Match makers Clarence Clippenback and Al Bass came out after the match and took the belt away.

* TV Champion Nick Hammonds pinned Chase Owens after a diamond cutter. This was their first meeting since Hammonds won the TV Title from Owens in Oct. After the match Owens gave Hammonds a nasty pile driver. Hammonds was down for a while and carried out of the ring.

* Misty James and Rebecca Lynn w/ Jimmy Valiant beat Kole Layton King and Jamey Gibson w/ Scotty Roberts. The girls controlled the first half by using speed arm dragging and getting away from the men. Rebecca Lynn lit into Gibson with some hard chops. Gibson punched Lynn and then the men took over. After she got the tag to Misty the men ran into each other chasing her around the ring. Scotty Roberts tried to get in the ring but Handsome Jimmy did a number on him. Gibson went after Valiant and was met with a punch followed by a school boy from Lynn for the pin.

* In a Wild, Crazy and Bloody Lights Out Texas Death Match the fan favorites beat the rule breakers.
Before the match started Beau James brought out Tony Givens first partner Wade Adams. This was Wade's first time in Kingsport in almost 5 years. James trained Adams and Givens in 2001 they were known as the 1-2-3 Express. James said that since Givens turned his back on Adams and took Robbie Cassidy as his partner that Wade had been heart broken and just wondering the streets and he career ended when Tony's took off. Adams said he just wanted on chance to punch Givens in the face.

The match started as The Family Beau James, Brian Logan, and Chase Owens vs. G1 Tony Givens, Wayne Adkins, and Moe Jenkins. G1 hit the ring on fire and it was not long before James and Logan were bleeding. The Family took control after Ownes caught Adkins in a back breaker. The Family did a number on Adkins for a several minutes before he was able to make a tag to Givens. Givens came in and clean house followed by Jenkins. Adkins got back up and G1 were in control. They did a number on The Family.

All three were down and the ref Mike DiMuzio started a count when he reached 7 Wade Adams, Scott Roberts, Kole Layton King, Bobo Brown hit the ring and it was 7 on 3. Nick Hammonds came out with a towel and ice pack around his neck and he was stopped by the Family. Most of the wrestlers were on the floor and Tony Givens dove over the top rope into a gang of wrestlers and refs.

Every one was down but Logan,James and Adkins. James took the handle to his whip and used it on Adkins opening him up. Adkins was down and bleeding bad when Ricky Morton hit the ring and went after James. Logan got Morton from behind. They went to use the whip but Givens was back in the ring to stop it. The Family and friends left ring side.

Ricky Morton got on the mic and said the people came to see a fight and they got that ,but they also came to see a winner and a loser. He challenged the Family and friends to come back. They did and the fight was on again. The Family never got in the ring G1 was all over them. Morton caught King coming in. Morton, Adkins, and Givens gave King a spike pile driver and he was out fro the 10 count.

Notes. 240 plus in the building just shy of 200 paid....Biggest house on Christmas Night beat the 2004 recoard by 11 tickets.....Ryan Dookie missed due to a death in the family....KC Thunder missed due to injury he will be back very soon..

Championship Wrestling runs the Kingsport Civic Aud. this Sat. Jan 3 for a national TV Taping

SSW returns Fri. Jan 9th Kingsport National Guard Armory

Ricky Morton and Wayne Adkins vs. Brian Logan and Beau James
Tony Givens vs. Beau James' surprise
Mike Cooper vs. Bobo Brown

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 12.27.08

24 attended

Derrick Neal vs Saint went to a double countout due to brawling outside the ring

Travis Starr b Convict Clown

Otis Bass b Kevin Dunn (w/Ronnie Vegas) by DQ when Dunn used Vegas' cane on Bass

ATL Tag Team Champions Derrick Neal & Psycho Medic b Damien Payne & Chris Norte when Medic pinned Norte

Damien Payne b Derrick Neal and Anthony Wayne and Saint in an elimination match to become "King of the Stadium Inn" and get a crown

*Krull and Trent Van Drisse appeared at the Inn for the second half of the show!

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----No truth to the rumor that Drisse was trying to get fans to dominate his site for RRO Site of the Year.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 12.26.08

Attendance 83

Shawn Hoodrich b Convict Clown

Lee Cross b Psycho Medic

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier b Petey Wright and Chris Norte when Xavier pinned Norte

Super Delirious Black Ninja b Jeremiah Plunkett

Post-match Ninja unmasked to reveal LT Falk and by Ninja winning LT gets his dream match next week, a "loser leaves USWO" bout with Plunkett

Saint & Tim Renesto b Shane Eden & Derrick Neal and Damien Payne & Josh Crowe to win the vacant USWO Tag Team Championship when Saint pinned Eden

USWO Champion Michael Jablonski b Mitch Ryder

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Piece of my Mind Dec 27th, 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

To start this week I would like to end the old year and bring in the new by thanking anyone and everyone who has been reading my articles on a weekly basis.

I can remember being out to dinner in Washington DC with Jim Crockett Jr, Dusty Rhodes and Lex Luger after a show there. At that dinner Dusty made comments about how PPV had changed the booker job around. It was important that he knew about trends and numbers. They had determined that running a PPV the day after Christmas was important since people could buy something and not have to pay for it for about a month. It made sense to me. But I am writing this on Dec. 26th but there are no PPVs tonight. My how things have changed.
I see that the Rock and Roll Express are in New Dyersburg, TN tonight. If you are an Indy worker or a fan, you need to attend that show. If you are a worker and are asked to buy a ticket you should gladly pay for it. If you are a fan, understand that one day a year, or twenty years from now. the chance to see Ricky and Robert team up won’t be there. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss. You can’t always catch someone next time. Sometimes there is no next time.

I recall that Ricky Nelson the 50’s TV and singing star was coming to NY and I said “Ah-hh I will catch him the next time through". Well there was no next time. There was a horrible plane crash on New Year's Eve that took the life of Ricky Nelson. Many times since then I think of that when deciding whether to do something now or later. It, hopefully, will not be a tragedy like that that causes us to miss an opportunity in life. But whatever the reason, you don’t want to miss a chance presented to you.
I learned to appreciate The Rock and Roll Express in a way that I never had before on those recent shows in Charlotte. I had heard stories for years about The Rock and Roll Express. I didn’t really grasp the true meaning of those stories. I can always count on Carolina’s Own David Isley to recreate the hysteria for me but not being around or working the territory in those days it’s hard to understand. I think that now I am a little closer to it after the shows in the Charlotte area. In the days when wrestling was still wrestling and guys work like Ricky and Robert against teams like The Koloffs, The Midnight Express, The Road Warriors, Manny Fernandez and Rick Rude no wonder hysteria was created.

The picture for this article was taken in Greensboro, NC. It was taken by Maria Lane. It is of Ricky Steamboat Jr who I hadnt seen in about ten years and of course myself and Sweet Stan Lane. I want to wish Ricky Jr luck he leaves for Japan soon for atleast three months. He is dedicated to learning his craft. If what I have seen so far is any indication the young Steamboat could have a very long and prosperous career in front of him.

