Saturday, September 20, 2008

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Weekly Poll Results 9.13.08

Memphis Wrestling 9-13-08

Final Rating: 1.9 ( 30,790 viewers )

Quarter hours:

1st Quarter
-Doink/Madison vs Eckos/Feather
-Sheeps vs Lawler/Dundee [start]

1.7 ( 27,549 viewers )

2cnd Quarter
-Sheeps vs Lawler/Dundee [finish]
-Cage vs Angle [start]
2.0 ( 32,410 ) [+4861]

3rd Quarter
-Cage vs Angle [finish]
-Lawler vs Mercury
2.2 ( 35,651 ) [+3241]

-Lawler vs Mercury
1.5 ( 24,308 ) [-11,343]

From start to finish [-3241]

----Good news is that the show did their highest rating since their TV 50 debut. This number was almost up there with their Channel 30 raings, so the promotion and TV station should be happy. If you look at the quarter hours though, it is clear what I have been saying here for a long time - Lawler does not equal ratings on TV anymore. The start of his match and last part of it lost over 11,000 viewers. If I was guessing right by the numbers it would look like Angle vs Cage was the highest rated segment with probably about 33,000 people watching the match. That proves that Memphis fans love to watch wrestling, not just crap that they throw together.


Thumbs Up - 63%
Thumbs Down - 37%


----The show continued the streak of "Thumbs Up". It looks like the readers of this site at least enjoy the fact that wrestling is on TV again. I still get tons of e-mail though asking the same question - "When do they start taping live shows again??"