Tuesday, March 04, 2008


----“ECBB” Spiro was in the process of celebrating his retirement from the sport with a gate and his wife in the ring last Friday night [2.29.08] at MCW in Osceola, AR. Ron Rage came out to let everyone know that Spiro/him have been friends for years – a shoot that had everyone believing it. Sid Vicious came up from behind and hit him with a chair. Eazy Money came out and got handcuffed to the ropes and then they beat Spiro up. They smashed the cake in Spiro’s wife’s face!!! I love that!! Serpent finally made the save coming to the ring all bandaged up – he had been run off the road by POB on his way to the matches.

----Not a big fan of the “run off the road” angle, but if the person they run off the road actually shows up at the end of the show, then it is more believable. POB will continue to make an impact in this area with their weekly stops in MCW and TLCW. MCW has benefited from their stint already drawing in the 200+ on all the shows they were announced to appear.

----The “POB” [The Pride of Brotherhood] gimmick debuted in October 1998 as Sid Vicious, after losing the year before at Wrestlemania 13 to The Undertaker, returned home to the Memphis circuit for Power Pro Wrestling. Vicious had taken a group of local bodybuilders/powerlifters and trained them to be part of POB. They included Ken Giddens, Jeff Droke, Kevin Fertig [Kevin Thorn], Mike Ashmore and Ron Rage. In 1999, the POB moved on to Terry Golden’s Kick Ass Wrestling.

----40 year old Ron Rage and 47 year old Sid Vicious seem to be on a mission to get over and have one big last run in this area and possible another WWE run for Vicious. It will be interesting to see as the year goes by on what kind of impact they will make in 2008.