Well that’s it for me. I am out. I will be back on January 4th . Happy Holidays to all of you and best wishes for a prosperous new year.

Friday, December 26, 2008

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 12.26.08

New Experience Wrestling (NEW) held another round of television tapings for future release Friday night at the Ken Wayne School of Wrestling in West Memphis. Here are the quick results . . .

- Matt Justyce defeated Tatt2
- Kid Nikels defeated Greg King
- Eric Wayne defeated Derrick King

RassleNotes: Crowd was around 60-70 continuing the recent trend of houses in that range...Downtown Bruno served as referee for the evening. Prior to the show, during pre-event warm-ups, Bruno picked out the "loudest fan" to receive a free WWE Classics action figure featuring himself (as Harvey Wippleman) and Giant Gonzalez...The story of the undefeated singles streaks of Nikels and Wayne continued to be played up on commentary...NEW was featured in an edition of the West Memphis "Crittenden County Times" newspaper this week with an article on Page 2 of the publication. The promotion also ran a 2x5 ad in the paper...NEW returns to West Memphis next Friday at 8 p.m.

Rock N Roll Express at DCW This Saturday Night!!

----One of the greatest tag teams of all time will be appearing Saturday in Dyersburg, TN for DCW. RRO will be there in full force for an Arena Report.

----CLICK HERE for all the regular scheduled shows!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dusty Wolfe Interview now online

Let me first begin by echoing the sentiments of Brian Tramel by saying "Merry Christmas" to each and every one of you. I hope you have had a wonderful day, spent with those who mean the most to you.

Dusty Wolfe was recently interviewed by W. Dwight Hatfield for his wrestling interview series. You may listen to the interview at:

Dusty discusses a number of topics concerning his career and recently published book. Of course, the book is available by following the appropriate links right here at

Merry Christmas Again!!

----This was RRO staff member Mark James' Christmas card and I loved it!! I wanted to share it with everyone. Below the card is what it said in the card.

Sorry to say the cover is only wishful thinking on my part...

What is real is my wish for you to have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!! Twas The Night Before Christmas!!

----Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be slow around here tomorrow at the RRO Offices. I do not expect to post anything and hope everyone enjoys time with their families. My family and my RRO family wishes all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

----Posted below is something that has become a tradition here at RRO. I am now posting my third version of it. It always been just about TLCW, but this year I broaden it a bit. But...I didn't mess it up so we couldn't make fun of DK though!! LOL You know why I make fun of DK every year?? Because it is fun!! LOL


Twas the night before Christmas, low was the house
Kevin White was smiling big and it was time for Klaus
In the dressing rooms, the workers were talking about Dustin Starr
Hoping they could wrestle and then on to the bar

The fans were marking out of their heads
Waiting to hear what Hollywood Jimmy said
Out from the back came Eric Wayne
Who swore “I didn’t mean to kick him the face..DANG!!”

In the parking lot, arose such a mass
It was Leslie Jones from Christmas past
Standing by the window, it was his friend Neal
Tim Edwards yelled, “Dammit, I am the Real Deal!!”

As I looked outside again at the new-fallen snow
Bill Dundee is at the circus, you know??
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a black man with blond hair holding a beer
He was so lively and wearing a crown
His chest pushed out and he said, “I hate wrestling in this town.”

Now BLS !! Now Tatt2!! Now Austin Lane!! Now TGB!!
On SOBs!! On Seth Knight!! On Idol Bane!! On Stan Lee!!
To the dressing room!! To the ring!! To the mat!!
Now hiptoss!! Now bodyslam!! Now rat!!

As the man made himself the center of the show
The fans were chanting “ Go, DK , Go!!”
He yelled at the fans and said go home
I would rather be here all alone!!

He was dressed all in wrestling gear, from his head to his foot
And his gear was all tarnished with vodka and soot
His crown almost falling off the top of his head
“I will be the KING!!”, he proclaimed, only when Lawler is dead

His eyes—they were so blurry!! His speech so slurred!
His cheeks were red as cherry!! His vision was blurred!!
His mouth drooled like a sleeping bear
“Do you know who I am?? Do you care??”

The straw of his drink he held tight in his teeth
And smoke encircled his head like a wreath
The Posse was here for the night
He yelled, “TIWF keeps outdrawing us!! That is not right!!”
He was colored and blond, a right grumpy man
And I laughed when he said he was the best in the land
A wink in his eye, a twist of his head
PK Ripper was scheduled to wrestle again, oh I dread

He sprang out of the ring, to his crew gave a whistle
And away the workers flew behind him like the down of a thistle
But I heard him exclaim, as Slim Pickens drove him out of site
“Merry Christmas to all, and I am Derrick King….DAMMIT!!

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 12.20.08

Devon Day def. Sgt. Swat
Chris Lexxus def. AC Styles
Way Cool def. Hardknox Hooligan to retain the TV Title
Lawman Williams def. Mark Southern
Jawbreaker Jesse Dee def. Chico Mendoza to win the Regional Heavyweight Title

Attendance 173

Credit: Steve Hunter

----This group continues to draw good numbers. It will probably help put them over as RRO Promotion of the Year.

PUTTING OVER: Eric Wayne and Dustin Starr

----Just wanted to note that Dustin does have some stuff on Wayne up on his blog. CLICK HERE to go over and read it. This is a great piece and Wayne says more and explains more than he really had to do. It will be interesting to listen to Dustin's point on this, which will probably be posted after the holidays. This kind of stuff is good for the business in the area - it is an open discussion on things that some people know NOTHING about. Whatever you might think about either one of them - Starr or Wayne - these are two guys that eat and breath professional wrestling and they have always want to improve on every facet of it. You guys are over in my book.


----Ok, we got 6 more categories for this week. The only two categories we got left to nominate are TV Match of the Year and Arena Report Match of the Year. I will be waiting to see if they air any new stuff on the final show of Memphis this week. I also plan to attend the DCW show this coming Saturday night, so I might have a match to add to Arena Report. Those matches that are eligible will be posted on Sunday!! Everyone has until 12.30.08 to send in nominees. Nominees will be announced and posted at 12:00 AM on 1.01.09 and you will have 10 days to vote for the winners!! Post your picks on the Kayfabe Message Board or e-mail them to me!! I also have up to the minute awards news on the RRO AWARDS RACE Blog – CLICK HERE!!

----Horizon – Who deserves a contract in the WWE, TNA or ROH?? Last two years this award has been won by Dustin Starr. Even though he has not wrestled as much this year, the stuff he has done outside the business has also proved this guy has a mind to be with the big time. Could he get nominated and win three years in a row?? My picks would also include some of these guys: Brian Thompson [announcer], Cameron Valentine, Byron Willcott [who has a contract, but still eligible here], Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels and the usual of guys like Flash Flanagan, Derrick King and Rodney Mack.

----Most Improved: Who has improved as a worker from last year?? Idol Bane is the leader here in my book as he was almost off the radar last year and is probably going to end up in the Top 10 this year. Cody Melton, Albino Rhino, Pappy and Slim Pickens are my other picks.

