Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Poll Weekly Report

1st Quarter
-Lawler/Corey opening
-Lawler vs Test clip
-Buff vs Brian C [start]

.2 [3241 viewers]

2cnd quarter
-Buff vs Brian C [finish]
-Lance Russell
-Wrestling Professor

1.1 [17,826 viewers] [+14,585 viewers]

3rd quarter
-“Los Locos” interview
-“Locs” match
-Eugene match

1.7 [27,549 viewers] [+9723 viewers]

4th quarter
-Lawler vs Roselli

1.6 [25,929 viewers] [-1620 viewers]

Viewers from start to finish [+22688 viewers]

----Not a lot of people watched this show, but as I had strongly applied on “Shooting the Shiznit”, the audience on channel 50 is not anything near CW30. Positive here is that it looks like when people remembered the show was on, they did turn it on and watch. There was a small decrease in the 4th quarter, which I do not consider good when they are promoting a Lawler vs Coachman match.

Memphis Wrestling TV Poll
Thumbs Up 54%
Thumbs Down 45%

----Good news as the first show got a Thumbs Up by 9%. It will be interesting to see how this continues as the show improves or does not improve. I voted Thumbs Up and it was mainly because as many of the visitors of RRO – I am starved for Memphis Wrestling!! Join us later this morning as Episode #2 airs at 11:00 AM and I will have a report posted within in the hour of the airing. The new poll will be posted also. The plan is also to post the complete show on Tuesday right here on site, so those that do not get to see it can watch it and vote in the poll.