Sunday, August 17, 2008

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 8.15.08

Idol Bane over Dell Tucker to retain LAW Championship
The Baron Malkavain over "The Bluesman" Ike
Rockin' Randy & Weasel over Steven Rampage & Mike Anthony
Derrick King over Silas
Christopher O'Neal over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

Jeff O'Dell opened the show by introducing the new LAW Champion. Idol Bane came out and said that he was the most dominating thing in LAW and he's going to be the most dominating champion. Jeff O'Dell said he was giving Idol the night off but just then tgb's music played. tgb came out, he and Idol were standing face to face with Jeff trying to keep the peace but then tgb backed up and shook Idol hand. He told Idol that he wasn't angry that he was champion, he was proud... he felt like a father. tgb ended with "I Love You, man". Then Chris O'Neal's music hit, tgb hid behind Idol as Chris said that 4 months ago tgb tried to burn off half of his face but the wounds have healed and he's there for one reason to kick tgb's ass!! Then Chris said that when he was done with tgb, he was going to take back his title from tgb's life partner.. Idol Bane. tgb said that this is all Tucker's fault and Chris is going to regret ever showing his face in Rector. Tucker's music hit. Tucker said that tgb brought this on his self and since Idol Bane doesn't have a match how about he finally get his title shot! Idol agrees quickly. Tucker says since Idol is so ready to wrestle then how about we do this right now? Idol agrees again. The ref gets chris and tgb to the back and starts this impromtu LAW title match.

Tucker had things well in hand. He performed a vaulting crossbody to the outside on Idol Bane and then threw him back in the ring but just then tgb came and ran Tucker's head into the post and tossed him back into the ring. Idol gave Tucker The Ghost of Andy Kauffman to retain in his 1st title defense.

The Baron went for the Demon's Wings on Ike but he was way too big. Ike backdropped Malkavain but The Baron reversed it into a sunset flip and put his feet on the ropes for the 1...2...3!

Steven Rampage and Mike Anthony did a good job on keeping Weasel away from his corner but one mistake allowed him to get the hot tag to Rockin' Randy who came in like a house of fire. Rampage went for a suplex on Randy but Weasel stood behind Rampage and sit Randy down on his feet. Weasel then did the splits and when Rampage turned around he was nailed with a superkick from Randy to pick up the victory.

Derrick King came out what is now being called "Karoke with King", this week DK sang "Man in the Mirror" made famous by Michael Jackson but just then the over 7 foot tall Silas! DK had his hands full with this challenge. A body slam is elementry to pro wrestling unless someone over 7 foot gives it to you. DK only performed one offensive move in this contest but that one move was his devastating Superkick! 1..2...3 to squeek out a victory over Silas. Silas kicked out after the 3 count but was too little too late.

Chris had said this would be a fight and he wasn't lying. tgb and O'Neal brawled all of the building even up in the balcony. Chris hit The Overexposure kick.. 1..2... Jeff pulls the ref and knocks him out with one punch. Chris chases Jeff but tgb clotheslines him down. Greg then goes for a steel chair but Tucker takes in away from him before he can enter the ring. tgb then turns into a atomic drop and another Overexposure! Head Offical Sherina Fowler slides in and make the 1...2...3!! Chris and Tucker celebrate with the fans but just then Idol comes from the back and nails both of them with a chair. He tosses Chris and Tucker back into the ring. He gives O'Neal The Ghost of Andy Kauffman on the steel chair. tgb then gives Tucker The Honkey Tonk Women(pumphandle angle slam) onto the chair. tgb said that he said it earlier and he's going to say it again. "I Love Idol Bane!". If you thought we were unbeatable before... now with President and CEO Jeff O'Dell, The Champ Idol Bane and The Best of the Best "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony we are Untouchable!

Credit: lawingdownthelaw5150