----Most Underrated: Who is the most underrated by workers and fans?? A lot of names here including last year’s winner Kilo. AJ Bradley is my top pick along with Chris O’Neal and the following: Cameron Valentine, Mark Justice, Izzy Rotten, Dell Tucker, Psycho, Seth Knight, Christian Jacobs and Rik Burton [for his booking].

----Best Wrestling Web Site: What site do you go to more often?? Everyone is eligible, except Dustin Starr’s “World of Wrestling Blog and easily lead the pack. Last year’s winner Mid-Southern Message Board should also be considered. I should also mention NBW [who has a real good looking site], WWCW [ditto] and TIWF.

----Columnist of the Year: Sal Corrente is the most constant on this site. Dustin Starr should also be considered for updating his stuff every day. Brian Thompson has good columns. “Axeman” Randall Lewis also gets a mention because he probably is the hardest working guy in wrestling kayfandom.

----Best Female Performer – NEW AWARD – This is the only new category for the year, but I have added it because of the influence of MLW and the level of ladies in this area. My three picks would be in no particular order – Tasha Simone, Su Yung and Lil Bit.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 12.20.08

"Monkey Boy" Danny Morris w/ Dustin Burcham over Kilo Green & Slammer in a 3-way match. There was a confrontation between Kilo Green & the referee, Barney. Kilo shoved Barney & Barney hit Kilo and then kicked him.

Sons of the South (Josh Matthews/Chris Styles) defeated The Executioners (Axe/Dagger).

Bone Crusher & Soul Taker defeated Mexicans 1 & 2, who turned out to be PHAT Foundation members Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine when they were unmasked by Bonecrusher & Soul Taker. Bonecrusher forced Chris Fontaine to accept an anything goes match for January 3, Bonecrusher & Soul Taker vs. PHAT Foundation.

After intermission, Kilo Green came to the announcer's table and called out EPW Promoter Edith Poole. He said he was upset about Barney's actions earlier, and that he wanted a match with Barney. Edith called out Barney and asked him if he would accept the match. Barney said that he was a referee, not a wrestler. He then slapped Kilo and went to the back. Edith said that, due to Barney's actions, the match would take place on 1-3-09.

The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley/Blade) defeated 24/7 (Kross/JR Mauler) to become the undisputed #1 contenders for the EPW Tag Team Championship.

Main Event: Down to Party ("Prime Time" Nick Grimes/David Andrews) & Cassanova Kid vs. PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes/Chris Fontaine) w/Paul Rhodes/Chris Styles & Tysin Starr w/Dustin Burcham. This was basically a 6 on 3 handicap match, and it was shaping up to be a great match when the match was stopped due to a medical emergency. One of the fans had a heart attack. The referee, KC, who is a licensed EMT, immediately went into the crowd to help the man who was ill. The ambulance arrived after about 10 minutes and the man was taken to the hospital. No word as to his condition has been received. EPW Promoter Edith Poole re-scheduled the match for Saturday night, 1-3-09.

EPW is taking a little time off during the Christmas holidays, so there will be no EPW show on Saturday night, 12-27-08.

EPW will return to action on Saturday night, 1-3-09. The card will include:

Bonecrusher/Soultaker vs. Pain, Inc. in an ANYTHING GOES MATCH.

Kilo Green vs. Barney the Referee.

Six man tag team action: PHAT Foundation & Tysin Starr
vs. Down to Party & Cassanova Kid.

That will be a great show to start off the New Year! Don't miss it!

EPW wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See you in 2009!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 12.19.08

At the beginning of the show Josh Matthews came to the ring and called out Chris Styles. Josh apologized to Chris for his actions the previous week. Chris refused to shake Josh's hand and there was a confrontation between the two. Out of the back came a BIG black man and he and Josh beat Chris down. The man was later identified as Big Daddy Nino.

Jay Webster & Chris Chaos w/Izzy Rotten defeated (cheated their way to victory) Little Guys, Inc. (Kid J & Lil' Devil).

Blade defeated David Andrews.

Josh Matthews by DQ over Curly Moe due to interference by Chris Styles.

Chris Styles by DQ over "Spectacular" Shawn Reed due to interference by Josh Matthews & Big Daddy Nino.

Izzy Rotten defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore.

"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs w/T-Bird vs. Mason was ruled a no contest when things got out of hand. After the match T-Bird was barred from ring side for the following week's matches since he had interfered in the match. Instead, he will announce.

TFW Tag Team Champions Syn & DJ Stunner defeated Suicide & LSD.

TFW wishes everyone a very merry Christmas! Please be safe.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Match That Everyone Is Talking About: Eric Wayne vs Scott Fury!!

----Thanks to Richard Bressler for passing this along to RRO.

----Post your comments on the BOARD!! CLICK HERE!!

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 12.20.08

Martin opened the show welcoming the crowd and telling them that Santa Clause would be there at intermission and would have gifts for everyone in the building.

As the show started pp3's music hit and out came Lucky. Now Lucky and PP3 have been having some good matches but Lucky was dressed like a nerd...Martin told him he knew who PP3 was but he looked like PP squared! Lucky did a mic spill and told the crowd it would be the last time they would see him like that and the last time they would see PP3. He called out PP3 and told him that tonight would be the last match and after he beat PP3 then PP3 would have to be his man servant. Well then PP3 said if he wins then Lucky has to dress like a nerd and be his tag partner.

1st match Roger Allen vs Mike Titan. Winner Roger Allen.
2nd match John Allen vs Ron Rage. Winner Ron Rage.
3rd match The Loose Cannon vs Chupa Cabra' Winner The Loose Cannon
4th match Lucky vs PP3. Winner PP3
5th match Rodney Mack / JD Kerry VS "Angel of Sin" Byron Willcott [pictured]
6th match Mike Anthony and Poker Face VS Natural Born Playa'z No winner

Before the Lucky PP3 match Martin introduced the special referee for the match. It was Lucky's brother Lethal. Lucky was highly upset since he thought he put Lethal out of wrestling. The new tag team out of this is PP3 and PP Squared.

Rodney Mack made his way to the ring and was ready for his match with the Angel of Sin. But AOS pulled another rabbit out of his hat. He told Rodney there was no contract signed or no agreement signed between him and Mack. But when Mack left the building after the training period the AOS got J.D. Kerry to sign an agreement to wrestle him. He told Rodney that he did not play by the rules. That's when Kerry came out. Martin got into the middle of this since this was an advertised match. Martin told the AOS that this was his game and he made the rules not the AOS. He told Mack that if JD wins the match then Mack would be given his title match next week. This really made the AOS very mad. During the match he did all he could to hurt Kerry. As the AOS went for a suplex Mack came out and got his attention. Kerry reversed it and rolled AOS up and got the 3 count. Then Ron Rage who just made his return to the RWA came in the front door and attacked Rodney Mack. These two have a long history... The AOS joined in and as Mack and Kerry made their come back AOS and Rage took a powder. AOS told Mack he was sick of him and that he wanted a stipulation put into the match. It has to be a Loser Leave Arkansas. Mack agreed.

