Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tune into C.H.R. Friday at 10am for Bull Buchanan!

Friday morning we will be joined on Cheap Heat Radio by Bull Buchanan who will discuss his career in wrestling as well as his debut this Saturday for United Wrestling League in Piedmont, Alabama. If you wanna ask Bull a question, feel free to call in at (347) 838-8101. Or you can email me a question at Also, I'm glad to announce I now have a date set for Part 2 of the Randy Hales interview. It will be Wed. March 19th at 9am to 11am, we will be covering the end of the USWA and the entire run of Power Pro Wrestling. If you have a question you want asked, email me or post if on the board as there will be no phone calls taken during this show. Other upcoming shows include:

Mar. 10- 10am- Guest: "Above Average" Mike Sanders

Mar. 17- 10am- Guest: Scott Bowden

We'll also have Steve Corino on in April as well as a few other big interviews in the works. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Bull Buchanan.