Saturday, September 06, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.06.08

----Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin open the show. They promise footage from the Delta Fair.

----Delta Fair footage: Kid Kash/Kevin White with Sue Young & Garry White vs Koko Ware/Eugene. Eugene hit a “Baba chop” on White. LOL Then he went after him with the claw!! Lots of comedy in the front of the bout. Heat on Koko. Koko did a “big move” for a hope spot. LOL Time limit draw. White/Kash come back out for 5 more minutes. White got hit by mistake by Kash with Eugene pinning Kash. Nothing special.

----“Wrestling Professor” segment. 3.19.82 was the date. 26 years ago. Bill Dundee/Jerry Calhoun vs Adrian Street/Jimmy Cornette/Miss Linda. Randy Hales was the ring announcer and Paul Morton was the ref. Hales does play by play also. Crowd was so hot for this match. Dundee and Street both looked a bit stiff here. Heat on Calhoun. Calhoun tried the hot tag, but got cut off. Everyone gets in the ring. Dundee is tied to the bottom rope by Cornette. Babys win by DQ. Eddie Marlin came out to untie Dundee. Dundee goes after everyone. Apocalypse finally comes in to help heels. Terry Taylor finally makes save.

----Memphis Wrestling coming to Byhalia Middle School on 9.20.08 with Koko Ware, Humongous, Corey Maclin [yes it said that], Brian Christopher and more.

----Delta Fair footage. Lawler vs Buff Bagwell. Typical Lawler bout. Great psychology. Bagwell gets the heat. Double down followed by Buff jumping from the second rope and Lawler catching him with a boot. Strap comes down. Boom Boom Boom. Bagwell cut him off with a kick and goes to pin him. Lawler has his foot on the rope, but Bagwell thinks he won – Lawler roles him up for the win.

----Delta Fair footage: Pokerface with Rashard Devon vs Mucho Dinero Match in progress with Poker getting heat on Dinero. Dinero comes out of the heat when Poker misses a shoulder flying into the ringpost. Dinero hits a sweet flying sidekick. Dunero jumps from the second rope and Poker hits him with an enzuguri in the air [Ghetto Blaster!!!]. Poker goes to the top rope and does a flying headbutt. Dinero’s valet gets on the apron [he is a baby; right] and then when Poker turns around Dinero hits him with a huracanrana followed by the pin for the win. Best bout they have aired so far on TV. After the bout, two girls [very hot] got in the ring and pulled money from their dress tops.

----Maclin/Lawler finished the show talking about and what was coming up next week. It will go back to featuring stuff from New England.


----It really did look like A LOT of people were around the ring for the matches…I would have loved to have seen Kash or White actually wrestle – hold for hold – with Dinsmore…Maclin was bumbling and laughing about Calhoun wrestling, but Jerry actually dressed like a wrestler and did not embarrass himself…Who was under the hood as Apocalypse??...Take a look at that “Wrestling Professor” segment – the talent just in the match!! You should never wonder why I think Memphis Wrestling is dead after seeing all that talent…Dinero is area worker Tatt2 working under a hood and new gimmick. I do know that Tatt2 is a big Rey Mysterio mark, so it is probably sort of tribute to him. Mucho Dinero means Much Money and he had the two valets with money get in the ring after match. Also shouldn’t he have money signs on his suit?? Gear looked good…This has to be my favorite show so far, because it featured some original new material...Join us at on Tuesday as we post the full show, so visitors can vote in the Memphis Wrestling TV Poll.