The main event was a Texas Tornado Death Match between The Natural Born Playa'z and Mike Anthony and Pokerface. This was an absolute brutal match. These 4 did not pull anything nor did they hold anything back. All four were bleeding from the numerous weapons they used. Mr Pimptacular and Mike Anthony came off the ring apron onto a wooden door propped up on for chairs. As they hit the door the chairs shot out from underneath and they landed on the door on the concrete floor and could not get up. Southside Brawler did a moonsault off the top rope onto a bunch of folding metal chairs pilled up in the ring. Then Pokerface came off the top rope with a frog splash and missed Southside and landed on the chairs also. No one could answer the 10 count. The match was 20 minutes long and one of the best hardcore matches seen.

Yes Santa Clause did show up at intermission and took pictures with the kids in the ring and gave every kid in the building a gift and then gave all the adults a gift. But before Santa could leave The Loose Cannon came out and told him he wanted a gift. Santa put his bag down and let Cannon look in the bag for a gift. While Cannon was bent over looking Santa took a chair and gave Cannon a great stiff chair shot. Martin told them to ring the bell and Santa Clause got a 3 count over Cannon. The crowd loved every minute of this and Santa Clause is undefeated in the RWA.

Good crowd for the holiday's there was 100+ in the building.

Credit: RWAReporter

Memphis Wrestling TV 12.20.08 - Watch and Vote!!!

Eric Wayne Featured on Dustin Starr's "World of Wrestling"!!

----It almost reads like an angle, but CLICK HERE and read about the latest on the Eric Wayne saga. Wayne has agreed to answer questions from WOW readers. Pictured above is Kid Nikels, Wayne, Greg King JR and Matt Justyce.

Two Promotions Shut Down By Fire Marshall!!

----A story has been floating around the last few weeks about LAW and their building. I got confirmation from a source within the promotion that stated the following,

"Arkansas State Fire Marshall came in and said that the building wasn't up to the fire code for a "place of assembly". Jeff just can't afford, at least not all at one time, to get it up to code. So, until further notice LAW isn't running anymore shows."

----LAW owner, Jeff O'Dell, was contacted, but had no response.

----"Axeman" Randall Lewis reported yesterday afternoon the following about TFW in Tupelo, MS on

BREAKING NEWS! TFW Closes Doors Temporarily!

TFW, which has been running in Tupelo/Skyline for over five years, has been notified that they will be unable to have any future wrestling shows in their new building on Hwy. 178 in Skyline. The reason given to the owners, Wayne & Denise Blaylock, is due to fire code violations.

Before the rumors get started and all the TFW bashers start spreading crap, here are the facts in the matter:

1. TFW and its owners did nothing wrong. There are NO code violations in the part of the building TFW occupies.

2. The parts of the building on either side of TFW, which TFW does not lease or occupy and are currently vacant, contain numerous code violations.

3. The Lee County Fire Marshall has declared the entire building unsafe due to the code violations in other parts of the building. Therefore, TFW will have to leave immediately.

4. This absolutely, completely, totally, and undeniably sucks. TFW complied with every code, but they are out because the landlord did not have other parts of the building up to code.

Those are the facts, unfortunately. TFW will be back as soon as they find a new building to run in.

Championship Wrestling 12.13.08

----Last week's TV show...Beau James does a shoot out to us on this show in the last match. James is hilarious in commentary. Good stuff.

----Here is their Christmas commercial!!

----This group does such a great job with getting their talent over in videos and the TV show.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 12.19.08


----I had the pleasure of heading back to the NEW arena in West Memphis, TN for my next to last “Arena Report” of the year. As I walked backstage I noticed an improvement over what is considered Ken Wayne’s office. But, there was so much video equipment in that little room it looked like a small TV studio. If I am remembering correctly there was like 6 monitors with everything set up for switching cameras and such. I have no knowledge of TV technical terms and such, so all I can say is - it looks like a lot of TV “stuff” back there. LOL

----The first person I ran into was my old pal Brian Thompson and then had the chance to sit down to talk with Eric Wayne. Wayne and I had talked a few days earlier about the incident that happened here the week before with Wayne hitting Scott Fury in the mouth. Fury lost a tooth and apparently swallowed a lot of blood. Unfortunately Fury was not there, but what I could gather first from Wayne and the whole crew, Wayne did apologize many times to Fury. [That is all you can do in a situation like this] Fury had only a drop of blood hit the canvas and rest he swallowed, which wasn’t good. Wayne felt like Fury was coherent enough to finish the bout. He felt he did make a mistake “because of my inexperience” by not just taking Fury into a hold and slowing down the bout a bit. He did stomp him in the face after the kick, but I am told it wasn’t as stiff as originally reported. Fury and Wayne were seen after the show talking and laughing, so all was good. This was the same story I got from four people that were there during the incident, so Dustin Starr’s “World of Wrestling” blog story was almost completely false other than Wayne did kick Fury in the face. In Starr’s defense though, he did state he was not there and was going on hearsay. Eric also made a statement on the Kayfabe Message Board. You may CLICK HERE and read it.


----Derrick King/Greg Anthony defeated Matt Justyce/El Chupacabra. Chupacabra did a move off the turnbuckle that looked good, but he was outshined by all three of the other guys. Justyce was “on” and he wasn’t in the ring with his regular trainee crew. He also had a new cool robe – Apollo Creed would have been proud. Good solid bout with nice exchanges. Anthony did a flying side kick to Matt. A series from Justyce had him do two leapfrogs following by a sweet dropkick. DK came out with a dropkick of his own. DK used his infamous elbow stomp. Finish had hit Chupacabra with a sloppy sitdown powerbomb for the win. [**1/2]

----Eric Wayne beat Greg King JR. Good solid match as expect from both guys coming from the school. King got a HUGE pop when he came out and Wayne is a heel in front of this crowd. Good move for move – hold or hold stuff. It seemed as if King got more of the bout. King also has a sweet dropkick. King put Wayne in a figure four that looked good. Finish had Wayne set up for the boot to the face in the corner [what he did to Fury] – King moved and Wayne went flying into the corner. King then missed a move into the corner with Wayne rolling him over into a german suplex. [***]

----Kid Nikels beat Bryon Willcott with the “Nikels pickle 2” submission. This was the same submission he beat Derrick King with. Another good solid match. Willcott is a big man and is not as clumsy as you would suspect from a guy his size. Both guys did smart things not to make the match just a cliché big man vs big man match. Willcott does a British accent and had my kids rolling when he made reference to some guy in the crowd being from “Twilight”. Nikels had Willcott in an arm bar and he said, “Ease up a scuttch”, which got a laugh from the crowd. Finish came out of nowhere with Willcott tapping. Willcott pushed Downtown Bruno after the match and then Bruno suspended him. Angle being that NEW will not tolerate that done to officials. [**3/4]


