Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coach's Corner - "That Is Just The Way He Is..."

----Well, you know…that is just how Brian is; right??…Does that make it ok?? Brian Christopher was contacted on Friday by the ASWF to replace his dad in the main event. I heard David Walls say that Brian was real nice on the phone in the dealings and promised to be there. Brian was THERE, but for a show that starts at 7:00 PM and shows up at 10:15 PM with the writers of the show stalling to make time for him. That is just not acceptable. It would be ok, if this was the first time that this happened and this was the first promoter that Brian made wait for him to arrive, but as many you know – that is just how Brian is; right?? The boys in the back that I talked to were behind the idea of continuing the show and telling the fans that Brian did not show up. That is what should have been done and then when Brian arrived – sorry dude, you did not show up on time. Would that have justified him showing up late? Would he continue to show up late? Sure he would – that is just how Brian is; right??

----The whispers were that Brian was “messed up” when he arrived, which is bad in a few ways, but really I am pretty liberal when it comes to that. If he can get in the ring and perform without hurting himself or someone else, then just because he might have a “buzz” really should not matter. Hell, that is just how Brian is; right?? The promoters are also in a bind here, because if they piss off Brian, then they might piss of Jerry. I think Lawler knows how is son is and continues to work for anyone that will pay him to work. Most promoters have gotten smarten up when it comes to Brian, but others try to give him a chance. If I was promoting, even though I consider the guy very talented, I could not consider booking him.

----On the opposite end of the spectrum – what would you do if you got a call early in the morning that someone needed a replacement and the show was almost 7 hours of a drive away?? Ok, I would say..”thanks..but no thanks”..LOL I am being honest here guys. But, I am also not a professional wrestler that makes my living for this sport. The key word in this story is “professional”, because that is what ODB is – a professional. She told the promotion – I will be there and got in her car and drove 6.5 hours from Louisville, KY to Tuckerman, AR to give the fans a show. She was there on time. She was there for an angle and she even put over the local person in her match. ODB went out to sign autographs and talked with the fans for I believe two intermissions. Yes, she was selling her gimmicks and making money, but she was friendly with all the fans. Guess what?? She was also super friendly with everyone in back – all the workers who wanted photos and just to talk. I know some of you are thinking “you workers are marks”, but here is a woman that has been doing TV and PPVs with a promotion that airs in over a million homes. Is she a bitch and unprofessional? Nah, not at all – that is just the way ODB is; get it??

----Two examples of total different types of workers when it comes to be professional and just nice to your fellow workers. It was brought up on the message board by Tommy Wayne about the dressing room etiquette and shaking everyone’s hand & such. That is something that some of the young guys have to be taught, but most of us old timers make it a point to say hi to everyone. I find myself missing some of the people, because I am at fault mostly talking to guys that I know. If it is a small dressing room, then I do make it a point to say hi to everyone. Big dressing rooms – I usually hit everyone before the night is over, but I do know there were some of the guys on the show that I did not shake their hands. Was I being disrespectful?? No, I was not trying to be, but my main objective at being at a show is – watching the show. Everything Wayne said and a few others on the board was 100% correct – you got to show respect to all – undercard and top main event talent. It flows both ways.

----I got a few letters and calls about my overall thoughts on the ASWF show. I really didn’t want it to come off as this promotion not having talent. The promotion has great talent depth – probably some of the best in the area. The problem is that you get on a big show like this – pushing too many gimmicks – and you really can’t see the guys work. You get guys stuck climbing chains or just with too many guys in the ring at the same time. It’s called a clusterfuck. LOL You got a guy like Scott Fury, who I consider in the top tier of their workers, working Smart almost in a throwaway match. Austin Lane is blamed for putting himself over too much and being his #1 fan, but [and this is not going to be a popular statement] his match with Brian C – for psychology and entertainment – was the best bout on the show. You also got a guy like ACID [missing “something” was in reference mainly to a look – ala – Idol Bane, Cody Only or Brandon Barbwire], who should have been the guy running out to make the save for Brian C – not the promoter. My final note on ASWF – you have enough talent on the roster to have good workers with the belts, instead of the owner booking himself as champ.