Saturday, August 30, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.30.08

----Corey Maclin & Jerry Lawler open the show talking about Lawler’s shirt. Corey is just laughing being his bumbling acting self. Maclin announces that Awesome Kong will be on Memphis Wrestling today. Maclin does not pronounce “Gauntlet” correctly. They put over the show at the Delta Fair for tonight!

----Maclin tells about the lineup for Delta Fair. Glen Jones [who??] will sing the National Anthem. Wrestling is free. Lawler vs Bagwell, Brian Christopher vs Chris Masters , Eugene, “Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex], Koko Ware, Mr. Hughes, Derrick King/Johnny Dotson vs “Los Locos”, Kid Kash and “Nature Boy” Kevin White. Maclin also announces the debut of Mucho Dinero?? Not sure, but that is probably a local guy doing a lucha gimmick.

----Match clip airs of Brian Christopher/Scotty Too Hotty vs Doug Gilbert/Spellbinder from one of the Legends shows. Brian C interview talking about Chris Masters. Brian says he is going to put horse manure in Masters’ face from the rodeo at the fair. Masters interview about tonight.

----“Wrestling Professor” comes out. 11.17.90 is the date today. “New Kids” [Brian Christopher/Tony Williams] vs Joey Mags/Sarge O’Reilly. Brian was soooo small. A little sloppy all around. Brian C does interview after the match saying that people say they are too small and too young.

----Interview with Eugene via phone with a match playing in the background with OVW match of Eugene vs Armando Estrada.

----“Gauntlet Match” [from Northeast Wrestling DVD “Wrestlefest XII” 4.19.08] starts with Awesome Kong vs Roxie. She beats her. Followed by Amber. Kong beats her. “Velvet Sky” Talia Madison. Madison wins by DQ, when Kong powerbombs the ref.

----Derrick King/Johnny Dotson at Taco Bell talking about “Los Locos”. “Los Locos” squash from OVW airs.

----Same Maclin promo airs about the show tonight!!

----“Buff” Bagwell interview with Corey Maclin. This was bad.

----Romeo Roselli with Talia Madison vs Jerry Lawler [I think from Northeast Wrestling DVD “New Spring Slam” 6.01.06] Madison trips Lawler to start the heat. Lawler ends up using the “Stunner”, kisses Madison and then piledrives Roselii for the win. Why does Lawler use the “Stunner”??


----Funny that the new opening features Bill Dundee a few times…Nice touch to see the guys doing interviews targeted for “tonight”…They did a real good job promoting the show for the Fair. This show seems to be the format for new Memphis Wrestling. It will be interesting to see what kind of ratings they will do…Maclin did say they were filming the Delta Fair stuff, so maybe we will get original material aired next week.
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