----Probably about 70 people in the building…Referee Downtown Bruno [wearing a Power Pro Wrestling shirt] and crew were told that as soon as something happens like the Fury incident, then the ref is to make a judgment about continuing the bout. If it is a busted lip, then all is good. If someone gets their tooth knocked out or there is excessive blood – the bout is to be stopped…Place looked like a TV studio from the old days with new curtains and the announcer’s desk sit up from the floor…Live interviews were done before the matches backstage before the workers exited the curtains. All the interviews were really good with DK/TGB having the best one. Surprise?? Wayne actually said something about kicking King’s teeth down his throat. Chupacabra, the Luchador, spoke English, which made even my kids wonder and say, “I thought Luchadors spoke Spanish?”…I think I would have acknowledged Willcott going to the WWE, instead of the pushing DT Bruno down gimmick. It would have made Nikels even look stronger. He has beat two time wrestler of the year – Derrick King and WWE developmental guy – Bryon Willcott…When I ask Willcott if he was going to drop the RWA title the next night, he said [in old school fashion], “I am going to try not to..” LOL Willcott was super nice guy and had a great attitude backstage. Best wishes to him in Florida and WWE!! He still owes me a Diet Coke and a cheeseburger!!... Chupacabra literally means "goat sucker"!! LOL No kidding – CLICK HERE – and look!!

RassleResults: RPW Metroplis, IL 12.20.08

Santa Claus won a over the top Battle Royal
RPW Southern IL Champ Mickie Taylor beat KB Chaser
D4H beat Tony Flood & Brooklyn Bull
RPW Women’s Champion Diabla beat Fallen Destiny with Brian “The GM” Trump
RPW Champion Kilo with Auburn Thunder beat Ty Blade
“Superstar” Bill Dundee/Tojo Yamamoto JR beat RPW Tag Champions PrettyBoy/Danny Ice with Mr. Kryptonite in a Non-title Match.

RPW raised $1,700 worth of toys and 130 paid to see show.

Credit: RPWRenegade

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.20.08 - Austin Lane's Last Ride!!

Opening Match
Battle Royal For #1 Contender
A lot in the battle royal with GraveDigger and Murdock being the final 2. Murdock reversed Digger into ropes and hit a huge flying close line. Murdock then put Digger in corner and ran into a boot then Digger caught Murdock in chock slam for the victory. GraveDigger over in 15:48

2nd Match
Oasis VS Lord Humongous
Good battle between this 6'10 oasis and the massive Lord Hugo with slams and power threw this match Hugo got a roll up after Oasis missed a splash.
Lord Humongous Over Via Pin Fall In 7:34

3rd Match
Nacho Libra Vs Mighty Midgets
Very funny match with it back and forth finally one of the midgets FU A Libra for the pin.
Lil Devil & Kid J Over Via Pin Fall In 18:33

4th Match
European Championship Match
"Mr Muscle" Morgan Williams Vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Morgan Williams actually gave Brian all he could handle for his match it was one costly mistake when Athena got in the ring to help Morgan, She got hit bye him instead what a mistake and a roll up by Brian for the victory.
Brian Christopher wins via pin fall In 12:33

5th Match
Survivor Series Match
LSD,Ray Ray,& Chuck Fears Vs Demon X,Austin Lane,Casino Kid & Tommy Wayne
This Was A Very Busy Match with lots of stuff going on at one point all men on Chuck's team got close lined over the top then Casino and Tommy did dives threw ropes and Austin did front flip over on top of them as the eliminating started Demon X got pinned bye Chuck Fears. After that Cody Only Got pinned By Austin Lane. Austin Lane then hit the ride of life on Idol Bane and Fears came in and hit the cudagraw on Austin then rolled Idol over so Austin is eliminated. Casino runs in and pins Idol so now its down to final 4. Ray is the next to go from a top rope sunset flip from casino. Chuck does get the advantage on both Tommy and Casino using a chain, but T-bone wanted to celebrate Chuck turns into a DDT from casino and frog splash from Tommy Wayne. Winners Tommy Wayne and Casino Kid
Team Casino,Tommy, Austin , And Demon X Over Via Pin Fall 19:29

Main Event
Jerry The King Lawler Vs Lord Humongous
Back and forth match with lawler pinning Hugo because of Jimmy Blaylock getting in the way. Blaylock was trying to crush the crown of Jerry Lawler.
Jerry lawler over via Pin Fall in 8:22

Notes On Show
Crowd was at 249 paid...X- Kailber was suppose to wrestle and was there until main even when his wife fell and broke her wrist at the arena...All matches pretty solid...Good luck to Austin Lane in the future.

Credit: ASWFAce

----I was told that Austin Lane was a bit upset because a promised "farewell" to the fans never happened. I think I might have been pissed also - what other guy has been with a promotion this long in this area??

RassleResults: NBW Results Wrap Up Newbern, TN 12.13 & 12.20.08


Show opened w/ Santa Claus coming to the ring and handing out candy to the kids, while he was wishing everybody a Merry Christmas Sarge and Xow made their way out. Sarge OReilly stated that Santa Claus wasn't real and he was sorry to burst everyone's bubble but its true. Jeff McDonald then came to the ring and told the kids not to listen to Sarge because he never got what he wanted as a kid he is just mad. Santa Claus then took the mic.... and started agreeing with what Sarge said, he said Santa was a fake. Sarge and the XOW were laughing it up, Jeff started to get mad until Sarge and company backed him in a corner and was about to lay a beating on him until Jeremy Moore and Maverick made the save. This set up Moore/Maverick vs. Sarge/Taylor

1.Syn/D.J. Stunner Def. Gaylon/Biscuit after some interference

2. "The Baron" Malkavain Def. Simon Reed via countout

3. Tommy Redneck def. Suicide, during the course of the match Suicide used light tubes on Redneck and bloodied him pretty good

4. Shawn Reed vs. D.J. Stunner went to a no contest after Syn got involved

5. Jeremy Moore and Maverick def. Sarge and Neil Taylor by double roll up

Good show crowd was up with over 80 there maybe around 90


1. Phoenix X def. The Kid

2. Baron Malkavain def. Shawn Reed with Demons Wings

3. Suicide def. Tommy Redneck to retain the XOW Hardcore title

4. Deranged def. Tank

5. Syn/Stunner def. Gaylon Ray/Biscuit. Earlier in the night Syn and Stunner attacked biscuit and hurt his arm, wounding him before this match

6. Jeremy Moore def. Sarge by DQ to retain the NBW High Risk Title. Highlight of this match was Moore taking a powerslam off the top rope by sarge

Good Show, crowd was down a bit this week with probably between 60-70 maybe.

Credit: NBWNewsguy

----Good to see they are still drawing. Maverick usually brings a lot to the show, so that might have been the increase for the first show...I have been told DCW is drawing about the same as here and TLCW may be drawing less...Chris Rocker - NBW Champion - has not worked the last two weeks??...Malkavain works this show - did he work anywhere else?? I was told TLCW/DCW were not allow to work DCW??...Good to see "Deranged" [Crazy Train] and Tank back. They both were a big part of the start of this promotion.

Austin Lane Issues A Statement!!

----Austin Lane sent the following to RRO offices.

