Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN Results Wrapup 8.16.08 & 8.23.08


The show opens with "Dynamite" Seth Knight coming down to the ring. The New NBW Heavyweight Champion grabs the mic and tells the crowd "He is the best damn wrestler to walk into the building." He then reveals that he is also The NWA Southern Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Motley Cruz hits the ring now. Angry about last week, he challenges Knight to a rematch for the NBW Championship. Motley says he will get payback on the SOB's for screwing him over last week. Knight accepts the challenge as they clear for the first match.

Biscuit comes down to the ring. He says he doesn't have to compete until the Number 1 contender situation is figured out. He goes and sits at the commentators table for the next match.

The Number 1 Contenders Match for the NBW High Risk Championship.

Time Limit 10 Minutes.

Jeremy Moore and Gaylon Ray fight to a Time Limit Draw.

Pretty good back and forth match here. Fans disappointed with the Draw. Several "5 More Minutes" chants.

Biscuit on the mic again. Says that Gaylon was lazy and that he could beat him in 7 minutes, and that he doesn't like Moore to begin with but he could beat him in 3 minutes. Gaylon comes up onto the stage. Allen Walker tells Gaylon that he has to beat Moore to get a shot at Biscuit and Moore has to beat Gaylon to get his shot.

"The Real Deal" Tim Edwards comes down to the ring. Talks about at Summer Jam he beat Lil' Tim Alfonzo till he couldn't stand. Edwards says he is upset because he doesn't have an opponent this week. He says since he has nobody to fight, he will have to beat up a fan. The Kid hits the ring. He says "The fans make us who we are." Edwards says "The fans are there until the next big thing comes out from the back. He only has a few friends. The less people that could stab you in the back." Edwards then cheap shots The Kid and the bell rings.

Tim Edwards defeats The Kid by submission.

Edwards dominates another match. The Kid got in little to no offense. After the bell was rung, Edwards got out of the ring and was checking under the ring for something. He climbed back into the ring. Out of nowhere Lil' Tim Alfonzo climbs the turnbuckle, Edwards turns right into a huge dropkick. Lil' Tim bails as Edwards gets up.

Danny B. Good defeated The Samoan Rajah by pin fall.

Awesome match between these 2 athletes. Several near falls. Good hit several double sledges in succession. Rajah missed a diving headbutt. Good dodged a turnbuckle splash, and rolled Rajah up for the pin.

NBW Tag Team Championship Match

The SOB's (Kilo/Mark Justice) defeated Jody Allen and Shannon Lee by pin fall.

The SOB's did a great job of isolating Lee and dominating him most of the match. They took advantage early and kept the referee distracted with Allen. He finally got the hot tag and Lee and Allen get on a roll. Jody goes for an Enziguri, Kilo ducks, and Jody hits Shannon with it. The SOB's hit Allen with the Death Spiral for the 3 count. Post match beat down as the SOB's just devastate Jody and Shannon. The SOB's promised every week, somebody would get hurt. Security has to carry Allen and Lee to the back.

NBW Heavyweight Championship Re-Match

Motley Cruz and Seth Knight wrestle to a No Contest via Interference from the SOB's.

Motley and Seth wrestle a great match here. Motley gains the advantage, but the SOB's hit the ring and beat him down. The SOB's hit The Death Spiral on Motley and continue the beat down. A couple guys from the back come out to save Motley, but also get beat down. Finally Danny B Good hit the ring with Motleys' tack bat. They have been to hell and back with each other, but next week, Danny B Good and Motley Cruz vs. The SOB's.

Between probably 75-90, crowd was down some but it didn't effect the way they responded to the show, they were into everything. Good show overall.


The show opens with "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards coming to the ring. He says he made a mistake last week and asks The Kid to come to the ring. The Kid comes to the ring. Edwards tries to apologize to him for his actions last week. He says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kid says he can't trust Tim. Kid cheap shots Edwards, but it doesn't phase him. A ref hits the ring and calls for the bell.

The Kid defeated Tim Edwards via Reversed Decision.
Edwards dominated Kid through the entire match. Edwards had locked in his submission (Trip to Shangri-La) hold and The Kid tapped out, but Edwards wouldn't break the hold after the match, so the ref reversed the decision. Upset, Edwards knocked the ref down.

John "Biscuit" Roberts, Mad Money Mike, and the Samoan
Rajah come to the ring. Biscuit says they have hired a new bodyguard, The Samoan Rajah. Biscuit says he doesn't care what happens between Gaylon and Jeremy, he has found competition in someone else, and asks Shannon Lee to come to the ring.

NBW High Risk Championship Match
John "Biscuit" Roberts defeated Shannon Lee via pin fall
Good match, Shannon almost had it won until Biscuit hit The Rude Awakening for the pin. Biscuit goes up to the stage and sits with the commentators for the next match.

Number 1 Contenders Match for the NBW High Risk Championship Jeremy Moore and Gaylon Ray Wrestle to a Double Count-Out. They matched each other almost move for move. A Decent match. Jeremy slammed Gaylon into a wooden pillar, but was unable to make it to the
ring before the 10 count.

After the match, Biscuit gets in the ring, but takes several right hands from Moore and Ray. Gaylon takes the title and poses in the corner, Jeremy takes the belt and poses in the opposite corner. As they argue over the belt, Biscuit grabs it and runs off.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight comes to the ring. He claims He is the best wrestler to ever walk into the building. He is the 1st and Current NBW Heavyweight Champion, and nobody can beat him. Allen Walker says he can't win without cheating. Seth says that’s not true. Allen Walker bans
the SOB's from ring side. Walker says he has found someone that can beat Knight.

NBW Heavyweight Title Match

"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated "Superman" Jason Reed via DQ

Solid match between these 2. Reed hit a spear on Knight. Reed goes to the top turnbuckle, Knight shoves the ref into the ropes and Reed comes down on the ref and falls to the outside. Reed back up and climbing into the ring, Knight kicks the middle rope, crotching Reed. Knight
sets up and hits the Kickstand Blaster for a 2 count. Irritated, Knight grabs a title belt, kicks Reed in the gut, throws him the belt, and then drops to the mat holding his head. The ref rolls over and sees Reed holding the belt and calls for the bell.

NBW Tag Team Championship Match

Motley Cruz and Danny B Goode defeated The SOB's via pin fall

Thats right. The SOB's lost the tag titles to Motley and Danny. Awesome match here. Im pretty sure a chain supplied by Money Mike was used on Motley, but by the end of the match, Mark Justice was seeing red. A dazed Kilo, stumbled into the ring, where a top rope Danny hit The
BlockBuster for the 3 count. The SOB's lose the titles,Motley gets revenge... Everybody is Happy...

80-100 in the crowd, they were hot and loud all night long, Moore and Ray got really good reactions this week w/ the crowd split again, possibly this time leaning towards Moore as they were leaning towards Ray last week…All the matches were solid w/ Jason Reed getting a good reaction, and Danny B. getting pop of the night. Big announcement this week concerning NBW Legacy 2. also a re-match between Moore and Gaylon, No time limit and No Countout.

Credit: NBW News guy

----This group is drawing average and they actually have good storylines going...Critize the crew if you want, but with Mark Justice, Kilo, Motley Cruz, Danny B Goode and Seth Knight - they got a real good core of good to great workers...I should have last week's posted sometime later this week.