Sunday, May 04, 2008

RassleResults: Heartland Championship Wrestling Anna, IL 5.03.08

--The Missouri Wrecking Crew (Tank & Bonecrusher) beat Farmer Billy Hills & Crazy Train when Tank pinned Crazy Train after a "Detonator"

--"Stylish" Kurt Styles w/ GQ beat J.W. Brisco (who looked identical to Brett Michaels from Rock of Love/Poison Fame)

--Illinois Heavyweight Champion Cody Ray Strong retained against Soultrain

--Battle Royal - last 2 were Tony Flood of the Heartland Hitmen and Kado of Team Canada. Flood/Kado's partners hit the ring as well as the Asylum and the match was declared a no contest and a 3-way tag title match was setup for the Main event

--Freakazoid Floyd - who comes to the ring with a 4 foot stuffed Shrek doll- beat Alex Kline

-- "Irishman" Chris Patrick beat Moondog Spike by DQ

--Tag-Team Champions Team Canada (Mike Slade & Kado) beat The Heartland HItmen (Tony Flood & Jay Spade) and The Asylum (Iceman & Davey Boy Sloan) [FAKE ASYLUM PICTURED]

----40 in the building…“Hitmen” are still in high school. Flood is 16 years old and Spade is 17. They both look to be 13 at the most and are no bigger than that either…The building is an old mechanic shop. There are still old car motors lying around inside the place, oil all over the floor. Busted windows all over the building - it was just an eyesore…All the guys were shorted on their money… No running water in the building, electrical wires hanging out of the ceiling, a port-o-potty as a bathroom that had to be used by both male and female…The locker room no bigger than a walk-in closet… the building may be 30 x 50 and with the ring in there, plus a concession stand, a gimmick table, there is no room to hardly walk…I was told that the concession stand was nasty, but can you expect from no running water – you guys could or SHOULD be SHUT DOWN just for stuff like this!!!...”Asylum” guys were ribbed all night and ask if they knew who Arnez/Psycho/Pappy were?? Iceman said, “No..”, but he actually work a Tojo Jr show with Psycho… Yet another wannabe moondog - this guy was a fuckin joke - he had a dark black beard and gray hair, overalls that were cut off and bleach spots and as big as Tank – just a total disgrace to the gimmick!!...No offense to Tank or Crazy Train - but a show like this is proof that ANYONE can put on a wrestling show.