Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jerkin' The Curtain NWAME & SAW recaps + Yak it up Monday Aug. 25th @ 10 PM CST.

Just a heads up to listen into Jerkin' The Curtain radio this coming Monday night at 10 Central time. Hopefully Tommy Stewart will be back then, and he and I will recap the August 23rd episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a winner for the week. Also, if anyone wants to call in to discuss any topic wrestling or non-wrestling related, feel free. The number is 347-945-5503. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results of the NWAME & SAW shows that aired August 16th.
Tommy Stewart:
Tommy was out sick for this show, and he has yet to post his ratings. Come on Tommy, get on the stick dude!

Larry Goodman:
Larry joined me for the SAW review, and he gave it a mild thumbs up. He didn't see NWA main event.

NWA Main Event: Upper thumbs in the middle
SAW: Mild thumbs up
I gave the nod to SAW, but can't declare a winner for the week until Tommy gets his ratings posted. Come on Tommy, get on the stick dude! Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse