Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jerkin The Curtain NWAME & SAW recaps + yak it up Monday August 18th @ 10 PM CST.

Listen into Jerkin' The Curtain radio this coming Monday nigh August 18th at 10 PM central time to hear Tommy Stewart and I recap the August 16th episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV, We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a winner for the week. NWA Main Event features wrestlers from the Memphis area on its show such as Ali Stevens, Eric Wayne, Greg King Jr., and Kid Nickels. I'm also continuing the "Yak it up" stuff, so if anyone wants to call in during the show and discuss any subject wrestling or non-wrestling related, please feel free to do so. The number is 347-945-5503. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results for the episodes of NWAME & SAW that aired August 9th.

Tommy Stewart:
NWA Main Event: Thumbs up
SAW: Thumbs up
It was very close this week, but Tommy picked NWA Main Event by a very small margin.

NWA Main Event: Thumbs in the middle
SAW: Mild upper thumbs in the middle
I too thought this was very close, NWAME was hard to rate last week. I picked SAW by a very small margin. That means this week was declared a draw. Heh! Here's the standings since we started doing these reviews. Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse

SAW: 7 NWAME: 3 Draw: 2