Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 4.19.08

----The Leprechauns [Lucky/Lethal] beat Loose Cannon…Silas beat The Official…Zane Richards beat Big Al/Sergeant Shakedown in a 3-Way…Kevin Douglas beat Bull…Gary Diamond vs Chris Steel – TL draw….Deadly Dale beat San Francisco Treat,

----100 in the crowd…Cannon/Randy got into a fight after Cannon’s match – looks they are turning Cannon…Douglas and Bull are both students of Rodney Mack…After the main event, SFT used a chair again to knock out Dale…Big Al got knocked out and make up put on him. Owner Frank Martin threatened SFT to not touch him again…They are running an angle where a decision is going to be made to bring back Ali Stevens or not?? Look for him to return within in a few weeks…Super Chevy Car show and K-8 Walk along with a Magic Show – so they had some competition this past Saturday night….They have added a smoke machine to their entrance.