"As you all know by now, I have left ASWF Wrestling and will start woking for RWA out of Jonesboro, AR as of January 3, 2009. I wish ASWF wrestling the best of luck. I am really looking forward to working with a up and coming promotion like RWA. I helped build ASWF for 8 years. I just feel that it is not the same company that I felt so close to. In this level of the independant level...we do not make a ton of money. All we have to seperate us is respect. At RWA I feel I would be respected and appreciated more for what I do. I love the fans at ASWF and will miss that aspect. However RWA will be alot better fit for me. I am looking forward to building RWA into the great and drawing promotion that I know it can be."

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 12.20.08

Attendance 19
Saint b JD Fluffy
Psycho Medic b Chris Norte by DQ when Kevin Dunn ran in
Derrick Neal b Tim Renesto
Psycho Medic b Kevin Dunn by DQ when Chris Norte ran in
Anthony Wayne b Josh Crowe
JD Fluffy & Ref Boogie the Cowardly Lion (w/LT Falk) b Damien Payne & Ref Mark Owen (Psycho Medic served as special ref) when Fluffy pinned Owen

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 12.19.08

attendance 87

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier b Damien Payne (w/Josh Crowe)

Jeremiah Plunkett b Travis Starr

Cody Whitehead & Antonio Cathey vs Saitan & Mr. Justice (w/Diamond) went to a double countout as all ended up out on the floor

Josh Crowe & Damien Payne b Psycho Medic & JD Fluffy when Payne pinned Medic

Steven Green & Shane Eden & Derrick Neal b Saint & Tim Renesto & Lee Cross when Neal pinned Cross

USWO Champion Michael Jablonski b Mitch Ryder by DQ when Jablonski takes Ryder's chain away then tosses it back to him and takes a dive as ref Mark Owen gets up from a ref bump and sees all this and DQs Ryder

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Piece of my Mind Dec 20th 2008 by 'The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I recently had the opportunity to work with The Midnight Express and get a whole new perspective on the team. It has made me think about one of the other teams that Stan Lane was also a part of The Fabulous Ones. I had heard of them but never really saw them except recently on some You Tube clips. It was a number of years ago when I got the call from Jim Cornette. He was looking for Stan Lane to come up to Louisville for a big show. It was a tribute to Louisville wrestling history. In talking to Jimmy it was determined that I was going to come up to the show and would work on it. The first thing that we came up with was a match against the local heel manager Kenny Bolin. I received a call from Jimmy later asking me that I be the referee for Kurt Angles match against Sylvester Terkay. I was disappointed because I was trying to transition out of refereeing into managing/wrestling. I went along with Jimmy. It was his show so I agreed.

I arrived in Louisville before Stan and was supposed to pick him up at the airport. When I arrived several OVW wrestlers were at the airport to pick up various guys and deliver them to the hotel. One of them was assigned to Stan who let him know that he already had a ride and off we went. As we left he told me "hey that kid they sent to pick me up is Bob Orton’s kid". How about that? Wh would have known then that a young Randy Orton go on to have the future he has had on that fateful day.

This was a loaded show the WWE loaning Kane and Kurt Angle to the event along with my buddy Mick Foley also being there. When we arrived I remember Mick thinking that Stan Lane was Scott Steiner. I recall Stan getting a big kick out of that, of course. Lane was always in top of the line condition. It was also my first time meeting Jackie Fargo who was brought in to the show to be in the corner of The Fabulous Ones. They were going to face a good young team one of those guys was Derrick King, his partner was Jason Lee. I do know it was a good match in front of an appreciative crowd.

I remember being approached by someone who seemed to know me. I had no clue that it was the guy I knew as Wolfie D until I saw the tattoo on his chest. I had used him on shows and was a big fan of his work. He was a good guy and it was good to see him again.

It eventually became time for me to referee my match. I remember telling Kurt Angle that I thought he was the best talent to come along in quite awhile. We went back and forth on the finish based on what they wanted to get across. It didn’t seem to me that the finish was getting the point across and building for their local OVW TV but of course I went along with it. When I was announced they had built up my resume to include shoot fighting referee experience. After the match when I was heading to the dressing room my buddy Mick Foley said "I didn’t know you had shoot fighting experience". I said "neither did I". He responded with an “Oh” and then he introduced me to his son Dewey who came along for the event.

At the end of the night the final match had Kane and The Damaja vs. D-Lo Brown and Rob Conway in a tag match with special referee Mick Foley. As the match was ending about thirty of us, in groups of three, were to hit the ring each of us going towards Mick Foley, Kane or The Damaja. I was glad to see I was lined up with Mick. I asked him to just hit me with a right hand I had no desire to experience Mr. Socko at the time. It all went well as we were falling like bowling pins to right hands and choke slams.

When the show was over I headed out on the town with Stan and Steve Keirn. Nothing big, just hanging out at whatever the local place was. We had a good time and when it was time to go I walked out with Steve and then it happened. A group of guys recognized Steve and went crazy. They could not believe that they were in the presence of one half of the Fabulous Ones. I hadn’t really been around such an exhibition before. I could tell Steve was almost embarrassed. He just looked at me and said "We were pretty over here Sal". I just laughed. We got in the car headed back to the hotel. It was clear to me that the big house that Jerry Jarrett lives in had to be at least partially built by The Fabulous Ones. It always takes two to make a good dance team. I have heard nothing but good things about Jerry Jarrett’s ability to promote. I am sure there is a reason why the WWE brought him in when Vince had his issues and there was concern he wouldn’t be around. He had the vision and, as I have heard Stan say before, "you guys work out the finer points and I will execute."

I want to send out a birthday wish to former NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Gorgeous Gary Royal who turned fifty one today Dec 20th 2008. I hear that he is telling people that fifty one is the new thirty one. There is no doubt if that bell sounded today he would be out there like he just went an hour broadway yesterday. He doesn’t really know any other way.

The picture with this article is of Stan and his lovely wife Maria along with Sal Toscano. Sal is a friend of mine and Stan’s that I met years ago in Concord, NC. He also represent s me and Stan and some other friends and family on insurance and financial issues. He came out to the big show in Charlotte so I grabbed this picture before Stan and Maria headed back home.

This has been a piece of my mind

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings and Poll Results Report 12.06 & 12.13.08

Memphis Wrestling 12-06-08

Final Rating: 0.5 ( 8,103 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours:
-Mr Hughes interview
-Ramsey Cahill vs Hughes
-Rock N Roll Express interview
1st Quarter
0.2 ( 3241 )

-Nightmares vs R&R Express
-TK2 vs Koko/Dundee
0.4 ( 6,482 ) [+ 3241 viewers]
2cnd Quarter

-Brian C interview
-Brian C vs Kevin White
0.7 ( 11,344 ) [+ 4862 viewers]
3rd Quarter

-Kamala Video
-Lawler vs Kamala
-“Memphis Memories” video
0.8 ( 12,964 ) [+ 1620 viewers]
4th Quarter

----Nightmares double their viewing crowd in their quarter. Corey Maclin mentioned Danny Davis and OVW after the bout, but didn’t mention Ken Wayne, who has a school in his backyard. Who was the BeeKeeper here?? Wasn’t Buddy Wayne doing this gimmick one time??...White/Brian C gets almost a 5,000 increase. White actually holds the record in for the site in being in the highest rated segment of all time [RRO History] with Bill Dundee…Lawler vs Kamala holds their own and doesn’t drop any viewers… Good for the way the quarters increased each time…This was a fairly good show.

