Saturday, January 05, 2008

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 1.04.07

Brandon Espinosa over Pierre Abernathy
Idol Bane over Stan Lee
Arnez over Rockin' Randy & Evan Galistico to retain LAW Tag Titles
"The Baron" Malkavain over Dell Tucker
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Derrick King

----60 paid with a crowd around 80 and gate around $300…Show opened with Jeff O'Dell announcing that next week would be the 2007 LAW Awards. Jeff said that just to show everyone that it’s on the up and up, he hired an outside research company to find the results. TGB came out and said that he and Jeff worked out a lot of their problems last week and that he finally understood what Jeff was doing. TGB said Jeff made him realize who he was, that he was The Best of the Best, the man who held the LAW title for almost 6 months, he was Jeff's Handpicked LAW Champion and he promised from this day forth that he would act like it…Pierre Abernathy is a European sympathizer and came out first to acknowledge that he hated the US because of people like in Rector, Ark. Brandon came out and said that this is America were free speech is upheld but there are consequences for your words and his words got him a match with Espinosa…Bane low blowed Stan Lee behind the ref's back to earn the 1,2,3 but after the match he went to give him “The Ghost of Andy Kaufman” [cradle piledriver] but DK made the save. Jeff came out and told Derrick that he and Idol would happen just not tonight and that TGB has requested DK's presence in the ring later for redemption in the pie in the eye match… Announcer, Tony Anderson made an announcement about Psycho being injured and how LAW didn't know the extent of his injuries or the future of the tag titles but we will keep everyone informed. Jeff then came out and said that he forgot to tell him but he had actually promised Rockin' Randy a tag title match with a partner of his choosing before Psycho's injury. So Arnez would be forced to either forfeit or wrestle a handicap match…"The Baron" hit Tucker with The Demon Wings for the finish and after the match tried to bite Tucker before Slim Pickens came to the rescue…In the main event, the referee got knocked down leading to DK superkicking TGB but with no ref to make the count. Idol came out and gave DK “The Ghost of Andy Kaufman” allowing TGB to make the pin and get the win. Idol on the mic afterwards told Derrick that if he wanted a match then he's got it next week and after he destroys him he just might change the name to “The Ghost of Derrick King”!!!