Thursday, September 11, 2008

RassleResults: Hub City Wrestling Jackson, TN 9.09.08

First night of the Jackson Fair.

Ty Hamilton beat Cody Melton. This was a heck of a match. These guys can go with the best. Both are Kevin White's students.

Maxx Corbin beat Dr. Doom. Corbin did the best he could do with Doom. Maxx Corbin deserves a lot of credit in this match. Maxx graduated from Kevin’s school also and he has come a long ways. He a very good solid worker who often gets overlooked.

The Gladiator defeated Michael Gilbert. This also was a good match. Again both went to Kevin's school.

Derrick King defeated Chris Williams. This was Williams first match and yes he is Kevin's student as well. This was the longest match of the night and Williams did a very good job considering this was his first match but we both know that Derrick King could wrestle a broomstick.

Main Event. This pitted the team of Kevin White and Bobby Eaton w/ Garry White and Su Yung against Bill Dundee and Ricky Morton w/ Grady Watson. Old School match from start to finish. This match was ruled a no contest after Su Yung and Garry White interfered. Mr. Big Stuff left the hillbilly Grady Watson unconscious after whipping him with his own belt. This set the main event for today [Wed] as Kevin White agreed to put Su Yung's hair on the line.

The overall attendance at the fair was down because of the rain. But still the wrestling show had anywhere from 150 to 300 at different times. It will get better the next 2 nights. I guess the match with Hamilton and Melton was the best match of the night.

Credit: MWS Studd