Memphis Wrestling 12-13-08

Final Rating: 0.6 ( 9,723 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours:

-Lawler interview
-DK interview
-DK vs Chris Rocker
-Tommy Rich vs Keith Roberson [start]
0.7 ( 11,344 )
1st Quarter

-Rich vs Roberson [finish]
-Don Bass-Dirty Rhodes-Larry Wright beat up Rich
-Rich bleeds buckets
-Dirty Rhodes interview –Rich/Lawler come out
-Doug Gilbert/Brian C vs Moondogs [start]
0.7 ( 11,344 )
2cnd Quarter

-Doug Gilbert/Brian C vs Moondogs [finish]
-Lawler vs Sid Vicious [start]
3rd Quarter
0.7 ( 11,344 )

-Lawler vs Sid [finish]
4th Quarter
0.2 ( 3,241 ) [-8103 viewers]

----Good solid bout with Rocker/DK…Do you remember Torch?? I forgot all about him as they had Fire/Flame/Torch. They were unmasked as Bass/Rhodes/Wright. Don’t remember much about Wright [who I think was Torch; right??]. Rhodes was a damn good talker and a hell of a worker. Rich bled buckets here. Jobber Roberson worked this area [TIWF] earlier this year as Vic McNasty. [pic above]…Original aired matches from 11.08.08 Nashville show – “Lawler 35”. Not a fan of modern day Moondogs, but that bout was all over the place with all four guys working hard. Brian C even juiced...Lawler vs Sid was a slow match taking up TV time. And, the fans turned it off, just like I fast forwarded it. The show stayed the same for 3 quarters, but after the start of the Lawler/Sid match, viewers turned their TV off and went to bed.

Memphis Wrestling Poll Results 12.06 and 12.13.08

Thumbs Up – 58%
Thumbs Down – 42%


----Both shows had the same exact numbers in the poll. I would have to give both shows a “Thumbs Up” also for what they are airing. If you just go by the contest of the last two shows at least it was a bit entertaining. I enjoyed them and they did put up some new stuff on last week’s show. It is so sad though that we had to settle with this kind of programming and numbers. The highest quarters did not even feature over 12,000 fans watching the show.

Friday, December 19, 2008

ASWF for This Weekend - Austin Lane's Last Show and Gravedigger Returns!!

Over The Top Battle Royal For #1 Contender
Some of the super stars in this Silent Mark, Cody Murdock, Scott Fury, Dre Regulator, Acid Cali, Even The Returning Gravedigger And Many more

Oasis VS Lord Humongous

8 Man Survivor Series TAg Match
LSD(Cody Only & Idol Bane),Ray Ray, and New Heavyweight Champ Chuck Fears
Taking On
Austin Lane,Demon X,Casino Kid & Tommy Wayne

Mighty Midgets Lil Devil And Kid J VS Nacho Libres

Brian Christopher Vs Morgan Williams

Jerry Lawler VS X- Kailiber

What Memphis Watches

Nothing too exciting in the world of wrestling ratings this week. Every show stayed on pace with the numbers they’ve been doing for the last few months. Smackdown got back to its normal ratings after a hideous batch of numbers last week. The show gained viewers as it went along which is always good. Memphis Wrestling did the voodoo that it does. I think we all know this ain’t going to change as long as they keep showing old stuff. RAW did a great job of keeping the audience throughout the entire show then it fell off like a ton of bricks in the overrun. It just bees that way sometimes!

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of all 2 hours for the final rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact ( Thursday ) 12-11-08

Final Rating: 1.5 ( 24,308 viewers ) 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 1.5 ( 24,308 viewers )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

1.5 ( 24,308 )

1.2 ( 19,446 )

2nd hour: 1.6 ( 25,928 viewers )

1.4 ( 22,687 )

1.6 ( 25,928 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12-12-08

Final Rating: 3.0 ( 48,615 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.7 ( 43,754 viewers )

3.3 ( 53,477 )

2.7 ( 43,754 )

2.5 ( 40,513 )

2nd hour: 3.2 ( 51,856 viewers )

3.0 ( 48,615 )

3.2 ( 51,856 )

3.7 ( 59,959 )

Memphis Wrestling 12-13-08

Final Rating: 0.6 ( 9,723 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours: 0.7 ( 11,344 )

0.7 ( 11,344 )

0.7 ( 11,344 )

0.2 ( 3,241 )

TNA Impact Replay @ 8 a.m. 12-13-08

Final Rating: No show was aired.

WWE A.M. 12-14-08

Final Rating: 1.3 ( 21,067 viewers ) 3 share

WWE RAW 12-15-08

Final Rating: 4.1 ( 66,441 viewers ) 5 share

1st hour: 4.0 ( 64,820 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours: 3.9 ( 63,200 viewers )

3.9 ( 63,200 )

4.2 ( 68,061 )

4.2 ( 68,061 )

2nd hour: 4.2 ( 68,061 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours: 4.3 ( 69,682 viewers )

4.2 ( 68,061 )

3.9 ( 63,200 )

4.2 ( 68,061 )

Overrun: 1.8 ( 29,169 viewers )

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dustin Starr's "World of Wrestling"

----I would like everyone to know that I have Starr's blog feed finally up on the home page. It is in new format and looks very good. I do not read the site every day, but he does cover all the stuff that mainly involves himself. In his latest blog CLICK HERE he blasts Stan Lee [a guy he said "He’s the best athlete I’ve ever wrestled." a few blogs back] for deciding not to book him. This is typical of a worker in this area. They kiss up to the promotion they are working and then try to tear it down when they are not booked. The funny thing is that Starr accuses Lee of not booking him due to some conspiracy about working two shots or something?? Starr knows that Lee is not able to afford any extra talent right now due to problems with the building owner. [A story he actually covered] Starr ends the blog by saying, "If you go to Ripley, TN you’ll see nothing more than a bonafide Rector, AR show. Of course, to top the cake, the booking has Golden Boy’s name all over it." How is that a bad thing?? Anthony actually may get voted as Best Booker of the Year for the stuff he did there.

----Not sure the complete story on this one either, but Starr blogs CLICK HERE about Fury getting his teeth knocked out here. Not sure what happened in the dressing room, but this goes back to the old saying, "shit happens" when it comes to wrestling. If it was accidental [and it was], then all Wayne can do is apologize. The match should have been stopped by the ref as soon as the blood was visible. If NEW wants a style that is more realistic, then this should have been the finish. This would have been the end of any match in any other real sport.

Shows for The Weekend 12.19 and 12.20.08

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. [I know..I am going to try to update it!!] Below are a couple of special shows.


