Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Case You Missed It!!!

----Week ending 5.30.08, here were the hot topics on RRO.

--TLCW Arena Report.

--"Picture of the Week" posted on Tuesday!!

--Seth Knight, Tim Edwards and Crazy Train return to NBW!!

--New Memphis Wrestling History book is released!!

--"What Memphis Watches" 5.28.08.

--"Flashback" 5.19.82

--"Shooting the Shiznit" with Jimmy Valiant, Scott Bowden and Mark James.

--NGW promoter responds to Corrente.

--Gene Jackson returns with "Cheap Heat Radio" with guests Ollie Bradford, Brian Tramel and JD McKay.

--"Big Cheese" with "A Piece of My Mind".

--"Fabulous One" Stan Lane sends a letter to RRO.

----"In Case You Missed It" is a new weekly feature posted Saturday afternoons on RRO. It will give you a review of the past week by just clicking the link. Inspired by one of my favorite VH1 TV shows - "Best Week Ever".