Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 1.16.08 - Rerun Season Continues

----Corey Maclin opens the show talking with Jerry Lawler on the phone again this week. He also shows clips with The Fords. Lawler says he will be in Savannah, TN tagging with Bill Dundee. He says they won, but they actually lost. LOL Maclin was just as giddy this week over talking to Lawler on the phone. I think he is going to be the next president of the Jerry Lawler fan club.

----News clips from the 7.10.04 Mid-South Coliseum show with The Fords jumping in the ring. This all got lots of publicity, but man did it look horrible when all those guys jumped in the ring.

----XWF Cruiserweight Title Match from 7.10.04 show – Kid Kash vs “The Convict” Jamie Dundee. They show the entrances, then going to a spot where Kash had Dundee in a figure four leglock. After some action outside the ring and a small comeback on Kash, Dundee using his handcuffs on Kash for the DQ. Shock/Jimmy Hart interfere and beat up Dundee after the match.

----Battle Royal clips with Lawler/Brian Christopher winning two new cars aired next with them eliminating Robert Gibson/Todd Morton.

----Main Event of Lawler/Jimmy Hart vs Kamala/Maclin clips are shown. Kamala turned on Maclin. All the heels were beating up Maclin, when The Fords jumped in. This was really bad.

----Lawler/Hart/Kamala interview airs. Lawler talks about how unbelievable it was that The Fords jumped in the ring. Maclin with The Fords is interviewed next.

----Interview with a mark on the street as Maclin starts to talk about Throw Back II. This was bad. Mordecai vs King Mabel clips are shown next. This was a total brawl and didn’t look that bad. Mable wins the bout.

----Maclin ends the show talking to Lawler. Lawler talks about Kroger grocery store. Lawler says he is going to be there live next week. Maclin had a big grin on his face.


----Jamie Dundee talked about this match on one of his appearances on RRO’s “Cheap Heat Radio” where he was talking about the guys in the back really didn’t like “The Convict” gimmick. He also said that Maclin tried to pay him less than what he was going to pay his dad, but then Lawler stepped in and said, “Pay the guy.”… The best thing in the battle royal was Alan Steele’s hair. OMG!! That hair was so over. LOL…The build up for this show was real good, but the actual show looked horrible!!...If they continue to do these shows – the next big show is with Terry Funk!!

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