Sunday, May 11, 2008

PGWA night on Jerkin The Curtain Monday May 12th @ 10 PM CST, plus news on the future of JTC

Jerkin The Curtain will return this coming Monday, May 12th, at 10 PM central time. It's going to be a fun and interesting show too, as it will be PGWA night on Jerkin' The Curtain. Randy Powell & Shiai Mata of the PGWA will join the show to discuss all things PGWA, plus the past, present, and future of ladies pro wrestling. There's also a decent chance that lady wrestler Hailey Hatred will call in. We'll take live callers, and ask e-mail questions on the air. Check it out live Monday night, or check out the archive later. Also, concerning the future of Jerkin' The Curtain, I'm going to try out a format change. Starting Monday night May 19th at 10 PM CST, Tommy Stewart and myself will be doing weekly reviews/recaps of both the NWA Main Event TV show, and the SAW TV show. We will get the whole thing done in an hour, and declare a "winner" each week for best show of the week, and yes I realize the shows have very different philosophies and objectives in general, to me that makes comparing and contrasting them that much more interesting. I guess Tommy and I will be like the "Siskel and Ebert" of Nashville TV wrestling shows, how's that for a dated reference? It should be fun, and something new to talk about each week. I still plan on doing interviews from time to time, plus perhaps a special show discussion some specific issue that pops up or whatever. It gets hard to book guests and do interviews every week, though I do try to make the interviews different, ask questions tailored for a specific guest etc, but that's hard to maintain. I'm looking forward to doing the TV reviews, we'll see how it goes. Check it out weekly starting May 19th. Trent Van Drisse