----Renegade Pro Wrestling will having "Season Beatings" with their 2cnd Annual "toy 4 Tots Drive". RPW Arena in Metropolis, IL with bell time at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $7 and if you bring an unwrapped gift you will get $1 off at the door. Appearing will be Bill Dundee, Santa Claus, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Diabla, Pretty Boy, Danny Ice, Mr. Kryponite, Fallen Destiny, Brooklyn Bull, D4H, Mickie Taylor, Mike Michaels, Kilo, Auburn Thunder, Brian The GM, BBB and many more.


Southern Extreme Wrestling will be having live TV tapings this
Saturday at the Greater Hope Church Gym, located on 2963 Spottswood,
just 5 minutes from the Mid-South Coliseum. (see attached map)

Fans of all ages are invited for this TV taping, and admission is
absolutely free!


----I forgot to mention this, but since I did pick 3 in my reviews, I was expecting everyone to pick at least 3 nominees!! It is not that important to do for the first categories, but I do need three picks for the last 5 categories!! Just post them again or e-mail them to me!! Thanks!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Attention Local Promoters

Just wanted to let local promoters know that Ricky Morton of Rock N' Roll Express fame will be in the area next weekend. He is booked locally on Saturday, Dec. 27th.

However, he could possibly be in the area the evening prior on Friday, Dec. 26th. If you are a local promoter and will be running that night, and you may possibly be interested in booking Ricky, please drop me an e-mail at I will be glad to put you in touch with him and maybe something can be worked out.

"Flashback" Dec 18, 1977 by Mark James

This Week’s Flashsback Highlights: Dec 18, 1977
We’re flashing back 31 years ago.

Dec 18, 1977
The main event featured Jerry Lawler against NWA World champ, Harley Race. The previous week the King went to a 1 hour draw with the World champion. For this rematch, the time limit was extended to 90 minutes and the “No DQ” rule was added.

The match went back and forth when Jerry’s nemesis, Jimmy Valiant came out. Handsome Jimmy then preceded to bust a glass coke bottle over Jerry’s head, then stabing Lawler in the shoulder with the jagged edge of the broken bottle. The angle was helped when Harley Race pushed Valiant away from Lawler. Lawler was in no shape to continue and with the “No DQ” rule in effect, the referee awarded the match to Race.

The fans went crazy and Valiant barely got out of the Coliseum that night. To show how over wrestling was in Memphis, the police were called and met and questioned Lawler at the hospital about the “assault”, (the King was at the hospital getting stitches for his wounds.)

Other matches included… Dennis Condrey and Phil Hickerson successfully defending their Southern tag titles against Norvell Austin and Robert Gibson… Mr Wrestling defeated Tommy Gilbert… Bill Dundee and Big Red won by dq over Gorgeous George jr and the Mongolian Stomper… Soony King, Frankie Lane and David Schultz won over The Samoans and Ken Dillinger.
Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!



----RRO AWARDS RACE 2008 continues with 5 more categories!! If you are a member of the KAYFABE MESSSAGE BOARD, then you may click over and put all your nominations there. Or you may e-mail your picks, if you do not want to post them “in the open” on the board. You may also go over to the RRO AWARDS RACE blog by CLICKING HERE and get all the up to the date info on the awards!!!

----Here are the five most important awards. They are always the hardest to pick and they usually have a lot more people voting for them. I have changed the “Best Damn” to MVP this year. The decision to change this is primarily due to the fact that the Yearbook and Awards are being seen by more people this year. I went with “Damn” to seem “edgy”, but as the years have gone by – I feel it might be a better fit as MVP. The meaning of these awards will not change.

----I also want to make note that the first four awards here is what RRO will use to post the Top 10 Singles/Tag Teams in Yearbook 2008. The six nominees get the first 6 places in the Top 10 followed by others that got the most nominees. If you do not nominate in all the awards, could you please take the time to nominate in these categories. Also, please do not nominate YOURSELF. Anyone that does that – your vote does not count!!

----Wrestler –This award has to do with drawing power, influence, visibility and just overall a good wrestler. You don’t have to be the best worker in the area, but it does help. This is probably the hardest category this year, because not one person sticks out above everyone else. Two-Time Winner Derrick King has to be considered maybe as just default, but he has been on a few big cards and is very influential in this area. Kevin White has gone forward to try to keep the tradition of Memphis Wrestling alive. When Corey Maclin shut down Memphis Wrestling and Bill Dundee joined the circus, White continued to try to give fans good quality wrestling. The guy that might seem like a “dark horse” to some people and some people might consider it BS – Austin Lane. Take a moment to think. What one guy was probably seen by more people this year than anyone?? Week after week ASWF had great crowds and Lane was seen on the big stage in front of some good crowds. Those are my three picks – Lane, White and DK.

----MVP Performer – This award is based on pure workrate. The winner last year Stan Lee is also in the running this year. He had a stellar performance at the UWL PPV and just an overall great performer. The guy that probably gets my nod over Lee would be Greg Anthony. Anthony always gives 110% every time he goes out. His matches with Flash Flanagan this year have been bragged about from everyone that watched them. Third place is just a bunch of names that put on good bouts and could fall into one of the top places also – Austin Lane, Chris Rocker, Motley Cruz, Flash, DK, Eric Wayne, Reno Diamond and Alan Steele are some that come to mind.

----Tag Team of The Year – Last year’s winner “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris] has continued to work this year in one form or another, but not as much. The #1 team in the Ranking last year – “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] should not even be considered this year. The tag team award [based on drawing power, influence, visibility] is a throw up between two teams this year. “Asylum” [Pappy/Arnez/Psycho] and “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas/Void]. I would give the nod to “Asylum” for doing so many dates and maybe BLS because they have been in higher profile matches. AJ Bradley is also the best worker of the six, so it might get them the win. Others teams consider – “Parental Advisory” [Scott Porteau/Tony Dabbs], “SOBs” [Kilo/Mark Justice], “Pain Inc” [Izzy Rotten/Brett Michaels],“Sons of the South” [Chris Styles/Josh Matthews], “Missouri Bad Boys” [Mark Southern/Missouri Renegade], Anton LeVeigh/Brandon Barbwire and Lawman Williams/Tank Turner.

----MVP Tag Team of The Year – Who is the pure working team in this area?? This is going to be a hard one this year also with not as many people staying teams, so I will throw out a bunch of names here. “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee], Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels, “Naughty by Nature” [Pokerface/Rude] [2007 winner], “Black Label Society” [Void/AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas], “Parental Advisory” [Scott Porteau/Tony Dabbs] and “SOBs” [Mark Justice/Kilo]. My top two here would be “Hot Topic” and “Parental Advisory”.

----Rookie of The Year – There is a very good rookie class this year. I have to mention that Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne were both eligible last year. They are not eligible this year. This award goes to someone that worked at least 26 dates in their first year of wrestling. Three guys that stand out here to me are Cody Melton, Robbie Douglas and Greg King Jr. Melton and Douglas both have worked in both 2007 and 2008. It might hurt Douglas because he has not worked as many dates as Melton. Melton is probably the front runner here, but anyone that has seen King in the later part of the year at NEW has been impressed. Matt Justyce and Mike Anthony should also be considered here.