Thursday, March 20, 2008

Site News!!


----I have thought about this for more than a few months. It has stirred some heat here and there. From this point on, no gates will be reported on the site. I feel that my gates are either totally legit sometimes or just not even close on other times. Promoters have been nice enough to share their gates. I appreciate that. But, at times my gates have got people in trouble with the commissions, tax people and various other “legal” issues. If say I am off 50 people and report $250 more than that person actually had in the crowd, then that is a $25 more that they should have report – for a whole year that would be $1,300 more. Not much, but to tax people and commissions that means a lot.

----From this point on we will go by just an estimated number of fans at the show. “120 to 150”, “180 to 225” or if the promotion sends in numbers like – “120 paid – 150 in the building”. At the end of the year, I will still list the “Top 10” shows of the year, but they will be based solely on attendance. If we have two shows come close, then I will use the estimated gate to break the tie. Gates and attendance sometimes do not collate and you might have a 300 attendance with a $1,800 gate or a 300 attendance with a $3,000 gate. The latter will get the nod. I will also be presenting the “Top Shows of The Year” in ballot form, so we can have three nominees for a new award in 2008 called, “Show of The Year”.


----I would like to thank everyone that visits the message board on a regular basis. The board hits have almost tripled since I announced that it was going to be eliminated. Aside from a few people that are low on brain cells, the board does have some pretty good discussions. Please continue to VOICE YOUR OPINION!!


----RRO DVD releases from this point on will be not be for sale on this site. The DVDs are designed for promoters and workers to use for gimmick sales. I have sold very few off this site anyway, so I thought I would eliminate my sales here and concentrate on doing DVD for workers/promoters. I have signed an extended deal with All Pro Productions and Kenny Valiant to do DVDs of all his shows. The next release is the Bruce, MS show “Night of the King II”. The only way you will be able to get copies of these DVDs from this site, is that I will be giving away free copies for book purchases and radio call ins and such. I always order an X number of copies of them to keep for myself. If you are a worker or promoter and would like DVDs made of your matches or shows, then please contact me. In the next few weeks, I will have full details on the DVDs and you can even look at them still in the store by clicking here. We also will have the Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels RRO DVD release, which will be advertised on this site, but will be a “click to”, so that you buy directly from Ken Wayne.