Sunday, January 20, 2008

Devon Raynes tells his side of the story.....

Devon Raynes contacted me to tell his side of the story in regards to what Izzy Rotten (referred to here by his shoot name 'Gary) discussed during his recent interview concerning their negotiating what he wanted to be paid to come work shows in Booneville on Cheap Heat Radio. I asked Devon to type it so I could post it here so everyone could read what he had to say----

"I feel that there needs to be a little explanation for the whole money situation with JWS on my part. I called Gary asking about working and I priced him a bill. Now let's back up for a minute about a year ago. I know I'm not worth it but when I left JWS I was booking and my wife was supposed to be garaunteed a set amount. When we brought in another woman for her to work she would get paid the same amount (which never happened just like an explanation never happened). Sammy McGee would either not pay her or pay her half or I would have to get her po from him and he wouldn't be happy about it regaurdless of what the crowd was like. If it was a low night I would understand but that is where he needed to man up and talk to either her or I cuz she was feeling very very very unappreciated by him and the company. He wouldn't talk to her or me about her money so I didn't figure I had to talk to him about his....You know one good yank deserves another. I was training a kid who paid off and Sammy got his cut and I mine and that left $50. I gave that to my wife cuz she was at least owed that. Sammy pitched a fit to everyone but me. There were a couple of more that were training a he/she/family/wife was running off at the mouth about not paying off and said he paid x amount which was a crock. he paid about half of x amount. Sammy knew where that money was going to the stuff bought for the lord of the ring match. I go to the building for training and there is a pad lock on the outside of the door. I called and left Sammy a voicemail and have to hear anything from him. I found out through the grape vine it was about the money so I'm collecting for my wife. As far as Chris Chaos he knows he hasn't been in the business long enough and not paid his dues. This was about a little collecting on my part never about a greendick getting over on the vets. He know's he's not worth $10 yet. I don't ask for more in Tupelo cuz my wife works in Tupelo and I'm already there on Friday nights. I have to drive all the way to Buttvegas from Aberdeen which is about an hour and a half. It would be different if I were having to be in Tupelo. He said something about selling gimmicks which I understand all that crap but the point is when we finished our conversation on the phone I said if you could just gaurantee us $10 each that would be fine and if we made our garauntee on gimmicks then don't worry about it. So Gary needs to tell the whole story or not tell it at all and not drag someone's name through the mud just because he thinks it would earn him some props (which he's good at). Do I hate Gary. No. I just wish his ego would come back down to earth and pull his gator sized head out of his hummingbird butt. And if anyone's got a problem with that so be it for the only thing I have told is the truth and filled in the gaps that Gary ever so quietly left out." -Devon Raynes

So there you have Devon's side of the story. Izzy Rotten will be returning for Part 2 of his interview in February and I'm sure he'll have a response to it. I have no dog in this fight as I like both guys and hope it doesn't turn into an ugly dispute (any more than it has already).

Anyway, make sure to tune in tomorrow at 10am for Cheap Heat Radio w/ guest Jamie Dundee, then next Monday my guest will be "Nightmare" Ken Wayne.

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