Monday, August 25, 2008

RassleResults: XOW Senatobia, MS 8.23.08

Kimble Winstead, "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow, and Al Hall welcomed everyone to Huey White Chevrolet and XOW Wrestling! This was a real treat to have all three of these guys calling the action together. When they are together, every moment is entertaining. There was also a beautiful new banner on the ring. Good Call.

The show started with Sarge O'Riley and Tony Watts introducing Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the TNA X-Division Champion, "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams. Sarge had a bad mic. Bad Mic-Bad Call. Petey will be locking up with "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane, later, in the main event.

Opening Match-Special XOW Hardcore Championship-Uncle Felton(Champion), Jason Sydal, Syn, D.J. Stunner, and The Baron Malkavain competed in a wild and crazy match to kick off the show. There was pandemonium both inside and outside of the ring at Huey White Chevrolet during this one, which included battles in a trailer, pizza pans, and a leg drop in the back of a truck. Uncle Felton took a nasty spill on the outside, later in the match, but in the end, it was D.J. Stunner getting the win and being crowned NEW XOW Hardcore Champion.

2nd Match-"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs with Hollywood Jimmy defeated Cameron Valentine after Jimmy hit Cameron with his cane. Fun match with Tony cutting up. During the end of a test of strength with the powerhouse Valentine, Tony got his fingers stomped. I always get a kick out of that and the crowd loves it.

3rd Match-Su Yung defeated Tasha Simone in a Special Ladies Match with a roll up. They gave these ladies a good bit of time. It had a few rocky moments during it, but, hey, it's the adorable Su Yung and Tasha will simply kick your ass. So, it's all good!

4th Match-Chris Rocker & Derrick King defeated "SARGE-OLICIOUS" Sarge O'Riley and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor with Hollywood Jimmy and Tony Watts in their corner. The Hollywood Clique got lots of heat, here. Prior to the match, I gave Neil Taylor a Good Call, but he told me to stick my sign up my a#@! Ouch! That's no way to be. It was different seeing Derrick work as a face. This match saw many moments of miscommunication and tension between the Clique. At the end of the match, both Chris and Derrick were sent into the ropes, by Sarge and Neil, but Derrick fell through the ropes and took a very nasty bump on the concrete. Rocker ended up getting the win with a superkick. After the match, Derrick was helped to the back while the trouble continued for the Hollywood Clique, but all was well, in the end, because everyone hugged. What a Kodak moment. As Sarge was leaving ringside, he got into a confrontation with Uncle Felton, who was sitting in the crowd. Sarge asked Felton, "Why are you talking to me? It's not February!" That did it. It was on, then! Uncle Felton chased Sarge in the ring and got him some, by shortly clearing the ring. I thought that was a nice touch. Totally unpredictable.

During the intermission, the TNA X-Division Champion and "The Definition of Definition" Petey Williams came out to sign autographs and take pictures. The crew began to assemble the cage while Al Hall took a moment to roast everyone at Huey White. Kimble, Oscar, and Al also plugged the Wrestling News Center. Tony Watts said he heard that The Deadman was suppose to be here, but he wasn't. The Deadman appeared and walked slowly after Tony Watts all around Huey White.

5th Match-Special Steel Cage Match for the XOW Tag Team Titles-The Sons of the South, "The Future" Chris Styles and Josh Matthews with Diamond in their corner became the NEW XOW Tag Champs after defeating Ray Ray and Tommy Wayne in the steel cage. Amazing match. Josh Matthews attempted a frog splash from the top of the cage and Ray Ray attempted a swanton, during the match. Neither connected. The finish came, as referee Crispy Fries was knocked out with the door open, Diamond grabbed the belts and gave them to Styles and Matthews. They hit Ray Ray and Tommy Wayne with the belts and escaped the cage to become the new champs. These two teams worked great together. I look forward to seeing them hook up, again, real soon. Speaking of hit, Al Hall was trying to hit on Diamond, throughout the whole match, but to no avail.

As the crew was taking down the cage, they brought out Derrick King to let everyone know how he's doing after his bad bump, earlier. He let everyone know that he's ok and that he'll probley have a few beverages, later. "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow informed Derrick that he was currently in a dry county. Chris Rocker said that if someone would tighten up the ropes maybe these kind of things wouldn't happen. Al Hall said that Uncle Felton was Derrick's Daddy.

Main Event-"Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams with Hollywood Jimmy defeated "The Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane with his signature move, The Canadian Destroyer, to retain the TNA X-Division title. It's always cool to see The Canadian Destroyer live and in person. These two had great chemistry. At one point, they both were countering each other's move and even attempting the same move. This was very well done. There was also the ole' abdominal stretch spot with Jimmy lending a hand to Petey a couple times to add some extra added pressure and pain on Austin. On the third attempt, Austin reversed the move, so Jimmy ended up hurting his boy, Petey. Good stuff. Petey also beat the hell out of a traffic cone that was at ringside. It was kinda weird seeing Jimmy managing against Austin Lane.


There was a nice crowd considering that it was cloudy all day. Luckily, the rain held off until the show ended. Great show and a great time was had by everyone. Plus it was a FREE show. Can't beat that with a stick. The referee for all of today's matches was a gentleman by the name of Crispy Fries. Yeah, that's right. Crispy Fries. Now that's funny. Al Hall said that today was the first time he had seen me wearing men's clothing. That Al has got jokes. Gotta go with Oscar on that big game next weekend. Hotty Toddy!

Special Good Calls

On behalf of all of us here at, we would like to thank Kimble Winstead, "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow, and Al Hall for their excellent job of advertising our website. You guys are always a Good Call! I really appreciate all of the kind words, also. Jimmy McClure for District 17 Circuit County Judge in Northwest Mississippi is another Good Call. The final Good Call goes out to XOW and all of its great workers, staff, and the fine people of Huey White Chevrolet for giving us an AWESOME day of wrestling.

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